the unholy union

cool concept: demons and monsters being defeated by disabilities

-a demon waits to scare a woman as she opens her eyes she doesn’t notice because she’s blind

-the boogeyman grabs the child’s ankle as they climb put of bed, it’s prosthetic the child doesn’t notice

-sirens fail to lure the deaf sailor for obvious reasons

-the schizophrenic doesn’t pay any attention to the demons telling them to do things because it’s the same shit as always

-the demon screams in frustration as the guy with ADHD he’s possessed keeps forgetting that he came into the kitchen to kill his family not wash the dishes

-the devil tries to create an unholy union to give birth to the anti-christ he is thwarted by the man’s severe anxiety disorder

-demons try to torture a person with chronic pain who just thinks they’re having a bad pain day

What the Nights Queen would have worn, Ziad Nakad

According to legend, the Night’s King lived during the Age of Heroes, not long after the Wall was complete. He was a fearless warrior named the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Later, he fell in love with a woman “with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars”. He chased her and loved her though “her skin was cold as ice”. The Night’s King brought her back to the Nightfort and after the unholy union, he declared himself king and her his queen, and ruled the Nightfort as his own castle for thirteen years.

During the dark years of his reign, horrific atrocities were committed, of which tales are still told in the north. It was not until Brandon the Breaker, the King of Winter, and Joramun, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, joined forces that Night’s King was brought down and the Night’s Watch freed. After his fall, when it was discovered that Night’s King had been making sacrifices to the Others, all records of him were destroyed and his very name was forbidden and forgotten.

agentsupergay  asked:

8 or 11 (for the prompts list) would be super adorable if you're not too busy with these already... 😊

“She’s totally gonna cry,” Maggie whispered.

“No she’s not,” Alex brushed her off, hiding behind the sofa.

“Yes,” Cat joined them, taking pains to squat in heels and a tight skirt. “She is.”

No,” Alex rolled her eyes. “She’s…”

“Wanna bet?” Maggie smirked mischievously.

“Against you two? What is this? I don’t like it. I don’t approve of whatever evil alliance you’ve formed.”

“Extra cupcake says she sobs,” Maggie insisted.

Alex sighed, glaring back and forth between them, amused and tickled by their unholy union.

“Fine,” she relented. “Just shush. She’s coming.”

Everyone held their breath as keys turned in the door. Slowly, Kara opened it, flipping on the lights, crossing into the kitchen as James and Winn and Carter all sprang from the bathroom, the rest popping out from various hiding spots.

“Surprise!!!” they shouted.

“What!?” Kara gaped, taking a few steps back. “I didn’t even…I was just…”

“Happy birthday, sis,” Alex pulled her into a tight hug, patting her back a little as she allowed her to take in the decorations, her guests, the intense spread of food.

“This is…I really can’t believe you…did all this for me?”

“Of course we did,” Cat sidled up, brushing a few wisps behind Kara’s ear, lacing her arms around her neck as she pressed soft lips into her cheek. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

Kara continued to look around in shock, even as her eyes welled up, and she pulled Cat closer.

“This is…” she began to break. “…the sweetest…most amazing thing anyone’s ever…”

She turned to Cat’s shoulder, burying her face, letting go.

Maggie stepped behind Alex and pinched her sides, holding her hostage before she could squirm away.

“Happy birthday, Kara,” she offered.

Alex couldn’t help but laugh. She hated to lose, but knowing her girlfriend and her sister’s loved Kara just as much as she did was a gift all its own.

“Come on,” Alex grabbed Kara’s hand. “I have to show you what J'onn did. It’s priceless…”

They scurried off, leaving Cat and Maggie hovering over the cupcakes.

“So…” the detective tapped her fingers against the counter. “Should we split Alex’s, or…”

Cat was already grabbing a knife.

“Man, I like your style,” she nodded, rubbing her hands together, keeping a lookout as they waited to reap their reward.

The Myrmecoleon, or ant-lion, is a fantastic beast that appears in several Medieval bestiaries. It is sometimes seen as a blend of the two animals, created from some unholy union. The lion part of the creature craves meat, while the ant part craves grain, and as a result, the Myrmecoleon starves.

Another interpretation of the Myrmecoleon is simply as a large ant, or some other small animal that hides in the dust and kills ants.

Image source.

Monster master list.

Suggest a spook.

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Arkos/Renora headcanons, please! Whether they're fluffy, angst-ridden, or some unholy union is up to you.

Jaune & Pyrrha - fluffy arkos headcanons

Jaune is trying really hard to be the best boyfriend one could have. After all Pyrrha is the most wonderful human being ever, making him the happiest man alive by just being around him, and he always feels like he has to make up for it. So he’s planning cheesy dates and singing songs to her on his guitar. 

Pyrrha thinks it’s really cute but it took her a good while to convince him she’d rather just snuggle with him on the sofa while watching a movie. It’s her favourite thing. Jogging pants, a bad action movie, a big bowl of ice cream and her head resting on Jaune’s chest, his arms around her. 

No matter how big their bed is, they always end up cuddling in their sleep. Nora has a bunch of pictures on her scroll. 

Spooning. They love it. Sometimes he’s the big spoon, sometimes it’s her. They absolutely take turns. 

Yang totally makes jokes about how they’re already like a married couple. Married for quite a while. They prefer spending their friday nights home alone, they share their food, they thought about getting matching rain coats until Nora talked them out of it. 

Though Pyrrha really loves him, she won’t go easy on him while they train. She’s responsible for a lot of bruises, but she makes sure to make up for it later and kiss it better. 

Jaune would never hurt Pyrrha, but he’s well aware only a miracle would make him seriously hurt Pyrrha, so he doesn’t have to go easy on her. 

Pyrrha is the only one who laughs at most of Jaune’s jokes.  

I’ll do a separate post for Renora soon!

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