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Eternal bond
  • Naruto: I'm gonna bring back Sasuke, ya know?!!!! Believe it
  • Sasuke: *kidnaps killer bee*
  • Sasuke: *joins the Akatsuki*
  • Sasuke: *declares his intent to destroy the village*
  • Sasuke: *kills Danzo*
  • Sasuke: *tries killing Sakura*
  • Sasuke: *hates the leaf Village*
  • Leaf Village people: no, you can't save him. He's evil af. Nope.
  • Naruto:
  • Naruto: ?
  • Naruto: nah. I can save him.

we recently caught thor trying to unsuccessfully loki steal sasuke’s invention; thunder. we cannot fathom the intense disappointment we are currently feeling, witnessing some white man trying to take credit for sasuke’s work.

we have decided that this has gone far enough and are currently trying to contact the company that represents this joke of a god. we’ll try and update our followers for any noticeable changes and enquiries. on the meantime, please support us on bringing awareness by spreading the word.


Some scraps and WIP’s from 2014.

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What would Gladion do if Team Skull picked on his crush?


  • The question is, which new idiot would ever pick on Pokémon League Champion and honorary Team Skull meme-ber, [Y/N]?
  • I mean, common sense would dictate you not piss off the strONGEST PKMN TRAINER IN ALOLA AMIRITE?
  • BUT!!! WOW!!! 
  • W H O  W A N T S  T O  D I E ? ? V I A  G L A D I O N ? ?
  • Probably, this poor fool is some new Team Skull member who Guzma took pity on for having like a sad family background.
  • Except having a bad past gave them like a bullying thing… that became their coping mechanism.
  • So!! Here you are!!! Wandering about innocently because Guzma asked if he could challenge you again and didn’t really want to do it at the League since he didn’t feel ready to fail in front of anyone just yet.
  • He words it differently but like Guzma does this with you often enough you know Guzma speak Gladion probably taught you Guzma speak.
  • And this new idiot grunt breaks away from a pack of grunts and is like!!!
  • Their anxiety levels are so high and there are so many more experienced grunts, I must assimilate into the crowd by picking on the only person here not wearing a grunt uniform.
  • Plumeria’s mom senses pick up on the bullying right away and when Guzma!! finds out!! he pushes!! the mcfreakin!! panic button!!
  • “Come protect your s/o from verbal abuse, kid.”
  • The grunts are staring at this guy like wow WOW THIS GUY WANTS TO DIE???
  • Plumeria is like… looming over this guy from behind.
  • And high-key smacks that guy back to his senses tbh.
  • “What the hap is fuckening in here?”
  • “Um… I think you meant-”
  • “I know what I think I said!”
  • Queen Plumeria has arrived.
  • But, of course, Gladion isn’t about to be shown up by her nuh-uh.
  • Guzma blasting Gladion’s theme but like a Nightcore version and the grunts have these smoke machines they use to make it look foggy and dangerous looking in Po Town sometimes that they turn on just as Gladion kiCKS THE DOORS OPEN WITH SILVALLY AT HIS SIDE HOLDING THEM DISCS LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO AVENGE THE UCHIHA CLAN.
  • *holds memories ala hidden weapons style* what do u mean i’m not a ninja? shut up!
  • Team Skull is v invested in this boy’s emotional stability they’re gon let him be lit and rescue his s/o, they’re gon ensure this happy ending bc *rapping* they made bad decisions in the past~ *beatbox noises*
  • Meanwhile, you just stare at all these cutie dorks and calmly forgive the offender I mean it’s not like he actually hurt your feelings clearly this boy is misunderstood too.
  • Gladion does!! not!! wanna!! let this!! go!!
  • He missed a meeting at Aether today for this.
  • “You’re the one who needed a full scale dramatic entrance, honey.”
  • He lets it go.
  • *snickers* whipped psh where did fearless enforcer guy go?
  • Some snickering grunts get a taste of Silvally’s bite that day.
  • Gladion is honestly so glad it happened because that means he gets to spend the rest of the day with you under the guise of comforting you.
  • “I don’t need comfort. He didn’t really use such harsh words-”
  • “Yes, you do. Shhhh.”
  • It becomes like a newbie tradition that you wander around until one of them picks on you and Gladion makes a terrifying grand entrance and sentences them to a month of Pokémon Center duty.

even if i must take the devil’s fruit
i must gain power, i am an avenger…
SASUKE UCHIHA [Naruto AU] x Kris Wu (naruto idol masterlist)

Just a reminder...

I think people forget that it was Sasuke who established the SNS bond in the first place. He was the one to make the first move in forming their bond that became the base for the entire series. Some examples? He gave his bento to Naruto at the risk of failing Kakashi’s bell test for breaking the rules, when he found out Naruto was training alone (and possibly dead) he became worried and went to go look for him, spent the night climbing trees with Naruto until they BOTH made it to the top, protected Naruto in their fight against Haku, etc. 

It’s because of these instances that I just don’t understand how people can say that Sasuke never cared about Naruto. He was one of the FEW people who genuinely cared about him and understood him. Aside from Iruka, Sasuke was probably the only one who looked at Naruto and just saw Naruto. He allowed himself to be vulnerable around him, opened up to him, and in a lot of ways, I think Sasuke was the one to teach Naruto to love. And to love unconditionally.

It was Uchiha Sasuke, sworn Avenger, who wanted nothing to do with anyone, who was terrified of forming bonds in fear of losing them again, who decided to extend a hand towards Naruto when no one else would. And people wonder why Naruto bothered with Sasuke? It’s because while people like to think that Naruto is full of light and good, it was Sasuke who brought it out of him in the first place. While it was always mentioned that Naruto influenced Sasuke’s heart, Sasuke had just as much influence over Naruto’s. Naruto knows this and that’s what makes him go above and beyond for Sasuke. 

“You showed me love when no one else would, now allow me to do the same for you.” 

Sasuke lit the fire of their bond and Naruto’s wind kept it alive. And I think this is one of the many beautiful aspects of SNS. Regardless of whether you view it as platonic or romantic.