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Can foxes be raised to be domesticated?

Wow good question, in my uneducated opinion, I would think it would be extremely difficult, and if not that, then impossible. A wild fox has the instinct to hunt for food and to protect itself, it survives in the wild fine and doesn’t need any extra support (some wild foxes may attack humans if they get too close). Domestic foxes are already difficult to deal with so I can’t imagine how wild foxes will act. Again I’m not an animal behaviourist so I might be off, maybe one of my educated followers can expand :)

On that note, I need to remind people to please NOT take wild foxes and try to keep them as pets, they belong in the wild and have no need for any human contact.

I don’t go here so I’m pulling from what I remember of the games but I think with Death of the Outsider now in play, I’d say that what Daud did in Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches wasn’t a redemption arc. I think it’s more like he started on a road to redemption, but it’s a road he obviously fell off of for whatever reason. The DLCs show him directly countering what he put into play, but not moving beyond that, not addressing the butterfly effect of his actions.

In my uneducated opinion, his actual redemptive act doesn’t happen until Billie convinces him to help the Outsider, to bury the hatchet, and choose to end the cycle of violence that has ruined all three of their lives by speaking the Outsider’s name. It’s a selfless act at that point, he doesn’t benefit from it, but Billie convinces him it’s the morally right thing to do (which was an interesting conversation to watch two assassins have) and he does it.

Which also means during a lethal ending in DOTO, Daud doesn’t redeem himself. He may believe that he’s saving the world from more men like him, but it’s ultimately a self-centered point of view that doesn’t account for people existing who are anything but like him.

I don’t really have an overall point beyond this, it was just something I’ve been pondering while I sit in traffic.

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For a previous Anon, Sinn Fein are by no stretch of the imagination saints but they're also not "literal terrorists". Maybe do a bit of research before you throw your uneducated opinion around.

sure do you remember that time Sinn Féin were in power and the ra rose again? Wait, what do you mean SF were never in power and we don’t know what they’re like?
I mean don’t get me wrong I understand where peoples’ concerns are

you know it’s also surreal being on tumblr this long because I am so different from when I first joined. I was one of those pre-teens who emanated cringeyness, I centered my whole life on this hellsite, I sought validation from strangers, I pretended to be someone I didn’t recognize, I’ve been rude and hateful towards other users, I was stubborn and unwilling to listen to the opinions of others, I had Bad and Uneducated opinions to seem edgy and Informed when I wasn’t and the list goes on….so I’d like to take this time to advise the youngsters to not put such emphasis on this site (or any other form of social media honestly). I assure you the real world is not concerned with anything that goes on here and you are not here for anyone besides yourself because this platform is simply one method of your self-expression and self-expression shouldn’t rely on other people. Use social media for what it’s made for, sincere connectivity and expression, instead of what it’s become, severe and lonely isolation and separation due to hostile activity among users who disagree with one another. Some of you are bound to make mistakes and that’s ok, so long as you own up to them, apologize accordingly are open to growth and practice introspection, open-mindedness and self-analyzation. Be mindful of what you put on here and stay safe as to avoid uncomfortable encounters with creeps and steer clear of problematic people just looking for discourse to start. Don’t surround yourself with negativity. More importantly, don’t form your opinions or identify with things solely based on posts that present empty and shallow popular opinion, unreliable and isolated sources, or posts that are created with pure ignorance and foolish bias. Seriously, log off once in awhile and involve yourself with more important things.

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Why do you care so much about Onision? Wouldn't it be better to just let him be and continue with your life? You're literally wasting your time on a random irrelevant youtuber you've never and will never meet in person. Even if he's the evilest man on earth he doesn't affect you in any way so just do everyone (yourself included) a favor and stop ranting & recycling what's already been said about Onision and get a life.

This blog isn’t for Onision. This blog is a space where the people who have been negatively affected by him can have their voices and their stories heard, to serve not only as a warning to his other fans, but also as an archive of his harmful behavior so that new fans can wise up to him much more quickly, and so that old fans who have been harmed by him can have a place to feel heard and understood.  

I also maintain this blog as a way to inform fans and potential new girlfriends about him - I’ve had more than one fan of his message me to tell me that originally they followed my blog just to hate-read it and make themselves angry (understandable, we all do it), only to later realize, through reading all of the posts and submissions here, that he actually is a terrible person. 

If you go back and read any of the posts on this blog, you’ll notice a pretty common theme here, because most of the submissions that I get can more or less be split up into two categories: category #1, “My abusive ex-partner/friend/parent reminds me so much of Onision that I relive the abuse whenever I see his videos”, and category #2, “I used to be a fan of Onision when I was a young and impressionable teenager, and I believed everything he said because he was my favorite YouTuber and I looked up to him as a role model. I was such a big fan of his that when he started making disparaging comments about people who self-harm/trans people/bisexuals/girls with eating disorders/people who eat meat/people who struggle with mental illness/women who are “overweight”, it made me hate myself, and my depression/self-harm/eating disorder only got worse because of it. I felt like I deserved it for being so weak and lacking self-control. It was Onision’s voice that I heard in my head as I tirelessly repeated the cycle of cutting myself/starving myself/bingeing and purging/hating myself, telling me how worthless and disgusting I was. Even though I’m much better now, the voice in my head that still pops up every now and then to tell me what a piece of shit I am still sounds just like Onision.”

I also aim for this blog to act as a reasonable and rational counter-balance to some of the more outlandish, uneducated, biased, and ignorant opinions that he espouses on his OnisionSpeaks channel, such as his advice that everybody should go vegan if they want to lose weight (regardless of their individual health conditions). I want to remind people to ask their doctor before they decide to make any drastic dietary changes; but most of all, I want to encourage people to do their own research, form their own opinions, and think for themselves instead of just mindlessly accepting whatever bullshit comes spewing out of his mouth ad nauseum, regardless of what he’s saying, like most of his fans do. 

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Ummm…. what the actual fuck..

1. I’m not a slut


3. Not gonna kill myself

4. It’s *stupid not stuoid

5. I’m also not a whore

6. Not everyone hates white people (learn to check your facts before letting your uneducated opinion out)

7. No one is ruining anything

8. I am not going to quote “fuck my dog” end quote

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First off, oppression depends on what you consider bad. By feminist standards of oppression for women, men are oppressed. Just because you don’t recognize a problem when it happens to men, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Now I am giving you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you came to this conclusion that men face no issues for being men because that is popular opinion and you just go off of what people tell you. So I offer you this list here of just some of what men deal with.
If you actually care about equality, you will read it.

You just assume men don’t get made fun of for their weight or overall looks. And that is a selfish outlook. You only see it as an issue when it happens to women. But again, that is popular opinion, so I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

Feminism genders issues, makes complete non issues and the most miniscule things into issues of gender equality (like men spreading their legs when they sit of the pungent smell of cheese), feminists often show much hypocrisy by doing things like speaking over men about their experiences (like what you did) but complaining that it it’s bad when men do it. Feminists literally impose gender inequality like with Mary Koss’ gendered studies or or gendered rape laws in India (and have the nerve to perpetuate a concept like rape culture). Meninism mirrors these petty tactics but does it for men. People make fun of these methods when it is for men, completely unaware that feminism does it all the time.

Meninism is not an actual activism movement or ideology. Men’s rights activism and egalitarianism already covers that (much better than feminism does). Meninism is simply there to get feminists to see how foolish some (or in modern feminism’s case, most) of their methods and actions actually are.

Again, before replying, give the link a little glance. You will see that men actually do face a large amount of problems because of their gender, and they deserve activism. You might even change your tune and start advocating for equality for everyone!

Edit: nope. You did what I more or less expected, and blocked us. You responded asking us questions and blocked us.

Gotta say….benefit of the doubt was wasted here. You had no interest in an actual conversation. You just wanted to impose you rather uneducated opinion that men lead perfect lives and close your ears to anyone who says different.

Dissapointed but not surprised.

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Why do you think Aciman gives this abrupt end to relationship between Elio and Marzia? like you, I thought they loved each other in some way, but after that... idk, it seems like Elio don't give a f*ck

I need to start prefacing these answers by saying that I graduated with a business degree (sexy, I know) and I don’t know anything about anything. My opinions may be a stretch or oversimplified and that’s okay if you think so.  

That being said, here’s my spoiler-filled, uneducated opinion:

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Tony/Rhodey where Tony bonds with the Avengers after New York and moves them into the Tower. Rhodey is secretly jealous but he tries to hide it until he gets drunk one night, flies to the Tower, glomps onto Tony, and tells everyone that Tony is his

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff YEA

Jim is sitting in a Situation Room at the Pentagon, shaky with fear and relief when Tony calls.

Hi, sugarbear,” he says, breathless, and Jim swallows hard around the rock in his throat, hand clenching around the edge of the table.

“You goddamned idiot,” he finally manages to choke. “Maybe next time I should just tell them to aim at you, huh?”

He can hear Tony’s adrenaline-fueled grin when he says, “That would actually help me out a lot. Hell of a lot more efficient.

“I hate you,” Jim says, and buries his face in his hands, shaking and shaking and shaking. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“’I can’t let anything happen to him,‘” Tony says, uncharacteristically serious, and Jim’s stomach turns over, a rush of heat blooming in his ears. “And, 'Shit, we’re all gonna die.'”

“Ever the optimist,” Jim replies weakly.

You know it,” Tony says. “Actually these guys are pretty great, discounting the rocky start. I think you’ll like them. Especially one Captain America?”

“You’re kidding me, that wasn’t a joke?” Jim says, incredulous.

Nope!” Tony says gleefully. “He’s the real deal. Frozen for seventy years. Twenty-six, Platypus, he’s a baby. Somebody has to look out for him and make sure Fury isn’t solely responsible for his modernization.”

Jim can hear the planning already going on in Tony’s voice. “What did you do, Tony?”

Nothing yet!” Tony protests. “I just figured I’d invite them to stay with me. It’s not like I haven’t got the room. Avengers Tower has a nice ring to it.”

In less than a month, all five of them have moved in. Jim tries to be supportive, god, does he ever. He says hi and makes small talk when Tony abandons him mid-conversation with Thor or Clint or whoever on the line. He offers his extremely uneducated opinion on design elements when Tony asks for them. He doesn’t get jealous when Tony cancels a date night video call because the Avengers are going to watch Star Wars with Steve for the first time.

He is a grown man. He is not jealous.

Not at all.

When are you gonna stop by again, Pooh Bear?” Tony asks later when he’s crawled into bed, slurring with exhaustion.

“Soon,” Jim tells him. “I promise.”

Mmkay,” Tony mumbles and falls asleep with his mouth hanging open. Jim loves him so much it hurts. God, does he.

Tony yaps about Clint’s arrows this, and Bruce’s pants that, and Natasha’s bites need more oomph here, Steve’s uniform needs better protection there. He talks about the Avengers night and day and it’s good to see him so worked up about something good, about a bunch of people who seem to be doing all right by him. Tony hasn’t had a lot of people do right by him and he deserves to.

But it’s been a hell of a long time since Jim’s had to learn to share Tony’s time and energy and it’s no mean feat.

His carefully squashed jealousy finally snaps loose one night after he’s been drinking too much. It’s been a shit week and he’s had superiors crawling up his ass about the stupidest shit and he’s sick to death of dealing with people and their assholery. He hasn’t seen Tony or heard from him in two goddamn weeks and dammit, those spandex-wearing outliers had better be appreciating the fact that they have just about unrestricted access to him 24-7.

But that just gets him thinking that they had better not be appreciating him too damn much and then he’s two sheets to the wind and literally in the wind, rocketing for Avengers Tower.

Landing is much harder than expected; he’s really drunk.

He staggers through the removal process, and then into the penthouse, where the Avengers are all gathered, talking and laughing over a huge spread of Italian take out.

Everyone looks up when he crashes into a side table. Tony says, “Rhodey?” voice bright with shock.

Jim straightens up and attempts to smooth out his shirt. He might miss a little. “Tones,” he replies. Is he slurring? He might be slurring. God, he is so drunk.

“Rhodey, what the hell are you doing here, weren’t you—”

“Are you mad?” Jim demands.

“Uh, no,” Tony says, and, oh, okay he looks kind of like he might burst out laughing any second. “I’m not mad. I’m just wondering why you’re here and why you’re plastered, Jesus, how much have you had to drink?”

Jim waves a hand. “A few. And some more.” He grabs hold of Tony, glad to have something sturdy to hang onto and stares at him. “I wanted to see you.”

“Yes,” Tony says, mouth twitching, “I gathered as much, what with you flying and all. I’m going to have to put a breathalyzer in that thing, you shouldn’t be flying in this state.”

Jim hangs on to him tighter. “I wanted to see you. You’re spending all your time with them. But. But you’re mine. You’re mine first. Yeah?”

Tony’s smile goes soft. “Yeah, Sugarplum. Always.”

Jim swings around, points a finger at everyone around the table. “See he’s mine. Be nice or I’ll come for you.”

That makes Tony laugh so hard he can hardly breathe and Jim starts laughing too, though he’s not entirely sure why. He kisses Tony and feels his smile against his lips.

Tony loves the Avengers, but his heart belongs to Jim and now they know it.

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i'm so so tired of these ppl saying negative things abt sg. The comments under the trailer are so gross. I'm not an idiot and i know that are a lot of things they're doing the wrong way, and things that the writers really should change. But these ppl are always so negative, they don't know what will happen, no one but the ppl on the show know. And they scream "i love kara!!!!" but then insult her for having an emotion besides happiness. (part 1)

(part 2) And they still don’t understand (and don’t want to understand) the dark!kara arc, they ( ~they~ and not the cast or the writers) are making everything abt mon-el. I truly hope all these ppl that are saying they won’t watch the next season keep their promise, bc i’m really tired of their hate in the sg and kara tag.

It’s so strange because the people who want Kara to be perfect all the time aren’t even Kara fans. To the Kara fans I’ve seen, some of the most interesting parts of Kara are exceptionally dark.

And so we’re going “Okay, can we focus on the deeper meaning behind Kara’s new attitude more?” Understanding why she’s acting this way but wanting it to be given justice in the storyline.

But the people who don’t actually care about her will say that they hate Kara or otherwise insult her or call it bad writing when she does something that goes against their puppy/sunny danvers image of her, beyond her just staring sadly at the stars.

Kara has always had the capacity to be depressed or angry or mean. When she was cured of Red K, she wasn’t cured of the thoughts that it brought out. She’s a person, capable of fucking up or having dark thoughts. And she has a lot of trauma.

People who have tried to get into Kara’s head already know that. And those same people will have an easier time being empathetic when she does something ill-advised, because they know where she’s coming from.

So I think most of the people who are pissed about Kara aren’t trying to understand her. Don’t want to understand her.

And so… we can feel free to ignore their uneducated opinion.

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I have a short story that I'm trying to edit- I feel like it's missing something, but I can't figure out what it is. I know this is super vague, but do you have any advice, for identifying weak spots?

Great question, Anonymous, and one that writers practice and study for years to be able to answer, so no worries about being vague. One of the things that comes with time and experience is finding the language to identify, discuss, and address the feeling that something isn’t quite right or that a story is “missing something.” Not knowing you or your writing, of course I can’t help you figure out what specifically the problem is. But I give you an idea of what I’ve done over the years to be able to identify weak spots and improve my writing. The list is really, really long, but here is the short version:

1. Analyze your favorite writers. Figure out why you like the writing that you like. Ask yourself: What are they doing here? What are they doing that I’m not doing? Why do I love their writing so much? Take notes on their stories. Plot them. Write in the margins. Read them slowly. Read their reviews—both good and bad. Did that writer you love once write something you hated? Great, even better. Figure out why that particular book was different from the others.

2. Analyze your own writing. Do you have an older story you wrote that you love? Figure out why. What did you do differently in that story that you’re not doing in the current story you’re writing? Make notes. Draw maps. Reverse engineer everything.

3. Develop a language to talk and think about writing. Read craft books, blogs, anything you can get your hands on. Learn about point of view, conflict, character development, dialogue, story structure, syntax, metaphors. Get your advice from good sources, and don’t believe everything you read. If something doesn’t sit right with you, throw it out. But be open to everything.

4. Journal and write about your writing. Over time, you will identify consistent weaknesses that you have. Then, in the future, when you feel like “something is missing” from your writing, you can reference your notes and remember, for example, that you often have difficulty with your protagonist’s motivation, with theme, with dialogue, etc., and you’ll have a better idea about where to go looking.

5. Share your writing with someone you trust, ideally a more experienced writer than you or an editor or mentor. Be very careful about who you share your writing with. Friends and family are not always the best choice. You don’t want someone who’s just going to throw around their uneducated opinion about your work, who has a big ego, or who won’t be honest with you. Remember: “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” are useless pieces of feedback. You want someone who can read your work and say, “Your protagonist’s passion for music made them really likeable to me. I was dying to know whether they would get into the conservatory or not!” or “My attention wandered on page two, when you described the couch upholstery for three paragraphs.”

6. Analyze the areas of your writing which are commonly problematic for new writers (and writers in general). In my experience as an editor, the most likely culprits are unclear character motivation and lack of conflict. There are a lot of good resources (books and blogs) about this. Try a Google search for “most common mistakes beginning writers make.”

7. Trust your intuition. Do you keep coming back to the same page or scene in your story, feeling like it isn’t right? You’re probably onto something.

8. Take time away from your story. You’d be amazed how much more clear everything will be after a break. Give yourself at least a week for a short story, 3-4 weeks for a novel. It could also be the case that your ambitions for this particular story don’t yet match your skills, and that you’ll have to wait even longer to successfully finish it. I’ve known writers who have given up on a story only to come back to it months or years later once they’d gained the skills and insight to complete it. And then suddenly writing that story seemed really easy!

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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"Circumcision is barbaric! How could you let them do that?"

Translation: I haven’t done a single smidgen of research ever to learn the very basic facts of circumcision, which include the fact that it is indeed healthier. All I see are crazed Jews running around with knives, chopping off penises left and right. Obviously my uneducated opinion is the only correct one, regardless of what literal eons of Jewish people have said or done.