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Into The Dark

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Words: 883

Prompt: Reader is recruited by HYDRA to get the Winter Soldier back. Things don’t go as planned when Captain America and others show up.

Warnings: None.

A/N: I’ve had this  idea for a while now, so I decided to write it and see where it goes. I  don’t have an exact pairing chosen just yet.

Into the Dark Series Masterlist  -  Chapter two

chapter 1

Y/N knew that her job would come with certain hazards, she worked for HYDRA, hazards were a given thing. Even then, being thrown into the middle of a superhero fight was not something she could have foreseen.

She adjusted her black backpack and hid behind a car, checking for any enemies. She grabbed an iron stick that had been forgotten by the car. She would need it if she encountered any agents. She hated it, fighting people, working for HYDRA, everything. She could feel the rejection her body had to the whole situation. She imagined herself dropping the stick and running away. Far from the airport, far from superheroes, labs, hell, even far from the country. But running away was not an option, she knew better. That would be selfish. Instead, she closed her eyes and shook her head, clearing her mind from such thoughts. She hold the stick tight and towards the jet. She had to do this.

She hurried keeping her body low, her hand that held the iron stick hiding in her back. She got the loading part of the jet and waited by the right side of the entrance. Two guards came out talking to each other. She hit the one closest to her in the head with the stick, knocking him out right away. She struck the other one before he could step out of his shock. She swiftly pushed the two unconscious guys to the side and made her way inside.

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Chapter Two [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: Your first date with Lin doesn’t go exactly as he planned it.

Word Count: 1,785

Warnings: Slow burn, as always.

Authors notes:  Sab - First dates a fun, right? We’re churning these guys out - it’s so amazing to get to work with Ren, we both hope you enjoy it! (And, as she says, please don’t kill us.) 

Ren - This chapter. Oh god there’s no words for it. I hope you guys like it and please don’t kill us *evil laughter is heard in the distance*

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“Hi, excuse me I-” You looked up for a second to find one of the visitors you had talked to just a few minutes ago. “I believe you handed me the wrong…”

The guy handed you one of the museum brochures, and you noticed the dates were off. Taking a deep breath, you opened the top drawer to find the right folder, handing one to him before apologizing. It was the third time you messed up that afternoon: First, you almost guided the group of students to the wrong exhibition, then a guest’s question went completely over your head, leaving them staring blankly at you as you attempted to collect your wits, and now this. You felt lucky that your boss was drowning in paperwork and not paying much attention to his employees.

The truth was: you were nervous. Ever since you and Lin started texting, things just clicked between you, everything was easy and he made you smile. A lot. With Stephen sitting in the next room during many of those slightly flirtatious conversations, however, you knew it had to come to a halt soon.

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A Master and An Apprentice

He wasn’t quite sure which came first: sentience, or the knife. His memory circuits couldn’t make sense of how a cleaning droid gained self-awareness, nor of why someone had taped a kitchen knife to the top of him, right at ankle-level for the humanoids on base. But Stabby did know that the humanoids found it hilarious to watch other humanoids scramble out of the way of the knife or be taken by surprise, and somewhere deep within his circuits, Stabby found it hilarious too.

He was just doing his job one day, cleaning the floors (well, and deviating from his randomly-generated pattern to startle six humans, two Mon Calamari, and a Twi’lek) when he heard a chorus of binary coming from a nearby supply closet. Curious, Stabby peeked his visual sensor in and saw a circle of astromechs huddling around a blue and white R2 unit, hanging on its every beep and whistle. The R2 unit told story after story of adventure, fighting evil, and saving the galaxy. Stabby had not known if he was capable of the emotion that humanoids called “awe”, but listening to the R2 unit’s tales of heroics, he became sure.

After the night grew late and the other astromechs returned to their charging stations, Stabby wheeled up to the storyteller.

[Hello there] he ventured. [Your stories are wonderful.]

[Hello, and thanks!] the R2 unit replied.

[I was wondering] Stabby beeped hesitantly, [if you could teach me how to be a hero?]

The R2’s processor whirred as he considered the question. [Well, anyone can be a hero, by being brave at the right time. And you’ve even got a little weapon there. Sure, why don’t you come back here tomorrow, and I’ll teach you some tricks?]

[Thank you so much!] Stabby burbled with joy. [I’ll be here!]

So Stabby began his training with R2-D2, the droid that had been in the center of so much of the action in the galaxy. He learned about the weaknesses of organics, about when to ignore what humanoids and pessimists were saying, and most importantly, about honor, courage, and persistence. And all the while, he practiced with his knife. The more the humanoids got used to watching out for Stabby, the more stealthily he learned how to attack.

“I swear, it’s like that kriffing little thing’s sentient,” grumbled one officer. “It’s like it knows how to getcha when you least expect it.”

Stabby’s circuits lit up with delight, but he said nothing and pretended to almost bump into the wall on his way out.

Stabby loved training, loved being R2-D2’s apprentice, until one day, the enemies attacked the base. R2-D2 had to take his place in the battle, while Stabby tried to stay out of the way of the humanoids trying to escape.

Stabby’s circuits shook with fear. This was a real battle, not a funny prank. He was just a cleaning droid, and his master was nowhere to be found. He backed into an alcove and tried to stay out of sight as white-armored bad guys ran through the hall.

The door at the end of the hallway opened, and out of a cloud of smoke came something very dark and very tall. It walked on two legs and made a rhythmic noise. Stabby recognized Darth Vader from R2-D2’s stories.

As Darth Vader walked past him, Stabby remembered what his teacher had said: anyone can be a hero by being brave at the right time. Well, this was his chance.

Silently, he rolled out of the alcove, aimed for Darth Vader’s ankle, and accelerated at full power.

The knife hit something solid, and Stabby felt dazed. Vader did not fall down dead; he did not fall at all. He bent down and picked Stabby up.

Stabby froze in fear. Surely this was the end for him!

From inside the mask came a soft, raspy noise. In confusion, Stabby realized that Vader was laughing at him.

Vader turned to one of his troopers. “Take this back to my shuttle, and see that no one knows about it.”

The trooper took Stabby, eyeing him warily. “Yes, Lord Vader.” 

Well, this was certainly going to be an adventure. Maybe Stabby was following in his master’s footsteps after all.

Auston Matthews - Proud

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I’m SO sorry this took me so long but I wanted to make sure it was perfect and I know nothing about ballet lol But I had so much fun with this, even if I started over like ten times! Thank you for requesting this :D

Request from @i-am-a-lost-girl16  :  Hi! Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where you’re a dancer and he (and some of the team) come to your performance of the nutcracker? Just lots of cute fluff :) I love your writing!!!

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↳ To fall in love again―or maybe not.

genre: angst, fluff | soulmate!au

pairing: taehyung | reader + bodyguard!namjoon

words: 8,250

There was something strange about today, you didn’t know if it was good or bad but it did make you feel uneasy. It was like something was tugging at your stomach as you arrived at your father’s business with Namjoon.

“I’m being serious we have to be careful,”you told your mother, who was mocking you. Thankfully your bodyguard, Namjoon, did listen to your worries and stuck with the two of you, looking around every step you took.

“Ah, maybe it’s because you’re going to finally meet your soulmate. It’s about time, you’re getting old,”she teased as she pushed the button to the elevator.

You furrowed your eyebrows and crossed your arms but the question did make you wonder, could it be? Everyone found their soulmates in various ways; some people dream about them, others have their name written on their wrist, there are some that read each other’s mind. But none of these options applied to you making you wonder if your soulmate was still alive or not.

You looked to your left and saw Namjoon’s wrist that he had covered, his soulmate’s name crossed out indicating they were no longer alive. You sighed,”I’ll survive if I don’t find them.” You’ve lived 25 years without them and you were perfectly fine just the way you are right now. The elevator doors opened, the two bodyguards walked out first before you and your mother could.

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You crept into the vampire’s lair, a knife in hand. Checking every corner before you turned, your ears were on high alert for any noise that came from the blood sucking teenagers. Then, quiet footsteps from the other side of the room. You froze and pressed yourself against the wall, gripping your knife tighter. The steps got closer, two vampires. You stepped out from the wall and held the knife in font of you.

“Wassup motherfu-” You were cut off but a loud bang and the world suddenly going black.

A high pitched white noised filled your head as you opened your eyes and groaned. You rolled over to see that you weren’t in thee vampire lair, but in a sort of motel room, where two guys sat.

“Where am I?” You managed to mutter out, loud enough to catch the attention of one of the men.

“Hi, I’m Sam Winchester, and this is Dean. Do you remember anything from before you blacked out?” You gave a nod of hello and propped yourself up on your elbow, squinting.

“Well either something went wrong or this is one hell of a hangover.” You said and rubbed your temples. Dean smirked.

“Are you a hunter?” Sam asked. You nodded. “We are too. We were tracking some vampires and Dean thought you were one… So he shot you. But-” You cut the boy off.

“You shot me?” Dean gestured to your shoulder and you saw it was bandaged up with a fair sized blood stain. 

“You fell, hit your head, and blacked out.” Explained Dean simply.

“Hold on, why the hell would you shoot a vampire?” You looked accusingly at the older hunter.

“The bullet was covered in dead man’s blood. The plan was to poison one vampire and lure the rest out an’ trap ‘em.”

“Great.” You groaned. “I’m in the middle of nowhere with two psychos and probably blood poisoning.”

Dean smirked. “Welcome to the family, kid.”

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I added V and Saeran to this as well!


- honestly not too nervous

- he’s heard you talk to your mom before and she’s really sweet, he’s even talked to her as well

- you’re super nervous though because you’ve never brought a guy home before

- A few high school dates but not someone you’ve been serious about

- He kisses your cheek and let’s you know everything’s going to be fine, no one can resist his charms ~

- as soon as your parents greet you both at the door they’re taken aback by Zen’s looks

- especially your mom

- “ Gosh MC, I never knew this was your taste in men! ”

- you’re so embarrassed

- but Zen thinks it’s the cutest thing!! He kisses your moms hand like a gentleman

- your dad doesn’t really like him at first because he thinks he’s a player

- but once Zen chats with him more throughout the evening he warms up to him

- your sisters are so jealous

- “ if you two break up i call dibs ”

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wolfandthief  asked:

PROMPT: Being a serpent now meant it was easier to protect Betty too. and when something happens where she needs it most, that's exactly what he does.

Hope this is kind of what you wanted! Thanks for requesting! Enjoy!

Title: Riding Into Danger

Summary: Betty has been busy searching for her long lost brother while Jughead has spent most of his time trying to find his footing in his new role as a Serpent. When Betty and Kevin take a road trip to visit said brother, things get dangerous when a mysterious man is seen following them through a dive bar.

*Adding a keep reading cut so if you’re on mobile, the story gets cut off. Sorry!*

“Betty? Where are you, what’s wrong?”

Jughead could tell something was off the second he heard the odd tone in her voice - uncertain, a little high pitched, on the verge of panic. The last time he remembered her sounding like this, they were in the middle of uncovering the murder of Jason Blossom and, for reasons that warranted zero explanation, this did not sit well with him.

“I don’t know, Kevin and I were on our way to meet with my brother and-” Betty scrambled to explain their situation, her words coming out rushed and slurred from the the overload of adrenaline surging through her body.

“Wait what?” Jughead cut her off, his fingers clenching tighter around the cellphone as he tried to fathom the idea of Betty actually meeting the brother she didn’t even know she had until a few months before. “Since when?”

“You’ve been busy, Jug, we haven’t really had time to dish it out and spill our latest gossip these past few weeks,” Betty pointed out, the ancient payphone she was using crackling in protest at the unexpected movement that came with her gesticulating hands.

“I know, and I’m sorry for that but I’ve only been a Serpent for a few months, Bets,” Jughead reminded her. “I have to be around when they need me, I can’t afford to be a no-show, especially when things have been so tense around here lately.”

“Look we can talk about this later,” Betty told him, the phone pulling away from her ear slightly as she glanced behind her shoulder at the man sitting in a far corner of the building they had stumbled into looking for help. “But right now, we’re in this dive bar in the middle of nowhere, there’s this guy that’s been following us for the past two hours, and I think Kevin is on the verge of having a panic attack-”

Jughead furrowed his brows in confusion at the rustling coming from the other end of the receiver as Kevin dove forward to take the phone from Betty’s grasp.

“This place is worse than the White Worm and that fear-inducing cobra they keep as a mascot,” Kevin spat, his voice rising an octave higher with each syllable that came out of his mouth. “I swear there are rats the size of Shetland ponies crawling on this disease infested floor, get us the hell out of here!”

Betty snatched the phone away from Kevin, glaring at him from her spot in the phone booth before turning her back to him completely.

“What are you guys doing in a dive bar anyway?” Jughead asked, his brows knitting together as he pushed away the half-eaten basket of fries sitting on the counter in front of him.

“It’s a long story,” Betty sighed. “But basically Kevin forgot to fill up the tank before we left and we got stranded on some back road with no cell service where we spent most of the day pushing his Dad’s truck through the desert.”

“Okay, and the guy who’s following you?” Jughead wondered, his senses beginning to prickle with worry. “What’s the story there?”

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Unintentional Chapter Ten: We’re in this Together (FINAL CHAPTER)

Summary: You finally decide it’s time to get your head on straight. Misha surprises you at your apartment, and you break some news to everyone one set.

A/N: BWAHAHAHA I’ve been misleading you guys (don’t hate me)


Pairing: ????

Warnings: Language, smut, oral (female receiving), and dare I say….fluff??

Word Count: 2.4k


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You opened your phone back up, your hands shaky as you dialed the phone number. More tears stung your eyes and you focused your everything on the ceiling fan as you pressed the call button, held your phone to your ear and closed your eyes.

It rang twice, and then finally- “Hello?”

All of the air escaped your lungs when she answered. Tears spilling over, and all you could do was hope for the best- “M-mom?”


You weren’t sure if you’d felt better or worse after having called your mom.

She was sober now, and had been for seven years. You leaving had a bigger effect on her than you thought it would. She of course apologized profusely to you, to which you had no response; and when the conversation ended, you just sat there on the edge of Jared’s couch, staring at your blank phone screen.

Tears streamed down your face, but you weren’t sobbing, and you felt numb. Your nose was pretty sore, but on the inside – you felt nothing.

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angel0sh  asked:

Hey sweetie ^^ can you do a cheating HC with RFA, saeran and V and MC revenge ?

Girl give me some revenge and I’m SOLD! Cause I’m the baddest bitch on the blog (get it, cause this is tumblr haha). Anyway, poor jokes aside I really enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoy! 



♬ when you’d called Zen he really hadn’t expected it

♬ over the course of the last couple of weeks you’d been very inactive

♬ no one seemed to know why, not even Seven

♬ which made Zen all the more happier that you were reaching out to him

♬ maybe you were finally willing to talk about what was bothering you

♬ when you told him you wanted to meet at a certain bar he already knew something was off

♬ you’d always scolded him for his drinking and didn’t drink yourself

♬ he didn’t comment though, not wanting to interrogate you

♬ when he finally arrived at the bar, you were already there

♬ you sat at the counter with your head hanging over the beer in front of you

♬ he took in the sight and sighed before calling your name

♬ the second you realized you were no longer alone you looked up and beamed

♬ you even waved, only to hide the sadness you obviously felt

♬ you’d shared a quick hug as a greeting and had taken the seat beside you

♬ all in all the evening went fine until suddenly a couple of young men your age entered and you tensed

♬ one of them looked through the bar and when his eyes fell on you, he glared

♬ Zen could already tell that he would be trouble

♬ when the man reached the two of you he’d huffed, arms crossed over his chest

♬ he’d told you what a cheap little bitch you were for already having found someone else while constantly preaching to him, called you a dirty hypocrite and a bunch of other mean things

♬ had you not been holding onto his arm, holding him back, Zen would have punched the guy right then and there without a second thought

♬ you didn’t say a thing, looking so small with your head bowed and lower lip trembling

♬ the guy had just huffed and taken his leave, a satisfied smirk on his lips

♬ what kind of scum was happy about making a girl cry like that?!
when Zen asked what the deal was you told him that he was your ex-boyfriend

♬ oh, so he was the one you’d mentioned once

♬ but then why did he treat you like that?

♬ you explained that you’d caught him cheating on you with another girl, that you’d broken up with him, kicked him out of the flat you shared and ignored all of his attempts to apologize

♬ after hearing that, Zen just kind of lost control

♬ he got up and marched towards the other, determined to break at least some of his bones

♬ you’d tried to hold him back, mainly because you were worried about his career and reputation and while he’d found that very noble and sweet of you, Zen hadn’t cared

♬ the asshole had to pay for treating a lady in such a disgusting manner

♬ he’d walked straight up to him, tapped him on the shoulder and once the guy had turned, thrown the first punch

♬ of course this being a bar it ended in a huge fight that quickly escalated

♬ Zen fought well, showing off his years in the biker gang

♬ not only did he beat your ex to pulp, he also managed to fend off his buddies trying to protect him

♬ obviously he eventually got a hit back as well and the second that was the case, you intervened

♬ you pulled Zen along and took him to your place

♬ once there you sat him down, quickly getting out the first aid kit

♬ his knuckles were bloody and his lip was split, but otherwise he seemed fine, luckily

♬ you’d cleaned his wounds with alcohol, chuckling lightly when Zen had hissed

♬ you’d scolded him too, told him that he was an idiot for starting such a public fight

♬ he’d only replied that to defend your honour, he would have done much more

♬ you’d blushed then, thanking him in a whisper before pressing a soft kiss to his lips

♬ it hurt just a little, but Zen found his didn’t mind at all


★ Yoosung couldn’t really believe his luck

★ after having called you for a quick chit chat you’d asked whether he was free

★ he’d been a little confused as to what the occasion was, but had answered yes

★ you’d asked him whether you could come over, play some video games together

★ something in your voice had sounded off, but he didn’t prod

★ you’d probably tell him once you were ready to do so

★ he’d obviously agreed, telling you to give him an hour to clean a little and go buy some snacks

★ you’d thanked him and hung up

★ like a clockwork you’d showed up at his door an hour later

★ however, you hadn’t looked good at all

★ you were wet from the rain and it almost looked like you’d been walking around for much longer than just the walk from your apartment to his

★ he’d pulled you inside and wrapped you in multiple towels and a blanket

★ he’d also made you a hot chocolate, just for good measures

★ you’d thanked him, but didn’t further elaborate as to what had happened

★ now Yoosung tried not to prod, he really did

★ for about an hour he managed ti just sit beside you and silently play some COD

★ then he suddenly stopped the game mid round, turned towards you and showered you in questions

★ he’d tried to hard not to, but it just bubbled out of him in a hit of excitement

★ you’d sighed, clutching the controller in your hand

★ then you’d explained about how you’d just found out that your boyfriend cheated on you, with a good friend on top of it

★ you also explained that you hadn’t had a chance to confront him about it, that you’d just kind of fled your shared apartment to get some space to think and somehow ended up calling Yoosung

★ now Yoosung was generally a good and innocent boy, but he’d hung out with Seven enough to know how to handle a situation like this

★ he advised you not to break up with him just yet, you still had the right for some payback

★ then he explained the plan

★ a little less than a week later he came over to your place while your boyfriend was around

★ after playing some Halo together he’d excused himself to go to the bathroom while you remained in the living room with your still boyfriend

★ which was perfect, that way he would never suspect you

★ he snuck into the bathroom and got out the two things he’d prepared

★ one, he snuck in a red sock into the guys white wash, smirking devilishly

★ you’d told him about his macho behaviour and fragile masculinity, which made wearing a ‘girl’ colour like pink probably hell for a guy like him

★ above that, he was also extremely arrogant and narcissistic about his looks, which Yoosung wanted to change as well

★ he opened the guys shampoo bottle and got rid off all of it, only to switch it out with depilation cream

★ after that he snuck into the kitchen, changing his usual protein bars up with so called high calorie bars, which were used by athletes to gain weight

★ with the little amount of exercise he did in comparison, the guy would blow up like a balloon

★ it would be interesting to see how confident he remained with no hair and 10-20kg more on his ribs

★ that night you broke up with him, leaving him to his demise before making your way over to Rika’s old apartment with all the belongings you had left

★ surprisingly, Yoosung had been sitting in front of it, waiting for you

★ when you asked him what he was doing there – meanwhile unlocking the door and letting him in – he’d replied that he’d wanted to be there for you just in case you hadn’t taken the relationship ending poorly

★ you’d chuckled then, put down the luggage you had and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheeks whispering that every ending just meant a new, better beginning


♨ you’d become great friends and honestly Jaehee couldn’t have asked for a better influence in her life

♨ you’d saved her from herself and she was just waiting for a chance to repay the favour

♨ when you even offered to help her with the café, run it together, she’d been overjoyed

♨ not only was the doing was she truly enjoyed, but she was sharing the experience with her best friend

♨ you seemed to enjoy your work as well, always showing up chipper with a big, bright smile

♨ one day, however, you’d looked utterly devastated upon entering the café

♨ Jaehee had been very worried, as she’d never seen you like this before

♨ when she asked you at first, you’d refused to talk about it, apologizing for your bad mood

♨ you didn’t want it to affect your working abilities nor the mood of the people around you

♨ the entire day she watched you fake smiles and do your best until Jaehee just couldn’t take it anymore

♨ she pulled you to the back and confronted you about it, not in a mean, but concerned manner

♨ eventually you caved and told her all about your boyfriend and how he’d cheated on you

♨ you told her that you didn’t know what to do, as the two of you had been dating since High School and lived together

♨ not to mention that you didn’t know anything but him

♨ basically, you were in the same situation as Jaehee had been, scared to let go of the familiar routine

♨ however, as Jaehee had learned that sometimes it was for the best to let go, so had you

♨ it was hard to remain calm and collected though, in the eye of such a situation

♨ even Jaehee struggled, despite usually always keeping her cool

♨ cheating scumbags deserved bad things happening to them and Jaehee would take care of that

♨ for now, however, she had to help you

♨ she told you to go home and break up with him, confront and get rid of him and all remains of him

♨ you were scared at first but she promised that she’d be there for you, no matter the outcome

♨ when you came to work the next day you reported that you’d done it

♨ you’d fought a lot, but eventually he’d left

♨ now, however, he wanted the things he’d left at your place back and you didn’t know what to do

♨ you didn’t want to see him again

♨ especially since you didn’t trust yourself to be strong about it

♨ you also hated the idea of letting him off the hook so easily and Jaehee understood perfectly

♨ she had a solution for both of your problems, seeing as she’d done her research on revenge the night prior

♨ after work she came to your place with a couple of things in her bag you’d need

♨ she told you to let go of your frustrations by burning the pictures and destroying his things

♨ at first you had reservations, but then she reminded you of the fact that he’d destroyed your relationship and a couple of photo’s and junk were a small price to pay for that

♨ you agreed and so the destruction began

♨ you burned all your photos, dunked his toothbrush in the toilet, ripped and cut apart all the clothes he’d left at your place and destroyed everything else that remained entire

♨ however, Jaehee wasn’t quite done with what she had in mind

♨ cheaters deserved what was coming for them

♨ while doing research she’d found a very interesting and elaborate revenge scheme

♨ she wrapped the destroyed remains in a thick layer of duct tape, followed by a layer of bubble wrap then a whole bunch of pink glitter, another layer of duct tape, bubble wrap and more glitter and so on

♨ that way he’d need ages to unpack, have glitter all over his flat for ages and find his stuff destroyed

♨ you were so thankful when she came with you to send off the package, you hugged her once you’d gotten rid of it

♨ the two of you held onto each other for a long time, happy to have save one another


♛ Jumin had met many scumbags over the course of his life

♛ he worked with a lot of them and very few seemed to respect anything but their money, least of all the women in their life

♛ even his father seemed to lack some sort of ground respect, seeing as he jumped from one women to the other

♛ however, if there was one thing he would and could not forgive it was cheating

♛ it was poor taste in business and it was distasteful and disgusting in the context of love

♛ not only was he a firm believer of marriage, but also monogamy and fidelity

♛ you either stayed with the person despite having lost interest or you broke up with them, there was no room for a third option

♛ so when you showed up at his apartment, hugging yourself, lower lip trembling and tears running down your cheeks Jumin had been utterly overwhelmed

♛ of course he’d had enough courtesy to avoid drilling you for a reason

♛ honestly, he’d been quite confused as well

♛ why on earth you’d pick him for your emotional worries was beyond him, as everyone else in the group mocked him for being distant and cold; emotionless

♛ when you told him that your boyfriend had cheated on you, it finally clicked

♛ he’d been one of his golf partners whom you’d met at an RFA party two years ago, as Jumin had insisted on inviting him

♛ the guy owned his own firm and was good business, so he’d figured the RFA would benefit from him

♛ he’d been wrong about that for multiple reasons

♛ for one he hadn’t donated anything and the other, he’d lost you to him

♛ Jumin hadn’t minded, seeing as you’d seemed happy by his side, now he hated himself for his cowardice all the more

♛ he’d been prepared for you to blame him for it, but anger was the last thing on your mind

♛ you wanted to leave him, but didn’t have anywhere to go since Rika’s apartment still freaked you out and your parents lived relatively far away

♛ then you began crying again, sobbing about how you’d been so supportive of his long working hours, when in reality he’d been cheating on you with his assistant all his time

♛ that, struck a nerve with Jumin

♛ he excused himself for a moment and left the room

♛ no one cheated on you and especially not with an assistant

♛ he bought the guys company that night, pondering to destroy it before deciding for something more practical

♛ he declared him his new Chief Assistant, now that Jaehee was gone, and promised himself that he’d make his work experience hell

♛ and God did he make it hell

♛ if people thought that Jaehee had suffered, they had no idea what Jumin was capable of when angry

♛ when the rumors about Jumin being gay came up again, Jumin decided that it was a great chance to go over to part two of his plan

♛ one evening he called the guy to his office, sitting on his desk while waiting for him

♛ he’d asked him to shut the door before almost pouncing him, pushing him against the door and whispering dirty things into his ear

♛ the guy tried to flee but Jumin told him that since he’d fucked his assistant it was only fair that Jumin got to fuck him now

♛ the guy fled the firm that day, resigning angrily

♛ he also kicked you out, effectively leaving you homeless

♛ well, not for long as Jumin decided that he would not lose you to cowardice another time

♛ that day you moved in with him instead


☼ Seven wouldn’t call himself the emotional type

☼ sure, he hated himself and his life with a burning passion, but he didn’t let the emotions rule

☼ as one could observe seeing as he was still alive

☼ needless to say that when a person like him actually to God got mad, it was scary

☼ really scary

☼ and shit was about to go down

☼ he’d been working on a new computer program when he’d heard the door bang open

☼ he stopped in his tracks, instantly turning to see what the security camera’s had caught

☼ how on earth someone had managed to enter his home without a security breach was incomprehensible to him

☼ until he saw the footage of you cursing and kicking the door in, obviously fuming

☼ it didn’t explain how you got in exactly, but at least it was a little more understandable, seeing as you knew how his security system worked

☼ he didn’t have much time to think about it though, as mere seconds later the door to his room was thrown open to reveal you standing there, obviously angry about something

☼ he sincerely hoped it wasn’t him

☼ he asked you how on earth you’d gotten in alive

☼ اخرس had been your reply

☼ had you just told him to shut the fuck up in perfect Arabic? well…one truly did see everything if one lived long enough to

☼ when he asked you what was going on you gladly explained and once you were done, Seven was fuming too

☼ his first instinct was to destroy the guys life but hacking it but you had a better plan

☼ you didn’t want to destroy his life…just his relationship to women

☼ oh man, if Seven liked one thing that it was a good portion of drama and well planned revenge

☼ in fact, your version of revenge wasn’t nearly as illegal as his and much, much, much more fun

☼ you told him to get out one of his female costumes or knock himself out mixing and mashing them

☼ basically, Seven’s job would be to catfish the guy only to reveal himself as God Seven Defender of Justice and a very well endowed MAN

☼ Seven instantly agreed, excitedly jumping out of his chair to see what he could pull off

☼ you told him that it didn’t matter how he looked exactly as long as it was approachable and borderline cheap looking

☼ Seven decided for his blonde wig, his maid costume and a lot of make-up

☼ once he’d gotten himself ready you gave him a look over and nodded, dirty grin on your lips

☼ he implanted a little bug in his dress for you to hear and partially see what was going on before you send him off to the location you now knew your boyfriend picked up girls

☼ the planned worked miraculously well

☼ he instantly fell for Seven who – to your surprise – had a very tender and believable female voice

☼ it made you wonder whether one of his identities had been a women

☼ your soon to be ex-boyfriend didn’t hesitate to invite Seven to his place and while you were angry, you were also utterly amused

☼ they go to the place and the second the door shut behind them, the guy began feeling Seven up

☼ you applauded your friend for playing along with this, moaning in a high pitched sound and grinding against the other

☼ when your boyfriend eventually reached under his dress, he froze and his face was caught on camera too!

☼ Seven just went on to undressed, leaving him in nothing but a pair of boxers that were rather revealing

☼ you had the pleasure to watch your boyfriend scream like a little girl and basically flee his own apartment


☼ when Seven returned you pulled him into a hug and told him that he was your hero, a true defender of justice


☀ pissing Saeran off isn’t particularly hard

☀ however, thanks to therapy he’d learned to control his aggressions

☀ he’d even become somewhat peaceful

☀ well, as peaceful as it got

☀ he was, however, highly protective of the things that he thought of as dear to him

☀ you just happened to be one of those

☀ so when you came to him for your daily visit trying to act nonchalant and bubbly but failing miserably he asked you straight away whom he had to kill

☀ he would do it, no questions asked

☀ he also didn’t like beating around the bush

☀ you’d squealed and told him that it wasn’t like that, that murder really wasn’t the solution

☀ good, you understood that he meant what he said

☀ luckily he didn’t have to ask you to explain, as you knew better by now than to wait for him to do so

☀ instead you just explained, sighing deeply once you were done

☀ you’d expected a lot of possible reactions, but not Saeran getting out a a switch blade in front of your very eyes, rather sharp and dangerous looking

☀ he told you he’d personally make sure that the guy would never cheat again

☀ which you knew meant he’d personally castrate him with that particular shiny knife

☀ in an attempt to stop him from mutilating another person for whatever reason you reminded him that intellectuals didn’t have to stoop to such a level

☀ violence wasn’t the answer

☀ Saeran decided you were right

☀ there were better, less traceable ways to ruin the guys life for breaking your heart

☀ no one but him was allowed to do that!

☀ so, as an intellectual, he plotted a little scheme to cover all the important basis

☀ he basically hacked his entire life

☀ he got into his bank account and cleared the entire thing, donating everything to various charities

☀ at least the guy was good for something

☀ he found some nudes in his private folders and decided to publish those on Facebook

☀ Saeran also found the idea of him losing his job quite amusing, which is why he send a particularly graphic dick pick to his female boss, a crude message attached to it

☀ he also found out the mails of all the girls he’d been in contact with, he’d cheated on you with

☀ needless to say he took care of those as well

☀ he send each and everyone of them the lucky news of having been used as a side-bitch he’d found out the term was, as well as proof of those words

☀ oh boy, your ex would wake up to a shit storm the next morning

☀ Saeran grinned at the thought of it

☀ once he was done he sought you out

☀ you’d been sitting on the couch the entire time, legs pulled to your chest and arms around them

☀ he realized then that revenge was sweet, but it wouldn’t really fix your sadness

☀ he took a deep breath and walked over, taking a blanket to pull it around you before taking the seat beside you

☀ he told you how sorry he was and that while he didn’t really understand what exactly you were going through he understood how hard it must have been on you

☀ he also made sure to mention that he would have never done such a thing to you

☀ to his surprise you’d smile, sweet and private, before turning to him

☀ you’d cupped his face and kissed him, feathery light and barely there but enough to make his heart race

☀ you knew


📷 being blind wasn’t always easy

📷 while living a normal life was more or less possible, certain things became impossible

📷 specifically those that you hadn’t done before going blind like in V’s case

📷 or things that necessarily required eyesight

📷 such as taking photographs…or taking revenge on someone

📷 after taking down Mint Eye and sending Rika off to Alaska to get help, V’s days had become peaceful

📷 and utterly lonely, he realized

📷 he had the RFA but even chatting became more difficult than it needed to be when you were blind

📷 phones just never quite got what you were dictating them to write

📷 not only that, but the members tended to spam the chat so listening to that robotic voice go off when Seven send a chain of short messages again was rather irritating

📷 V found himself staying away while simultaneously craving contact

📷 needless to say that it was a very complicated situation to be in

📷 however, you did bring some light into his quite literal dark

📷 once a week, on your free day, you stand in front of his door with one junk food or the other

📷 sometimes it was pizza, other time burgers or just a whole bunch of sweets

📷 and every time you brought something to do as well, be it braille cards or a book to read to him

📷 it was the kind of surprise he started looking forward to

📷 especially since you always seemed so excited about things

📷 however, once week he was surprised to find that you were late

📷 you’d never run late before

📷 when you showed up about fifteen minutes later and apologized he could hear and sense that something was off

📷 you sounded sad and exhausted

📷 for a while you just continued as per usual, making him stuff himself with junk food before forcing him into a game of some sort

📷 well, forcing wasn’t the right word, really but he liked to use it jokingly

📷 eventually, however, he heard you sigh and knew that you were ready to open up

📷 so he asked and you told, the entire thing

📷 you also mentioned how you hadn’t felt comfortable mentioning it in the chat, how you only really trusted V with such delicate information

📷 he felt both honoured and lost, since there was very little he could help you with

📷 other than giving advice, of course

📷 thats how you ended up with a couple of pickaxes and black spray paint, sneaking into a garage in the middle of the night

📷 he couldn’t even help you in your plan, but he could be on the hear out, just in case

📷 you destroyed that car

📷 all tires were slashed, all windows shattered and everything else was perforated

📷 it was a damn good feeling to let go of all your anger and frustration and from V’s silent laughter you could tell he found listening to you just as funny

📷 you let the axes were they were and added some paint to the car, writing cheater all over it

📷 once you were done and happy you gripped V by the arm and tugged him along

📷 the two of you ran, both laughing as you made your way to his place

📷 you thanked him for the evening, telling him that you hadn’t laughed like that in the long time

📷 he returned the words and suggested that maybe you could come over more than just once a week

📷 that maybe…sometimes you could even stay?


fistulatedcow  asked:

Hi! I just started following you and I was wondering if you had a post that talks about Kaiju's...origin story I guess? I'm just really interested in what drew you to tegus and why/how you ended up with Kaiju. She's super cute and I can tell you really love her!

Picture this: A teenager running wild on an island in the summer. She’s got a bike and her cell phone and her parents’ permission to go anywhere she wants- it’s a small island, not a lot can happen- and anyways, there’s more bikes than cars. So long as she stays out of the swamps and doesn’t leave the island, she can pretty much do as she likes. It’s a heady feeling, freedom- knowing that you’re at your liberty to do whatever you like without having to compromise. Just you and your thoughts and what seems like an endless summer day before the sun sinks into the ocean. 

And that teenager, being me, had some favorite places on the island. The old cemetery, the library, the historical village, the beach, the bayou (ha ha like I’m gonna stay out of the swamp), and the nature center, complete with its trails and lookouts and places to kayak. So one day, I’m tooling around Sanibel and I stop at one of the little cafés that dot the island- there’s dozens of them, little restaurants with charming names and coffee shops that sell shade and air conditioning as much as they sell coffee- and I’m browsing through a flier of events for the week and I see there’s going to be a talk about American crocodiles over at the nature center. Now, I’ve got a deep and abiding love for American crocodiles and their close cousins, the Cuban crocodile- so I pedal over there, intent on going. I got there a lot earlier than I needed to for the program, and I catch the tail end of another program on invasive species- and that’s when I saw the picture.

Five feet long, black and white, a striking lizard with beautiful eyes. A long pink tongue poked out, and I could tell it walked with a purpose. I’d always wanted a big lizard, but had never even seen one of those before. I knew it wasn’t a monitor, but what was it? Tegu. I’d seen the word before, when I was a kid. I had this big encyclopedia-type book of reptiles, and all I remembered was that they were so much of a pest to chicken farmers in Argentina that some of the Argentinian chicken farmers actually switched over to farming the tegus. I hadn’t ever thought about it since, and I’d never seen an actual picture of one this big and pretty. 

Awed by the lizard, I put it out of my mind- after all, I was living in a dorm room. But then, several years later, I’d moved out and was in an apartment that was a-ok with me having animals. I knew the time was right to get a big lizard. I had the time, the space, the money, and the experience. Originally, I’d wanted a peach-throat monitor, but something about them just didn’t feel right. I’d started researching them about a year before I moved, and there were some things that just didn’t quite mesh with my lifestyle. But then I considered the tegu and realize that we’d be perfect for each other. 

The question, then, was which tegu to get? I knew I wanted a black and white or a blue, and I knew I didn’t want a baby. A yearling, I thought. That’d be ideal. So I started looking at breeders and sellers and seeing who had what- and that’s when I came across a guy who trapped ferals and sold them as pets. So here was a guy engaging directly in Everglades conservation by removing individuals from the population, but at the same time, not killing them. I was charmed immediately. He didn’t have any females listed on his site, but I sent him an e-mail and asked, and he sent me some pictures of two younger females he had for sale. One was this spectacular flashy high white lady; the other was smaller, darker, and slightly out of focus.

But there was just… something about her. I couldn’t explain it, really- I just saw the picture and went “yup, that’s my lizard.”

She was at my house three days later. She’s a lot bigger now and as far as I can tell, nice and content to be living in an apartment rather than a swamp.

The 101 Columbine witnesses and their reports (conspiracy)

According to the final report of the investigation, only two people–Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17–planned and executed the mass shooting at Columbine High School outside Littleton, Colorado, on April 20, 1999, leaving 15 dead and 23 wounded. But at least 101 eye- and ear- witnesses remembered it differently:

1) Chris Wisher, sophomore : He turned and saw two guys carrying shotguns, and wearing black trench coats. A 3rd guy wearing a white T-shirt and jeans was seen throwing bombs onto the roof.

2) Jake Apodaca, sophomore (653) He was at the soccer field, heard firecrackers. He turned and saw two guys carrying shotguns, wearing black trench coats and black T-shirts. A 3rd guy wearing a white T-shirt and jeans was seen throwing bombs onto the roof.

3) Jonathan Cole, freshman (749) He noticed two tall guys in black trench coats. He then saw a third male, wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. This person looked over to the other two suspect, and yelled “GO!! GO!!”.

4) William Arapkiles, freshman (660) He states that he was at the soccer field, and heard firecrackers. He turned and saw 3 people near the West entrance. Two were wearing black trench coats, and carrying guns. The third was wearing a white T-shirt, and no visible gun. The person in the white T-shirt was pacing back and forth about 5’ away from the two gunmen.

5) Channel 7 News at 12pm(noon) on 4-20 (EP 21-244) “Reporter said that numerous witnesses he spoke to who were not named said they saw 3 gunmen.”

6) Lindsay Elmore, junior (332)“I believe there were 3 gunmen.” (340) “…there was so much movement that Elmore thought there was more than two people.”

7) ACSO Nelson (8810) “… a list of 3 names that the 12 witnesses ID’d from a yearbook were turned over to ACSO investigators to forward.”

8) Jason Baer, sophomore (1759) Hid in greenroom off science hall “I heard more than two people yelling to each other saying ‘over here’ and stuff.”

9) Anthony Sammauro, freshman (5071) “Tony stated that two suspects came in the front door and one came in the side door.”

10) Erik Sunde, freshman (4576) Saw two gunmen downstairs near cafeteria, runs upstairs and sees another person in trenchcoat in front of library doors.

11) Jon Curtis, staff (2286) Describes 3 attackers.

12) Richard Olejniczak, father of students Alicia and Sarah (5070) “Richard then asked this Investigator what information had been obtained reference any other participants. Richard stated that while he was at Lea Wood Elementary School, waiting for information about his two daughters, he talked with two girls who came from the school. The girls said they had seen two guys in the cafeteria, wearing all black. There were also two guys who entered the main door from the parking lot. One was in black, the other in white. The girls said they all had guns.

13) Adam Campbell, senior (732) Walked out of school at 11:20am(immediately before shooting) on 4-20 and saw Harris in the parking lot with 2 or 3 other guys, wearing a white T-shirt and a backward baseball cap.

14) Matt Katzenmeier, sophomore (5745) Saw 4 subjects carrying bags in, according to Darlene Mesch.

15) Alicia Maes, sophomore (22755) Saw 4 people with trenchcoats and guns, according to Rachel Nelson.

16) Natalie Baker, freshman (2583) Told her mother there were 2 other shooters besides Harris and Klebold.

17) Jennifer Tindall, sophomore (1226) Sees 2 suspects, neither of which is Harris and Klebold.

18) Ryan Ezzie, sophomore (2967) Saw 4 people outside with hats on backwards. On 20612, he says he ”…saw at least 4 parties dressed in black standing calmly when others were running.“(by the school library)

19) Jordan Grimm, freshman (22432) According to Jordan’s aunt, he saw Harris and Klebold and 2 others together ouside school just before the incident began.

20) John Spahlinger (1176) Clement Park maintenance worker, "a majority of the students Spahlinger helped informed him there had been a trench coat mafia gang shooting over at the high school and that there were 4 shooters involved.”

21) Thornton/NorthglennPD SWAT Team (EP 9-34) At 11:35pm on 4-20(12 hours later) the team enters CHS for another search. “We were advised that 2 suspects(shooters) might still be in the school.”

22) Littleton PO Mike Eyman (8670) Advised that “there were possibly 4 suspects in the school.”

23) Nathan Dykeman, senior (trenchcoat mafia associate) “…anyway yes there were 2 more people in the school with handguns but they decided to bail…. eric and dylan went threw with it and the other 2 did not…

24) (8894) "Daphne Baca had listed 4 names of possible suspects. Those names included Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Chris Morris, and Robert Perry.”

25) Trista Fogerty, freshman (23144) “Trista said she believes, as do most other students, that there were more than 4 people involved in shooting.”

26) J. Adams (7422) Construction worker near CHS; he refers to a black BMW and a small tan car drive down his cul-de-sac, followed five minutes later by the sound of bombs. A co-worker says the BMW was filled with 4 teenagers, the tan car which followed it had 2 people in it. (7430)

27) Gary Talocco, teacher (8876) He says that the school roof repairman saw 3 people exit vehicle with Harris and Klebold. Tan vehicle followed them into the lot.

28) Dick Strange (1194) “It was at approximately 11:45am that Strange first observed 4 to 5 individuals, all dressed in black trench coats, standing alongside Columbine High School in the vicinity of the gymnasium.”

29) Patrick Vassar, freshman (4691) Sees 4-5 individuals at 11:15am dressed in black walk away from the school, all wearing trench coats, except one, who was wearing cami pants.

30) Seth Biggi, junior (2475) Was told by Courtney Shakowski she saw 4 to 5 tenchoat mafia members enter cafeteria with a big, black duffel bag.

31) Devon Adams, sophomore (10614) Names 3 (Redacted) names as being directly involved in the Columbine shooting–they are not Harris and Klebold.

32) Boulder PD SWAT Timeline (8245) 2130 hours: “2 suspects believed dead inside, 1 arrest, 1-2 other supects/associates.”

33) Julie Thomas, passerby eyewitness (ACSO 808) That on 042099 at about 0755 hours, Julie turned onto Polk St. from Pierce St. and saw a small brownish/golden truck parked on the south side of Polk St. 5 male teens around it. At least three of them are wearing black trench coats.

34) Pat McDuffee, trenchcoat mafia associate (10786) A member of the trenchcoat mafia names 5 people in the attack group. Says another 5 helped plan the attack and helped provide guns and bombs.

35) Melissa Chavez (9023) Met Harris and Klebold and 4 other boys at the mall. They showed her a map of where they would bomb the school.

36) Tim Kastle, senior (3416) Tells police of 5 suspects.

37) Pam Wood (8902) Got call at work in Pennys at South West Plaza from students trapped in school. One saw 6 trenchcoats and that all were shooting handguns.

38) Amy Terry, sophomore (2207) Was told by friend Elisha Encinias that she was in the commons when trench coaters with masks on came in shooting. Running upstairs, she sees 4 people in trenchcoats coming in through the glass doors at the west end of the main hallway.

39) Bryan Frye, sophomore (806) While crawling past the admin office(where he had just heard gunshots), he saw 5 or 6 persons all dressed in black.

40) LFD Capt. Mike Gorman (EP 1-335) “Capt. Gorman told me the only information was that there were 5 to 6 shooters from the Trench Coat Mafia.”

41) JCSO Kevin Walker (EP 1-223) “Dep. Walker related the communications center advised there were approximately 6 gunmen, dressed in black.”

42) JCSO Vincent DiManna (EP 1-363) At 11:35am, JeffCo. Lt. Manwaring “advised him there were as many as 7 gunmen inside the cafeteria and commons area.”

43), 4-19-2001 “They(the cops) believed that they really had 6 to 8 armed individuals inside there.”

44) Adam Campbell, senior (732) Says fellow student Jessica Cave says she saw 10 shooters at the school(Jessica herself was not interviewed).

What did the ear witnesses hear? Numerous students heard gunshots/explosions in different parts of the school simultaneously. Which of course probably meant more than two shooters, as Harris and Klebold were officially together almost the entire time. To wit:

45) Sara Houy, sophomore (380) Heard bombs in cafeteria below, while shooters were inside library, exploding bombs.

46) Josh Lapp, sophomore (480) Heard gunfire in other parts of the school while attack on library is going on.

47) Brandi Wiseman, sophomore (4751) Caught in one of the rooms off the kitchen, hears gunshots, bombs and screaming coming from cafeteria and library.

48) Holly Pinkham, sophomore (1620) Says friend Don Goin had his shoe shot off while in middle hall, while gunshots were going off in cafeteria.

49) Matt Katzenmeier, sophomore (3424) Heard shots and explosions inside the school at the same time there are 2 suspects outside.

50) Alex Babiniec, freshman (1954) “He thought the explosions were coming from the level he was on and from downstairs at the same time.”

51) Drew Lagerborg, junior (1999) Ran west down south hallway, there was a gunman at end of that hallway. Ran to north hallway, he heard a shooter down that hallway as well.

52) Josh Brinkley, sophomore (2528) Heard shots downstairs, then different shots upstairs(from two guns).

53) Jay Gallantine, staff (3086) Sees gunman by library then runs downstairs where he hears more gunshots “all this time hearing shots all around me and above me.”

54) Lindsay Wyant, sophomore (4799) Heard shots in cafeteria and library at same time.

55) Evan Todd, sophomore (8826) Heard bombs in other parts of the building while Harris and Klebold were in library.

56 and 57) Diwata Perez and Jessica Holliday, seniors (9923) Heard gunshots elsewhere while shooters were in library.

Among the best evidence are witnesses who actually identified other participants by name.

58) Crystal Archuleta, junior (EP1-197) “…she did see one person throw a pipe bomb. …..She told me at the time she thought it was Robert Perry.”

59) Seth Dubois, freshman (EP21-125) “…Seth told Katherine(Carlston) that Robert Perry was seen shooting a girl in the back while leaving the library.”

60) Wade Allen Frank, senior (EP1-91) “Mr. Frank told me that he thought origonally one of the individuals(shooting) was someone by the name of Robert…” “He stated that the person was tall, approximately 6'3” and kind of ackward(sic) and gangly.“

61) Bryan Frye, sophomore (EP25-69) "He stated that the person he had previously believed this shooter to be was Robert Perry. …..In a previous interview, after receiving his yearbook, he had told his father that he believed the shooter to be Robert Perry. He also stated that the gunman had bad acne.”

62) Courtney Haulman, freshman (EP25-91) “There was three guys. The guy I remember most was the main guy. He’s over 6’ tall and has long curly dark-colored hair. He was wearing a trench coat. His name is Robert Perry.”

63) Lacey Hohn, freshman (EP1-186) “…can you identify or descibe who was shooting? ….Ms. Hohn said that she does not believe it was Harris or Klebold. Ms. Hohn believes it was an individual named Robert.”

64) Bijen Monty, junior (EP1-110) “I asked her if she saw the source of the shooting. She told me she saw who she thought, at the time, was Robert Perry with a gun hanging around his neck. She said she never actually saw him shoot the weapon. "She asked me if I had any information in regards to Robert Perry. I informed her I did not.”

65) Tessa Nelson, freshman (EP1-113) “I asked her if she saw the source of the shots. She said she saw a male, who she thought was Robert Perry, wearing boots, dark jeans with dark hair, walking down the stairs outside the cafeteria. She said the male suspect pulled a gun and started shooting.”

66) Katelyn Sue Place, freshman (EP21-285) Kate said, “It was (Redacted). I’m almost positive of it. I remember looking him dead in the eye. He was in my debate class….…..Dylan kind of looked like Robert, but Dylan doesn’t have the long face. Robert’s teeth are messed up and he was smiling and I saw his teeth then. Kate said that she has since seen pictures of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, and she said, "It’s not one of them.”(Referring to the person she saw shooting out on the outside commons.) “She remembers him shooting Ann Marie(Hochalter). …. Robert was just randomly shooting. …Robert was still shooting. ….Kate said that Robert shot Ann Marie before he smiled at Kate. ….She looked and saw Jason(Autenrieth) trying to help Ann Marie, dragging her away from Robert, to the side.”

67) Lacey Smith, junior (4470) “On the diagram she depicts (Redacted) as walking in through the doors, past where she was sitting, and going in about as far as they north end of the school store. It was at that time she heard the windows breaking and then realized she was hearing shots. ”….she did not have any trouble indentifying PERRY when he walked past her. I asked SMITH how sure she was that the person she saw and spoke with was (Redacted). I asked, “90 percent sure? 50 percent sure?” Her response was “100 percent sure.” I then showed SMITH a photo lineup which included a picture of Dylan KLEBOLD, and asked her if the person who walked past her was in the lineup. She stated he was NOT in the lineup. …..As (Redacted) passed her and was near the commons area of the cafeteria, she then explained that (Redacted) pulled a weapon out from under his trench coat and started firing into the cafeteria.

68) Brenton Hooker, junior (16397) “….he turned around and observed an individual he thought was ROBERT PERRY(ex-student of Columbine High School) standing outside the door just to the north of the main entrance shooting a pistol in his direction….” ….HOOKER described the individual he thought was PERRY as 6'8" - 6'11" in height, very skinny, tight black pants, black trench coat…“

69) Tiffany Lien, freshman (968) "Lien stated she believed gunman number one was (Redacted)…. …Lien stated that she was approximately twenty to twenty-five feet away from gunman number one and looked at him face to face for approximately 25 seconds, frozen in her tracks.” Tall male had long black trench coat, black jeans, dark brown hair. His hair was kind of long and had curls. He was skinny and his shoulders kind of hunched over. …She also stated that the gunman had bad acne.

70) Kristen Long, senior (20245) “Long said suspect definitely had dark hair and a large nose, thought it might be (Redacted).”

71) Rusty Shyler, junior (5464) “The individual was very tall. …Shyler saw his face partially and thought based upon his dress and size that it may have been (Redacted). He was a hundred percent sure it was (Redacted). He described (Redacted) as being 6'6” to 6'7" tall and having lots of zits.“

72) Chris Thierren, sophomore (1207) Saw a tall shooter with acne, large nose, shoulder-length hair. "He stated that the picture he saw was of (Redacted) and he was 'pretty sure’ he was the shooter he saw that morning at CHS.”

73) Erin Walton, sophomore (4139) “Erin Walton said she knew one of the shooters, and that he not one of (the) two Eric and Dylan. …he was a senior named (Redacted). and he was very tall, had bad acne scars on his cheeks…. ”

74) Chris Wisher, sophomore (9832) “….he recognized one of the shooters–the other shooter was the kid wearing black that was arrested and placed in cuffs and put inside a black police car. He said that he is 100% positive that he was the male that shot at him.” “Thought he recognized Chris Morris as being one of the shooters…. …on the west side of the cafeteria.”(EP6-265)

75) Ashley Egelund, freshman (22671) “Ashley was in north corridor when she observed (Redacted) and Eric Harris coming around the corner from the library…. She said Chris Morris was armed with a handgun while Harris was armed with a shotgun.(5248 ) ….both started shooting at Ashley…. Ashley did not know (Redacted) at first but she saw his picture in the yearbook and is positive it was (Redacted).

76) Leiha Murphy, sophomore (3828) In the cafeteria, notices commotion outside north-west door. "I saw a guy I recognized as (Redacted). He was running… (Joe)Stair had his blond hair down. It’s past his shoulders. He’s about 6’, tall, skinny, he was wearing a long black trench coat…. I saw nothing in his hands. He was observed a short distance from whatever was going on at the door. My thought was that (Redacted) was involved if there was a fight.” Stair named in the cafeteria map(3830). Leiha also immediately picked him out of a photo lineup. “I ask Leiha if she was certain that this individual was (Redacted). Leiha said "Oh yeah, I’m certain…. I saw his face full on. I remember seeing his face completely….(she said he stood in place for about 15 seconds)….I remember him graduating last year.” She remembers him wearing 'makeup on his face and hand’ and that because of that, he stood out from other students.“ ” (3836) Also, at least four ear- witnesses heard the suspects refer to one of their number as “Joe.”(Encinas, 2943, Herivel, 1927, McKenna, 3525, and Salazar, EP21-224)

77) Cara Sander, sophomore (EP25-203) Describes gunman as pudgy, overweight, very full face, thick bushy eyebrows. IDs him as (Redacted), who is heavy-set with a round face, short dark hair and dark eyebrows. A copy of the CHS yearbook page with Brian Sargent’s photo is included in her interview. [John Ungerland(1701) says Brian Sargent has a round chubby face and is a big guy with bushy eyebrows. He saw him that morning at school; Sargent was wearing a short sleeve white button-up shirt-a polo type.]

78) Jason Brehm, sophomore (719) One of the shooters had a very round face, shorter than 5'11". Not Harris or Klebold.

79) Mindy Pollock, freshman (10009) Sees one gunman outside west entrance, holding a gun on the fence. …Dressed in a “white dress-type shirt”, short brown hair, with a “little bit of a gut”. “POLLOCK stated she recognized the lower, #1 gunman as (Redacted).”(1095)

80) David Eagle, sophomore (1878) “The guy with the gun had black hair looked like it was spiked shaved on the sides.(sic) It was also blond on top. 5'9”, about 18 years old. “He has since seen pictures of Harris and Klebold on television. …David said that the person he saw did not look like the people he’s seen on television.”

81) John Vandemark, sophomore (2216) In the science hall, sees older shooter with dark hair, spiky with blond tips.

82) Erin Walton, sophomore (2243) In th science hall, sees suspect with short blond hair-“like he was going bald”-older, in his 30s.

83) Jen Smull, sophomore (2182) In science hall, sees Klebold and an older suspect, 25-30, blond with short, spiky, buzz-cut hair.

84) Nathan Anema, freshman (2359) “….Anema identified (Redacted) as possibly being the person he saw throw a pipe bomb during the shooting at Columbine High School on 4-20-99. …Anema stated that he initially thought the person that he saw throwing the pipe bomb was (Redacted).”

85) Katy Beer, freshman (6636) “…. when the incident began at Columbine High School, she initially tried to get out of the school by going toward the main doors on the east side of the school by the administrative offices, however, she said she saw a third shooter next to these offices and that this third shooter shot out windows at that location. …Katy Beer told him this third shooter may have been (Redacted).”

86) Leanne Clark, freshman (1422) “…Clark told her that she saw who did the shooting in the cafeteria, and that Clark identified (Redacted) as a gunman.”

87) Frank DeAngelis, School Principle(8018) “I also assisted the principle of Columbine, who was having hard time giving the pictures of possible suspects to the command post and was present when he looked at and identified one of the suspects he was named.(sic) The male suspect was in the custody of, I believe, Jefferson Co. Sheriff’s investigators.”

88) Amy Evans, senior (22205) “….Amy Evans said there was a third shooter and it was (Redacted).”

89) Mark Hengel, junior (5901) “Hengel identified Klebold and (Redacted) from the photograph in the attached 1A envelope…. Also attached is a 1A envelope is a diagram of Columbine High School indicating the diection of Hengel and the two individuals dressed in black.” Apparently the interviewing officer didn’t like what he was hearing, and so the interviewer ends up telling the eyewitness what he saw: “I then advised Mark Hengel that the skinny person he saw standing and shooting was Dylan Klebold and the person he saw standing over the duffel bag was Eric Harris.”

90) AnneMarie Hochalter, junior, gunshot victim outside the cafeteria (18218) “Advised that Harris/Klebold did not shoot her. …. Has ID on shooters.”

91) Leigh Kamens, senior (1422) While in the 'green room’ off of the science hall, she identified (Redacted) as one of the gunmen.

92) Alicia Maes, sophomore (3614) “Alicia stated that when she first observed the male in the black trench coat, she thought it was a person known to her as (Redacted).”

93) Mark Opfer, freshman (1064) “At the time, Opfer believed the taller person in the black tenchcoat who with(sic) the shooter was (Redacted)…..” “CHS student Mark Opfer was interviewed on 4-27-99… In that interview Opfer stated that he believed (Redacted, wearing a trench coat) was standing next to a gunman and was involved in the shooting.”(25625)

94) Josh Ortwein, senior (1939) “…Josh Ortwein witnessed the shooting and he was telling everyone he saw (Redacted) shooting a gun.”

95) Jessica Rusch, sophomore (2143) “…she identified one of the gunmen at the Columbine High School as being an individual known as (Redacted).”

96) Valeen Schnurr, senior, gunshot victim in library (18969) “Per Valeen’s mother, Shari Schnurr, Valeen possibly identified her shooter as (Redacted).”

97) Jennifer Tindall, sophomore (1226) “….insisted that neither suspect she saw was Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold. …Tindall picked out (Redacted) photograph as possibly being the male in the black trench coat.”

98) Adam Thompson, junior (21039) “….he had seen a gunman shooting inside the school. Does not think it is the same as gunmen in the media.”

99) Terry Lawson, junior (10020) ID other than Harris and Klebold.

100) Monica Schuster junior (19470) “Schuster saw gunman but did not believe it was Harris and Klebold.”

101) Kacey Ruegsegger, junior, gunshot victim in library (128) “Ruegsegger did not recognize the pictures of Harris and Klebold she has seen in the media as the gunmen in the library.”

Let me give you the world (SFW)

Originally posted by abcadz123

A/N: Hello! So i’ve been hella inactive, so i wrote this thingy with OtaYuri to celebrate a very late Valentine’s day. It’s heeeelllaaaaa long, but I hope you guys enjoy it. It was fun to write ♥ I think Yuri is like 18 here or something?? I don’t know, maybe??

There’s no proofreading at the end because I’m way too lazy guys, help

Words: 3,541 (I am so so sorry omg, under the cut for obvious reasons)

Otabek opened his eyes at the first ring of his alarm, (Yuri hates him so much because he’s the kind of person that gets up when it’s time), he poked a hand out of the blankets to turn it off, not wanting to wake up Yuri just yet.

Once the alarm was off he turned around to leave a kiss on Yuri’s forehead like every morning, however, he was surprised to find out that Yuri wasn’t laying right beside him, instead, a pink note was laying on his partner’s pillow. Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. His name written in Yuri’s elegant calligraphy.

Otabek, I prepared like the cheesiest shit for Valentine’s day. You can’t laugh. Go to the kitchen.


Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, walking (more like running) towards the kitchen. Yuri Plisetsky preparing something for Valentine’s day? The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers? That’s definitely something forward to see.

He stopped by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when he saw his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it.

Press play, dork


Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

“Yo, Otabek”, he brushed his blonde hair back with his hand. “Ah, I think I should say something… sweeter…”, he cleared his throat, looking away as his hand traveled down to scratch at the back of his neck, Otabek noticed how his cheeks started to turn pink. “Good morning, Altin. I made your favorite breakfast and also the smoothie you like, that one is in the frige”, he pointed to the fridge in the video and Otabek turned just to see another pink note.

“I can’t be there with you because I have more things prepared for you”, a happy smile broke into Yuri’s face. “But enjoy this breakfast because I woke up very early to make it! A-ah… and I made it with love”, Otabek laughed and at the same time Yuri did in the video. “Enjoy your breakfast and keep following the notes!”, he waved and the video ended.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as he took it.

Your smoothie is inside! After breakfast you’ll have to go to /men’s shop/ and said to the first employee you see that you came for “My best present ever”, like that, if you don’t say it they’ll not give it to you


Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and over again. He could hear Yuri’s voice inside his head and his heart was jumping excitedly at Yuri’s next surprise. So far, Otabek didn’t know what to expect, turning back at his breakfast his stomach growled, desperate to dig in that glorious-looking plate, though, Otabek started to lead to the bathroom before anything else. His bladder about to explode.

He found another pink note in the bathroom’s mirror.

You look stunning today.

-Yuri ❤”

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The Golden Mask

Originally posted by sugutie

Please don’t leave me! Don’t go because me! Don’t be afraid of me…I love you so much…

Genre: Action, Angst, Romance

Warning: Violence 

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: i actually had alot of fun writing this! thx for requestin!

Jungkook and you walked around the park after a long day of school, taking your time to relax and breath the fresh late afternoon air. “I’m pretty sure I ruined that test…” Jungkook said as he raised his arms above his to stretch. “Come on, I’m pretty sure I’m the one who fucked up the test.” You said as you bumped shoulders with him and Jungkook looked at you with his signature bunny smile. 

 “But still, I had fun studying together, at least you helped me.” He said looking down the ground as he walked forward. The children’s laughs can be heard as they had their last minute play at the playground. Jungkook thought about something and turned red and came to a halt. You stopped and turned around and looked at him with concern. “You okay Jungkook?” He looked down and felt like he was sweating on the spot. The light breeze blew through his bang and you gave you a peek of his face that was dusting with red. He looked up at you with his face all flushed. “Y/N…” He begun and you started to get worried. “Jungkook what’s wrong?” He exhaled. “I like you…”

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T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (3/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Language Guys

Summary: You and your twin brother Devin work for the Avengers, he’s an active agent who is far from being Bucky Barnes biggest fan, but you’re a simple assistant whose carrying on the secret affair with Barnes. How bad could this get, as long as no one finds out right?

A/N: Angsty, cute series for Buck, because I know I need more Buck on my blog. If you want to be tagged let me know!!

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Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

Steve waves you over once he spots you rear the door, wondering if this was a smart idea coming out with your boss and his team, especially since Buck was a part of it and nobody knew about the two of you. You nod at Steve starting towards the team in your jeans and white cami, you pull at the cardigan you had on over it, feeling awkward as you join them at the table.

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Annoyed Angel

(BTS Suga Shorts) PART 1

Genre: Semi smut, Comedy-Romance (inspired by Jin and Yoongi, Best Roommate)

Author: tedryse

Summary: Despite being rich and being an only child that both her parents spoil, Y/N is just a lonely girl ever since she was a little girl. She doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, she avoids them at any cause.

Each night, she will talk to a bright star, wishing that it was actually a real person who likes listening to her and would love to be friends with her. Until her wish came true. But… it was completely opposite to what she asked for.

Tags: Make-out session, heated session, inappropriate touching, dirty thoughts (from an angel) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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“Fight me.”

Ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

Genre: fluff(?) idk :(

Word count: 1509

I hope you guys enjoy reading this!

credits to the owner for this kihyun gif

Originally posted by j-miki

The sun was shining so bright, bids chirping, as the rays of light woke you up from your deep slumber, pulling yourself off from your bed as you groggily stretched with your loose shirt going up every time you stretched your arms to the side. It was still 6:30 in the morning, the usual time for you to start the day.

Trudging towards your bathroom, you grabbed a towel and hang it on the small bar beside your sink as you washed your face, leaving the product on, and brushed your teeth. You washed the product off and patted your face dry.

It seemed like the day will be filled with good news, happenings and all. Totally forgetting about something, you pulled your closet open and pulled out some decent clothes, stripping your clothes off your body and putting on the newly picked outfit. As soon as you turned around, you met the gaze of your neighbor, Kihyun, who stopped with what he was doing (putting his white shirt on, only revealing a fair yet toned abs) and the glaring contest begun.

The two of you despised each other pretty much yet you don’t know the reason. I just don’t feel his attitude and there’s just something about him that makes me want to punch him on the face. That’s what you usually say to your friends whenever they came over. Something about her just ticks me off and I can’t believe you guys find her attractive like bleh, it’s like you guys are saying that a freaking crap looks attractive. The exact words that Kihyun came out from his mouth when his friends asked him about you.

Eyeing him from head to toe, you scoffed and rolled your eyes at him, turning your back at him before you could see his reaction. You decided to avoid him as much as possible as you didn’t want him to rain on your parade.

The spotless floor, windows and clean rooms washed your stress away as you made your way towards your kitchen with a meal planned in your own mind. Kihyun, on the other hand, was seriously amused by your actions but he scoffed, such a filthy casual… how dare she roll her eyes at me.

Kihyun went stomping out of his room, his blood boiling by the thought of you ruining his day early in the morning but he starts thinking about happy thoughts and the meal that he was going to have for breakfast.

What’s really amazing about your houses was that your bedroom and kitchen windows were facing each other, making the two of you see each other every single day despite not wanting to look at each other’s faces.

Humming your favorite song, you pulled the cabinets open and pulled out a nonstick pan, along with the measuring cups, spoons, whisks, mixing bowls and other utensil used for making pancakes. With a happy smile, you proceed in getting the needed ingredients, namely - all purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, milk, egg and batter.

Without any delay, you started mixing the ingredients right after you measured them correctly. The pan was placed on the stove, turning the heat to medium-high heat whilst pouring a little bit of oil on the pan. You hummed to yourself as you started to pour the batter on the heated pan, totally smiling like a dork as the thought of a yummy breakfast came in to your mind.

While you were busy cooking your breakfast, Kihyun stared at you, smiling like a big idiot, and scoffed. “What’s wrong with her?” His eyebrows furrowed, angrily putting the pan on his stove. Kihyun was thinking of making pancakes, just like you, he starts preparing the ingredients and the utensils for making pancakes.

The two of you were busy cooking, however, the mood was totally different from each other. “Wah, this looks amazing!” “This is going to be good!” beaming in unison, the two of you looked up at each other as soon as you both heard your voices.

Kihyun frowned, disgust plastered all over his face. “I bet your food tastes horrible!” he yelled from the other side, a spasm of anger and annoyance contorted your face. “Yeah, right! Your pancakes must’ve been made by your dog’s dung!” you retaliated.

Kihyun’s eyes narrowed at you, anger finally rising up to his head. “Such a pity, a filthy casual couldn’t make a good comeback.” your eyes widened, totally offended by what he just said. With your tongue poking the sides of your cheeks, the wildest things came out from your mouth. “Fight me!” anger glowed in your eyes, finally exploding.

“Well, why don’t we ask someone to decide who made the best pancakes then?” he suggested, laughing teasingly at him. “What are you, a wuss? Fight me like a man!”

Kihyun cocked his head from side to side, feeling provoked by what you just said to him. “Meet me at the backyard. Now.” without speaking another word, he left his kitchen right away.

The fight you just had with him made you forget about your not-so-hot-anymore pancakes. Kihyun and you share the same backyard as it was connected with each other. Stepping out from your house, you saw Kihyun pulling his sleeves up, as if he was ready to fight, his eyes meeting yours.

Both of you have been waiting for this moment where the two of you could finally beat each other up like a pulp, deciding who’s the best cook-cleaner-and-other-things-related-to-a-mom.

“How ‘bout let’s end this war between us with a game of chicken fight?” you suggested as you noticed the corner of his lips turned up into a smirk. “Okay, best two out of three?” he asked.

Tapping your lower lip, you gave him an okay sign. “The loser has to admit that the winner is such a great cook and all and has to do what the winner asks for a month.” Kihyun let out a loud laugh, his eyes narrowed as he looked at you.

“Bring it on.”

The two of you hurriedly held up your legs and started charging towards each other, determination burning in both of your hearts. You pushed him really hard, giving all your might, but he skillfully regained his balance.

Smirking at you, you attacked him once again but now he was caught off guard as he was mocking you in his mind. He fell butt-first on the ground, making him groan in pain.

Kihyun couldn’t help but curse under his breath. He got up and readied himself to attack you. Despite you tried dodging his attacks, he was able to make you fall onto your butt really hard.

“Last game, may the best man win.” He smirked as he eyed you as soon as you stood up from the fall.

This time, both of you did everything to beat each other to the point the both of you fell on the pool, making a big splash. Totally dumbfounded by what happened, the two of you burst out laughing.

“What just happened?!” you squealed while laughing really hard. “I don’t know but that was fun!”

Realizing that the two of you were close to each other, you were able to study Kihyun’s features. His eyes were crescent shaped whenever he smiles or laughs, his sharp nose, fair and smooth skin and fluffy hair.

“Why do we hate each other, by the way?” you blurted out as Kihyun looked at you in the eyes. That made him think. “I… actually don’t know.” He muttered, his eyebrows furrowed as the thought really bothered him.

Pulling yourself out of the pool, you turned to face him and said in a matter-of-fact, “Since we don’t know why we hate each other, how about let’s start over again?” offering him a hand, he smiled.

“I would love that.”

“Well, then why don’t we go have some breakfast?” you suggested as you waited for him to grab your hand. “Sure.” little did you know that he has some sneaky tricks behind his sleeves.

As he held onto your hands, you tried to pull him up but to your surprise, he was a lot stronger than you, he pulled you back into the pool, totally caught you off guard.

“Ah! Kihyun!” you whined as you frantically grabbed on to him, remembering that you can’t swim. “I-I can’t freaking swim.” you confessed. Kihyun’s eyes widen in surprise, pulling you closer to him.

There was barely any space in between the two of you, your heart starts to beat really fast when you opened your eyes, only to see a freaking hot yet gorgeous Kihyun staring at you, worry plastered all over his face.

“I’m so sorry, [y/n].” he apologized, his hand scratching the back of his nape and his lips awkwardly tugging upwards. You chuckled, unknowingly thought that he looked really cute.

“It’s alright, Kihyun. No biggie.”

Reassuring him, you smiled at him and offered once more, “Let’s go dry up and have breakfast, shall we?”

“Hahaha, alright.”

“No more sneaky tricks, okay?”

“Okay. Now, c’mon and pull me up.”

Inspired by a certain line from Still Still Still, a song from UtaPri’s Shuffle Unit series which is sung by Taniyama Kishou and Miyano Mamoru.
(Fun fact: Those guys voiced Soukoku.)
The lines in the pic could basically be translated as:
“We composed a tune walking on fallen leaves”
“The two of us were wrapped up in a white muffler together”
I’ve been listening to Still Still Still everyday for years and right when I thought I can finally move on from this song, Soukoku came along.
Kishou and Mamo create miracles together.

I still can’t draw faces. Fingers are mysterious. Dazai’s fingers made me think of Slenderman before I fixed them. They still do, actually, but I got tired so yeah. The guys’ hands look tiny down there, where they’re holding hands. Didn’t feel like fixing that either, sorry. If anything looks out of place, I’m not joking when I said that some of my fingers are crooked.
Forgive me, Nakahara Chuuya-sama, for I have ruined your beloved hat.
I probably should’ve given them something else to wear because the scarf clashes with their outfit but I have no fashion sense.
And I’ve never seen a real scarf before so I don’t know if those things are actually long enough to be worn this way.

Lesbian Book Recs

We are all sad right now so if anyone is interested in consuming lesbian romance novels until they forget about the world here are some potentially more obscure recs to enjoy. Some of these novels have dark themes or dark moments but I consider all of them optimistic novels at heart and all end happily. A warning for any kiddos, there is sex beware lol.

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson – Cheesy romance novel, A+ quality.
A brash hotshot detective gets shot and meets a cold doctor with no personal life. This is the best iteration of the most cliché lesbian romance novel plotline ever, and BOY is it a doozy. This book works so well because the two characters genuinely talk and get to know each other and help each other and their relationship is not forced or rushed. They have a lot of melodrama going on but the relationship between them doesn’t start until they are equal, until no one is hurt or is being pushed or off balance. An actual healthy relationship?????

Heiresses of Russ 2012 – Short story collection. Uneven but fun, worth 4$.
There is a story about a middle aged latina submarine captain who steals a ship and recruits a mermaid to help her escape american waters by promising to teach her how to pilot the ship. In return the mermaid is gonna destroy all the men they come across. The mermaid can’t use the pedals so has to sit in her lap. Like, all you need to know.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson – A super fun solid quality w!w fantasy trilogy.
It is long, you need to read all three to complete the romance arc but the fantasy aspect is good. Smart plucky headstrong young woman comes to train as a warrior and is apprenticed to a quiet traumatized outsider who doesn’t think she has anything to give anyone. The outsider won’t train her and when she gets severely wounded MC saves her life out of sheer spite. It’s gold. Their relationship is beautiful, it develops slowly and lets both characters grow and heal and learn. It is about found families and how to be wise, and what we have to teach others and it’s a Good Novel.

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Son of a.... (Part 1)

Hello my lovelies!! Here is a little crack fic I wrote for a couple challenges!! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive lately, I’ve been extremely fatigued!! But I promise, I have lots in the works!! Remember, feedback fuels writers! 😘

For Meg’s Birthday Challenge my prompt was the song “Still Into You” by Paramore. Happy happy birthday @wildfirewinchester, my darling!!

And for TaleTeller’s What If Challenge
I had the prompt “What if a witch’s spell turned Dean into a ferret?” Thanks for hosting @sdavid09!

Dean x reader, dating hunters

Warnings: my typical swearing and cannon violence

Word count: about 1800


“Dammit! She’s running for it,” Dean exclaimed, lowering his pistol before taking off at a sprint through the decrepit house with you hot on his heals.

“You missed??” you questioned incredulously, trying your hardest to keep up with your boyfriend as he disappeared behind a turn in the hall. He rarely missed a shot.

You were clotheslined by his muscular arm as you ran blindly around the corner, nearly knocking the wind out of you. He pulled you back next to him, flat against the wall before bringing a finger to his lips in a silent “shhhh”.

He signaled for you to stay put, leaving you as backup in case the witch got out past him.  He checked the bullets in his gun before quietly pushing open the single door in the hallway.

You watched him stalk confidently into the room and took the opportunity to double check your own handgun. Clip full of Witch killing bullets? Check.

As you cocked one into the chamber, you heard Dean’s voice reverberated out to the hall, “End of the line, bitch,” followed immediately by a gunshot.

“Son of a…” you heard him start before his words were cut off by violent coughing. The witch chanted in Latin before making a run for it, unknowingly, directly into your waiting bullets. You triple tapped the fleeing perpetrator just to be sure; two in the chest succeeded by a final headshot, for good measure.

You stepped over the body into the room Dean had yet to come out of only to cover your mouth in shock at the horror before you…

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