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-  You’ve been watching Christmas movies and Christmas episodes of cartoons and anime. “We still need to watch the SpongeBob Christmas Special, Y/N! I swear it’s so good!!!!!!!”

- “TAAAEE I NEED SOME REST from watching all those movies/cartoons. It’s the only thing we’ve been doing the last THREE DAYS??

- “JAGIiiiiiyaaa Please watch SpongeBob with me.” He looks at you with his puppy eyes. You CANT SAY NO to that, can you? “well, okay only this episode”

- What was supposed to be one episode turned into hours of watching cartoons.  And you falling asleep. “Sleep well bbayy” Tae kisses your forehead and then sleeps as well

————on Christmas day ————-

-  You woke up from an alarm. You didn’t remember setting it. “Tae turn your alarm off” No reaction. “Taehyung!!”

- You turned around, but he wasn’t lying down next to you. “Tae???? You woke up already?” You got out of bed and turned the alarm on v’s phone off. It was 5 AM. Why did he set the alarm so early??

-  That’s when you noticed a note on his side table saying: “follow the arrows to get your Christmas gift”

-  A smile appeared on your face. What arrows tho?

-  You looked around the room and saw the first arrow on the closet door, you went the direction it pointed to.

-  Following the third arrow, you found another note. “To get your gift you need to solve this riddle. It’ll take you to the exact location of your gift.  Don’t you worry, don’t you fear. This note is not your gift this year. Clues will lead you to something goof. Look for the thing where we store food”

- Ahahah knowing him he probs bought you lots of chocolate cookies. You went to the kitchen and opened the cookie jar. A small box of chocolates in the shape of hearts.

- On the fridge, you saw another arrow.

- This kept going on, seeing arrows and sometimes notes with riddles until you arrived in the living room.

- You already had four gifts. The chocolates, a headphone you really wanted, perfume and three stuffed animals

- In the Livingroom, there was a really big box that wasn’t there the evening before.

- You walked up to the box and saw a card attached to it. You opened it and read:

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can’t deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you

Y/N Thank you for always being with me <3

- By now you were crying tears of joy. But there more written on the card. “You probs have found all your hidden gifts, but there’s one left. It’s this really big one. It’s time to open it.”  

- You opened the box, but before you could see what was inside taehyung jumped out and hugged you! Y/N what took you so long??? I was getting bored just sitting and waiting.

- TAEE!! You hugged him back. ”thank you for giving me all the presents and putting so much effort into all this”, you cried.

- “Jagi, don’t cry! I’m sorry..I” Before he could say anything else you kissed him.

-  “these are tears of joy silly, I’m so happy I can’t contain my feelings”

- And like that this became the best Christmas you had. Later in the day the other members came and you guys had a blast of a time. Getting drunk and doing silly things!

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pls tell me some brilliantly cliche hallmark xmas movies to watch im begging


  1. Possibly my favorite is The Nine Lives of Christmas, which I found inexplicably charming and enjoyable. There’s a hot man, fireman banter, many cats, hot men holding cats!, a female character who actually prioritizes her success, and a male character who actually respects that. Incredible! 10/10 have this one saved on my dvr
  2. Holiday in Handcuffs is an ABC Family/now Freeform movie, but it will always be at the top of my list. The forced marriage plot….but with kidnapping??? Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart??? How many times can I see this movie?? It’s illogical and ridiculous, and unlike any other TV movie. 11/10
  3. Christmas Under Wraps is possibly the most surreal made for TV movie I’ve ever seen. D.J. Tanner goes to Alaska, gives up her dreams, and with no explanation, Santa is real and pulling the strings. No questions are answered. It’s a winner. 10/10
  4. Starring the actor who played the shit Coleman Wasserman, he’s back for a much more cheery role in Christmas in Homestead. Our prototypical story—a successful woman with no soul learns the meaning of Christmas by falling in love with a grumpy but attractive small town boy—except this acting is half way decent. Coleman looks good in a quarter zip sweater. 9/10
  5. Crown for Christmas is a FAV. A New York woman takes a job as a governess for a princess and falls in love with the king of a small, made up European country. Wholesome fun. I like the main actress a lot, she’s believable and the only one they hire that’s vaguely ethnic looking. Like maybe she’s Italian. Better than the hoard of blondes. 9/10. She also stars in this less interesting, but still decent one (My Christmas Dream) where she plays a department store manager. Weird. 6/10. 
  6. I also love Baby’s First Christmas, which has a complicated plot and some REAL interesting banter. Worth it. 9/10. 
  7. A Princess for Christmas stars Katie McGrath and Sam Heughan, and even though he’s all buttoned up in this, he’s still pretty cute. The children are annoying, but overall, a classic. 8/10. 
  8. Looks like Christmas—unlike most Hallmark movies, they actually hired some actors who aren’t in their early 30s and shockingly, they can act. This one is full of banter and nearly believable performances. 8/10
  9. More fake engagements! I’ll watch them all!!! Holiday Engagement is an unconvincing but enjoyable one, where a woman hires a man to be her fiance after the real one dumps her. 8/10. Hitched for the Holidays takes it a step farther, and has a Jewish woman and a Catholic man fake a relationship for Christmas, so much religious bumbling ensues. The girl is extremely cute. 9/10. In The Mistletoe Promise, two mostly unlikable career people sign a very business like contract to fake a relationship for the holidays, but fall in love anyway! 6/10. I do love Snow Bride, in which a reporter pretending not to be a reporter pretends to be the fiance of a hot rich dude to make his brother jealous. Intrigue! 9/10. A December Bride has bad acting, but some decent bantering and a lot of cool Christmas decorations. 7/10. My Fake Fiance is great, but not Christmasy. 4/10.
  10. There’s something about this red head actress that I really like, I think it’s her voice? She talks in this bizarre way that makes her slightly less generic then the other white women they cast in these movies. So here are some of hers: Christmas List, another career woman learns the error of her sinful working ways via a small town man. 7/10. I’m Not Ready for Christmas, another career woman is cursed by Santa Clause to only tell the truth all Christmas season. A dark but ultimately heartwarming movie. 8/10. In A Merry Mix Up, she’s supposed to go to her fiance’s house for Christmas but accidentally goes to a strangers. Ridiculous! There’s a lot of weird clock imagery! 9/10.
  11. Broadcasting Christmas is Melissa Joan Hart’s newest contribution to the franchise. She actually has some chemistry with this actor. Wacky hijinks, as always, ensue. 7/10.
  12. In yet another movie about women fall in love on public transportation, in A Christmas Detour, D.J. falls in love with a surly bartender when her flight to her fiance’s house gets snowed in. Another is One Starry Christmas, which includes a cowboy….classic. 8/10. 
  13. More movies about one person trying to shut down a Christmas-y business, and the other person stopping them by falling in love: Christmas Incorporated, which features a toy factory and Darcy from Degrassi. 6/10. Christmas Cookies, which features a COOKIE factory and some decent banter. 8/10. Christmas Land, which features a Christmas theme park. 7/10. Let it Snow features D.J. and a Christmas themed hotel. 7/10. I’m gonna count The Christmas Parade, which includes a children’s art center being shut down. 6/10. In Hats Off to Christmas, Hillary Duff’s sister’s Santa hat selling business is in peril. Absurd performances. There’s a pumpkin carving contest? And a go cart race? Vaguely surreal. 6/10. 
  14. A Bride for Christmas and A Boyfriend for Christmas sound the same, but they are NOT. In Bride, they rip off How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and it’s decently entertaining. 8/10. In Boyfriend, there’s a completely illogical plot involving a potentially real Santa Clause and a creepy dude appearing on a girl’s doorstep as her present. Some fake relationship stuff in this one, plus the surreal Santa aspects, give it a 8/10
  15. And of course there’s Family for Christmas, which will haunt me for the rest of my life. Upsetting and at the end, all the children basically die. Dark Hallmark channel. 2/10.

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HELLO MY FRIEND ITS CHRISTMAS AND THE ASK BOX IS OPEN SO TIME FOR CHRISTMAS IDEAS!!! Okay so. What if MC never really celebrated Christmas when growing up? Like her family never had a lot of money so it was usually very modest and the RFA find out and just do their best to spoil her?

hello my friend!!! are you ready for the softest, most pure Jumin on the planet?

~female MC


  • literally uses all the money he saved for christmas on MC
  • sorry Yoosungs mom/dad/sister but this is important
  • he makes sure to do all the cliche christmas stuff with her
  • they decorate a big ol tree together
  • they even go as far as to get a live one
  • it takes up a little too much space in their tiny apartment, but Yoosung doesnt care
  • he wants MC to wake up on christmas morning like he always did, to the smell of cinnamon muffins and a christmas tree with a ton of gifts under it
  • but Yoosung also wants it to be a surprise
  • he promises her a modest christmas, telling her he has to use some of his savings to “buy presents for his family”
  • ;)
  • on christmas morning Yoosung wakes up early to start baking muffins
  • he also takes out four more presents he got for MC which were already wrapped and ready to go under the tree
  • when MC wakes up, she walks sleepily into the kitchen
  • she tries to say good morning but Yoosung beats her to it
  • “merry christmas, MC! want some muffins?”
  • he gives her a good morning kiss
  • “Yoosung…it smells incredible in here”
  • Yoosung is so happy he feels like he’s going to explode
  • “i’m glad you think so! eat up, MC!”
  • after a quick breakfast its time for presents
  • MC and Yoosung both sit on the ground next to the tree
  • “since when have we had this many presents under the tree?!”
  • Yoosung winks at MC
  • “i guess santa came to visit last night”
  • she picks up one of the presents and sure enough
  • To: MC
  • From: santa~
  • “looks like you’ve been really nice this year, MC! he brought you so much”
  • she honestly almost cries
  • oh no MC please dont cry
  • Yoosung pulls her close to him, wrapping his arms around her
  • “i’m fine Yoosung! it’s just…”
  • MC looks at him, smiling with tears in her eyes
  • “i’ve never had such a wonderful christmas morning”
  • Yoosungs heart floods with wonderful warm christmasy feelings and the two continue with the opening of presents


  • Zen’s heart breaks into a million pieces when MC tells him they always had a sad christmas
  • every little girl deserves to be spoiled on christmas morning
  • so Zen decides he’s going to give MC the perfect childhood christmas that she never had
  • a christmas fit for a princess
  • and everyone knows that part of a childhood christmas is waking up at like 6 AM because you’re just so darn excited to open presents
  • so Zen sets his alarm for 6 AM
  • “merry christmas, princess! do you think santa brought us anything?”
  • MC buries her head underneath her pillow
  • “Zen, why are you awake at 6 AM?”
  • he shoves his face underneath her pillow, too
  • “because it’s christmas morning and we have to open presents!”
  • “cant we open presents in three hours?”
  • Zen takes MC into his arms, tickling her a little to wake her up
  • “no way! i promise, you’ll have fun opening presents”
  • she laughs and pushes him away
  • “alright, alright! i’m up”
  • Zen practically runs into the other room and sits down in front of the tree
  • MC trails behind him, a bit slow
  • when she comes out, Zen already has a box wrapped in pink paper in his hands
  • “you have to unwrap this one first!”
  • MC, now feeling a bit more in the christmas spirit, smiles and sits across from him, grabbing the box
  • they rip the paper off
  • “a…a jasmine doll?”
  • Zen nods, smiling brightly
  • “i always wanted a jasmine doll growing up…”
  • at fist MC doesnt know how to feel?
  • she’s an adult now, but as a kid she always wanted to have a doll of her favorite adventurous princess
  • she hugs the box
  • “Zen, i love this!!!!”
  • “i’m so glad, princess! now open this one”
  • MC snatches the box, now really feeling like a little kid on christmas morning
  • inside this one is a plastic tiara with big pink gems
  • “ooooh! it’s so pretty, Zen!”
  • “why dont you put it on?”
  • MC places the crown carefully on her head
  • “how do i look?”
  • Zen makes a little rectangle with his fingers, as if trying to frame what he saw
  • “picture perfect!”
  • the rest of what Zen got for MC included a pink frilly dress and even a headband that looked just like princess jasmines
  • he loves watching MC’s eyes light up with every gift she opens
  • he felt so lucky to have her to spoil on christmas morning 


  • Jaehee hasnt been doing much for christmas these past few years
  • but MC said she’s never even been ice skating
  • everyone has to go ice skating during christmas!! you just have to
  • she decides to make it a surprise visit
  • “MC! i was just wondering, if you’re not busy, maybe we can go ice skating together?”
  • “…now?”
  • Jaehee pulls two tickets to the nearby rink out of her pocket
  • “yea, now!”
  • MC’s face gets all blushy
  • “but Jaehee, i already told you i’ve never even been ice skating…”
  • “i know. but its good to learn now things, right?”
  • Jaehee holds out her hand to MC
  • she’s a little shy about it, but MC decides to take Jaehee’s hand and go with her to the rink
  • once they get there MC starts getting cold feet pun intended
  • “Jaehee, i dont know about this..wh..what if i fall?”
  • Jaehee was lacing up her skates
  • “dont worry about it! i’ll stay with you”
  • “o…okay…”
  • as soon as they get into the rink MC hugs the wall like crazy
  • she doesnt even lift her feet off the ice she just pulls herself using the wall
  • Jaehee thinks it’s literally the cutest thing ever
  • this continues for like ten minutes before Jaehee attempts to make any progress with MC
  • “MC, do you think you’re ready to let go of the wall now?”
  • she shakes her head furiously
  • “what if i let you hold my hand?”
  • MC looks at Jaehee, her face red
  • Jaehee cant tell if its from the cold or if she’s blushing
  • she holds out her hand to MC
  • MC grabs Jaehee’s hand quickly, afraid that if she’s not holding onto something at all times she might fall
  • Jaehee laughs
  • for awhile Jaehee basically pulls MC while she just stands, to scared to lift her feet off the ice
  • Jaehee doesnt mind, though
  • she’s just happy that MC is getting a real christmas experience
  • “MC, do you think you could maybe try skating a little?”
  • MC’s literally been staring at Jaehee’s feet for the past few minutes, trying to figure out exactly how she does the ice skating thing
  • MC just nods, and lifts her foot up to push herself forward
  • she’s a bit shaky, but she’s actually skating!
  • her face lights up
  • “Jaehee, look! i’m ice skating!”
  • “think you can do it without my hand?”
  • “no!”
  • even after MC gets the hang of ice skating, she never releases Jaehee’s hand
  • at one point MC falls and drags Jaehee down with her, the two tangled up together on the ice
  • MC’s super embarrassed but to be honest, is it even ice skating if you dont fall at least once?


  • over the years, Jumin has been celebrating christmas less and less
  • but when MC tells him how she’s never really done anything for christmas
  • he knows he has to make it special for her
  • christmas should be a wonderful time of the year for everyone, especially for someone as wonderful as MC
  • Jumin thinks back to his childhood for good ideas of how he can give MC the perfect christmas
  • alright, he’s got it
  • “MC, will you come into the garden with me? i want to show you something”
  • MC grabs her coat 
  • “what could you possibly want to show me in the garden? it’s covered in snow”
  • Jumin holds the door open for her as the two go outside
  • “i think i found a flower that survived”
  • he pointed to a spot in the garden
  • MC walked over to the spot and leaned down, examining the ground
  • “really…? i dont see anything here–gAAH”
  • MC’s back was hit with a snowball
  • she whips around to see Jumin standing a few yards away from her, his hands behind his back
  • “was that…..did you just throw a snowball at me?”
  • “yea, i did, what are you going to do about it?”
  • MC grins, and makes a snowball
  • “i’m gonna kill you!!!”
  • she chucks the snowball at Jumin with all her might, but he dodges
  • “you’ll have to do better than that, love. since i was a kid i’ve mostly just had to endure through stuffy upper-class Christmases, but as long as there was snow on the ground…”
  • Jumin tosses a snowball in the air and catches it again in his hand
  • “V and i didnt just have snowball fights, we had snowball wars”
  • Jumin tosses the snowball at MC and it hits her in the stomach
  • she runs away to the side of the house, frantically trying to gather ammo
  • she peeks around the corner to see Jumin forming a snow wall to protect himself
  • maybe if she went around the other side…
  • MC, holding a dozen snowballs in her arms, goes around the front of the house to the other side
  • soon she has a perfect view of Jumins back
  • she leaps out from the side of the house, screaming “AMBUSH!” and pelts the unsuspecting Jumin with snowballs
  • he retaliates, throwing his own ammo reserves at her as he attempts to run away
  • Jumin, running backwards so he can still throw while he escapes, trips and falls into the snow
  • MC leaps on top of him, pinning him to the cold, wet ground
  • “surrender, Jumin!”
  • “i must be rustier than i thought….”
  • Jumin stretches his neck out to kiss MC
  • “okay, you win”
  • after that they spend the rest of the day huddled under 10 blankets and drinking hot chocolate


  • Seven’s heart is shattered into a million pieces
  • how dare this cruel world rob such a wonderful girl of all the joys of christmas???!?!?
  • this is a travesty!!
  • Seven knows he has to make this the most christmasy christmas yet
  • which for him means a christmas movie marathon
  • “MC! whats your favorite christmas movie?”
  • she shurgs
  • “i dont know…i didnt really watch many growing up”
  • what????? wHAT THE HECK????
  • alright, things are serious now
  • this cant just be any christmas movie marathon
  • this has to be the sweetest, most amazing christmas movie marathon he’s ever had
  • Seven makes hot chocolate and puts little candy canes in them
  • he grabs all of his softest blankets
  • he buys ice cream and peppermint scented candles
  • he pops popcorn
  • they both wear santa hats and ugly christmas sweaters
  • and he’s ready for the ultimate christmas movie marathon
  • first movie: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: The Move
  • Seven and MC snuggle up close together under the blankets and drink their hot chocolate
  • MC is completely engrossed in the movie as she should be, its a cinematic masterpiece
  • Seven’s seen it a thousand times, so he mostly watches MC
  • they way she reacts to things happening in the movie is so cute
  • he’s so happy he gets to be here to share all his favorite christmas movies with her
  • heck, he’s happy to share christmas with her at all
  • next: How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • MC cries
  • Seven cries
  • they take a few minutes at the end of the movie to just hold each other and talk about their favorite parts
  • next: White Christmas
  • on oldie, but a goodie
  • Seven knows all the songs by heart
  • he even sings along
  • watching him try to sing both parts of “sisters” is hilarious
  • his favorite song to sing is “count your blessings”
  • “when you’re worried and you cant sleep, just count your blessings instead of sleep, and you’ll fall asleep…”
  • Seven looks at MC
  • she was sleeping, her head tilted back slightly
  • Seven smiles as he finishes the line of the song
  • …counting your blessings”
  • that night he fell asleep counting his blessings, right next to MC on the couch
  • with her, every moment was a blessing


Nightmare Before Christmas is the ultimate holiday movie because you can watch it at both Halloween and Christmas. So here, have some Jack’s Lament nails :)

Finger Paints – Paper Mache
China Glaze – For Audrey
China Glaze – Up All Night
China Glaze – License & Registration Pls
China Glaze – Plur-Ple
Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Lightning

Interview Thomas Brodie-Sangster for the Dutch L’Officiel Hommes nr. 10
Interview by Rebekka Ayres | Translated by @moanwoo on Tumblr. | photo’s by Roger Rich

Interview part I

Thomas Brodie-Sangster
“One day I want to learn how to fly”

The Career from Thomas Brodie-Sangster (1990, London) is on a roll, and not because he is the second cousin of Hugh Grant. Completely on his own has this young English guy conquered the movie world. A talk about movies, music, motors and freedom. 

Maybe you met Thomas back in 2003 in the role of the cute and hopelessly in love step-son of Liam Neeson in the ultimate Christmas movie Love Actually. Now, Thomas is already 25 years old but has not changed much: his chin is beardless, his expression is youthful and his hair is still messy and casual. It is like time stopped moving. What did grow was the CV of Brodie-Sangster. With the biggest accomplishments: his role in Game of Thrones and the movie-adaption of The Maze Runner. This fall the second part of the Maze Runner will appear: the Scorch Trials with again, an important role for the actor with the eternal babyface. This was our reason to meet with him.

In September the new movie of The Maze Runner appears/ In the movie you play Newt, a guy that is described by people as the most sympathetically character of the bunch. What can we expect from your character?
‘Newt is still sympathetic, but by now he has been spending four years in another world, The Glade. In that time he has worked himself up to being a second-in-command. He knows better how the world works and how it works in the The Glade; the monotone life and how you get through the day. That kind of thing. While he wasn’t exactly happy to be locked up, there is also a sense of familiarity in there. He has a lot of friends around him, they know him thoroughly and they care genuinely about each other. To be frank; apart from the dangers across the wall, the Glade is a pretty good place to live. The second movie is about the life outside of The Maze. They step into an unknown world and as a result the roles that they took up upon themselves change. In this the relationships between the people in the group and their trust are key. The group becomes even tighter than before because the only thing that counts is survival and finding a new home, far away from The Glade. It is like a travelling tribe that goes into the wild in the futile hope to find a new home, a place where they can be same and free.” 

How is your bond with Newt? What do you have in common with him?
“Newt is relaxed and doesn’t let people make him crazy (dutch expression, it means something like ‘doesn’t let people get into his head’ unsure what Brodie originally said), because he knows he can not think straight anymore when he lets the stress get too high. I myself also try to stay calm in every situation, that is a part of me. Newt is not scared to speak his mind. He is not the goodie two-shoes of the class  but he has his heart on the right place.”

How was it to work together with director Wes Ball?
“Wes is amazing! He looks at you once and you know completely what he means. He is busy with the concept and plans where the camera’s will be and the explosions and the special effects and he has it all in his mind. Then he tells you short and clearly what he expects from you so you know exactly what he wants.”

So you say that you can play Newt like Wes’ envisioned it?
“Sort of. He is a really great guy. A little bit of a nerd but in a good way.”

If enough people are interested I will translate the other pages!

translated for non-dutch speakers. Please buy the original magazine if you are able to! (the pictures on paper are simply marvelous)

Please do not copy without my permission & buy the magazine!

I propose that The Nightmare Before Christmas is actually the ultimate Thanksgiving movie.

1. The film is about Halloween AND Christmas, so watching it half way between those two holidays just makes sense.
2. The film’s plot is about cultural appropriation (aka stealing another culture’s traditions and claiming as one’s own).  That’s pretty much what Thanksgiving is about as well- just ask Native Americans.


Various Simgm Spoof characters send in their Christmas home movies. The Ultimate Cream-puff Amanda hosts.