the typos and errors are now fixed


Sanstale’s resident wing-men, Swap and Error

(you can tell I had WAY too much fun drawing Error in this one.)

I had an idea like this a LONG time ago when the friendship club was still together, where blue became fells wingman. I still wanted to do something with the idea, and since Swap and Fell are bffs in Sanstale I thought that would work. and now Sci also has a fabulous glitchy wingman!

(fixed a typo. sorry if a bit of the dialogue looks weird visually.)
Lunar Landscapes - J_Baillier - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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An accident forces John to face the fact that Sherlock’s downward spiral had started long before his flight to exile even left the tarmac.


Update in November 2016: there’s now a lovely podfic available.

An Anonymous popped by at my tumblr a while ago to request that I do more Sherlock whump. Here’s the answer to that. Season 3 & TAB were also in need of fixing, so here we are.

Timeline: Takes off two weeks post-Abominable Bride.

This was really good, though I must warn that there are quite a few errors: strength/length are consistently misspelled, many typos; however, the writing was still very engaging, and the story was well-thought-out. There is no smut, but tons of angst and some fluff. Loved it.

I couldn’t write this in the usual “that feeling when” format I normally do, so here’s something different for today. I hope it’s okay.

First of all, I admire every single one of you ADHD fellows who can just post stuff and send messages without obsessively double-checking and triple-checking them a trillion times. I wish I could be more like that.

I have always been described as a “talented writer” and it kind of clashed with the fact that everything I ever wrote was riddled with typos. I knew how those words were supposed to be spelled but I kept spelling them wrong anyway, without noticing it. It obviously didn’t make any sense to me because I knew I was a good writer. I didn’t get diagnosed until last month, so for 19 long years I didn’t know that the typos had nothing to do with my writing skills. So, my natural response to this irritating problem was to start hyperfixating on avoiding spelling errors. Check, double-check, triple-check, check, check, check. Check one more time. Am I sure I paid attention to every single word? Check again. Check, check, check.

It absolutely destroys me if I’ve made a typo and it’s too late to fix it. It’s a nightmare. A worst-case scenario. This intense obsession I’ve built around correct spelling has damaged my self-esteem… a lot. Even now that I know I’m prone to make lots of typos because of my ADHD, I still won’t allow myself to be any less than perfect in that area. Even when writing in English. English is not my native language, so I know that I should cut myself some slack for that at least. But I never do. And I’m so tired of being like this.

P.S. I spent such a long time writing and checking this submission for possible errors that when I finally went to submit it, the page had expired. Oh, the irony.

anonymous asked:

I love how you addressed the concerns of that first timer anon, so I really don't want to be THAT person, but there's, like, a typo in your post hehe. In the tldr section, "for" is "fro". But please don't take this as an attack or anything! I know you probably wrote that at 1 am or you were really tired. My OCD just makes it really hard for me to ignore these kinds of things!

Σ(゚Д゚) Holy crap, you’re right! I went ahead and fixed it now - thanks so much for pointing it out!

You’re right on the dot - I did in fact write that late at night while I was very tired. And don’t worry, I’m actually super grateful that you went ahead and found this for me. Please feel free to point out any mistakes I make, whether they’re typos or grammar errors or mistaken facts!

No longer meaningful (2)

Characters: Y/N(you/OC), Jungkook (BTS), Bobby (iKON)

Genre: less angsty and weirder than before???

Plot: Breaking up with your boyfriend may be difficult, but learning how to let go of the past happiness and look forward to the new ones is worse. In which Jungkook is your cheating (?) (ex)boyfriend and Bobby is your best friend, who tries his best to protect you from Jungkook

Bobby didn’t know what to do. Should he answer the call? The caller was persistent. Ah, shit, here goes nothing. Bobby thought as he swiped right, answering the call. But he didn’t start speaking, he just wanted to know what Jungkook had to say.

„H-hello? Baby? Hey, baby, don’t hang up-” he could hear your now ex-boyfriend’s voice call out for you.

„Baby? Well, that’s a first,” Bobby replied to him, definitely startling the male on the other end.

„…Why are you answering Y/N’s phone?”

„Because she’s sleeping,” he answered the younger male’s question without hesitation, „and I don’t want any fucks like you waking her up.”

Bobby could hear rustling and Jungkook clearing his throath. But he didn’t let him say anything as he continued:

„Listen, you have no right to contact her, so just stay as far away as possible, alright?” the voice on the other end just scoffed.

„Who are you to tell me to stay away? Why should I?! I still love her, I want her to listen to me and-”

„If you really loved her, you wouldn’t have hurt her in the first place. You would’ve protected her from anything harsh, you wouldn’t even look at other girls, you would be there when she needed you the most.”

„..Like you? Is that what you’re trying to say? That I should have been near her like you?”

„Just so you know… I’m blocking your number,” Bobby said as he ended the call. He kept his promise and as soon as the call ended he made sure to block Jungkook’s number before deleting it with the evidence of the latest call.

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ALRIGHT FINAL UPDATE FOR TODAY WOOOO. I’m really liking it now, typos/grammar things I overlooked (Stardust Crusaders section is a mess please don’t read it its late ugh) and minor errors in need of fixing aside! Going from one Part per page to one per SPREAD made it a lot better I think. This is going to turn out hella good once its printed, yo. ✌️

TOMORROW: Diamond is Unbreakable, Vento, Stone Ocean, and HOPEFULLY Steel Ball run! Then Thursday should be finishing up and printing; as cool as this is, I’m excited to get it done, finals week BLOWS.

I’m hosting my first TA office hours tonight and I’m going through the homework solutions just to make sure I can get/explain them all. I found an error in the solutions. Emailed the head TA about it. Yes, error is an error. I’ve now fixed it in my own copy of the solutions.

Now if only I put this kinda effort into proofreading my writing then maybe I wouldn’t post stories with so many damn typos.

Patch version 1.1

Yooooo~ Just saying that now the patch includes CG Talks translation, OP/ED kara, subtitles and some typos in Yoh’s route fixed. I got Yoh’s ending 2 already so yeah, everything’s checked XD

You can find the updated patch here: > SSAS Post <

(Note: The file size’s big ‘cuz it now includes OP/ED so bear with it…)

I also updated the credits (still temporary due to lack of image editors), password is in READ ME.txt as always, errors, questions please ask me as well. Hm… that’s it for today. Edited images will be updated later on. Sorry for the delay but 'ya know… we have our lives to attend to.

~~~ See you soon ~~~