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In My Dreams preview:

In My Dreams (yes, the Ruth B song) is the 1920s AU I was writing for the Red Queen characters, just to clarify.

A dry laugh leaves his mouth. “Well, she’s not a…flirt like advertised.” He doesn’t say anything else, but I can hear the unspoken “than Silvers advertise her” in the air. He’s not wrong, if a Red gets famous enough to be recognized on the spot by Silvers, especially if they’re a woman, they’re villainized and labeled a cheap whore. It wasn’t any different with Mare Molly Barrow, or as Silvers proclaimed her to be, “The Red seductress who fucked her way to the top.” Or as close to the top as the Silver hierarchy would allow.

Reds knew her differently. They knew her as the girl with an electric voice who embodied the struggles they’ve faced over centuries. They knew her as their Lightning Girl. She wore that name with pride. The only reason Silvers don’t like her is because she gives Reds something that Silvers can’t force into submission. Hope.

Any guess as to who’s POV this is? Or who’s talking?

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Suggest SU songs that fit my characters!

Kind-of bored, and this just randomly popped into my head.

What songs from Steven Universe do you think fit my characters? Please send asks!

(One of the main reasons for this is that I’m slowly being pulled into the SU fandom. XD)


Deedee Magno Hall, the voice of Pearl from Steven Universe, joined me to sing a cover of one of my songs from my original musical, Ultimate Storytime! I hope you enjoy!! Special thanks to AJ Rafael for providing accompaniment!



something’s telling lotor that allura and her knights stopped taking him seriously a while ago


Funny how that works, huh?


Isn’t her singing lovely? What if I told you that this is Blue Diamond’s voice?

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