the ultimate shield

So @greedfma and I decided to do an art trade on the concept of Greed as a human and our takes on that!

The one thing I especially loved about the original FMA versus Brotherhood was the concept of the homunculi being created as a result of trying to bring back a person and I always wondered who Greed was beforehand since we know about a few of the others such as Envy and Lust.

Here’s my headcanon put shortly: Greed, or at the time, Garen Nicholas, was from a middle class family originally. His father worked at the local university where he eventually went. They were not incredibly rich but they were decently well off. He worked his way up after their deaths and earned his title as an aristocrat. He was afraid of death and age more than anything which his lover at the time, Dante, would take advantage of and offer him the opportunity of immortality. The disappearance of Garen Nicholas came without any notice and unbeknownst to everyone in that city, Dante took his life and gave him a new existence. He died at the age of 27 and was reborn as the homunculus now known as Greed.


aos appreciation week ★ day 2: who run the world? girls!

female friendship is a sacred, beautiful, wonderful, supportive thing, and to be able to portray that, it just raises the stakes somehow if you really care for each other and you’d do anything to save them. - elizabeth henstridge

Some Underated Animation Noises:

- When Starfire says “Glorious!”
- The music playing when Steven summons his shield
- when Yang cocks Ember Celica
- When the Omnitrix powers on
- When A Powerpuff Girl punches someone
- Kim Possible’s four note ring tone
- Wall-E charging

Day 1 - Swift
“You have to be quick to escape the coiling wrath of the Najarala.”

For those of you who don’t know, this is based off of the game series, “Monster Hunter”. Specifically, “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” for the Nintendo 3DS.
In it, you can fight a giant snake-like monster called the Najarala.
If you get trapped within its coiling body, you have a very limited time as well as a small window to get outside its reach before it snaps down on you with an electrified bite.

This scene is of a Hunter trying to make a last-ditch escape before the monster takes its prey.

Technically, this piece took a lot of planning. This is the first time I’ve ever drawn the Najarala, and Monster Hunter designs are always pretty complicated to draw from the 3D models (at least to me). So it’s important to know what to draw and what to ignore when it comes to putting it on paper.