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lostuntothisworld  asked:

a while back you recommended the movie Autopsy of Jane Doe and it was fantastic! Do you have any more horror movie recs that are psychological like that (with minimal jump scares preferably?)

omg yesssssssss, i sure as heck do. i looooooove recommending horror movies. kay, here we go, pychological, disturbing, and minimal jump scares: 

1. Get Out (2017) - this is a newer movie, and I’m sure you’ve heard about it (and maybe even seen it already). I finally got to see it in theaters and it was marvelous. Very tense horror, minimal jump scares. Definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. 

2. The Thing (1982) - this is probably my favorite horror movie, and one I will always, always recommend to people. It’s more sci-fi/horror, but horror none the less. This is a movie that feeds on uncertainty and tension, fueled by distrust and paranoia between the characters. (There was also a prequel to this movie made in 2011, and I certainly enjoyed that one as well, but it still couldn’t quite deliver the same chills and fear the 1982 version did.) 

3. They Look Like People (2015) - this is another one that I just watched recently. Probably one of the best that fits the category of psychological horror. It’s a bit slow to start, but develops into a story that will leave you tense, unsure, and unsettled. Plus, it’s probably the only horror movie I have ever seen that manages to highlight mental illness without demonizing it. 

4. As Above So Below (2014) - this is a movie that honestly, I was very skeptical about seeing. It’s a found footage movie (which I typically hate), and it got very poor reviews, but I wound up watching it on a whim one day and found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected. It honestly is more of a adventure/horror film rather than a strict horror film - and the reviews might have been better, I think, if its marketing hadn’t painted it as a strict horror film. There are a few jump scares in there, but not a whole lot. Much the movie relies on claustrophobia, confusion, and mystery. It’s really an interesting look at a journey into hell. I greatly enjoy it, though your mileage may vary. 

5. Event Horizon (1997) - another sci-fi/horror film. A nightmarish movie about salvage/rescue crew that goes out to salvage a ship that vanished on its maiden voyage and reappeared 7 years later missing its entire crew. This movie deals well in suspense, fear, and our ultimate terror of what evils could lie beyond the unknown. 

6. The Descent (2005) - yet another movie I recommend to everyone. Set underground in an unknown cave system, and led by an all female cast, this movie is just full of anxiety, paranoia, claustrophobia, and unease. It’ll certainly make you never want to go caving. 

7. The Strangers (2008) - a great take on the classic home invasion/slasher film. It boasts a really creepy atmosphere, an isolated setting, and has moments of genuine, realistic anxiety and terror (even the small things, like trying to find somewhere to hide and realizing you can’t fit, etc…) I saw this movie with my best friend back when it first came out, and it’s still one of my favorites.

8. The Others (2001) - this is not your typical ghost story. Honestly this one is hard to describe because I don’t want to give too much away about the plot. In the last few days of World War II, a woman and her two children wait in isolation, after the mysterious disappearance of their servants, for her husband/their father to return from the war. It’s only in the isolation of the house that they begin to realize the house might not be as empty as they thought it was. Very, very unique take on a ghost story. The case is wonderful, and the pacing and setting of this movie creates wonderfully creepy, unsettling fear. 

9. The Witch (2016) - slow-burn horror and very setting specific, this one’s focus is on religious fear and the sexual stigmatization of girls and women. It’s slow-paced, but really great at building up a sense of unease and dread, and even the small things in it, like small rabbits in the wild, can make you feel unsettled. 

10. Black Swan (2010) - not strictly a horror movie, this one is heavily psychological, and I almost want to cast it as a thriller more than anything, but some of it truly does fall into the realm of psychological horror. Paranoia, obsession, and tension, this movie is chock-full of it. 

11. Funny Games (2007) - this one is actually a remake of a 1997 movie of the same name. I feel kind of bad, but I actually haven’t seen the original, but from what I hear, the two movies don’t differ much. This one is particularly unsettling because of its constant underlying feeling of authenticity. Much like The Strangers, this feels real, like it could happen to anyone, like its psychopaths could be anybody, any well-to-do strangers. It’s a long, sometimes unbearably frustrating game of physical and psychological torture; and the few moments of well-timed 4th wall breaking really up the frustration and distress. 

12. 1408 (2007) - based on a Stephen King story, this film heavily relies on psychological and anxiety-building elements to create its tension. Every thing that happens in this room makes you question what it will do next, what trick will it pull, what hopes will it dash. There’s not much else to say about this one exept that… “It’s an evil fucking room.” 

13. El Orfanato/The Orphanage (2007) - man this one is definitely a favorite of mine. Very unnerving and deeply emotional at the same time, this one is a very well-crafted and clever take on the haunted house/orphanage trope. It’s spooky, chilling, has some moments that will genuinely crawl under your skin (the 1-2-3 toca la pared scene always does it for me…), and features a wildly emotional ending. 

14. The Babadook (2014) - this one doesn’t rely on cheap scares at all, but still features some truly creepy and unnerving moments that left me on edge. But in addition to that, this movie is about so much more than a boogeyman lurking in the shadows. Heavily psychological, this movie delves deeply into how we process loss and deal with all-consuming grief. 

15. 28 Days Later (2002) - I probably don’t need to say much about this one. It’s a movie that most people have either seen or have at least heard of. But there’s a reason it’s consistently named one of the best zombie movies around. It deals with not only the horror of the zombies (and they certainly make that aspect scary on its own), but also the darkest aspects of the fall of society. We’re given a frighteningly grim look at the degradation of humanity and the darkest aspects of human nature as society falls apart. 

15 seems like enough! And hopefully you’ll like some of those!! :D 

(also, for those reading this, please watch Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) cause it’s amazing)

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Yea....I'm gonna hide from horrortale in the tall sink and never come out again.

(*Horror warning, kinda.  I took this and ran with it.  Set in Underground Horrortale instead of the lodge. )

When you go into the tall sink, you think you’re safe, shrouded by darkness save the dim light framing the cabinet door.  Surely, they can’t eat you here, right?  

Your foot shuffles backward, and you hear a crunching noise beneath your shoe.  Oh yeah–Papyrus keeps his bone attacks beneath the sink.  You must have stepped on one of them.

…. Were they always so brittle?   Did they always sound so small?

Swallowing hard around the apprehension and unease knotting in your throat, you attempt to remain as still as possible to assuage your fright.  This was a good idea; you’re safe.  Surely, the skelebros don’t even bother with what’s under the sink anymore.  You can wait until they fall asleep (do they even sleep anymore?  You try not to dwell too hard on the fact that Papyrus rarely slept to begin with and Sans is a night-owl) and then sneak out of their house.  Maybe they keep some food in their shed–maybe…

You hear something move behind you.

Your breath hitches in your throat, and you immediately clasp a hand over your mouth to muffle the startled shout that desperately wants to rip through you.  Your eyes are wide, but you can’t bring yourself to look over your shoulder, to gaze into the darkness.  

No, you’re too afraid of what eldritch horror might be staring back at you.

Another moment passes, then another.  Slowly, you start to breathe again, the tight grip on your mouth relaxing.  Your fingers are trembling, but there’s nothing but silence beneath the sink.  You must have imagined it, or maybe you had knocked a bone attack loose.

But then you hear it again, the sound of claws scraping against wood, followed by a low growl.  More than that, you feel a humid puff of breath against your neck, and against your better judgement, you whirl around to face whatever’s beneath the sink with you.  

All you can see are two eyes in the darkness–(some sort of animal, your terrified mind numbly supplies) before you throw yourself backward, hoping to break out of the sink.  Your back hits the door, but…

It doesn’t budge.  

The air rushes from your lungs, and since the flight option has been taken away, you immediately begin feeling around the bottom of the sink, trying to find one of Papyrus’s bones to fend off this beast.  However, what you feel isn’t right.  His attacks are much bigger than these bones.  Your fingers catch on something round, then dip inside a hole on the object– and you’re unable to silence the shriek that tears past your lips when you realize it’s a skull.  Frantically, you start wiping your hands on the front of your shirt and banging your back against the door.  

He isn’t keeping his attacks beneath the sink anymore.

The creature before you is still standing there, only its growling has become louder.  You suddenly remember your phone and fumble to get it out of your pockets, your fingers trembling so much that it seems like the simple act takes an eternity.   Miraculously, the creature doesn’t attack you in the midst of pressing the home button on your phone to illuminate your lock screen.  You face it away from you, and when the light hits the creature, your heart bottoms out into your stomach.

The fur that was once white is now a motley gray, matted and unkempt.  Saliva drips in thick strands from its maw, which is stained a dark crimson, and its lips are curled back from its jagged, razor-sharp teeth.  It’s as large as a wolf, only much fluffier, and its snout not nearly as long.  Bones litter the floor around its feet, but that’s not what grabs your attention.  No, you can’t help but lift your phone slightly, aiming your light beyond the Annoying Dog.

To your surprise, the area beneath the tall sink stretches, a mere corridor leading to the inside of a cavern.  What was once a shrine of some sort can just barely be seen in the very back, though its dilapidated, the roof mostly caved-in, and various trinkets sprinkled throughout the rubble.    

As the Annoying Dog steps forward, its massive paw crunching through the litter surrounding it with ease, you spot several more pairs of eyes watching you from within the shrine, and your phone slips through your shaking fingers and clatters to the ground.

You were right.

You’re never coming out again.

A Missing Soul and Other Observations

clevercatchphrase submitted: 

(This speculation was too long and complicated to be sent as an ask. I hope you don’t mind this theory being sent in as a submission!)

So! After the release of Monday’s page, we all learned something quite shocking! The Dreemurrs only had five human souls at the time of Frisk’s falling into the Underground. Now, if this story is keeping true to all known facts from the game before Frisk fell (save for Chara and Asriel dying) then that means six humans had to have fallen after Chara and before Frisk. Now that begs several questions; Which one is missing? Where did it go? And most curious to me, Why is one missing?

Now, I have absolutely no idea which soul is missing. For now, we can assume it is not the Patient Soul, since it had been collected by Chara and Gaster and taken for research. Unless the Patient Soul was stolen by someone, but I highly doubt that, as it was the first soul the dreemurrs collected, so it was probably kept guarded under close watch.

For the next two questions of “where did it go” and “why is it missing”, I have one theory. Are you ready? Got your note pad? Okay, listen to this; the soul (as well as the entire human) was “deleted”.

(“How?!” you ask, your pen screeching to a halt on your notepad halfway through a frantic scribble.)

Let me explain. First, three important things we need to keep in mind; 1) Until Frisk fell, only Chara could Save and Load. None of the other humans could do it, 2) Time on the surface keeps passing at its normal rate, no matter what happens in the Underground, and  3) We assume the Barrier is what allows time to flow differently in the Underground (it keeps all Load and Save shenanigans contained, which is why the dates are different on the Surface vs the Underground)

Now let’s set the scene; First, Chara makes a Save at some random point in the Underground. It doesn’t really matter when, the important thing is that they do before a human falls. Second, a human falls into the Underground and is now trapped by the laws of the barrier like everyone else. At that physical point in time the human no longer exists on the surface, because they’re underground. The timeline on the surface keeps progressing as usual. Third, for whatever reason, Chara decides to Load back to their Save point before this other human fell. What happens to this second human? Assuming the magic of the barrier is what keeps the timeline of the underground seperate from the timeline on the surface, Chara rewinding time would, in theory, virtually erase them from existing, because after the human falls, time keeps passing on the surface and they are no longer apart of it. Chara going back to a time where the second human did not yet exist in the Underground would not and could not force the second human back on the surface of Mt. Ebott, because that would mean time on the surface would have to rewind to a point before the second human fell, back to a time where the human was on the surface, but as we pointed out, the timeline on the surface is not effected by the timeline in the Underground. SO! After Chara Loads, the human is “deleted” from all of time and space. Chara may wait around for them to “fall again”, but it’s not going to happen because the human stopped existing on the surface as soon as they fell into Mt. Ebott the first time (Only time, technically). Time moved on without them, indifferent to Chara’s Saving and Loading and the humans who fall.

(WOW! Sorry that got really wordy. I hope I explained my thoughts clear enough!)


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Act 43

anonymous asked:

I think Kaneki and Touka had sex more than once that final page seemed to suggest so.

There’s been at least a few months time skip between chapter 126 and 127- enough time for the ghouls to retreat underground, to set up base down there with a communications center, start teaching Naki literacy.

I don’t really understand why the default assumption is that after entering into a sexually actively relationship, Touka and Kaneki have only spent one night together. That’s… generally not what most couples do.