the type needs work but it's a start


Hello guys! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do studying tips so here it is! I am by no means an expert but as a student, I wrote this based on what I’ve learnt as I struggled and pulled myself through my school life!


As a student, I personally feel that it’s most important to know where your forte lies. By identifying your weakness you would know the subjects that you should tackle rather than focusing on the thing you’re already familiar with. You should spend more time on your weaker areas compared to your strong one, however do not get complacent!!!


 Studying for exams are always a race against time, thus mapping out the things you should do is always important. I don’t have a strict time schedule where I allocate certain timing for my subjects; however, I do time myself when I do papers. For example, when I was doing math papers as revision for o levels, the duration given for one Emath paper was 2 hours. Thus, when I practiced and did my papers, I would only give myself 1 and half hours. This will train me to do my papers faster with maximum accuracy. You’re also required to have a good grasp of your subject to be able to complete questions faster.


Somehow during exam periods, a lot of my friends start sacrificing their sleep and food to study. And I can’t emphasize enough how wrong this is. Most of my friends, who do this, end up making more careless mistakes in their paper and thus winding up with lower marks. Lack of sleep is a serious flaw and can jeopardize you paper immensely. If you’re tired, rest; don’t try to push yourself because your brain won’t be able to absorb the information any longer. It’s the same situation with the food, if you sacrifice your meals, you may end up getting gastric that may just affect your performance during the paper.


Well duh right? Everyone makes notes, but more importantly, you need to make notes that you would want to read. As much as the process of writing and remembering is important, if you like the way you notes look, you’ll feel more inclined to read it. Thus, this is partially why I enjoy making notes that look pretty to me.


 Never ever forget to take breaks. I’d recommend a 15minutes break every 2 hours. Pushing yourself to sit there continuously will only cause you to lose focus, causing you to become restless. Different people have different attention span, thus never ever compare yourself to your friends and force yourself to sit down and study as long they do. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t.


 I looooove music. But I have to admit, listening to music while I’m trying to memorize some lit quotes, isn’t working out for me. Thus, I don’t recommend listening to music as you’re trying to absorb content heavy subjects. However, if its question based subjects like math, by all means. Check out my studying playlist!


 You need to know what method helps you work best. Writing? Auditory? Everyone has a different style of learning that works best for him or her. Some people need to read their content out loud for themselves to hear before they can memorize, however this does not work for everyone. Maybe you’re the type that needs to draw diagrams to colour code your notes. Whichever the case is, its best to know yourself, and the style of learning that best suits you.


 Stress isn’t necessarily bad. A little bit of stress can get you off your lay bum and to start doing some work. However, being overly stressed will just backfire and may cause anxiety problems. This is why it’s essential to keep a healthy balance of work and play. Don’t overwork yourself and drive yourself into a corner, this isn’t healthy for you or your studies. Taking conscious effort to distress can help keep a pleasant attitude and mind that’s good for learning. 


If you find yourself being constantly distracted by your phone or a particular app, delete it. Lock your phone in the drawer or temporarily delete your social media apps. Downloading focus aps can help you too. Apps like helps block access to some websites can restrain you from falling back into the trap that is distractions.


 It is important that you’re doing all this for yourself. Not your parent. Not anyone else, but you. If you lack the desire to get good grades and do well, it’ll definitely be tough finding the motivation to do anything. You don’t have to like studying, but you at least have to want getting good grades. If you desire to have straight As, you’ll naturally fell more inclined to do something to help you get it. However, its also important to set realistic goals. It’s impossible for you to jump from a F9 to A1 in a month. Set practical goals and take baby steps to get there.


 Well, procrastination can be a bitch. I started my studyblr account during my o level periods because seeing other people’s notes made me want to study. You should find a way to help YOU counter your procrastination tendencies.

 All in all, studying is something very unique and personalized. What works for me may not work for you, but if you keep working hard. No goal is ever too far. Thank you for reading!


Langst 101

(shiro hasn’t vanished yet )

-the Voltron team goes on a mission and lance fucks smth up and pidge gets really hurt and has to get into a pod

-lance is crying and can’t stop apologizing but shiro is PI S S E D 

-‘its okay to make mistakes, lance, but there’s a LIMIT’

-‘if you hadn’t missed that shot pidge wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Do you ever think about what you do? Or do you just live in the moment’

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Fixing Septiplier

I saw this tweet and, yes, I can kinda agree.

People say its because Mark and Jack aren’t friends anymore, and I think thats not the case.

They still are friends, a lot, there are some parts in the livestream where they smile and talk to each other, but the thing is.

Its done where they’re not in the spotlight.

For example, Mark and Jack were tossing the toilet paper to each other and they were smiling at each other, but the camera men didn’t put them on the spotlight.

Also, Mark told Jack something and a big smile went on Jack’s face, but they were in the background, and the camera weren’t on them the whole time.

Mark and Jack always fueled the Septiplier ship back then and why don’t they do it now?

Well maybe they’re scared too?

Because back then:

The Septiplier ship was smaller, and people didn’t ship it as hardcore as they do now. They used to ship it as Mark and Jack did, in a silly, cute way.

But later on, people shipped it to a level that Mark and Jack never expected/wanted-

What I mean is smut, and people who believe they’re gay and they do love each other romantically.

Shippers who don’t ship it that way, or at least still know Septiplier won’t happen still [smut shippers], don’t worry, this isn’t completely your fault. I’m a shipper myself, so I know.

Like, do you really want drawings of you naked with a friend on the internet, especially when you’re as popular as them?

No, why would you?

Honestly, I think they might actually still wanna make those Septiplier moments keep going like they used to, but maybe they’re scared it’ll blow up and the shippers will take it too far?

It seems likely because,

it has happened.

They do sonething cute, it blows up, and now its madness and nobody can calm down.

Because if you’ve ever noticed, if you look at a Septiplier moment, its clear they’re extremely happy in each and every one.

But now they have to be cautious at every move they do on camera or else things will go nuts.

I don’t think they’re trying to sink the ship, I think they’re trying to make it back to the way it is.

But before you say “Then why don’t they just say they want the ship to calm down so they can be silly again?”

Well of course, THATS going to blow up. It doesn’t matter whether they giggle at each other or they actually do something cute, it’ll blow up either way. Its like some crazy curse. Literally, anything that includes Mark and Jack, there’s always someone going “OMG SEPTIPLIER AWAY, THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!!!” Like, come on dude, these are real people who don’t love each other romantically. Let them be them. Everything doesn’t have to be Septiplier. Why can’t it be just two friends being friends?

And just so people know, thinking Mark and Jack are actually gay, even though having girlfriends, IS NOT AN OPINION. NOT IN THIS SITUATION. ITS JUST WRONG.

There’s a difference between a fact and an opinion. And Mark and Jack being straight is a fact. They have girlfriends, who are each wonderful people, but they ALWAYS, constantly state they’re straight, they are NOT attracted to men. They are straight and have amazing ladies as their girlfriend and if you can’t respect that, then I don’t think you should be here. Think about it. (Thank you to anyone who said about Mark and Jack stating they’re straight constantly)

And if it gets to the point where Mark or Jack have to make a video on this topic, thats it. We can’t fix it then. Because if its so effective on their lives that they have to tell millions about it, is not only dissapointing, but clearly fuckin shows our fandom can’t control ships.

Because Mark and Jack are not the ones changing.

The Septiplier ship is changing, and not in a good way. We fucked up. They didn’t.

And how do we fix it?

Well, Septiplier is huge, A LOT of people ship it. Its literally the second most searched option when you type ‘Sep’ in the YouTube search bar.

And it won’t be something we can do overnight. Its going to be a slow process.

There’s a lot of us and we have to all agree.

We can’t just lay around, waiting until everything gets better. WE need to be that something that brings the ship back to the light.

The Septiplier ship ran into a harsh, big storm and we have to work together to get it out onto the right path.

I want this ship to how it started, where everybody shipped it for fun, and we didn’t attack other ships. Not saying all of us attack other ships, its just some Septiplier shippers actually do attack, I’ve seen it.

Because the more smut and hardcore shippers that join this ship, the more Mark and Jack have to be cautious.


They’re not sinking the ship.

They’re warning us to fuckin fix ourselves and the flaws of this ship, before its too late.

And honestly, Septiplier isn’t just a ship anymore, its a community that needs some fixing. Its also a place where Mark and Jack fans join together. Because Mark and Jack have a beautiful bond thats brought their communities together. And lets not break that bond.

Because Whats better?

Don’t do anything and Mark and Jack grow farther apart on camera.

Or fix our ship, bring it back to the light, and have Mark and Jack be able to have things normal again.

Now, how?

Well, all hardcore [smut, sex related] shippers and people who believe they’re gay have to stop. (Or keep the smut as far away as possible)

Its not right or polite and Mark and Jack wouldn’t appreciate or even consider you a fan at all if you continue.

Ship Septiplier as a bromance, or in a fluffy cute way, nothing too extreme like sex, or kinky shit.

I know this isn’t how Mark and Jack really act with each other, they most likely do a bunch of shit together off camera where we don’t ruin their fun.

We can fix this ship.

We just have to try.

I want Septiplier to become peaceful and happy again.

Because Jack used to be a fan of Mark. He started his channel because of Mark.

And even though they’re on different parts of the world, Mark managed to find a worthy person on YouTube who derserves so much more. And that was Jack.

They’ve been through a lot, from meeting in person for the first time, becoming great friends, to having a happy little ship.

Lets bring it back to those times. Mark and Jack don’t need to change. We need to.

Lets bring the happiness back in Septiplier.

And ships like Jelix or Pewdieplier, don’t become like this ship, don’t go too far. Don’t make YouTubers become seperate by their own fans.

Mark and Jack have done so much for us, now lets do something for them.

I know we can do this.

Lets fix Septiplier.

Update: For Cringemas I wasn’t able to watch the first part but I saw that Mark and Jack agreed Septiplier as a ship was pretty bad this year in that part. And that right there is why we need to fix this ship. They know this ship is getting worse. If 2016 was Septiplier’s bad year, lets makes 2017 Septiplier’s rebirth into the light. Thanks to everybody who wants this ship better, I appreciate it so much! Now I know we can really do this. In 2017, we’ll fix Septiplier. Together. [Lol a PS: I understand the people who say that we should let septiplier die, but remember they’re are still fans and hard-core shippers who will start drama and shit. I wish it can be that easy, but right now, fixing the ship and opening people’s eyes seems like the best option, thank you💕]
Overwatch Men: Reaction to S/O Wanting to Run Away

The winner of a poll I made a couple days ago, won by four votes! Overwatch men and Overwatch women will have two separate posts as to not continue my string of long-ass posts. <D

This subject is kind of near and dear to my heart, especially recently, and I can’t say that I’m not happy that y’all voted it first. 

Thanks everyone for voting, stay sweet, and I hope you enjoy the headcanons!



  • The topic slipped out while the both of you were relaxing one evening
  • You had been complaining about you day and how stressed you were, while your boyfriend rubbed your shoulders and listened with open ears
  • And the words had just slipped out, “Sometimes I wish I could just run away from everything”
  • Your boy was shook
  • Boy did he know what that feeling was like, wanting to run and hide away from the rest of the world
  • Of course, he also knew what it was like to actually succeed with that plan and knew just how tough it was
  • So he questions you for you to confirm your intentions
  • “(Y/N), was that a serious thought or did you just say it to say it?”
  • “I mean… Sometimes it’s a serious thought. That doesn’t mean I want to leave you, of course. It’s just the work and the constant war, and the chaos, and the stress.. Sometimes running away sounds like the most amazing paradise I could hope for.”
  • Then you can’t help but add, “Aside from being alone with you and snuggling all night long.”
  • The attempt at lightening the mood was noted by a soft smile that briefly appeared across Genji’s features but quite brief it was
  • Genji wanted nothing more for you to be happy and if that meant going your way, that was that
  • However, you didn’t have to go as far as you might have thought
  • “What if you traveled with Zenyatta for a while?”
  • Your curious gaze encouraged his explanation
  • “He’s a traveling monk, a guru. He avoids danger and conflict unless there’s no other way, the traveling is worldwide and always peaceful. Your stress would wane away, the chaos would be removed, you’d have a friend–a peaceful one–to after you, and I could keep in touch; I could visit even.”
  • You get teary eyed because he’s doing the exact opposite of what you thought he would do
  • Not only is he not trying to make you stay, he’s helping you figure out options
  • You hug him tight and bury your face in his neck
  • He hugs you right back
  • “Whatever will make you happy, I will try to you with it.”
  • “Genji, thank you…”


  • Before suggesting any alternatives, he’d do everything in his power to attempt to keep you from leaving
  • You want people gone? Done. You want a promotion/demotion? He’ll make it happen. You want a different job? He can find you a better one.
  • Vacations, trips, pampering, protection, he tries everything he can
  • But sometimes things just need to happen
  • “Hanzo, I know you’re trying but I think this is something I need to do.”
  • “I can make you disappear.”
  • Wat
  • Hanzo, e x p l a i n
  • “I mean, I can make you disappear for as long as you want. I have some ties with old family friends. You can get taken off the radar for as long as you wish. Live in a nice, secluded place. You’ll be protected and you don’t have to deal with the wars and the stress. Only my people and I will know where you are; you have my word.
  • “Just… Please don’t leave me.”
  • The poor boy’s still heartbroken about the whole ordeal, that your life has gotten so bad to the point that you feel like disappearing from society for a while
  • But, like I said, he’s going to do everything in his power


  • He understands right off the bat
  • Hell, he’s had his fair share of running off by himself for a while just to get away from it all
  • He’s really just kind of a lone ranger himself
  • Like hell he’ll let you go alone though
  • “Fine, let’s do it.”
  • You look at him, confused
  • “What?”
  • “Let’s do it. Run away together. Get away from all the craziness. We can get a ranch and live there for a while. As soon as you decide you want back in, we’ll do it.”
  • You try to protest that he has a life he needs to continue with but he stops you before you can
  • “We all need a break from life sometime.”
  • Then he starts packing and research


  • He’s probably the second most understand person behind Genji in this type of situation
  • You don’t travel with him during his journeys; you work away at an irritating job at home while waiting for your omnic partner to return
  • So
  • Why not turn the situation on its head and do travel with him?
  • Or he can suggest to you a cozy, pleasant monastery of sorts for you to visit for a while
  • Or he can take you to a calm little place in Nepal where you can hide away to your heart’s content
  • He offers several different options for you to pick from, although he makes it clear that he’d prefer you travel with him over the others
  • Of course, it’s your decision and he respects you either way
  • If you choose to stay somewhere else, he offers to visit you as long as you’re comfortable with it
  • If he’s part of the life you want to distance yourself from, he’ll accept that as well; however, he’ll always keep a close watch over you to make sure that you’re in no danger and that you’re happy and healthy


  • To be honest, he’s relieved that you want to run away
  • Not because he wants you to leave or because he loves you any less
  • But because he knows that he can’t hurt you in anyway if you’re gone
  • He helps you pack and assures your safety via Talon guards but you’re on your own when it comes to deciding where you want to go and how you want to live
  • Is it his best judgement? Absolutely not. But he doesn’t see it as pushing you away so much as protecting you from him.
  • After you leave, the nightmares and pain come back
  • He cries at night because your gone
  • He only gets your whereabouts a while after you’ve left to check in on you from a distance without your knowledge
  • You being protected means being protected from him as well


  • He gets teary when you tell him your intentions
  • He offers you a deal to try and fix things: Give him a week to come up with some sort of plan; if he can’t by the time the limit’s up, you get to leave and he won’t stop you
  • He absolutely desperate for this to work
  • He runs around everywhere, researching, asking others for ideas
  • Sure, he’s been left before but this was you leaving, completely detaching yourself from your old life for who knows how long
  • At the end of the time, he (weak) plan is to relocate to remote Germany for a few months or so
  • He’ll take care of work and protection, and you get to do whatever you please
  • It’s not ideal, this is true
  • But hell, the puppy-man is trying so hard
  • It’s worth a shot, right?
  • The old boy actually breaks down crying when you say you’ll take his deal
  • He’s so happy
  • Picks you up and spins you around
  • Just don’t leave him, okay?

Soldier 76

  • He’s pretty accepting about the entire thing
  • He wants to run away sometimes too, so it’s a fair thought in his book
  • But he doesn’t want you remaking your life from absolute scratch
  • He has a farmhouse he inherited from his parents when he was younger
  • No one knows about it but him and the people of the small peaceful town it’s in
  • So it would be running away from everything but not starting completely over
  • He’d buy you the first set of groceries and even help you unpack
  • He’d visit every other weekend or so, periodically but not common enough to draw questioning eyes to your location
  • It’s a perfect plan in his book
  • And he’s also just mildly excited for you to meet the people of his birthplace


  • He’s not letting you run away
  • One, because it’s not healthy
  • Two, because he’d much rather change your surroundings to better suit you
  • This means getting rid of people and moving the literal earth if need be
  • Seriously
  • He’s the one-man apocalypse for a reason
  • And you’re his little piggy
  • He’s ready to kick ass and take names
  • You’re not running away though
  • Instead he makes up a binge-eating date that revolves around you spilling everything that’s ever made you want to run away
  • And him taking notes on who and what needs to be eliminated


  • This man is a child, okay
  • He’s like a kicked puppy
  • He gets all clingy and whimpery
  • “W-well, Shiela, just tell me what I have to do to make ye stay! Is it the people? I can take care of the people! Or we can move! Just.. just don’t me..”
  • Like Roadhog, he’s ready to remove toxic people and blow up things on your command
  • Probably with the help of Roadhog himself
  • Roadhog thinks it’s unhealthy for Junkrat this time but this time it’s not his call so he’ll help if he can instead
  • Get ready for the dynamic duo hookin’ ‘em and cookin’ ‘em just for you
  • He’ll even teach you some skills to take care of people yourself


  • Okay, he might be the most chill person about the situation
  • All he asks is for you to clarify whether or not you’ll still be together and confirms that he gets to know where you’re going
  • After that, all he asks for is period video chats/video dates after you get settled down where you want to be
  • That’s pretty much it
  • He’ll buy you your plane tickets and help you pay your new rent if need be
  • Of course, if things don’t go well, he’s going to hunt you down and bring you home to live with him and you’ll figure out things from there
  • But he’s okay with you trying your soul-searching journey first


Writing Reinhardt’s hurt my heart. ;w;

bts and types of people they would fall for
  • seokjin: patient. someone who doesn't mind that dinner might be ready at eight rather then seven. someone who is there to stick by jin when he needs to practice the choreography for a few more hours, watching proudly without a complaint or sigh. someone who is there when jin works on his vocals, even though it's past midnight. someone who doesn't mind another round of mario kart, despite the fact that fancy dinner date was supposed to start thirty minutes ago. someone who is willing to stick by jin's side and support him no matter how long it takes for him to reach the sky.
  • yoongi: true. someone who is true to themselves, to what they believe in, to what they stand for. someone who is never willing to compromise on what they know what is right, even when everything is cornering them against a wall. someone who will be true to yoongi, when he is happy, when he is sad, when he is confused and ready to give up, when he is on cloud nine. someone that can look him in the eye and tell him he screwed up, but also someone who can deal with his raw emotions and can truly hold him close and promise that things will all be better in time.
  • hoseok: passionate. someone who loves what they do, and does what they love. hoseok himself is a very passionate person and he would want someone who shared the same fire as him. that doesn't equate to loud, and in your face, not really. but it means someone who is willing to give their all to the things that deserve it. someone who is willing to always push forward and never give up, even when it seems like the spark could be wavering. someone who will be there to light his fire when he feels down, whether it be with words, hugs, or kisses.
  • namjoon: open-minded. with great minds comes the great need to question all options. namjoon is not someone who follows tradition because he was simply told they were right. he wants to explore life and discover everything about the world, and try new things, live his life as unbiased as possible. someone who is just as willing to uncover all possibilities of life as he is, and someone who he can have real, honest discussions with while they lay out under the stars.
  • jimin: gentle. jimin is soft and caring, and he always puts others first. he would need someone to be there for him once. someone who isn't brash, or hasty; someone who is willing to work with him through his insecurities. someone who is patient, willing to listen, someone with a quiet voice, smooth as silk. someone who will stay up with him on bad nights and stroke the hair from his eyes, and someone who will stay up with him on good nights to be there for him with a soft smile and an even softer kiss.
  • taehyung: creative. someone who can make a story of anything. someone who sees the beauty in everything. someone he can stay up with for hours on end, imagining a world far far away. someone who is always surprising him with a new type of breakfast, a new picture for the living room, a new way to hug. someone who is always willing to see the creative genius in him. someone who does not think of him as weird, but a masterpiece, uniquely and beautifully crafted in the heavens above. someone who is always willing to try new things, and always willing to spice things up.
  • jungkook: independent. somebody who knows their own dreams, and is working for that, not anyone else's goals or plans. someone who is willing to march to the beat of their own drum, and shrug those off who mock them. someone who isn't afraid to be themselves, even when it seems like the hard thing to do. somebody willing to break away from the molds of society. someone who is fierecely independent, yet somebody who still, at the end of the day, needs jungkook's attention and affections.

unyvense  asked:

hi, would you have tips on how to write a love-hate relationship? most like hate that turns into love or something like that. also your blog has been so helpful to my writing, thank you very much and i hope you're having a nice day! 💕


Here’s one post with advice on love-hate relationships – it may help!

My advice on this is basically, know your characters inside and out, so that you can define what makes their relationship love-hate and what kind of love-hate it is. Because there are a couple, that I can think of:

  • Romantic/Lustful: in this case, either the characters’ personalities clash and their bodies live in harmony (think along the lines of friends with benefits, except it’s really more like enemies with benefits), or they have great chemistry both physically and personality-wise, but can’t be in a relationship. The reasons for not being in a relationship could be anything from that they’ve tried a relationship in the past and it hasn’t worked out (and possibly things happened in their past attempt/attempts to cause them to dislike each other) to that another set of circumstances (they’re too far from each other, one has trust issues, etc) gets in the way and causes tension between them.
  • Unlikely Allies: in this case, it doesn’t always have something to do with romance – they could just dislike each other but be forced to work together. For example, two of my characters in my current project have lived in a boys’ home for years – one, however, has been one of the administrator’s pets, while the other has gotten into loads of trouble over the years and is generally regarded as a troublemaker. The troublemaker (Conrad) dislikes the pet (Nick), because Nick claims he’s not like the administrator’s other pets and wants to help people like Conrad, and Conrad thinks he’s lying through his teeth. (Also, Nick is gay, and Conrad is a firmly-established homophobe, although he tries to hold his peace about that.) However, Nick and Conrad have to work together to get my protagonist out of a bind, and they set their differences aside to get the job done. This isn’t so much “love-hate” as “hate-but-I’ll-temporarily-tolerate-you”, but I felt it was worth including.

(And keep in mind that either of the above could work both forwards and backwards – two people could start out as enemies with benefits and then find that they actually care for each other, and two unlikely allies could find out, through working together, that they work together well, or that their opinions of each other were too harsh. By the same token, two people could like each other as they start working together, but find that they actually hate each other or drive each other up the wall.)

As for hate to love, here’s a post about its various cliches and how to avoid them. I’ve written this type of relationship before as well, and let me say that there doesn’t need to be some huge explosion of an argument to start the relationship off – it could be something as simple as one not liking that the other is a little arrogant, or one getting irritated by the sound of the other constantly tapping their feet or drumming their fingers on the table. People meet each other and dislike each other from first sight all the time, and it’s not always because of some huge difference in morals or politics or any other kind of opinion – it could just be something one thinks they see in the other’s eyes, or that one has a limp handshake, or that one doesn’t like the way the other carries him/herself.

To transition to love, you need to peel back the layers on the surface of the two people involved – they saw and disliked what was on the surface, so you need to get rid of that and reveal what’s underneath to make them start getting closer to each other. Maybe Person A appeared arrogant, but that surface arrogance actually hides raging insecurity; maybe Person B seemed annoyingly optimistic, but they’re actually afraid of the future or hopeless. The entire premise of love-hate relationships, whether they start at love and transition to hate or start at hate and transition to love, is that whatever the two people saw on each other’s surfaces peels away to reveal the real meat of the people – their true colors, if you will. You can do whatever you wish with the characters’ relationship as long as it happens through delving deeper into your characters.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Dealing with ART BLOCK


Path of art is a path of struggle. A path that one time can be easy and appealing, quickly leading you to its destination, but the other time it can be full of obstacles or even blocks… art blocks.

What is an art block? Various artists from around the world seem to refer to ‘art blocks’ every time they have troubles producing new works. The cause and process of typical art block will differ from one person to another, but generally speaking: everything that prevents you from creating art, despite all the opportunities, can be called an art block. Although very common, art blocks can lead to some serious issues like loss of confidence, no motivation to improve or even fear of drawing (to avoid disappointing oneself).

In this little article I’ll do my best to tell you how to deal with this biggest artistic illness!

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First for Everything

Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey! Can you do a fic where the reader got drunk and got into a car accident because her and jughead got into a fight the same night.

Can you do an imagine where Jughead and reader are dating and she was in a car accident and now has coma. Maybe nobody knows if she will wake up and Jughead is just so distraught but eventually everything turns out good. Angsty and first but then fluffy at the end

Warnings: Drunk driving (don’t do it, kids), Swearing, Alcohol consumption

Wordcount: 2,280

A/N: More combined prompts! I hope that’s okay! (I do this because I don’t want to make too many stories with the same type of plot, and I don’t want to run out of things to post for you guys!) Hopefully my stories can fill the void between episodes.  I also have some song fics in the works and B&B coming out soon! (Y/D/N) = your dad’s name Ps. my friend just finished 13 Reasons Why and we started talking about heavy stuff so my hands started shaking when I was typing the last bit so that was my cue that the story needed to be posted and also that’s why its v emotional ok i love you all. 

Riverdale turned upside down Sophomore year, the murder of Jason Blossom, new girl Veronica, the closing of the Drive-In. A year later, Riverdale is starting to get back to normal. The murder is solved, Veronica isn’t new, and the Drive-In construction is almost complete. People begin to relax and enjoy the rest of high school, finding new relationships in the process, the most noticeable being (Y/N) and Jughead’s.

Two years later and suddenly it’s Senior Year.

Senior year of high school is always portrayed as one of the best years of a person’s life. People always say that it will be remembered forever, and that it’s something people will always want to go back to.

(Y/N) is trying to make it count for that reason, trying to have as much fun as she can. She has the perfect boyfriend, the perfect set of friends, and a full ride to her top pick college. All she needs are the memories.

It’s a Friday night, and there’s a party at Cheryl’s house. Betty and Veronica are going, and she’s pretty sure they’ve convinced Archie and Kevin to go.

“Come on, babe, please?” she asks, putting on a promise ring he gave her for their one year anniversary.

“Me? At a party? You can’t be serious.” Jughead responds, leaning against his elbows on the bed.

“I’ll be fun, just this once.” she says, walking over and straddling his waist on the bed. She leans down and presses her lips to his gently, holding the collar of his shirt in her hands. His hands go to hold her waist.

“No, (Y/N), you know how I feel about these things.” he whispers against her lips, pulling back ever so slightly.

“You don’t have to do anything.” she pleads, trying anything to get some company at the party. She doesn’t want to be alone, as she for sure knows that Betty and Ronnie will probably be flirting, Archie and Val will be there together, and who knows how drunk Kevin will be to be an actual human to hang out with. She just wants him to be there, for once. She wants him to be there with her.

“I don’t want to be around that atmosphere.” he says, lifting her up and setting her down to the bed before standing up and going over to his backpack that is by the door.

“I’ll be there.” she says, looking at him from the bed.

“And I’ve told you about ten times that we should just stay in and watch a movie.” he shrugs his shoulders, pulling out his laptop and sitting in the bay window. He opens it the screen lights up his face. He is beautiful, she thinks.

“That’s no fun.” she says before she can stop herself. She loves spending time with him, just the two of them, but she yearned to show her boyfriend off, and how amazing he is.

“It used to be.” he shoots back. They used to spend every friday watching a movie, and he doesn’t know where those times went. All he wants is to have her all to himself, and partying isn’t really his thing in the first place. He spends most of his time around the stench of alcohol thanks to his dad, he doesn’t need to do that with (Y/N).

She stands up with a huff and goes to her closet, pulling out a few different pairs of shoes to see which one will go the best with her outfit. “Well sorry if I actually want to be social for a change.” she says under her breath, hoping he can’t hear.

He does, and she can tell because he closes his laptop, creating a sudden loud noise that makes her jump, “And I’m glad you are, but does it have to be at her house?” he questions, “The one who’s made fun of you for what? All of grade school?”

She rolls her eyes at the words. Sure, Cheryl had bullied her most of middle school, and sure Jughead and Archie were the ones who were always there, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t change. Cheryl has been doing good things for the school since her brother died, and (Y/N) believes that this party invite is the final step in getting over their long feud.

“She’s changed.” is all she says, in a monotone voice.

It’s his turn to whisper something under his breath, “Doubt it.”

“Since when am I not allowed to parties?” she turns on him, staring him down.
“I never said you couldn’t go.” he gets defensive.

“Well it sure sounds like you don’t want me to.” she raises her eyebrows and puts her hands on her hips.

“I don’t want you to, but I’m not going to control your every move.” that’s something he promised himself he would never do. He never wants to be controlling, or tell anyone else what to do. No one deserves to be treated like that, especially (Y/N). He loves her too much to ever do that to her, the way her hair gently falls over her shoulders, and her eyes sparkle, even in the dim light of her room. In the heat of this moment, she was still gorgeous to him.

“Yeah sure.” she scoffs, now folding her arms over her chest. She knows she’s blowing this out of proportion, but this is the third time he hasn’t want to go out with her to try to have fun.

“I don’t, (Y/N).” He snaps back. This is the first time he’s even remotely raised his voice. Normally, when they have a disagreement they talk it out like normal adults, but tonight there’s an energy in the air that’s making him tired, he doesn’t want to argue any more, “Just leave and go hang out with that godforsaken redhead and her gang if you want to so badly.”

“Fine. I will.” she grabs her purse and storms out of her room, leaving Jughead to sit in the bay window until she returns. He opens his laptop, ready to right the next chapter in his book.

‘There’s a first for everything.’ he titles the chapter, looking at the door. He hears a slam from downstairs and knows that she’s left the house.

She gets into her car and blasts the radio.

It hits her that that was their first fight, the first time that they’ve been short with each other. Maybe it’s the impending graduation, as they’ve never really discussed the future. She’s more of a live in the now type of person anyway, so she hasn’t put much thought into it. She knows where she’s going, her school is all picked out, but Jughead? She isn’t sure.

She has to resist to go back into her house and apologize. Of course Jug would want to spend a lot of time with her, he doesn’t want to lose her. Maybe he thinks he already has.

She clears her mind of it though, and promises herself she will apologize tomorrow.

She pulls out of the driveway and heads to Cheryl’s.

Two shots in, her vision begins to blur, she starts to forget why she’s mad.

Four shots in, she’s dancing on the living room floor with Ronnie and Kevin, doesn’t even remember why her and Jughead had a fight.

Six shots and a solo cup of Jungle juice in and she can barely walk straight, memory sure to be gone in the morning.

It’s past 4am, and (Y/N)’s decided it’s time to turn in for the night. In her own bed.

“(Y/N) don’t goooooo.” Ronnie says, pulling her arm while she begins to get on her jacket and head for the door, “The night is young and so are we. Defy authority.”

“I’ve defied enough tonight.” she giggles and pulls her keys out from her pocket.

No one stops her.

Everyone is too drunk to care if she leaves.

She doesn’t call an Uber.

She thinks she’s sober enough.

She gets behind the wheel, starts the car and blasts the radio.

She pulls out, trying too hard to concentrate on the way home from Cheryl’s.

A wrong turn, she’s not paying attention.

Headlights coming in from the passenger side on an intersection.

A tail spin, a pole smashed.

Her head hit the steering wheel, then the window, breaking skin.

Her leg, crushed against the bottom of the dashboard.

A siren in the distance.


Jughead wakes up in her bed to a phone ringing.

Her parents are away on business, and he didn’t realize he had fallen asleep there.

He stretches his arms and walks to the house phone, answering it as if he’s supposed to be there.

“Hello?” he asks, trying to seem as old as possible.

“Is this (Y/D/N)?” the voice on the other end asks. It’s unfamiliar. Jughead tenses, he was expecting a call from (Y/N).

“Yes.” he lies.

“I’m sorry, sir, but your daughter was in a car crash-” the world fades in and out of focus. He stops hearing the voice for a minute, grabbing a hold of the nearest possible surface to steady himself.

He hangs up the phone right after the voice tells him what hospital they’re at. He isn’t sure what the voice said about her condition, his memory blurring as the words ‘car crash’ play over and over in his brain, becoming imprinted in his mind’s eye.

He barely remembers driving to the hospital, he’s in the door so quick.

“(Y/N).” he says, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N). Where is she?”

The front desk woman doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t stop him. She points him down the hall, “Room 208.” is all she says.

He dashes down the hall, only to see something that doesn’t look like his girlfriend.

Her leg is in a cast, suspended in the air. There’s bandages surrounding her forehead and upper arms, her face swollen in odd places from the impacts.

“How is she?” he asks, slowly walking into the quiet room. The only one in there is the nurse, tending to her wounds.

“Doctor suspects a Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. She’s in a sort of coma like state. She may wake up in minutes or hours, we don’t know. If nothing goes wrong she should be fine. She’s a lucky one, she is.” the nurse says, before patting him on the shoulder and walking out of the room.

“I’m the lucky one.” he says into the air, to no one.

He pulls up a chair and sits by her bed. He laces his fingers through her hand and rests his head on them. He doesn’t know if this is when he should pray, as he has never really done anything like this before. He decides to just write out in his mind what he’s going to say to her when she wakes up. There’s no ‘ifs’ in this scenario. She has to wake up, she has to know that he’s so sorry.

He beats himself up, he should’ve been there with her, he shouldn’t have practically pushed her out the door. He should’ve tried harder to make her stay.

There are so many things he could’ve done to prevent this, and he didn’t do any of them, and (Y/N) suffered the consequences. He will never forgive himself if something happens to her, if she doesn’t come back from this.

He let his stupid thoughts and feelings get in the way of spending time with the woman he loves. Sure, he was jealous of her college acceptance, but he feels now, in his soul, that if they can make it through this, they can make it through anything.

He just hopes, with all of his being, that they can make it through this.

Her breath stirs, she shifts underneath the sheet.

Jug-” a breathless name from her lips.

He tightens his grip on her hands, making his presence known.

“I’m here, my love, i’m here.” he says, a sense of urgency in his voice. He needs her to be okay.

“I’m sorry.” are the next words that escape her lips. Her eyes slowly flutter open, looking at her boyfriend who’s sitting there holding her hands. She can’t move, so all she can do is talk to him, make eye contact with him. She wants to do so much more. She wants to kiss him and hold him.

“No, no… shhhh. It’s not your fault.” what he’s written in his head goes out the window.

“I was drunk. I ran a light. I made you upset. I’m sorry.” a tear falls from her eyes, barely escaping to trail down her cheek.

“I’m sorry.” he says, not able to look in her eyes any longer.

“Why are you apologizing?” she asks softly, squeezing his hand back now, able to regain some feeling in the rest of her limbs. She’s still feeling dazed, the antibiotics and drugs only beginning to fade as her mind comes back to what happened.

“For not being there when you needed me.” he says his voice cracking, trying not to get emotional. He doesn’t know what he would do if he lost her, if something worse happened.

“You’re here now.” she offers, trying to smile as best she can. He looks up at her. Seeing her there, seeing her alive, brought a wave of joy over him that he didn’t realize would come. He smiles at her, gently standing up.

He cups her face softly, placing a small kiss on her lips. They’re still her lips, still her face. It’s all still her.

“I am. And I’m never leaving.”

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im chillin w my family and i was thinking “wow i rly like my uncle he seems rly chill cool dude” and the topic changes to homosexuality and guess who starts saying that “the gays” shouldnt have kids since its dysfunctonial and that it couldnt possibly work out bc you need a female to have kids??
omg the world totally lacks kids that need good homes

Dragon Glamour

So, I thought I would post the ritual that I did on Sunday for those who wanted to know!  Now I should start this off with a warning that you should know your limits, what things you can and can’t do in terms of magic and energy.  This may not be a gentle practice for some and from what I have discovered, some people seem to be sensitive to energy that dragon spirits give.  If you are one of these people you’ll want to perform a different type of glamour.  However, the foundation of what I do here should work for you but you will need to remove the dragon influences and substitute with whatever feels more comfortable for you.

I feel like I should also add that not all of this is pure glamour.  Glamour, in its essence works on the function of influencing how others see you.  But some of this came from asking my guides to grant me the things that I needed and used my face as a means to harness it with make up.  

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you tell me little bit about your teami experience? I'm really interested in starting if but I'm not quite sure if it's really helping or not..

That’s funny as I’m typing this I’m sipping on some teami tea. 

As you guys know I’ve lost a shit ton of weight in the last few months (almost half a year now woah)

and I did most of it through diet and working out. But after losing nearly 150 pounds I started to plateau, hard. All of the sudden all the hard work I was putting in wasn’t enough, my body needed to run at max power to burn off the stubborn fat left over, that’s where the tea’s came in really handy.

My experience with teami has been overwhelmingly positive. And that’s coming from someone who started taking them well into their weight loss program. My only regret is not doing it sooner, I cannot imagine the effects these teas must have on people who are just starting out, it must be one hell of a boost. I definitely recommend it.

For those of you who don’t know what teami is they are a company that offer different tea blends with different effects for your body, their most popular set, a weight loss boosting detox program, teami skinny and teami colon, are the ones I’m currently using.

If you guys would like to check them out and try out the teas for yourself here’s their website: AND if you end up buying any of their kits or teas make sure you use the discount code “BENJI” for 10% off your entire purchase <3 

Let me know if this was helpful, and if you try out the teas share your results with me! Good luck ~

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I'm writing about a character that owns a small business. It's a business about food production in a small town. Do you have any resources on how the business would work and different type of jobs that would be needed if he was supposed to hire people? Sorry if my ask is a bit confusing. -kail

I’d start by recommending a resource I did a while back about writing about money as it should help you to understand some basics in business. From there, I think these resources should be useful:

If this or any other post on this blog has helped you, please consider pre-ordering my book Permanent Jet Lag, and enter the free giveaway to win lots of cool writer supplies! 

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hi!!! can you tell me the differences of the production between all the albums lana has made? idk why they're all so different but same i want more of an insight of how the process was for each one

Born To Die had tight production, tight vocals & I’m sure multiple vocal takes. Heavy beats that sort of overpowered the songs. Produced by Dan Heath, Rick Nowels, Emile Haynie, Justin Parker, Chris Braide, Robopop, & more.  “It has a good mix of really heavy beats, and I’ve been working with The Philadelphia Orchestra. There’s beautiful, lush string sections.”  “in the end, you focus on keeping the songs, the words, the production as good as you want it to be.” ‘I’ve been thinking lately about French influences and hip-hop influences for my record, so I’m going to say “ghetto Monégasque”’ [from Monaco]. “ it’s just beautiful – it’s just strings and beats.“  “I wrote Blue Jeans very quickly at the beach in Santa Monica, and there I knew that that would be the vibe of the album: summery and dark at the same time, the joy of the summer light and the sureness that it wouldn’t last. I immediately knew that Video Games would be an important song for me, it gave a sequel to Yayo, my first record’s last song that I loved.”

Paradise had lush production along with a few of the same producers. She said it was sort of summing up living at the Chateau Marmont and that time in her life and that it was summery.  “I ask them, for example, that the chords sound like American Beauty meets Bruce Springsteen in Miami. Or I tell them “Think of a high school girl who escapes to get high.“  “I like that it feels more lush and tropical, and I like that it has more of a Pacific Coast sound at times, like “Gods & Monsters”. “I write the words and melody and they write all the chords and music. And then Dan Heath comes in for the string arrangements, after which Emile puts in the beats and soundscaping, like birds and bells.”

Ultraviolence -  was more stripped back and with a live band in the studio. “The thing about Dan is that he comes from that DIY place and actually so do I, in a way. So there was a sense of freedom from working with him. I think the fact that we felt really free translated into this early Seventies sound, especially with his wah-wah guitars.”  “He was just gonna do this thing with his friends from Brooklyn down at his house in Nashville. It was a very grounding, but also very free experience.”“I wanted to make a record that was sort of this mix of beautiful jazz undertones and a West Coast fusion, kind of inspired by the Eagles and the Beach Boys and this sort of Laurel Canyon revival thing that was happening in the ’70s.” 

“The way you heard it recorded is the way I freestyled it. I made it up on the spot with my guitar player and left it as it was with that session drummer, and just called it a day on that song. Like the vocal inflection has its own narrative, it’s not all lyric drive, it’s just kind of moments in time that are meaningful to me left as they were, kind of untouched. The fact that I didn’t go back and try to sing it better is really the story of that song, because that’s sort of me revealing to you a facet of myself: I don’t care that it’s not perfect. That’s why that song is more important in that way than what I’m actually saying.” - Lana on PWYC

“From how great the songs were to how confident she is as a musician to her fucking singing every song live, with a handheld microphone and a seven-piece band.” Dan on UV  

Honeymoon  - 

“I guess the first thing that was going on was that I really wanted to have one more record out that was able to speak for me, even if I wasn’t in a place where I felt like speaking about myself. Aside from that I was happy and not really feeling like the album needed to be too cathartic. It felt like a good time to have fun with some elements of psychedelia and surrealism, production-wise.”

Produced by  Kieron Menzies & Rick Nowels instead of Mark Ronson. “I was going to work with Mark but, you know, his single was so big. He stopped by in town for about three days but as soon as he came he had to leave… we tried but he didn’t have too much time.”

“Hopefully my next foray will be into jazz. I feel like I’m getting there with songs like ‘Shades of Cool’ and ‘Cruel World’ and a cover of ‘The Other Woman’ by Nina Simone. I’m inching towards what I really love, which is kind of a Chet Baker, Nina Simone-inspired sound. It’s hard to get that sound because you need great jazz musicians.”

“The production is perfect; I’m looking for a few more songs to tie everything together,” she tells the publication, while also letting slip that a cover of the standard “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” which was first recorded by Nina Simone. “It’s growing into something I really like,” Lana said on the new album’s direction. “I’m kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It’s been good.”

The album was planned to have - 

  • “majestic choruses, beautiful orchestrations, a type of 50s vibe with a bit of soft grunge”
  • inspiration from Mark Ryden, Fellini and Picasso for more surrealist, colorful songs
  • verse-refrain composition
  • a “strong jazzy influence”

“When I started working on the new album three months after Ultraviolence, it first sounded like a Jazz album. Then, in winter, after three quarters of the record were done, we played with muddy trap beats, and tried how they would fit the tracks.”  The instruments used on Honeymoon (x)

TalesFromRetail: I should call child services!

Where I work we used to have daycare type thing where you could dump you kid off and grocery shop around the store, then pick them up after they were done shopping. By the time I started working at the store the day care thing wasn’t there anymore, most people just kept their kids with them and it wasn’t needed anymore.

I guess though that some people don’t know that its close and still try to leave their kids there.

I working around the counter getting refunds and selling the other stuff behind counter. When a lady came with a baby carriage and tells me something that any true mother would find annoying.

Lady: Excuse I found this baby alone in the aisle.

Me: Sorry what?

Lady: I found this baby in his carriage alone in the aisle. I looked for the parent but I couldn’t find them.

Me: I’ll go get my manager.

I go get the manager, who goes and does an announcement on the speaker. The lady waits with us, who calms down the baby when he seem to get fussy. After 20 minutes a lady coming from the check out with grocery comes over. Gm= Grocery Mom Man= Manager

Gm: Oh so this is where they took you. I thought I left him at the day care?

Man: We don’t have a day care anymore

Gm: You don’t? Oh well at least you watched him.

Well the lady who found him, decides she didn’t like how she said that and blows up.

Lady: How dare you leave a child in a middle of an aisle, without checking to make sure it alright! I should call child services on you!

GM decides it the best time to leave and speeds out of there with her baby. After GM left the lady calm down and apologized for her out burst.

Lady: Sorry, I have kids at home and I hate when parents do that to their kids.

We just nodded and the lady left to go back to her grocery shopping and I went back to doing my job.

By: StrongBlood65

The next few days I have: 

- a 6 page research paper due by 4 pm tomorrow. as of 8pm the night before i have not started it (BUT im taking the class pass/fail and literally need a 30% on the paper to get credit for the class so I’m not worried) 

-a 3 hour drive back to school which I will be taking tomorrow after i turn in my 6 page paper 

-work from 8 am-4pm day after tomorrow

-a 20 page research paper due at midnight the day after tomorrow which I have not started writing. (Thankfully all the research is done and it’s a topic I’m super interested in. And reference pages count in the page limit. If I write 7 pages tonight, 7 tomorrow, and 5 on friday I should be set to turn it in by midnight. Also I can totally get a few hours of sleep and drag my self through work on friday, I just need to be well rested for my drive back to school tomorrow)

small update

ive been revising plot so much these past weeks. it still needs a bit of tinkering and adjusting but manageable enough that i can work on panels at the same time!I

m finally working on pages on a daily baisis and its taking a long time to finish them because ive never worked on this type of format before so its all new. My goal is to paint 150-200 panels before i start updating. Im also im trying to work to get all the necessary funds for my website. Wish my the best of luck!! I havent updated here in a while but I thought fair to let you all know! See you soon!

Breakfast (GrahamScott) [Edited]

The boy’s dorm is always very silent in early hours of the morning. A calming, orange filter bringing this usually mischief-ridden hall, to a tranquil hault, as well as illuminating the slow-moving dust in the air. It’s during these hours that Nathan is able to think abroad and clear his head of yesterday’s incidents, whatever they shall be. They’re almost always bleak memories that he actually remembers, like the consistent yelling, bleeding, and crying. None of the good moments; if he even had any that day.

The blond normally starts out with telling himself, “Today is a new day.” That the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and any that normal person should appreciate that kind of thing; although, he thinks people say that kind of stuff just to be all artsy and “down-to-earth”. But on this particular morning, Nathan begins with forgetting the previous night’s awful dream. Disregarding every last detail embedded into his already damaged mindset to figure out a way to get himself out of bed. As torturous images of that nightmare plague his eyelids, he hears a small knock at his door. Nathan figures someone had heard him talking aloud, so he decided not to answer.

“If you’re going to ignore me, I’ll take this coffee elsewhere.”

That voice is recognizable but has no face yet, leaving Nathan to ponder if he should open the door or not. He decides its best if he lets the other go on his way to a different dorm, keeping silent in hopes of reciprocation. Sadly, that does not come. The male outside his door becomes impatient, or at least that’s what it sounds like considering how loud and exaggerated that sigh was Nathan just heard.

“Okay, I lied. Your name is on the cup, I can’t exactly give it to anyone else. You liked that peppermint one, right?”

Now, he’s confused. Who in their right mind would remember such a small detail like that? Nathan pushes himself out of bed and past piles of discarded papers, bed springs making notice of his movement. His excuse for those failed attempts at art? An artist can’t draw without motive, for which he has none. Whoever is behind this door will just have to deal with his messiness if they are to enter. On that note, Nathan unlocks and cracks open the door enough for him to look out of it, faced with someone he wouldn’t have expected to ever grace the front side of his door with their presence.

“Warren? Really? It’s 6:40, what are you even doing up?”

The energy in Nathan isn’t enough to power any string of rude comments, leaving him in this passive state of mind at the moment. Once he takes his pills, those rage induced outbursts should commense. So casually, he opens his door the rest of the way, seeing no threat in the brunet. But despite that fact, Nathan’s body stands still in the doorway, eyes glancing at Warren, to the coffee cup with his name on it, and back again. The aroma of peppermint calms his nerves, causing Nathan to give the other a very soft and tired expression.

“I just-..I-I felt terrible about spilling that coffee on you during Bio. My hands weren’t connecting with my brain properly and your project got ruined. This is sort of a peace offering? It’s shitty, sure. And I didn’t exactly know how much sugar you wanted in it; or if you even wanted any at all? So I took my best shot at recreating the smell.”

Warren held out the steaming cup in his hand, dainty fingers avoiding the hot surface underneath the cup protector. His demeanor portrayed a similar relaxed feeling that made Nathan just as serene as the coffee smell allowed him to be, if not more. He guesses that its because Warren is an actual human and not a liquid. And, to the brunet’s surprise, Nathan pivoted around and walked to his couch without locking, or even closing the door. A silent welcome into his dorm, which Warren took happily.

“You okay with a little secondhand smoke?” Nathan asked, sitting himself down and sliding out a small, metal box from under the low coffee table. The other gave him a quick nod after closing the door and taking the seat right beside him, making Nathan jolt a bit when he looked back. He believed the brunet to be sitting too close, scooting away ever so slightly and resuming his routine, self-diagnosed, wake-up medicine.

Warren was very reluctant to keep holding onto the burning hot coffee, as the temperature of the cup started affecting its holder. He placed it onto the table in front of him along with his own, even though his was already warm enough to drink. He felt like his hands needed to be free if his attempt at befriending the well-known bully was to work. Plus he’s the type of person to talk with his hands, which got him into this situation in the first place.

Looking around to find anything worthy of discussion, his eyes snap over to Nathan’s hands once that lighter flicks on, igniting the tip of his blunt.

“So, how’s your morning going?”

The blond looked over at him like he was crazy, eyebrows furrowed and expression hard, as if to try and read between the lines.

“What?” Warren persisted.

Nathan looked surprised momentarily, shoulders relaxing.

“It’s been okay, just very slow.” He said, taking his first drag of the day and letting the smoke pour out of his mouth as he spoke again, “How has your’s been so far?”

Warren felt slightly uncomfortable when those sleepy, irritated eyes fixated themselves onto his own, shifting to lean back against the couch cushion, “Its been uneventful and eventful at the same time, if you get that at all?” He paused briefly to gather his thoughts so what he just said can make a bit more sense, “Okay, so I took a shower, dressed myself, saw my friend, got the coffee. When I list it like that, of course it seems like I did a lot, but overall, those are pretty mundane tasks that won’t have much of an impact on my day besides feeling more-” His speech was cut off by smoke being blown into his face and him coughing, waving a hand in front of himself, “Dude.”

Nathan looked slightly amused, leaning forward towards the coffee table and grabbing his cup. He appreciates how warm it is now, above room temperature but below boiling, “You talk a lot, thanks.”

Warren is flabbergasted at the fact that Nathan-fucking-Prescott just said “thanks” to him, and he’s not entirely sure why he did. Clearly something is wrong here, but instead of delving into that, as it might upset him, Warren responded like any other person would.

“You’re welcome?” He didn’t mean that to come out as a question, feeling a little ashamed for letting that slip out. Although, Nathan reacted in a way Warren wouldn’t have never expected.

“I…” He sighed, “Thats not what I fucking meant to say. Or-its not what you think. Tch, just whatever. I have no patience to analyze my own dialogue right now. Not like I ever did, but that’s besides the point. I value your…strangely accurate attempt at making peace with me.” Nathan took a sip of the coffee given to him and forced away a small smile. It was good, better than making his own.

“Does your good kush taste better when its mixed with caffine?” Warren tries hard to make awkward situations better with stupid jokes like these. Key word, tries. From the way Nathan is looking at him, he seems indifferent. That is until his hand stretched out, offering up his medicine for Warren to try.

“You tell me.”

Skeptical and yet, intrigued, Warren plucked the small object from the blond’s hand and held it in the way he witnessed Nathan doing, between his forefinger and his thumb. New to this, and practically improvising, he brought it to his lips and mimicked Nathan yet again, but instead of blowing, he was coughing.

“My hypothesis was correct. Bad. Very bad.”

Science jokes.

What a dork.

Nathan swiped back the blunt and took another hit, doing some silly trick to entertain the other into maybe trying again.

They spent a good 10 minutes trying to entertain each other with smoke clouds, the rest of the dorm starting to wake up around this time of day and turn this peaceful environment into a reckless playpen. It was also the time where Nathan’s corrupted mentality decided to switch into the offensive.

“Oh, in the hallway this morning, your room was pretty loud. Did you have any bad dreams last night? You seemed to be yelling at something.”

That definitely struck a cord with the blond, fingers clenching tighter around the cup, “I don’t know that answer, Gayram. Anything else I can answer for you? Like, how much fucking time I’ve wasted tolerating your ass this morning? Cause I know that one; Too much. Get out.” Nathan stops there, taking a breather and expecting the brunet to up and leave, which he did, coffee and all.

Before his outburst, Nathan was admittedly enjoying himself. He figured that he’ll do the same for Warren to apologize in the next day or two. The last thing he needs is another enemy, gaining a friend is something he would appreciate, even if he doesn’t show it.

189- Sweet Kiss

Fairy Type: Glamour. Give yourself any needed charisma, and open yourself up as someone who is friendly and positive.

What You’ll Need~

  • A piece of candy
  • A marker (and maybe a slip of paper)


  1. Unwrap your candy, and put it in your mouth. Do not immediately chew or swallow it.
  2. Contemplate its flavor and texture. How the it makes you feel is important, as this is what you want to reflect.
  3. If possible, write a sigil or positive message on the wrapper. If this cannot work, use a bit of paper.
  4. Store the sigil/message until the end of the day. When you are done, dispose of it. You can start again tomorrow.


  • I would suggest the paper, if you want to carry it around during the day, as a wrapper in your pocket or purse seems untidy.
  • Different candies can mean different things for you! Use this however you please.

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90 with Raken!!!! 😂

90. “I’m not buying ikea furniture again.”

Words: 173
“Oh my god,” Jaehwan put his hand to his forehead and stared at the random pieces of wood and screws that laid on the floor around him.

“What? This won’t be difficult,” Wonsik said, looking at the instruction booklet, “There are only… 22 pieces.”

Jaehwan sighed and fell back, his hands still at his forehead, “Its a bookshelf, for crying out loud! What type of bookshelf needs 22 pieces?”

After Jaehwan was done with his fit, the two started trying to fit the seemingly random segments of bookshelf together. It took them two hours and they had finished with something that only resembled what they were trying to do.

“Finally,” Wonsik sat down on the floor and admired his boyfriend’s and his work.

But, with that, the bookshelf fell to the ground and broke back into its original pieces.

“The screws!!” Jaehwan cried out, kicking the wood in defeat. He grabbed the small plastic bag of screws and threw it down at the floor, “Jesus Christ, I am not buying Ikea furniture again.”