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Omg if you're still doing these my name is Hannah. I'm 5'4" and I have short auburn hair with a patch of my hair shaved on the right side of my head. My eyes are green and I'm a heavier set girl. I love reading by don't have a lot of time for it. I sing pretty frequently (but more choral type music) and I'm also an artist! I love to draw and create things i know will make people happy.

Who I ship you with: Derek! (He came home with a broken arm from his latest case, a plain cast covering his arm. You sang him to sleep as he laid on the couch and took the time as a perfect opportunity to decorate his cast in beautiful patterns and doodles.)

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Derek laid on the couch, Hannah’s beautiful voice calming him from his latest difficult case, resulting in a cast tightly wrapped around his broken arm. Her powerfully rhythmical voice soothed the man as her fingers dance across his biceps, her other hand rubbing his head gently. After a while, he drifted swiftly into well-needed sleep.

Hannah smiled sweetly, sweeping her auburn hair away from her dazzling green eyes, that lit up as an idea pierced her creative mind. Quietly, she reached beside the couch, pulling out her box of pens and paints. Hannah began to doodle on his white cast, plastering bright colours and beautifully designed drawings circling his muscular, bandaged arm.

Hannah giggled to herself when she drew a small figure of her boyfriend asleep with a figure of herself colouring on its arm, the soft happy noise making Derek shift in his sleep. His eyes fluttered open, making Hannah’s green eyes go wide.

“Go back to sleep, baby.” She cooed, kissing his forehead but his fingers traced across a splodge of green paint on her cheek, frowning slightly.

“Why have you got paint all over yourself?” Derek questioned, sleep thick in his voice as he rubbed his eyes sleepily. Hannah giggled softly, moving away so he could observe his colourful cast. As soon as his eyes met the bright art on his arm, he smiled widely, shuffling so he was sat up on the couch. He lifted his arm closer to his face to observe it but his face screwed up in pain from moving his damaged arm. Hannah reached for the pain medication and glass of water on the table, handing them to her boyfriend immediately.

“How did I get so lucky?” Derek chuckled lowly, leaning forward to kiss Hannah’s cheek before taking her lips softly in his, smiling sweetly into the kiss.

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I am INFJ as well. Though it is the rarest type, INFJs are most likely to be the type to get into things like kpop. So that's why we will see a lot of others here. As well as the INFJ love for reading.

ktgay: Not anon here but me too 👌

dathmyst: INFJ here as well! Love seeing so many of us around, haha. 🤓💞

There’s so many of us!! Ahh this makes a lot of sense though! Kpop and reading haha! What can I say…

bjork-23: i took the test a few times and got INFJ twice and INFP once

I took the test back in 2015 and got INTJ, but then i took it again last year, and again today and got INFJ so I’m guessing it’s correct. It seems to fit anyway!

ShikaTema Story ‘;’ Second Update

Sorry this update took so long, I know I said I’d be more active on Tumblr but my other life is talking up a lot of my time nowadays. Anyways I’ve got things to tell you:

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First of all, let’s all make this clear

Temari will NOT be a nagging, screaming, angry little bitch in this story.

Temari isn’t the type of person to be shouting Shikamaru’s head off at everything he does wrong. It’s just not her way of doing things…

“But wait? Wasn’t Temari a nagging, screaming, angry little bitch in your one-shot?”

Yeah…sorry about that. It was a little quick scenario that popped into my head that I didn’t think about fully (Please forgive me higher-ups of the ShikaTema community) Besides, it was new years day, I was in the moment, partying, all that stuff. But…yeah, I’ll be sticking to the source material from now on, no more shouty shouty Temari.

Also I feel that there are some misconceptions about Shikamaru’s personality but I’ll talk about that in another post….

How’s the story going so far?

It’s going pretty good actually I’ve nearly finished everything, I just need to finish up the last acts and finalise some details then we are all set! 

What’s your writing style like?

When it comes to writing I only like being detailed in parts where it’s necessary, e.g. emotional, graphic, fighting scenes e.c.t. I’m not going to crowbar every single descriptive word in the dictionary just to describe what the sky looks like, it’s a waste of time. Also don’t expect top class fancy words that no one understands from me either, that’s just long.

Infact here’s a video on how I feel about lengthy unnecessary words by GradeAUnderA:

Overall, simplicity is the best.

Sooo…when are you releasing it?

Very, very, very, very, very sooon, sometime between now and spring. My other life is really demanding so it gets in the way A LOT, but the first chapter will come..

Anyways thank you to everybody following me liking and reblogging my posts I really appreciate the support, sometimes work gets so hectic and stressful that I doubt if I should even carry on this story but you guys, showing me love and all, just make me happy.

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Artwork by shadlay

Keep your eyes peeled….

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what do the elf girlfriends like about each other? and what do they think the other likes about them? beyond physical, like, if somebody asked them, and they decided to be honest, what would they say?

This is such a cute question slkdjfhsdf ヽ( ´///▽///` )ノ

Answering this under a read more cause I guess we just LOVE rambling about these guys and our answers always end up gigantic

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