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Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?


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As absolutely hyped as I am about any potential there is of jasper coming back, may I kindly suggest we replace “jasper coming back for a fight” with “jasper coming back for a nap,” or possibly even “jasper coming back for a jounry of self love and discovery where nothing bad happens to her anymore ever…”

We are Sikh

Fifth largest religion in the world, and people are ignorant enough to call us Hindus or Muslims. Educate yourself.

  • We are Sikh. Our faith matters to us. So much so that we will gladly give our life fighting for what we believe in as many saint soldiers have done in the past, including our own Gurus.
  • Sikh mothers had their newly borns chopped, limb by limb and then placed around their necks like garlands. This was the price they payed for not converting to another religion, those brave Sikh women remained in high spirits and sang the praises of Guru Nanak & Vaheguru.
  • We made up less than 2% of the Indian population yet 67% of the Indian army were Sikhs.
  • The first battle for freedom from British was won by Sikhs, when after loss of many lives in 1929 they were able to take over the charge of their shrines from British.
  • Our ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji offered to sacrifice his life to protect another religion. He laid down his life in defense of religious tolerance, freedom of worship, and freedom of religion. He gave his life for the Hindus’ right to wear the sacred thread despite the fact that Sikhs themselves do not believe in these rituals. This was martyrdom for the defense of basic human values.
  • In 1709, Guru Gobind Singh Ji left this world with a lifetime of heroic events which changed the History of India. (which I cannot even compress enough to make it into this text post &  still do it justice)
  • Bhagat Singh while studying in Berkeley University in California went back to Punjab to fight against the British army and was hanged in 1913 while fighting for freedom.
  • Punjab lost its most fertile part to Pakistan during the partition. However, today due to hard labor of Sikh farmers, the Punjab in India produces much higher quantities of food grain than the fertile Punjab in Pakistan. Punjab contributes 40% of rice and 51% of wheat into the central pool of food grains in India.
  • On April 13, 1919, the British conducted Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which consisted of killing 1300 unarmed Indians, 62% of those who were Sikhs in a single day.
  • 1984; we don’t even KNOW how many Sikhs were brutally murdered in the most inhumane ways possible because the Indian government burnt all the bodies without keeping track.

And that’s not even half of the history covered; 
Seeing news like the picture above absolutely shatters my heart, our Gurus and martyrs didn’t give up their life to be called someone we’re not. We have  been given a unique identity so that the world may recognise a single Sikh in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people.

  • We wear a turban in which we have a small wooden comb to keep and protect our sacred gift from God, our uncut hair, our Kes.
  • We wear a Kara (iron bracelet) to resemble handcuffs, which reminds a Sikh to be a servant of the Guru & think twice about doing evil deeds.
  • We wear a Kirpan (a sword) which symbolises dignity, self-reliance, capacity and readiness to always defend the weak and the oppressed.
  • We wear a Kachera (undershorts) which reminds the Sikh of the need for self-restrain over passions, lust and desires.

A Sikh is a devotee first and to protect his devotion, a Sikh is a warrior as well. A real Sikh will never let weapons take the precedence over his spiritual values and devotion. A real Sikh will always help the one in need and fight for him/her regardless of the person’s caste, color or religion. When all other means of self-protection fail, the Sikh can use his sword to protect himself and others. A Sikh is never to use his sword to attack anyone.

So please, don’t call us something we’re not. We are Sikh. But before that, we are human.


pairing: Gaara/Sakura with some Neji/Sakura

summary: ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ But just about everything is a possible enemy in a zombie apocalypse. Sakura crosses paths with a particular thief once more and has an unexpectedly pleasant night, trapped in a condemned building’s basement. 

notes: i’m like 3 hours late for @vesperlionheart and @thefreckledone fluff friday, enemy prompt, but eeeeyyyy better late than never. some fluff in a pretty grim setting hello did you know i have a zombie apocalypse au (i have a couple other drabbles set in this universe that i wanna write one day)

Konoha had been more of a tourist destination – a vacation retreat – than an actual town. With the large fortress and temple, the meticulously cared for gardens, hot spring, multitude of places to eat, and the tall, sturdy, stone wall that encircled the village, tucked away in the middle of the forest, it all seemed like something out of a folk tale.

In the end, it was the wall that saved them.

When people first started to get sick, the townsfolk didn’t think much of it and simply cared for their ill as best as they could, slowly becoming more worried as they listened to the news that an epidemic had spread across Japan.

Had spread across the world.

When communications to the outside went down and those who had fallen ill began to… react, there was mass panic throughout the country.

It was that tall wall - strong and stone and unrelenting - that kept the walking corpses out and the people of Konoha safe.

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though all to ruin fell the world {a shallura fic}

{this post} gave me Shallura feels, so here, have a random au

He comes to them as a child - six years old, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. An orphan whose parents died in an accident that he should never have survived. But he did, which is how the Altean ambassadors discovered his gift.

It’s only supposed to exist in Alteans. No one knows what to make of it. But the boy has magic, and he’ll need teaching, so he comes to stay at the Castle of Lions.


Aged seven, he asks Allura to marry him.

“When I’m big, I’ll marry you,” he says, as if offering a generous favour. He’s a sweet good-hearted child, and Allura’s just on the cusp of adulthood, still fresh-faced and willowy and uncomfortable in her own beauty. But little Takashi gazes at her like she personally hung every star in the cosmos with her own two hands, and she can’t help but smile fondly at the earnest expression on his face.

“Oh, you’ll marry me, will you?” she asks.

“Yes. If you want me to.”

“Why don’t you ask me again when you’re big, hmm?”

His smile could light the stars on fire, even then.


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  • Shiro:
  • Shiro: .. i cant tell if they're fighting or not

Back to the Kindergarten is an episode that has done what SU hasn’t done since Mindful Education. Its made me feel a lot better. SU can deal with emotional stuff really well this time and it did pretty good with this episode. I liked the atmosphere, I liked the music, and I liked that Peridot has finally returned. Like this was Season 2 Peridot pretty much (Never return Lapis!). The episode just felt really relatable with me since there are a lot of times that I feel like Peridot did in this episode. I liked that the episode kind of had a bit of harsh reality, but still had an uplifting message at the end. If there is one complaint I had, it’s that the fight at the end was too short (but I am glad that they at least had a fight scene). Best episode since Mindful Education. 

Voltron Characters in Hogwarts Houses?

Shiro- He would most likely be a Gryffindor. He’s extremely brave and a natural-born leader. For example; when Matt was about to go in the arena, Shiro made sure that he was the one to go in instead of his friend. He fought against several horrifying creatures and made it out alive. He also went right back into space to help others after his traumatizing experience.

Pidge- Definitely a Ravenclaw I’m not sure I even need to explain this, but Pidge is constantly messing with alien tech, ex) rover, interested in learning more, and creative, ex) when they built a satellite from old spaceship parts to contact the castle. Pidge also decided to spend their free-time attempting to learn Altean.

Hunk- Hufflepuff to the core. He’s the mom friend. He cares about people who he doesn’t even know that well, he’s extremely loyal. Ex) When he went back to the Balmera to save Shay and her people because she had helped him. He works well with all members of the team, and he loves cooking/food. Ex) Space cookies and Dinner that one time when Coran tried to force Shiro to eat something unmentionable.

Keith- Another Gryffindor. He’s brave and rash. He pilots the Red lion. He often does things without completely thinking them through, like that one time where he grabbed onto a small control panel and opened the airlock in an enemy ship, which was quick-thinking and brave, but very dangerous. He also tends to rush into things, like on the Balmera where Lance had to remind him that it was a living creature. He went into the headquarters of the blade of Marmora and refused to back down when he faced obstacles. He also has the potential to be a good leader.

Lance- Slytherin. No question about it. He’s good at putting on masks and hiding his feelings. He cares strongly about his appearance *cough* facemasks *cough*. Lance also comes up with good ideas and exercises more caution than some of his other team members. He warned Keith about the Balmera being a living being, and he found another way into the room that they needed to enter. He also tried to stop Keith from going off on his own on the Galra port where the quintessence was being kept. He also figured out that it wasn’t rover when he was with Coran, something that the older Altean didn’t even think about. He’s intelligent and he knows when he needs to cover for his teammates, like in episode one When he covered for Pidge while Iverson got angry. He hides his insecurities, ex) feeling like a seventh wheel, and he’s pretty good at lightening a situation, which shows that he’s pretty good at manipulating a situation.

Matt- Ravenclaw, even though we don’t know much about Matt, we do know that he was on the Kerberos mission for research, and he seemed just as enthusiastic as his father. It shows his interest in learning new things and discovering stuff.

Allura- Gryffindor. She’s extremely brave and a great leader. She was put into a difficult situation where she either faced capture by the enemy with Shiro, or alone, and she chose to go it alone and save her teammate. She was thrown into a world where everything was upside-down and her family/home was gone, yet she went straight back to fighting for the universe. She also had the courage to destroy the last part of her father, for the greater good.

Coran- Most likely Hufflepuff. He’s extremely loyal to princess Allura. He also has a very light and fun personality. He helps the paladins out, he even went to talk to Lance when he was feeling homesick. He shows support to everyone.

-Hey! I hope you liked this! If you guys disagree and want to discuss, just message me! It’ll be fun! :)

When Love Isn’t Enough [Jumin Han/Reader]

Title: When Love Isn’t Enough
Pairing: Jumin Han/Reader [you]
Summary: An impromptu meeting with the Chairman has you faced with the most difficult situation you’ve faced in your life.

a/n: yo! it’s been a hot minute since i’ve written anything for mystic messenger. i hope y’all remember me. if not, check out my other mysme stuff! lemme know your thoughts on this and if you’d like me to continue!

“I want you to divorce my son.”

The room plummeted into silence following those words from the Chairman. He sat across from you at the round table, fingers loosely threaded atop one another in front of him as though an indicator that he wasn’t hiding anything. You noticed the doily beneath his hands shifted as he plucked the delicate fabric.

You didn’t utter a reply–or rather you couldn’t. Part of you couldn’t fathom what he had just said to you, his aged face set like stone with a severe expression, eyes capturing you in a staring battle that neither of you would yield to. He exuded an aura of power in the way he leaned forward, his shoulders  hunched towards you confidently. There was no mistake he had said what he had with intention, and he had meant it.

The other part of you desperately scrutinized him, hoping to find something to prove the request he had made was authentic. The Chairman had been at your wedding, observing the way that you both never separated a moment that day, how Jumin seemed to hold your waist firmly as though terrified you would dissipate into a mist and slip between his fingers. He had witnessed your vows, the rings, the kiss, and the smiles.

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S13E02 Coda

My coda to the latest episode, cause I felt like we needed more Dean mourning and more of Sam getting Jack to understand
ao3 link

Dean Winchester is a hard man. He wasn’t born that way, no one is, but he was raised that way. The day John Winchester placed Sammy into his arms and Dean lost both his mom and his dad forever, he started losing his softness. He had to be tough.

Even after John died, Dean refused to lose his calluses. When he came back from hell, it was like the flames had hardened him beyond recognition.

Very few people got to see the softness Dean tried to keep hidden in the deepest parts of his heart. Sam is one of the only ones.

Trying to explain this to Jack is hard.

“Is that why he hates me?”, Jack asks and Sam says something about wires getting crossed in Dean’s brain, because it’s so much easier than saying that Dean hates because he’s in pain. That he’s in pain because the only other person who got to see the softness, the person who Dean opened up to and gave everything to was gone. How can he explain to Jack, who is so new to human emotions, that sometimes if you hide your feelings from the world and then only let one person see them, when that person is taken from you it shreds your insides and leaves you a bleeding mess in a hard shell.

Sam wishes he had that angelic ability of sharing memories. Wishes he could show Jack all the little moments he witnessed that showed Dean as he really was, without his protective shell.

He finishes his ramble about Dean wanting to protect people, but Jack still looks confused and suddenly Sam realises, that he might not have the ability to share memories but Jack does.

“Hey, I know you don’t know how to fully control your powers yet, but I’d like to try something. It might help you understand Dean better and your father too. Cas that is, not Lucifer.”, Sam says and Jack looks confused but nods.

Sam guides Jack’s hand to his forehead. “If I concentrate on certain thoughts or memories, do you think you could see them too?”, he asks and Jack grins sheepishly.

“I don’t think that should be too hard, you have a very open mind.”, he says and Sam blinks.

“Right um, okay then.” Sam clears his throat and when he sees Jack’s eyes glow a yellowy gold he closes his eyes and concentrates with all his might.

“Dean, I’m scared.” A five year old Sam climbs into bed with his big brother who wraps his own blanket around him.
“It’s okay Sammy, I’m here. I’ve got you.”

“I don’t want you to leave, Sam.” Dean is 22 and watching Sam pack his stuff.
“Dean, Stanford is my chance to get out of the life. I’m sorry, but I need this. I have to go.”, Sam tells him and he sees Dean swallow heavily.
He nods. “I know Sammy, I know. Just… don’t forget me when you’re out there with all those rich kids, alright?” Sam sees tears sparkling in his brother’s eyes as he pulls him into a hug.

Sam sits on a motel bed and cries. Jess is gone. This is all his fault. He throws the beer Dean handed him at the wall and then collapses in on himself and then Dean is there, holding him just like he used to when they were kids, wrapping a blanket around him as he cries and cries.

The little girl has just watched her father being torn apart by a werewolf and is about to be next, but then she is being scooped up into Dean’s arms as he shoots the werewolf between the eyes, making sure the girl is turned away so she can’t see the blood and her father’s body.

The memories are moving of their own accord now, as if Jack is now in control and searching for something.

Cas has just walked into the lake and dissolved into a black stain that spreads steadily. Sam watches in horror as he sees something die in Dean’s eyes. He sees how carefully his brother folds Castiel’s trenchcoat, reverently like war widow would fold a flag.

Dean’s eyes are wide. Castiel has returned from purgatory and he looks like his usual self again. Sam can almost see the joy radiating off his brother in waves.

They’re in the bunker. The TV is on and Castiel has just asked a question about the logic behind the Simpsons being yellow. Sam watches as Dean’s eyes turn soft and he hands Cas a cup of tea before sitting on the couch next to him, their knees bumping together.

Cas is still recovering from the attack-dog spell and Dean tucks his blanket tighter around him, like he has only ever done for Sam.

Sam shouldn’t be witnessing this conversation, he only got out of bed to get a glass of water, he couldn’t have known Dean and Cas would be in the kitchen.
“I get that you have to go Cas, I just wish you wouldn’t.”, Dean says and it sounds a lot like begging.
Cas sighs. “Finding Lucifer is my responsibility Dean.”
“At least let me go with you then.” They are standing face to face in front of one of the counters, barely a foot apart.
“You know, I wish you could ol hoath. But I will return to you. I always do.”
Dean pulls Castiel towards him by the lapels of his trenchcoat and Sam closes his eyes when Cas kisses Dean softly. He really shouldn’t be seeing this.

Mary has gone and Sam calls Castiel. When he knocks at the door, Sam lets him in and takes him to the kitchen where Dean sits surrounded by pictures and beer bottles. Sam makes to leave, but Cas pulls him in for a hug. He always was good at telling when the younger Winchester needed one.
He gives Sam a soft smile and then kneels on the floor, pulling Dean towards him and letting him release his heart-wrenching sobs into his chest.

The memories speed up again and Sam feels nauseous as Jack flicks through all the times Dean and Cas just stared at each other, the times when Sam would put Dean back together again after Cas left him, the times when Sam would catch Dean smiling like Cas was the centre of his universe.
The weird sensation of having someone fast-forward through your head stops when Jack concentrates on one of the worst and most recent memories Sam has.

Sam pulls Dean away from Cas and towards the tear. They need to get back to their own universe and Dean fights him each step of the way.

The angel blade pierces Cas’ heart and Dean screams.

Lucifer is gone and Sam needs to get inside, needs to find Kelly and her baby. He looks back and sees Dean bent over Cas’ body, desperately trying to rub the charred imprints of Cas’ wings from the sandy ground.

Dean doesn’t know Sam is there, but when he walks back into the lake house, there Dean is, kneeling beside Cas who is laid out on the table, praying.
Sam brushes a few tears from his eyes as he watches Dean shakily get to his feet and gently stroke his fingers along Cas’ jaw.
Sam takes a few steps back and re-enters the room, clearing his throat loudly as he does.
Dean startles, but when he turns around all emotion is gone from his face and there is that hard, hard man staring back at Sam.

Sam is abruptly pulled from his memories. He blinks a few times and looks at Jack. Jack is crying, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Jack raises a hand to his face and feels the wetness, tilting his head to one side in confusion.

“Do you understand now?”, Sam asks softly and Jack nods.

“I understand.”, he says. “He loved my father and now… now he is in pain. He is hurting.”

Sam sighs. “Yeah, he’s hurting and he doesn’t know how else to show it.”

Jack looks sad as he speaks. “I am sorry, he does not deserve that.”

“No.”, Sam agrees. “He doesn’t.”

Inside the motel, Dean Winchester sits in a grimy shower and cries and prays. He cries for the love he’s lost and he prays for him to return to him.

This is what he will do until he hears Sam returning. Then he will shut off the shower and with it his emotions. He will step into his clothes and lock away the softness and he will greet Sam with a hard expression and a hatred of the world that was years in the making, yet took only one moment to confirm.

The Defenders in detention.

“What did you do?”

Luke looked up to see the new kid, a pretty white boy named Danny pestering Matt who didn’t look pleased that anyone was talking to him. He’d lifted his head up briefly when Danny had first spoke to him but now it was back in the crook of his arm as he rested on the desk.

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One of the most unsettling things about Bart saying “I can’t be hurt, universe won’t allow it” is that you initially assume that she’s just referring to physical injuries, and as far as she’s concerned it’s true. The universe protects her because she’s doing her job (unlike Dirk Gently, but that’s a whole other post) and her reaction to feeling physical pain for the first time in her life after meeting Farah (screaming and crying, immediate melt-down, potential long-term trauma stemming from the fact that her worldview has been upended) is both melodramatic and genuinely disturbing to watch.

But then you realise that, in keeping Ken, Bart may have strayed too far from her path. She was meant to take him to the Spring Mansion to fix the time machine, but the universe never indicated that friendship was the best way to accomplish this. The universe maybe wanted her alone, because alone means that she’s more effective. No strings, no obligations, no attachments.

So then Blackwing reappears and she can’t fight back without risking Ken, and the universe has a new message for her. Stray from your path and it’s not just physical hurt that you’re risking.

It’s emotional hurt too.