the two white guys came out

So Psyched!

Psych is my all-time favorite show. I love it so so much, I can’t even tell you. I’ve been to Vancouver and White Rock to see where they filmed. I have every season of the show, I know so many hilarious lines and phrases by heart and use them in my everyday conversations. lol I NEVER thought I’d actually be able to meet James and Dulé. But today that dream came true. 

I got these two guys’ autographs. It was AWESOME. I may or may not have (i did) freaked out at my first sighting of them. James joked with me in a manner very reminiscent of Shawn ( !!! :D ) lol. They were both so gracious and happy to interact with their fans. I thanked James for coming here and doing this and he said he was happy to and “we have the greatest fans”. Dulé echoed those sentiments. Great interactions with both of them. I can’t wait to get a picture with them tomorrow!

The Furry Replacement

- a Niall Horan blurb

You rolled over on the couch trying to make yourself comfy, but it was no use. It just wasn’t the same having lazy Sundays watching telly when Niall was gone. Missing him was a normal thing by now. It was something you had gotten used to over the last year or so, but sometimes it still hit you afresh. He was a busy guy but you were willing to pay the price of loneliness if it meant that when he came home it meant coming to you. Right now he was out on tour. He had been gone for almost two months now yet here you were lying on the couch somehow halfway between a pity party and sulking. You huffed out loudly and adjusted yourself once more. Almost as if on cue your dog, Duke, trotted into the room. 

He was a Great Pyrenees, white as snow and full of love. He was your big baby. You felt a cold nose nudge you several times before you gave in and looked over. He plopped his large furry head right now onto your chest and let out a sigh. It was as if Duke was feeling the same way. You brought your hand up and ruffled up his white fur.

“I know, buddy, I miss Niall too.” The moment Niall’s name left your lips Duke’s ears perked up. He picked his head up and glanced towards the front door. You laugh to yourself. “No, Duke, he’s not back yet. A few more weeks and then we will see him.”

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Of late I’ve seen a lot of two unrelated schools of fanart on my dashboard.

From the Batverse - Tim Drake / Jason Todd

From Voltron - Shiro and Keith

and love both though i do, (Well, Jay Tim I’m sort of neutral on, it’s not something I would especially ship, but I’m not going to decry anyone for liking it, still less the stellar quality fanartists who are doring the work) these two pairs of guys are sort of similar in certain art styles. The tousle headed, younger, shorter one, and the taller, broader one with streak of white in their hair (Which many fanartists seem to like in Jason, and I do to, as it helps set him apart visually from a distance and is a reminder that he came back slightly different)

So now I’m picturing both pairs on separate dates in the same restaurant (I dunno, Kory wanted to give Jason and Tim a nice night out, and flew them to a a nice little bistro she knows three star systems away), and when Keith and Tim both get up to go to the salad bar, both sit down at the wrong table and it’s several minutes before either pair realises somethings not quite right… Tim (probably running on caffeine fumes) assumed that Shiro’s talking about cats was a reference to Jason meeting Selina and a similarly tired Keith assuming that Jason’s running commentary on handguns was just Shiro being all military again.

You Take The Hit, I’ll Take The Blame (Ginny/Mike)

I need about 100 fluffy and or smutty Bawson fics ASAP, but as for now, here’s a post-1x10 oneshot.

This is his fault.

In the beginning, he had a bad habit of trying to protect her. Of riding in on his white horse, as it were, to save the day. It started when he called out the team by saying she worked harder than all of them, looking around at guys who had already given up two months into the season.

It came to a head during the beanball game, where he did everything to dissuade her from wading into the shit. She is doing something incredible here, and he’ll be damned if anything gets in the way of that.

Was. She was doing something incredible.

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Here’s the third and forth installment to my Portrait Series, where I plan on painting as many headshots of canon characters as I can to sell exclusively at Bronycon! This time it’s of our lovable young drake, but I decided to play around with this. Instead of just one Spike, I drew two versions of him. Him as a teen (on the left) and him as he currently is (the right). For whatever reason my scanner doesn’t work too well with shades of purple, but that’s okay; the original looks pretty good, and the scan came out decent, so I’m cool. :3

Once again, worked with Watercolors and White Acrylics on mixed-media paper. Both took about 2 hours each. They were both so much fun to paint!

Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And I hope you guys like them! ^.^

Things I will never like

  •   Hate on Hoshi’s eyes
  •  Hate on Seungkwan and Joshua’s cheeks
  • People going to their andromedas just to call them ugly
  •  the under appreciation of Minghao and Jun
  • people saying Minghao and Jun are pretty much useless with no talent
  • comments on how Minghao and Jun don’t deserve to be there
  • Vernon is just a white guy in kpop.”
  • Gross comments about Woozi’s height
  • “Of course Vernon looks good!! Of course he’s talented!!! He’s the perfect mix, made of the two best races. Anybody who hates on him is only jealous because he came out with nice features like pale skin and light eyes, unlike their bias!
  • People saying Jeonghan is only good for his hair
    // people saying they only like Jeonghan because of his hair
    // people saying they won’t be his fan or support him anymore if he cuts his hair 
    // people saying Jeonghan’s only charm is his hair or that he has no talents and it’s just his hair that’s appealing 
  • pledis overworking Seventeen
  • seventeen struggling to get food and hygienic products 
  • people insulting other members  to favor or uplift Vernon/Joshua
  • Hate on Wonwoo’s nose
  • hate on Mingyu’s tan skin. People saying his tan skin is ugly. Asking when he’ll become lighter.
  • people trying to steal from 17????????
  • hate on Dino’s overall looks 
  • mingyu and S.Coups’s horoscopes not being compatible with mine

    things I will ALWAYS like

  • S.Coups with black hair
  • all of them with black hair tbh
  • Hoshi and Seungkwan’s andromedas
  • Joshua/Jeonghan’s eyes and giggly smiles
  • seriously their giggly smiles are so sweet and catchy 
  • on the same note Hoshi, Woozi, Dino and DK’s smiles are so cute because they fill their entire faces 
  • 40 times??? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO YOU?? AH?!?!
  • Seungkwan/Dino/The8/Jeonghan/Jun/Hoshi’s   judging you   face
  • jeonghan and Jun being nice to The8
  • that gif of Wonwoo and Mingyu in the boxing ring where they’re saying the lyrics and shaking their heads and scrunching their faces up a bit
  • y’all know which one I’m talking about 
  • that shit was !!!! wow !!!! 
  • everyone being confused about dirty dirty jam jam’s lyrics but liking it anyways
  • how violently Seungkwan/S.Coups hates the other doing  aegyo
  • DK imitating a horse and whatever the heck he did to hoshi with his shoulder 
  • Wonwoo’s entire rap in Ah Yeah
  •  The8′s talking??? he’s very quiet but his voice is so cute?? I love it
  • everyone being confused as to why S.Coups is getting a baton but accepting it 
  • seventeen in black clothes
  • predebut hip hop S.Coups
  • basically just s.coups is those minimalist - hiphop outfits that make his arms/legs look thicker and his shoulders wider 
  • mingyu making coffee
  • mingyu drinking coffee 
  • Mingyu/Wonwoo and Jun/the8′s friendships 
  • mingyu winking while drinking coffee 
  • Woozi being a violent, cynical sinnamon roll
  • the way S.Coups  drags out “ moreugesseoyo” in Ah yeah.  Really any time S.Coups raps with an arrogant/playful tone
  • 17 memes
  • Basically Seungkwan, Hoshi, and DK being in the same area
  • Joshua/Woozi being sarcastic and/or roasting the other members is what I live for 
  • baby dino. Duckling dino. Giggling Dino. Dino in baggy sweaters looking like the baby he is.  All of him. He’s so adorable. my   s  o  n
  • The8 and Jun!!!! at the beach !!!!
  • Wonwoo being really dorky and energetic
  • this picture of Seungkwan

(¼) “My parents were big in the hustling game. It wasn’t like it is now. Now it’s a bunch of kids on the corner trying to get sneakers. In the early eighties it was a group of older dudes— just some local cats who got together and decided: ‘This is how we’re going to eat.’ Nobody was coming to our house to buy a dime bag. Everyone who came over was buying weight. Those were the people who we’d see all the time as kids. They were like our family. They’d give us a hundred bucks to go to the store and tell us to keep the change. It was all very friendly and civil. There were even three police officers that would always come over and smoke– two white guys and a Spanish guy. They’d sit down in our living room at a big glass table, and my dad would come out from the back and hit them up with envelopes. Pops looked out for the whole block. He’d throw block parties. He’d organize bus trips for all the neighborhood kids. He’d take everyone to Great Adventures and pay for the whole thing. And at Christmastime, our doors would stay open. There would be a huge pile of presents and kids from the block would come inside and take whatever they wanted. It used to make me jealous because it seemed like they got more than we did.”

The movie has barely been out 3 weeks and here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • shipping a really shitty ship
  • a lowkey ship war that has split the fandom in two
  • ship names that aren’t a mashup of the characters’ names
  • “Finn holding her hand proves he doesn’t respect her meanwhile Kylo respected her so that’s why they’re perfect for each other”
  • saying Finn was  somehow a less-than-human person because he was a storm trooper
  • then people pointing that he still has, you know, a personality and shit
  • “TRAITOR!”
  • like three different memes going at once
  • people saying the movie is great but not that good because Rey is a white woman instead of any other kind of woman
  • people saying to stop shipping stormpilot because it focuses on the men instead of the female lead (like honestly wtf)
  • 98% of the internet ships stormpilot now
  • 2% insists it’s just a bromance
  • several crackships that are too embarrassing to mention
  • people forcing sexuality headcanons literally two days after the movie came out
  • the one guy nobody really cared about suddenly becoming really popular once the movie came out (is it Hux??? Poe???)
  • a really strong, thought-out theory that Rey is Luke’s daughter
  • a not as strong but still backed up theory that Rey is Leia’s daughter
  • a completely random and poorly supported theory that Rey is somehow Obi-wan’s daughter, this making her not related to Kylo (we all know that this is the only reason why this theory exists)
  • everyone assuming Rey is Luke’s daughter anyway
  • everyone has adopted BB8
  • personality headcanons that don’t really go with the character but were all accepted by the fandom anyway
  • people making fun of adam driver’s face like seriously??? what is wrong with you people????
  • thankfully, people who defended him
  • nobody’s actually talked about That Thing that happened with Kylo and Han, which is amazing
  • like literally nothing at all
  • ya’ll are good at keeping secrets
  • Captain Phasma becoming the new mini-Boba Fett
  • Captain Phasma immediately being beaten out by “TRAITOR!” *spinspinspinspin*
  • that meme taking over the internet
  • several feminist and social justice rants thinkpieces about TFA and the various ships/characters

I was listening to a Cool Games Podcast last night, featuring three British dudes with high-status tastes.  The first thing that happened is Cool Guy A described a game called else Heart.Break() to the other two guys, neither of whom had played it.  It was clear that this was a very cool game about a very cool topic (a young white male moves to a European city, goes to parties and tries to establish what his life is about now), and the other two were very engaged in the discussion, teasing out just what it was about the game (the art direction, the interface, the GROUNDBREAKING SUBJECT MATTER) that made it interesting.  Having established that the game did indeed sound important, they moved on, and Cool Guy B started talking about Undertale.   He was very into it, but when it came to explaining why he was very into it he struggled a little, and there were a lot of those big chasms of interlocutory silence in the conversation where you’re dropping words down a hole with no indication of whether they’re landing or not.  In the end, the other two seemed interested, but you could tell that he’d had to work at it, because it was clear from certain elements he’d described (the art direction, the interface, the groundbreaking…subject matter…?) that they were not certain that it was actually cool, and that there was a suspicion, spoken or not, that Undertale might not be an Art Thing, and might, instead, be a Nerd Thing.

Which is interesting, right?  Because Undertale is clearly a nerd thing, slotting neatly into the weird-teen-with-at-least-one-mental-health-diagnosis demographic that supported Homestuck and is now tearing itself apart over Steven Universe.  But it’s reaching a lot of people in the indie games community who have never heard of Homestuck and who are largely unaware of this nasty little ecosystem - or, if they are aware of it, are not about to acknowledge that publicly.  So I’m seeing certain cool-club folks who have come across the game, people who clearly have nerd genes because they play video games but keep it on the downlow because nerds make Leigh Alexander cry, laboring mightily to point out everything about Undertale that is of Artistic Interest, in an effort to save it from its natural audience.   People used to do that with Homestuck, too, y’know – talk about how formally innovative it was, how it was changing the language of webcomics and interactive fiction generally, blah blah Scott McCloud blah infinite canvas.   All to no avail, because nerd will out.   The rule is ironclad: if teenage girls like it, it’s not art, no matter how cleverly it subverts the viewer’s expectations of the medium or interrogates the conventions of its genre or whatever it is you’re trying to tell your non-nerdy friends as their eyes glaze over. 

I’m interested in how that conversation will shake out in this specific case, because there are definitely two tribes of people who can claim this game as their own.  I know who will win, of course, because they’re the folks who are going to be buying all the Toriel plushies, but I hope that we do see a wave of proper coolkid critical articles about Undertale, because there’s certainly enough there to support that kind of analysis.  Said analysis will of course be incomplete without a discussion of Toby Fox’s relationship to Homestuck, which as a dynamic will be invisible to the kind of people who would be writing those articles.   Even if they know, they’ll be doing their damnedest to pretend they don’t.

My agenda here: I’d like this bullshit binary to be collapsed, I’d like cool art people and nerd people to be able to converse, because they both have the same penchant for entertaining overanalysis, and I’d like explicitly nerdy work to receive serious critical attention, because even as games and comics have shuffled over into the Cool Art pile, they still have to be the right kind of games and comics, as the no-stuff-teenage-girls-like rule is still firmly in place.    And I’d like you to read Crow Cillers, because that’s what Crow Cillers is about.  The Halloween episode dropped yesterday and I’m gonna read it at like 3 AM tonight with a head full of painkillers, and it’s going to be both artistically fulfilling and nerdy as shit.

Love my job. Two black guys came in today and asked me to mmake the name on their ticket #BLACKLIVESMATTER and yell it as loud as i could, because we yell out the customers name when their order is ready and my white ass boss came in today it was great.

High School Party

So one time in high school I went to this house party at some rich girl’s house. Her parents were outta town so she decided to turn their boat house into a teenage bachelor/bachelorette, we-got-alcohol-drink-it-all, let’s party til we can’t no more kinda event.

Honestly it was a blast.

Until the cops came.

Then our 17 year old selves were literally jumping–no pouring–out of the 2nd story back window.

I remember this guy helping his girlfriend down, catching her as she fell two stories. And then I yelled, “Please help catch me too! I don’t know if I can make this jump alone!”

He pretty much said “Fuck no, let’s go.”

I was pretty devastated at that response.

But then his girlfriend ran back and yelled “I’LL CATCH YOU!” And I jumped. And she caught me.

My point is I love women. And I always will.