the underground world

20 Lessons Tupac taught us for Me Against The World’s 20th Anniversary

1. Notice The Youth

2. Trust Nobody

3.Don’t Let Anything Stop You

4. Study Your Lessons

5. Don’t Settle

6. Ask Questions

7. Be Yourself

8. Do Your Best

9. Make A Difference

10. Do Something With Your Life

11. Break Away From These Dumb Niggas And Have Fun

12. Acknowledge The Bad, Praise The Good

13. Hold on And Roll On

14. Stay Out Of Trouble

15. Dismiss Jealousy

16. Never Give Up, Even When You’re Hopeless

17. The Power Is In You And The Politics You Address

18. You Will Get Through This

19. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

20. Follow Your Passion


i drew @tidorito‘s cute lil horror boy 

i also made a maybe?? horror sans??? his name is spots tho and hes kind of like a circus ringleader? (i was listening to my circus playlist so)

The light remains

Anon asked:  Yoongi being a hardass in his mafia career but super sweet to you when he comes home?

Thank you for your request :) This was fun to do, because Yoongi is my bias. I hope this is what you had in mind. 

Trigger warning

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Min Yoongi
A name known by all. Feared by all.
You did not want to be on his radar. And if you were, you’d better pray for your life. Not that it would account for anything.
He killed and manipulated his way to the top and stayed there courtesy to his ruthless tactics and unbending principles. He was never one to act on impulse. He would weigh his options. Observe his enemies. Their behaviour, their mutuals, the way they dealt with their rivals, acted and spoke. And when he stroke, his oponents didn’t stand a chance. Some say he enjoyed seeing his victims burning alive.
No one dared to question his words, for they were few but meaningful. He could twist them in such a way that could make you believe that the earth is square. Master puppeteer indeed. His intimidating aura and reputation made everyone think twice before approaching him.
Yes. Min Yoongi was truly a dangerous man.

But the Min Yoongi you knew wasn’t like that. You knew each other for what felt like an eternity. You were there for him since the very beginning, before he ever got in contact with the underground world. You were the only person he trusted wholeheartedly and wanted to protect, whatever the cost. He could be himself with you, knowing that you were his home and his peace of mind.

When he arrived home late into the night he saw you half asleep on the sofa and his face lit up as he advanced towards you.
“Were you waiting for me again?  I told you not to worry so much” he said with a faint smile as he sat next to you and pulled you into his lap.
“I can’t help it. I just want you to be safe” You said sleepily as you threw your arms around his neck. He placed a kiss on your forehead as he caressed you face.
“You are too adorable for your own good”
“Well, I can’t help the either.”

He just chuckled as he pulled you even closer, burying his face in your shoulder.
“Are you okay? Are you tired? We could go to the bedroom, you know? ”
“Im fine. I just..need you. Let’s just stay like this for a little while.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Yes, Y/n. As long as I’m with you, everything will be alright.”
“I love you, Yoongi.”
“I love you too, my angel”

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-Admin Light

You, for instance, want to cure men of their old habits and reform their will in accordance with science and good sense. But how do you know, not only that it is possible, but also that it is DESIRABLE to reform man in that way? And what leads you to the conclusion that man’s inclinations NEED reforming? In short, how do you know that such a reformation will be a benefit to man? And to go to the root of the matter, why are you so positively convinced that not to act against his real normal interests guaranteed by the conclusions of reason and arithmetic is certainly always advantageous for man and must always be a law for mankind? So far, you know, this is only your supposition. It may be the law of logic, but not the law of humanity.
—  Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Notes from the Underground. 

i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one

I Want To Dream

“Persephone!” Hades screamed as the gate sealed behind her. The vines curled around each other, closing the opening of the underworld before his eyes once again. Hades pounded his fist on the gate willing it to open, willing it to give her back, to uncurl and let him out. For once. Just let him out, let him have one more minute with her. Just one. His knuckles split and he felt blood run down his fingers but he didn’t stop he just kept pounding at the vines. Hitting, and clawing and pushing every force of darkness in his magic at the wall. He gave everything he had, and was left with a sealed gate that laughed at him.

Knees giving out, Hades slid down the wall. Tears silently rolled down his cheeks, matting his dark curly hair to his face. His eyes stared at the vines as he curled up next to the gate, as close to her as he can get. He stayed like that for hours, days, weeks, he couldn’t tell anymore. All he could feel was how his heart was ripped open and the insides clawed out. They had taken her from him again and again and again and he couldn’t stop it, and every time his heart was ripped from his damned soul.

“I know I’m leaving tonight but can you at least smile for me.” Persephone asked. Hades gave her a faint smile. They ate their breakfast next to each other, one hand intertwined with the others under the table.  When they were finished, they walked around their underground palace for hours, just talking and laughing. The sword was always in the back of their minds, why they were differing from their usually routine, the months without the other about to occur. Their hands never untied, clutching each other every second as if they could fuse together. Never separated.

With only a few hours left they found themselves in the ballroom. Persephone looked at him and smiled, less bright than usual, but still stunning. She had flowers woven in her hair in the shape of a crown, her dark curly hair falling down her back. Black and gold thread wove across her satin dress in swirls and designs that twirled in an endless dance. Her dark skin contrasted perfectly with Hades’ pale porcelain, the result of years trapped in an underground world. His skin was leathery and tough unlike Persephone’s soft skin, like flower petals. Millennia walking through fires and dragging souls behind him had taken its toll.

“Will you dance with me?” Hades asked and held out his hand.

“Only if you give me that big genuine smile I know so well.” Persephone said. The corners of her mouth turned up when she saw Hades’ roll his eyes.

“You can’t force a smile like that.”

“Well give me a nice smile and I will see if I can make it bigger.” Hades raised an eyebrow and slowly pulled his mouth into a smile. She took his hand and he spun her into his arms. Her loud laugh caressed his ears and danced behind his eyes, making him smile so hard he felt his teeth would crack.

“There it is.” She said. She took a step back from him and twirled, her dress splaying out and gliding through the air with her, and they danced.

They danced until their lungs could no longer keep up and they kicked off their shoes to some unknown part of the room. Twirling and gliding and curling around one another. Breathing each other in like they would never see the other again. There wasn’t any music, only their breaths that echoed through the room. But the music in their minds was louder than their own heartbeats in their ears. Drowning out everything except each other. Laughing and smiling they danced and Hades gave his rare smile to her and she gave her light. Her beautiful glow that vibrated through anyone that laid their eyes upon her. For hours, they danced. Hours.

“Hades.” Persephone said and her face scrunched up in pain. “Hades, it’s time. They’re coming.” He gripped her harder, refusing to let go.

“No, they don’t get to take you again. Never again.” He hissed.

“Hades.” She smiled sadly. “I love you.” He shook his head and gripped her hand, dragging her behind him as he faced the door of the ballroom. Waiting.

They slithered through the doors, tendrils of transparent smoke hidden to the eyes.

“You aren’t taking her. Not this time. Not ever.” Hades spat at them. The smoke seemed to vibrate with laughter at his words. It slithered closer, slowly over one tile and then another across the ballroom floor and pounced. Slamming into the two lovers it ripped through their forged hands and broke their grip. Locking around Persephone’s waist it pulled her across the floor and through the halls. Hades scrambled after, barely out of reach. Always just barely out of reach. Always watching them drag her away.

“I love you!” He yelled. She mouthed the words back at him, her voice hidden by the smoke. The gate was opening in front of them. Vines unlocking from their grips, slivers of sunlight shining through the opened gate. It pulled her through.


The servants slowly trickled out from their hiding spots, knowing better than to be seen on calling day. They brought wet rags, blankets and slices of bread and meat from the kitchen. Hades was still bloody and curled in on himself against the sealed gate. One servant took his limp hand and wiped the dried blood from it. Another washed his face as he looked upon them with dead eyes. They covered him with blankets and left the food next to him, hoping he will eat in the days to come. Just like before, they trickled away, leaving their broken king to wait for his lover to come home.

I wrote this as a final for a class and thought I should post it and see if you like it.

I recommend listening to Dream by Imagine Dragons while or before you read it. (It’s the song I had on repeat while writing this.) 

If you have ever listened to the musical Hadestown I also recommend listening to Lover’s Desire.

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Imagine: The Joker’s Son Being Smitten By You

Request: (anonymous) Can you do a head cannon of the clown prince meeting you and being smitten by the reader

  • You get all dressed up in a new sequined black dress to go to the Joker’s club, as you wait out in line you get more and more nervous having never been there or even seen the Joker and Harley before.
  • A black lamborghini trimmed in red roars down the road and comes to a stop right out of the front of the club, your body is torn between being envious and frightened of who’s inside.
  • Bouncers in black suits and gold,mocking batman masks rush to the door to open it, but the man inside swings it open himself and waves them away. Not the Joker, but his son steps out.
  • The clown prince takes a deep breath, not wanting to go in and entertain for another night with all his father’s ‘associates’. He swings his leather jacket over his shoulder and tosses his keys to Frost to park it.
  • He stops dead in his tracks when he see’s you shivering cold in the line in your new dress, he instantly recognizes your face as one who’s new and naive to the workings of his world.
  • He’s overcome by something he hasn’t felt before, but he shakes his head and get’s the deer in headlights look off himself and smirks at you before heading inside.
  • You stand in line still waiting, feet hurting from your heels before a bouncer walks up to you and gestures for you to follow him inside. You nervously accept and go with him.
  • The clown prince’s heart begins to race when he see’s you again, he confidently walks right up to you but when he reaches you, he’s lost at what to do next like the sight of you has stolen the breath from his lungs.
  • He swings his leather jacket around to you when he see’s you still trying to warm your arms.
  • His eyes are intoxicating, half saying not to be afraid and half saying it’ll be bad if you don’t accept, you take the jacket.
  • The clown prince walks away overwhelmed with what he just did and not wanting to push you, he’s cocky but not as forward and demanding as his father. 
  • You put the jacket on to get warm and confused, walk over to the bar to get a drink and relax. You feel his eyes on you and can’t get him out of your head.
  • You blush thinking about the man you just saw, and already pickering your fingers run through his green hair, his hands gripping your thighs, what his pale lips taste like.
  • He lingers along the golden beads across the club watching your every move and memorizing your body. He can’t stop imagining what he’d do to you, but moreso what you’d do to him.
  • He keeps wishing you’d turn around so he can see your face again, it gave him comfort that maybe there is some softness in the world and someone could look at him more than the heir to a villainous empire.
  • The Joker spots his son from his VIP booth, he recognizes the look on his face, and knows his son if going through what he went through that fateful day at Ace Chemicals.
  • You’re so entranced thinking about the clown prince that you don’t even notice the man coming up to you. 
  • He offers to buy you a drink and tells you you’re beautiful, you decline and your face suggests you’re not interested at all but he persists and you try walking away.
  • The clown prince is infuriated that this man won’t leave you alone and you feel like you have to leave instead of him.
  • His infamous temper comes out even though he’s been trying to suppress it, he marches up in front of you, stopping you from going anywhere. 
  • He almost loses his breath looking at you again, but clears his throat and asks if the guy is bothering you.
  • It dawns on you that you know him, but he doesn’t know you and yet he’s trying to help. You tell him yes being inspired by his confidence
  • The clown prince walks over and the man is already shaking in his shoes realizing his mistake. He tries to apologize but the pale hands of the Joker’s heir are already wrapped around his throat and slamming his head into the bar.
  • You hear the Joker’s laughter from the distance and realize the clown prince is a lot like his father, but how protective and defensive of you he’s being is a turn on you can’t resist.
  • The clown prince walks over to you with bloodied hands, seeing you instantly calming him down. He has this animalistic instinct to protect you and is completely infatuated by you.
  • All the violence sends a clear message that you are not familiar with this underground world but something about him is pulling you and making you feel safe.
  • You laugh out of nervousness and because you just realized the two of you don’t know each other’s names, his eyes and smile light up when he sees you giggling.
  • You take off his jacket that he gave you and extend it to him and he takes it, not looking away from you, and wipes the blood off his hands with it then tosses it on the body near his feet.
  • He thinks about picking you up and taking you into the back room when he see’s your body in the dress again while you’re thinking about his pale and veiny hands running all over you.
  • “Would you like a drink?” he says in a deep but smooth voice, hearing it sealing your fate with him.
No, Ma’am

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Prompt: “Do some kinky smuuuuuuut!!!!!” - I don’t know ;-;

Summary: Jerome was always dominant, but that’s about to change.

Word Count: 1,251 (I got way into this)

Warnings: NSFW, Dom!Reader, Sub!Jerome, Light Bondage, Spoilers for seasons 2-3.

A/N: Ooh boy! First smut fic, and it was fun. Hope you guys enjoy! <3

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