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Got any good Sterek fic suggestions? (I'd prefer action to smut, if it isn't too much to ask. I really liked Home by typewriter-girl on ao3)

Well, there’s my fic recs on my blog, first of all, but here are a few new Sterek fics I’ve read since it was last updated. (I can’t promise there won’t be smut in some of these, though, or that they’ll be action packed, sorry.)


Five Days in Detention by alisvolatpropiis (3,408 words | Not Rated | One-Shot)

It’s still preseason, sure, but he needs to be practicing. He led the team to the State semifinals last year, and he’s determined to not only make it to the finals this year, but to win the title. He should be on the field right now, practicing his play calls and prepping for next week’s season opener against Saint Pius.

And he can’t do that if he’s wasting his time in detention with these losers. There are a couple of burnouts lazing over some seats by the window, one kid with his face on a desk, hood over his head, and a few Goth kids are sitting in the back corner, looking surly and morose. Maybe you wouldn’t be so miserable if you didn’t listen to such shitty music, he thinks, turning towards his usual seat in the back of the room.

He pauses for the briefest of moments when he sees who’s already sitting there, in the second-to-last row, black-clad limbs spread out, acoustic guitar in his lap, long fingers casually plucking at the strings.

Stiles Stilinski.

* Not a Promise by eeyore9990 (1,574 | Rated T | One-Shot) 

Promises can be broken. Stiles’ love for Derek cannot.

That’s a fact.

But maybe Derek needs to hear it anyway.

* Five Times Derek and Stiles Touched ‘Platonically’ and the First Time They Didn’t by 42hrb (2103 words | Rated T | One-Shot)

It didn’t start off as anything other than friendship, werewolves are naturally touchy creatures and after everything that Stiles went through sometimes he needed physical contact to come back to himself. It really didn’t start as anything other than two guys who saved each other’s lives a lot, but it turned into… something.

* 36 Questions by Leslie_Knope (8,071 words | Rated T | One-Shot) 

“So I’m doing my senior psych thesis on friendships,” Erica says, not-so-accidentally elbowing Derek in the ribs as she turns to face Stiles. “How they develop, how intimacy is fostered, stuff like that.”

“That’s cool,” Stiles says agreeably. “What’s our part?”

“Well, I can’t really tell you the point because that would influence the results. But it’s a set of 36 questions that you have to ask each other.”

“Just the two of us?” Derek chimes in, finally, and Stiles sighs.

“Okay, dude,” he says, making a face, “could you try not to look quite so offended? Like, my ego’s pretty strong, but come on, man.”

* The Price by theroguesgambit (18,452 words | Rated M | 5/5 chapters) 

Stiles must surrender the most important thing in his life to protect the town… and no one can figure out what it was.

* Are You Happy by theabominablesnowman (33,180 words | Rated G | One-Shot)

Stiles has been away for work for a little over two weeks, and Derek and their son are getting antsy about it. (Who wouldn’t?)

Or, a few days in the life of the Hale-Stilinski family, and a whole lot of fluff.

May-June kdrama slate

(I’d do one for cdramas, but the only airing one I plan to follow is Song of Phoenix and I have zero idea when the upcoming ones I am interested in are supposed to air.)

These are all the kdramas I plan to follow in May-June timeframe.

Chicago Typewriter (airing) - I’ve only seen the first two eps, but I love the quirky indie vibe and the truly interesting characters. Plus. 1930s flashbacks!

Circle (may 22) - it’s supposed to be scifi so I am curious, plus it will be interesting to see Yeo Jin Goo in an adult leading role. Also it’s only 12 eps so barely any commitment.

Forest of Secrets (June) - I normally stay away from mysteries but I will watch Bae Doona in almost anything. Still, most likely of the bunch to be dropped due to subject matter.

Man to Man (airing) - I confess I don’t love it as much as I thought I would (mainly because the heroine annoys the bejesus out of me; also why did they style Kim Min Jung so awfully? She was gorgeous in Fashion 70s but looks truly awful here.) But it’s still a fun fun ride with some of my favorite actors (Park Hae Jin, Yeon Sung Hyun, Park Sang Woong, Chae Jung An.)

My Sassy Girl (May) - Joo Won. In his first sageuk, playing a serious scholar in love with an awesomely madcap girl. Honestly, I don’t care about anything else, I will be there. I am hoping it won’t be too comedic because he’s an amazing dramatic actor but his comedies are barely watchable at best. 

Ruler Master of the Mask (May 10) - Yoo Seung Ho as a prince who fights for love and reform while wearing a mask? Someone’s been thinking of me! Period, intense, romantic and the cast is basically wall to wall favorites who are also sageuk veterans. (Well, L has not been in a sageuk but I have a soft spot for him from Shut Up.) Currently my most anticipated. And not just because it’s Kim So Hyun’s first adult leading lady sageuk role.

Seven Day Queen (May 31) - normally I’d be salivating about a sageuk about a love story involving a doomed queen but that cast is making me an unhappy Mousie. I adore Park Min Young, who can do no wrong in my eyes but her leading men! Yeon Woo Jin is one of those rare k-actors whose appeal I do not get. The last time he was in a sageuk (Arang), his character was useful only to allow me to ff to watch the ep faster and his looks do nothing for me so there isn’t even the shallow factor. I’ve loved Lee Dong Gun since Sweet 18 but (a) he’s playing a psycho here; if he was the lead I might be properly enthused and (b) his talent for picking dramas is spotty (he was in Marry Him If You Dare, aka the worst drama I’ve ever seen.) I will check this out for PMY anyway.  You never know - I might become YWJ fangirl :P 

Suspicious Partner (May 10) - here for Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before enlistment. Nothing else interests me about this, tbh. 

The Best Hit (June) - hmmm. Variety x drama format didn’t work last time they tried it, but I am going to give a peek to this for Yoon Shi Yoon, who is always amazing and always underrated.

Third Rate My Way (May 22) - I like Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won and occasionally an underdog story. It could go either way - be too dreary and slice of life for me, or unexpectedly charming and scamper past my usual preferences a la Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Whisper (airing) - still as intense and twisty and emotional as ever. I adore this.

Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Once again I am so, so happy- what’s a stronger word? I need a stronger word because happy does not describe the flips and flops of my little heart as I read chapter 15 of Home. It’s so amazing, better than amazing, and I cannot help but have a deep, bone crushing appreciation for all the work the author puts into her writing and art. Like, oh my god. Home is probably one of the most mentally and emotionally engaging fics I’ve read ever? Chapter 15 was sososososo worth the wait, and I’ll be reading it all over again in a bit just to revel in it.