the ultimate expression of art

facts for the moon signs

Aries moons want to explore and feel adrenaline, they hate being bored

Taurus moons are classy with very good taste, they don’t want any bull shit in their lives

Gemini moons are constantly looking for ways to stimulate theirs minds, mostly through discussions

Cancer moons are great motivators and supporters to their friends and family

Leo moons like to take risks and usually they’re lucky with it

Virgo moons always think they did a bad job when really they did amazing and super jittery/twitchy when stressed

Libra moons love fashion and the arts, it’s their ultimate way of expressing themselves

Scorpio moons always look really pissed off or something 24/7

Sagittarius moons have a pure love for humanity and make great teachers and tutors

Capricorn moons hate crowds, they feel more at peace when at home or work

Aquarius moons base their decisions on logic and don’t mind being the strange one in the friend group

Pisces moons are very empathetic and have very good judgement of people in general


Some expression meme stuff. (Not labeling because i deleted the requests with each finished one so lol!) I still have a set to go but I feel like I’m done for now! Here’s the Papyruses separate because I can only do 10 images as part of a photoset:

*sees another post about how writers are “responsible” for punishing and calling out “problematic” characters in their work*

*considers reblogging with commentary about why prescriptivism and didacticism, no matter the cause they’re deployed for, ultimately only serve to circumscribe the full expression of human creativity*

*remembers that art and literature programs are severely underfunded in the USA and beyond, such that many people don’t have the opportunity to learn about and consider the power and subtlety of artistic expression unfettered by the fear of censure*

*remembers also that this website is an echo chamber of reductive analyses and anti-creative policing couched in the language of social justice*

*scrolls past post and vagueblogs instead because I’m tired and don’t want someone to doxx me"*