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Fool’s Gold | Chapter 1 | Harry Styles PT AU


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Listen to Here I am Tom Odell
Here I am
Running up the seventh floor
Knocking the eleventh door
I'mma sick of trying

Word Count 6.4k

‘Who’s that?’ Niall asked nonchalantly his eyes still fixed to the screen along with everyone else. Apart from Frankie, the girl Niall had been happily calling his girlfriend for around six months, not a single person looked up to her from the screen. Olivia caught Frankie’s eye as she was giving Niall her ‘are you serious’ look and they shared a knowing smile and eye roll before Olivia walked towards the door. She kicked her jogging bottoms down her ankles, the elastic had ridden up where she’d been sat cross legged and it rested uncomfortably as she walked. She took another bite of the pizza slice in her hand as she pulled the door open, expecting some telesales person that she could fob of with a confused a look and an ‘I don’t understand’ in some undeterminable accent.

‘Harry.’ Olivia spluttered with a mouthful of pizza - ever the lady. She cleared her throat and swallowed the pizza, half chewed and scratching her throat a little as it went down. ‘Thought you weren’t back until tomorrow?’ Olivia grinned widely at his surprise appearance. Harry had been away for three weeks, in America, some convention thing that he went to every year and every year came back with crazy training ideas. He was in typical Harry attire. Too skinny black jeans that didn’t leave anything to the imagination, a white t-shirt, a little see through, and brown scuffed boots. You wouldn’t think he’d recently been on an eleven hour flight or that he was a personal trainer.

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Brad Simpson Imagine


*Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

You were a jumble of crazy emotions right now. Anger, disappointment, frustration, stress, and betrayed just to name a few. But you were also very uncomfortable and scared. The bus turned sharply around a corner and you placed your head against the window. The sun was setting quickly, and you knew that soon enough it would be gone completely. You hated travelling at night, especially by yourself. You were dressed in a white singlet and your favourite black shorts and white converses, and you were on your way to the Neon Party that started the University year. You had been looking forward to this party for quite some time now, but all you wanted to do was get off this bus, turn around and go home. Glow in the dark paint was cool, but not worth this much stress.

The original plan was for you and two other friends to go into the party together because it was safer for you to travel in a group than go by yourselves. However, with less than half an hour before you had planned to leave, you received a message from the friend who was driving and she had decided she was getting a lift instead. Your other friend said that you would all just have to make your own way in. Although it was last notice, you were looking forward to the party and had organised to take the bus. So here you were. Your best friend Y/B/F/N dropped you at the bus station and waited with you until your bus came. She couldn’t make it to the party, but you were really wishing she was here with you now. Her and your boyfriend Brad. 

He was currently away touring with his band and you were missing him terribly. The time zones were making it extra difficult to talk to each other. You were hoping that the party tonight would take your mind off how much you were wishing he was here with you. Unfortunately, this whole thing just made you miss him even more. You could really use some cheering up right now, and Brad and the boys always knew how to put a smile on your face. It’s probably because their kind of crazy matched your kind of crazy. 

But it wasn’t the main reason you were upset. 

You and Y/B/F/N waited together until your bus came and you hopped on. Y/B/F/N went back to her car and you started the long commute by yourself. You were nervous but you thought that your other friends would all be going through something similar. 

You were wrong.

Less than five minutes into your trip your phone begins to buzz. It’s Y/B/F/N. 

“Y/B/F/N? What’s up? I only just left”

“Y/N you’ll never believe what I just saw. Or more to the point who I just saw” Y/B/F/N says quickly into the phone.

“Who was it? Are you okay?” You started to get worried.

“I’m furious and I know you will be too”

“Okay well now you have to tell me”

“They were here. Together. They lied to you. Let you fend for yourself”

You frown at what Y/B/F/N was saying, “Who? Who lied to me? Y/B/F/N I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me”

“The girls. They were here at the bus station. Together. They were hiding behind a car so I didn’t see them. God they must be stupid. I swear if I see them again I’m gonna-” You cut her off.

“I just don’t understand why they would go behind my back like that. They know travelling like this stresses me out. Are you sure it was them?”

“100% positive”

“What should I do?”

“Want to come back home?”

“No, I want to at least see it for myself”

“Want me to call Brad?”

You sit up straighter in your seat, “NO, no, no don’t do that. No he’ll just get freaked out and I don’t want that. He should enjoy the tour”

Y/B/F/N laughed, “And you should be enjoying the party but those witches have ruined it for you”

“And I don’t want to ruin anything for Brad, Y/B/F/N promise me. Promise me that you wont call him”


“Promise me”

You hear a long sigh through the phone, “Fine,” she huffed “But as soon as I see them, I’m gonna kick them in the ass”

You laughed out loud which made a few people look in your direction. You slid down in your seat as you replied, “Okay you do that, just let me see how this goes”

“Okay just call me as soon as it’s done”

“I will”

And here you were, over thinking. Again. Doubting and questioning everything. Why were your friends doing this to you? The more you thought about it the more you felt physically ill. Your hands started to shake, and you thought you might be sick. You had to think of something else to calm yourself down. So you thought of Brad. Meeting him. Meeting the guys. But of course, you ended up missing them more than before. 

You felt you phone vibrate again and answered without looking at the caller i.d.

“Y/B/F/N I haven’t seen them yet, and no I don’t know what I’m going to say”

“How about ‘go screw your Grandma’s cat’? Or is that too harsh?”

You nearly dropped your phone in shock, “TRISTAN, what the heck isn’t it,” You check your watch, “three in the morning where you are?!” 

“Yeah but our friendship has no time limit”

“Not that I’m not glad to hear from you, but why are you calling me at three in the morning?”

“Because Y/B/F/N called me and told me what happened. And because I obviously care about you. Not just because we’re friends, but because you’re important to Brad and Brad is important to me”

You started to tear up at his words, “I don’t know what to say”

“Just stay safe. Oh and also Y/B/F/N told me to tell you to not be mad, but she promised not to call Brad so she called me instead. She’s a clever one”

Your bus pulled up to the University and you hopped off. It was now completely dark and there weren’t a lot of people around. Most of them were probably at the party already. You started to walk to where it was being held. 

“Yeah she’s certainly something. Wait Tris, does Brad know? Because I don’t want him to get stressed out over this”



“I’m gonna hand you over to him now”

“Tris wait-” But it was already too late. Brad’s voice came over the phone.

“Where are you? Tell me you’re safe. I swear to God when I see those girls next they are going to hear from me” The worry was clear in his voice. You could imagine him pacing up and down the room, tugging at his hair.

“Brad I’m just walking over to the venue now, and you’re going to have to get in line behind Y/B/F/N” You look up ahead and slow down. Near the Uni bar you see a line of guys, and the majority of them were clearly drunk. Your nerves kick up to the next level and you start shaking again. The brief relief at hearing from Brad was beginning to wear off. 

“Y/N? Are you still there? Did you hear what I said?” You snap your attention back to Brad on the phone. 

“Oh um sorry, what were you saying?” You bite your lips nervously as you slowly get closer to the line of guys. 

“I was just saying how good it is to hear your voice. I miss you so much, especially knowing what you’re going through right now. Is everything okay?”

A smile begins to spread on your lips, “I miss you too, you can’t possibly imagine. And umm…”

“Y/N…” Brad said warningly through the phone, “What is it…?”

You sigh knowing what his reaction will be, “There’s just this line of guys and they look really drunk,” You’re close enough now that they notice you and start whistling and calling you names. Your stomach heaves.


You try to keep your voice calm but it still shakes when you reply, “I’m fine”

“NO YOU’RE BLOODY NOT. THAT’S IT” Suddenly he’s gone from the phone.

“Brad? BRAD?!” You freak out

“Nope it’s Tris again”

You sigh, “Tris where did Brad go? What is he doing?!”



Brad’s voice comes back on the phone, “Turn around, hop back on a bus. Tris will call Y/B/F/N and she’ll pick you up from the station”

“And what do you think you’re doing Bradley?”

“Coming home”

Wonder Boy

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Wonder boy. 

Was there another title in world football that could bring pressure to a young player? Unlikely. And right now Marco Asensio was experiencing that weight on his shoulders. Scoring in all his debuts, the Spanish media had quickly hyped him up and he was experiencing coverage that he had never experienced before. 

He was no longer the quiet boy from the academy that joined in with the first teams training sessions whenever Zidane requested his presence. He was now a regular occurrence in first team training and was integrating into the squad, much to Zidane’s pleasure. Real were known for buying the best talent the world had to offer, hence the name Galacticos, but for once it was nice to have one of their academy products on show for the world to see. Quickly Marco had caught on that Zidane cares a lot of technical ability and not for the name on the back of the shirt, which worked to his advantage. He spent hours after training working on his touch, little flicks and skills and basic things like dropping the shoulder. 

All the work Marco was putting in on the pitch meant he spent less and less time with his family and friends, particularly his best friend Hugo Ismata. Marco spent a lot of time at Hugo’s, not solely because he enjoyed his company, because he had a ‘thing’ with Hugo’s sister. Any fool could catch on to the little smiles and dove eyed looks they sent each other’s way but nothing was official. As a result of nothing being official Hugo had resorted to giving his best friend the tender name of ‘fuckboy’. Of course, Marco was not a fuckboy and he cared very deeply for Sasha but he didn’t feel like he could handle a relationship. 

Sasha was a waitress in their family restaurant, spending her days carrying unnecessarily huge dishes of Paella and assorted other dishes around the restaurant. She did attend the University of Madrid, majoring in politics and minoring in psychology. It was obvious for anyone to see that Sasha had bigger ambitions than working in the family business. That was apparent when she did her uni work at the bar on her breaks and gave her opinion on the ongoing presidential election going on in America whenever that hijo de puta Donald Trump was on TV. 

Instead of joining his teammates for the post game meal Marco decided to excuse himself and drop round to the Ismata family restaurant as an excuse to see Sasha. He paid his cab driver and tipped him generously as he had done nothing but be complementary as soon as Marco stepped into the cab. The Ismata family restaurant was right along the beach and was mostly quiet other than a few men drinking beer. They recognised Marco and drunkly complimented his performance and allowed him to continue his journey to the bar where he knew Sasha would be slaving away over her homework or watching something to do with politics. 

Of course he was right, she was sitting at the bar in one of Hugo’s (or was it his?) jumpers and some old Real shorts and was intently watching TV. Although it wasn’t what he expected her to be watching, instead of the TV being on the news channel, it was on the sports channel where they were discussing Real’s dominance at the top of La Liga. 

A smile spread across his face as he sauntered up behind her and kissed her cheek from behind. 

“Hola.” Marco said as he sat on the bar stool next to her. She smiled. 

“Hola amor.” She spoke, kissing his cheek in return. Before he could reply Hugo breezed through the restaurant, obviously on his way out for a night out. 

“Hola and adios fuckboy!” He yelled, giving the pair a jaunty wave as he disappeared down the beach front. Marco groaned and rested his head in his hands. 

“He doesn’t actually think you’re a fuckboy. He’s just being a little puta.” Sasha tried to comfort him. Both of them knew it was a joke but it did annoy Marco. He cared about Sasha and because he cared about Sasha he didn’t want her to have a boyfriend who couldn’t fully fulfill the role of being a boyfriend. 

“I know babe. Anyway, forget about him. How’ve you been?” He said, moving his head out his hand and placing a hand on her thigh and squeezing it affectionately. 

“I’m good. Uni and working here,” She gestured to the restaurant they were situated in, “has been keeping me busy while you’re out being a wonder boy.” She winked and he laughed. 

“I’m no wonder boy.” He waved off the title and her phone vibrated. She picked it up and signed, immediately pocketing it. “Something bothering you chicka?” 

“There’s this guy who’s in my psychology class called Mikel and he keeps asking me out. At first I was just using excuses that I had work but he won’t believe them anymore. He asked me if I was single and I said I was and now he sees no reason for me to go out with him.” She explained. Marco knew this was coming. An attractive girl like Sasha was bound to have a million guys after her but he was the lucky one, the one who got her attention. He couldn’t tell her not to date him because she wasn’t his girlfriend. He sighed. Sasha picked up on his sign and rubbed his arm. “I said I had my eye on someone. Don’t worry Marco. We may not be official but my heart still belongs to you.” 

“It’s not fair on you Sash. As happy as that makes me that you only want me, I can’t be the boyfriend you deserve.” Marco shook his head, disappointed in himself. 

“Not fair on me? C'mon Marco. We talk on the phone every night, you text or Snapchat me constantly. Hell, you even came to see me just now. I’d say that’s a lot more than most girls boyfriends do.” Sasha tried to explain but she knew it was no use. She knew Marco had made his mind up about being official with someone. 

“I wouldn’t blame you. Y'know, if you decided you didn’t want to be with me. Right person, wrong time and all that.” 

“Oh can it you idiot. You’re who I want, whether you’re my boyfriend or just the guy who makes me happy. A label makes no difference to me.” 

“How did I get so lucky?” Marco said and Sasha beamed. He pulled her onto his lap and held her close. 

“I promise one day, soon, I’ll stop being a pussy and man up and call you my girlfriend.” 

“Please, you’ll always be a little boy to me. Wonder man doesn’t sound as good as wonder boy.”


Friday, 21/04/17

Today is my 26th birthday so have an ootd and a cute selfie!

I had Con Law and Property Law lectures today and went to the uni bar between classes with friends for lunch and a couple of wines. I was in my pyjamas by 4:30pm and I played The Sims 4 for 5 hours. I’ve had such a wonderful day :)

listen up douche bags (basically sadie and kaleigh) cuz i got news.

ima post a few pics of my current situation. 

which is this: i now have two bartending jobs and a fashion styling internship in manhattan. 

here’s a pic of the first bar that i work at: Bar Uni. cute, japanese-inspired, craft cocktails, super laid-back. 


Ukyo, Tokyo

You want to find a good sake bar? Just ask your friend who owns a sake brewery!

When we were in Tokyo last month, we hoped to hook up with our friend Sakurai-san from Dassai Sake, who was down on business from Yamaguchi-ken. As we were both pretty busy, he suggested we meet up after dinner one night for drinks with a few friends at one of his favorite sake bars, UKYO, in the Azabu-Juban area. As I trust him implicitly in matters such as these, I instantly agreed! And was happy I did…

As we had all just eaten, we pretty much just drank from Ukyo’s vast list of top-notch sakes, which features over 200 bottles from around Japan, personally curated by the owner, Okada-san…

However, watching us drain cup after cup, Okada-san, felt we needed a little something to pair with our drinks, so he brought out a wheel of camambert cheese, that he then proceeded to cover in liquor and set on fire…

He then shaved fresh summer truffles all over it…

It tasted simply incredible and the umami paired so well with the sake!!

Okada-san explained that truffles always pair well with sake and now that they were in season, the Ukyo menu was full of seasonal truffle dishes he had recently added. We looked over these new menu items and vowed to return to Ukyo when we were hungrier. And sober.

Which is exactly what we did the next evening…

However, we didn’t realize Ukyo was such a popular place, and they were fully booked that night. However, as we got there early and they remembered us from the night before, we were able to get a small table out on the patio if we agreed to only stay for an hour before the couple who reserved it arrived. No arguments from us. We sat and the amuse bouche were immediately delivered.

Sea grapes with ponzu…

A “salad’ of okra, mozuku seaweed and picked enoki mushrooms…

Then it was truffle time…

We started with raw tuna and raw chicken sasami with truffle…

I felt the texture and flavor of the chicken went better with the truffle.

Then it was on to the natto with raw egg and truffle…

Lovely, isn’t it?

The natto was homemade, with larger soy beans, which I love, that you can see poking put at the bottom here. I just wish I had taken a pic once we mixed it all up, but it looked so good we dug right in, forgetting about our cameras.

We left our sake pairings to the knowledgeable staff…

Lastly, there was this ingenuous dish…

As uni, caviar and salmon roe all also pair quite well with sake, Okada-san wanted to offer an affordable sampler that features all three, so he came up with this Sake Glass Donburi Trio. Shot glasses filled with actual rice instead of rice wine, that give you a taste of each ocean egg without filling you up…

Brilliant and beautiful!

I owe Sakurai-san a debt of gratitude for introducing me to the innovative Ukyo, and you will too once you visit the next time you’re in Tokyo!


2-6-3 Azabu-Jyuban

Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045