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do you have any victuuri model au?

Hi! I found a few here that I think you’ll enjoy!

Fashion/Model AU

Kings in Couture by slightlied, Teen, 15k (WIP)
A devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands. I LOVE THIS FIC!!!!!!

Icicles Melt in Summer by Shadow_sensei, Teen, 7.6k (WIP)
But more to the point, Victor Nikiforov, model for the Agape shoe and accessory line and face of Stammi Vicino Menswear, is sitting in one of his chairs.

Comfort Food by youaremarvelous, Mature, 20k (WIP)
Viktor is a wildly popular male model who is in crisis over aging out of the industry. He runs into Yuuri, an international university student struggling to make friends in the big city, and decides to make him his pet project. Unfortunately, matchmaking isn’t as easy as he thought it would be—especially when he starts developing complicated feelings for his client. So cute!!

urgent need of gravity by RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus), Teen, 45k (WIP)
AU in which Yuuri is a make-up artist working in a small salon when he’s suddenly invited to work for big time fashion brand Stammi Vicino right alongside its top male model, Viktor Nikiforov, and love isn’t all glitter and perfectly-winged eyeliner. Thumbs up!

Rule of Thirds by genuivity, Gen, 2.3k
Victor sent the camera a smirk, taunting, seductive, come and get me, and it hit Yuuri like a punch in the face. He clicked the camera a few more times than necessary, partly to hide his own blush but mostly because he was so caught off guard. THIS IS SO CUTE

Koi no Yokan by moimiles, Teen, 35k (WIP)
Yuuri is a somewhat known designer who dropped everything after a disastrous show. Almost a year later, he starts casting models for his new collection and world famous model Victor Nikiforov shows up, wanting to be a part of the show regardless of how much he gets paid. LOVE!

Beauty in Everything by wecarryoninmindpalaces, Gen, 5.8k (WIP)
Fashion photographer Yuuri Katsuki wakes up to find five fantastical stories from living sex symbol Victor Nikiforov confessing his love. Cute 5+1 fic!

“Eros”, inspired by Yuri Katsuki by prettypetitpanda, Mature, 1.2k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov, world renowned model and designer, meets a drunk Yuri Katsuki at a party and is inspired by his charms (and his ass). Yuri has no memory of this and is very confused why his idol suddenly showed up at his front door. Highly recommend!

Lessons in Love by rinsled05, Teen, 14k (WIP)
Viktor is a fashion designer who owns a luxury lingerie store and is in a creative rut. Yuuri is a graduate with a business degree and desperately eager to prove himself. Yuri can’t understand how the hell the two fell for each other. (Phichit totally gets it, though.) SO GOOD OMG

Just Remember by YuujinA, Teen, 3.7k
Yuri is a freelance photographer hired for a private photo taking session with the Russian model he’s been crushing on for ages. Great one shot!

The Return of the Little Piggy by SASS_QUEEN, Mature, 4.4k (WIP)
Once there was a boy named Katsuki Yuuri, who was shy, loved to make clothes, had adorable smiles and was fatter than the usual average human being. Now years later, there is now a man only known as Y.K. Fashion tyrant, multimillionaire, professional cold-stare giver. REALLY good so far!

If You Leave, You’re Gone for Good (Part 2)

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Part One:

Pairing: Ashton & Reader

Warnings: lots of cursing

Word Count: 2195

A/N: PART 2!!!!! This actually took me a while. I started this yesterday. I didn’t proofread, so good luck. I hope you enjoy.

If You Leave, You’re Gone for Good (Part 2)

“C’mon, man. It’s been two weeks since you left, and you’re fucking miserable. Just go apologize to her,” Calum prodded his best friend. Ashton shook his head and rested it in his hands. “And why the hell not? I love you, man, but you can’t just sleep on my couch for the rest of your life,” Calum responded, taking a seat next to him.

Ashton ran his hands through his hair while still facing the floor. “I’m sorry, mate. I’ll get a place of my own, I just need time,” Ashton muttered. Calum, however, refused to accept this. His brows furrowed as a frown grew on his face.

“You had a place. Why don’t you go back there?” Calum pushed. Ashton shot up from his spot on the couch, taking Calum by surprise, and threw his hands in the air dramatically.

“I can’t alright? I just can’t. You… You didn’t see the look on her face…” Ashton trailed off as if even thinking about having hurt her, hurt him. The pain in his face was evident as he massaged his temples with his thumb and forefinger. Calum’s expression faded into one of concern. Throughout all of Ashton’s fights with y/n, he had never seen him look so… Destroyed.

“You know-” he began, standing up to place a comforting hand on Ashton’s shoulder “You still haven’t told me what happened between you two. Maybe it would help if you had someone to talk to.” He finished. Ashton looked at him and gave him a quick, half-hearted smile.

“She, uh, she called me out on my shit, and I lashed out at her,” He replied sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Okay… How is that any different from any of your usual fights?” Calum tread lightly as not to upset Ashton any further.

“Well, this time, when I was about to leave in order to cool off, she told me… She said if I left, then we were through,” Ashton replied. His brows furrowed as he finished his statement.

“And you… You just left?” Calum reaffirmed in shock. He took his hand off of Ashton’s shoulder and shook his head.

“I know. I know. I’m an idiot, but now you see why I can’t just go back, apologize, and make this right again. We’re over.” Ashton faced the ground with his hands in his pockets. He was ashamed of himself and, frankly, appalled at his own actions. He loved y/n more than words could describe, yet he continued to hurt her.

“No. No, go apologize,” Calum demanded. Ashton gave him a confused look. Calum gestured towards the door and gave him a pointed look. Ashton opened his mouth to protest, but Calum was one step ahead of him. “I don’t care if apologizing won’t get her back. I want you to beg on your damn knees for her forgiveness and stop moping around feeling sorry for yourself,” Calum ordered. Ashton’s eyes widened, and his jaw fell slack. “Don’t give me that look. You’ve been a complete asshole to her ever since we got back from tour last year. She deserves an apology and an explanation,” Calum reiterated. In response, Ashton sighed overzealously and walked out the door like a child being sent to time-out.


Ashton knew that y/n was dead serious when she gave him the boot, so he knew that she wouldn’t stick around at the house where he could easily find her. With this knowledge in mind, he pulled up at her best friend’s house instead. He walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell. He teetered back and forth on his feet in anxiousness, waiting for an answer. He hoped, unrealistically, that y/n would open the door; instead, her friend did.

Y/f/n saw Ashton and immediately tried to slam the door in his face, but Ashton stuck his foot in to prevent it from closing. His face twisted in pain from the impact of the door, but he quickly pushed it open and stepped inside before she could try to close the door again. “What do you want, asshole?” She glared at him.

“I’m willing to bet you already know,” Ashton responded swiftly.

“I was hoping that wasn’t the case. Now I’ll have to call the cops and charge you with breaking and entering,” she said, walking away towards the phone.

“Come on, y/f/n, stop playing around. I’m serious,” Ashton pleaded.

“Who’s playing?” She continued her journey to find her cellphone. Ashton followed suit, catching up with her. He gently turned her to face him.

“Y/f/n, seriously, I need to see her. I need to apologize,” Ashton begged. His eyes glistened with unshed tears. Y/f/n removed his hands from her shoulders.

“She’s not here,” she quipped.

“Then where is she?” Ashton questioned.

“And why the hell would I give you that information? You have done nothing but hurt her for over a year now, and you come back every time with a new apology. And then you fuck up, and you hurt her again, so tell me, why exactly would I tell you where she is?” she called him out. Her eyes flashed with anger. Ashton couldn’t look her in the eye. He knew she was right.

“This time, it’s different-”

“Oh, don’t give me that bullshit,” she snapped.

“I’m serious, y/f/n. Look at me!” He gestured towards his disheveled appearance. “I haven’t slept in days, I haven’t eaten, and I’ve been beating myself up everyday for ever letting things get this far. I am falling apart without her!” He was on his knees now, and his tears were falling freely down his face.

“Get off my damn floor. You have no right to come in here with your little sob story and ask me to let you apologize. Do you know how I found her? She hadn’t been responding to my texts for a couple of days, so I paid her a surprise visit, and do you know where she was?” y/f/n paused as if waiting for Ashton’s response. “Curled up in a ball in the same place you left her, crying her damn eyes out,” she sneered. She was seemingly void of all sympathy for Ashton.

It felt as though Ashton had taken a blow to the chest. Hearing what he did to her just broke him even further. He didn’t deserve her. All he did was hurt her. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. He was so ashamed of himself. He was ashamed of the person he had become.

“No, you’re not. Do you know how I know? Because even though you know you hurt her every time you get close, you’re still here, begging on your knees for a chance to be with her again,” Y/f/n stated emotionlessly. She wasn’t pulling any punches this time. Ashton could tell she had been waiting for over a year to say all of this to him.

“It’s different this time. I know what it’s like to live without her, and I hate it. I fucking hate it. I know that I’ve taken her for granted, and I’ve… Hurt her. I just want the chance to apologize, to make things right. I miss her so fucking much. You have to understand that,” Ashton pleaded. And maybe it was something in his eyes or something he said, but y/f/n’s hard expression softened.

“Okay.” She walked off to get her keys.

“Okay? Okay what?” Ashton scrambled off of his feet with a newfound hope that he would get to see y/n.

“Okay, get your ass in the car. I’m convinced for now, but if you hurt her one more time-” she began. But a smile had already made its way across Ashton’s face.

“I won’t! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” He sped out the door towards her car, leaving her rolling her eyes behind him.

“He better not fuck this up,” she muttered under breath before following after him.


Y/f/n walked briskly ahead of Ashton as she made her way to the pub they had arrived at. Ashton purposely slowed his walk so that he could lag behind. If he were being honest with himself, he was nervous to see y/n again. After the way he treated her, he’d be surprised if she didn’t throw a drink in his face on sight. He sighed deeply before rounding the corner.

When he laid eyes on y/n, his breath got caught in his throat. She looked stunningly beautiful. The way y/f/n had described her experience, he half expected her to look like a zombie. But there she was, looking beautiful as ever with an earth shattering smile on her face as she talked to y/f/n. He was floored. He almost forgot why he was here.

Ashton was so focused on y/n that he almost didn’t notice y/f/n pointing back at him. Y/n’s smile almost immediately faltered, and she looked in the direction of y/f/n’s pointed finger. As soon as she laid eyes on you, her face twisted into a frown. Her forehead wrinkled, and she turned back to y/f/n quickly. They engaged in a heated conversation, and y/n looked like she was going to cry.

Ashton decided now was the time for him to step in. “Hey, y/n. Can we talk?” Ashton stood next to her at the bar, and her back was facing him. Her friend gave her a pleading look that caused her to finally turn around.

“What?” Y/n avoided eye contact as much as possible.

“I, uh, I’ll just leave you guys alone then,” Y/f/n announced before shooting Ashton a pointed glare and walking away. Ashton cleared his throat nervously.

“I just wanted to tell you how sorry-”

“Stop,” she interrupted. “Please don’t do this again. You always do this, and I always fall for it because I’m an idiot-” she began.

“No, no come on. You’re not an idiot.” He gently lifted her head to look him in the eyes. “I’m the idiot. I understand if you don’t want to pursue anything with me, but at least give me a chance to explain myself. I love you, and-” he was cut off by her short, breathy laugh.

“What? You don’t believe that I love you?” Ashton knew then that he had gone too far. He never meant for this to happen, to scar her so badly.

“Well can you blame me? I would start listing the reasons why, but you might start calling me a tyrant again,” she shot back sardonically. Ashton hung his head in shame.

“Listen to me. I promise you that I didn’t mean a word I said that day. I love you so much, and being away from you made me realize-”

“What? That you actually like my ‘all around annoying’ personality?” She interrupted. Ashton’s face fell. “Can you just tell me one thing? Why would you treat me like shit, say all of that mean stuff about me, and then leave, all so you could come crawling back again. Is this some type of game to you?” she interrogated. Her eyes shone with tears.

“No, of course not,” he quickly responded.

“Then why?” Her voice cracked as her eyes bore deep into his. He looked into them for a long time before sighing deeply. He bit his lip.

“That last time we toured, I missed you so much. It hurt me to be away from you, and I didn’t want to feel like that, so helpless. So as soon as we got back, I made a plan to make sure that I never felt like that again,” he explained.

“So you decided to push me away, so it wouldn’t hurt when you had to leave again,” she reaffirmed. He nodded solemnly. She hesitated before saying “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Like that’s actually so mind numbingly stupid that I think I’ve actually lost some brain cells just by hearing that,” she deadpanned.

He let out a short, dry laugh. “I know. And it was so selfish of me. I didn’t even think of your feelings, and I’m so sorry. There’s no point in doing it anymore if it ends up with you getting hurt,” he says. He takes a seat next to her on a bar stool, and they sit in silence for a long time.

They exchange glances using their peripheral vision for a long while before Ashton speaks again. “So… Are you willing to start over? I swear to you I will never be that stupid ever again,” he declared. He was about ready to beg if she said no. He didn’t want to leave without knowing they were together.

“Well…” She hesitated. “I did say I was an idiot,” she finished. Ashton’s smile returned once again as a wave of happiness overtook him.

“Thank you so much!” He enveloped her in a bear hug. “I will not disappoint you,” he said.

“Yeah, yeah. Are you going to kiss me or what?”

Thoughts on: "Bum's not to be blamed for killing/becoming the way he is, he just needs help" From Russian it is translated into English (with the help of Google).

Of course, first of all Bum is not to blame for the fact that his life is shit (at least partially), just like Sangwoo was not to blame for the fact that his life was shit. Bum was raped by his uncle, and Sangwoo had a father who was a tyrant who would beat up his mother before his eyes as well as him (his mother eventually accused him of resembling his father and declared that she fell out of love with him for that reason). In the realities of our world it is not considered normal, but it is not that rare. If one does not delve into clinical psychology and the relevance of the question whether there is such thing as genetical predisposition to violence, etc., one has to settle on the representation the manhwa gives us and there is this one result: in case of both Sangwoo and Bum, their past was disgusting, but it is purely their choice who they end up as, giving, of course, mental problems they acquired in childhood / youth. Bum remained a victim and only “thanks to” or because of Sangwoo was able to release the accumulated “anger” and kill an innocent girl, yielding to his school memories (I must say, those are not so terrible as to lead a healthy person to a breakdown, but Boom was not), and Sangwoo decided to get rid of the oppressor on his own and now “solves” his “problems” with murders, inclining Bum to do the same (liberation from accumulated feelings etc.) Arguing that “it’s not his fault that his life was shit and he got a number of mental problems” one should drop the hypocy and just say the same about Sangwoo. But is that right? Bum is a victim, a victim, I must say, for life. Sangwoo used to be one. Bum stopped being a victim for some time being with Sangwoo, that time he offered him a murder. This is not quite a conscious choice of Bum, but he knew that it was always inside him, even when he forcibly suppressed the memories of that girl from school, knowing what it could lead to, or realizing the degree. Bum definitely needs help (what kind of help is a whole different question), but in regard of his murder, it is mostly Bum itself that is to blame for this. Had Koogi not hinted for a long time that there were such powerful negative memories inside Bum, one might have assumed “the special psychological defense of Bum caused him to kill Jieun because of fear for his own life, turning a slight insult from schooldays into motivation and bringing it to the limit.” That is a justification for the sake of cleansing Bum’s “nice face”. But we know that Bum has been obsessed with the girl for a long time and he suppresses these memories not without a reason which means they are so destructive to him that with proper approach the murder could have happened even without Sangwoo’s interference (which influenced it by bringing the girl who insulted Bum and suggestin to choose her fate, also providing him with fertile soil – stress). The negative emotions have long been accumulating in Bum, for years. Was it possible to “save” him? Perhaps it was, by offering him a “companionship”, visiting a psychiatrist, etc. But one might as well assume that a few years ago Sangwoo could also be helped. What do we have now? Now many people are inclined to suppose that it is impossible to help Sangwoo at this point and I agree with them, serial killers do not cure. But what about Bum? A controversial issue that depends not on real-life capabilities of human psyche (after all, we’re talking about a character), but on Koogi’s plans. So far we know that Koogi initially showed us that Bum was, let’s say, not quite tactful and adequate since school. Yes, for someone the whole situation with “she was friends with him only because of a shared problem, and after resolving her own she ignored him” - is so terrible an accident to leave a trauma for life, but many understand how commonplace it is for childhood. Even her cries of “die!” do not compare to what Bum did – he told the whole class that the girl was being raped by her
father. And Koogi did not try to portray Bum as the victim, we were shown that he is obsessed with the girl, steals her underwear / personal things, can not accept denial, in a fit of feelings he gives away her secret, calls her “easy”, etc. Yes, screams “die!” - are cruel, but they are added, in my opinion, not to make us sympathize with Bum and feel the depth of his injury, but rather as a “switch” for Bum. And I must say, even in his disgusting past we were shown that he is inclined to stalking (sexual fixation added), even before sexual abuse from his uncle. Of course, his past - with domestic violence, partly caused by the fact that Bum stalked girls and almost drove the family into debt – is still a shitty past that had a negative impact on the psyche of Bum, but

as Koogi shows us, it is not the only problem. But should this lead us to the idea that Bum is a one hundred percent victim and, as many of you mean, should not be responsible for his actions? I often hear “Sangwoo should go to prison, Bum should be helped / treated”. I will not go into the banality of the outcome, where the bad ones are imprisoned, I just suggest that you look at the situation of Bum a little more versatile. Is Bum a victim? Of course. Is Bum’s difficult past an excuse for his actions (stalking and killing)? Of course not. Is it possible to help Bum? Very unlikely, but anything is possible. Since childhood, Bum was an “outcast”, he spent his whole life contempted, trying to find salvation in love, but because of the social situation and mental problems, he approached it wrong. What does the manhwa tell us? What does Bum tell us? He can not be saved, he has already killed / is dead (sounds ambiguous in Korean) and he is guilty (more than just the regarding the law, as he thinks). Bum can be saved from being imprisoned by Sangwoo and imprisoned (where he will become much worse), and led to a psychiatrist at the same time (in prison conditions it will not help). Bum can be “saved,” while not incriminating him in the murder and simply sending him to a psychiatrist who, if you believe a fabulous-vanilla-fantastic version, will help Bum become more confident, find love, friends, become a completely different person being 25+ years old (it pains me to write this nonsense), but … what about the murder? Who will help him with this? Who will deal with his internal problems, connected with the fact that he killed a person? The psychiatrist should not know and Bum himself said that in this regard he can not be saved.

Seungbae? Will Seungbae convince Bum that he is not to blame for the fact that because of the heavy memories of the past and the stress associated with Sangwoo, he killed a person? Do heavy memories of the past (in fact, not that heavy) justify, for the law-abiding Seungbae, the crime of Bum and make him try to help him with his psychological problems? (Seungbae initially almost accused Sangwoo of killing his parents and I’m sure if he finds out that Sangwoo’s father was killed, because he was a tyrant (or because he killed the mother and so on - depends on which theory you support) - he would still insist on imprisonment). So why is Bum special from the point of view of Seungbae? Because he was imprisoned by a maniac? Maybe, but if we take a fantastic-vanilla ending, where Seungbae becomes a personal therapist for Bum, he will have to know for what “reasons” Bum killed Jieun - those will not make him happy. In case of Bum not going to jail and his murder remaining unknown of or perceived as forced (under pressure from Sangwoo), it is necessary to remember that the internal problems of Bum will not go away, and the psychiatrist will face not just a difficult patient, but one who is devoured by a feeling of guilt / fear from the inside and can not tell about it. Bum’s mental health won’t benefit much from it. You love the character, you wish him only the best - I understand, but think about what can help him in the realities of the manhwa.

#142 - For officialcatb & rravenss

Filling the prompts “something where you and van are discussing marriage and you keep turning down the idea because you’re infertile and van doesn’t know yet, and you finally tell him he’s super sweet and talks about how he was a test tube baby and how adoption is always an option and that kinda thing?” from @officialcatb and “one where you and van get into a fight before one of his gigs and you can tell on stage he’s upset about it but fluffy end?” from @rravenss

It wasn’t exactly logical to assume that because Van was a test tube baby that somehow when he tried for his own kids that it would just happen. Maybe it was something about lightning not striking twice in the same place, but you never anticipated having trouble falling pregnant. Van was home for a couple of months, and the plan was to try for a baby then. The timing, if successful, would work out well. When you would be around the six month mark, he’d have time off from touring. It didn’t happen though. You tried very, very hard. Every night. Every way. Van was unworried, just figured it would take time. He left for the States without thinking about it again. It wasn’t as easy for you to just drop it though.

A string of appointments with doctors and specialist confirmed what you feared most. You were infertile. As they explained the cause, you tuned out. Whatever was wrong, it was irreparable and it was set to tear your life apart. Van wanted children. It was literally his life goal. You couldn’t give him that, so what value did you have to him then? Your friends told you that he loved you, was in love with you, and that alone meant more than anything else. They reminded you that a woman is worth more than her womb. You wanted to truly believe both, but the first seemed like a lie, and the second somehow didn’t apply to you.

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Hey, I don't know if you are really interested in him, but if possible can you give me some interesting facts or information on Caligula, I know he's done some pretty insane things and I just want some more info/stories if possible...

  • Caligula wasn’t his real name. In Roman times, parents liked to proudly dress their progeny in tiny versions of grownup gear. Either affectionately or mockingly, Germanicus troops called the boy “Caligula,” meaning “Little Boots” or “Booties.” His real name was Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus.
  • Rumors suggest he had incest with his three sisters, though lately this has been proven to be a possible rumor. He later impregnated one of his sisters. 
  • It is rumored that Caligula killed predecessor Tiberius by smothering him.
  • The citizens of Rome were over joyed when he became emperor. They were glad to be rid of Tiberius, who was a tyrant; Caligula’s father was a famous Roman general loved by the Roman people. 
  • The young emperor fell ill a few months into his reign and although he survived this near fatal unknown illness, he emerged a different person, a devil that would terrorize Rome for nearly four years. Some of the causes cited as possibly causing his insanity are epilepsy, meningitis, and encephalitis (a brain inflammation brought on by an allergic reaction or an infection).
  • Sensitive about his baldness, he declared it a crime for anyone to look down at him from a high place as he passed by. Sometimes he ordered those with a nice hair to be shaved.
  • He declared that he was a living God, Jupiter.
  • He killed anyone who he even suspected of being a threat to his power. He killed on a whim.
  • An example is when he had several spectators at the Roman Colosseum thrown into the arena to be killed by wild animals simply because he was bored. He spent a fortune having a bridge constructed between his palace and the Temple of Jupiter with no concern for many of the Roman citizens who were starving.
  • He loved clothes. 
  • According to my 7th grade history teacher, Caligula once had the Roman army march to the sea just to collect seashells. 
  • He opened a brothel in his palace and frequently practiced orgies. 
  • His assassination was planned by officers of the Praetorian Guard who were the Emperor’s bodyguards. Their leader was Cassius Chaerea; his personal motivation was that Caligula constantly insulted him for being, in his eyes, weak.
  • The assassination took place in an underground corridor under the imperial palace on Palatine Hill. Cassius Chaerea stabbed the emperor first which was followed by several other Praetorian Guards stabbing the emperor.
  • Caligula’s wife and daughter were also later killed by the assassins but Caligula’s uncle Claudius escaped them and became the next emperor of Rome.
  • The Roman Imperial German Bodyguard, who were loyal to the emperor hunted down those involved in the assassination; killing many of them.
Snake who Smiles: Ch 1. Zemalocke, Baron of Hyrule.

The whole court grumbled to itself, aristocrats, nobles, council members, lawyers, and even a few governors. King Covarog along with Prince Ralnor was in negotiations over new laws to be established and workflow with the tribes assisting Hyrule. The court however was concerned with another matter. Most were afraid, too old or scared of the Gerudo brothers, but not one man. A man powerful enough and bold enough that his words could land him in no trouble.

Wearing a purple suit with gold buckles and a fur collar, a man with piercing blue eyes and blonde hair cleared his throat. Victor Von Zemalocke, the recently appointed Baron of his family line in a long line of Baron’s was not afraid of the Gerudo, in fact, they were disgusting mammals to him. Vermin, insects far beneath him. “Tell me, Covarog, when are we going to get to the matters that really matter to this kingdom. You waste our time with talks of, oh what was it? Oh yes, wage increases for Lorleidian? Bah.”

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Can we just remind ourselves a little of the Horcruxes, and how much soul was in them?

With each split, the soul is divided into two, correct? Half goes into the Horcrux, half stays in the body? So by the Battle of Hogwarts, only 0.78 percent of Voldemort’s soul actually remains in Voldemort.

Yet he still manages to wreak all the havoc he does.

Voldemort was a monster of a man, his soul was twisted and sick and terrible, but it was strong. It had to be to survive the creation of so many Horcruxes. An awful awful soul, but a strong one, if 0.78 percent could still cause so much misery.

But that isn’t even the important thing. The important thing is that Harry was the last Horcrux. And just like every other Horcrux, half the soul was what remained of Voldemort that had to go into hiding after the night in Godric’s Hollow. 

But the other half? The other half went into Harry.

Harry was as much Voldemort as Voldemort was. 

Harry had the same amount of Voldemort in him that killed Cedric and so many others after his return. Who had Dumbledore killed and marked Draco Malfoy, a sixteen year old boy. Who did everything we see Voldemort do within the time period of the books. All that was done on 0.78 percent of a soul

The same amount of the same soul that was in Harry.

The Harry that wasn’t broken by Vernon and Petunia’s treatment of him. The Harry that rocked up to Hogwarts as one of the most famous individuals in the wizarding world and found his best friends in two children who were, in their own ways, sort of social outcasts. Who risked his life to save his best friend’s little sister, who wouldn’t allow his father’s best friends to become killers, who fell for a girl and still wanted to share the victory with the boy said girl was in love with. Who saw a bully and a tyrant and said no, it’s not ok, me and my friends won’t stand for this no matter how much you threaten us and punish me. Who tried so hard to save the one member of real family that was his and his alone (yes the Weasley’s were definitely his family, but they were Ron’s family first and foremost). Who managed despite the terror of what he’d just been through to offer some words of comfort to a mentor reliving the worst hell of his life. Who lost that mentor but refused to give up the loyalty he still had to him, even if it meant giving up his home, the girl he’d fallen in love with, his life. Who put it all aside to save the world when the other half of the soul that had taken up residence in him was causing all this chaos, destruction and pain.

Harry has just as much Voldemort in him as Voldemort, but not only did he eventually triumph over the Dark Lord—he fucking flourished on the way.

Now we’ve already established that Voldemort’s soul—even 0.78 percent of it—was pretty damn strong.

But Harry James Potter’s soul was a hell of a lot stronger.

Not Dead Yet (Part 13)

*Development! If not a little rushed. If you don’t like it then you can sincerely stuff a bag of pixie dust in your cake hole and stay in the corner. (I am a salty kitty today apparently.) Love to those who love! <3 *

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“Why couldn’t I have been rescued by a fairy?” I grumbled, “Or maybe some elves? Why did I have to get taken in by a vile imp that struts around this ungodly humid jungle like a ruthless tyrant? Just my luck, I suppose.”

I tripped over some gnarled tree roots and fell against the ground. I hate this part of the jungle. It’s so overgrown that it’s impossible to tell what direction you’re heading. I need to get higher.

I started to climb up the highest tree I could find. The higher I went the thinner the branches became and worse was even with how tall the tree was it did little to stretch above the others. “How am I supposed to find the camp like this?”

“AH!” the tree suddenly shot upwards far towards the clouds. I clung onto the trunk as it continued to soar higher until it finally stopped. I didn’t dare look down. If I did I was sure it would make me nauseous.

“This better?” a tree next to me had been growing as well and on top of it stood Pan smug and smiling.

“It’s not funny!” I barked at him.

“Maybe to you. I thought you wanted a better view of the jungle.” he gestured to the open air.

“Well yes but I don’t need to be this high up.” Keep calm. If I get anxious then I’m going to aggravate my breathing problems even more.

“You have to admit that it is a nice view though. You can see all of the island from up here.” I turned my head to look in the direction he was staring.

“Oh my…” I gasped as I took in the sight. You really could see the whole island from up here. The acres of lush greenery, the rivers that crossed through and spilt back into the sea, the rocky peaks, the Dark Jungle, the mermaid’s lagoon, and even Pan’s enormous Thinking Tree.

I was able to spot the clearing where I knew the camp was. I squinted back at Pan. “What?” he asked when he caught my gaze.

“How do you always know where I am?”

“I’m tied to the island. I can tell when someone comes or goes from this realm and if I need to find someone then I need only to stretch my powers and search for their presence.” he shrugged. “One of the perks of being me.”

“Joy” I made the mistake of looking down and my vision tunneled. I drove my fingernails into the bark. “Can we go back down now?”

“I didn’t think you were scared of heights.”

“I’m not but there’s a limit!” I squeezed my eyes shut. “Just put the tree down…please.”

“I’ll do you one better.” An arm wrapped around my waist and I popped my eyes back open.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I pushed him off. I lost my balance and almost slipped off the branch I was sitting on.

“Whoa there!” Pan grabbed me before I could fall off completely. He rolled his eyes and pulled me back upright. “I was trying to avoid that.”

“Why are you grabbing me in the first place? I told you to just put down the tree!” I growled at him.

“If you just gave me a second to explain and not throw me off then you’d know that I was just going to teleport us out of the tree unless you’d rather take the long way down.” he loosened his grip on me and I started to fall back off the tree again.

“Pan!” I grabbed back onto him. “Okay, teleporting good. Get me out of here.”

There was a rush of wind and we were standing back in the camp. “Better?”

“Yes…” I let go of him, “Here’s your stupid dreamshade.” I shoved the jar at him.

“Thanks.” he tucked the jar away in his pocket. “Where are you going?”

“To catch the last of training.” I went back to my tent and grabbed my club.

“Can I talk to you first?”

“When do you not need to talk to me?” I turned back around. “What now? You don’t need me to get more dreamshade do you?”

“No, nothing like that. The opposite actually.” he sat down with a sigh and motioned for me to do the same. “When someone comes to the island I demand their respect. I have to as the leader. Obviously intimidation is not working with you like it has everyone else. Like someone once told me, fear is the only way to gain some people’s respect.”

“Some being the operative word.” I muttered.

“Exactly. So, while you do still infuriate me beyond reason I have come to realize that in order for this to work, there needs to be some level of tolerance between us.”

“Oh for the love of–would you make up your mind?” I shot at him, “Are you kind or mean?”

He shrugged, “I am both.”

“You are confusing is what you are.”

“As are you.”

“What have I done now?”

“If only I knew.” he gave me this sort of lopsided grin, “So, if you stop trying to pry into my personal business I will not lock you in underground caverns, dangle you over cliffs or hide snakes in your tent.”

“Yeah, that sounds–wait snakes! When did you put snakes in my tent?”

His eyes widened a fraction as he leaned away from me, “Obviously you never noticed them so let’s move on shall we? Do we have a deal?”

“I’m still on the snake thing. We’re they poisonous? Did you hope they would strangle me in my sleep?”

“They are gone. That is what matters now.” he placed a calming hand on my shoulder, “You keep your curiosity to yourself and I will not consider killing you. Deal?”

“If you answer me just one question.” his gaze hardened, “No, I swear it isn’t what you think.” I reached into my other pocket and pulled out the little red feather I had found pinned to the child’s hat back in the cavern. “What bird did this come from?”

“Where did you get that?” he asked, his voice quiet.

“I found it in the cavern.” I shrugged, “Didn’t think it was worth anything, you said you only kept junk in there anyways. So what bird did it come from?”

“It was uh… a phoenix. Phoenix feather.”

“Phoenix feather? You mean the mythical bird that bursts into flames when it gets too old?” I tilted the feather in the light, “I can see that. How’d you get it?”

He was silent for a long time. “Pan? How’d you get the feather?”

“I…I don’t remember.”

“How can you not remember? Surely it must have been an amazing story. Phoenixes are extremely rare.” I scooted closer to him.

“I told you I don’t remember.” he said in a terse tone. “I’ve lived for hundreds of years, you think I can remember everything? If you were to die tonight I’d probably forget you were ever here in a week.”

“Thanks. Glad to know I left such a lasting impression.” I stood up. “Goodbye, pal.”

“Don’t make me regret this!” he called after me as I started to walk back into the jungle.

“I’m your Lost Girl, of course I’m going to make you regret this.” I called back with a laugh. I glanced back at his annoyed face and sighed. “Pan, race you to training?”

He grinned back. “Ready…set…”

“GO!” I shouted and took off ahead of him.

“Y/N!” I heard him pounding behind me as he caught up with ease. “You know cheater’s never win!”

“We’ll see about that after I beat you!”

We ran through the jungle jumping over logs and careening out of the way of trees. We’d call each other names and try to trip the other up, huge smiles on our faces the entire time. This was fun! I stole another look back at Pan and found myself smiling harder than I ever had before. I had a feeling this was going to be the beginning of something senseless, delirious and wonderful.


Years that felt like days passed in Neverland. Ever since Pan and I had come to our little truce things were great. I was still overly curious about his past but never pushed it. Okay, maybe not never but he didn’t get ‘throw-me-off-a-cliff’ angry about it.

Days went by much the same as they always had. I’d wake up early for some quiet time alone, sometimes Pan would join me but it was seldom that it happened. I’d train, play, harvest dreamshade, eat, and sit by the bonfire. I had gone exploring the island so much that I could have navigated it blind.

The boys had become my brothers and there were times where new boys would be brought in. While I loved my brothers dearly and I adored the fact that I could say I was ‘The Lost Girl’ I did sort of wish there was another girl on the island. I never had many friends in my old life, especially girl friends, but when you spend every moment of your day surrounded by adolescent testosterone it can get overwhelming. On more than one occasion I may have snapped and a boy may have lost a toe or a finger in the crossfire.

Devin, Nick and Ben were still my three best friends and even Felix had gone from being a sideliner to a confidant of mine. He trusted me and that was something that took much more time to accomplish than it ever did gaining Pan’s respect. Once in a blue moon I could even get the lumbering giant to laugh.

I wish I could say the same about Pan. The thing with Pan was although we had become great friends, I dare say I had earned a rank as his third in command behind Felix, I didn’t see him as a brother like I did the others. Devin, Nick, Ben, Felix, and all the other boys were my brothers, my family. But Pan? He was a friend, my leader, someone I could run with and joke with and have long talks with. There were mornings where we’d just sit out on the beach and not say a word. So comfortable we were in each other’s silence that nothing need be said. It wasn’t a connection I had with anyone else.

One morning came where I was walking along the beach alone. I sensed someone watching me and didn’t need to so much as shift my eyes to know Pan was walking alongside me in the next instant.

“Come to ruin my morning?” I yawned still not quite awake.

“Never.” he quipped. “Geez, you look terrible.”

“Why thank you,” I rubbed my eyes. “Bit of a sleepless night.”

“Nightmares again?”

We kept on walking on in silence. He knew damn well it was because of my nightmares. The nights they happened were infrequent and far between but left me dead and sluggish in the mornings. I had to admit to what was going on after I had woken up screaming one night and gave half the camp heart-attacks for it.

“Are you ever going to tell me what they’re about?” he asked.

“I don’t see how it matters.” I shrugged. We sat down in the sand flicking stones out into the ocean.

“Y/N,” Pan said in a forcefully soft voice, “you probably don’t remember this but a couple years ago when you had just gotten here we were on this beach. You were fighting with me, I was trying to get you mad, then…”

“I remember.” I answered flatly.

“Then you must remember that I never did get an answer to the question I asked.” he said and I felt my heart drop into my stomach.


“Y/N,” he turned towards me, “Who left you? What happened? I know that whatever it is is connected to your nightmares. If you tell me then maybe I can find a way to get rid of them.”

“Why do you care?”

“This is Neverland. You’re supposed to be happy when you’re here and you’re not.” I stole a glance at him, those dark green eyes burning into my soul searching for the truth.

I took in a deep breath. Years ago I would have just gotten up and left. I would have acted a complete hypocrite and told him that it wasn’t any of his business and to just forget anything had ever been said. But then again, that was then. I wasn’t the same person anymore and neither was he.

“You really want to know?” I mumbled under my breath.

“If you’d please.”

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Imagine: You’ve been with the Company since the beginning of the journey to reclaim Erebor. When the Company and yourself have finally ridden the old kingdom of Smaug and taken it back, you and Thorin get into a fight.

You had been the quiet one among the Company and the most reasonable, you had never once talk back to anyone or question an order. You did what you were told and when you were told, never hesitating. You trusted Thorin to make good decisions, you saw the king inside of him, but you hated what he had become once you had reached The Lonely Mountain. He had begun to go mad like his Grandfather and you refused to lose him. During the journey you got to know Thorin, you had got to know him so well you had fallen in love. Thorin knew you were in love with him, because he felt the same way towards you. 

“You will not stop until the arkenstone is found! You will all keep looking, without rest. You are dwarves, live up to your heritage and obey your king.” Thorin hissed at the company. You had stopped looking a while ago, the arkenstone had already been found by Bilbo. You were the only other person besides Bilbo, who knew that. 

You watched from a corner doorway as the company sleeplessly kept up their search for the kings jewel. They refused the urge they all had to disobey Thorin and tell him he was mad, the loyalty they had for that dwarf was incredible.

“Y/N? What did I say, start your search.” Thorin growled. You looked him in the eye searching for the man that you had fallen in love with overtime. You respected Thorin, but this man was not the real Thoirn Oakenshield and you refused to keep quiet any longer.

“No.” You said quietly not looking him in the eye. The minute you refused his order it was like everything stopped, the company all looked at you in surprise to hear you refuse a direct command form Thorin, was something completely new to them. Thorin was a little taken back by your response, but quickly covered it up as he slowly turned towards you a cold glare plastered on his face.

“What?” He growled staring you down at you from a top the mound of gold to which he stood. It took you a little bit to regain your voice and make it as harsh as his own.

“I will be a slave to you no longer. I have kept quiet for much too long. We need rest and you need time away from this poisonous gold.” You said sternly, standing your ground, Thorin straightened his back and held his head high.

“Everyone leave us.” He said with no expression. The Company was hesitant, but still obeyed their King’s orders. They trudged up the huge mounds of gold and into one of the many hallways of the kingdom. Most them gave you sad looks as they left. You kept a stern look, hiding your true feeling of fear.

 “How dare you question your Kings direct order.” His back was to you when you said that, but the way the words left his mouth filled with vile hatred, you knew he was not happy.

 “You are not my King.” You whispered. You looked down as you said that, knowing if he turned around the look you would get form him would kill you inside.

 “What.” He snapped spinning around, gold scattering. You flinched, but looked up to see his stone, cold, hate filled glare, staring straight at you.

 “This man you have become, he…he is not my King. He…he is not the man I fell in love with. I fell in love with a true King, but the man that stands before me now is nothing, but a tyrant!” You hissed catching him off guard, but he quickly retaliated.  

“And you are nothing but a lousy whore, who tells every man she loves him only to steal his wealth.” He growled, as he now towered over you. Your heart broke when he called you a whore, but you tried your best to show no emotion.

 “You are no better than Smaug.” You hissed back, but immediately regretted it as you felt his hand connect with your cheek. Your eyes went wide with surprise.

 “Do not ever compare me to a serpant!” He yelled as he punched your other cheek. You were on the ground now with bruising cheeks, but still you kept talking.

 “I don’t need to compare you to something that a you are. A woman beating snake, who has no honor.” You said breathlessly, but what you didn’t realize is that Thorin held a dagger in his hand and as you finished your hateful comment that had been true, he plunged the dagger into your stomach  out of pure anger.

 You let out a gasp, as you sat there on your knees, the dagger sticking out of your stomach and blood beginning to spill out. Thorin stepped back to see what he had done. He had no expression on his face, as he watched you slowly and painfully die.

 “I still love you.” You barely whispered before you fell to your side, but before you closed your eyes excepting your fate you heard the mutiple cries of sorrow. Though they did not come from Thorin, they came from the company. Fili and Bilbo running to you’re side at Fili screamed Iat his uncle. The yelling did nothing to help you, as you lay dying in the arms of Bilbo Baggins you’re best friend.

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Your assessment of C/L is SO on point! I watched a YTvid of all C/L scenes and the whole thing just screamed "sexy fling with intriguing exotic guest star". That's why C/L stans' rage is so bewildering to me. ADC was a guest star with an upcoming project. That's why they killed her off. It was inevitable! Don't blame homophobia! Altho, i think I'd have liked it if they could have spared her, to maybe return in a later season when bellarke is canon for awkward lols >:)

It doesn’t bewilder me anymore. I was really confused for a while, because their understanding was so different from mine. I was really willing to explore their perspective, because that’s what you do when you interpret stuff, you look at other interpretations to see how well they fit. But after listening to them for a while, I began to understand that they really were creating their own mythology around Lexa that bore only a passing similarity to the story that was being told. 

Their fan fiction must be some powerful stuff, because it created such a vital headcanon that they started interpreting the show through the fanon.

I really think that Lexa filled a need in the community… and I don’t mean the Lexa on The 100, I mean the Lexa in the fandom, the one they built and loved and turned into a romantic, tender hearted, loving, peaceful lesbian warrior queen. 

I personally see a tyrant with ultimate power given to her by divine right, a cyborg antagonist with an obsessive love for the beautiful teenage leader of a bunch of teenage rebels. An intriguing antagonist, but an antagonist. And Clarke let her get to her, get in her head, and fell in love with her and moved over to her side, much like what happens when people have stockholm syndrome. 

Oh, I’m so critical of Lexa. I’m kind of digging the fact that she was an actual cyborg. Commander Cupcake Cyborg. I’m going to send my warriors in to die for me, but after it’s over, I’ll look out the window with tear filled eyes, feeling sad about it. Tomorrow I’ll book a defenestration. It’s been a while. 

But, like, that’s a much more interesting character than Commander Cupcake, the Romantic Pacifist *cough*defenestration*cough*

America feels offended when he hears people say that the only reason he went through with the revolutionary war was for England to think of him as an adult so that they could love him. He didn’t. He wanted England to realize he was not some kid he could control. He wanted him to realize that he was being unfair, and that he was a tyrant. He gave him a chance as a sibling before, and he became a dictator. That’s why he would never date the man, even if he grew feelings for him and they were returned. Even if he fell in love, not had a crush, but fell in love, he wouldn’t be with him. No matter how cute his accent can be. He happens to be really glad his feeling could only be a crush at most.

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Any good nalu fanfics to recommend?

Ah, to be honest, I haven’t read very many nalu fanfics lately. A lot of the ones I was following haven’t updated in a very long while (I’m not complaining, I’m guilty of it too >_<) and there’s so many now with similar plot lines or ridiculous ooc-ness that it gets tiring to slosh through them all.
Ones I’ve liked, but are older so most people have probably read them, are:

Your Life’s Art (M)
Lucy is a Art major in her Senior year of college. She is roommates with Natsu. Taking a class called “Your Life’s Art”, Lucy is thrown a curve ball of an assignment. Not sure how to handle it, Lucy makes a decision that not only changes her life, but everyone in it! Now all she can think is… “Why Me?” Nalu mainly, but also Gale, Gruvia, Jerza. Mature content, be warned!
Unlocking the Gate Keeper (M)
A new visitor to Fairy Tail throws Lucy into a chain of events that will force her to grow in order to protect those she cares most about. With the magical world in chaos and dangerous creatures running rampant, she must risk everything to save the only family she has left. Will she ever have a love life at this rate? Pre-CH208. Slow N&L. Lucy-centric. OCs. Action. Hilarity.
Way Back Home (T)
After being caught in the explosion of a portal, Lucy finds herself traveling through other worlds, without any way to contact her friends. Can she find her way back? Ch.10: Utopia - “Something like Freedom doesn’t exist in this world”
A Tale or Two (T)
Sometimes, Lucy can’t help but think that she’s caught in the middle of a bunch of fairy tales; then again, she is traveling the country with a Fire Dragonslayer and his flying blue cat. At this point anything is possible. AU. Cover art by Cavallo Alato.
No Letting Go (M)
This is a collection of NaLu and other pairings oneshots - Twenty-fourth chapter summary: Girl Talk pt2 - In which we see what the tenacity of the Strauss family is really about.
Experiment 5829 (M)
It is year 4027. The world is Utopia…for some. For others, each day is a struggle to survive as a lab rat, obey superiors, and save the human race. But under what obligation? After all, they’ve never been human. Somehow, the genetically modified always get the short end of the test tube. Futuristic. AU. Ethics/Morals. Sex. Violence. Inspired by Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.
The Fire that Binds Us (T)
AU. Born in a world plagued by death and governed by a tyrant, Natsu Dragneel held the power to restore Fiore to what it once was. When he met Lucy Heartfilia, he promised to always protect her. However, before embarking on the journey to complete his training, he made a decision that would change everything… Performing a magic binding… -full summary inside-
Lucky (T)
(Eventual) Collection of 50 Natsu/Lucy one-shots - because I’m completely insane! “When did we stop being friends?” / “When I fell in love with you.” Awwww, here it goes!
Controlled Chaos (T)
A pretty blond summoner and a fire breathing mage, both with a knack for trouble. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? - Glimpses into the lives of Natsu and Lucy…and whoever else gets caught up in their crazy antics - 100 themes with 10 chap story

Followers, if you have any good - maybe newer - ones, please add to my list (preferably no evil Lisanna, drunken one night stands, secret child, or Lucy leaves the guild because she feels unwanted stories).

Hope that was helpful!

 "People of Rome, we are once again free!“ -Marcus Junius Brutus

March 15, 44 B.C. - During a visit to the Senate, Roman Dictator for life Gaius Julius Caesar is stabbed to death in the forum by conspirators who wished to restore a true republic in Rome. While initially resisting, Caesar tripped and fell, the assassins gathering around and stabbed him 23 times. Though their aim was to remove a tyrant and restore republicanism, they hadn’t foreseen the consequences of their actions. The Roman people, who loved Caesar, were outraged. Caesar’s close friend Mark Anthony took advantage of the situation to take control of Rome, but discovered that Caesar had made his adopted son Octavian his sole heir. Mark Anthony and Octavian put aside their quarrels to bring the assassins to justice, starting a civil war. After Brutus and Cassius had been defeated and killed, it wasn’t long before Mark Anthony and Octavian were on opposing sides in another civil war. From this Octavian emerged as Caesar Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. The final failure of Caesar’s assassins was complete.

Picture- The Death of Caesar, Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1859-1867

"With us" zootopia fanfic

It had been years since he last saw Zootopia. Martin DeClawe moved away when he was young to fulfill his dream to become a detective for the Zootopia police force. After gaining the smarts and skill, he was finally qualified to join the top team. He thought he deserved a little reward after his first day on the job, having caught a bank robber just hours ago.
Martin twiddled with the small cigarette he had in between his fingers, placing in between his lips. He tilted his hat down, trying to protect it from the harsh pouring rain while he made his way to the Tundra Club. There you can sit and listen to music and the singers while enjoying a nice chilled drink by the bar.
Once inside, he took of his dark blue trench-coat passing it off to one of the employers who rushed to place it on a hook to dry off at the side. The club’s walls were made out of solid once, carved precisely to resemble the inside of an igloo. Martin’s nose twitch, smelling the tobacco smoke that filled the air. He pulled on his suspenders while he made his way to an empty table near the far end of the ballroom. On stage, soft music was being played by a young polar bear dressed in a red, bright suit. He typed on the piano keys while some animals listened while eating their meals.
Martin took out his lighter and put it up to his cigarette but cursed when he found it limp and soggy, from the rain. He didn’t escape it fast enough.

“It’s not polite to swear, you know?” Said a gentle voice. A voice that he haven’t heard in years after he left Zootopia. He whirled to his right to find a bunny, an albino. With shiny snow-like fur and bright red eyes, still as curious as to when he met her when they were children. She was wearing a golden shimmering modest dress, and around her neck was a thick black strap to help carry the small box of cigars and cigarettes. Yet, when he looked at her, he had found that she had really matured over the years to when he was gone, noticing the tight and slim curves. She giggled softly when his cigarette fell out from his open mouth.
“Hello, Marty.” While his real name is Martin, he expected animals to call him by his full name but she was the exception. .

“Martha? What in the hell are you doing here?” He asked, making her smile politely.

“I’m working, this is the only job I can get in this club…I have to pay my rent somehow.” She tilted her head at him, holding her smile. “It’s so wonderful to see you again, Marty.”

He held his breath, and swallowed. It has been ten years since he last saw her. He haven’t seen her since he was thirteen but even now, he still recognized her. They met when they were just kits, at six years old. They were next-door neighbors and completely different, including being a fox and bunny. She was shy, and still is, even now he can tell by looking. Him on the other paw, was a little tyrant. Loud and obnoxious.
But one look at the shy girl behind the white picket fence and something inside changed. He did not know it then and he did not know it until after he left.
They were meant for eachother. He fell in love with her at first sight and he could never tell her. A fox and a bunny becoming mates? That seems to good to be true. Also it does not take a genius to notice that inter-species relationship is frowned upon. Sometimes even hated but that won’t stop him from ever loving her.

“I can’t believe you found me here.” He said, rising out of his chair giving her a friendly hug. He found that he had grown intensely over the years, when they were teenagers they were the same height and now he loomed over her by a foot. Her head right to his chest. She noticed it as well taking a step back while blushing lightly.

“Oh my, Marty…you have gotten tall.” She laughed, putting a paw on lips hiding back her large smile.

“I’m not the only one who changed, Cottontail.” He replied slyly. Hearing her old nickname made her stop laughing, letting out a small scowl while still holding her blush.

“Oh! I hoped you wouldn’t call me that.”

“But it’s perfect, cottontail.”

“Oh stop.” She huffed before letting out a smile. “Would you like a cigarette, Martin?”

He reached inside his pant’s pocket, feeling for his wallet. “Sure, I could use a smoke while we talk, how much?”

“It’s on the house.” She said under her breath while she hands him a lone stick. “I insist.”
He smirked and plucked it out of her paw, placing it in between his lips and lighting it with his matchstick by the flick of the wrist.

“How about that talk, eh?” He snickered motioning her to sit down beside him. She shared in his playful laughter but waved it off.

“Oh I couldn’t, my boss would get so mad, my shift haven’t ended yet.”

“Than when does it? I’ll be happy to wait all night.” He winked, making her blush again. He found it quite easy to make her feel embarrassed. “We can talk in my apartment, I’ll even treat you to some take out.”

“That sounds wonderful. I stop working in a hour, until then, I have to hurry and sell these as soon as possible.” She moved away, placing her paws underneath the large wooden box. She picked up her feet when she rushed onto the floor, hiding out cigarettes to the large group of animals waiting to buy. He watched her scurry along the room, handing out the boxes with a smile on her face. Even though she hated Tobacco. She never had a fancy for the stuff. The same thing with alcohol. He stifled a laugh noticing the glass of scotch in front of him. They really were polar opposites, like yin and yang.
He watched her more than the entertainment. Never removing his sight for more than a few seconds. It wasn’t long until it was time for her to check out. He watched her more than excited to come meet with him, practically picking up her feet. He grinned lifting himself off of the booth and suddenly a sharp cry rang out. He whirled to find that Martha, had tripped over her small heels and landed face down onto the carpet.

“Martha!” Martin yelled out rushing to her. Most of the patrons were already moving towards her, ready to pull her up. She lifted her head up slowly, rubbing the back of her head. Her face completely red.

“Oh my, no I’m okay!” She smiled towards a bison gentlemen trying to lend her his hoof. Martin bent down on one knee, looking her over.

“What happened Martha?” He asked, giving her his paw. Her ears went down becoming timid as her face grew redder.

“I-I wasn’t looking to where I was going…oh, I’m so clumsy today.” She said with a timid voice before taking his paw. He gently pulled her up to her feet.

“Ow!” Martha winced lifting her left foot. “Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I-I think I twisted my foot, oh I really am clumsy! that’s what I get for not looking.” She winced again when she tried moving it, her eyes becoming watery. “I don’t think I can walk…”

Martin sniffed. “Well that’s not a problem…” He swiftly picked her up bridal-style. Sweeping her off of her feet and into his arms. She was light as a feather when he began walking towards the exit.

“M-Martin?! P-please put me down!” Martha demanded. He had never seen her face so red before. He grinned.

“No way Cottontail. You ain’t escaping that easily, I’ll give you a ride to my apartment so we can catch up and do something about that nimble ankle of yours.”

“Please!” She continued, noticing the stares of the other animals from outside the club. “E-every animal is looking!”

“Because you’re shouting Martha.” He smirked, she closed her mouth, looking down and avoiding eye contact with the patrons. Martin chuckled as they made their way outside. He gently placed her in the passenger seat of his hardtop black convertible. Martha eyes widened by how new the car way, straight out of the warehouse. She never knew Martin could own such a car. She glance at him when he closed the door in the driver’s seat and the car into gear.

“When did you buy this Marty?”

He grinned at her question. “Ya like it? Just bought it a week ago working with the ZPD, they pay good dough.”

Her mouth moved into a happy grin. “You finally made it in the police force?”

“Sure did. Been working with the law for about two years and I got promoted. Just hearing the word Zootopia made it easy for me to accept.”

She hummed,tilting her head at him. “I’m glad you came back, Marty.”

Martin gripped the wheel when he heard the tone of her voice, it sounded genuine, almost as if she really did missed him as much as he did her. He was right.

“What about you bunny? You work as a seller now?”

“Yes, not really the job I want, what I really want to do is sing to the crowd.” She sighed happily, imagining it. “If only…maybe one of these days I’ll get a chance.”

“They’re idiots if they don’t give you a chance, Martha.” He replied sternly, he bit his cheek before asking her the next question. “And what about…a mate? Got some guy you fancy?” He asked slowly, not really sure if he wants to hear the answer. Martha twiddled her fingers, her cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I…I had a few.” Martin’s mouth went into a straight line. “But they weren’t the right choice for me.”

He smirked slightly, careful to not let it show to her. “Good to know.”

“And you?”

He snorted. “Too busy for that sort of stuff, plus, I think my personality scare the girls.” He chuckled deeply, he wasn’t wrong about that. The way he carries himself always seen to affect those around him. Martha smiled.

“I suppose they don’t know you like I do.”

Except Martha. “Exactly, Cottontail.”
“-And down we go!” He set her down gently on his couch, making sure her legs were elevated on a pillow. Martha giggled at him as he grabbed ice from his freezer.

“Martin, I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

She winced when he placed the cold bag down over her ankle. “Not that bad eh?”

“M-maybe you’re right.” She cringed letting out a soft laugh. He collapsed right beside her, sitting down fully as he removed his coat, showing off his suspenders and white collar shirt. He felt Martha lean her head on his shoulder while she looked up at him.

“You changed so much.” She bluntly stated, making him shrug his shoulders.

“You think so? I should say the same about you, you changed a lot.”

“How so?”

“You’re more curvy.” He flinched when he felt a harsh slap on the knee.

“That is very crude.” She said playfully. She gave out a set of giggles making him laugh along. He set his head down over her own, making her ears do down.

“Well, it’s true.”

Martha eyed him coyly. “You look very strong, Marty.”

“That’s because I am, Cottontail. Got the scars to prove it.”


“More like bullet holes…” He said bluntly, she gasped sitting up fully as she whirls at him.

“Bullet holes!?-are you playing with me?” She said with a huff. Martin flick his wrist and grabbed the collar of his shirt, giving her a grin.

“Want to see? I got one right on the shoulder.” Her eyes widen in curiosity as she leans in, nodding slightly. He pulled the collar down, popping the buttons. He moved aside the fabric, revealing his left shoulder. Right next to his collarbone, was a pinkish scar of what looked like where the bullet went through him. Martha gasped slightly, her paw shooting out towards his scar.

“What happened?” She demanded, rubbing against it with her index finger. The scar was the size of a silver coin. “When did this happen?”

“About a few months ago-!”

“A few months!?” She shouted making his ears go down.

“Hey, hey, it wasn’t fatal! I also have another one on my right side. Now that one hurt.” He laughed but quickly stopped when he noticed Martha holding a frown. He felt her fingers circle around his scar, her paw shaking slightly.

“It could have hit your heart…” She whispered grimly. Martin’s ears sprang up when he felt her paw stroke at his scar. She stared at it in a sad frown as she nimbly stroked the pinkish flesh wound. He slightly blushed, he never noticed how shiny her lips were from the red lipstick.
“Does it hurt?” She asked softly, with a hint of concern. His fur went on end when he heard her sweet angelic voice.

“Nah.” He whispered. “Nothing hurts me, this just a paper cut, you should see the one on my back.” He said raising his eyebrows mischievously. She gave him an unamused scowl. “I was just playing a joke…there’s nothing there.” He grabbed her wrist making her place her palm against his scar fully. She looked up at him and noticed how close his muzzle was to her. “Remember what you did every time I hurt myself?”

Her breath caught, a soft blush appearing. Remembering a time when they were children running into danger. Martin was the one who got hurt the most with his reckless behavior. She found the one thing that helped soothe his wounds, was a secret. Both of them wouldn’t dare tell their parents about their innocent adventures. Whenever Martin got hurt, she would lean in.

She closed her eyes. “I kiss you.”

And her lips brushed against his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss her back. He captured them in a vice grip, revealing the feelings he kept bottled up. It was like a wave, he wrapped his arms around her waist, locking her into a passionate embrace. She responded by clutching at his suspenders, gripping them and his shirt. It was as if she was under a spell because the moment she opened her eyes, the spell broke.

“O-oh my goodness!” She cried out removing herself out of his arms. “What have I done?” She covered her mouth, completely mortified. Martin blinked dumbly, wondering if he done something wrong. She clutched her chest feeling her heart race, she even touched her forehead suddenly becoming dizzy. She stood up, walking backwards away from Martin, who raised himself from the couch.

“Wait Martha-!”

“N-no it was a mistake Martin!” She cried out, her eyes already at the point to tears. “I did not mean to! P-please just forget it!”

“But Martha!-”

She rushed towards the door and fell forward, the pain in her ankle shot through her like she had been stabbed. Martin rushed towards her, catching her, a foot above the floor. She could have hurt herself even more. He was surprised when she started fighting against him. Desperate to get away.

“Let me go!”

“Martha! Get a hold of yourself, you can’t walk yet!” He yelled gripping her shoulders. Not enough to hurt her as he dragged her back to the couch. She fell with a thud and hugged herself, growing smaller as she turned away from him.

“Just…let me go home, Martin.” She whimpered, a tear running down her cheek. His ears lowered, his heart aching at the sight of her. If was as if she was afraid of him. He slowly took a seat beside her, a paw reaching out to her.


She let out a shaky breath. “I-I don’t know what came over me when I kissed you!” She rambled.” I-it was just-!” She covered her mouth, not wanting to speak anymore. “I-it was wrong of me.”

He grabbed her paws, opening her tight fists, revealing her pinkish palms. Staring into her eyes, he moved her palms to his lips. She hid her face into her shoulder not wanting to look at him while his cold lips hit her paws She struggled against his lips, her protest falling on deaf ears.

“N-no! Stop it! You shouldn’t!”

He let go of her left paw, focusing more on her right. Trailing up her arm in a passionate reveal moving closer towards her face. She fought against him, but she was a weak little thing. More pacifist than anything. She never once taught herself defense. With each kiss he gave her, he began to reveal his feelings with each pause.

“You’re beautiful!…you’re perfect!….you’re kind!…” He was already passed her forearm, prompting her to raise a shaky paw in the air. She shook her head, not wanting to hear anymore. “I love you!”

Her free paw swung down, a loud slap echoed in the room. She winced by how loud it was and gasped to find Martin with his head aside. The fur on his face were pressed into the shape of her small paw. She knew underneath it, the skin was screaming out from the stinging pain. The look acrossed Martin’s face was one of shock and bewilderment, which contorted into aggravation when he touched his cheek.
Martha pulled her arms closed to her chest.

“M-Martin! I-I am so sorry! I didn’t-! I-I never meant to actually-!” His eyes narrowed when he looked back at her, making her shrink. “P-please, don’t be angry! Martin?” He lunged at her, making her scream out. “Martin!”
She shut her eyes when he grabbed her face, waiting in complete fear and dread that he might beat her in retaliation. Turning her head, she cried out when she felt him press his lips gently against her cheek. She blinked. Becoming confused as he softly kissed her soft white fur. She felt his mouth turn into a smile from each butterfly kiss he gave her. She felt his thumb from his right hand brush away her lingering tears. She held her breath when he pressed his own cheek against hers.

“How do you expect me to not love you after that?” He chuckled deeply before pulling away. His mouth moved side to side before laughing deeply. “That was some hit, Cottontail, you owe me an apology kiss after that.” She shook her head, a blush forming.

“N-no, it’s wrong! We are too different, it would be one thing if you were a bunny or I was a fox!”

“But we’re not! Martha-my little cottontail.” He growled playfully, taking her paws into his own again. She turned away, trying to calm her heart. “I loved you ever since we were children.”

“B-but…it’s against nature, you’re a predator, I’m prey.” She stated sadly finally looking back at him. “It will never work. No matter how much I may love you too.”

“I want to be with you!” He argued, clutching her paws in a desperate act. “Just looking at you makes me want to have you.” He said moving his muzzle closer to her lips. She turned away, looking down at her paws. “Martha, I will never stop loving you…”

Her lower lip quivered, a soft sob escaping. “B-but we can never tell anyone…”

She felt his paw move her head back towards him. “Than we won’t.” And pressed his lips against hers. This time, she didn’t pull away.


Martha hummed happily to herself in her new home. She was busy folding laundry in the living room, making sure the shirts and pants were pressed and hanged. She took out her favorite blue dress and swiftly put it on its hanger. She set it off to the side, not wanting it to be next to the other pile of clothes. Her nose wrinkled when a strong smell of nicotine filled the room. She jumped when she felt Martin’s strong arms wrap themselves around her slim waist.

“Martin!” She scolded softly, her timid voice barely breaking the air. He moved his cigarette to the side of his mouth when he placed his chin on her shoulder. Hearing her bag right into his ear. “I told you to not smoke in the house. You’re going to stink up the clean clothes.”

“Ah bah!” He grumbled. “It’s too windy out, it will take out the embers. Besides-” he tighten his grip on her, making her slap his arm, warning him not to press any closer. It was more of a tap if any. “I thought I could have more entertainment with you.”

“Oh no Marty.” She said shaking her head. “I have to put these away.” She picked up one of his brown slacks from the hamper and folded it, placing it neatly down on the couch cushion. His eyes narrowed when he saw all of clothes was taking up space on his couch.

“Than I guess we’ll just going to sit right on top of them.”

Martha’s head shot up. “Don’t you dare, Martin, I just ironed your shirts!”
She yelled out when he turned her around and pushed her down on the couch, making her lay right on top of the clothes.She shrunk when he loomed over her. Cutting off any sort of escape. He removed his cigarette, discarding it in the ashtray behind her on a table. She gave him a scowl when he grabbed her paw.

“You always do this.” She complained softly. She blushed when he gave her a tender kiss on her golden wedding ring. “I won’t be ironing your shirts again, they’re going straight into the drawer after.” She said trying to show a threatening tone. He gripped the back of the couch, his knee on the cushion beside her while he suspended himself above her fragile frame. Her eyes lowered when he came closer. Her paws moved methodically to his suspenders, tugging at them when he kissed her ears. “Are you listening, Marty?”

His lips touched her forehead next. “Of course I am…” he replied. She frowned when she pressed her face against the collar of his white shirt. Taking a breathe.

“You smell like smoke.”

He smirked and stroked her ears. “You like it.” He felt her nuzzle her nose on his shoulder, right where his scar was hidden.

“I love you.”

He smiled, falling right into place into the couch. Laying right beside her, with his arms protecting her. “I love ya too.”

They both jumped when they heard a rapping on their front door, a loud voice rang from the other side.

“Hey, ya old fox! We’re here for a visit!” Shouted an obnoxious voice. Martin cursed bitterly under his breath making Martha giggle silently.

“Martha! I made you guys a carrot cake!” Yelled a second voice. “Are you home?”

Martin growled deeply, his head falling into her neck. His hot breath hitting her fur when he complained.

“I forgot those two were coming over.” Martha shifted under him.

“We should let them in…”

“No!” He whispered loudly. “If we stay quiet they’ll go away!”

“Martin! That is very rude.” He grumbled when she gave him a small kiss on the nose. “Answer the door, and please be polite…it’s nice to have them visit.” She began to move away, only to feel his arms tighten. She rolled her eyes, giving him a smile. “It’s only for a couple of hours, and after we can continue.”

He sighed. “Alright, I’ll bring them in.” He jumped when he heard their guest, bang on the door again.

“Marty! The cake is getting blown around! Whiskers, can’t hold it any longer!”

The old fox jerked forward, baring his teeth in annoyance. “Call me Marty again, Flat-Top, and you’re going to get bent!” He yelled out. Martha gasped loudly.


Nick cringed from the harsh voice from inside the house, making Judy glare at him.

“You know he doesn’t like it when you call him that and would it kill you to be polite this time?”

He crossed his arms. “I’m polite. I’m nothing but polite Whiskers.”

She groaned softly, hearing the door unlock. “Better not say some smart joke to them again, I’m pretty sure Mr. DeClawe is going to punch yo-Oh! Hello, are we late?” She said giving the old couple a forced smile.

Another Martha and DeClawe story! Just something to keep you guys entertain with until I finish with part 2 of “two week trial”
I’ll post the edited version in a Reblog ^_^


Here is the first design for the postcard print reward. This is just the line work and levels the full colour comes next.

The five postcards are going to be done in the style of snapshots taken during the war by a photojournalist who was attached to her specialised unit. She fell in love with him as he was the only person to treat as anything other than a vat grown weapon. In the final days of the war he caught a stray round while taking her photo.

So now she has five old photos in her locker. This being the first, the other four postcards will be the other photos in her locker… His photos… The last being the one that took his life. The one of her seeing him leave….

But you guys just know that Pike’s going to try and kill Clarke because she’s a threat to him like Lexa said, but Bellamy’s going to save her by shooting Pike. Bellamy will kill his once trusted leader. 

So Bellamy’s racist and ignorant ark will be redeemed by saving Clarke by killing Pike. 

Whilst Lexa’s dead because her trusted advisor tried to shoot Clarke to protect her, but Lexa died by a stray bullet - not by saving her life. Despite the fact the writers said they wanted Lexa to jump in front of the bullet to save Clarke, but instead Jason chose the stray bullet.

So Bellamy will be known as the guy that saved Clarke from the tyrant leader, whilst Lexa is just dead because “her feelings put them both in danger”. 

Jason’s going to write Bellamy as a hero, despite the fact he started all this shit. Whilst Lexa will be blamed over the fact Nia attacked Skaikru, and that Ontari will become Commander, thus “leaving everyone to die” because she was understanding, merciful and fell in love. 

Lexa will be seen as weak for falling and Bellamy will be seen as strong for killing. Bellamy will be seen as the hero for saving Skaikru from Pike, when Lexa was the one that died trying to save them all, from literally the rest of the humanity.
Then Skaikru will probably tear apart the Coalition, Lexa’s life’s work, to get peace for her people - her legacy; to save their own lives which will throw the other 12 clans into war again.

Then next season Clarke and Bellamy will be praised for getting peace for Skaikru, whilst Lexa was the one that actually fucking offered it too them whilst Bellamy threw it back in her face, literally - by using a mutilated Indra and her massacred peace-keeping army and by tearing her peace and Coalition apart.

Because we all know this is going to serve up for Bellarke endgame.


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