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Golden Age Gals: Mavis Doriel Hay

Murder Underground Review:

This book is an interesting one. The book begins with a very staccato sort of pace - with a good deal of confusion as each member of the story learns of the death of Miss Pongleton on the steps of the tube station. I became annoyed as I read because after their initial congregation to discuss the ghastly demise of a universally disliked old spinster, each member of the Frampton boarding house (where the old lady lived and each sleuth has some connection to) blundered about on their own parallel - yet not intersecting investigations.

There was no one person in the story who knew the whole, no singular sleuth with whom the information flowed the in order to facilitate the solving of the crime. Each member of the Frampton had their own thread to pull on to try and untangle the whole mess and didn’t really discuss their knot with another. The only investigators you don’t read about at any length is the police. So I continued to slog my way thru the book, which while I found annoying, the mystery did have me interested, until it dawned on me.

(near the scene of the crime) (source of the image here)

The person with whom all the information flowed thru was the reader! Me! This book is the ultimate in fair play. You are the sleuth (though the fourth wall in the book isn’t broken - that would have been really weird, but anyways) sifting through statements, evidence and alibis to figure out who did it. Nothing is hidden from the reader until the last chapter, which I suspect the author did in order to give her characters their big reveal in front of the fire with everyone gathered together again in the sitting room.

I don’t think I have ever read anything written quite like this and by the end I was really invested in discovering who did it! My early annoyance evaporated completely. Which is why I am giving you a heads up about Hay’s style here - to perhaps mitigate any frustration you might feel when reading this mystery. Plus if you are a fan of golden age mysteries Murder Underground incorporates a number of staples of the style - set in England, with a universally disliked victim, off stage violence, a smallish closed cast of characters/suspects and a traditional sitting room which bookended the mystery.

Plus the people which populated the narrative make this book worth checking out. In fact it has one of my new favorite characters in it - Mr. Blend who like a nice “tidy” murder…But you have to read the book to fully appreciate him - but it is more than worth it.

Overall I think this book is worth the time it takes to read it. Just keep in mind that you are the detective and you’ll be fine!

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Run Run Run
The Velvet Underground
Run Run Run

Track 5, The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)


You could say that The Velvet Underground was anti-rock in the same way that Warhol was anti-art – neither of them really were, but you couldn’t shake the fact that that was the air they gave off. This was 1967; San Fran’s summer of love, the Beatles in motion with Sgt. Pepper while Pink Floyd was still embryonic and Led Zeppelin was getting into its stride: that was the scene.

Separate to it all, here came Lou Reed & co. with The Velvet Underground & Nico, the closest thing to garage rock the ’60s ever had. From a 21st century perspective it’s roots. But the heart of it lies in informality – strip it back to amp and classic kit and this is what you get. Unprocessed art rock, heavy on feedback and about as raw as it got.

And Nico – especially under Lou Reed’s treatment – is almost elegaic. With a drone sort of quality that’s as beautiful as it is strange, she conjures up some sort of regal sorrow. All Tomorrow’s Parties takes a leap into the hearts of introverts anonymous – myself included. In particular:

What costume shall the poor girl wear,
To all tomorrow’s parties?

No, this is more than just Warhol’s little lab experiment. It’s unlikely genius pressed in 12-inch, cut rough. And imperfection’s never been as flawless.


Aion 4.8 - Idian Depth [Underground Katalam]

Idian Depths remains in Aion 4.8. There are some interesting things, like you can drop some “Scale” looking item that can be sold for lots of Kinah. This probably will help the economy or destroy it even more???? 


@azsurance said:  It becomes a private PVE ground (asmos and elyos have their own zones), the portal to it opens for a few hours per day each time. You can access it via Kaldor, Levinshor, 엔샤르 and 시그니아.

It’s not the same ID per se since they did some rather drastic changes to it, in terms of what you can do there. Basically it’s just a mindless farming ground with decent drops (they removed all the named mobs though). The portal to the new ID spawns randomly too so there’s no set location.

Thank you Azsurance!

I just realized, Alphys and Mettaton were the only members of the human fan club. Mettaton isn’t interested in anime. Undyne only watches anime because she thinks it’s human history, and is only interested in the fighting action packed ones and ones about humans with powers, and obviously watches them with Alphys so she wouldn’t be interested in this one. We don’t know anyone that watches anime other than them. Frisk can watch anime based on your choices, but Alphys doesn’t remember she put you on undernet at this point.

All anime comes collected from the dump by Alphys. Alphys is the only one with Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 or whatever it is called. You can find a dvd covered in desperate claw marks in the dump, but we don’t know why Alphys left it or threw it out again.

This means when Alphys writes the review on that anime on the Undernet, she is reviewing something that she is the only person in the underground that would ever think to watch, and she either has kept for herself or just threw out and ruined the only known copy in the underground. She reviews something only she will care about and she is the only person that will review it or ever watch it in the underground. They don’t have human Internet.

Since she made the Undernet, chances are she made the ability to post reviews just so she could make a negative review on something only she will care about or experience.

Toby really made a spot on imitation of people on the Internet, didn’t he?

anonymous asked:

What kind of content does everyone post?


He doesn’t use YouTube that much, but he posts ‘Eat Jin’ and ‘Cook with Jin’ videos and shots from his shows or photo-shoots. He uses tumblr more, where he does reviews of places where he eats or new recipes and pictures from his photo-shoots.


He posts his music, recordings from underground performances and does reviews for albums and/or songs. He does a vlog every Sunday as well, ranting about whatever happened that week that pissed him off lmao.


Dance videos of either just himself or with his dance crew. He also does vlogs to just talk and sometimes does challenges he was asked of. 


He posts his music and recordings from his underground performances. After he gets together with Jin, he starts posting vlogs as well and later, when they move in together, they start making a video every Friday with a compilation of what they did that week (it’s cute and sometimes embarrassing and the subscribers love it) Namjoon also uses his twitter for OOTD pictures lmao. 


He started by doing only vlogs so he could tell Taetae about whatever was happening with him. Later, he starts posting videos of him dancing to whatever songs he likes. 


He posts vlogs about EVERYTHING. He does one video a day (even when he’s busy) because he has so much to say. He constantly uploads his twitter as well. 


He doesn’t use YouTube that much, but he posts compilation videos of every dumb dubsmash and vine videos he makes. He also has a very popular tumblr full of ALL THE MEMES. After he’s pursued by Yoongi and Namjoon, he makes another YouTube channel where he sings covers of songs.

erikmfsosa  asked:

Do you ever think about doing reviews for artists who aren't going mainstream or aren't popular? Just curious.

No, I only review the most mainstream of mainstream releases. What’s the point in reviewing something underground? If it were good, wouldn’t it be popular already? Check mate.

RJD2 - Ghostwriter
RJD2 - Ghostwriter

RJD2 - Ghostwriter

I’ve been a fan of RJD2 ever since I first started getting into underground hip-hop. He’s been in the game for a long time, and remains as one of the best. His instrumental specialty is in the brass department. The pronounced horns in this song are really gripping and sexy and speak for themselves. In terms of longstanding artistic quality, Ghostwriter blows the competition out of the water. I believe it will always remain a definitive classic of its genre. This song is off of RJD2’s 2002 debut album Deadringer.


My Song Rating: 10 out of 10


This week’s Throwback Thursday Clip, is a game review for Tony Hawk: Underground

Shout out to the Hulk

Fairy Tail Chapter 427: “Fierce Underground Battle” Review


Max Cover: (Max x Broom are canon?)

Natsu wants to barge in:

Lucy stops them:

Virgo’s New Torture Fetish:

Virgo Star Dress:

They Infiltrate: (Small NaLu moment too~)

Natsu… Why…:

That Whole Moment with Natsu and Virgo:

Enter Abel:

He has a Mr. Cursey/Noro-san:

Natsu fodderizes Abel and 2 other members:

Natsu vs. Gray Incoming:

Chapter 428 - “If Our Paths Are Different”: