the unisphere

Flings shoes.

Mademoiselle. June 1964. 

I’m a New York native, specifically from Queens, so of course I fell in love with this ‘64 World’s Fair era ad featuring the iconic Unisphere. It was commissioned to celebrate the beginning of the space age and became a symbol of unity. Also, Queens is considered to be the most ethnically diverse county in the world and there are approximately 800 languages spoken in the borough. 

First Meeting || Tony & Sam

The moment Sam had ripped open his letter and read the name written on it, he’d felt nervous. The second the Google search for Tony loaded and Sam saw who he’d be marrying, he’d felt nervous. The first time he got a text from Tony, he’d felt nervous. None of those times compared to this though. Standing under the Unisphere, Sam glanced around nervously, wondering if it was too late to run away, too late to hide. He knew that Tony had no idea who he was yet but he was sure that, when he found out, it wouldn’t be pretty. Despite the fact that he knew they wouldn’t get along, a small part of Sam wished that maybe, just maybe, they’d be compatible after all.