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“There’s always gotta be a carefree dude who gives light to some shy, dark girl who tries to conceal her emotions; a cool guy with a dark past; a beautiful and strong gal; an absolute genius; a spunky young lady; a quick-witted lad; and add in a tough chick who’s actually sweet inside”

Dang. I needed to get this off my mind. 

SO here. Have some crappy doodles of a Naruto and Teen Titans Crossover because childhood that’s why. (Shikamaru be “Yeah… I’m not feelin’ this”)

And yeah there’s the bonus of Sarada as Nightstar 

PLs don’t kill me.

sharingan-rasengan-chidori said: Headcanons for reader confessing love for itachi and sasuke?

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Reader Confessing Their Feelings for Itachi Uchiha Headcanons:

- Firstly, Itachi would be able to pick up on the reader’s nervous energy and behavior, assuming automatically that there was some form of confessing going on.

- Itachi would not be cold in the heart, whatsoever. He would allow the reader to speak, his onyx eyes softening ever-so-slightly as the reader splutters out what they’re attempting to say.

- He would be patient, silent; and it would take a deep connection between the two of them to know and realize that Itachi wasn’t being emotionless, but actually the courage that it took the reader to confess their feeling’s towards him, to him, would warm him up slightly.

- If the reader was continuously struggling, Itachi would encourage them in ways that the other person wouldn’t even actually notice, but it’d help them.

- If the reader grew too emotional, he would cut them off promptly, his tone having a softer edge to it, - something that you probably haven’t heard before -.

- “Enough.” Itachi would state, something within his tone was quite out of the normal, especially since he had cut you off. Something about this caused your heart to stall for a few beats before sky-rocketing out of control. “I completely understand. Thank you for explaining.” And the smile upon his face - although irregular - would send you dizzy and blushing like mad.

- If Itachi felt the same for you, he would not waste time in confessing his feeling’s back to you, because he knows it’s what you need to hear.

- However, Itachi - if he believes you are too good for him - would make the sacrificial step to possibly pretend not to have the same feeling’s for you, because he see’s himself as someone who isn’t really deserving of love, after everything he has done.

- He may also stop from confessing his love for you if he knew it’d bring you into trouble of danger, which is certainly will.

- But nevertheless, he would never be harsh or horrible to you - unless it was called for and he needed to wake you up to your reality and see that there’s better out there for you -.

- Yet, I see that Itachi would mimic the feelings back if he felt them, but may stay distant if he needs to, which certainly wouldn’t be the reader’s fault, whatsoever.

- Itachi can love deeply and provide that which the reader needs - if he were to pursue them -.

- Yet again, Itachi may even return his feelings towards the reader without them realizing it, like; through mundane tasks such as, cooking for them, helping them carry things (e.g. shopping, books, etc.), doing their laundry, walking them places, etc.

- He may even give the rarest of chuckles or even a smirk and say: “Have you been so blind to not notice the full meaning of all that I have done for you?” Which definitely leaves the reader a tongue tied and blushing mess.

- Nevertheless, any way that the reader has confessed their feeling’s towards him, whether it be through confrontation, a letter/note, etc. Itachi would take a moment to think but surely get back to them, - even if it was to confess disinterest in being romantically involved with them and to just stay friends. He isn’t afraid to be mature and have a conversation or even return the answer in the form the reader had.

- Though I’m sure Itachi would appreciate it and return the feeling’s, because he’d see the best in you and love you.

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Reader Confessing Their Feelings for SasukeUchiha Headcanons:

- On the other hand, Sasuke won’t be so warm to the approach - especially if the reader is very nervous -. Sasuke has an easily-tampered-with temper that flares easily and he may wound the reader prior to them even having begun getting within ten feet of him.

- “What do you want, loser?” he’d grunt, black eyes staring right through you, “What’s with you being all nervous anyway?

- His mission for revenge would cloud out any rational reason as to why the reader would want to even talk to him or engage in any form of conversation with him.

- If the reader hasn’t run away by now and they manage to get out what they’d like, - a confession, obviously -, Sasuke would be absolutely stunned. He’d have his mouth open, - even if it was just a letter -.

- You’d totally have stunned this raven-haired Uchiha and it would probably make him quite miffed. He may even project that onto you without realizing.

- However, if on a good day, I believe that Sasuke would smirk (even if he wasn’t interested). Usually fan-girl’s (which I assume the reader isn’t really) would not appeal to him, but this is too tempting.

- He’d be much bolder than Itachi, but he may be nonchalant about it, not giving it away at all.

- Sasuke wouldn’t be so sure whether he would pursue it - unless totally sure and if he really did share those feelings in return - and would probably brood over it for a time before giving you the answer.

- I’d imagine that Sasuke would like a private confrontation, writing wouldn’t really be his thing, but he’d totally ask to talk to you somewhere quiet, like in a forest or grimmer secluded area, and toss the letter or note to you (or just begin by mentioning your verbal confession).

- He’d probably tease you, just because it’s Sasuke and he’s sort of sadistic like that, but he’s only pulling at your leg because he likes to make you squirm and blush.

- He’d flirt without even realizing it and tell you his answer - whether good or bad -.

- He’d be very straight to the point, but it’d be so casual and cool that it’d blow you away, because you were most likely freaking out when you confessed and you’re not really sure how his knees aren’t turning into jelly and how his face isn’t that bright radish red that your’s had gone.

- In the end, if he’s into you, he’ll definitely let you know by smirking and flirting, and confirming your feeling’s.

- However, if he isn’t returning the feeling’s, he probably will just get straight to the point and may be a little gruff - even if he likes you -.

- But if he totally despises you, he’ll be pretty annoyed and caustic about the whole thing, maybe casting you evil glares wherever you are: Also, maybe never even saying a thing to you.

- But nevertheless, I’m sure Sasuke would appreciate it (deep down) and return those feeling’s back to you.

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SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 30- The Defining Decade
: It’s Time to Go
Summary: It’s almost time for their lives to turn upside down, and at the same time he’s happy about it, Uchiha Sasuke is also really apprehensive. How will they deal with their remaining time?
A/N: Ahh!! I didn’t like this theme at all!! I mean… 10 years is a lot, and yet it’s not enough to be defining! There are two important decades in their lives, and due to the amount of time I have and the fact that this is a one-shot, I ended up forcing myself to write something really really short! For I’m still going to write a long pic about their journey, I’ve done my best to hold back the details of how I think it happened and all… The next theme will be better, I promise! I hope you like it, and please, leave me a Review!
It was not until early March that his anxiety started to kick in.

His heart would beat faster, consequently raising his blood pressure, as his levels of stress had never been higher. The lack of sleep made itself evident due to the deep, dark circles around his eyes, and a sudden fear of the world was taking over his senses, making the oh-so-powerful Uchiha Sasuke keep an eye open to whatever could crawl from under a leaf.

He was paranoid, to say the least. And it was all because of her.

It was all because of that one, pink haired woman, who had been traveling with him for over a year and who had been annoying him ever since. With those viridian eyes, and that round, round belly of hers, Uchiha Sakura was driving him crazy. She has always been reckless and irresponsible, and now that she had the company of a baby in her womb, the pinkette didn’t really see a reason why not to continue acting that way.

Pregnant or not, she was still the same Sakura she used to be, but with a different last name. She would punch the ground, jump around trees, heal people, and consequently, she would leave him on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That pregnant woman would be the death of him, he knew.

But as he watched her surrounded by all those 5 kids, as one of her bright smiles decorated her face, Sasuke knew he couldn’t be any happier than at that very moment.

His wife really is annoying, he thought, with a smirk decorating his face.

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Pompeii 37

His hair was getting longer and now he was having to do things with it. Sakura had offered to cut it, but Yamato had said he preferred it longer now that he had the option of growing it out. It felt better to be a little more rugged and a little more wild.

Of course Sakura teased him about turning into a wild bearded man before he reached out to try and smack her, complaining about how ‘she knew he had issues growing facial hair’ or something like that.

“It’s a little messy today. Don’t you want to put it up?” she asked, eyeing it critically.

His hair was lovely in its texture, and it made her envious, but Yamato was still learning how to take care of it.

He reached for his hair and started to pull it up with his hands, combing through with the nails of his fingers before letting it all fall back down. Behind him the radio was on with old songs plucked out on a banjo and old box drum about the fey in the wilds and the heroes who went after them. Sakura recognized the tune.

“I guess it would be nice to have it off my neck a little more,” Yamato muttered.

Sakura pulled a hair tie off her wrist, one that was bright yellow and matched the floral design of her tank top and ballet flats.

Yamato eyed the hair tie before leaning into her. When Sakura didn’t do anything, he but her with his head and grunted, pointing to his hair.

“Big baby,” Sakura muttered.

She reached for his hair and combed through it much like he had earlier, taking care not to scratch him with her longer nails. She checked to make sure she didn’t miss anything before tying it all up in a low ponytail that she ended up folding into a bun.  

“There, now you should feel a little cooler when you’re outside. Where have you been, recently? I haven’t seen you about as much these days.”

Yamato shrugged before walking over to a part of the living room and reaching for something behind the couch. Sakura thought it might have been a guitar, but it was the wrong shape for it. It looked handmade apart from the strings she recognized as his last Amazon Prime order-the one he needed her account for.

“I’ve been trying to teach myself how to play.”

“You like to play?”

Yamato sat down and settled the instrument that was too short and too fat to be a guitar over his knee. He didn’t pluck, but he did start to move his hand up and down the neck of it.

“Maybe? I don’t know until I try it out some more. I’ve never had the opportunity to see for myself what sorts of hobbies I should gravitate towards. But, I know I like music, I always have, so this seemed like a safe thing to try.”

Sakura felt her heart swell with warm pride.

“Play something for me?”

He looked up and grinned. There was something that twinkled in his eyes, something meant and reserved solely for her.

“Because it’s you…alright.”

Sakura looked down at the resume on her lap and then back up at Sai. She tried not to, but the sigh slipped out and was noticed.

“I need to make improvements,” Sai said.

“No, I…honey, I don’t think the issue is with this resume. You’ve done a good job crafting it. But I’m a little confused about the choice. You want to work at the grocery store? They have customers…you need to….interact with.”

Sakura hated how her words came out sounding like they were directed at someone far more inexperienced or younger than her.She didn’t want to do that to Sai after he worked so hard to get where he was.

It hadn’t been that long ago that she felt the pressure from others to reform herself and fix her bedside manner. Oddly enough, the way she remained nonplussed and unshaken by patient needs turned out being the thing that made her such a perfect fit for Pompeii. But Sai wasn’t Sakura and Sakura wasn’t Sai.  

“Maybe the grocer is not the ideal career opportunity for my unique skills, however, they are short of staff and acquiring the job would be less challenging than others.”

“Still, the customer service aspect seemed to trouble you last time.”

Sai’s expression doesn’t change and Sakura knows he hasn’t taken offense.

“We were out of that size so the only other option was to lose weight. I was trying to be helpful.”

“Babe,” Sakura tossed the paper back to his lap and sagged down in her seat. “What are we going to do with you?”

“Make me cookies?”

Sakura couldn’t hold back a snort or a smile. “My cookies have not been coming out that great, lately.”

“You’re worried about something?”

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It’s Useless if You Don’t Realize

continuation of It’s Useless if Not with You.

in which Kakashi is going to sulk for his entire virgin life

“So, she thought you were just teasing her?” Obito asks, looking like he’s restraining his laughter. In response, Kakashi stares balefully at the Uchiha, seemingly stabbing the raven haired boy repeatedly in his mind.

To be totally honest, if glares can kill, Uchiha Obito will be nothing but a name to be remembered by by now.

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