the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich

I've reached ultimate pun status

I was grilling a sandwich and my cheese fell of when I flipped it and of course like anyone would do I let out an anguished cry that was literally just me screeching ‘provolone!’ So I’m desperately trying to get this cheese back on my sandwich and I whisper 'don’t leave, me I’m so prov-alone without you’ and my mom just glares at me and tells me that I sound just like my dad. I Am aT dAD LEVEL PUN STATUS THIS IS NOT DRILL

otherpens  asked:

To add the ultimate zip to a grilled cheese sandwich, whisk together a dab of mustard (I like dark French, but classic yellow or Dijon work well, too,) and a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce. (Which contains anchovy so bear in mind if this is supposed to be for vegetarians.) Mix until smooth and slather on the inside of the bread. Adds nice sharpness under the creaminess of the cheese/butter/mayo.