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SPN Season13 in the Galaxy not so Far Away, aka Supernatural vs Star Wars

We all know how important “Star Wars” are in the SPN universe, but I just had a revelation yesterday: we are now in the point of the story that literally just arrived at the doorstep of “a new hope”, and everything just fell into place. 

(To the fellow SW fans: I am drawing parallels here only to the first six movies, excluding everything else, because I realised this is a topic that you can write about for hours and hours - with this thought in mind, I have limited myself to the very basic character overview. If anyone wants to add plot analysis, philosophy, more future speculation or whatever else, please feel encouraged to do so!)

The classic “Star Wars” is a franchise that is an archetypical, medieval adventure/fairy tale/coming-of-age story set in space, with magic, romance, religion, philosophy, knights, dark lords, orphaned heroes, a princess, wizards and scoundrels, a quest, epic battles, a war between good and evil, love, choices and redemption. It also talks a lot about free will, nature vs nurture, found family vs blood family, the power of love, faith, hope, self-understanding, and self-acceptance.

It’s a perfect parallel to Supernatural. So, let’s have a look:

1) Lucifer is Anakin/Darth Vader. The one with amazing powers, the one who stood out among the Jedi/angels, who was supposed to be “the bringer of light”, but who was brought to the Dark Side due to hubris and hate, and to rules he didn’t agree with, the rules given from above. The moment love was gone from his life, Anakin/Lucifer went bye-bye, gave in to the power of evil, and became the Dark Lord. 

Once Luke/Jack came into the picture, Anakin/Lucifer started looking for him to lure him to the Dark Side, because Vader, just like Lucifer, doesn’t understand the concept of love above blood, and of free will that can steer our innate nature. Luke does not give in to the dark side, and in the end he manages to draw his father back to the side of light because of love and light he chose for himself - and Anakin dies redeemed. I’m not sure if this is Lucifer’s path, but since he “was not a villain” in his story either, we’ll see.

Anakin/Lucifer used to be the Chosen One, the one destined to change Jedis/angels, but he went astray. Luke/Jack is now the one set to repair the damage he has done.

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eene-fangirl  asked:

What is your favorite thing about Edd’s character in A Fistful of Ed? Is there more of a reason behind why he is upset?

When it first came out, I loved A Fistful of Ed for a lot of reasons!  First of all, Raven’s scenes are the highlight of season 5 for me, I had loved her art since before she worked for the show, so it was really exciting to see her do the bulk of an episode, and for it to be upgraded from an 11-minute story to a two-parter.  

Secondly, Edd was a hard character for me to understand, he has a lot of traits and a fairly consistent only-rational-character role in the series, but AKA didn’t always try to connect his actions to details about his life outside of each episode, the way that the writers clearly understand Eddy’s home life even if they rarely address it. I can’t remember where/when it was brought up, but season 5 was suggested to be thought of as Edd’s season, after season 4′s finale revealed the spotlight to be on Eddy.  While Edd did take the focus more often at that point, I didn’t feel like anyone but Raven was digging into his inner life and making him as much of a main character as Eddy. So it was even MORE exciting when it became clear how much the episode was turned over to Raven’s understanding of him.

 THIRD, I couldn’t believe I was finally getting what I’d always been asking for. GENUINE EMOTIONS!  As much as I value simple slice-of-life stories, the way the style developed toward complicated expressions was begging for a more serious tone than just the show’s usual topics of outrage and failure.  When the storyboards were being pitched, there was push-back behind the scenes because it was so unusual to play a scene as outwardly dramatic and break the characters down to tears.  But from what I hear it was actually Danny who was most interested in seeing Raven’s vision through, and gave it the green light. I am so grateful that we got the story the way it was originally pitched, because there’s really very little else in the show that suggests how strongly Ed and Edd feel about each other and their group, and we need to see them finally erupt so that Eddy’s exposed backstory in Big Picture Show doesn’t feel out of place in an otherwise numb universe.  That they managed to find such an emotional story while not letting up the violence at all is especially impressive.  For once, beating people up feels cohesive to the character development, instead of a shortcut to slapstick.  It’s also a humongous relief after the focus on the Eds’ increased suffering for the past two seasons, it puts a really nice bow on everything without actually being an ending.

I should also probably bring up the 3-day marathon of the first 5 seasons, leading up to the premiere of Fistful, which was being advertised as the last episode ever, despite ads running during the final day for the Invaded special (and the fandom being completely aware that two winter episodes and a movie were on the way as well). “The Best Day Edder” marathon in April 2007, making fun of a similar-but-disappointing “Best Day Ever” SpongeBob marathon from November 2006, was a dream come true for me, a brief moment where EEnE was treated like CN’s proudest project and celebrated for being the network’s longest-running series.  The end of the episode left me quaking, I was so satisfied and excited to see the Eds start winning and protecting each other.  The whole marathon was a really inspiring experience for me.

Compared to that, I was pretty depressed leading up to the next series finale, Big Picture Show.  It felt significantly more final, and more than two years passed between Fistful and BPS, so it was really nerve-wracking waiting to see if AKA could pull off another big emotional feat.  But when information about Edd’s deleted dodgeball-incident-retelling was presented to me, it really cemented my love for the show and permanently renewed my obsession with Fistful.

Basically, after starting school in another town, Toddler Edd was targeted in dodgeball by the other students, who were presumably a little older and jealous of his advanced grades. This provoked Edd to build a dodgeball cannon and go around the school mutilating other students.  He ultimately regretted seeing how much damage he could do to the human body and was further traumatized by the shame and ridicule after being arrested, forced to give a public apology and kicked out of his first town.  He moved to Peach Creek, hid any evidence he had of the incident in his hat so he knew where it was, and attempted to reinvent himself. It works phenomenally as a backstory for his warring morality and dark side, it would’ve worked well to finally put him on the same level of “bad but improving” as Ed and Eddy, and most of all, it does nothing but support and reinvent previous episodes without retconning anything.

It affects one scene in ‘Ed in a Halfshell’ and one scene in ‘Every Which Way But Ed’, but it affects ALL of ‘A Fistful of Ed’, because Edd’s clumsiness isn’t just being misinterpreted as him being a tough guy. The kids frame it as “it’s always the quiet ones,” suggesting they think Edd has finally snapped from their bullying, and the severity of their injuries makes them treat him like a soon-to-be killer.  They have no idea Edd has actually been through that reality already, but it very clearly wears on him throughout each scene, until he’s finally crying in front of everyone on the cafeteria floor.  Edd struggles to defend himself for an impressively long time, but the final straw being Ed’s mom banning Edd from his friends suggests that Ed and Eddy are the only people who give Edd the strength to forget he was ever MORE violent than the rest of the characters. When I watch the scene of him alone, in the dark, working and crying in the botany room, it’s now very easy to see that he’s not just thinking about the events of Fistful.  He’s stepping back and taking a look at his life, everyone he’s hurt, wondering if he can ever escape it or if it will eventually return to haunt him in every town he ever lives in.  Edd probably struggles a lot with forgiving himself– he knows he has to if he’s ever going to move on, but he’s completely betrayed his morals and in retrospect it probably explains why he accepts so much abuse in Peach Creek.

Big Picture Show is the other half of the dodgeball incident coming back to haunt Edd.  Fistful makes him think about the acts he committed and the judgement he faced, but it probably helps Edd make it to the cafeteria scene that he knows he didn’t actually do anything and that he was hurting himself at the same time these acts were occurring.  In Big Picture Show, the scam not only forces him to see the kids gorily injured, with chunks of their bodies missing, it also causes him to be banished from yet another town by yet another set of angry schoolkids.  This (and ‘A Town Called Ed’) plays into why I approach Eddy and Bro’s backstories with so much “history repeating itself”– almost ALL of Edd’s story has been about him having to face the same guilt over and over with slight changes.  I wish that the final cut of the movie had included his backstory so that we didn’t have to piece the most important part of his character together from insider info, but it’s still impressive enough to me that so much of it IS visible, even if only through Edd internalizing it in Fistful and BPS.

For Once, A NaLu Fic

Fanfiction Link: For Once

Here’s the first part of the story for Prompt 1 (Gift)!

Story for Prompt 6 (Effulgence)

Summary: Lucy’s been dragged off on another job by Natsu. However, this time the dragon slayer has opted for a more relaxed sort of job, but his choice has made Lucy a little suspicious.


Lucy had come to dread riding on trains almost as much as Natsu.

“I. Hate. Trains.” Natsu twisted around in her lap, and she could swear that his cheeks turned bright green.

“You were the one who was so excited for this job.” A little smile slipped past her lips as she worked her fingers through his hair. Amusement twinkled in her eyes.

“That doesn’t mean I won’t complain.”

Idly twirling a strand of his hair, Lucy sighed and picked up the job sheet with her free hand. “I’m actually surprised you were so insistent about going on this one. I mean,” her eyes skimmed over the paper. “No monsters, no evil wizards, no bandits, no fighting. It’s in a library for goodness’ sake!”

“What? There’s more than one kind of job.” His voice was pitched higher than normal, and sounded a little strained. Whether this was due to his motion sickness, or because he was trying to hide something, Lucy couldn’t tell.

“Yeah, I guess. But I never expected you to choose menial labor over beating things up.” She went back to massaging Natsu’s scalp, finding that he whined less when she stroked him.

He muttered something into skirt, the muffled groans sounding something like, “Don’t remind me.”

Lucy snickered. He’s like a grumpy cat. Speaking of… "Hey, where’s Happy?“ The train car bounced harshly, and she made sure to hold down Natsu’s shoulders. She didn’t want him to get jostled around and become even sicker. No, thanks. It took a moment before he could settle back down in her grip.

"Hap’s on a mission—hng.” He gulped down some bile. “A mission with Wendy and Carla.”

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sunday recs :)
  • Pot, Kettle unfolded73
    Oh the fluff! I’m so so here for domestic fluff! ALL the family feels right here! Seriously, Charming/Swan/Jones family dinners is the kind of feels my dreams are made of! :)

  • Énouement beautyofsorrow, EG_Potter
    Okay, so this is listed as a WIP, but but but it read so well as a one shot, granted a one-shot I’d love to read more of, but amazing nonetheless! It has such sweet sweet Swan Believer moments, plus  even Snow/Emma moments, AND OH THE CS SWEETNESS! MY HEART! Really, this is such a sweet read, with bits of Christmassy family feels! I loved it! :)

  • A few words from Happiness - @captain-emmajones
    This one is just the sweetest! It gets so sad at times, but it all comes full circle at the end and I loved so much how it! Plus, BABY THEM! it doesn’t get more precious than that! it’s still them, a little jaded and hopeless but they still find a way to each other and it was just so good! really great read!! :))

  • Halcyon caprelloidea 
    HAPPINESS galore! Good God, this was the perfect Sunday read, it’s rated M for smutty times, but it’s also so darn sweet I can just barely take it! So good! It made my CS heart so very happy!

  • Flutter + Untitled - @high-seas-swan​ 
    Oh boy, if you think I flailed and grinned like an idiot reading these two, well, ya’d be exactly right! MY HEART! these two are just so so so sweet and perfect! Super short sweet reads, but my God, the feels! THE feels! Life’s made up of little moments y’all, and these two moments are so precious I wanna keep ‘em forever! SO GREAT!

  • In Neverland, things aren’t always what they seem… -  startswithhope
    Neverland with a twist, y’all! I loved it!  this one made me grin silly! Oh I loved it! The ending! especially the ending is just so so good! Their banter was glorious! 

  • Regrets Collect Like Old Friendswheres-your-rum
    UGH, this was a painful one but it truly ended in the sweetest note! it had a little bit of everything,angsty and hopeless at one point, but it turns around in the best way –if I can say so myself! I loved also the little bits of canon that were webbed into this! so good!

  • The Needle in the Granite Haystackdani-ellie03
    this is such a sweet one! You get a triple treat, Killian supporting Emma, knowing exactly what she wants, needs, and then you get Emma, Snow, Charming family bonding! SO PRECIOUS! also the fact that it tackles a plot point I haven’t even considered is a big ole awesome plus! 

  • Phantoms - @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable
    The one in which you can almost feel Killian’s pain as your own through the years! UGH! So painful! But truly a great look inward into his pain and what it stand/stood for for so long.

  • walking after you…  -  startswithhope
    this one is too too beautiful for words! I will never understand how talented y’all are that in such few words you can manage to create and entire universe that makes SO MUCH SENSE! I loved this little one shot, and it gave me ALL the right feels! they are so stinking sweet it kills me!

  • Koala Slipperscaptain-emmajones
    Neighbors AU alert! I’m a big humongous sucker for this trope! And Killian taking care of his Swan and little by little winning her heart is something I long to read so this was an instant winner in my book! :) 

  • Untitled sambethe
    Beautiful domestic bliss, please and thank you! oh so moving and sweet! the kind of sweet that is not all gooey and mushy at all but just tugs at your heart in the best ways possible! Oh I’m so in love with Eleanor just this bit! super sweet!

  • “Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.” -  thelegendofcaptainswan 
    OH THIS IS THE FLUFFIEST! Emma/Killian/Henry family feels plus the cutest little fluffy addition! I loved this! couldn’t read it with a straight face. It had me grinning so much! SO GOOD!! :)

  • fuck me like you hate me  -  swallowedsong (M)
    UGH, you’re gonna love this one! the ending got to me! SO angsty, but it would be so easy to just make this work and pretend it happened in canon! I loved seeing their relationship evolve in this one —it starts with them in one place, and by the end, it’s a complete 180 Emma’s not quite ready to accept, but oh, Killian, she’s an open book to him and this fic shows ya that! SO GOOD

Last but not least,

  • maybe this timejadeddiva
    I don’t especially read a lot of multichapters because days are silly and too damn short for all the good fic out there, but but but, I couldn’t shy away from this one!  post-5b with blessed CS domesticity plus bits and pieces of sexy times! it’s perfection in my book! :)

xx Happy reading lovies! <3