the type making thing took a lot of time


- This is all from my personal experience, everybody is different- yada yada yada.

- I love you all


- You make me laugh so much

- No sense of space or direction, basically don’t send us to get something together because we will fail. 

- Good counselor

- Sometimes you don’t see what other people are implying because you are very genuine and trusting. 

- Nice stash of memes


- Why the HELL, why the absolutely HECKING HELL, do you SIT IN THE RAIN WHEN YOU HAVE A COLD? I understand you are a child of nature, but WHY? You will get an even worse cold!??? 

- I love you

- You’re emo sometimes 

- A lot of ISFP weebs


- Why the hell haven’t you ever made me cookies like the stereotype says, huh?

- ISFJ’s will listen to you whine

- Good solid advice

- You are nit picky perfectionists at heart.

- You are very anxious and small and I love you. 

- Will cry if you insult their favourite characters


- I don’t understand the unique unicorn thing, you are all massive nerds and know it.

- Secret memelords

- Terrible at social interaction on the inside, but you aren’t as bad as you think from an outsiders perspective.

- Gets overwhelmed at parties. 


- I love you

- Best type

- I’m joking

- I’m not

- Big nerd for video games

- I’ll be there at 3pm. (aka 5pm)

- Not actually good at maths


- When we first start talking I always think you hate me and then you secretly liked me all along?

- Hilarious

- Blunt in a good and bad way

- Your ideas amaze me

- Make very good artists


- So, so, sarcastic

- A+ grade student 18 years in a row

- Speaks a lot but not to you

- Obsessed with young adult fiction 

- Has a crush on every actor

- Doesn’t like my memes?


- Understated humor that gets me every time

- Whenever i need anything fixed, after i try to fix it myself, you are there for me.

- Bad at social interaction until they get older.. and then, still….

- Leather jacket


- Bad experiences, good experiences…

- That tertiary Ne gets me giggling 

- You listen to my opinions and accept them, even if you disagree with them- sometimes you even change yours once you hear mine. I admire this a lot and appreciate it.

- In the grip or looping ESTJ’s have been the most annoyingly patronizing people I have ever met, HOWEVER, healthy ESTJ’s are cool cats and I like you lots. 


- Honestly, dominant Se scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how you survive. 

- Bluntly honest, smart, caring- good good good.

- Always willing to help you

- Very eager to learn 

- Charming and hilarious


- Met two kinds of ESFP’s- shy and standoffish but sweethearts, and GO GO GO GO GOGO GOGOOG.

- Okay so once my ESFP friend slid down a 20 metre long railing with rocks beneath it and I almost died because YOU COULD HAVE DIED

- “I’m looking for a girl that will encourage me to slide down railings.”

- So much love to give, so many hugs.

- Please stop shaking it’s like a big chihuahua


- I can’t keep up with you but it’s so good

- I’m smiling at you in admiration 90% of the time

- Cute 

- Gets everything done somehow and has fun doing it?

- Doesn’t like emotions but is simultaneously the most emotive person ever.


- Everything, I love everything.

- Devils Advocate TM

- Very concerned and caring

- The memes are revolutionary

- Has a joke for every situation

- Cool nerd TM

- Stares at people lovingly when you don’t think I can see you doing it.



- Takes responsibility for everything

- Actually hilarious

- Loves all boys

- Hates all boys

- Doesn’t give themselves enough credit


- So much Disney

- So. much.

- Loves INTP’s too much

- Incredibly strong people

- Once they have a vision they go at it full throttle 

- Want’s everyone to be happy

- Hates conflict


- The grand master

- I am terrified of you but i love you

- Gets it done

- Visionary’s

- Can get caught up sometimes and needs a friend to talk to

- Makes a lot of enemies accidentally, and a lot of the time on purpose

- Get’s annoyed when I make jokes about things that are unrealistic 

-but I keep doing it because I know it annoys you and I’m sorry

Wild thoughts - Jeff Atkins

A/N: this one  is based on the song wild thoughts by Rihanna. This one made me go crazy so I hope it has the same effect on you guys. Also big thank you for my girl @mleodicaprios​ for this awesome idea!

Word count: 1242


 I don’t know if you could take it
Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked
I wanna be your baby, baby, baby

Another weekend, another party, another chance to drink away your sorrows. You were looking forward to this evening in particular. You met someone new in school, his name was Jeff. You accidently walked against him on your way to the classroom. When he gave you your books back he scanned you from head to toe, undressing you with his eyes and a grin appearing on his face. Jeff seemed like a challenge and that was just what you liked.

  White girl wasted on that brown liquor
  When I get like this I can’t be around you
  I’m too lit to dim down a notch
  ‘Cause I could name some thangs that I’m gon’ do

When you entered Jessica’s house you were feeling pretty confident, you were wearing you favourite high waist jeans where you knew your butt looked great in and an of the shoulder crop top. It was an understatement to tell you were feeling yourself. You went straight to the kitchen and poured yourself an extra strong Bourbon. You felt an arm swing around your shoulder and that pulled you closer. You looked next to you and saw it was Montgomery de la Cruz accompanied by, yes you guessed it right, Jeff Atkins. They were probably both trying to fix a drink. A couple months ago you had had a fling with Montgomery, but it was nothing special. Just a one time thing, you felt like he wanted more than just a nice make out and you didn’t need that.

“Looking good babygirl, any chance I’m getting some of that tonight?” He asked with a smirk. You took a sip of your cup not breaking eye contact with Montgomery before you said:

“I have other plans tonight, sorry babe.” Your gaze switched from Monty to Jeff. You saw a smirk appear on his face before you gave him a wink and walked of. Being around Jeff was dangerous and you liked it, so so much. You entered the living room and decided to join some of your friends who were dancing on a table. You really loved dancing, feeling the music, moving your hips. In between dances you fixed yourself some refills and you were starting to get drunk.

  Wild, wild, wild
  When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts

You were dancing on a great Drake song when you saw Jeff entering the room. His gaze was wondering around the room went he found yours. You were looking him straight in the eyes while you were rolling around your hips in a very sensual way while slightly biting your lower lip. Your imagination was filled with all the wild things you wanted to do to him, and those were pretty nasty things. You couldn’t help but thinks how Jeff looked naked, he probably had and amazing body. You felt yourself getting a little wetter just by the thought of it. Jeff smiled at you while he rubbed the back of his neck, before he walked into the kitchen.

Jeff’s POV

  Ayy, I heard that pussy for the taking
  I heard it got these other niggas goin’ crazy

Jeff entered the kitchen and needed a drink after what he just witnessed. The girl had some serious moves. He didn’t understand why he didn’t see her before, she was the sexiest girl he ever seen. Honestly he just wanted to walk up to her and dance with her but he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous that he couldn’t handle her that’s why he was fixing some liquor confidence. In a strange way he felt attracted to her from the moment he saw her and this was his chance. He was pouring the liquor in when he overheard a couple guys talking.

“Dude, have you seen y/n dancing? And that ass thoooo”

“I know right, man that chick. She’s that type a girl you can’t fuck, she fucks you.”

“The first one to get her tonight get 50$?”

  Throw that ass back, bouquet
  Call me and I can get it juicy
  I can tell you’re gone off the D'usse

They all started to laugh and joke and that’s when Jeff knew it was time to make his move. He drank the whole thing in once and walked toward his target. When he entered the living room he saw you dancing on your own and damn those boys were right, you had a great ass. You were dancing even more flawless. He walked up to you from the back and whispered in your ear:

“You can’t seduce people like that in public babygirl.” While his movements started to synchronize with yours.


  Careful mama watch what you say
  You talking to me like ya new bae
  Girl, talking to me like you tryna do things

Jeff was grinding up to you and that was exactly what you wanted. He was whispering some dirty things in your ear that’s how you knew you had him right were you wanted. You teased him extra hard when you suddenly felt his erection against your butt and to be honest it turned you on. You turned around so you were facing him.

“I can help you with your problem down there.” You whispered in his ear before you slowly kissed his earlobe. Jeff took you by your wrist and guided you upstairs. On the way you passed by some guys whose mouth fell agape. Jeff saluted them.

  White girl wasted on brown liquor
  I probably shouldn’t be around you
 ‘Cause you get wild, wild, wild
  You looking like there’s nothing that you won’t do
  Ayy, girl that’s when I told you

When the two of you entered the room Jeff locked it immediately and walked towards you like it was his last mission in his life. He started to kiss you heavily you pulled at his shirt zo he knew he had to take it off. You unbuckled his belt before you pushed him onto the bed. You started to undress very slowly, not breaking eye contact. You walked up to him and set down on his lap.

“No that’s not how we’re going to it, I’m going to fuck you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Jeff said before turning the both of you around. You were surprised by his dominance, but you liked it.

“Okay daddy.” You moaned out.

Jeff placed you on the side of the bed, your ass facing him. he thrusted into you without warning. You arched your back as far as you could making Jeff moan louder and louder. You never experienced something like this. Jeff made you cum 3 times, nobody ever did that to you. You had to admit the boy had serious skills. When the two of you were finished you both collapsed onto the bed. You took a minute to catch your breath before you started to put your clothes back on.

“If you ever feel like doing this again, call me.” you said with a wink before leaving the room. Normally you weren’t the type to say those things but you knew there weren’t a lot guys that could give you this. When you close the door you hear something from the room.

“Oh I definitely will.” You heard Jeff say.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think and thanks for reading xxx

Monsta X Reaction To Seeing Their Foreign Significant Other Without Glasses For The First Time



Happy Reading! :)


Shownu: When you take your glasses off for the first time in front of Shownu he would literally be in shock. He would be so mind blown by how different and beautiful your eyes were that he wouldn’t know what to say. He would just stand there, stare into them deeply, and mumble to himself about how amazing they were.

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Wonho: Wonho always thought you looked super adorable with your glasses on, but the moment you took them off and let him see your eyes without anything in the way, he would be in love. He would find your eye color absolutely beautiful and would always fawn over them. It would be his new favorite feature, even when you were wearing glasses, and he wouldn’t go a day without making sure you knew that. 

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Hyungwon: Though Hyungwon would be a little bit surprised at first, he wouldn’t have much of a reaction to it. Of course there is no doubt that he would find your uncovered eyes absolutely breathtaking, but he would think you looked incredibly beautiful either way and wouldn’t want to make make you think he preferred you one way or the other. He would love you exactly the way you were, glasses or not, and he would always make sure you were aware of that. 

Originally posted by minyeossi

Jooheon: Jooheon would be so captivated by your eyes and how amazingly beautiful they were the first time he seen them that he almost found himself asking if they were real. He would think your eye color was incredibly different and unique, and though he obviously loved you glasses or not, he would always feel his heart beat a little bit faster whenever you would reveal your bare eyes to him.

Originally posted by wonhosoks

Minhyuk: A sea of compliments. That’s what you would get the moment you took your glasses off for the first time and showed Minhyuk your true eye color. Minhyuk would be in such a state of awe by seeing you without your glasses that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but compliment you. He would be super obsessed with your eye color and would just want to stand there and stare into them for as long as he could.

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I.M: I.M doesn’t seem like the type to compliment a lot, but the moment you took your glasses off in front of him for the first time he would make a giant exception. I.M would LOVE your eyes. He would be obsessed with them, really. He would take so much time describing how beautiful they were and talking about everything he loved about them that you would think he would run out of things to say. But, just like all the boys would do, he would always make sure you knew that you were the most beautiful person in the entire world, glasses or not, and wouldn’t want you to feel that you needed to look one way or the other.

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Kihyun: The first time Kihyun seen you without your glasses on he would be in a complete and utter daze. He would be so enchanted by your beautiful eye color that he would talk about it non-stop. He would find this feature so unique and so interesting and would love how they made you incredibly different from almost everyone else in Korea.

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Why Jonerys is a thing and it’s not bad

1) A song of ice and fire is called a song of ice and fire. Ice…fire….Jon…Daenerys

2) For those who hate love on GoT thinking it doesn’t fit. Do you even pay attention to how many types of love there has been in previous seasons. That’s what makes heart wrenching scenes heart wrenching and don’t fight me on that.

3) It’s not forced…it took a lot of time for them to even like each other. Robb and Talisa literally fell in love in like 0.5 seconds and Jon fuck Ygritte even after swearing not to in like 0.99 episodes.

4) If it says that first cousin marriage isn’t considered incest in the world of asoiaf. Then what’s nephew and aunt marriage? Not incest.

5) Jon and Daenerys are caring rulers who don’t view the commons people as lower which is few and far between. They would make Westeros a better place

6) They’re hot

*EDIT!!!!: I personally didn’t tag this anti-daenerys so people stop coming for me if it ends up in the tag. Someone who reblogged might have added it. And this is hardly a serious post with solid arguments. Please recognise a little bit a joking around. 


JackieBoy Man here to save the day, make the world happier and to protect you and your dashboards from any negativity or glitch bitches that want to scare you and ruin your day! :D

In all seriousness though everyone. I AM SO PROUD OF THESE EDITS!!! :D While I was watching the SepticArt video and seeing some of the Jackieboy Man art gave me the inspiration and idea for making an edit about Jackieboy Man protecting your dashboard. I wanted to make a edit that made it look like he was popping out of the screen. But while I was playing around with the editing in these pictures I found a filter that I think makes it look kind of like these pictures are drawn in like a high detail comic book illustration. So it turned into making it into a mini pop out comic strip type thing about JackieBoy Man mixed with my original idea of him popping out of the screen too. I haven’t made big edits like this before and it took A LOT of time to get everything to look right. I know it’s not the best and what I wrote is kind of cheesy but it was still so much fun to make this. I finally feel a sense of my creativity again after not feeling it for a few weeks. So I really hope you guys like this and hopefully you don’t mind it being a bluespace post. Have a nice day everyone! ^_^

anonymous asked:

Hi, long time fan, first time caller. Do you genuinely believe the target demographic for Quip (or for that kind of product in general) is people with mental health disabilities or struggling single parents? Because I find that astonishingly hard to buy.

Lots of products that are mostly sold on late-night infomercials and mocked as useless - plastic thingies that help you put on your socks, snuggies, electrical can openers - are in fact totally targeting disabled and elderly people (though they still show young pretty abled people in their ads because of course they do).

 And it’s often useful to market your product ~as a thing upper-middle-class professional types use~ regardless of who you actually think most of your customers will be, because lots of people aspire to the professional class. 

Honestly my guess is that Quip-type companies all come out of an impulse to ‘what if we took a common consumer purchase and had a startup for making it more convenient?’ and the ones that’ll survive are the ones that find a price point that makes them make sense for disabled/time-pressed/overworked people, because there aren’t enough techies who want to optimize their life for that to sustain an industry. And Quip seems to have done unusually decently at finding a price point for a broader market: $25 for the initial product and $5 every three months is not a product designed for a market of only lawyers and programmers.

(Also, I do think a lot of Silicon Valley techies who want to optimize their life are disabled or weirdbrained. ‘eating food is too hard, what if there was bland food-substance?’ and ‘going to the store is too hard, what if everything got delivered?’ and ‘talking to people is too hard, what if you could pay someone else to do it’ all get mocked as the weird ‘remove all texture and normal activity from your life to be a productive but out of touch alien!’ thing but honestly the people I know who want bland food-substance and get overwhelmed in stores and will do literally anything to avoid a phone call? It’s about finding those things really hard and wanting help with them.)

BTS reaction: their s/o liking to party, bc it lets them show their dancing skills off

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long! xx

Kim Seokjin: 

I don’t see him as the type to go to parties a lot, so I think he would try to convince you to stay at home most of the time. The times he doesn’t he’ll go with you, mainly to make sure nothing happens, and just watch you and admire your skills while he stands on the side with a beer or something.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He definitely isn’t the type to go party, at least not very often. But he also doesn’t want to tell you to not do certain things. So i think he would just decide to let you go by yourself almost every time you wanted, trusting you completely. He might go with you from time to time, but it won’t be very often. Sometimes he might ask you to ask one of the members if they want to join, just because he feels bad for not coming with you.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’d probably join you tbh. He’d love dancing with you. As long as you don’t take him to parties every week, he’ll join you every time his schedule allows him to. He’d love it, honestly. 

Originally posted by minseokhoseok

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d definitely feel a bit possessive over you. Who knows what drunk people might do, especially if they see someone moving like you do. And I don’t think he really goes out partying that much. Like, he’ll do it sometimes when someone wants him to tag along, but he won’t take the initiative. So I feel like he’d prefer to stay home, but would come along if you refuse.

Originally posted by rapnamu

Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he is kinda an introverted extrovert in a way, so sometimes he’s definitely up for joining you, and sometimes he just doesn’t want to see people. He’s got nothing against you partying to get a chance to dance, so he wouldn’t act that possessive. He’d mainly be worried about your safety, since people tend to be really stupid when alcohol is involved. When he comes with you, he lets you drink and stuff, as he’s there and can keep an eye on the situation. But if he wants to stay at home, he’ll ask you not to drink, so he can be sure you’ll be able to handle yourself.

Originally posted by jikookdetails

V/Kim Taehyung: 

As long as he isn’t too exhausted from work, or busy, he will join you every time. He’d think of it as an opportunity to just not think about work. So he’d have nothing against you drinking, and would probably drink himself, and just stand on the sidelines and cheer you on, and join you every now and then.

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he’d be an odd mix of Namjoon and Tae. Like, he’ll prefer to stay at home bc he’s not much of a party person. But if you really want to go, he’ll go with you to be able to keep an eye on the situation and protect you if needed. But when he gets there, he’ll probably forget about that and get kinda drunk anyways, and be your personal hypeman, and he’ll take the chance to show off as well, once the alcohol gives him the courage.

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Hello, everybody! I hope you all have had at least a good start into the New Year.

A new year means new opportunities, and of course, new decisions. Let’s talk about how to decide things in Japanese.

There are many different moments when you have to make a decision. Do you want the soup or the salad? Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon? A morning class or an evening class? In English, this is a pretty unanimous phrase:
“I decided on the soup.” “I decided I want Pokemon Sun.” “I decided to take the morning class.”

More casually, it can be reduced to “I picked” or even “I’m doing”, the latter being a very interesting phrase. You can’t actually “do” a soup, but it’s another way to say that a decision has been made. In that respect, Japanese is similar. But for now, let’s just talk about 決める/きめる.

決める is the literal closest word to the English “to decide”. I mean, 決める means just that, “to decide”. 


I decided to go to New York.


I decided on a date for the party.


I decided to enroll in that college.

Now, some of you may look at the sentences/translations and feel it’s simple enough. But someone of you may have noticed a small, yet essential difference between the examples: the particles. That’s right, 決める uses に, を, and と. Because it can.

This can be something that can be difficult to explain, and sometimes people don’t bother to explain it at all, but here goes.


に決める is the most standard paring. It refers to a decision being made.


I decided to eat an apple. 

In this case, the (をたべるのこと) is implied to some degree because most likely you would have picked an apple to eat it. In general, always refer to に決める if you’re really stuck. That said, it’s hard to describe the full usage of に決める without going into the other two.


This is a bit more nuanced than the former example. を決める doesn’t state the decision directly, but rather what the category that is decided upon. Let’s go back to the previous example of eating an apple. If I had to use を決める:


I decided upon a fruit to eat.

Here, the result would likely still be the same: I picked an apple. But this example doesn’t tell you the exact fruit I picked. Instead, it described the category. If we go back to the first を決める example:


I decided on a date for the party

I’m not telling you the exact date here, am I? If I did, it would be more like this:


I decided the date of the party will be February 11th. 

Here, に決める is used because I am sharing the exact result of what was being decide on. Let’s go back to を決める:


I decided on a car.

This is literally all it means. I’m not telling what kind of car, what year, or any specifics. If I did share a specific detail (like a black car or something), に決める is more appropriate because now I’m telling you I decided on a specific car/result.


と決める is interesting because while it can substitute for either に決める or を決める, it’s actually not a good regular substitute for either. Yeah, I realize I made things more confusing.

The thing about と決める isn’t that is it is following a type of translation rule, but rather an emotional one. と決める is used to create a sense of “Finally!” or “After a long time”. It’s used to convey that a lot of thought and time went into making the decision. If we look at the original example of と決める:


I decided to enroll in that college.

The use of と決める conveys that it took a long time to decide to enroll in a specific college. This is understandable as college is usually one of those things people try to think about. Let’s look at a comparison between と決める and に決める.



Very literally, they both mean “I decided to marry Makoto.”. Sentence 1 conveys a more natural, easy transition to making the decision to marry Makoto. Sentence 2 conveys a more deliberate moment of consideration. In the second example, maybe there were doubts or issues regarding Makoto as a marriage partner. Maybe in sentence two it was an arranged marriage situation involving multiple options. The point is that the use of と決める means that a long train of thought was put into the decision.

Same thing with を決める:



Again, both mean “I decided on a diet”. を決める, like に決める, is a more neutral, natural decision making process. と決める is a deliberate, intentional choice within diets.

In summation, に決める is the Foreigner’s Privilege choice. For a non-specific decision, を決める is the best. To convey a serious and considerate decision result, と決める is better.

I’m not really going to do examples for this one because と決める can technically be used as an answer to anything (who am I to judge how long it takes for you to decide on a toothpaste?). But I will ask you to consider specifics vs categories.

Red vs Colors

Cats vs Animals

Target vs Department Stores

Halloween vs Holidays

Lavender vs Flowers

Penne vs Noodles

California vs U.S. States

By keeping in mind conveying a decision on a specific result is に決める and a decision within a category is を決める, you’ve pretty much have a grasp on the difference between the two particles.

As always, feel free to ask if any questions come up!

Green- Percabeth Au

Annabeth stares up at her ceiling.

The glow-in-the-dark stars that Percy stuck up for her are staring back down, watching her eyes begin to brim with tears. They are a spring kind of green, the light pouring from her window keeping them from glowing. They are too yellow. They have no blue to them, not the right color for making her feel better. She gets tired of the oppressive green-yellow.

She turns on her side.

Next to her is a picture of a small house in Greece. It has a bright blue domed roof. It almost blends into the sky behind it. It was a picture she took on a vacation with Percy and his mom. The house just look so cute, so perfect, that she had to take a photo. The blue of the roof is too true. It makes her think there should be a lot more green to it, to keep her from feeling dizzy. It begins to make her feel sea-sick.

She rolls over.

In her window, sits a plant. It’s vine-type thing, the only kind of plant Percy will buy her, for fear she’ll forget to water it. She tries, but she’s not very good. Even with this plant, she can’t remember the last time it was watered. No, that’s not true. Percy watered it the day he left for his quest. “I’m sorry,” He says to her before he goes, “I can’t take you too. Not this time.” That was three months ago. The plant it very green. So green that Annabeth gets dizzy.

She gets up.

Annabeth walks to the kitchen, passing the large bay window in the family room as she does. She’s so wrapped up in distracting herself, that she almost misses the figure getting closer in the distance, but the sun hits his armor just right that it flashes in her eye. She looks out for only a moment before she’s out the door and down the yard, barefoot and crying.

Percy begins to smile as he sees her coming, ripping his armor off as fast as he can. She’s a good distance away, so he begins to run towards her. They meet somewhere in the middle of the yard, and Annabeth leaps at him, unafraid he’ll drop her. He doesn’t and soon they’re both crying and laughing and holding each other’s faces.

“I’m sorry,” Percy says, “You know I couldn’t bring you,” He places a hand on her stomach, which is much larger than it was when he left. His ring finger has a tan line that hasn’t faded, even after three months.

“I know,” Annabeth says, placing her left hand atop his, two wedding bands on it. One on her ring finger and one on her thumb.

She smiles up at him, and through the tears in the corners of her eyes, she can still see that perfect blend of blue and green, the color she’s been looking for.

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Drift, Ratchet, Brainstorm, and Rodimus reaction to confessing to an s/o but then the s/o laughs and says "I'm not falling for that" and thinks it's just some sort of joke bc these amazing and beautiful people want someone like them?

I previously did something just like this for Drift and Rodimus so it’s uh… Just copied and pasted from that;;;


He’s rubbing the back of his helm as he waits for you to speak. He managed to get through the confession rather easily with minimal stuttering. He feels fairly confident in himself, though it’s waning the longer your silent.

He brightens just a bit as you smile at him, however, he soon slumps all over again, if a little more than before. “Funny joke Drift. No way.”

He stops you and explains that he really is serious, he’s not letting this slip away. It takes some serious convincing and the promise of a date to prove he’s not playing a joke, but you agree.

He’s sort of glaring at you as he waits for you to say something, really he’s thinking about whether or not this was a good idea in the first place. Apparently it was not as you shake your head and make a face. 

“That’s not funny.” He almost chokes before he actually starts glaring at you, actually glaring. He’s not thinking this time. “Well I guess it’s fragging good thing I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

Okay, maybe that’s true. Ratchet’s not usually the funny type and you can’t actually imagine he’d joke about this. You finally nod and apologize, okay yeah, you shouldn’t just assume he’s out to be an asshole.

He looks almost scared as he waits for you to answer, you gotta know it took a lot for him to even get this far and here he is, he actually told you. When you speak the devastation he feels is almost crushing, of course you’d feel he’d do something like that. 

“Don’t joke with me like that, it’s not funny.” He bows his head for a moment, almost as if you slapped him instead of spoke. He vents before he looks back up to you and shakes his head, “Not being funny I mean it.”

You stare at him for a long moment, you suppose… He wouldn’t do something like that. After all, what would he really gain from it? You finally not your head and decide to go on a date and see what happens.

You stare up at him as he waits for you to say or do /anything/. He just spent the last ten minute stuttering through a confession, it was supposed to be rad, and now he feels like a flop. Just say something!

You blink a few times before smiling up at him and he gets just a little hopeful, it’s crushed quickly. “No way. I’m not falling for that crap, Roddy.”

He watches you walk away with a burning feeling of complete shame, this was a terrible idea. Maybe he’ll just… try again.

my weirdass tumblr sleepover dream

hi everyone this is just like A SUPER WEIRD DREAM i had and pls pls this is a dream and the people are NOTTTTT actually like mean or weird they just did odd things in my dream HAHAH i dont even talk to some of these people but heyyy u were in my dream

  • ok so
  • everyone was having a sleepover meet up thing in a cabin type house thing the scenery was like indoors with some bunk beds a big floor area and fireplace n shit
  • but everything was like wooden if that makes sense like a wooden cabin
  • @parkji-hoons // naia throughout the whole dream was walking into the room in slo motion wearing a puffy pink night gown with a white lace bib so she like took one step over the course of like the whole dream
  • @jong-hyvn // ruri and @wanna-one // merve were in the corner with the closet talking and laughing but they kept looking at my earlobes the whole time but in the dream it felt like a normal event
  • @darkpastwoojin // gee was like on one of the bunk beds’ top beds in criss cross apple sauce literally just smiling and not doing anything else like she smiled and then like slightly relaxed and then just SMILED AGAIN but like as if there were imaginary cameras?
  • but she was on the top with @ongsecngwoo IDK YYYY and tbh i dont remember ur name but @ongsecngwoo was etaing apple sauce like her life depended on it and was like tearing up from how good it tasted and was like nodding her head as if there was like 219831 bops playing UGH IDKKKKKK
  • @kanggdaniell was in the hallway to the room like chewing on a lemon and like kinda dancing to herself
  • usgdhjsd @woojiniee was like running in her place but like sweating and having fun with her band stuff in her arms
  • jackie // @baejinsgf was with her firend kathryn trying to take pics of herself like kathryn has but kathryn was like coaching her on how to do it right
  • @dearlydaehwi and @dearestguanlin were LITERALLY SMELLING NAIL POLISH IAUEFCDH WHY
  • and then like idk @yue-hwa // raelynn came with this box in her hand and she was wearing THE MOST FCKING HIDEOYS OUTFIT
  • it was like a chunky blue shirt and some red pants
  • anyways i like suddenly ended up on the celling fan
  • and ike i jumped on her from the celling fan to surprise her
  • and then she

i actually remember that @hahasunqwoons @godkimsamuel @wannaoneioi and @wooseob were in this storage room like just smacking snow balls uGH IDEK

the end , end of dream thx for listening

partylikeits1899  asked:

Can you please do headcanons about Albert being jealous (and the reader and him aren't dating) Thanks love :)

albert is such an underrated boy he’s honestly so great okay here’s some jealous albert

  • the poor boy has been pining after you for months 
  • ever since you helped clean up his bruises after a fight with the delanceys or something 
  • the way you took care of him like he was the most important thing in the world has him feelin some type of way
  • every time he hurts himself now he goes to you 
  • his heart gets all fluttery when you touch him and he swears you must be able to hear his heart pounding
  • so anyway there are a lot of flirty newsies
  • but particularly romeo is usually the one to mess with you
  • he mainly does it because he knows how much it annoys albert and he’s a little shit
  • and albert can’t help but act a little protective of you
  • romeo makes a sly comment at you and albert is the first to notice
  • “hey, cut it out. leave em alone”
  • “why, they yours?” 
  • cue snickering newsies because eeek albert’s ears turn so red
  • albert literally just wants to smooch you he gets kinda grumpy and pouty when he sees other newsies being touchy with you
  • literally only you can make him feel better when he gets in those moods
  • maybe next time when you go to cheer him up he will actually get the courage to smooch you 
  • :)

if you want me to continue this omg i so will i think this it the cutest little thing god i love albert 

anonymous asked:

hiii. I'm interested in making edits on my own but I don't know how to or what to use is there any tutorials you have or could link me to you've gotten help from?! I love your edits they're so breathtaking.

im sorry this took such a long time to answer, my inbox have been crazy these past few days! but i tried to put extra love in this with some links and tips to make up for the wait ♥ and thank you so much!!

  1. so first thing first. you need some type of editing program, most commonly used on tumblr is photoshop (it’s what i use) but there’s a lot of different options as well, like pixlr and gimp
  2. start of small or have a clear idea on what you wanna do, like posters or moodboards. it might sound boring but it’s an easy way to start learning the tools of the program you’re using and finding your own style!
  3. find something that inspires you. maybe it’s a favorite book, character or movie. pick it and decide to make an edit for it!
  4. pick fonts, psd’s and images with great detail and care. this is actually what makes your edit stand out. if your coloring is great, the image perfect and the font smashing it’s bound to be a hit. 
  5. i find all my images on pinterest. if say, i decide to make a blue sargent edit i just type her name on the search bar and check out the boards with pictures and pick from them. weheartit is also a popular site!
  6. @wasirauhlpsds, @yeahps & @itsphotoshop are some of my favorite resources blogs. here you can find more tutorials, templates, fonts and psd’s!
  7. @mentorpsd is also a great blog to draw inspiration from and find helpful edits and resources.
  8. once you have everything you need it’s time to start editing and this is the fun part! coloring and font placement are key. if you’re unsure of what to write, sometimes it can be enough with a name/title or quote. 
  9. if you’re having trouble finding inspiration, draw it from other content creators/edits on your dash. but don’t steal. if you’ve been heavily inspired by something or someone, always leave credit or ask the original creator if it’s ok to make something similar. 
  10. although it’s great to draw inspiration on your dashboard being original is what will get you more noticed. but the most important thing is that you like what you’re doing. i love making edits which is why i spend so much time making them.
  11. don’t let notes hinder/stop you from doing something that makes you happy. my first edits where absolute trash and had maybe 20+ notes but i’ve improved since then because i’ve kept at it! 

if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

anonymous asked:

i lov ur hc's!! theyre so cutE!! i was wondering if u could do one with the RFA + V making fun of MC's tiny hands/cold hands??? ily have a good day!!!

(SQUEAL~ Okay, I’m dead. Thank yoU!! Of course I shall do this request, since I also have tiny, cold hands xD Thank you, Ily2! Have a wonderful day~)
(On another note; I’m at school rn, soo, I’ll be posting later when I get home. I have an assignment due at midnight, so I gotta finish that first.)

• He never payed much attention to your hands when you first started dating, to be honest.
• He decided to take things VERY slow in the relationship, since this was his first one (and he prays it’s his last because yOURE THE BEST THING EVER.)..he wanted to savor everything about it.
• He awkwardly asked if he could hold your hand one day, and you couldn’t help but giggle at his shyness.
• “Of course you can hold my hand, honey~”
• He blushes, slowly pulling his hand down to entwine his long fingers, in your (nubs, lol) tiny ones.
• The moment they meet, he looks down at your hand, letting out a chuckle.
• “(Y/N)!! They’re so cold!” He continued chuckling..and that’s when he noticed the size.
• “Oh. My god. THEY’RE SO TINY!!”
• “Shut it, Blondie.”
• “nono!! I think it’s cute! My cute, tiny hand girlfriend~ aha. That’s so-”
• “Don’t make me fight you.”
• “Gahh! Okay! Okay! I wouldn’t want you to punch me with those ice packs of yo-”
• You playfully slap him, making him puff out his cheeks.
• “Alright! I’m done!!”

• Never shuts up about it. From the moment he saw your hands, he was commenting on how small they were.
• “COME ONN~ YOU GOTTA ADMIT, YOUR LIL NUBS ARE JUST SO CUTE!” He gushed, tangling his large hand in your own.
• You’d playfully tackle him onto the ground, pinning his wrists above his head. (Kinky?)
• “CAPTAIN DOWN, CAPTAIN. DOWN! On another note..what, did you shove your hands in the freezer before you came to me? Geez, those things are like ice!”
• “THAT’S IT!”
• The two of you start to play wrestle on the floor for a few minutes, until you just casually laid yourself down.
• “I surrender. Too much work.”
• “Oh, so now you’re lazy, t-”
• “Seven!”

• He finds it super adorable that your hands are so tiny.
• He constantly reminds you, too.
• He’ll always place kisses on your small hands, and then begins to gently rub on them, hoping to give you warmth.
• Occasionally, he will tease you for it.
• In public.
• “Ohh! Look at my girlfriends cute little hands~” he would say (quite loudly, too), getting down on one knee. He would lightly take your hand in his, kissing it softly.
• “Zen..we’re in public..” You’d whisper, your face getting red, as people began to stare.
• “I don’t mind, babe~ I’m glad everyone can see that you’re mine. You and those adorable hands of yours.” He adds, unable to stop himself from chuckling.
• You lightly elbow him, pulling him back up on his feet.
• “You’re really something, you know that?”
• “I’m your something~”

• She knows how it feels.
• Her hands are also pretty small. Although, they’re not quite as cold as yours.
• She likes to let you rest your hand in between her thighs while she sits cross legged, letting your hands warm up instantly from the body heat.
• Sometimes she likes to tease your hands, but you can always tease her right back.
• “Your hands are freezing, (Y/N)! I feel like I’m holding hands with an ice cube!” She laughs tightening her grip on your hand.
• You scrunch up your nose, and stick your tongue out at her, before motioning to her own hands.
• “Says the one with little baby hands~”
• “My hands are still slightly larger than yours, (Y/N).”
• “….. Crap.”

• The first time you both held hands, he instantly pulled back, a bit shocked at how freezing cold your hands were.
• “(Y/N)? Are you alright? Your hands are absolutely freezing! Is that healthy?” He asked.
• Once you assure him that your hands are always like that, he gives you a small smile, taking your hand back in his.
• “If you say so.”
• The two of you continue to hold hands, a peaceful silence taking over you. Before he kills the moment.
• “You know, I’ve shaken a lot of hands in my tim-”
• “JUMIN!”
• “I’m only teasing you, my love.”
• You let out a small grunt, turning your head to face the front of you.
• “They’re cute, though~”
• “Don’t try me, Mr. Han.”

• Considering he’s a pretty touchy person, he’s always trying to keep a hold of your hand, wanting to make sure you’re beside him at all times.
• So you can bet he’s took a notice of your smaller than average hands.
• One day, someone mentions they love cute things in the group chat, so, he types out;
• “Then you’ll absolutely adore my wonderful (Y/N)’s hands~”
• You quickly rush into the room he’s in, considering you’re in the same house, and you give him that “You little shit” look.
• He innocently smiles, before raising one of his hands, gesturing for you to come over to him.
• You make your way over to him, and he slowly takes a hold of your small, cold hands, and pulls them to his lips, placing a delicate kiss on them.
• “I really love them, though. As much as I love you..they’re a part of you, (Y/N). A wonderful..wonderful part of you.” He smiles.
• “Awh, V..that’s so sw-”
• “although, I will admit, they’re pretty cold..”
• “And there it is.”
Saeran: (Ya’ll don’t ask for him, but I’m still gonna include him, lmao.)

• You can bet this boy is going to be mentioning your hands ALL. THE. TIME.
• Sometimes he likes to complain, more than tease, about your small hands.
• He really hates to admit it, but despite the coldness, he is in love with how tiny they are.
• Besides, he enjoys the coldness..when it’s summer.
• Fall and winter is a bit of a different story.
• “Damn..(Y/N). They’re completely freezing, what do you do to them?”
• “Those are my hands. I can’t help it?”
• “ugh.. You’re lucky I love you.”
• “Why’s that..?”
• “I- Uhm. Well..because, I just want to hold your hand..I can uhm..stand their temperature?”
• You giggle, leaning over, you give him a quick kiss on the cheek, making his cheeks redden slightly.
• “Good thing I love you too, then.”

Daily annoyance

Genre: Fluff (Drabble)

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: You just had a new neighbor move into the apartment next to you but you haven’t met him yet. He didn’t even try to greet his neighbors and his music was always loud. One night it almost drives you crazy and you end up going over there to finally end it right there and then.

(A/N: I know I write a lot of flustered!reader type things so this time i’m changing it around)


Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

You kept rolling around in your bed in annoyance. The bass from someone’s music was definitely making it’s way through your wall. You tired to lay under your pillow to block out the sound but it wasn’t working. This wasn’t the first night they’ve done this either and you had to get up early tomorrow. 

“That’s it.” You said out loud to yourself, getting out of bed.

You stormed out of your apartment and ran next door, banging on the door. It only took a few seconds for someone to open the door in front of you. Yoongi answered the door seeing you only in a huge t-shirt with your arms crossed against your chest. He blushed trying not to stare at you.

“Hey, can you turn that shit down? I’m sure i’m not the only one bothered by it and it’s been happening every night!” You scolded him.

Yoongi scratched the back of his neck. “Y-yeah…Sorry. I have to get this thing done for work and I stay up pretty late doing it.”

“How can you get anything done with that noise??”

He looked up at you a little offended. “That noise is my work. I produce music.”

You were taken back by accidentally insulting him. 

“o-oh…sorry…I didn’t mean it was bad. It’s just loud and I can’t sleep.”

he nodded. “Yeah. I’ll turn it down…on one condition.”

You made a puzzled face, not really sure what to think about the whole condition thing.

“It’s nothing weird.” He assured you.

“Then what is it?”

“Well, I need a little help deciding if this is good enough to send to my boss. Can you tell me your opinion really quick and I promise you can go back to your place?”

With a sigh and the release of your arms, you agreed. Stepping inside his apartment you saw the huge set up he had around his desk. He sat down in the chair and clicked play on the song he had been working so hard on. There wasn’t any vocals yet but it was surprisingly good. Yoongi sat there watching every reaction your face gave off. When it ended you smiled, turning to him and made eye contact. For a brief second it was dead silent and the two of you maintained eye contact as if you were waiting for a kiss. Suddenly you felt aware of your no pants situation and looked away from him. 

“It was good….You’re really talented.”

He cheeks started to give off a small pink tint again and he nodded, trying to act like that didn’t make him extremely happy.



“Right. You can go to bed now…I’ll turn it down.”

“Wait, what’s your name?”

He seemed to be caught off guard not thinking you would have an interest in him. 


You smiled at him. “Sorry for yelling earlier. Goodnight Yoongi.”

He pretended to ignore your smile since it was making him flustered and he focused his attention on the computer screen.

“Yeah. Goodnight Y/n….”

When you shut the door to his apartment he laid back in his chair, letting out a loud sigh.

“God, she’s hot.”

Note: I really loved writing the Monsta X version of this. It`s such a cute concept. Here is the Big Bang version. Also it`s the first Big Bang reaction I`ve ever written so feel free to request more Big Bang :)


I think I`ve read somewhere that his ideal type is someone who can cook well so your cooking would probably be one of his favorite things ever. He saw how much work you put into the food and that you made a lot for everyone. He`d be the happiest boyfriend ever probably hugging you close, not being able to wipe the smile of his face.

“Thank you so much babe. You`re amazing.”


Shy shy shy but also so so happy. He`d be overwhelmed with this, especially since you took your time to not only make food for him but all his members which for him are like a family. He`d be so careful when eating your food but would eat lots so you`d see that he loves it. He`d probably be too shy to go all out on his thank you infront of the members would definitely repay you with a fun day where he`d take extra much care of you.

“You are an angel sent by heaven, that`s the only explanation for this.” 


Heart eyes for days. This man would be so shocked and so happy at the same time. He might react more calmly than the others but that`s just because he`d be so taken aback by the fact that you used the time to cook for them. This would really show him how much you worry about his wellbeing and he wouldn`t forget about it. You can expect a lot more skinship and attention from him after this.

“Words can`t describe how incredible you are y/n.”


At fist he`d be shocked to seeing that you had made food for everyone which would quicklye be followed by one of his super bright smiles. He`d be a bit shy but that wouldn`t stop him from enveloping you in a big hug. He`d honestly be touched by your support of his work and for next few days he`d be extra happy making everyone around him wonder why.

“You really did all of this by yourself? I don`t know how to thank you enough for this y/n.”


Oh our maknae Seungri. He would try to play if of cool, thanking you politely and eat, which would probably get the other members to chuckle at his obvious holding back behavior. However he wouldn`t be able the blush that would creep onto his cheeks. Later when you`re alone with him again however he would be really showing you how much he appreciates your support.

“Sometimes I`m questioning how I deserve someone as precious as you.”



Okay this took seven years to make and type up. I may as well be Noah.

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