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So I was looking a Hobi video, and I literally thought there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi with this blonde hair.

But then I remembered the pink haired from the Gayos

And the unforgettable orange ♥

And the light brown:

And the dark brown from HYYH era tho

And underrated red haired Hoseok:

And the black hair:

In conclusion there is nothing more beautiful than Hobi, no matter what hair color he has, he is going to shine bright.

(the gifs and the photos aren’t mine, credits to the owners)


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

this broke my heart
  • Rhysand: I love it when you look at me like that.
  • Feyre: Like what?
  • Rhysand: Like my power isn't something to run from. Like you see me.
Karamel Parallel

Yes it rhymes but it’s not a happy one.

After their fight he’s waiting to talk to her after giving her time to think and cool down, he’s waiting in the the place they first kissed!

Remember when Kara was upset because she felt guilty about her parents having made the virus that was killing Mon-El at the time.

And he didn’t blame her at all, he told her she was beautiful and kissed her. Him of all people understood that just because your parents did bad things, didn’t mean you were bad.

Now cut to this episode where Kara is doing the opposite towards him. She’s absolutely judging him based on what his parents did on Daxam, and the fact that he lied about who he was, because he was ashamed of it.

Kara is a beautiful soul full of goodness and hope, but she is not a saint.

I think this parallel hurts because in this case, Mon-El actually handled sins of the parents way better than Kara did.

cieratroyart  asked:

The art for this game is SO LOVELY!!! I've been really wondering though, is it all vector art? I know a lot of game assets are vector but I can't tell with Arcana.

Thank you!

Some of the UI assets begin as vectors, but everything is ultimately exported as raster images. The characters and backgrounds are raster from start to finish, and created at 2x the final size needed in-game. For example, here’s Nadia at her original full resolution: 


There are so many different storylines because ultimately everything is connected. But at first what you’re seeing is all these different characters who could absolutely be the stars of their own show. So it looks like they are completely disconnected and have no effect on each other whatsoever. - Samuel Barnett

The drunk reveal no one asked for and the cracker shenanigans

Okay, so look at this. It is 8000+ words. Fucking hell. All the thanks to @lunian who is the mastermind behind this gem. Let’s roll. Also, it isn’t proof read cause seriously guys, who has time to proofread 21 pages of crack. Sorry for any gramamr mistake

Marinette looked around the living room, from the music system to the table covered with bowl and bags off what could easily be all the snacks found on the French market. Marinette wasn’t especially in the mood to party, she would have rather stayed at home and finish some designs, especially after the fact that there was an akuma that morning that managed to ruin her sleeping late plans. But Alya insisted, saying there wil be amiliar faces too. And Marinette totally didn’t come because Alya promised Nino is brinign her a certain blond someone who just arrived back to Paris from one year exchange in Milano. Totally not. She was perfectly content with having a friendly conversation with Adrien after only seeing him through Skype for a year. Until he walked in the room. And Marinette finally understood just how low quality the skype camera was.

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marvel characters' fighting styles according to me
  • iron man: blow shit up
  • captain america: gymnastics + ultimate frisbee
  • hulk: break everything and yell a lot
  • thor: hammer ballet
  • black widow: death by thighs
  • hawkeye: increasingly cool arrow-shooting
  • scarlet witch: interpretive dance
  • quicksilver: just run them over
  • falcon: caw caw motherfuckers
  • winter soldier: never-ending weapons hoard + scowly duckface
  • war machine: machine gun shoulder + sheer level of cool

“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore