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Mac Ruaidh - Part Eight (two of two)

This one got a little too long to be posted in one piece but it was all meant to be read as one chapter so it’ll be back-to-back posts instead.

– Mod Lenny

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Jamie knew it was only a matter of time before Grey found him. He thought it would be after dark and knew it would need to be private so he tried ushering Willie to bed early. But the lad was too perceptive for his own good and, not wanting to miss whatever the adults were going to talk about, had employed every trick in his arsenal to put off going to bed.

“I want to hear the story again,” Willie insisted.

“I’ve just told it to ye twice.”

“Then tell me another,” Willie pressed. “The time ye saved her when they thought she was a witch… Or how ye met the king in France.”

Jamie frowned. “Ye ken I told ye we need to be careful what we talk of when there’s men of His Majesty’s army about––even if it’s only Major Grey.”

Willie nodded but wasn’t distracted from his point. “The witch one then. From when ye first saw Murtagh coming to fetch ye.”

Jamie sighed and began to set the scene as he always did––the hunting trip with an unsettled Dougal, an unusual Duke, and himself, longing to be warm in his bed at the castle with his wife to hold through the night.

“It sounds lovely,” Grey’s voice cut in from the doorway of the barn. “I can wait until you’ve finished…”

“No,” Jamie said firmly, rising and swinging Willie up into his arms, carrying him to the ladder leading up to the loft. “To bed wi’ ye, wean,” he ordered. “And dinna even think of anything but crawlin’ ‘tween the sheets, sayin’ yer prayers, and waiting for sleep to take ye,” Jamie added sternly under his breath.

Jamie watched as Willie’s shoulders heaved a sigh and turned to climb the ladder.

“He can be a stubborn one,” Jamie remarked by way of an apology.

“Like his mother,” Grey agreed.

Jamie frowned at his own memories of Geneva’s stubbornness but the mention of his mother caught Willie’s attention. The lad turned so fast he nearly tumbled from the ladder in his over-tired state.

“You remember my mam?”

Jamie carefully held his face in check as he looked to Grey. Remember, Willie had said, not knew. Had the other man caught the word or was he too focused on his own slip to notice?

“Your mother…” Grey fumbled, meeting Jamie’s eye sheepishly. “Yeeesss,” Grey continued slowly. “I do remember meeting her. She made quite the impression.”

“Can I feel your arm?” Willie asked eagerly.

“My… arm?” Confusion washed over Grey’s face.

Jamie tried to step in. “To bed, William.”

“I wanna see if I can feel where ye broke it. I can on each of the fingers Da’s broken and his nose, though that one’s no hard.”

“How do you know about my arm?” Grey looked at Jamie accusingly.

“Mam set it for ye in the war,” Willie reminded the officer before doubt and a little fear crept into his face. He looked to his father, expecting a chastising but hoping for confirmation.

“Aye, he’s the one broke his arm. But I’ve told ye to go to bed several times now…”

Willie gulped. “G’night to ye, sir. G’night, Da,” he rattled off before hastily making his way up the ladder to the loft.

“Can we talk outside?” Jamie requested. “Inquisitive ears…”

The yard was empty and the sky dark, the sun having sunk some time before leaching color from the world as it went. They leaned against the outside wall of the barn gazing across the yard toward the house.

“You told him about our meeting during the war,” Grey stated. Jamie could hear the surprise in Grey’s voice but wasn’t sure he wanted to try naming what was paired with it.

“Casts ye in a better light in Willie’s eyes than telling him ye were my jailor,” Jamie explained with a shrug. Willie knew he’d fought in the Rising, that he’d been to prison. But he didn’t completely comprehend why they lived at Helwater––it was all he’d ever known, after all. There were things about his past that Willie was still too young to hear. He told himself that was why he indulged Willie’s desire for stories about Claire, why he’d given up the idea of forcing that truth on the lad until he was older and better able to understand. “He likes stories and there arena so many he’s old enough to hear.”

“Am I correct in understanding he believes your late wife is his mother? What the bloody hell have you been telling him?” Grey demanded, his voice low but insistent.

“I told him what I could of the truth and he’s made something of it that comforts him,” Jamie snapped. “He’s convinced my wife was taken by the fairies and that he’s the bairn she carried when I lost her. I’m not about to take that idea from him when the truth…” He broke off sharply, his indignation and desire to justify himself nearly carrying him too far.

It didn’t matter.

“What did she do to convince you to take such a risk?” Grey asked. “What did she offer you to get you into her bed? Or was she inducement enough?”

Jamie clenched his jaw as though refusing to answer might successfully deter Grey.

“The boy looks more like you every time I see him and I know Geneva was worse than a dog with a bone when there was something she wanted. She would do anything––”

“Well in my case it was threats and blackmail and it’s all the more reason I’d have Willie think his mother was a kind and gentle woman I loved more than my own life,” Jamie said quickly to stop Grey talking. He felt his cheeks warm as the confession he’d made sunk in. The growing darkness was a relief in that moment. I dinna ken why exactly ye’ve come just now but there is something I would speak to ye about.”

“I’ve spoken with Lady Dunsany and I don’t expect she’ll let this idea of hers go anytime soon.”

Jamie ground at the dirt beneath the toe of his boot creating a growing depression. “I see…”

“I have… That is… I’ve tried to… prepare her…” Grey struggled to find the right words but gave up with a sigh. “I’ve decided to speak with my brother about quietly seeking a pardon for you… with the Crown. I know it’s what you want and I’m afraid of what keeping the boy here longer might do. Everyone expects him to look like you except Lord and Lady Dunsany. It will pain them to see him go but I’m convinced it’s what’s best for everyone in the end.”

Jamie blinked while he let the words sink in. He’d be able to go home. To Scotland. With Willie.

“I… thank ye, sir.”

“John,” Grey said with a pained laugh. “If I do this you’ll no longer be under my supervision and you must promise to call me John then––if you don’t, I might change my mind.” But the threat was a hollow one.

“As ye please then… Lord John.”

Grey scoffed but smiled as he glanced at Jamie.

“It will be a while yet before anything goes through. I will tell Lord Dunsany the broad outlines of what’s going to happen to help him prepare his wife… I already hinted at it to her before supper.”

“Took it well, did she?”

“I have another idea I think I’ve settled on that will help to distract her when the time comes… I’m going to speak with Lord Dunsany about courting––and later marrying––Isobel.”

Jamie choked back what he thought at first was a laugh but actually sounded more like a strangled gasp.

“Wh––why?” he managed to ask.

“She wants to be married to please her parents but is nervous about it and leaving them. I… have family of my own that would like to see me wed and with my position in His Majesty’s army, there’s little need for my wife and I to live together––little opportunity if I get sent to the continent,” Grey rambled.

“But ye… Can ye… That is… would it truly be fair to the lass?” It was Jamie’s turn to have difficulty finding the right words.

“She needn’t accept me,” Grey insisted as though he were half hoping that would be the case. “There is one more thing I need you to promise me if I am to appeal on your behalf… and it isn’t that you call me by my Christian name…”

Grey looked to Jamie seeking the promise before offering the terms.

Jamie crossed his arms over his chest and waited for Grey to continue.

“I need you to promise me that you will keep me appraised of how the boy fares; that you will permit me to visit and see him when circumstances allow. I think it will go a way towards reassuring the Dunsanys.”

Jamie thought on it for a moment but the prospect of what might happen if a British officer were to stop at Lallybroch for an extended, friendly visit was too difficult to manage. There would be time to decide the particulars later––if and when he had his pardon from the Crown.

“Ye’d best go back inside,” Jamie suggested. “Ye can give yer report to Lady Dunsany that Willie’s on to learning a bit of Latin if ye think she’d believe that a mere groom kens it to teach his son.”

Grey let the remark pass without comment but pushed himself off the side of the barn where he’d been leaning and turned to face Jamie.

“Good night… MacKenzie.”

“Good night to ye, Lord John.”

Grey walked away and Jamie went inside and climbed the ladder.

Willie had tried to stay awake to question his father at the end of his informal meeting but the lad had fallen asleep sitting up against the wall, his chin resting against his chest and his hair loose and falling in a curtain to shade his face.

Jamie moved Willie to his cot. He wouldn’t tell Willie anything about being able to go to Scotland until he had that pardon in his hand but Jamie couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he did tell him… or when he first looked down into the valley to see Lallybroch safely nestled there… or when he met Jenny, Ian and the bairns…

Jamie fell asleep quickly, his day dreams pulling him under to a Lallybroch where he carried Willie on his shoulders and Claire was there to meet him at the gate.


Day 2: Fairy Tale AU

Word Count: 10,006

Warning: Fair warning for those who don’t know this particular tale, this includes discussion of incest (and not the kind that you are thinking of) 

This is the entry I am most proud of, so I hope you all enjoy.

It starts, as most stories do, with a beautiful mother, dead before her time. This mother did not die in the birthing room as she might have in another universe. No, this mother lived through the birth of her daughter and through the first six years of her life. She lived to watch her daughter, her Daenerys, become the joy of the realm. Everyone who met the Princess loved her, but her mother was there to keep her humble and gracious. Though she had a temper that burned like the dragon fire her family was known for, the queen made sure that her daughter learned to control the temper, to only let her ire come out in controlled bursts, careful to only burn those who truly deserved it. The Princess loved her mother and wanted her to be always with her.

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Some Thoughts: Storm in the Room

With the reactions post-Storm in the Room, I feel that Steven doesn’t get enough credit. Going to Rose’s Room, searching for answers, and comfort even though he didn’t know that yet, Steven wasn’t setting out to create a perfect mother or project himself the ideal version of Rose. He starts, the moment he enters the room, by saying he knew it wasn’t real.

Everything Steven did with Cloud Rose, everything that happened between them, were reasonable assumptions we could make of Rose. And this is because the Rose we saw was from Steven’s expectations of what she would be like. And Steven was wary about idealising Rose the way the Crystal Gems did. He says this explicitly several times. Also, Steven’s view of Rose was tempered early on by Greg’s stories of her. 

So the Rose we see isn’t a sad Steven’s attempt at finding the perfect mother figure. Steven’s attempt at a reasonable and believable portrayal of Rose deserves to be acknowledged. Had it not been the case, the Rose we saw could not have evoked the feelings she did. It’s because of the depth Steven introduced to her from all his memories of her that it was made possible.

And what I want to talk about in this post, is how the images of Rose reflect which narratives he’s channeling as he tries to piece together, quite literally, the image of Rose.

The first appearance of Cloud Rose shows her with messy hair, parts of it stick up and around her. Her facial expressions are often wiggly, for lack of better word, and she shows her thighs a lot more than in the succeeding scenes, either in cross-sitting or running. 

This Rose is goofy and funny and casual. And it’s the Rose whom Greg’s stories have constructed in Steven’s memories. 

The same scenes we see Rose hitch up her dress in the same way (such as when she’s reading books with Greg on the bed) or similarly goofy, like stopping a ferris wheel with her bare hands, she’s with Greg. 

Even the line Steven takes from her video in Lion 3: Straight to Video, about “every X being unique and beautiful” is shot in Greg’s presence. Without realising it, Steven is remembering this image of Rose.

And she cares about Steven. She engages in his interests. It’s not so far a stretch because some episodes back, Bismuth was willing to do the same thing. Rose was a fun person. There’s a running joke that she would have loved cheesy and corny jokes. She probably told a few in her day. 

She probably wasn’t always as poised as presented in her portrait. Greg remembers the Rose he changed, when she was starting to understand human beings in earnest and come to terms with how they could exist with gems on the same level. 

Rose at that point still didn’t want to talk about her past, and Greg never made her. So Greg and Rose made new memories and didn’t dwell on the old. And those memories were filled with fun and laughter and love.

The moment sobers when it is Rose not Steven, who gestures the latter to sit down and stare at the expanse of clouds.

And we should know that what we’re about to see means something has changed. The first hint is that Rose’s body language changes. She sits perfectly straight, even though she’s cross-sitting the way she was earlier. And we don’t see her legs anymore. Her hair neatens and her expression calms.

What’s more, her hands assume the position Garnet did in Here Comes A Thought in Mindful Education. And that emphasises the kind of role Rose plays in this moment. Steven felt Rose taught Garnet how to manage her feelings, because it was a motherly thing to do. In a very Steven Universe fashion, the music changes from the bright xylophone to a quiet piano music, which is the mark of another Crystal Gem, Pearl. 

And when we go back to the senior Crystal Gems and their image of Rose, it is exactly the way she’s presented.

Cloud Rose is a huge presence, with Steven a small child by her side. She speaks deliberately, every word is one of wisdom. She is magnanimous and comforting at the same time. 

She tells him, “But we’ve been together the entire time.” And it brings back the idea of how our parents are always with us, and a part of us, because one way or another they’ve left a mark on us.

At the same time though, the similarities of the scenes between this moment and the one at Rose’s Fountain in An Indirect Kiss, lead to the same end.

Rose is viewed as a godly icon, very distant from Steven. She’s not sitting beside him, playing with him, kneeling on the ground anymore. He looks up to her, and he can’t reach her.

In both times, he realises she’s not really there. That he talked to the statue of Rose in the fountain, confided his deepest insecurities about how he didn’t know how to feel about her when everyone else did, parallels the empty image on his phone.

And it segues into the next scene perfectly.

Because Steven doesn’t know how to feel about Rose. Now, he’s more certain than ever that he doesn’t even know who she is. The Rose we see at the end has a blank face, because Steven can’t project anything on it. He’s thinking of Pink Diamond’s shattering, Bismuth, and the Rebellion, and all the people hurt by them.

When he sees Rose, he can no longer see himself, which is why her eyes, one of the facial features most like Steven’s, (next to his nose) are nowhere to be seen.

And this Rose is distant, because there’s no mitigating narrative linking him to her. In the other scenes, the room remained the same, because these stories he was told of Rose and who she was firmly rooted the first two Roses as part of the real Rose’s identity.

This Rose is foreign, because nowhere in those narratives did Steven think it possible to for her to do the things he learned she did.

And in that moment he begins to doubt. 

Because he can no longer see the image of his mother, he doesn’t know where he himself stands. A huge part of his identity is being Rose’s son. What happens when the “Rose” part becomes fuzzy, blurry, and unintelligible?

What happens to the Steven?

Notice that this Rose is silent. She offers no response to the accusations Steven hurls at her, about all the people she hurt and her act of leaving them all behind. 

At this point, we see the part of Steven that understands Rose is gone. That he’s never going to get these answers and there won’t be an explanation coming from her.

There are some things he’ll never get to hear about, some memories he’ll never know, some experiences he’ll never share with her.

And it’s sad and disheartening and lonely. In losing his idea of Rose, Steven loses a part of his identity. Such that he felt it would be better if he denounced Rose, cutting off the part of himself he didn’t want to think about: That he was created just to fix her mistakes.

It’s then that we see Rose’s face for the first time since we’ve entered the paradigm of Rose-through-Steven’s eyes. Not Greg’s, not the Crystal Gem’s. Because these new things he’s learned about Rose are things the others would never have known without him. How else would they have heard the Diamond’s song of mourning? How would they have known Bismuth was there all along?

And the things Rose said in the tape were meant for Steven, in a space only Steven could find.

The Rose speaking to Steven at the end is the Rose who’s already spoken to Steven directly before, through the tape.

A lot of negative reaction has been given to this moment, because it feels as though the tape absolves Rose of everything she’s done. It doesn’t and I don’t feel that was the point.

The point of her saying that, was to reaffirm Steven’s belief in Steven. To show that it wasn’t about Rose anymore, that Steven’s birth wasn’t about Rose but about him.

And it’s striking that’s the only time we see her face again. Because immediately after, Steven hugs her, and her face is obscured. 

That’s Steven’s recognition that he’s never going to hear any other words straight from his mother for him. He understands and he realises that nonetheless, Rose is exerting a presence in his life. He really is always with her and never alone. 

The past few episodes and everything leading up to them were about Steven’s realising his mother was still an individual, one who could made mistakes and rash, selfish decisions. 

He was afraid that upon realising his mother could be a selfish individual, could do huge selfish things that affected thousands of lives, he feared the act of his birth, the most personal thing about him, was meant to serve her self-interests alone too. He needed a concrete and tangible answer, which was what prompted him to go to the room. 

At the end of the episode, he didn’t think that anymore. He knows he has a lot of work ahead in figuring out Rose’s place in his life, but the lingering doubt of the very foundation of his existence is gone.

And because of that, he finally feels comfortable letting her go.

Please, study.
Fulfill yourself.
Realize your ambitions.

I wish somebody told me that, when I was young, when I had my future in my hands; but nobody did and I failed to follow my dreams. I gave up.
But now it’s up to you. This is your moment. Don’t let it go, it will be gone in a blink of an eye.

—  My mother, almost everyday.

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Comparison of Steven’s and Nora’s Tapes

For Steven:

Isn’t it remarkable, Steven?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, the sounds they hear, the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Steven, we can’t both exist.
I’m going to become half of you.
And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself, that’s me loving you and loving being you.
Because you’re going to be something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.

Take care of them, Steven.

For Nora:

Isn’t it wonderful, Nora?
This world is full of so many possibilities.
Each living thing has an entirely unique experience.
The sights they see, and the lives they live, are so complicated and so simple.
I can’t wait for you to join them.

Nora, we can’t both exist but i won’t be gone.
I’m going to become half of you.
And every moment you enjoy yourself, that will be me loving being you.
Because you’re going to become something extraordinary, you’re going to be a human being.
And that’s my favourite part, a human being.
A human being, a human is an action.
i wonder who— how you’ll be, what you’ll think, what you’ll want…
I’m so happy for everybody who’s going to know you.
I’m rambling.
if they look to you, trust yourself.

Take care of them, Nora.

From what we can see, comparing the two videos, Steven’s was shot first. Not only are Greg and Rose more unsure about what they’re going to say and do, they’re also figuring out what should go into the video in the first place.

The first few scenes, which show Greg’s sleeping, messing around, and meeting the seagull for the first time, as well as Rose’s not knowing what the buttons do and experimenting with them, reveal that whatever practice they did going into the video shoot ultimately didn’t prepare them for it fully.

At the same time, when comparing what’s being said between Steven’s and Nora’s tapes, they have the same substance; the same message is being delivered: Rose hoped her child would get to live life to the fullest and make experiences that were fun and happy. She wanted to assure her child that she cared, even though she wouldn’t be there. Most of all, she wanted to assure them that being human was a great thing. 

The thing is, Steven’s message is much more brief, and a little more formal. Rose clearly practiced what she wanted to say, and in the first tape, she went for it, likely because of nerves.

By the second filming, she seemed more comfortable in front of the camera and that’s also why she could clear up her nerves and keep expounding on her ideas.

So Steven, who read very deeply into the words of his mother, may have picked up on her saying he would be extraordinary and a human being. And he fixated on becoming someone worth calling extraordinary, when in fact, Rose had always meant to say by virtue of living, one could be extraordinary. 

And we can’t really blame him, because he went from being another Beach City kid to being at the centre of an intergalactic conflict. It’s hard to accept that these things would happen to him if he weren’t destined for something.

I’d go as far as to say that hoping he was part of some magical destiny gave him strength at times, despite how bleak the situation could be.

The thing with this line of thinking though, is how much it wears on someone. The responsibility of being accountable for all these people and all these systems that were quite obviously out of his control and consequently responsibility in the first place was heavy on him.

Steven does want to be a hero. He does want to help people. But he felt more comfortable with this being his choice and his decision, not some destiny thrust upon him, not a tradeoff between his life and the many others he’d have to save.

I think Greg’s talk with him helped him process those feelings, which he’d been keeping inside for a while now. Steven thought everyone expected him to be like Rose, and that may have been true at some points in the show, but his father never did. And that’s what made Greg’s words so reassuring, because his sincerity could be felt in all of them.


Happy Mother’s Day!


I want this post to be an introduction to the whole Mother of Pearl AU. I’ve been building the lore about them for a while now and I have a lot to share, so I will do it in parts. Today i’m gonna talk about some general stuff and differences between gems and moms. Let’s finally get this started!!

The Mothers are a race of magical sentient shells (I like to call them Momlluscs from the name ‘molluscs’) that originated on Homeworld, mirroring the Gems being a race of sentient rocks. They can be called an older cousin race to the Gems, as they both come from a natural magical occurrence that all originated in Homeworld’s waters.

Here’s some info on them in bullet points:

  • Long, LONG ago, the Mothers had a huge empire on Homeworld. They had advanced magic, rich culture, huge armies, they conquered lesser beings and used them as mounts and workforce, and that includes our Gems. Their culture spawned all of the seas and rivers on HW, but it all eventually fell apart. Nowadays nothing of their proud past remains, aside from echoes visible in gem magic and the gem nature itself.

[Image: bubbling, an example of mom magic that carried over to today.]

  • One of the biggest differences between Gems and Moms is the fact that all Mothers are partially organic creatures. Unlike the silica-based Gems, they are (mostly) calcium-and-carbon-based, making them ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ at the same time, much like the actual mother-of-pearl and molluscan shells.

  • Following this organic-inorganic idea I’ve decided that the mothers’ body that protrudes from their shells is made from magical flesh. It’s more similar to Steven’s body rather than the bodies of Gems which are made from hard light. It contains their organs and bleeds when harmed. When damaged, it retracts to the shell to heal, which is virtually identical to poofing. Most momlluscs have human shaped bodies with broad, long feet, however some classes have much more monstrous forms. Regardless, all of them have a shell (or a bone) & a mantle (a cloak made of skin) somewhere on their bodies as well as extendable membranes for swimming.

[Image: one of the classes of Moms. Shell location depends on the class but mantle can have some variance depending on species.]

  • The Gems primarily occupied the land and shores, while the Mothers lived mostly in the oceans, rivers and lakes. Because of their mainly underwater habitat they are very sensitive to light and used to crawl out mostly at night. Even today the Moms that still remain active often wear sunglasses or shield themselves from light as much as possible.

  • The Mothers are biologically immortal; they do not die of old age, but can get ill or heavily hurt and die. Damaging the shell won’t kill a Mother. It will be reconstructed slowly over time by her fleshy body. To kill a Mother it’s necessary to shatter her shell and kill the flesh body, although even then her conscious will remain in the shell, much like with shattered gems.

Some of their abilities are similar to the Gems’:

  • They can shapeshift and did it fairly often with the bottom part of their body when changing terrain (human legs for dry terrain and various mollusk parts for swimming in water).
  • When harmed, their body retracts to the shell to heal. It’s function is the same as poofing.
  • They can fuse.
  • They have various powers. They often have powerful elemental powers related to water and sand. Other powers include hypnosis, walking on walls, super speed, telepathy and various voice based powers.

…but there are important differences:

  • Their shells are always in the same spot, which depends on the species.
  • Some species are unable to summon a weapon. If they can, the weapon is always the same for the whole species.
  • They can retract their form into their shell at will.
  • The Mothers reproduce sexually. They are hermaphrodites. That means they grow and start their life as children.
  • They feel hunger and eat. In fact, some of them are cannibals!
  • And there’s of course their great unique ability: Pearl making.

  • The Mothers can eat pretty much anything, including each other. They don’t need to eat to survive, but they feel hunger if they don’t. Depending on what (or who) they eat, their abilities are affected, as the diet slightly influences the structure of their shell. It also influences the Pearls they produce.

I will go in depth on several topics from this post in future posts. I want to break down this stuff so it’s more digestible, plus it’s easier for me to plan releases this way. There’s a masterpost coming as well which will contain an index to all the mother-related stuff I’m posting!

Some thoughts on the Maheswaran mother-daughter relationship

Connie looked so much like Dr. Maheswaran in this episode.

It’s adorable because in the canon time of the show, she’s picked up on her mother’s mannerisms in the way that a decade of living with her did not. It’s shows how much they’ve grown together as a family, and how their relationship has changed.

Considering this was how she looked in her first appearance:

There’s a marked change not only in design but also in her expressions.

And it’s been hinted at before, but in this scene, she so explicitly worries about her mother the way her mother worries about her. It’s very touching, especially because we know they started out caring about each other but not understanding one another. Because you  can love someone and never try to understand them. It leads to a lot of conflict but both parties can still come out of it feeling like they did what was “best” for the other.

Connie used to think it was better that her mother knew nothing so the latter wouldn’t worry about her. And Dr. Maheswaran wanted to be on top of everything so that Connie would have an easier life. 

What we learn from them is that to be able to love someone better, we open up to them and let them open up to us. Connie used to act as though her parents were infallible, or at the least, able to manage themselves. Over time, and in this episode, she’s shown to be worried about them because she knows they’re human beings too. They can get hurt, make mistakes, and put themselves in danger.

Knowing these things puts the other person in perspective. It makes their place in our lives mean more. And it makes it harder to take the people we love for granted.

So I would say Connie and her mother interact a lot more now. They probably talk about each other’s days. Notice how even Dr. Maheswaran talked about everything that happened to her prior to picking Connie up. She believed her daughter deserved an explanation. And that’s a far cry from the mother who would proudly bring out the “Because I said so,” and “We’re doing this because we love you,” cards in Fusion Cuisine.

Not everyone has this experience with their parents. Sometimes things just happen to drive parents and children apart. But in their case it worked out, and now they each have one more person who will always be there for them.

When Connie told her mother that Steven just came from outer space, there was no incredulous reaction. Only an, “Oh?” in an interested and calm tone. 

They’re both trying. And I’m certain they still have their share of disagreement, but it’s dealt with in a much healthier way now.