the university of middlesex

Not Afraid Anymore

author’s note: Requested by @alone-in-madness. My computer managed to shut itself off and not boot again so it deleted half of the story and yeah, I tried my best to memorise something but I started everything from the bottom, lol.



“You must tell him that, you can’t stay silence forever,” your friend Isabella insisted you to talk with your best friend Shawn about your feelings towards to him before you leave the Canadian land to London, England. Your destination in London was Middlesex University to study Management and Business Administration.

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Unipower GT, 1967. A sports car based on a Mini with the transverse drivetrain placed amidships in a tubular spaceframe chassis. Produced by truck maker Universal Power Drives Ltd in Perivale, Middlesex and later by U.W.F. Automotive in London until production ceased in early 1970, by which time around 71 cars are believed to have been made, including about 15 built by U.W.F.