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Jemma + Words of Validation to Fitz

Jasper: *hates herself, thinks she’s worthless, doesn’t feel like she deserves any better*


Watery people have this way of tapping into the people around them, their wants and their needs, and can almost take an idealist turn, where they know that following joy can be the only compass we really need. Watery or so called sensitive or empathic types can get to an age where they just wake up and look at the world around them and wonder why it is not better. And when told “this is the way things are.” will simply respond with “but why?”

Like unresistant water, they know that the best parts of us and the universe should be met with us kicking up our feet, not clamping down in resistance. So one day we can build something better.


This one is for the part of the Harmonizer Fandom, who doesn’t want to watch sad af edits about Camila leaving, this is for the ones who want to remember laughing and not crying.

This one is for all the girls.

For Lauren, Ally, Normani and Dinah and their future in this bomb ass girl group.

But also for Camila and whatever the universe holds for her, I wish her the best.

I know a lot of you say we saw it coming but that still doesn’t mean that we were prepared and that we can’t be upset about it.

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Want to have a good example of just how forgetful and unorganized I am as a person? I missed this blogs anniversary by two days….it was the 7th….

Let’s just pretend that it’s today.

I redrew my very first post on this blog and honestly it’s great to see how much better I’ve gotten at art! It’s cool to see how many people like the smols too, considering how this blog was literally created from a fever dream I had one night after binge watching Steven Universe while sick. 

I also really REALLY appreciate each and every one of you guys, I still remember abandoning this blog for a few months when it wasn’t really getting any attention and I’m glad I came back and tried again. It was definitely worth it, a lot of the time when I get kinda low I like to come back to this and just think about how much work I put into it and that people actually liked it. It’s a great confidence booster and I just really love you guys. Thanks everyone <3


I’m not quite sure what I set out to do when I took these photos. I know it’s been a while since I took any, and I know these certainly aren’t showing off the flexibility I typically do. But maybe they don’t have to. Self image is a funny thing, especially when life isn’t going the way you might have planned. Health is a precarious thing. Even when you try your best, sometimes you’re hit with something from left field that you never saw coming. Everyone else is planning for the holidays and new year’s, and here I am waiting for the most important scans of my life (up to this point anyway) on 12/30. 2016 is going to keep me guessing right until the last second. 

2016 has been a hell of a year for all of us. Sometimes all you can do is take the punches as they come, regroup and plan for the future- whether that future is tomorrow, next month, ten minutes from now or 10 years from now. Stay true to yourself while reinventing the things that have to change as life happens. You are no less you for doing so.

And when things are this uncertain on all fronts, all I pray for is the ability to face it with grace. 

Tumblr Appreciation Post...

Cisco Ramon from the Flash is the best member of any current superhero show’s Scoobie Gang and if you don’t think so, you can fight me.

I mean, he’s in charge of gadgets - he made Flash’s suit, his weapons, and all the toys.

Not to mention, of course, but he’s in charge of the NAMING. (Unless its a good name, then he’s not mad at it, you know how it is.)

He’s got ALL the best references. Literally ALL of them. And you know you want to hang out with him because if he asked you to Netflix and Chill, he would absolutely want to actually watch Netflix with you.

And of course, he’s in charge of the damn plans because who else would be?

And he plays well with the other teams…

But don’t forget, you mess with him and he’ll bring the pain. Or the snark. (Or both. Both, both, both is good.)

And don’t forget….he’s totally got powers of his own. He is….Vibe.

And on top of ALL that, he is a beautiful cinnamon roll.

Too precious for this world.

Too pure.

Even if he’s object to that nickname because, you know, HE’S in charge of naming things.

But after all that, there’s only really one thing to say about Cisco Ramon.

Okay but I just LOVE how in the beginning of Know Your Fusion

Garnet’s OBVIOUSLY weighing her options and keeping cool because she KNOWS Steven and Amethyst might fuse but like she’s not entirely sure of course

she’s waiting patiently even though she must be so excited

she doesn’t wanna ruin this aND THEN THEY FUSE AND SHE JUST





I read Cursed Child after seeing a bunch of reviews with varying opinions, and I’m kinda disappointed. The time-turner plot felt like a cop-out, the Delphi/Voldemort twist was “self-insert”-y (why not make her a Lestrange who, like Bellatrix, was in love with Voldemort?), and Rose kinda broke my heart, she’s exactly opposite to how the fandom imagined. But I respect that it’s JKR’s universe and she knows best, and Scorpius is great. The saving grace; a precious little wonderbun and I loved him.

I think the most tragic thing in life is, is fighting against what’s already in your path, and what you want to happen. Resisting what the universe thinks is best for you over what you know you were put on this planet to do. Whether that’s a career or a relationship or a where you call home… I think there’s no greater pain than being suppressed and held back from who you really are––than being separated from who you love––just because that wasn’t in God’s plan. I just can’t understand why we would be put on this planet to eat and sleep and repeat that for years, yet still not be completely satisfied with ourselves and our lives merely because the universe believes we were made to do something else. Why we can laugh and smile with our friends yet, still feel half empty all the time, because we know we don’t belong where we are. Because we know we’re not fulfilling our purpose. Why, you can spend a minute doing something you love, whether that’s climbing a mountain and breathing in that euphoric feeling when you reach the top, or embracing the love of your life, or getting off a plane to a new city and immediately knowing that’s home, on that hilltop, or in their arms, yet we’re yanked from that. I don’t get how, we can live until we’re eighty, but only feel really alive for three minutes of that time. How someone can die when they’re seventeen yet have lived and experienced more than someone thrice their age. It’s like we’re puppets being pulled by destiny’s strings, always wanting to go in the opposite direction to what we’re apparently meant for. Like there’s this weight on our shoulders no one seems strong enough to lift off. It’s like… why are you even alive if you can’t be with the person your heart is beating for? Why am I here if I can’t fulfil my purpose? Because I matter. We all do. We’re not just a number that adds up to a population count in your hometown or nearest city. We’re people and we’re real.. We live to experience things, to feel alive… To make a name for ourselves. I just, I don’t want to die knowing this is it. This is my life, always too far away to reach what I know is meant for me.
—  I did a lot of overthinking today

Prompt: Omg I loved your soulmate au with chekov it was hilarious and so cute at the same time. Is there any chance that you would do a part 2?? Either way you’re a great writer, keep it up :) - anon

Warnings: None

Parings: Chekov/Reader

A/N: PART 1   

Word Count: 1012

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