the tyrants


I couldn’t come up with what they’re talking about, but it ain’t good. Probably something about crushing dissenters and what to have for brunch. 

I started this drawing and halfway through started questioning it. Nightmare Moon is still evil, power-hungry and arrogant and would have to fight constantly to secure her reign after deposing Celestia. She is a tyrant in every way. I have a hard time thinking Twilight would forgive NMM, much less join her. I’ve read a few fics like that, but it usually had a heavy dose of “Celestia was really a tyrant all along!” and I’ve never been a fan of that idea. The one exception was pretty damn dark and basically Twilight had a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. So yeah, in the Starlight-altered timeline, Twilight would either just break and be a recluse, be imprisoned, or be leading the resistance. Maybe… Maybe if Twi tried to get close to NMM to sabotage her, free Celestia, etc…

However, I could totally see the above image happening if NMM had won that initial fight against Celestia 1000 years ago. I don’t think it would exactly be a loving relationship of equals though. 

So many games like undertale and a night in the woods kinda games are coming out soon and have come out and it makes me so happy because it just proves if you take time on a story and characters that your game will be more enjoyed by people as compared to the tyrant genre that is fps

Two more days of actual Army work.  There is a legal training which my unit is hosting here in San Diego.  The NCO in charge is a (female) tinpot tyrant because she just is; she is the one who was threatening action that could put my honorable discharge in jeopardy.  Tonight was a semi-mandatory event at a downtown brewpub that I did not attend because I went to synagogue instead. It’s sad that I feel the need to keep the flyer from the service to wave in their faces.

My enlistment expires at 12:01 April 7.  I will be staying up that night for a countdown.

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So guys I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you this is my new editor. She is editing all my fics and giving feedback so there aren’t any stupid grammar and spelling mistakes like the last fics I have posted. I was going to wait and tag her in my fics but apparently she is very impatient. Please make sure to visit and follow her blog. I am going to try and get her to reblog my stuff as well. ;) she is an asshole as well so be careful when messaging her (JK)

my aesthetic is first lady michelle obama trashing donald trump without ever using his name