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@thunderflan totally drew jasper with a giant pink axe and i really felt like i also needed to *m*



Part 1 because I needed to do this one justice *shakes fist at weeks of slow progress* JUSTICE

Headcanon: “lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.”

One of @ironinkpen​‘s Lance headcanons~~

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belated birthday present for @molded-from-clay !!!

moldy is an incredible friend and has been hugely supportive of me ever since i first started getting more involved in the fandom, and i cannot thank her enough for all the kindness and encouragement she’s given me. 


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Fusion is serious magic, not a trick for dinner parties.

You are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience.

You forget you were ever alone. You know, when you fuse, you don’t feel like two people, you feel like one being. And your old names might as well be names for your left arm, and your right.

OK, so Peter Parker now being in Iron Man 2 is really amazing and fills me with joy and also a sign of just how well put together the MCU is.

Obviously, that wasn’t Peter Parker at the time the movie was made. And it in no way needs to be. But the fact that the MCU can decide that it is and it still makes perfect sense in the timeline of this franchise is a miracle.

And it works even better because the movie never draws attention to it. If it was intended to be him, his parents and/or aunt or uncle would have called his name right afterwards as a little wink to the fans. Instead, it’s just a random kid who turns out to later become Spider-Man.

No other superhero franchise can really do that. The DCEU is still technically being built. They literally just set up that all human beings are created by Zeus, they won’t be doing any small easter egg pay offs for a while. And yeah, Fox have had even longer than Marvel Studios to build the X-Men universe, but that timeline and continuity is so royally f***ed it’s making Doctor Who jealous.

It is now canon that a random kid from Iron Man 2 will later become Spider-Man. And it wasn’t planned that way, it wasn’t an easter egg, or set up years in advance. But that’s how it is because Feige decided it is, and yet despite about a dozen movies worth of continuity between then and now, it fits into place.

so i made different versions of naruko x sakura pixels!!! feel free to use~, but pls do not recolor! :^)

y’all need to read this series

Love is Blind (and so is Kenny) 

Established patater and zimbits. Kent is blind and epileptic due to congenital rubella syndrome. He’s an urban planner, Bitty owns a bakery, and Jack and Tater are still Falconers.


a) fandom needs more disability fic 

b) I don’t normally read Patater. But this is QUALITY Patater, ok? 

this series covers so many different topics (from stimming to caring for a loved one after a seizure) in such a thorough yet nuanced way. The characterizations are so good. It’s honestly a lovely series and I haven’t been this excited about stumbling upon a fic (let alone a series) in a very long time. 

My favorite is probably Fuzzy (warning: seizures, postictal stage). However, I really REALLY love On the House because it explores Kent and Bitty’s tentative friendship (Kent still knew Jack in this universe. Epikegster still happened). And it’s just awesome because even though Kent’s blind, Bitty doesn’t hold him any less accountable. But he does admit to having his own flaws and hangups. The entire drabble is about how they’re both trying to make things work but its hard and they BOTH fuck up.

This series is amazing, and you can read it in any order you like. 


thank you for your time  💕 💕 💕

Okay okay, ., ,, .Tenel Ka is one of my favorite SW characters ever. She inspired a lot of weird braid hairstyles when I was a kid. I’ve gotta go back and read all those books again sometime, ., , ,,. good stuff.

  • me: *blocks everyone in the amberprice tag who says anything the slightest bit mean about rachel*

ARROW AU: Dinah Laurel Lance is the main character.

     Sara went on the boat with Oliver, Dinah’s best friend. Five years later, Oliver came back, Sara didn’t. Oliver spent five years stranded on an island; he came back malnourished and fighting infections. Sara came back a year later, back from the Leauge of Assassins. Sara taught Dinah how to fight, how to protect herself. Then, Sara was murdered by Malcolm Merlyn, and Dinah waged her war. Dinah even learned to control and embellish her genetic mutation, calling herself the Black Canary. Now with her new boyfriend, Green Arrow, his sister, Speedy, and their friends, Spartan and Overwatch, Dinah protects her city. And maybe, with the help of her sister’s ex-girlfriend in the League, Nyssa Raatko, Dinah might even get her sister back.

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I was wondering about how open the characters are about their sexualities and gender identities and such. I mean, p much everyone isn't a straight cis person, but is everyone aware of that? In this universe, is that chill, or is the friendgroup just a bubble of being awesome even tho the school doesn't know, or what? Also- have you ever made a post with all the character's identities/disabilities before??? Ok, sorry to bother you, and I LOVE this comic!!! The art and story is gorg and engaging ❤

 hello  ❤

ngl,  I didn’t initially want to discuss their MIs, sexualities and gender, because I didn’t want people thinking it’s being romanticized, or that the characters would be reduced to naught but.. their gender/mental illness. But. Still. Representation is important and I am. So tired of mentally ill characters being demonized dude.  

I kinda thought their school would be, all liberal? It’s a big fancy schmancy school where nobody.. Really cares what you do with your life, so long as you don’t bother ‘em. But that’s just most of the students. (not all.) 

So. let’s start with Dallas. He’s trans, but he’s passing. He doesn’t struggle with being misgendered a lot, since he A. Doesn’t really talk much in the first place, and he talks in a really, tired, Jane-Lane-season-1 mumble.But y’know, the more observant people Talk, since middleschool, he’s changed A Lot. Tl;dr, Dallas is not out to anyone he’s not close to, just the rest of the baseball team, Mr. Beaumont (Tyler’s dad, and their geometry teacher), Coach Williams, and, maybe, Wendy. 

Dallas is bisexual, he has psychotic depression and dyscalculia. Established that his therapist is a massive douchewad, there’s probably something else that’s gone undiagnosed. (something along the lines of dependent personality disorder, and etc)

Malek, there’s always names for People Like Malek. He’s unabashedly pansexual. He’d really date anyone who can make him smile. He’s out to everyone, (that includes his aunt’s live-in boyfriend.)

Malek has anxiety that often gets dismissed because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. 

Poppy is not out to her parents. She’s out do Dev, and the rest of the school knows she’s bisexual. She doesn’t have a filter, and she says what she wants, and then afterwards she feels terrible to have acted like a jerk. She’s a real soft, good kid inside. She has BPD, and ngl, I wrote her to have struggled with ED when she was a bit younger. 

Jonas/Parker is autistic. I’ve talked about him and Dallas’ disabilities here. He’s bisexual, but he is not out to anyone but Phoebus and Tyler. I think he could be interpreted as someone who has PTSD from abusive parents, but I need to do much more research on this.

Ari is nonbinary. They’re not out to anyone except the baseball team. They use any pronouns. He/She/They, it don’t matter for a nihilist like Ari. They have AVPD, and it’s pretty hard for them to open up to.. Anyone at all. It’s Just Hard. They tend to lash out on people. 

Phoebus is an amputee. He’s had a rough tumble with osteosarcoma, but he’s alive, and it’s all that matters. Sometimes he gets tired, he uses a wheelchair. He has depression, but, like Malek, it tends to get forgotten because he doesn’t show signs of being mentally ill. He’s pansexual, and he’s out to everyone.

Blake is gay and a cocktail of undiagnosed cluster B personality disorders. He’s too afraid of seeing a therapist, He is not out to anyone outside of the baseball team, but People Talk. 

Ben is HoH. Dallas is his bi awakening. I think he has ADHD and PTSD, but I’m still reading into it.  For Spoiler-y Reasons, I Can’t Disclose Too Much.

Sara is lesbian. She doesn’t care about people knowing, but she only tells people when boys hit on her. Again, I can’t disclose too much about her personality without it being too spoiler-y!

Tyler has OCD. At the moment, he’s assumed he was straight up until he let himself get close to Blake. Blake makes him feel all sorts of wiggly and angry things in his stomach. He wants to kiss Blake but he also wants to punch Blake in the head sometimes. His Feelings Need a lot of work. What’s it to have a crush on anyone anyway. He’s too young to be in love, and his greatest fear is to end up like his dad, divorced, always sitting late at night in a boring old office, disgruntled and malcontent, cursing while grading some dumbass’ paper. He’s not out to anyone, and everyone, including himself, assumes he’s straight.

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Westallen, "Everything's going to be fine."

I love that this is a fluff meme.  Also Earth-2 Barry is deeply regretting checking out what was actually in the attic.

“Everything’s going to be fine.”

“I know,” Barry assures, checking his watch for the twelfth time.  Biting his lip, he reaches up to adjust his glasses for the twenty-sixth time.  “I just – I’m missing a meeting.”

“At 11:30 at night?” Iris asks dryly, holding his free hand.

Barry nods, a little more enthusiastically than strictly necessary, and shrinks visibly when a nurse appears in the triage doorway.  “Tanner?”

The second she leads a young man with a head injury off, Barry slumps, attempting to fold himself discreetly underneath the chair.  He succeeds, a startled sound slipping past him when he slides right off the chair.  Safely sequestered under his seat, he remarks with genuine pleasure, “This is roomy.”

The eight-year-old girl seated on a chair across from them tugs her mom’s arm.  “Why’s he sitting on the floor?”

Iris, for her part, sighs and rests a hand on his hair.  “Honey.”  She can feel him trembling finely and sighs when a hand closes anxiously around her ankle.  “Do you want rabies?”

“I would greatly prefer it to the alternative,” he quips.

Scratching his head, Iris deploys her secret weapon: “Would the other Barry hide under a chair?”

Indignation works miracles.

With ramrod resolve, Barry sits in his seat, the picture of Dignified Adult, and only flinches a little when the nurse calls his name.

Sitting on a gurney, Barry fidgets as a nurse clarifies, “So.  You got bit by a –” 

“Bat,” Barry supplies solemnly.

“Bat,” the nurse repeats, nodding and jotting it down.  “How long ago was that?”

An exhaustive twenty minutes later finds Barry sitting numbly on the edge of the table, holding his left shoulder like it personally betrayed him.  “I hate bats,” he says through his teeth.  Bowing over his wrist, he repeats emphatically, “I hate bats.”

He doesn’t make a sound when the nurse comes back with the anti-rabies vaccines, closing his eyes, pale but keeping the peace.  Iris asks, “You good?” and Barry lets out a soft huff that is, I am very, very not good but he doesn’t say a word.  He groans, just a little, when the nurse swabs his arm.  Iris lets him have her hand and he grimaces, a long, soft hahhhhh of pain escaping him as not one but five doses of anti-rabies injections are emptied strategically around the wound and a sixth dose in the wound, which finally startles a sharp yelp out of Barry.

Sitting beside her exceedingly sullen husband on the monorail home, Iris tells him – the side of his head leaning on her shoulder, that is: “You took that better than I thought you would.”

Barry sniffs and fishes for his handkerchief, pressing it to his eyes.  “I am – in no way inferior to the other Barry,” he declares with great dignity, replacing the kerchief in his pocket.

“Of course not,” Iris assures him, kissing his temple.  “He would’ve tried to suck the rabies out of the wound.”

He laughs, a soft, easy sound, and the tension finally eases from his shoulders.