the umbrella academy dallas

Fireworks for the dead,
It’s time to go to bed.
In the hospital, the friends you stole are all around you,
All around you…
Did the devil pay your bill?
When they took you out of the accident, nothing of you could be recognized…

Let it in, let it go. When they lift you up, there’s something you must know.
What you’ll find could surprise you.

‘Cause the world, my friend, is big enough without you.

—  The Umbrella academy: Dallas
Part 6 of 6

oh, i also can’t remember if i posted this when i bought it but yeah;

it’s the Umbrella Academy! well, the second collection (Dallas) anyway; it’s like…idk; if the X-men were raised as a really dysfunctional adopted family and if professor Xavier was kind of an asshole and had a moustache/wore a monocle/constantly told his students they weren’t good enough for anything? It’s better than it sounds anyways

lots of angry family tension and a gay psychic superhero who talks to ghosts of famous people and wears hawaiian shirts everywhere