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The soviet Project 665 “Whiskey Long Bin” class of guided missile diesel-electric submarines, a modification of the earlier Projects 613 “Whiskey” conventional submarines that added four SS-N-3 Shaddock cruise missiles in an extended and heavily modified sail.

Six units were converted, but quickly passed out and the missile silos made them unstable and noisy.


Chicago: 28 DEC'70

While hanging around the end of the platforms for Dearborn Street Station, I witness Santa Fe eastbound #16 “Texas Chief”, arriving from Houston behind an F7, two F7b, F7, F7b, with 325 leading. It’s a typical hazy winter morning; as I recall it was also quite cold. The overpass in the background carries Roosevelt Road over the tracks into Dearborn. Farther west, the same overpass carried vehicular traffic over the leads into LaSalle Street, Grand Central (unused by now) and Union Stations. An electric bus makes its way across Roosevelt Road as well (one reason I scanned this shot!) and I don’t recall how much longer those ran, but it couldn’t have been for long. The overpass - practically a mile long from State to Canal Streets, provided me with far more “track” experience, in more ways than one, than New Trier West High School could have hoped to instill in gym class!



I was tagged by @dancingonthevalentine to do the phone tag by posting my lock screen, my home screen and the last song I listened to. Thanks, my friend ♥ !

I took an empty page for showing my home screen, it’s not really important to show some apps on my phone though.

On both my lock screen and my home screen, I have John Taylor and Nick Rhodes (JoNi ♥). The last song I listened to, is Election Day by Arcadia from the amazing So Red The Rose album. Arcadia is my favorite band while DD were on hiatus, sorry John XD

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