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(sorry for sending another) “Would you like to stay for dinner?” “Would you like to stay forever?!!” for Ja'far as well?

Ja’far, 38. “Would you like to stay for dinner?” “Would you like to stay forever?!!”

You had been visiting from a neighboring country along with your queen and you must say it was one of the best trips you’ve ever been on. Everyone in the palace was nice and energetic, you almost didn’t want to leave. Although, unfortunately, they day of departure was coming soon. It was today.

You sighed and as you were about to escort your queen to the docks, you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned to see it was Ja’far, looking a bit choked up, “is something wrong?” You asked, slightly confused.

He took in a deep breath, “would you like to stay for dinner?” He asked with a small blush. You giggled and as you were about to answer, a second question was thrown at you.

“Would you like to stay forever?!!”

Ja’far turned and sent a harsh glare towards Pisti, who was obviously the one who yelled it. He sighed and turned back to you, waiting for your answer. You were too busy giggling to get an answer, it was clear to see that Pisti wanted you to stay for various reasons.

You turned to your queen who nodded in approval, you smiled at her and gave her a quick hug. You turned to Ja’far, “I will gladly like to stay forever,” you said, grabbing his hand. 


“Quiet, Pisti!” 

i loved you for your never ending desire to live, you could nearly pull through anything. your mind is capable of living a thousand lives but your body cant keep up.

we have been counting down the days together and you remained as brave as you have always been.

i am very grateful for all the adventures we had and i can assure you that you will be deeply missed. i hope to one day find the drive you had to keep on going

sleep tight, love.

AGHH! Why did you leave?!! Seriously! I fucking loved you! You were supposed to win! I was supposed to enjoy 6 more lovely fricken weeks watching you! You were a darn good quality housemate. You literally turned it around and made it the “Mark” show, and I’ll be straight up honest: I loved every minute of it. I honestly didn’t give a fuck about what people were speculating on you being like this in real life or not, because the fact that you were doing all those crazy things on national television, shows that you’re not afraid to do it in real life. Anyways, it’ll be hard to cope without you, but we’ll just see how I do. My new favorite to win is either Harry or Alex now.


Roman my most sincere condolences for you and the whole ANOA'I family for the unexpected and unfortunate departure of your beloved brother MATT our prayers they are always with you Roman and his beloved Family ❤️🙏😔
Rory’s Failure

A lot of people think Rory’s dropping out from Yale was abrupt, but I found it interesting and believable, especially judging by earlier seasons.

In Season 4, Rory starts Yale.  While it is a step away from her longterm plan of going to Harvard, it is still an Ivy League school and her grandparents’ choice.  Furthermore, it is closer to home, only 22.8 miles which, she happily says to Jess, ‘you looked it up’.  While things in her personal life have taken a turn,  Rory is determined not to ‘pine’ over Jess being gone.  She has had a successful summer backpacking with Lorelai and is looking forward to starting college. Rory hasn’t been at Yale long, however, when things don’t go as smoothly as she hoped.

Aside from Paris, Rory is very isolated.  She makes few friends aside from the girls she meets on her first day, whom she only occasionally talks with, and is lonely.  Lane unexpectedly arrives after problems at home and, after a few happy weeks, is ousted by Rory’s other roommates.  Rory barely talks to Janet and Tanna and, with Paris seeing Asher, spends a lot of time alone. While Rory didn’t have many friends in Stars Hollow, she lived with her mother and best friend Lorelai and her other best friend lived moments away.  Living at Yale removes Lorelai’s presence and Lane stays there only temporarily.   Lane’s departure unfortunately coincides with academic failure, where Rory is called into her professor’s office, receives a D for a paper and is recommended to drop the class entirely.  After being top of her class at Chilton and made Valedictorian, Rory is stunned.  While things in her personal life may be going badly, Rory has always relied on managing hard work and making perfect grades. Being told she has to drop a class, and receiving her first bad grade since starting Chilton, Rory falls apart. Unable to reach Lorelai, Rory drives back to Stars Hollow, where she can only find Dean and cries in his arms about missing Lane and her mother and how she can’t bear having to tell her grandfather she failed.  Rory never tells anyone else she is struggling and passes her freshman year.

Dean being there to support Rory reminds her of the good parts of their relationship.  Dean was, to Rory, stable and solid and his fixture in Stars Hollow is a painful contrast to Jess, who unexpectedly arrived and told Rory he loved her before driving away only days before.  Rory never shows emotion about this, not to Lorelai nor even privately onscreen but she sobs to Dean that he is lucky to be married to someone who isn’t a ‘failure’ like her.  Failing personally and failing academically are too much for Rory, and she envies Dean’s ‘five year plan’ while she works as a card swiper, half-joking that she has no plan beyond the next two and a half hours. As well as being lonely in terms of friendship, Rory is single for the first time in three years and is still hung up on her past relationships.  Apart from one awkward date and one boy turning her down, Rory doesn’t meet anyone else and romanticises her relationship with Dean, having trouble with being single.  

Towards the end of Season 4, Rory grows closer to Dean before sleeping with him in the last episode, not questioning his saying that his marriage is over and that he still loves her.  It is the first time Rory has ever had sex and she insists to Lorelai that it was good, that it was with someone who loved her.  She refuses to listen to her mother’s argument that Dean is still married, that she has made a mistake and cries that she hates Lorelai for ‘ruining this for me’.  Her return to Dean coincides with Jess coming back, who panics when he sees Dean with Rory, and begs her to run away.  Rory refuses, tells Jess she doesn’t love him and cries alone in her room as he again drives away.  The next day she tells Lane she thinks she ‘really blew it’ with Dean, who never ran away or confused her.  While she admits to having more in common with Jess, and feeling more excited, she misses the stability of Dean and begins seeing him again in Season 5, wishing to gain the simplicity they once had.

Rory and Dean soon discover the simplicity they once had is gone.  As well as difficulty with simply finding time to see each other, they are at different stages in life and Dean eventually breaks up with Rory without any warning, simply saying he ‘doesn’t belong anymore’.  Rory quickly moves onto Logan Huntzberger, whom she discovers is part of Yale’s Life and Death Brigade, and is convinced to take part in a stunt and live in the moment, and be less ‘sheltered’ than before.  After trying to be casual with Logan Rory realises she’s a ‘boyfriend girl’ and Logan decides to commit.  Despite a disastrous dinner at his parents’ house and Lorelai’s advice to ‘let him bolt’, Logan insists he wants to be with Rory and all seems settled.  Mitchum Hunztberger, Logan’s father, even offers Rory an internship at the Stamford Gazette and Rory, after some initial hesitation, accepts.  Rory, in reversal to her freshman year, has found security and confidence and so is utterly shocked when she is told ‘you don’t got it’ by Mitchum.  Crushed, she slowly walks back to her desk and later, without wanting to think, she steals a boat with Logan and then decides she wants to take time off Yale.

Lorelai, in appalled disbelief, refuses to accept her daughter’s decision.  She tells Rory dropping out will cause her to lose momentum and to end up moving home, which she won’t accept.  Rory retorts that her mother can’t understand, as she has never been to college, and hurt and angry, Lorelai reminds her she wasn’t lucky enough to go to college.  After her parents ignore her plea to talk Rory into staying at Yale, after initially promising to do so, Lorelai is through and tells them ‘this is your do-over’.  Telling herself it is just temporary, Rory moves into their poolhouse and works at the DAR.  Logan tells Rory she’ll be back within a month but Rory stubbornly ignores him, saying she’s going to be a ‘sloth’.  Going to Yale proved loneliness and failure, so what has she to lose? Rory claims to be happy in the DAR, but has a panic attack when Mitchum comes to an event and is quietly sad when she turns 21, and she is still fighting with Lorelai. It is only when Jess suddenly comes back and demands what has happened, staring into Rory’s eyes and saying this isn’t you that Rory gets a wakeup call and sees she is wasting time.  Jess, who started with nothing, has written a book, saying he couldn’t have done it without Rory, who has turned away from learning.  She picks herself back up, makes up with Lorelai and goes back to school, putting her failure behind her.

I think that with the effects of her bad freshman year, Rory’s hearing that she didn’t have what it takes to be a journalist sent her self-doubt through the roof. Having never experienced failure at Chilton, besides her one bad grade when she started, Rory didn’t know how to handle it.  Like her mother, she puts a brave and stoic face on her feelings and decided to do something reckless rather than think it through.  Rory could manage her isolation in her first year, manage dropping a class, but being told she couldn’t make her only ambition crushed her self-esteem.  While logically she might accept that it was harder than she planned, or that it was one opinion, she suffered emotionally and wanted to step away.  Had Lorelai put aside her own hurt and made Rory talk, she may have chosen differently, or at least have gone back sooner.  Rory’s choices weren’t wise, but I found them believable.  I only wish the writers had gone into this more deeply, and the dynamics of her relationship with Lorelai, after she had gone back, rather than shift the drama onto romance.

  Meet black influential designer, Willi Smith. Don’t know the name? Well let’s get familiar. Smith is known as one of, if not,“the most successful black designer in fashion history.” After dropping out of Parsons Smith went on to further his career in design creating his menswear WilliWear. He’s the mind behind Mary Jane’s Wedding dress in the Spider Man comic and the classic looks on Spike Lee’s School Daze. By the 80’s his designs for various labels sold in over 500 shops worldwide and grossed sales of about $25 million per year. Unfortunately, Smith’s departure from us came too soon in 1987 due to complications of AIDS. Gone, but never forgotten we salute Willi Smith for giving us a stepping stone into the world of fashion. Happy Black History Month Mr. Smith!

 “I don’t design clothes for the Queen, but for the people who wave at her as she goes by.”- Willi Donnell Smith

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