the ultimate gentleman

Imagine falling in-love with Chris.

It may have only been your third date with Chris, but you were already certain you were starting to fall for the guy. This was a first for you, it’d never taken you three dates before. It was always- without exception- a copious amount of dates before your mind allowed your heart to decide on someone. You were a hopeless romantic, but your parents raised you smart. They’d both experienced their fair share of toxic relationships, having both been cheated on before by their earlier partners which left you with the inclination to always love with your head before your heart. You thought you could do that with Chris, but the second he spoke to you- you knew you were a goner. That mental checklist you had, the tests you’d appropriate- they suddenly became insignificant. He was the one. He proved it in three dates without you even having to ask. He was the ultimate gentleman: kind, loving, caring, compassionate, sweet, and genuine. He’d hold open doors and pull out chairs, get the check and drive you home, lend you his jacket if it was cold and lend you his arm if it was slippery. He was the kind of guy parents wanted their daughters to date and eventually marry.

The clock in the lobby of your apartment block displayed the time of 12:03PM when you and Chris walked in. The security guard, Carson looked up from his lukewarm coffee and waved a lazy hand at the both of you as you crossed the main floor to the line of elevators. You lived in a neighborhood with very low crime rate, in a building with 24/7 security, but it never stopped Chris from walking you all the way to your door. It was a gesture you loved, a gesture you never felt had any other motives. If all he got at the end of each date was a hug, or a kiss on the cheek, he’d still walk away smiling. He was patient and respectful; qualities that were lacking in many. That was why you felt safe with him, content and comfortable as long as you were with him. You hoped he knew that, you needed him to know that.

“I told you I’d have you back in one piece,” Chris joked as soon as the two of you arrived at your front door. He released your hand so you could work on opening your front door. He watched you, smiling at how beautiful you looked in that red dress. He couldn’t believe it when you told him this was the first time you’d put it on, asking if it was because you’d only recently acquired such a masterpiece. You’d told him “no”, that “it’s just something I’ve been saving for a special occasion.” His smile tenfold when he heard that, honored that he was what you’d decided to bestow that beautiful dress with.

The lock of your apartment door clicked open and you turned your back on your front door to smile at him. “Thank you for tonight,” you said and he nodded, taking one of your hands in his. An ache filled both your hearts, knowing this was the end of the night. “I actually had a really good time,” you told him and he laughed.

“Why on earth do you sound so surprised?”

“Because it was a party and I don’t do parties well,” you admitted and he chuckled, unable to wipe that love sick smile off his face. He couldn’t explain it, the way he felt when he was with you. It was ineffable, and it was almost inevitable where his relationship with you would end up. “But it was fun, you made it fun.”

“I told you when we met I’m a very fun guy.”

“And I didn’t believe you then, but I believe you now,” you said then giggled when his smile widened. Your gaze lowered to your joined hands; neither were going to let go of the other. “So um…” It was so quiet in the hallway you heard yourself swallow. You didn’t want him to go, you knew the second you walked inside and he turned for the elevator- you’d miss him. You wanted to invite him inside, but you were afraid of what you might risk if you rushed into things. It was the third date, and commonly third dates meant sex but- it couldn’t just be about sex with him. If he was the one, you wanted more.

“Are you tired?” He suddenly blurted.

“What?” You looked at him confusedly.

“Do you want to talk?” He asked. “‘Cause I feel like we didn’t get to talk much at the party and-” He cut himself off then smiled, releasing your hand to tuck a lock of your hair behind your ear. “I’d really like to have some alone time with you.” You felt the butterflies flapping their wings rapidly against the walls of your stomach. “I’m not trying anything, Y/N. I’m serious about just wanting to talk, I always think we have the best conversations.”

“I don’t think you’re trying anything,” was all you said before opening your front door and beckoning him inside. You slipped off your heels and immediately became much shorter than him, turning on the lights in your kitchen as he removed his shoes.

The light in your open floor kitchen illuminated your living room, showcasing a coffee table drowning in an ocean of opened travel books about Italy, scattered pieces of paper with notes scribbled upon their white surfaces, and writing materials in various colors. You traveled for a living, he remembered you telling him that. You loved to write and you had an incredible sense of wanderlust, so what job was better for you than a travel journalist? Your job probably tore you away from your home and loved ones as much as his did, but still, there was optimism about the development of your relationship.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“I’m good,” he assured you, settling on your couch. “So when’s the next job?” He asked, looking back at you instead of scanning your materials in front of him. He felt like it was an invasion of privacy. This was actually the first time he’d been inside your apartment. It was nice, it possessed class he’d expected it to from looking at the owner. It was a little big considering you lived alone, but who was he to judge?

“Not for a few months,” you answered as you joined him on the couch. He took his arm off the back and rested it in his lap, planting both feet on the ground to give you more room. You were sat close enough so you could exchange an affectionate touch or two, but far enough to spot and cease any unwanted advances. It wasn’t Chris you were worried about, it was you. The sexual tension in the air was thick, the fact you were still a little buzzed made it worst. If you didn’t keep that small portion of your brain sober to remind you of the wonderful possibilities you could have with Chris by taking things slow, the two of you would be tangled in your sheets by now. “Italy is actually for a holiday, ‘cause it’s different when you’re working. Sometimes I don’t know if combining my two favorite things with a job was the best idea, I feel like it drains the goodness.”

“I’m sure it does, but it beats being stuck in an office doing that nine-to-five thing like a ritual.” He said and you chuckled, nodding in agreement. “I’m going to ask you something,” he reached across for your hand, the pad of his thumb gently running along your knuckles. “And don’t freak out ‘cause it’s just part of my dating process.”

“If you don’t want someone to freak out then don’t say the words ‘freak out’ ‘cause it freaks people out,” you told him and he laughed, squeezing your hand. “What is it?” You asked, resting your elbow on the back of your couch and leaning your head against your palm.

“How do you know when you’re in-love with someone?”

You felt your breath caught in your throat as you tried to process his words. Was it really a question that was part of his dating process, or was he trying to tell you something? You falling head over heels for him after three dates, you understood. You were a girl and not even feminism protected you from those Hollywood Rom-Com stereotypes when it came to a guy as perfect as Chris. But Chris was a guy and you weren’t that perfect, so what was he hinting at?

“How do you know when you’re in-love with someone?” You answered with his question and he chuckled, shaking his head. Clearly he’d expected that reaction from you, it was a bold question after only three dates.

“I can’t envision my future without her being there,” he answered. “I start to plan with her in mind. I become more aware of my decisions. I don’t do anything that I think will affect her negatively. And of course, the cliché of always wanting to be around her, and…” He shuffled closer, taking your hand and pressing it to where his heart was. “And feeling my heart beat twice as fast and three times as hard when I’m with her.”

“Ditto,” you heard yourself mumble as you watched him lean in.

“If I tell you I’m in-love with you,” he whispered, lips inches from yours, “will you promise not to run?” You nodded, taking your head from your hand and resting said hand on his cheek instead. “Because I’m in-love with you, Y/N. I’m in-love with you after three dates, is that insane?”

“No,” you smiled, “‘cause I’m pretty sure you had me at two.”

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dating theo raeken would include...

— hating each other before getting to know one another

•arguing until your voice is raw and your face is flushed with blood from every ounce of anger you’ve put into the argument with theo

•theo spitefully calling you “princess” when you argue

•"don’t you fucking call me princess, you fucking asshole!“

• him doing it anyways because the lil shit knows it pisses you off

— him beginning to like your personality

•he likes how you aren’t afraid to tell anybody what you’re thinking. it’s almost as if there is no filter between your brain and your mouth.

•he loves the way you argue with every ounce of your soul. he knows you’re stubborn and that even if you play unfairly, you’ll do it to win.

• but there’s a side of you he’s never gotten to encounter like some of the other pack members, you can be soft and kind and he loves that too.

—him starting to try and get closer to you

• “i know we haven’t been on the best terms since we met, but i’d like to at least try to be civil with each other.”

•you hesitate to agree but he’s got these pleading eyes that you can’t deny anything to.

•"we can make that arrangement. just try not to be such an asshole, raeken.“

—asking you out on a date after a week of getting to know you personally

•although not a very romantic person, he goes all out for you.

•you’re showered with a bouquet of red roses, and it has one white rose in the middle

•he’s the ultimate gentleman around you. opening doors, complimenting your everything, and it’s just really great.

•on this date, you both talk about a lot. he finds that you have a darker past than he originally thought, and that’s why you weren’t trusting of him first.

—stiles eventually finding out about this

•"you went out with, WHO?”

•"stiles, it’s really not a big deal, he’s actually a really great guy.“

•since stiles is like your overly protective older brother, he gives stiles ‘that’ talk.

•"theo, i’m not even fucking joking. if i hear a word come out of her mouth that has anything with you mistreating her, you will not live to see the next hour.”

—finding out about theo and the dread doctors

•"i cannot believe i trusted you. i trusted you, theo! i was warned, i was warned so many times, but i didn’t listen because you seemed like a decent guy!“

•"y/n, I am so, very very sorry.”

•"yeah fucking right. i cannot believe i let my guard down and let you into my life in the first place.“

—not talking to him for two weeks, until your forced to work by his side

•"y/n, please talk to me.”

•"theo, it’s been so hard, i have to literally have somebody take my phone away from me so i don’t call you. so i don’t look at all of our past messages or listen to those fucking voicemails.“

•"i feel it too, i feel that too.”

•"do you? did you feel that way when i left? even though you sit there and flirt with tracey and hayden? even though you sit there and act like nothing is wrong?“

•"i’m a fucking wreck y/n, please understand that.”

•"i am too, theo, but here’s something you don’t fucking understand. i fucking love you and i want to stay away no matter how much it reads me apart.“

—saving you from the dread doctors

•"i fucking told them not to touch you.”

•"theo? what are you doing here?“

•you don’t remember anything before the dread doctors found you, but all you can see if theo frantically untying straps that hold you down and a worried expression on his face. you’re in and out of sleep.

•"princess, i need you to stay awake.”

•"where’s scott?“

•theo visibly tenses when you say that

•"we can worry about that later, baby. let’s focus on saving you first.”

—waking up in the hospital bed with theo by your side, other pack members scattered around the room, and some down in the cafeteria.

•you immediately trying to rip the IV’s from your arm, you’re so frightened.

•theo suddenly jumps up and clasps your wrists in his hands

•"y/n, calm down.“

•you start to breathe normally and he lets go of your wrists.

•"i’m so sorry, i can’t even string together words to tell you how sorry i am. i love you so much, i never thought they would go as far as harming you.”

•"theo, shut the hell up, i have a headache, and these lights don’t help. let’s worry about this later.“

—having a long and deep conversation about everything

•"theo, don’t you dare fucking lie to me, not anymore. i told you this in the beginning, and you need to get this straight, i will not tolerate being lied to.”

•"i promise you, i will never lie to you again. i won’t keep anything from you, and you won’t ever have to worry about that again.“

•"theo, you need to tell me everything.”

•and theo does. every fine detail is just one more piece of his broken soul.

•"i have a fucked up past, but i love you.“


[vague ‘oraaaaaaa’ in the distance]


• ok so he is maybe the cutest boy ever
• like the first time you saw him you were probably completely smitten
• like he is just so pure and adorable
• and he was super shy but once he asked you out
• and you’d been on a few dates
• he got really comfortable really quickly
• cuddliest boy in the world

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thekuroiookami  asked:

HIIIIIII! Excuse my newness. So this might be an odd headcanon, but could we have the GoM (-Mukkun) and Kagami react to their fem s/o turning up to a party in a tux? Like it's a sexy one, tailored to her figure, but with a badass tie and such. Hugs for your general wonderfulness!



    • He puts his arm around her waist and pulls her close and is like “What brand of suit is that?” 
    • When she responds he’s like “It looks reaaaallly good on you” in that low, seductive Akashi voice. 
  • Literally he is planning in his head the best social diversion so they could sneak off and have some alONE time as he observes her suit omg.


  • he whistles at her as she walks in (aomine is never a classy man) and he shamelessly grabs her ass when her back is to a wall.
    • “i didn’t know you could clean up so well in a suit.” 
    • headcanon she tries to assert her dominance over him when she’s in a suit and he digs it so much. 
  • Aomine kinda annoyed his s/o getting so much attention for looking hot while wearing a suit. 
    • pulls her closer with her tie before making out on the dance floor 


  • Is a mix between super turned on and fanboying over his girlfriend. 
    • “You…look really…good” - has difficulty formulating even the most basic sentences. 
  • follows his significant other around like a lost puppy (mainly bc he can’t keep his eyes off the butt) 
    • When they’re in private together he takes apart her clothing piece by piece but he STRUGGLES WITH THE TIE because it’s kagami


  • Blushes really frickin’ pink and starts stuttering and spouts out a ton of “nanodayo’s”
    • “why did you wear that, nanodayo?”
    • “i think i looked better in it than a dress, don’t you think shin-chan?”
    • “i…i…i like you either way, nanodayo.” 
  • headcanon midorima partially inspired this because he said her lucky item was a tie and she ended up weARING A TIE and he’s just honestly shook by how gorgeous she is. 
    • NSFW HEADCANON: after the party midorima lets her dominate him bc yes, sexy woman in suit going down on you?? shin-chan can’t say no to that!! 


  • HE BLUSHES FOR A SPLIT SECOND, then recollects himself and acts like the ultimate gentleman
    • “You’re so cute, _____-chan.” 
    • He keeps staring at her figure even from afar and it becomes really obvious but he denies it omg
  • Kuroko asks her to dance and he’s literally speechless because he’s thinking DAMN why don’t girls wear ties and tuxes more often


  • Kise starts flirting with his own girlfriend because she looks so good??
  • He teasingly plays with her tie (even at inappropriate times)
  • Gushes over his s/o in public and is like “look how pretty she is!!!” but deep down kise just wants to take it all off and do the dirty deeds so badly
    • “hey ____-chan, we should play dress up more often. you know i have a lot of clothes in my closet.” 

dreamfar628  asked:

Omo.. I want Nobuyuki to be happy. 😢 If you're still taking requests, could you do hc for how he'd behave around MC's family? Let's say mc is in final trimester and he's taking her back to her mom's for delivery?

i am always onboard for happy!Nobuyuki. always.

Nobuyuki dealing with pregnant MC and her family

  • Nobuyuki is The Ultimate Gentleman
  • he always has an arm around her shoulders, or at least a hand supporting her elbow
  • she has always been kind of clumsy but it’s worse now because her centre of gravity has changed and she has a giant protruding belly to deal with
  • regularly stumbles and bumps into things when Nobuyuki is not around, so obviously the solution is for him to be there as much as possible
  • if she even so much as hints at having a craving, he is on it immediately
  • brings lots of nice, tasteful gifts for her mom and Yahiko! nothing but the best for his wife’s family, of course
  • he has been listening to her ramble on about how much she loves them for a long time now so he knows exactly what to get for them
  • they are so impressed, like wow how did you bag such a prize
  • he likes to tell Yahiko stories and talk about life lessons. Yahiko is wide-eyed and very extremely awestruck
  • her mom is very charmed by how attentive and considerate Nobuyuki is
  • frequently declares that she couldn’t have gotten a more perfect son-in-law
  • they are a little intimidated by having the Sanada heir stay with them because they’re just a regular family and their house is small and not fancy…
  • but he makes himself perfectly at home, always happy to help out with whatever he can (although he’s not very good at chores because he’s a lord after all)
  • he’s actually really happy to experience normal family life, wants to remember every detail and reproduce it as much as possible after they go home to Ueda. he’s looking forward to having a happy, loving family with her and their children
  • regularly goes along on marketing trips to carry all the groceries, etc. heavy lifting? he’s there
  • he wants her to just stay off her feet and rest! because rest is important for pregnant women! she protests and says she’s pregnant, not dying, but he insists and she eventually relents. honestly she’s touched that he’s so concerned about her wellbeing
  • her mom and Yahiko are so relieved and happy that Nobuyuki treats her right
I was following the pack, all swallowed in their coats
With scarves of red tied 'round their throats
To keep their little heads from falling in the snow ✰

SDR2 Boys (with their S/Os) and Amusement Parks

I personally love roller coasters and theme parks a lot, anon, so this was great to write because I’ve already thought so much about it!!
–Mod Gundham


Hajime Hinata

-He’s heckin pumped to go to an amusement park with you

-He doesn’t show it a bunch, but as soon as you guys pull in he is g o n e

-Well, not really… he grabs your hand and starts to gently drag you around

-The first coaster you guys go on is pretty intense and Hajime ends up loving it

-So if you’re not one for intense rides, you might have to gently tell him you won’t be going on any more with him

-Though if you are one for fast rides, you’ll both be having the time of your lives!!

-He’d stop every so often to make sure you’re both hydrated and not too sick to ride

-He’d probably only buy any fried foods if you wanted some to share

-He’s mostly just focused on you and the rides tbh

Nagito Komaeda

-He’s just going because you want to go, really

-He’s not against theme parks, not by any means, but with his luck? He’s nervous one of you two will die

-Thankfully, the worst thing that happens is that he almost throws up on the ferris wheel

-He’d just wanna do whatever you want to do!!

-Rides, games, buying snacks?

-Whatever you’re up for is what he wants to do!

-You challenge him to one of those water gun games and he fails miserably

-The man working the game convinces you two to try again…

-…and he whoops your ass

-Nagito either sucks at the games or wins the best prizes with ease

-He gives all the stuffed animals to you, of course

-So you two go home a bit woozy and sickish from the rides but with a boatload of prizes!!

Teruteru Hanamura

-Suprisingly, he doesn’t really want to try the food

-I mean, don’t get him wrong, he’s definitely going to eat while you’re there

-But the majority of it is like fried desserts and stuff he could make infinitely better at home

-He more wants to play the games and win you toys!!

-Mostly because he wants to be the Ultimate Gentleman (tm by gonta) to you on at least one date!

-He’s not that great at any of the games…

-You’re probably better at all of them than him

-But he does get you a few small stuffed animals!

-He’s going to name them all and then proceed to try and seduce you with them sorry

Gundham Tanaka


-…..Okay, maybe a few if you insist….

-But fast rides are a bit too much for him, and he never likes to leave the Devas behind so that’s a safety hazard for everyone involved

-He’s much more a man who favors the ground

-He’ll be happiest after a speedy roller coaster, knowing he’s back on solid ground and that you, him, and the Devas are safe

-Though the happiest you’ll see him all evening is when he drags you to the ferris wheel

-He’ll probably have bought lemonade and cotton candy for you both

-And then he just holds your hand and hangs out with you looking at the sunset

-He’s uh

-Pretty shaky by the end of it

-But so pleased with himself (for the ferris wheel idea) and you (for taking him there in the first place)!!

Nekomaru Nidai

-He’s going to do whatever you want to do!!

-Well, he probably won’t ride too many coasters, especially not the fast ones…

-Mostly due to his heart problems, really

-But to make up for that he’ll try and win you the biggest stuffed animals he can!!!

-And so he does

-You only get like three or four, but these things are giant

-Nekomaru carries them for you

-And whenever you two sit down to eat he sits them like they were eating too

-He really just tries to spend the day making you laugh and smile!!

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

-You kind of have to drag him to the amusement park

-He just kind of doesn’t want to be seen somewhere so childish…

-Of course, once you pout he can’t say no to you

-Peko trails behind you the entire day

-Fuyu is actually a little spooked to try one of the more intense rides

-But again, if you just ask he’ll do it

-He might cuss and be reluctant, but he’ll do it

-He actually finds that he likes the roller coasters!!

-So you two spend most of your day going between rides and games

-You two are both grinning like idiots when you go home with snacks and a few medium sized stuffed animals

Kazuichi Soda

-He’s extremely “nO” about going

-He gets hella motion sick on any rides, okay

-This is a boy you would have to plead with for a while before he’d even go to the theme park with you

-And once you’re there he’s very awkward

-Straight up feels like a burden

-If you go to ride rides on your own or you leave for any reason whatsoever, he’s going to make it his duty to win you some stuffed animals for forgiveness

-He’s not great at the games, but he’s a smart kid and figures out the best ways the get the animals you’d like the best

-Whenever you come back to him he’s got all these toys and snacks for you

-He lowkey begs for you to forgive him for being such a drag

-Of course you do!! Because he wasn’t one to begin with!

-He almost cries over his deep fried oreos

Byakuya Twogami


-You all knew it

-You bring the imposter to an amusement park just for a cute date and whatnot

-They’re in their Byakuya disguise as typical

-And as soon as you’re in you’re eating

-Byakuya can and will buy out entire stands

-They’re a hungee kid okay

-They’d probably be a bit ashamed after they pig out, mostly because they think they’ve wasted your time

-But if you’re going out with them, you knew to expect this

-So while they were eating, you went and won him a few animals!!!!

-They’re so happy you broke them


#superman #wonderwoman #supermanwonderwoman #superfriends #powercouple

Childhood memories. We sure superwonder shipping started back then for many kids in the 70ties. Wonder Woman had not gotten her powers of flight in canon yet ( that came in the 80ties) so hitching a lift on Clark’s shoulders was not only practical but damn cute.

The All-New SuperFriends Hour: The Ghost 1977

BTS When You’re Wearing Really Short-Shorts

thank you for requesting, anon! <3

-Admin Amy


When Jin would see you in your shorts, his mind would probably go through a couple stages. Stage 1, omo! Jagi looks so pretty! Stage 2, oh no, Jagi looks too pretty. He would stare at you and not look down to see your legs, because he wants to be the ultimate gentleman, but with your really short shorts, he couldn’t help but gulp. 

Originally posted by jinful


Suga would definitely be surprised. He would be waiting for you to get ready for your date, then you silently walk in, and Yoongi would notice the movement and look to you to see you in your shorts. He would really think you’re gorgeous, no matter what you wear, but he’d make sure to bring a jacket just in case your shorts were too short.

“Yeah, I’m planning to take Y/N out…this is the first time since–oh? Woah…”

Originally posted by hugtae


It would be J-Hope approved. He’d honestly really love your shorts. He’d think that the style is really good, and it almost does justice to equal the amount of your beauty. He wouldn’t care if they were too short, in fact he’d love that they were that short. He’d definitely want you to wear it again, so the is really 100% Hobi approved.

“Yes Jagi. Work it.”

Originally posted by junghosyub

Rap Monster:

To be honest, the shorts would turn Namjoon a lot. I also feel like he’d hate/love the shorts. He’d hate it because he knows that if he’d take you out with those shorts on you, there would be stares left and right, but he loves it because it makes you look so damn hot. He wouldn’t even want to go out anymore, he’d just want to stay home and get rid of those blasted shorts. 

“Those shorts are really nice Jagi…but I think it’ll look even better if they were on the ground instead.”

Originally posted by xchiiban


Jimin would love them. He would be like Hoseok and approve it 100%. He’d think that no matter what you wear makes you gorgeous, but this just happens to aid a little bit more to that with the more exposed portion of the legs he’d love them so much. He also would reply to you with a lot of cheesy compliments that you didn’t really understand, but still made your heart flutter. 

“Dannggg Jagi…you’re so hot I had to get my sunglasses out, so my eyes don’t burn from your hotness!”

Originally posted by forjimin


He’d be like Namjoon in term of hate/loving the shorts. He’d love them because they’d make you look so hot, but he’d hate them because they make you too hot. When you’d show up to go on a date, he’d tell you to take it off instantly and find something else. When you’d ask why, he’d just glare at you and honestly tell you:

“Jagi, I’m not going to lie. Those shorts make you look good, but they make you look too good. I don’t like it, you should only look this good when you’re alone with me.”

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


Jungkook would be like Yoongi and immediately get shocked when he’d see you. He’d really be taken back by your appearance, because he’d love the way you look so much, he’d be speechless when you walk in. But then, the concern would hit. He’d really worry that the shorts were too short and that you might find them uncomfortable, or something like that. But, he wouldn’t disapprove them, he’d definitely love it. 

“Omo Jagi….you look so good!!! But do you, um…do you think that you might get uncomfortable after a while?”

Originally posted by pangguk

ahh I hope you guys like it!!

requests are open! request what you’d like!!

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Romano Boyfriend Headcanons

-He will often play off his insecurities and shyness with anger and frustration. Oftentimes, he’s not actually angry, he just doesn’t know how to process or handle a situation. However, giggling at him (no matter how cute he is) won’t help and will just antagonize him.

-He isn’t always very open or very clear when something his bothering him. He wants to communicate with you, but he can’t always find the right words and will end up getting even more frustrated. It’s best to give him space when he’s upset and let him deal with things in his own way. If he really needs to talk to you about something important and can’t get it out, he might take to writing it all down in a very long, drawn-out letter for you to read. Follow-up discussions are a lot easier, especially when you already know what’s going on with him.

-He’s shy when it comes to serious confrontation, so if he does write a letter to you to explain how he’s feeling, he’d prefer not to be around while you read it. He’ll slide it under your door or insist you read it when he goes home. (In a letter is likely how he will tell you he loves you for the first time, or that he loves you too if you say it first).

-He is the ultimate gentleman. For someone who can curse worse than a sailor, you might not expect him to be so smooth in how he talks to and treats you. He will always be ready with his arm for you to take, holding your chair out for you, doing all the things a proper gentleman would.

-This extends into his table manners. He eats in such a way that might suggest he went to boarding school (he didn’t, he just likes to be polite when not surrounded by his immediate family). For example, he knows the proper way to use a fork and if he sets the dinner table, it will be immaculate (somehow, he even eats spaghetti and hamburgers without making a mess).

-He’s messy. He won’t bother tidying up his place too much the first time you go over or any time that follows. You can either take him as he is or suck it up. (He’s not dirty though, just disorganized. Especially with laundry.)

-He’s a romantic at heart (under all that misplaced anger). He is the type to take off his coat and drape it over a puddle for you so you don’t get your shoes wet.

-While he is a charmer, when it comes to you and public displays of affection, he can be quite shy at first. For the first few months, any time you grab his hand or kiss his cheek, he will blush furiously (and even well into the relationship if he’s not expecting it).

-Once he’s comfortable in the relationship the flirting gets turned on full force. He is careful not to cross outside of your comfort zone, but he will flirt with you any chance he gets. He’s clever with his flirtations – you may not even notice until later that he was being slick with you. Once you catch on and look at him, he’ll wink and smirk and blow you a kiss.

-Under his gruff exterior, you may not expect that he is a fierce cuddler. He loves wrapping himself around you inside a burrito of blankets and nuzzling into your neck and kissing you lightly on any skin he can get his lips to.

-If you share a bed with him, he likes to sleep holding your hand. He’ll sleep on his back and lace his fingers through yours and hold your hand against his chest.

-In public his kisses are light, quick, and fairly chaste; however, once alone, his kisses are passionate. He will push you up against a surface and kiss you until your lips are bruised and swollen. He likes to nibble.

-He’s a fan of giving hickies.

-He doesn’t always make the best first impressions, this is no exception when he meets your friends and family for the first time. He doesn’t do well in stressful social situations (meeting family counts as a stressful social situation) and may end up making a bit of a mess of things before it gets better (namely with the men in your family). However, he is a dream with the women. Regardless of how the first meeting pans out, your grandmother will be the first to adore him (and likely the only family member to like him right away. “He’s got spunk.”)

-Before long, he’ll be cracking terrible jokes with your family at the dinner table and having everyone laughing until their sides cramp.

-He’s not always the best at remembering significant dates (namely anniversaries, and he won’t even bother to remember things like ‘first time you kissed’ or 'first time you went to this place together’) or buying you random presents, but he is spectacular at planning special dates and outings – he will take you on incredible dates. This is when his romanticism will truly come out (I’m talking hot air balloon rides and dinner timed just right so you can watch the sunset and nighttime picnics while watching fireworks in a park).


- you and joshua / jisoo hong will already be friends

- he embarrasses himself so easily and so often in front of you byE 

- don’t deny it he’s that embarrassing type who’s so awkwardly adorable what???? 

- he would always have that awkward laugh and eye-smile awww while he’s rubbing the back of his neck aWWW i can so imagine this bYE 

- so you sit behind joshua in class and you know him as that quiet, smart, yet handsome boy 

- you would always think of him as a cat like aww his eyes and lips 

- joshua would always glance behind to look at you and you always catch him, like boy uR TOO OBVIOUS STOP

- he would like “stretch” and turn his head around to look at you but immediately look away when you look at him with raised brows and an amused smile

- he would blush but clear his throat and remain calm while writing down his notes

- the thing is his hands got really clammy o 


- he’s the class president im crying

- but he’s always curious about you??? like you’ve noticed but you don’t say anything because it’s actually really cute that joshua cares a lot about you 

- and the fact that he’s kind, sweet, and hANDSOME

-  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- when you get up from your seat, joshua almost trips when he walks next to you

- you notice his stumble and snort slightly

- but then you feel a bit bad because he looks at you with a pink face and blinking eyes

- he’s so cute friCK ME

- he takes your bag for you and smiles at you because 

- he’s a gentleman and when he likes someone, he will bE THE ULTIMATE GENTLEMAN 

- you’d be thankful and just smile back, walking with him to lunch 

- he eats lunch with you and his friends and your friends

- he takes a lot– i repeat, A LOT– of glances at you

- your friends notice

- but being you, you just focus completely on your food

- your friends are crying because you’re so oblivious it hurts

- after eating, you stand up to throw your garbage away

- wow surprise, joshua finishes the same time

- wow


- all of your and joshua’s friends are literally like jUST DATE ALREADY FFS

- you just smile at him and walk with him, throwing your trash out and walking out of the caf because you both wanted fresh air

- well you did

- and joshua just went with you

- joshua would always nervously flip his brown hair and fix it when you’re not looking aww

- he would always lick his lips nervously as well, like omg shes beside ME

- you would walk around the school campus with him and just chat about school and sports 

- joshua would pretend to be surprised with some of the information like, “oh you play volleyball? I didn’t know! Wow, you’re amazing!” 


- he gets pink and embarrassed b/c he’s caught

- before he tries to change the topic

- he trips over a rock and falls down, grabbing onto your arm, thus, pulling you down with him 

- you fall on top of him wow cliche but you do and he’s so shocked


- you just laugh out loud like o m g what am i going to do with his kid

- joshua doesn’t know what to do

- he’s like a fish out of water


- he’s just staring at you with his eyes, looking into yours and his mouth, opening and closing

- you just laugh, because his cheeks turn even more red AWWW

- you get off of him and help him up 

- joshua immediately regretted not kissing you aww

- he just avoids your eyes bc he’s so goDDAMN EMBARRASSED 

- “sorry,” he would mumble softly and look down on the ground while his face is still cherry-red

- you would just smile and wave it off, “it’s okay. it happens.”  that joshua always fALLS OR SOMETHING IN FRONT OF YOU 

- he looks at you and just shyly chuckles

- you’re just like HES SO CUTE???

- so you just reach out and pinch his cheeks

- he’s looking at you with wide, confused eyes

- you just grin and lean up, kissing the tip of his nose

- “you’re so cute!” you’d say, laughing




- then at night, he googles, 

- “what a nose kiss means” 

- “do people love you if they kiss your nose” 

- “does a nose kiss mean im friendzoned” 

- “friendzone actions” 

- “am i friendzoned if…” 

- next day at school, he’s nERVOUS ASF BC OF THAT ONE LITTLE NOSE KISS LIKE 

- you’re just casually sitting down already when he walks in 

- you look at him and just grin, waving, “hey!” 

- joshua goes red aww

- “h-hey,” joshua would chuckle, then makE A REALLY?? WEIRD??? HAND GESTURE??? IM LAUGHING SO HARD LIKE??? I CAN SO IMAGINE THIS

- then you’d look at his hand and look back at his face like ???/

- he looks at his hand and just clears his throat and blush harder, shaking his hand and just awkwardly chuckling

- you’d just laugh behind your hand and watch as joshua laughs as well

- he sits down in front of you then his whole face becomes red aGAIN

- “What was that?!! What did I do?!! Why??!! she thinks i’m weird now!!” 

- he’d be the type to accidentally blurt out his thoughts ahhahaah awwww 

- you’d hear him and just smile, tapping his shoulder

- he slowly turns around with a clueless, blinking face

- you would gesture him to come closer

- he slowly inches closer to you

- you pretend to whisper something in his ear

- but instead of a whisper, you kiss his cheek


- you just laugh and be like, “joshua, you’re so adorable. you’re weird, but that’s why I like you.” 

- joshua almost faints like oh lord

- but he manages to flash a shy smile and whisper, “I like you too.” 


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New blog huh? Well then I wish you luck on your journey :D I'll start things off with an ask. Kise, Himuro, Aomine, Imayoshi, Mayuzumi, Midorima when their crush gives them friendship chocolates instead of confessional chocolates on Valentine's day

A/N: Thank you! These poor boys haha… enjoy! 

I took it one step further, since I really liked this prompt, and added a confession from the boys in there too, since their crush is so oblivious to their feelings. Apparently here on knbae-love we don’t wait till White Day pfft~

Also, additional note: Exciting news, I have some super smutty / nsfw scenarios in my drafts and they’ll be posted soon, so stay tuned! It literally brings me joy to see so many Aomine smut reqs in there.. Thanks for the support everyone, and super sorry for the wait on those! Askbox will be closing soon for reqs and matchups, so make sure to get those in. You guys have done such a good job making me feel accepted and welcome in Tumblr’s knb community and I’m so lucky! *hands you my own box of friendship chocolates* <3 

Aomine: Handing this boy some friendship chocolates is a really, really good way to bruise his prideful and seemingly untouchable ego when he has a crush on you. He’d stare at the container, grumbling an ungrateful, “Thanks.. I guess..?’ He wasn’t really sure how he could feel genuinely thankful for the gift, considering that the box you handed him had his rejected feelings wrapped in a silky bow, oblivious to the fact that he’d eat the chocolate in the end anyway (because food was food, right?) You sigh, thoroughly pissed off by his words, and your hands go to your hips in defiance. “What’s the the matter - you don’t like them, even though I worked so hard on them?” He wasn’t sure if he was ruining all of his chances with you - because maybe, just maybe a smidgen of hope was still there - but he found himself looking off to the side awkwardly, a hand going up to scratch the back of his head in a poor attempt to comfort himself in the uncomfortable situation he had created. “W-Well, I mean.. I was just wanted a different type of chocolate, that’s all.”

Maybe, if this had been on a different day, a few years later, on another timeline, just some other place and time; or maybe if Aomine had listened to Oha Asa’s horoscopes and followed through with that horoscope luck shit Midorima was obsessed with, you’d understand what he was getting at. but it seemed like luck wasn’t in the boy’s favor today as your nails dug into your palm, leaving red crescent marks that physically showed your exasperation with the boy. “A different type? Okay, sorry I made you milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate! God.. You’re such a jerk, Aomine-kun! I swear that literally anyone else in this school would appreciate if someone made chocolates for them!” You let out a sigh, shaking your head. If you had known he was going to be like this,  you wouldn’t have even tried. “Just.. Whatever. Bye.” You turn to leave, Aomine thoroughly surprised and cursing ‘fuck fuck fuck’ as many times as he could under his breath, a thorough representation of his thoughts at the moment as he realized he had thoroughly screwed up. “O-Oi! Wait!” He starts walking after you, and when you increase your pace, he starts jogging. “Come back! Oi, ______! I was trying to say that I like you! Like, more than as friends! I really like you, so stop walking!” If anything were enough to catch your attention, it was that and you immediately halt in your tracks, face a bright red color. “W-What?!”

Midorima: Shintarou’s daily morning routine was always the same; he was a very organized young man and he liked consistency, as it kept the future predictable. There were a few things in his life that he could not predict, however, one being his luck for the Oha-Asa horoscopes, and another being his romantic feelings towards you. He had only had so many crushes in his life time (that number pretty much equalling zero, as his mind was really only ever focused on basketball) so he was pretty new to the whole love thing. He had no idea how to go about expressing his feelings towards you. So, imagine Midorima’s disheartenment when he had woken up to see Cancer last for Oha-Asa, and the painful feeling of his overwhelming and severe anguish as you handed him a box of friendship chocolates, 

As if to add insult to injury, your overall obliviousness to his despair was excruciating. “I hope you like them,” you said, casually unaware that you were literally tearing his feelings apart, “I wasn’t sure if you liked sweets or not, so theres a good mix of different chocolates in there. I worked really hard on them.” The boy shakily pushed up his glasses, silently taking in a deep breath, exhaling rather loudly. “O-Of course. I appreciate your hard efforts, nanodayo.” He responded, and with you turning to leave, a sudden realization hit him. It was now or never, and he reached out and grabbed your wrist, halting you in your tracks. “But I’m afraid I cannot accept these, ______. Not with our current status.” Your eyes widen slightly, seriously confused, and when you open your mouth to ask why, he cuts you off. His face is red, and the palm holding onto your wrist is sweaty. “What I feel for you isn’t mere friendship.. I wish to accept these chocolates not as a friend, but as something more, nanodayo.” 

Kise: There was absolutely no way he could have been more obvious with his feelings. Kise wasn’t one who was non-communicative about his emotions; he was always quite open about how he felt, much to everyone else’s dismay, as his close friends and teammates from Teiko had always considered him too open and clingy. So, he figured that you had finally understood at some point or another that he had romantic feelings for you, with the special treatment and extra attention you received from him. Plus, every girl wanted to date him, even without him trying! Kise didn’t want to brag or anything, but he was kind of a big deal as a model and basketball prodigy and everything. So, there was absolutely no way that you didn’t know how he felt about you, and there wasn’t even the slightest chance that you didn’t feel that way in return. You guys were destined to be together; or so he thought. Come Valentine’s Day and Ryouta was extra chipper, if that was even possible. 

He was bubbly, bouncing out of his skin, even. Valentine’s Day was the day that you two were finally going to become official! He even had the Instagram status ready. He was about ready to tackle you and tell you how much he loved you as soon as you walked up to him, because how could he not? You were so cute! Needless to say, he was beyond confused when you handed him the box of friendship chocolates, and he could nearly audibly hear his heart cracking in half. He stared at the object in his hands, unmoving, gaze fixed on the box. “Eh?” He really couldn’t make out any words; this was surely a mistake! Still, your expression remained neutral, oblivious to his crushed emotions. “I worked all night on those, Kise. I hope you like them.” He lifted his gaze, and when you met his eyes, you nearly gasped. “K-Kise!? W-why’re you.. If you don’t like them, just tell me!” Ryouta was nearly in tears as he dropped the box,  moving to hug you instead. “______-cchi!!” He whines, holding you close, “I like you! I like you more than as a friend! Don’t you feel the same way?”

Himuro: Tatsuya was a prince among men - uncrowned royalty, in the eyes of nearly all women. He was incredibly handsome, for one, something that he knew, yet didn’t pay tremendous amounts of attention to. He was sweet and observant, always knowing the right thing to say and when.  He was polite; the ultimate gentleman. Not to mention, he was easy to get along with, and many enjoyed his mild mannerisms. Tatsuya was, without a doubt, quintessential boyfriend material. All girls loved him, and the amount of love letters he had received was well into the hundreds. He was charming, well to an unreal point. Surely when he had finally found someone he felt interested in pursuing a relationship with, that person being you, he would’ve had no problem gaining their affections.

When Valentine’s Day came around, he strode into school with the most neutral of expressions on his face. He had no doubt that you would confess to him, as he was sure that you felt the same way about him too. In theory, he had nothing to worry about, so he kept his cool. When you walked up to him, box of chocolates in your palms, he felt his heart flutter in his chest ever so slightly.  “______, how nice to see you,” he greeted, flashing you an award winning smile. You smiled back, holding out the box to him. “These’re for me? You really are too kind, ______-san.” He gratefully took the box, but when he glanced down, his sinking heart and rising confusion was confirmed with your vocalization. “Thanks for being such a good friend to me, Tatsuya! I really, really appreciate you.” He glances up, clearing his throat. Obviously, a clarification was needed in this situation. “______.. I appreciate the gift, but this isn’t quite right. Don’t you know how much I adore you? Not as a friend, ______. I like you more than that.”

Mayuzumi: Chihiro’s attitude was a constant outwardly natural display of pessimism, whether he liked it or not. So, naturally, when Valentine’s Day rolled around, he didn’t really have high hopes for receiving anything good, despite his feelings for a certain someone. Still, when you had come up to him, pinks flushed a light pale pink, almost as if you were embarrassed, his near-still heart soared and fluttered in anticipation. Though internally his hopes had raised, he managed to keep a straight poker face on the outside. “______.” He greeted casually, voice forcefully unwavering even though he was an emotional mess on the inside. “Mayuzumi,” you returned the greeting, sucking in a breath. Chihiro’s chest felt light - was he anxious? You made him feel so many emotions all the time, and it amazed him. Maybe he could have his own real life light novel romance? “I…” You trail off briefly, before gulping and mustering up courage. “I made you these! I’m sorry. I don’t think they turned out that well, but I tried really hard.” 

You hand him the box and he nearly crushes it from latching on so hard. Chihiro opens his mouth, heart going at a quickened pace in his chest, eyes looking down to stare at your confession of the affection you had for him. Only, such a thing wasn’t what greeted him when he stared at the object in his hands. A disappointed, “Oh,” comes flatly out of his mouth as his heart sank, staring at the symbol of your friendship, and any positive feelings he had experienced were quickly expelled from him in a disheartened sigh. “You.. You don’t like them?” You ask, discouraged from his reaction. “No, I don’t.” He replies, and when you turn to leave, about ready to burst into tears as the object of your heard work was so blatantly rejected, Mayuzumi quickly pipes up again. “I hate them, actually, because I like you more than as a friend. Don’t you know that?” He had figured it was obvious, considering that he had let no one as close to him as he had let you.

Imayoshi: Imayoshi always spoke as if he knew everything, and in most cases, he truly did know everything. He was observant, noting everyone’s behaviors, and was able to manipulate as he knew just the right way to speak to each individual. That being said, he was almost one-hundred percent certain that when Valentine’s Day rolled around, he had your affections in the bag. You had shown more signs of being interested in him than uninterested, and so he knew without a doubt that you two would be in a relationship sooner than later. All one of you had to do was make a move. When you walked up to him on Valentine’s Day, he gave you his signature smirk, adjusting his glasses as you neared him holding a certain something in your hands. 

“Ooh? ~ What’s this?” He asked you, playing the innocence card as if he honestly didn’t know what was in your hands. He would soon come to know that, in fact, he truly didn’t know what was in your grasp, as the contents of the box really weren’t what he thought they were going to be. You give him a smile, holding his present out to him. “Chocolates.” You answer confidently, handing the result of your hard work over to him. “I really am grateful for your friendship, Imayoshi-kun.” A bit startled, Shouichi looked down at the chocolates in his hands -only to see that they were truly not what he had expected after all. He clears his throat along with his broken hope, adjusting his glasses casually. Maybe, just maybe, there was still a chance. “I’m offended, ______.” He told you, voice teasing. “What a tease you are. I thought you’d figured out by now that I see you as more than just a friend.”