the typewriter girl

i feel like there’s this huge unfulfilled niche in the Dark Academia thing (kill your darlings, the secret history, dead poets society etc) for stories about women???? like can we have rakish girls quoting sappho and anxious genius poet girls, bespectacled, frantically tapping away at typewriters? wild girls trying to start literary movements and being dragged down by their own hubris? innocent girls discovering love and sex and angela carter? cute girls in 60s looking school uniforms investigating ~mysterious happenings~? going to class the next day hungover and exchanging knowing glances? can we just have. the thing

The Kdrama I Watch

Watching (on air):

My Father is Strange ep 33
Suspicious Partner ep 32
My Sassy Girl ep 20
Queen for Seven Days 4

Couldn’t finish the first episode:
The Liar and his Lover
Chicago Typewriter
Individualist Ms. Ji Young
Lovers in Bloom

Man to Man ep 1
Golden Pouch ep 90
Introverted Boss ep 10
Tomorrow With You ep 2
Ruler: Master of the Mask ep 8
Third-Rate My Way ep 10

Finished and personal rating:
Radiant Office 7,5
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 10
Queen of the Ring 7,5
Hwarang 6,8
Goblin 8
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 9,5
My Secret Romance 7,8