the unapologetic mexican

I just want to show my utter support to Diego Luna’s attitude of being aggressively, unapologetic Mexican/Latino. Because he’s there in stage, speaking Spanish, speaking English with heavy accent and being proudly Mexican.
And that, my friends, even for me, a Mexican girl living in Mexico, is uplifting in times where Donald Trump is menacing transnational companies to close factories in Mexico or forcing them (Ford) to do it.

thezerogomez13  asked:

Hey! Could I get a matchup? I'm a straight female, Scorpio, INTJ, introvert, and unapologetically Mexican. I'm 5'7, brown eyes, brown wavy hair, and have a smiley piercing. I'm very passionate and wish to become an astrobiologist one day. I'm very loyal and protective with those I care about. I'm brutally honest and straight forward which makes some people think I'm a bitch but I'm really not. I read a lot and play too many video games. I also enjoy having really deep conversations. Thanks!

I ship you with…. Hanzo! 

He loves it when you talk to him about something you’re passionate about and encourages you to follow your dreams. He is also honest, and while most people perceive it as being rude it’s a trait he admires.

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