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Under Pressure

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Hope you guys like this one! Thanks for the request! 

Do any of you guys watch Shadowhunters? because Alec…WOO

The days began to blur as one. Your lack of sleep was getting the best of you along with the constant hunger in the pit of your stomach. You assured yourself you’d eat, but you never did. Coffee was enough to sustain you even though you began feeling weaker and weaker.

Your busy schedule consisted of late nights to early mornings; midnight trips to the airport, followed by a stream of jet lag. You’d forget which city you’d be in next. Despite promising yourself you would always know where you were going. This career was too important for you to not even have enough respect to keep a schedule. For months you did. The excitement was like nothing else and you felt blessed to even be doing what you were- singing, performing. Having the most incredibly, loyal fans who did nothing but support every decision you made.

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where ron and hermione get their first house together and it just so happens to have a cupboard under the stairs. so ginny and harry come over for a house warming or whatever and ron goes hey harry come look at this and he pulls harry into the hallway and goes “here’s your room for the night” and just opens the cupboard for harry.

I tried my best to save the colours in this photo, but I am no photoshop pro.

But either way, this green sea turtle is still beautiful.

me: damn robron for giving me all the feels, how dare you have a flirty, sassy but supportive and gentle kiss in the dark and just stop to gaze at each other like the world is right there beside you before going in for another because you’re so disgustingly in love

inner me: damn robron, how dare you have a flirty, sassy but supportive and gentle kiss in the dark how am I supposed to gif that appalling lighting when I want to make an edit to cry over