the unibrow


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Early Grape Brow collection in Wildly Miniature Sandwich naturals and un-naturals!

Here is my masterpost of all currently released @early-grape Brows! Some of these have probably been done before (I have included the ones I originally did before) but oh well! Now its all in one handy dandy post!

In both naturals and un-naturals to match WMS’s hairs and base game/pack recolours!

This is a swatch addon so you will need to download the original brows from Early-Grape to get EA’s colours!

1. Cool Brows

2. Fang and Drago

3. De Unibrowed and Cut Up

4. Edgey Unibrow

5. Less Unibrow

Download recolours below.

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“And who do you think you are? A woman, traveling in the company of dwarves? It’s preposterous!”

You hold back the urge to roll your eyes. This unibrow-man has really been getting on your nerves. Now even more so because he’s singled you out because you’re a woman. Not the first time this has happened.

Snow begins to fall gently around you, and you hold your chin high. “No reason that concerns you.” The man scowls, and you go back to stand next to your company. But you’re stopped by someone grabbing your wrist, and you’re pulled back into his leering stare.

“You will tell me, or I will force you to.” He scowls down at you, and you wrinkle your nose at the sour smell of his breath and his yellowing teeth that are too close to your face for your liking.

Thorin rushes forward and shoves him. Hard.

“You will not lay another hand on her,” he hisses.

“Or you’ll have to answer to us, brow-man!” Bofur adds, straightening up to make himself look taller. All it does, though, is puff out his chest ridiculously. You crack a small smile at his efforts.

Fili and Kili step in front of you next, and you would never mess with the deadly stares they’re sending towards the man. He slinks backwards slowly, obviously intimidated by anyone who shows even the slightest bit of authority over him. Balin takes your hand and pulls you beside him and Dwalin, who is staring down some of the people of Laketown around you.

You smile to yourself. You know that the rest of the Company knows that you can handle yourself, but they still came to your aid. You squeeze Balin’s hand a little bit tighter as you join ranks with your friends, now family. To think you almost didn’t join this quest. Who knows where you would be without your brother.

shoutout to all my asian girls that don’t fit typical beauty expectations!! this is for all the girls that aren’t like the skinny, fair-skinned east asian girls in those aesthetic photoshoots. shoutout to south and southeast asian girls that are always forgotten in the western view of asia. this is for my desi girls, my indonesian girls, my malay and cambodian and vietnamese girls. this for the asian girls that have dark skin or a lot of facial hair or a unibrow or monolids or big boobs or no boobs!, or rolls/curves/stretch marks/cellulite!! i love u guys a lot and ur beautiful no matter what society tells u 💖💖💖

Man, look at that Doc Rick. It’s like he slowly went from a circle with no brows to an oval with a unibrow. Also look at that show color and socks. <3 At least the color palette for the rest of him is largely the same. 


  • Rick Sanchez: *is a gross, abusive 80 year old alcoholic with a unibrow, bald spot, yellow teeth, and is constantly belching and drooling and is an asshole to everyone*
  • Me: Wow what a great character. You know I just can’t get enough of this swell guy. I think I’ll dedicate my life to him. So beautiful