the underground pyramid

What keeps me up at night

why couldn’t machu pichu be a wizarding school in Peru

Or Cuzco? And the magic taught there be mainly of the indigenous tribes, whose teaching methods differ than that of Amazonian magic/ wizardry

And you know there’s a least one school in the Caribbean, off the coast of Colombia or DR- an island where muggles are aware of magic, and the students use their magic to help with trade/fishing, and they work together to put on the best Carnival, hidden from the rest of the world

Or another school carved into the northern Andes mountains (in Colombia, there’s a salt mine turned huge underground cathedral made of stone and salt carved into the side of the mountain)

And two in Central America- one underground, beneath an ancient pyramid/temple and one in the jungle that connects Central America to South America, where no muggle has ever been (in real life, there’s actually no roads or way to cross into Central America from Colombia through the mainland, it’s extremely dangerous and only like 5 people have ever done it)

And all the schools who have roots in indigenous teachings have a resentment/dislike for the beachfront school in Argentina, that opt for teachings based of Hogwarts houses and have the only house for pure bloods- except the definition of pure is also based on your European wizarding ancestry - no creole, mistejos, mutts etc etc. the indigenous schools/teachings have existed for more than thousands of years, survived during colonialism, yet it’s the shiny new Argentinian school that gets international praise

And every school has a magical soccer and Quiditch team- they have a mini World Cup like tournament with the schools from North America every 4 years, but it’s never held the same years as the muggleworld soccer World Cup (Argentina and Brazil are tied for the most titles)

Oh! And wizards laugh when they watch muggles dance salsa, bachata, etc etc bc back in colonial times enslaved wizards who didn’t have wands would use their shackled feet to conjure/practice magic - to the beat of their music - until they could escape

there’s so much that could’ve been done for a wizarding world in Latin America

You could literally ask anybody in that has roots there, and they could have come with something better than /1/ school in Brazil for such a populous, diverse and historically rich world

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