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Book Review: Radio Silence

Radio Silence

by Alice Oseman

THIS BOOK SNEAKED UP BEHIND ME AND BOWLED ME OVER WITH IT’S AMAZINGNESS. Seriously, everyone has been telling me I’d absolutely adore it, and I started it and doubted that it would be amazing as everyone said, but then I looked up and it was almost midnight and my eyes were burning and I absolutely adored it.

The book is about Frances, an artist, and a fanartist for her favorite podcast: Universe City. From what it’s been described as in the book, it seems kind of like a Welcome to Nightvale type of podcast, or maybe something more along the lines of, say, The Bright Sessions, or The Message in terms of storytelling. Then there’s Aled, the brother of Frances’s best friend who vanished a few years ago. And it turns out Aled is the creator of Universe City. 

What I Liked:

-Aled and Frances are AMAZING. Frances is this study-aholic who has done EVERYTHING she possibly can to get into Cambridge, her dream school. She has friends, but at the same time she’s extremely lonely because her school friends know straight-A’s-and-studying Frances, but not who she really is - an artist, a fangirl, and a massive nerd.

Aled is awkward and anxious and a total sweetheart and kind of a dork. And Frances befriends him and they start creating Universe City stuff together and the levels of DORKINESS and NERDINESS in this book is AMAZING. 

-Also??? The relationship between Frances and Aled in this book is TOTALLY PLATONIC. Frances is bisexual and kind of had a crush on Aled’s sister and Aled is demisexual, homoromantic and has his own secret crush going on. THEY’RE JUST REALLY GREAT FRIENDS.

-It totally captured the anxiety and unsureness of being about to start what a lot of people tell you is the beginning of the rest of your life. College is stressful. And no matter what you do you’re going to have doubts about it, because there will always seem like there’s something that’s more practical or maybe this will get you a better job possibly or going to this college will give you possibly a better education but this college is cheaper and you won’t need to get as many loans. And it captured all of that PERFECTLY. 

-ACTUAL SUPPORTIVE PARENT ALERT. Frances and her mom get along really well and she helps out Frances when Frances needs help and wasn’t just there to ground Frances and/or feed her like so many other YA parents.

-And this book’s writing style was fantastic. It took me a chapter to get into it, but once I did it grabbed me by my heartstrings and didn’t let go, not once. I came up gasping for air and totally, utterly, completely in love with this book.


-Also Alice Oseman needs to write something else immediately. Like, right now. Pretty please?

5/5 stars


Book Review: Hunted


by Meagan Spooner

This was a pretty dang fantastic retelling. Typically I’m a bit leery about Beauty and the Beast retellings, because there’s often the creepy “girl falling in love with her captor” aspect that’s honestly a bit gross. But this isn’t just a Beauty and the Beast retelling, but it has aspects of the Russian fairytale, “Ivan, the Firebird and the Gray Wolf”.

-The novel, for the most part, is narrated by Yeva, a huntress, the favorite of her father’s three daughters. Beauty was her childhood nickname. And, when her father never comes home, she’s the first to propose to go and search for him.

-Throughout the novel, the POV of the beast takes up a chapter or two, to show is gradually changing mindset. 

-Remember what I said about most Beauty and the Beast retellings can be kind of gross? Well, at first, Yeva doesn’t realize that the Beast is her capture. Then, she figures it out, she attempts to kill him. She has conversations with people about the problems of woman falling in love with men who are cruel to them, and worries she’s one of those woman. 

-Well the story progresses slowly, there’s an elegance to it. A carefulness that leads to the story feeling very well-thought out.

-But, yes, at times it can make everything feel slowed down. Bits of the story dragged, and the ending felt mildly rushed, and like it had more potential than it had.

But I liked it! Meagan Spooner has a great writing style, and I look forward to her next book.

4/5 stars


Fairy Tail Chapter 427: “Fierce Underground Battle” Review


Max Cover: (Max x Broom are canon?)

Natsu wants to barge in:

Lucy stops them:

Virgo’s New Torture Fetish:

Virgo Star Dress:

They Infiltrate: (Small NaLu moment too~)

Natsu… Why…:

That Whole Moment with Natsu and Virgo:

Enter Abel:

He has a Mr. Cursey/Noro-san:

Natsu fodderizes Abel and 2 other members:

Natsu vs. Gray Incoming:

Chapter 428 - “If Our Paths Are Different”: