the universe is love

I read a post someone created that said SU doesn’t have enough diversity. I think I couldn’t have more. Ever since the beginning I’ve related to this show I felt connected to it for many different reasons. One in particular is that I could see a little of myself (personality wise) in the characters.
Physically we have skinny, chubby, thick😏, buff, beefy, etc. what I’m saying is I think now in the show anyone, even people who have never seen the show, could see one character and think, “they look like me.” Then see another and say, “I act like that, I relate.”
Meeting Topaz was more than just a new character for me, I literally looked at topaz and saw myself. I’m a 5'10 female, 256 lbs with a fade haircut. It was cool to me to see a fictional character who I resembled.
Even though my spirit animal is Garnet😛