the universe fights back

Hey! You know which Crystal Gem can tell Steven direct answers for all of this questions about Rose and The Diamonds, especially Pink Diamond?


steven universe: fascists just need to be talked to!! fighting back against your oppressors just makes you worse than them!! when a white woman is violent it’s fine but when a black woman is violent that makes her dangerous and irredeemable!

adventure time: all cops are pigs and all power is corrupt. the solution is in the people. anarchy is the solution.


Night Blogger Steven awakens

9. “I’m sorry I punched you in the face.”

“Hey,” Annie says, eleven years later. “I’m sorry I punched you in the face.”

Mikasa laughed. “You mean when we were nine? It’s okay. I’m like totally over it.”

“Good,” Annie says.

They were in elementary school together, before Annie moved away. Mikasa never expected that they’d go to the same university. The memory of their schoolyard fight rushed back to her.

“Let me kiss you,” Annie had said.

“Why?” Mikasa asked, disgusted.

“…I need practice for boys.”

“No way,” Mikasa said.

Annie always wore a sour expression at that age, always tonguing the space where her two front teeth should have been. Annie tackled Mikasa then, holding her down and leaning in to kiss her. Mikasa pushed her off just in time. Annie fell back on her hands and scrapped them against the ground. Seeing what Mikasa had done to her, she threw a punch. Then their teacher grabbed both of them by their collars and demanded apologies.

“I’m sorry I punched you in the face,” Annie mumbled, looking away.

“I’m sorry too,” Mikasa said angrily, giving their teacher what she wanted.

The teacher left them alone after that. Annie glanced over at Mikasa. “You’re very pretty,” she said before blushing and running away. Annie moved away shortly after the incident.

Mikasa smiles at the memory.

“Am I still pretty?” she asks.

Annie blushes once more. “You’re beautiful,” she says, then seems shocked by her own words. “I mean…still. I thought you’d forget by now.”

“I’ve never once forgotten you, Annie.”


“Really. Wanna go for coffee sometime?”

“Sure. I’d like that.”

They smiled at each other. Someday Mikasa might tell Annie how beautiful her smile looks with all her teeth grown in.


anonymous asked:

Why Crowen shippers goes to an Omelia blog asking opinion? it's obvious that we don't feel the same way... I understand it is difficult to accept the different views but also the creator of the show said that the only love in Cristina's life is surgery. She showed in every different sauces, Teddie and Cristina relationship, the alt universe episode, when Meredith and Yang were fight back in season 10.

I agree. This was exhaustively showed and discussed. If people havent gotten it by now, they just aint getting it.

I understand why it would be hard for some people to accept it, we don’t choose the couples we fall in love with and emotionally it is hard to let go. But rationally, it is pretty clear by all those reasons you pointed out.

“Lapis, we’re gems! We’re not meant to fly!”