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aos appreciation week ★ day 2: who run the world? girls!

female friendship is a sacred, beautiful, wonderful, supportive thing, and to be able to portray that, it just raises the stakes somehow if you really care for each other and you’d do anything to save them. - elizabeth henstridge

the best thing about greed's teeth? they don't even need to BE that sharp. he's threatening & dangerous enough as is w/ just the whole ultimate shield thing. but there he is. w/ sharp teeth, as an added bonus. & everyone's even more attracted to him for it

“What I’ve wanted all this time… was friends like these.” - Greed

I kept thinking back to this one thing Greed says at the end of the story. It seemed mighty unfair to his chimera gang. I mean Ed and the others are pretty cool and all, but how were his previous friends worse? 

And then I realized: they weren’t.

When we first meet Greed he’s got his outcast gang, and tells Al that what he wants is money, power, women, etc, etc, and to this end immortality. Al, not knowing any better, might buy this. But what do we as the readers know?

A. Greed ditched the Father a century ago.
B. After all this time all he’s got to show for it is a group of henchmen, and, apparently, a bar.

Not much in terms of money and power, tbh. Not for a being as powerful as he is with the additional manpower he also has. If he really wanted all that money, power and so on, shouldn’t he be living in a more fancy location? Tbh the only thing he seems to have successfully hoarded is henchmen. Apparently, that was good enough for Greed, the Avaricious, cause all he was fixated on now was to find immortality. To enjoy the good things in life forever. Which are apparently - the henchmen.

But he IS kind of immortal. He’s pretty confident in his ultimate shield, he doesn’t seem to age. So why look for immortality? 

And here’s the deal, I think he was subconsciously looking for it for his friends. They’re the ones who would age and die. He liked having them, being Greed and all, so he wanted them to last.

The void in Greed’s heart could only be filled with friends. Lots of friends. It was a friends-shaped-hole.

But the idiot didn’t get it of course. Self-denial is strong in that one. And to even begin to understand that, Greed had to first lose what he had in the most painful way possible. Only then does he start observing that he is in fact alone. And once he is presented with free henchmen he just gets right back into the groove, now with a new idiotic and irrelevant big thing to crave - ruling the world. Cause the dumbass just won’t admit to himself that he just wants friends, not until the very end.

What an idiot. I love him. T_T

para-dig-m  asked:

along with a previous asker, i'm curios too. as a person with no religious beliefs, how do you interact with faith and spirituality? are you attracted to it? and why?

To be honest, I don’t have one definite position about religion, because, as you seem to know, I am an atheist, which means that I tend to either rationalise or idealise it, depending on the production and effects I’m looking at. 

I am indeed very attracted by the cognitive and social impact of religion on populations, on culture; attracted, intimately, by the strength and power that faith holds over individuals. Sometimes longing for it, although never for long, as I believe that there is something of a double-edge to faith: the soul-feeling is strength, yes, and consolation, and higher spirituality, but religion itself becomes of a shield as well, against hardships indeed, but also against knowledge and self-awareness sometimes, ultimately a shield, a veil, an excuse that I am not interested in possessing. 

Do I even make sense, I don’t know.

I am always very admirative, very heartbroken by the creative might of faith. Faith, when unencumbered by doctrines, is pure, selfless, spiritual, all-encompassing love, isn’t it? When it shines through in art, in sculpture, in architecture (the acute weight of the soul in churches and temples); and even more so in words, it’s a form of beauty like no other. 

ADHD Greed

-Says “huh?” constantly and has no idea whats going on half the time

-Nothing is ever enough, needs more and more constant stimulation to reach that sweet emotional high

-no personal space, must touch everything (nuzzling winry,patting bido,touching al)

-likes rubbing the fur collar of his vest with his face

-changing hyperfixations/obsessions “chimeras, wait no, immortality, wait no-”

-says shit impulsively with out thinking first, says its awesome that Al is bound to armor and cant eat or sleep, “I’d let you pierce me with your ultimate spear anytime” talking shit to his family despite the fact that they’re about to kill him, comes off as blunt and rude. “I’m greed the greedy”

-running off with no plan whatsoever. thought it was a good idea to break into the Bradley household and attack the fuher

-can’t express his emotions well

-not having his ultimate shield up all the time because he thinks it makes him ugly,not declaring himself superior to humans = low self esteem

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