the university of oxford

we’ve all been bearing bad news in america for the past few days, I think we deserve to hear some good news. Malala just got accepted to oxford university!!!! being a huge advocate for girlMs education, this acceptance to one of the best universities in the WORLD is well deserved. congrats to her 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Oscar Wilde:

- a well-known gay

- popularised the aesthetic movement

- wrote a whole book about how it was dumb to get a life-size portrait of yourself … then got a life-size portrait of himself

- went bankrupt bc he put too much effort into a magazine about himself that noone bought

- spent all his money on decorating his college room

- socialist anarchist concerned with wealth gap

- cried once bc he would never be as beautiful as his plates




02.10.2017 :: I’ve been in college for two weeks now and I managed to get one of the nicest graduate rooms in the ballot. Although I’ve been really busy I thought it was important to do some decoration and make it feel like home. I’m pretty happy with how things are looking right now.


15.10.2017 .. cycled back from church this morning and made a pot of coffee in preparation for writing my first assignment of the term on student’s experiences of religious education. outside there’s no doubt that the trees in college have taken on their autumn colours, it may still be warm enough to have all my windows open but autumn’s there in the air.



Pictured above are the earliest extant bookcases in the world.

Functional and a little severe, they were installed in the last few years of the 16th century, when the Bodleian Library was being restored by Thomas Bodley. Located in Duke Humfrey’s Reading Room, they are still available for all Readers to sit at and use.