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Clone Type Headcanons

Deck officers: like to think they’re fancy, literally never interact with anyone else, better-than-you mentality (enjoy their pants)

Heavy Gunner: don’t think–DO, also eat everything and enjoy tough guy contests

Bomb Squad: “what is self preservation”, weirdly paranoid and also noncaring at the same time, anxiety

Medic: tired

Regular clones: tack onto literally everyone and everything

Arc troopers: think they’re gods. they’re not. evilly influential and poor role models

sergeants: think they’re gods for whatever reason

Shinies: want to be the Arc troopers

Standard clone: tack onto literally every personality on the ship

Command Clone: tired and Stressed™ @ everyone

Jaebum the type to actually fight you when you say ‘fight me’

EDH/Commander FMN Report: 2/17/2017

Idk if i should label this with the date of the FMN or the day I write this?

Ok so Last night at FMN while everyone else is playing Standard (I know i know i miss it too sometimes) me and a group of players play EDH. So last night was my first night testing my new mono red Double Mastery Deck. Jaya is the commander but she is used as a support card and acts as a dicard outlet if i need one or as removal so i can focus less slots of my deck to those types of cards. 

The deck is basically two different decks in one, It is a scrap mastery deck that wins by casting scrap mastery with a GY full of artifacts and wins with those, But it is also a Mizzix mastery deck that wins by casting Mizzix Mastery with a GY full of wheels and copy spells and using Molten Pysche with metalCraft to kill everyone. 

The reason I am using these two very different strats is because they both reach their goal the same way. Using wheels and rumage spells to dig into my deck to find certain cards and fill my GY at the same time with the cards that both mastery spells need in there. 

So we played 5 games in total and Jaya was in 4 of those games and she ended up winning 3 of her games! She won using 3 different paths too!

Game one: Won using Mizzix mastery 

Game two: Won using lucking by just drawing nothing but lands and 4 combo cards in a row in the start of the game, hit infinite mana and untapping 

Game three: Lost to  Brion Stoutarmwith infect throwing a giant hydra at me that he stole for that turn from another player. 

Game four: won with the Wheel package but got there using mana geyser and Past in flames!

So for a while this deck is going to be my new baby and I’m going to try and get it to be as good as possible! 

Will try and get a deck list online soon!

How Do I Even

Most EDH decks have an easy theme. If you run Glissa, you’re going to want to rely on artifacts. If you run Rhys, you want to make a populate deck around him. But…





Like seriously, what is his theme? What can combo with him? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?

My friend doesn’t like the format because that is his only good Commander. I want to cheer him up, so what should I do to help him make the deck? What type of cards should he run? PLS HALP!

Oh my gosh okay, so some days ago me and kilroywuzheere were looking at pictures of Shingo for a cosplay reference, and we realized something that I’ve been wondering about ever since.

I wonder if it’s symbolical that after meeting Yuuya, Shingo ditches his tie that he has on the first time they meet..

in order to switch to that turquoise pendant necklace he’s currently wearing??

It’s just interesting to me that the first time he meets Yuuya, he’s wearing the tie. Then by the time that they duel, he’s like SAKAKI YUUYA HAS A COOL NECKLACE, I MUST SHOW OFF MINE TOO. 

Everyone goes on about how he changes his deck type to a Circus theme 30-some-odd episodes in, but waaaay back in episode 3 the guy wastes no time ripping off his tie the second time that they meet up. So for all we know, during the time between their meeting and their duel later that day, he could’ve rushed home or gone out and LITERALLY BOUGHT A NECKLACE TO MATCH WITH YUUYA’S TO SOME EXTENT.


On Deck Interviews

When first getting a new deck, tarot, oracle, or otherwise, there are a lot of ways to bond with the cards and get to your deck.  Many people suggest a tarot spread designed to interview the deck itself, and they often include spread positions like “What will I learn from you” or “In what ways will you challenge me” etc.  These are intended to help you get a feel for how the deck will respond to your questions, what type of personality the deck will show, what have you.  I’ve often recommended this method myself, but usually along with a list of other things you can do to get to know your deck. 

But you know what?  I really don’t like deck interviews at all!  It took me awhile to figure out exactly why but I think it’s because it has the potential to set the tone for the entire relationship with your deck, before you even break the ice.  

But wait, isn’t a deck interview supposed to be the ice-breaker?  Well, yeah, but how many ice-breaker activities have you done in school, in sports, in the workplace?  How awkward have they been?  Did they give you an accurate view of the people participating?  Were you always able to give a complete representation of yourself?  If you have, that’s awesome, but I’ve always found them to be somewhat clumsy at best.  

Getting to know people (and decks!) takes time and consistent interaction.  

Another issue I have with them is that they’re often being used by newbies who haven’t yet had the time to develop their confidence in their intuition.  They often second guess themselves or limit themselves solely to the LWB, and in many cases, have difficulty interpreting a spread as one cohesive story, and strictly stick with card by card meanings.  Details are sometimes missed, tone is misinterpreted, and that’s to be expected, of course.  So I think it’s really unfair to set the tone of the relationship with their deck with just one reading.. or the same reading over and over again because what does that mean?  I don’t get it.  Lemme start over as many newbies do lol (please realize, I’m speaking from experience, I’ve gone through all of that too!)

So.. here’s the part where I offer you alternative ways to get to know your deck and get your “I wanna do readings!” fix too

  • Daily challenges!  There are always plenty floating around on tumblr and instagram and will give you prompts to use to work with your deck.  
  • Free readings!  It may seem like a big leap, but if you’ve done a few readings for yourself, you can definitely give practice readings to others.  It’s ok if you’re still using the book.  The thing is, you’ll (potentially) get a very diverse amount of questions and situation to read for.
  • Reading for past events.  Think about big moments in your life.  Ask your deck what they’ve taught you, how they’ve shaped you into the person you are today, etc.
  • Reading for fictional characters.  Gossip with your deck over your favorite fandom!

I feel like these methods are both more casual and more organic.  Using them, you will get to know your deck naturally over time, rather than trying to juice it’s entire personality out of one reading.  

If you like doing deck interview spreads, and they work for you, that’s great!  Really it is, and keep doing that.  Always do what works for you!  But if you have trouble, and you feel like you’re not getting what you needed/expected/wanted out of them, there are other ways!  You don’t have to do what everyone else does, we all have different ways of learning, we all have different strengths.  Find what will work best for you!

Secluded Ethereal Wyrmfall
Activate 1 of these effects.
● Add 1 Wyrm-Type monster from your Deck to your hand.
● Send any number of Wyrm-Type monsters from your hand and/or face-up on your field to the Graveyard; draw cards equal to the number of monsters you sent to the Graveyard +1.

Can Be Found In: Maximum Crisis (MACR-JP078)

The Wyrm Type is often seen as a replacement for Dragons, as the latter is so heavy in support that adding more options might power creep their builds further. Regardless of that being true or not, Wyrms have a lot of liberties to work with despite being quite new in the game. With scarce archetypes to work arround specific gamestyles and not having very concrete mechanics compared to other Types, Wyrms offer both small and big monsters to play along easy to achieve objectives.

“Secluded Ethereal Wyrmfall” is a reliable Trap Card as offers two effects often beloved by all sorts of builds to rush their setups with. When activated, “Secluded Ethereal Wyrmfall” let us to either look for any Wyrm in our Deck to add in our hand, or send any number of Wyrms in our hand and field to draw a card for each one. Is a quite flexible Trap Card with the main purpose of improving our hand, as either allow us to look for a key Wyrm in our Deck or replace Wyrms we can dispose of for new cards.

The first effect of “Wyrmfall” is pretty straightforward, and most likely become the most used among the two. By letting us look for literally any Wyrm available in the Main Deck, we can go from monsters assisting bigger summons such as “Unmasked Dragon” or “Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing”, to monsters able to keep the pressure like “Mystery Shell Dragon” and “Night Dragolich” among many others. While this searching effect has a very simple and open use, its drawing effect might need some timing and even tools to get the best outcomes. Obviously we can simply dispose of Wyrms in our hand to draw new cards, specially if we have effects like “Call of the Haunted” and “Soul Charge” to retrieve them afterwards which we can also use to draw even more cards with “Wyrmfall”. In some circumstances “Wyrmfall” can be quite helpful to face disruptive effects, so if the opponent tries to get rid of our Wyrm(s) we can chain “Wyrmfall” to get rid of them and draw cards in return. And interesting enough copies of “Wyrmfall” can assist each other, looking for Wyrms to add to the hand to afterwards use as cost for their second effect. Keep on mind that we cannot use Pendulum Monsters on the field to draw cards as they go to the Extra Deck, so try to keep them in the hand to use “Wyrmfall” drawing effect.

Even due the slow activation as being a Trap Card, “Secluded Ethereal Wyrmfall” possibilities makes it a reliable card regardless. With two effects to choose from, “Wyrmfall” can go from one of the most effective searching effects in the game, to allow us refresh or even increment our hand with its drawing effect. The latter might have some complications depending of when is used, as unless we want to use it to dump Wyrms in our hand for a latter use from the Graveyard it will have some restricted uses with Wyrms on the field. Overall, “Wyrmfall” has some small hiccups to be aware of but the results that provides easily compensates them.

Personal Rating: A

+ Allow us to add any Wyrm from our Deck to the hand
+ Trades Wyrms in our hand or field to draw a card for each one in return
+ Flexible usability

- Might seem slow due being a Trap Card
- Drawing effect might have some complications depending of some circumstances and timing

Development of a New Deck: Breya’s Grand Machinations

I have decided to build a new deck with some stipulations. This deck is meant to be less cut-throat but at the same time still being enjoyable for me to play. The stipulations I gave myself were as follows:

It must include White

The largest fraction of spells in the deck must be creatures

Can only contain one tutor (This includes cards that tutor for limited amounts of cards but does not include fetchlands)

Can only contain 2 or less counter spells

Cannot be a hard control deck

That limits most of the things I normally stuff into a deck. So what did I end up with? A four color synergistic combo deck lead by Breya, Etheriem Shaper. (Note part of the reason I wanted to make her is because she is a very pretty foil)

The details of the deck is as follows:

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fandomgirl-jordyn  asked:

Kira somehow managed to sneak into Yuri's room. She was looking through his deck of cards. She was actually interested in his deck type by watching him duel a couple of times. She looked at his ace monster which was Starve Venom. "Aw sweet, Starve Venom." Kira said to herself, grinning slightly. "He wins almost every duel with this card." Needless to say, she had a... crush on Yuri. But she would never admit it, probably not for a long time.

Yuri walks inside and smirks, “Excuse me, what do you think your doing in my room?”

anonymous asked:

I've seen the daily draws you've posted about the Mary-El tarot and I was wondering how you're liking the deck because I was thinking about buying it

It’s a beautiful and very powerful deck. It doesn’t go by traditional meanings so I recommend you study the book that comes with it which is very informative. I think it’s the type of deck that is great for shadow work. It isn’t a deck that sugar coats anything. Very blunt and straight to the point. Give it a try and see if it’s for you!

thebhozzaguillero  asked:

Do you agree that vrains isn't vrains if there are no new zombie deck? ( 1st:I'm sorry 2nd:my opinion : ^) 3rd:why am I referencing pvz too much?)

A zombie type or a psychic type deck sounds good for this YGO series tbh lmao. I mean, you would rarely see a duelist that uses those decks haha.

// dood pls


This is my wonderful spring creation for week eight of the building challenge! This house was a challenge indeed! It’s a three level home that is all open concept except for the restroom! On the main floor there is a kitchen/living/dining room. The second floor in technically more of just a stair landing with a small area for a computer that has a nice view over the kitchen/living/dining room below (also some nice views out the windows)! Then on the third floor we have a private little loft type bedroom with a deck that looks out into the front yard! This was built in Granite Falls and has full floral coverage over the entire plot! Hand placed every clump of grass/flowers. It also has string lights that zigzag through the pine trees placed around the house as well as a small campfire! I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

P.S the photos do not do the house any justice but they’ll have to do for now~

ShelbyMelissa’s November Tarot Challenge

Pick a card from your deck that you think relates or symbolizes the word for the day. This could be based on the booklet, images in the cards, or your intuition.
Remember, there is no right answer. The purpose of this is to help you discover
your own meanings for your cards. And most of all, have fun!

Make sure to tag your posts with #smnovchallenge!

Day 1. Balance
Day 2. Inner Growth
Day 3. Impulsive Behavior
Day 4. Confidence
Day 5. Letting Go
Day 6. Solace
Day 7. Work Horse
Day 8. Spiritual Support
Day 9. Truth
Day 10. Distraction
Day 11. Universal Wisdom
Day 12. Loss
Day 13. Illumination
Day 14. Retreat
Day 15. Meditation
Day 16. A Gathering
Day 17. Capability
Day 18. Understanding
Day 19. Solutions
Day 20. Epiphany
Day 21. Manifesting
Day 22. A Clair-Ability
Day 23. Spiritual Connection
Day 24. Control
Day 25. Mystical
Day 26. Stability
Day 27. Magic
Day 28. Divine Guidance
Day 29. Self-Awareness
Day 30. Patience

* This challenge may be possible with other types of decks or possibly even symbols. Not sure if it will work for your divination method? Try it and find out!
* Don’t feel pressured to complete the challenge and don’t get discouraged if you fall behind or are unable to complete it. This is just a tool to help you learn and to have fun with!

Magician’s Navigate
Special Summon 1 “Dark Magician” from your hand, then Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower DARK Spellcaster-Type monster from your Deck. If you control “Dark Magician”, except the turn this card was sent to the Graveyard: You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 face-up Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; negate its effects until the end of this turn.
Can Be Found In: The Dark Illusion (TDIL-JP071)

“Dark Magician” might not gained a position in competitive events like his rival “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, but remains as one of the most viable Normal Monsters due its massive quantity of support. From cards working arround itself from others based on Spellcasters, “Dark Magician” might not be the most powerful monster in the game but probably the one who keeps his pressence on the field the most. With many counterparts to summon, the additional cards arround “Dark Magician Girl”, and now with setups arround Xyz Summons, “Dark Magician” has many options and goals to work with.

“Magician’s Navigate” can get us a big field advantage to start pressuring the opponent from the start of a Duel. The Trap allow us to not only summon “Dark Magician” from our hand, but will also bring another Level 7 DARK Spellcaster straight from our Deck. This is a highly powerful effect as get us two powerful monsters for any purpose. However, “Magician’s Navigate” won’t be over with its effects a turn after is sent to the Graveyard, as we can banish it to negate the effects of a Spell or Trap until the turn ends. By default the Trap can become a very effective way to go to the offensive right from the earliest turns, but depending of the Spellcaster we summon along “Dark Magician” we can work arrond several strategies.

The only big problem this Trap can have is requiring “Dark Magician” in our hand to become usable, but fortunately the Spellcaster is one of the most supported creatures out there so we have many methods to get him ready to be Special Summoned. The simplest method is with the activation of “Summoner’s Art”, able to search any high Level Normal Monster in our Deck. An alternative is “Gate of the Magical Contract” as allow us to search for DARK monsters, but be aware that we have to give a Spell Card to the opponent for its activation. “Legion the Fiend Jester” is a monster useful for Tribute Summons, but no matter how is sent to the Graveyard from the field will get us “Dark Magician” in return. If our Spellcasters are in danger and/or we’re running out of “Dark Magician” copies in late game, “Illusion Magic” will tribute a Spellcaster in exchange of getting two Magicians from either Deck or Graveyard. All is left is “Magician’s Navigate” itself, which can be searched by the mere Normal summon of “Magician’s Rod”.

By summoning “Dark Magician” will get us several cards to work with, but will expand beyond the Magician’s Spells and Traps depending of which Spellcaster we summon from the Deck. Obviously “Dark Magician Girl” can become a good choice as she also has cards of her own to work with, including Spells like “Dark Burning Magic” and “Magic Expansion” which require both Magicians. Another option is “Mahad the Protector Priest”, a monster which once defeated will summon “Dark Magician” from almost anywhere in the game. Obviously we can simply summon another copy of “Dark Magician” from the Deck, pretty much for the same functions as for the former copy. Since “Magician’s Navigate” pretty much let us summon two Level 7 monsters, it can become a great opportunity to Xyz Summon monsters such as “Ebon Void Magician” or “Ebon Illusion Magician”. Not only that, but the nomi “Sorcerer of Dark Magic” will become mch easier to prepare his arrival and negate all opponent’s Trap Cards. If we’re running low of high Level monsters in our Deck, we can always summon monsters like “Night’s End Sorcerer” or the Magician Girl members to keep the opponent under control. Don’t forget about the Graveyard effect of “Magician’s Navigate”, as although only temporarily negates effects still can be effective against basic Spells and Traps.

“Magician’s Navigate” is one of the many effective methods “Dark Magician” has to start the offensive as soon as possible. As not only summons the Magician himself, but will bring another Spellcaster which can go from others working arround his archetype, so simply work together as materials for stronger creatures. The Graveyard effect won’t be less useful, getting us out of a pinch even if we only stop a Continuous Spell or Trap for a single turn. “Magician’s Navigate” might struggle a bit if we don’t have it along “Dark Magician” in our hand, but with the many searching resources arround him and the Type itself it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The main problem however is the nature of Trap Cards, as although “Magician’s Navigate” effects are chainable against opponent actions it still take a pair of turns to get full advantage of its effects. In resume, “Magician’s Navigate” has a few hiccups, but still remains a very reliable card to start games with.

Personal Rating: A

+ Summons “Dark Magician” from our hand along another Spellcaster from our Deck
+ Banishes itself from the Graveyard to negate the effects of a Spell or Trap
+ Many setups and options to work with depending of the Spellcaster we summon along “Dark Magician”

- Requires “Dark Magician” to be in our hand
- It can take one or two turns to take advantage of its effects