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Fluorite is the fusion between Amethyst and Peridot. She likes to make puns and be with friends. As a hardcore gem, Fluorite knows how to keep her pals happy, and although sometimes she can pass out of the line, she has a lovely and shiny heart!

Curious fact: Fluorite is known by shining in the night or in dark places, showing her carisma and love in the fusion.

Topaz Bomb finished reaching 800 followers! I’m glad you guys keep coming to my blog and showing your love too!

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Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  

Today brought to you by Jin’s Pink Knees 💖 

pyjamathyst  asked:

Do you have any favourite ships from SU?

not really?? i never thought of a favorite, because as the story progresses, so does the character’s relationships and I end up shipping everyone with someone else (i.e I shipped Peridot and Jasper, then Peridot and Pearl, then Peridot and Amethyst, and then Peridot with Lapis)

But if  I had to choose a fav, it would probably be StevenxConnie

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Today’s Happy Friday post is just going to be a shout-out to @blindvogel, who keeps me halfway sane on the regular by helping me tell the sappiest, smuttiest stories we can possibly come up with in Discord and generally being my entire creative lifeline. Should kaiju ever attack, the two of us will be ready for our jaeger, because we’ve proven our drift compatibility a dozen times over. She is pretty much the sole reason I haven’t killed anyone or broken down into tears at some point this week.


robbieheartsamethyst  asked:

Hey J do you watch Adventure Time and Steven Universe?

“Well, when I’m not trying to destroy Gotham City, Harley and a few of the others ‘n I will watch some of Steven Universe, but I don’t think any of us watch Adventure Time.”