the uneducated opinion

ok,,, not to start the Discourse but i /hate/ it when people pull tweets/quotes/etc that a person said 5+ years ago and are like “problematic!!!!! time to un-fucking-stan!!!!!”

listen, five years ago i was a superwholock. people change. people also don’t remember the shit they put on the internet 5+ years ago??? so also don’t use the “they should apologise!!!” excuse either????

like unless someone is like “hey you said X shitty thing a while ago what was that about” the person probably isn’t going to be aware that they’ve done/said X shitty thing. we live in an age where Everything Is Online. which means even our uneducated opinions are out there, too, but that doesn’t mean people can’t/won’t change.

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Over the past year I've come to terms with being ace and have begun to come out to some people. Often the reaction is that I just haven't met the right person. More recently I've fallen in love with someone and now I'm attracted to them, and am probably Demi or grayace, but I feel like I'm just proving everyone right who said I just hadn't met the right person. Any advice for feeling valid in being aspec despite having to change my identity and despite what those people say?

ignore those people. 9 times out of 10 they’re ignorant and.or uneducated. their opinions are trival.

anyway, keep in mind that it is 100% okay to relabel yourself. it doesn’t make you any less valid. growing up is all about experimenting & finding yourself. it’s okay.


I am so fxking SHELTERED omg… i only spend time w l*ftists and p of c and p*litically minded ppl at the very least but i spent this week w the “aver*ge wh*te amer*can f*mily” and i literally want to DIE. They have the worst most UNeduc*ted opinions that they get from v*nity fair, they make casual r*cist jokes while also making fun of “actual r*cists,” watch dr ph*l religiously, and love watching 600 pnd l*fe and laughing at f*t ppl… Love laughing at “d*mb ppl” even when… (and im sorry but) they r just like them…

Anyways im so depressed HOW can we reach these ppl and like. Educ*te them… Or is it presumptuous of me 2 even be thinking thia. Either way this is my worst spr*ng break so far lol im never making last m*nute plans ever again i will never doubt my gut instinct ever again

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He was a better choice than Hilary though though.

Get this uninformed, uneducated opinion out of my fucking inbox. She was ten times the candidate that Donald Trump was. She’s experienced. The only reason he’s a “successful business man” is because his daddy had money. Hilary was an advocate for education, for the lgbtq community, and countless other extremely important things. Dickhead Tunasalad only gives a fuck about being a racist piece of shit, destroying education, and his stupid fucking wall. Get the fuck out of here. Oh, I almost forgot, he only one due to an outdated system that he called stupid. Over half of America wanted Hilary.

I have a few things to say about to the short debate that happened on my Tumblr page over the last two days. I’m happy that we were able to have a conversation about a really complex issue, I’m also comfortable with the fact that nothing was really concluded or resolved. I think that some questions have more than one answer, and that in trying to find overarching answers we lose the nuances of each person’s individual experiences. While some of our feelings and experiences may be relatable, we have to remember that they are not universal. No matter how much we try to empathize with one another, empathy is limited by our experiences. We don’t do ourselves any good by ignoring these limits.

I try to be forthcoming with my emotionality and my uncertainty in regards to certain situations, but I feel the need to clarify that being emotional and uncertain does not make me weak, uneducated or without strong opinions. In embracing ambivalence I’m acknowledging that my feelings are not universal or unchangeable, and that I don’t have all the answers. The more I learn and unlearn, the more complex my opinions become, the more I realize that there are no clean answers to any of the difficult questions we face as feminists and as people. We don’t have to agree, we can discuss why we disagree, but I refuse to engage with harmful behaviour disguised as progressive thought. So to those people who felt the need to personally attack me or the contributors to this blog, I would just like to remind you that bullying people whose opinions you may not agree with or understand is not a feminist act and is not welcome here. To everyone else, please don’t let the volatility of the Internet stop you from forming your own opinions and giving yourself room to change your mind.

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"Coming from someone who doesn’t have DID and literally calls DID “split personality” in their tags. You have no grasp on how media affects people with DID and your uneducated opinion is baseless and boring." At least you didn't wish death on this person. Improvement! 👏🏻

Go die anon


When people ask me why I continue on spreading awareness about drug addiction this is why; these comments were screenshotted off recent news stories about addiction and alcoholism. These are only a few out of MANY comments that show how out of touch society is with addiction, how judgemental and uneducated. The fact is even in 2015 people continue to dehumanize addicts, judge addicts, hate addicts and spread ignorance about addicts. Addiction is an epidemic if you want addiction to stop you need to RID the stigma, get educated, offer support. in a world where being an addict is looked at as being a failure or a waste of space can you blame addicts for not wanting to come forward and ask for help with their problem? I am envious in a way of people who can think things like this and worse about addiction and addicts because they obviously are lucky enough to have never been touched by addiction however, I am angered by their uneducated, harmful opinions. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a huge contributing factor to the addiction epidemic and lives lost due to addiction.

I think that, that is sort of an uneducated opinion. Maybe because I know more about the BDSM’ world, so it makes sense to me, but I…You know, everything that these characters do, they make the decision to do it. Christian doesn’t abuse Ana, she is not a victim. She is not a sad, weak-minded like…passive person. She is strong and confident and is exploring her body and her sexuality in a private environment with someone that she loves.
—  Dakota Johnson about Fifty Shades being seen as a movie that promotes abusive relationships (2015)

one of the things i hate most right now is that whenever someone finds out I like 1d they are like are you sad they’re splitting up and I of course say they’re not but i’ll miss them on break and they insist they are splitting up like you know jack shit about this situation wby shit on me with that negativity you are obviously trying to get a reaction and me being the weak ass bitch i am will give it to you but like please just stop you can’t even tell the boys apart why do you know more than me on this topic i can tell who they are by their fucking shoulderblade idk just leave me the fuck alone to wallow in my misery i am aware in the possibility that they might break up but they say they aren’t so i am staying optimistic take your uneducated opinion that’s only being used to try and rile me up out of my fucking face


“I think that, that is sort of an uneducated opinion. Maybe because I know more about the BDSM’ world, so it makes sense to me, but I…You know, everything that these characters do, they make the decision to do it. Christian doesn’t abuse Ana, she is not a victim. She is not a sad, weak-minded like…passive person. She is strong and confident and is exploring her body and her sexuality in a private environment with someone that she loves.“ -Dakota Johnson [On FSOG Promoting Domestic Violence] (x)(x)

The Signs As Cher Tweets


Taurus: “Later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Gemini: “Don’t WANT TO HEAR ONE Word of your uneducated opinion. I’ll take My chance in the bathtub!Go unclog your Arteries”

Cancer: “Just Woke from Nitemare!It was election nite & some1 said Cher, Barack is Loosing,My Heart Broke…literally! I Started and woke up cry”

Leo: “I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE “THE HOBBIT” Have Tiny”Hobbit”crush on Gollum ( Andy Serkis ) “The Precious” Must Sleep…up early..Have much 2 do”

Virgo: “Is this mom ?”

Libra: “Brushing teeth,then, omg! NO EXCUSE 4 ME! Pres Obama killed Bin Laden! Cher U might want 2 dial Down the passion & dial up brain 2 hand !”


Sagittarius: “Whats going on with mycareer”

Capricorn: “Just because I don’t Run around Shouting from the Rooftops ‘look how caring I Am & how MUCH I DO 4 Suffering PPL” i know who I am U Do 2″

Aquarius: “Can anyone c me”

Pisces: “work Done …Went on Utube 2 c young girl sing Believe!Tears came 2 my eyes! So Touching! a Great version of a Great Song. WE Can Share it !”

-Redd & Bleu

let it be known

There is not a single hijabi Muslim woman on planet Earth that needs or wants a white atheist to speak on our behalf and decide if we are oppressed. Your uneducated opinion is meaningless and everything you’re planning on saying is wrong so keep it to yourself and rant about shit you actually know about

I swear to fuck I hate it so much when people put their uneducated, biased, racist opinion out there and then go ‘IT’S CALLED FREE SPEECH OKAY THAT’S WHY AMERICA IS SO GREAT’  when they are confronted with their own bullshit.

Like, yeah, you got free speech. You also got children and a garden hose. You gonna abuse those, too?