the unibrow

shoutout to all my asian girls that don’t fit typical beauty expectations!! this is for all the girls that aren’t like the skinny, fair-skinned east asian girls in those aesthetic photoshoots. shoutout to south and southeast asian girls that are always forgotten in the western view of asia. this is for my desi girls, my indonesian girls, my malay and cambodian and vietnamese girls. this for the asian girls that have dark skin or a lot of facial hair or a unibrow or monolids or big boobs or no boobs!, or rolls/curves/stretch marks/cellulite!! i love u guys a lot and ur beautiful no matter what society tells u 💖💖💖

Today I went to school as Frida Kahlo, I knew I had to do something for myself as a Hispanic girl to instill pride and confidence in myself. Today dressing as Frida and walking with my chin up really helped me and others. Today I was complimented from head to toe. Today I was called beautiful, courageous, and strong by many girls, women, Latinos, strangers and my friends. Today a fellow Latina looked me up and down and said she loved what I was representing with my dead flower crown and makeup. Today I didn’t feel scared.

Human Beast (Adam's) Beast-like Qualities Head Cannon's that nobody asked for:

-sexy animalistic growls 👀👀
-he is Hairy™
-like literally
-he can grow facial hair really fast too and has to trim it every day but he usually keeps it decently long because Belle likes it.
-he has to pluck his eyebrows too or he would have an adorable unibrow.
-he’s got that sixth sense that animals have like he knows when something is wrong or something is coming.
-he can talk to animals like every other Disney princess…
-he sometimes whimpers when he is sad or afraid like a little puppy.
-he’s very territorial. He doesn’t like strangers coming into his house so if Belle makes a new friend she usually plans out fun places for them to meet up the first few times instead of coming to the castle.
-he’s not rude about it or anything, but Belle can tell that it makes him uncomfortable seeing someone that he doesn’t know within his private space.
-and when they have balls people are given strict guidelines of where they can and cannot go.
-He likes to be scratched on the back of his neck and behind his ears.
-he doesn’t like thunder very much.
-he’s very physically strong and just all around athletically talented, he can run really fast and jump really far (not like superhumanly or anything just…better than most people.)
-he sleeps really late into the day during the winter months and Belle sometimes has a hard time getting him out of bed when it’s too cold outside.
-he’s thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

  • meg: *laughing as some demon is torturing her answers about the winchesters' whereabouts*
  • demon: what why are you laughing
  • meg: you have, like, a unibrow and it's hard to concentrate on being brutally tortured because of it.
  • demon: ...
  • meg: ...
  • demon: ...
  • meg: oh and dean winchester's behind you.