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Best Friend Part 2// Zach Herron

A/n- Here’s part two! This sucks rip. Please don’t kill me. But lemme know what you think :) (Some of the stuff in here is completely fake!! To my knowledge, Reese has never gone to the ER.)


Corbyn stormed back into the house and up the stairs. He flung open the door to his shared room with Zach.

“What the hell just happened??” He yelled at the younger guy.

“Leave me alone Corbyn,” Zach glared at the blonde.

“No. Go apologize right now.” Corbyn pointed towards the hallway.


“Dude,” Jonah sighed, coming up behind Corbyn. “You were kind of being a dick to her.”

“Guys, I don’t care. Leave me alone.” Zach continued to scroll through his phone, was getting really irritated with his two roommates.

Jack and Daniel finally came in to the room, having a separate conversation.

“That’s not what I said Daniel,” Jack sighed.

The three boys looked at Jack and Daniel waiting for them to explain.

“Jack agrees with Zach,” Daniel frowned.

“No. I just said I can see where he’s coming from.”

“Thank you!” Zach cheered, smiling for the first time since everything happened.

“That doesn’t mean that you weren’t a jerk,” Jack added.

“I was just telling the truth,” Zach ran a hand through his hair.

“What even happened?” Corbyn asked.

“It’s a long story,” Zach sighed.

“We’ve got time,” Jonah said.

Zach sighed again as the four older guys all sat on the floor waiting for him to explain.


You sat at the airport cafe a you sipped an iced tea and scrolled through your twitter. As soon as you had gotten home you packed your necessities and booked the earliest flight you could. Sadly, it was still 3 hours away. You had told the boys you were going to come back to grab your stuff but decided that the few t shirts and books weren’t that big of a deal.

Your phone buzzed as you got a notification from Twitter. Why was Lizzie, a friend from high school, talking to you? You two hadn’t talked since she moved to Florida half way through sophomore year.

Mentioned by Lizzie:

@y/t/n i just found this picture of you and @imzachherron from high school. how cute lol

The picture was of you and Zach from freshman year. Zach had his arm wrapped around your waist and your head was rested on his shoulder. You were both smiling as wide as you could. Because you two were happy, until you went and ruined it.

You liked the tweet. Should you retweet it? Fuck it. If Zach sees this, you kind of hoped he’d feel guilty.

@/lizzielou oh how the times have changed haha

You knew it was sappy but you were heartbroken and upset.

You put your phone away and looked around you. The last time you were in this airport was when you flew back home last Christmas… with Zach. 

As you thought back, all of your memories about LA had some connection to Zach. He was the reason you came out here. You frowned as you grabbed your luggage and made your way to the gate. Might as well get some sleep before your flight.


“So when you two went to that concert last week? That’s when she said it?” Jonah questioned.

“Yep,” Zach nodded.

“Well, I mean, you did call her pretty…” Corbyn added.

“I say that all the time though!”

Jack looked at him, “Maybe that’s why she thought it was okay to tell you how she felt.”

“We’ve been friends since we were kids… How can she like me?”

“Things change. You aren’t the same kids you were 5 years ago,” Jonah said.

“This is too much,” Zach sighed for the umpteenth time.

“And you don’t love her back?” Daniel questioned.

Zach gawked, “No!”

Jack scoffed, “You’re missing out dude.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zach glared at the curly haired boy.

“She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. And she deals with your stupid ass.” Realizing it was a little harsh, he added, “Listen, if you don’t like her then fine. And if you don’t want to be her friend, then that’s fine too. But you were rude and you need to apologize.”

Zach sighed, “Okay. I’ll be back.”

As Zach stood Corbyn stopped him, “Wait.”

“What?” Zach asked, confused.

“Oh shit, Y/n’s leaving.” Jonah added.

“What do you mean shes leaving?” Zach’s heart began to race.

“She’s going back home dude,” Corbyn gave him a sad look.

Oh no. What had he done to you? He had never known life without you. Ever since he could remember, you had been there. You were there when he had hit 10 million views on his cover of Stitches. You were there when Reese fell of the trampoline and had to get stitches. You were there when he tripped at your 8th grade graduation. You were there when he recorded the music video for Something Different. You were there for everything.

Zach wasn’t too sure when he started running but he was half way down the road when he heard shouting.

“Zach stop! Zach! Zach!” Jonah was screaming. Suddenly Zach heard a loud honk and stopped. “I’ll drive you.”

Zach tried to regulate his breathing as he got into the passenger seat. As Jonah drove to the airport, Zach grabbed his phone. 


You awoke to a loud ringing in your eyes. You immediately ripped that headphones out of your ears. You looked at your screen and saw that it was your alarm. Your plane should take off in 30 minutes.

You had just replied to your friends SnapChat when you got another Twitter notification.

Zach • WHY DONT WE @imzachherron

Replying to @/lizzieloue and @y/t/n

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

What is that supposed to mean? Not 5 hours ago he was screaming at you to never talk to him again, now he’s saying he wouldn’t change anything? What’s he doing? Why is he playing with your heart? 

You locked your phone and stood up. You needed to walk around and clear your head. As you walked towards the Starbucks, you hear someone yell your name. You turned around and your eyes widen.


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I've got the strangest feeling that the level designers of Sonic Forces just plain don't give a shit.

Don’t ever make this assumption. Unless you’re working the worst retail/restaurant/customer service job ever, very few people go in to work every day with the goal of not caring. At least in theory, you do not make it to the production level of video game development by not caring.

It’s far more likely that something about Sonic Team’s development pipeline is gumming up the works. Supposedly, Hedgehog Engine 2 uses PBR. PBR stands for “physics-based lighting” which in general terms means complex, natural light simulation. Lighting in older games would fake effects like shadows, where unique shaders would have to be written for every object in every possible condition. PBR simulates light so that you simply assign properties to surfaces and they react naturally. Think of it like this: in older games, to make something reflective, you had to custom-write code to make that one object reflective. If you wanted to make a different object reflective, it would require separate code files, even if you were simply copying and pasting the code from the previous object.

With PBR, you simply tell the engine, “this surface is reflective.” And that’s all you have to do. The core lighting physics engine simulates the properties of light and makes it reflective. PBR is for light what Havok was for gravity. (That’s a hamfisted example, but whatever)

The benefit of PBR is that, again, in theory, it means that modifying lighting is incredibly easy. Think back to that Sonic Unleashed example for Hedgehog Engine – it would take an entire renderfarm of I dunno, a dozen PCs all crunching numbers a full 24 hours to generate lighting data for just one level. What this means is that last minute edits for levels in Sonic Unleashed were undoubtedly very difficult to make because changing the position of one object could necessitate re-rendering all of the lighting data, which would take another 24 hours.

PBR is why something like Metal Gear Solid 5 is so impressive, because it is incredibly easy for them to change the time of day, move objects around to create new missions, etc. PBR removes some of the limitations of pre-rendered lighting.

Not only that, but that pre-rendered lighting data took up a lot of space on the disc. Notoriously, Sonic Unleashed could have supported much higher resolution lighting than it shipped with, but there simply wasn’t enough space on the DVD for it (so they sold the full-resolution lighting data as a bonus with the DLC, bringing a full-size-install of Sonic Unleashed up to something like 9gb+).

So PBR solves a lot of problems for level designers if implemented properly. No tedious rendering time, less data bloat, everybody wins.

But if that’s the case, then why does Sonic Team seem to be so afraid of changing its levels? They gave a talk recently about how they design their levels, about how they design around flow, and it was all of the most basic advice you can imagine.

But most importantly, what I think this could show off is an unwillingness to modify their level geometry. Like the people who build the environments and the people who place rings and enemies are two different entities. Once the level geometry is set in stone, it can’t be modified. But that doesn’t make any sense.

(Of course, really, I’m just parroting Dario, here, who apparently doesn’t know how to make twitter threads, so either I link 15 individual tweets or I just link his profile and let y’all go digging for what he said about his observations on Hedgehog Engine 2)

Either way, I don’t think they “Don’t give a shit” especially not if they’re out there giving presentations on their level design methodology as if they are proud of what they can do. I think they probably have limitations they are working within, are making the best of those limitations that they can. Unfortunately, instead of making long-term solutions, they’re doing quick and dirty patchwork like constructing massive sections of a stage out of cubes they’ve glued together, because that’s faster and easier than significantly changing an existing piece of artwork (or re-writing a part of the engine).

It sucks, but it also plays in to what I’ve been saying all along: They spent four years coming up with the idea of Sonic Forces and have only spent the last, say, 18 months actually developing that idea in to a game. Which for a modern 2017 game is kind of no time at all. Games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed, Shadow of War, etc. all take 3-5+ years of active production to get where they are.

Assassin’s Creed is actually a special case: it used to be that Ubisoft would alternate between a Team A and a Team B for those games. Each team would get two years to work on the next game, which meant that there was a new AC game every year. Even at two years per game, Assassin’s Creed built a reputation for being the buggiest, jankiest games on the market, and it only got worse when development moved to the Xbox One and PS4, where environment complexity increased tenfold. So now, Ubisoft is spreading AC games out – we get them every two years, which means the teams get four years to develop each game. This gives developers more time to polish each game, and, in turn, deliver a better, more robust and less buggy end product.

Now, most of the examples I just listed were open world games. But given how fast Sonic moves, his stages need to be similarly sized. There are obviously ways to speed up the creation of large worlds, but the ultimate point in all of this is that Sonic Team might not be taking advantage of those shortcuts and with so little time to develop their games, the end result is obviously suffering for it.

But don’t assume they don’t care. There are a million other reasons this could be a problem – and only a very small percentage can be fixed in the time allotted, and that’s assuming they even realize they are problems to begin with.

It’s also entirely possible – and I know this will sound crazy, but hear me out – that whoever they have as their level design manager just isn’t good at their job.

I know I haven’t written anything yet besides my Raw liveblogging yells, I’m not used to do it cause first of all there are people who do it way better than me, and secondly because I always need some time to process what I’ve seen, especially in these last months, so I rather spam your dash with gifs and edits and leave text posts to others.
This time is different, though, because I really have too much stuff to get off of my chest. Because basically the booking that Dean and Seth are getting is way more than everything I’ve been dreaming about in two years of delirious Ambrollins fangirl headcanons. Because that night of July 2016, while crying real tears over my boys being split by the draft after a few months from Seth’s return and a glorious but too short feud, I couldn’t imagine at all that they would have ever had such a great storyline just a year later. Because Dean and Seth being tag team partners on their own and chasing the titles together was something too big I never dared to dream for real.
Seth said too many important things in that promo. He exposed Dean’s feelings as only he knows how, with that Seth Rollins’ cockiness that he still uses as an armour to look strong and not emotionally involved… but Seth is just as weak as Dean when it comes to his wrestling soulmate. He didn’t do all this to manipulate him for other purposes, cause he’s not the one to become Grand Slam champion if they’re going after the tag team titles. And he wouldn’t have borne so many continuous rejections if it wasn’t about Dean Ambrose. As I wrote previously, Dean was the pivotal figure to definitively legitimate Seth’s face turn: he made several steps in that direction so far, but that wasn’t enough… he needed Dean to redesign, rebuild and redeem himself.
“A look at your eyes tells me that you’re lying, cause the truth is, I know you care, and I know you know that if we teamed up again, we could run this place. […] Maybe our differences is why we work so well together, maybe that’s why that whether we’re fighting against each other, or especially WITH each other, there’s nobody that can touch us.“
Seth talked directly to Dean’s heart this time, not to his guts. And when he thought there was nothing else to say and do to convince him and turned away to get out of the ring, Dean held him. That was the moment my heart stopped beating for a while. The most. Beautiful. Moment. Ever.
And then, they started to fight. Cause none of them can get over it. They kicked the shit out of each other like during the good old times of their feud cause they still don’t know what their feelings are, but they still have a lot of them for each other. It was damn intense and touching, I was breathless for the whole time. And when Cesaro and Sheamus interrupted them to throw them off, those deep feelings came out again. Dean’s face when they were both punching Seth was something I won’t ever forget: for the first time in years, he truly realised they were attacking not the guy he has been constantly bickering with for the last three years… they were attacking his brother. And Seth, like Dean, went immediately to his rescue when they were on him: they both fought like lions to protect each other and this time it wasn’t about proving something: it was the protective instinct coming out, it was about being one the shield for each other.
I’m so grateful for all this. I’m incredibly happy that the ones they’re feuding with for the titles are Sheamus and Cesaro, cause it has a symbolic meaning: they became the most threatening tag team of Raw starting as enemies who through time turned into good friends, which is basically what is happening to Dean and Seth. But Dean and Seth have a way deeper background story, and them being on the same page again after going through all this is the ultimate step for being actually ready to challenge their opponents.
And this isn’t even the best thing of the whole story, cause what is making it really EPIC is the fact that the whole WWE universe has never been so invested as much as it’s being invested into this angle. Since I’ve been a fan, I’ve never seen the crowd cheering a friendship this way, and actually the only time I’ve witnessed so much hype was when they had their last feud before the first draft. Because haters can blabber whatever they want, Seth himself proved them wrong with that last promo, saying it loud and clear: whether they’re friends or enemies, Rollins and Ambrose make fans’ hearts beat faster. And there’s something else that speaks volumes about it: Seth, the Man, Raw’s first choice, hasn’t been involved in the main title picture for almost a year now, and many may think that him and Dean being reduced to a tag team could be a a downfall for two main eventers like them; yet, his last tweets about it are clearly showing how he’s being genuinely HAPPY of his booking. He’s happy to be side by side with his Dean again and he just can’t hide it, and none can say this is just “fanservice”, cause everyone knows the numberless times he talked out of character about the special bond between them two. If this isn’t the greatest thing that WWE has given us in years, I don’t know what to say.

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I see your point with that confession post and that last anon, but I don't think they meant like you can't be upset even though you have stuff, I think they were trying to imply complain but idk.. Obvi Maya could still be upset and stuff but I think what they were trying to say is she doesn't have that hard if a life anymore bc she has so many people who love her and a lot of stuff so she shouldn't be still thinking her life is hard and complaining ya know? (Not saying she does complain but)

For reference:

I feel like a lot of the people who still criticize the Maya character for “complaining about her life” completely missed what happened with Maya in terms of growth in S2/after Shawn entered the picture.

Until Upstate and then I Do, it had been a LONG time since Maya “complained” about her life the way she constantly did throughout a lot of S1 and early S2. Largely because her life changed for the better, especially with regard to appreciating her mom more and having Shawn as a nascent father figure of her very own (as opposed to “sharing” Cory with Riley, I think Shawn is who MAYA is meant to have as her father). Cory and Riley bringing Shawn and Katy/Maya together changed Maya’s life…which changed Maya in big ways. Things started to change big time when Cory got Shawn back and then (with Riley) tossed him in Maya & Katy’s path—although Katy & Shawn took it pretty much on their own from there, Chet aside. (The writer’s tweet re: GM HftH was something along the lines of: “Tonight. Everything begins to change.”)

This is part of why it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that a very well-meaning but totally off-base Riley decides it was Shawn who “broke” Maya. (And it’s so sad that Shawn agrees, oh my lord. 😭But if you know Shawn, you know why.) Shawn did the exact reverse opposite of “breaking” Maya. Riley may be a huge influence on Maya in terms of hope, but until Shawn (and also Mrs. Kossal & Lucas IMO), Maya RESISTED that influence. Shawn’s the absolute #1 primary reason Maya finally embraced the hope Riley had been encouraging Maya to embrace for years without success!

Like seriously: compare Maya in GM Money to how she was in S1/early S2. I mean okay, she cracks a couple jokes about being broker than the others but that aside she’s all about appreciating and taking care of what she has instead of focusing on what she doesn’t have. The difference is huge and it had nothing to do with “subconsciously turning into Riley to ‘protect’ her from Lucas.” There’s a reason the extra credit portion of Maya’s “final exam” in Legacy was “what us does for them.” (Nevermind how important it is that her primary “final exam” was PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE.)

Maya does “complain” again in GM Upstate and in GM I Do after Riley—ironically with Shawn’s inadvertent help—pushes Maya back WAY too far (and it’s dubious that Maya needed to be “pushed back” at all), but ofc Shawn gets her believing in Hope & Life again by the end of GMID…and we haven’t heard Maya “complain” much about her life since—although that’s going to be addressed again in ACM—aside from being upset about the foiled Taco Plan. But Cory and almost everybody else was pretty much right there with her on that one. 😂

And what’s really interesting about all this is what Jacobs said about Maya & Shawn earlier this year:

“I will give you one further piece of advice for the audience: If you look at the pilot’s story not to go back and look for moments, like this is the moment, or that’s the moment track the characters. How are they growing? Then you’ll clearly understand what we’re doing. There are some episodes [in Season 3] that will involve Shawn. If you track the character of Shawn, if you track the character of Maya, and their relationship together, and what Cory means to Shawn and what Riley means to Maya as friends, and the responsibility of friendship, you’ll understand perfectly what’s to come, and you’ll welcome it.” –

Obviously I think the way Maya’s relationship with Lucas developed over S2 was a significant part of why Maya changed as well because he absolutely influenced her for the better in some very key ways (chiefly in Creativity & Belief), but we can leave that aside for now because the Shawn/Maya connection is the bigger deal IMO.

On BMW, Shawn was doomed to “never be happy.” I mean they TORTURED that character. Had GMW never come into being, the Shawn character’s endpoint would forever be following Corpanga to NYC on the heels of a breakup. But GMW happened, and Shawn and Maya met because of Riley and Cory…which changed both Maya & Shawn’s lives and fates (not to mention Katy’s). And it breaks the BMW-Purple-Cat-goggles-assumption of “Shawn (and therefore Maya ‘the New Girl Shawn’) can never be happy.”

And on that note, I’m gonna bring the following thread back from the dead with a beautiful thing @minkusintl said a while back:

“If you guys didn’t watch BMW, you wouldn’t understand WHY Topanga and Cory care so deeply for Maya, WHY Shawn and Maya’s father/daughter relationship is not just important to those two but to the people that care most about them because the two are a catalyst for the other’s healing—they bring each other hope because they lead each other to futures they never thought they had.” –

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Why are you watching Supernatural when you don't appear to like the show? I mean, that's a lot of hours to put in for something that pains you so much and I'm genuinely curious about your motivation given you seem to have a lot of other interests.

actually, i do like supernatural? although i do understand why you’d get the impression that i didn’t. i mean, i make fun of it a lot. and i’m aware that it includes a lot of crappy episodes (or at least, season 7 does, and that’s the part i’m watching just now.) however, i definitely wouldn’t decide to marathon a show i DIDN’T like, unless it was for work purposes. the only exception to this rule is doctor who, because DW so iconic/important that i feel compelled to watch it even though it’s been painfully bad for a couple of seasons now.

i originally stopped watching SPN at the end of season 6, but i always knew that i’d come back to it eventually. that’s why i was so careful to avoid any spoilers for the past 2 years. TBH though, i think my feelings on SPN are pretty similar to the feelings of many of its other fans — it’s just that my reactions are more noticeable because i’ve watched & live-tweeted two thirds of a season in the past month. watching this much supernatural in one go is like some kind of weird exercise in internalised schadenfreude, hence my constant motto of “WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF.” it’s a horrible compulsion, friends.

only watch this show if you enjoy terrible things

in order to watch supernatural for multiple seasons as a vaguely intelligent and self-aware adult, i think you have to have some masochistic tendencies. in terms of basic quality, supernatural definitely has its flaws. it’s famously terrible at female characters (in fact, the show is basically fuelled by an ever-growing pile of dead women), it’s kinda racist, and it’s roiling with undercurrents of homophobia. but in a strange way, i’m finding this WAY easier to deal with than the insidious sexism of steven moffat’s writing, which i’ve become way more familiar with in recent months due to writing a lot about sherlock and doctor who. i make this comparison because the sexism in supernatural so blatant. no one in their right mind is likely to pop out of the woodwork and be like, “ACTUALLY, I THINK YOU’LL FIND THAT SUPERNATURAL IS A FEMINIST LITERARY MASTERPIECE,” which regularly seems to happen when one criticises sherlock or moffat-era doctor who. i know this thought process sounds kind of warped, but whatevs. it’s working for me.

anyway, if you’re able to get over supernatural’s bad qualities, then there’s the actual good stuff to look forward to. and, well, the good stuff is only ~fun~ if you enjoy pain.

playing the long game

the thing that singles SPN out from similar sci-fi/fantasy/genre shows is that goes incredibly deep. i’m not talking philosophy or intellect here, obviously. but SPN, against all the odds, has developed an incredible amount over the years, and that’s mostly thanks to its glacially slow speed. it isn’t particularly amazing when it comes to individual episodes (it has its shitty eps and its amazing ones, like anything else), but the overall arc is just way heavier and has more emotional complexity than your average genre show.

the collective buildup of sam and dean’s relationship, their increasingly terrible life, the inevitable death of everyone they hold dear… it all adds up, you know? people joke about how ridiculous it is that SPN has been running for 9 seasons (AND COUNTING) while other shows get cancelled, but the reality is that its slow-moving plot structure means that it really can last as long as people keep watching. there’s no narrative endgame in sight — and in this particular case, that isn’t a problem at all.

grim post-apocalyptic nightmare

presumably supernatural will end at some point in the next few years, but from the point of view of the actual story “ending”… well, you can’t really have a buffy-style happy(ish) ending, here. on a psychological/emotional level, neither of the winchester bros will ever be able to settle down in a “normal” life or have a long-term relationship. and on a practically level, THEY CAN’T, because they’re hunters, and hunters don’t retire. in the first couple of seasons, there was still the possibility that sam could get out and live a normal life. but at the point i’m at just now in season 7, dean is the one who wants to give up (in fact, he seems close to being suicidal), while sam has accepted the fact that he’ll be a hunter forever. unless every monster and demon is magically eradicated from the face of the earth, sam and dean will be hunters until the day they die.

so really, the only two ways this show can end are: sam and dean driving off into the sunset to continue on with their horrible existence of sleeping in shitty motels and killing monsters, OR… both of them dying. and neither of those are exactly a happy ending. with the exception of battlestar galactica, supernatural is definitely the most brutally depressing show i’ve ever watched, but it’s executed in such a way that you don’t really pick up on how bleak it is unless you’ve stuck around for several seasons, if not the show’s entire run. basically, it’s very rewarding to watch as a long-term viewer. and that’s not even getting into the grim details of the winchesters’ lifestyle as homeless criminals who live out of the trunk of a stolen car, or how dean is an actual no-kidding alcoholic.

ok, i’m gonna stop writing now because this reply has already got WAY too long. but seriously, supernatural is a really interesting show. i don’t know if i’d necessarily ~recommend~ it, partly because catching up with nine seasons would be such a fucking undertaking at this point, and partly because the ~good~ side of Supernatural is so incredibly depressing. it’s just grim as hell. but i’m catching up with the last couple of seasons because for whatever warped reason, i enjoy it. and i’m hoping for castiel to show up again. OH BOY, IS SEASON 7 A BLEAK, HORRIBLE WASTELAND WITHOUT CASTIEL’S PRESENCE TO LIVEN THINGS UP.

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Do you really think Niall is going to start a golf company? Is that what he's going to do all break? I don't know I just feel like while Niall really does like golf, it seems kind of exaggerated, like the only things he cares about are 1D and sports. It was even in the Perfect music video. I feel like there's more to him than that.

Trashing Niall’s Image

Yes, there is definitely more to him.  While Niall hasn’t generally had his image trashed in the press like the other four have, he’s not completely immune.  

  • There’s the serial fauxmances that seem designed to make him look like he has no respect for relationships and will break them up if it suits him.
  • There’s the supposed fan outrage about Niall hiding his knee surgery despite the fact that the surgery was reported ahead of time. The timeline also points to the article being set up so that fans couldn’t have known about it to be outraged until after the article was released.
  • There’s the short-lived methgate which I’m pretty sure would have gotten more traction as a weedgate had they not gone too far.

Aside from that, Niall’s problem is a bit different.  He’s almost got a non-image. All anyone ever reports about him has to do with sports and occasional relationship speculation.  I’ve seen a good number of fans get upset with Niall simply because he wasn’t involved in any stories about Zayn leaving and they thought he was avoiding the subject entirely or that he didn’t care.

If Niall plans on pursuing a solo career of any type during break, not having a presence in the press may end up being a bit of a disadvantage.  That could be the different, but still effective, way that 1DHQ messed with him this last year or two.  Different image = different way of sabotaging it.

I’m not completely certain that’s what happened, but it’s possible.  It’s also possible that Niall just wasn’t more than an afterthought to 1DHQ because he didn’t have as much baggage with them from the past and he wasn’t one of the most rebellious ones.

Sports Agency?

Moving on from that, no, I don’t think Niall is part of a sports agency with Modest.  The story struck me as odd because:

  1. Niall wasn’t asked to give a quote or anything
  2. Niall wasn’t even in the UK when the story broke
  3. the Sun broke the story
  4. specifically Dan Wootton broke the story
  5. despite Niall being billed as a figurehead the company is named after Modest

When someone investigated, they found the company only has 1 director and has only ever had 1 director and it isn’t Niall.  That pretty much confirms my suspicion after reading the article.  I think they used his name partly just to get attention for their project.

I think this sports agency is very similar to Louis’ imprint label and I wouldn’t be surprised if it just never gets mentioned again after a short while.

Niall + Solo Pursuits

Since the article was also used to push the idea that Niall 1) won’t be doing much solo work over the break and 2) is going a completely different direction from 1D, I assume the opposite is true.

Usually I take the exact opposite from what The Sun clearly wants me to believe as true.  The exception is if new names or dates are introduced. Those tend to actually be important, but I believe the exact opposite of whatever The Sun wants me to believe about them.  For instance: “1D is breaking up after their obligations for MITAM promo are done at the end of February” says to me “1D is going on hiatus and dumping their awful team after the end of February”.

So, given that, I think Niall DOES have something planned for the break that has to do with more than sports.  

Based on the rumor that he’s signing with 42 (a TV-based management company), the fact that he appeared solo on Play to the Whistle!, and that he’s rumored to have been filming to appear as a guest judge in the battle rounds for The Voice of Ireland, it seems like he may have some interest in TV. The evidence points more towards panel shows or judging like Louis with The X Factor.

Niall has also been connected to sports even more than usual the last year or so.  

  • he was seen at The Australian Open for multiple days
  • he was at Wimbledon
  • he was on Play to the Whistle! by himself
  • he got a lot of press for caddying for Rory during the pre-round
  • he played himself in a Celebs and Friends round
  • he was seen celebrating with the Chelsea team after they won a championship
  • he was at the UFC match
  • he was at several other sports events including a baseball game and that time with Liam (I think it was tennis?)
  • he was at the SPOTY Awards with Rory McIlroy
  • he was at the darts championship
  • he was at the final round of the Australian Open
  • his friendship with Djokovic was made very visible by the tunnel greeting being filmed and broadcast
  • athletes seem to always reply to him quickly when he mentions them on Twitter and sometimes athletes that don’t even know him tweet him
  • he posts a lot about sports on his social media, he seems to have or have had some deal with Nike in relation to golf, and some of his UFC promo seems likely to have been paid among others

Niall going to sporting events and talking about sports isn’t unusual, but the sheer amount and variety of sports he’s been connected to is a bit much. Darts… really?  Also things like being on Play to the Whistle! and attending the SPOTY Awards were unusual.  On top of that, he was connected to players and sports even when he wasn’t actually at their games.

I don’t think this is all an accident.  He must have some solo thing coming up that has to do with sports, but since I can’t really imagine what combines sports and TV beyond being a sportscaster or on a sports variety panel show, I’m a bit stumped.


There’s been a lot more reporting on Niall in relation to sports this year.  I think Niall’s team has been preparing him for this year by running more sports stories, but Old Team may have used it to their advantage to keep Niall’s image non-existent outside of the sports articles and occasional relationship gossip.  

The Sun was trying to hide the fact that Niall has solo stuff coming up that probably relates to sports by running this story instead.  They’ve done the same thing with Liam by running stories about him writing for other 1DHQ-related artists rather than that he’s going to have his own solo stuff.  There’s a kernel of truth, but not all of it.  That seems to be the pattern.

The article also got more attention for Modest’s venture that otherwise wouldn’t have been very visible.  However, there’s no concrete link of Niall to the agency and it’s very likely that he’s not really involved with it.

anonymous asked:

The other day one of my friends asked me. If ziam were an actual couple wouldn't there be talks about it from somewhere outside the fandom. Like how there has been multiple sightings of Larry at restaurants and other places, talks from inside sources which swear they have seen the two. I don't trust inside sources but still there have been some which are believable. But in the case of ziam there have never been such outside info nor receipts. If they were real wouldnt v hear at least something??

Hey anon,

There has been mention of it though and actually I’d argue there’s more ‘receipts’  (i hate that term) with Ziam than there has been Larry in recent times not that its a competition and not that we have any right to know or reason to worry even if we didn’t get sightings or rumoured sightings.

There have been quite a lot of insinuations and then also not even insinuations but outright mentions of Zayn and Liam being a couple by Jason Brock, an X factor USA contestant one year when 1d performed and who has been adamant ever since that they’re real, for example on twitter.

And this in a bar in America with Karen last year:

Not to mention, that coach driver re Zayn’s sleeping arrangements on the bus when on tour, its at 15.56 here

Also Popbitch, twice now this year.

You can argue re Popbitch and whether its real or not, but theirs is a newsletter primarily, not a website that trawls for hits and it fits in with some of the rumours we’ve seen and heard.  As you say, the inside sources for Louis and Harry aren’t any more real necessarily than the above for Zayn and Liam, but just think about it why Liam and Zayn AND Karen would be in a bar together?  Maybe friends but really?  Along with the other signs and what we see with our own eyes?

As for the fact that we may not get regular sightings when they’re away from 1d stuff, that they go dark, that they know how to live their lives privately and carefully.  That they tend to go quiet at the same time when Liam’s been away from 1d since Zayn left and before then as well.  They’re just careful, and they value their privacy.

Perhaps when they’re both free from 1dhq and Sophiam, they may wish to come out so at least there’s no pressure about it being accidentally found out but whatever, even without the above pictures/hearsay/rumours and tweets, I’d still be every bit as confident that they’re a genuine couple.  Hope that helps a bit. x

anonymous asked:

JM is not stupid. He knows but he got a gag order and is only allowed to say what Plec wants him to say. No one can tell me guys like JM or DG like the BS that is happening on TO. Here and there a scene - yes, but overall? No, I really don't think so, especially when it comes to shit like the magic baby. I saw some of the things they read/watch and most of them are really good and that's why I find it even harder to believe that they like it. TBH I think they all thought TO would be different.

I think Joseph is an very intelligent actor which makes this situation even more depressing.  Here is this man who is well read, thoughtful, passionate about his acting, painting and craft (not really sure what happened with his dedication and support about Positive Women - those tweets and messages about his charity seemingly stopped after he won Celeb Charity challenge.)  He’s an actor’s actor.  As a writer, director and actor, I completely agree that he knows how horrible this show is, and yes, he is forced by Julie and the CW act according to the party line.  Aka spew the bullshit and promote this show by sitting on a throne of lies.

There is a difference between right and wrong type of PR.  The main crux of the issue is how they are spreading the message and answering those questions in particular about Klaroline.  Instead of being respectful to both the fanbase and their sister show,  the actors and Julie have mocked, insulted, dismissed and belittled Klaroline, not to mention the huge dedicated and amazing Kol fanbase.  These two fanbases are still two of the largest and most passionate among both shows.  While JoMo and the cast may have ‘scripted’ responses, they could find other ways to say the party line without slapping fans in the face.  How hard is it to merely something say like ‘Klaus deeply loves Caroline.  He intends to keep his promise to be her last love but right now, they need to be apart and figure out things in their lives.’   Why do they always choose to try and dismiss the importance of Klaroline to Klaus’ character development and storyline, and the mere fact the writers themselves started something, realized how popular it was and extended it on TVD for two seasons, and Klaus is still constantly mentioned on TVD, I have to remind myself that he’s not on the show anymore.    The only actor who is still very sweet, positive and humble .. and doing PR the right way is Charles.  (hell, he cut through the BS of JoMo’s answer by saying he was Team Klaroline.)  

PR is to make people invest in your show, to care about it, and want to watch it.  Everyone involved in TO has done the complete opposite. Again, Phoebe at Paley Fest was touting this amazing story for Moon Moon coming up. What does it say about the show one of your leads is on stage at a big event like Paley Fest begging fans to give her storyline a chance, because what? this storyline will finally make people love her character?  Moon Moon has been a part of the TVD/TO canvas for over a year now, and considering she’s only getting more hate from the audience.  If a character’s purpose still needs to be validated and if a lead of her own show has to plead for fans to give a damn about her character, then it is not the fans who are the issue.

The CW PR team working on TO, worries me because it’s like they don’t even care about their own show.  I have never seen a network let their precious producers/writers and actors bite the hand that feeds them. For the comments to be repeated and spewed again at Paley Fest makes me truly believe everyone wants this show to crash and burn.  At this point, any other network would be scrambling to fix TO, and listen to fan reaction, but mostly to admit their mistakes. (case in point, look at CBS’ The Good Wife, last year they completely miscalculated the fan’s reception to a fan favorite’s storyline, quickly ending it after the backlash from both fans and critics).   Until news broke about Claire leaving, TO still had a chance of being fixed.  That is the saddest thing - the network, Julie, the actors (minus Phoebe because this is the only way she’ll keep her job because I can’t imagine anyone other network would ever want her on one of their shows),  knew of the blacklash in the media, the non shipper and shipper fans criticisms and frustrations.  They choose to ignore it all.  Instead of the CW President turning a blind eye, he and the network should have stepped up months ago, knowing Claire was leaving and sitting Julie down, telling her they needed to fix this mess before everything got out of control.  Hell, they should have sat her down after the backdoor pilot aired, and all those reviews came out from critics and a lot of mixed polarizing fan reaction, and said she needed to go back to the drawing board and get rid of Moon Moon.  There was so many chances to fix this show and live up to its potential - with all the hiatus this year especially with the Olympics, the writers could have been wrapping up storylines and finding ways to write out Moon Moon and Camille.

Claire was on last night’s panel to repeat her statement / exit interview which had been released four plus hours before Paley Fest.  So that’s not fishy or anything.  Can you imagine having to sit up there and spew the same BS story they wove for her, and then lie through her teeth by saying Rebekah would be back.  I do think Claire loves playing Rebekah but I don’t believe for a second they will keep their promise to bring her back.  Also, I never believed she had imagined, especially after Joseph mentioned several times about they had talked about The Originals having own show and the endless possibilities, that she would be forced to take a back seat to her BFF PT.    Did anyone ever think JoMo/DG/CH would be regulated to playing caricatures of their once great characters? Everything which made The Originals such amazing characters would be destroyed to prop up one dimensional character like Hayley and her portrayer?

Nothing about this show was what the actors and the fans had hoped for. Can you imagine for an actor like Nate to stand on the sidelines while this was all going on, being very polite about the constant questions about Kol and finding ways to say it was out of his control to return, been forced to wait for that phone call to bring Kol back when he played an Original?  Now, after endless months of denials and dismissing Kol and his fans, Julie is now talking about Kol, baiting people with false promises and saying that he could return because of his past with NOLA witches. Months of radio silence, and now, as Nate wraps up filming the SPN backdoor pilot (which is a shoo in for being picked up for the fall), Julie actually acknowledges Kol and the stories which he could have been a part of (imagine if she had written this show well and if Kol was alive, all the great Kol/witches vs Klaus plots it could have opened up!), knowing full well, she won’t keep that promise.  Don’t worry in a few months after season 1 ends, Julie will blame ‘scheduling’ and just couldn’t get Nate to guest star because he’s busy and couldn’t be worked out. there wasn’t an opportunity to write him into the storyline.  blah blah blah.

The same old bullshit .. just a different day.

the bottom line is:  the party line isn’t working.  they need to find a way to stop alienating all their fans, especially those who love and support Klaroline (and Kol).  This show is barely treading water at the moment, and yet for some reason they continue on this self destructive and toxic path with their choice of PR.   Now is the time to start re earning fans trust, to get those lost viewers back and realizing their errors and trying to find ways to engage their dwindling audience and bring in those who refuse to watch this show in the first place.   They need to be winning us over not alienating us.  You can’t sell bullshit by feeding it with more bullshit. And when your show is sinking in the ratings, going from over to 2+ million viewers weekly to 1.5 mill, you need to change your tune fast. (But as the past year has shown us, they won’t, the same old spin will continue, and they will continue to dig their own grave, and TO will be nothing more than asterisk on the wall of shows cancelled for their own good).

As actors, the main quartet all have to know nothing on this show is working.  with each passing day, it is becoming more of a disaster and the characters they love playing continue to be ruined and written so horribly.  but mostly as an actor, it must be so draining emotionally to be on a show where the writing takes the joy out of their craft, where they have to find something tiny to hold on to, and hope the next script they will get it will be better.  Like the audience, I do think these actors see this show with so much potential, and a chance to be so amazing, but they are even more helpless when it comes to the finished product. They have no say in scripts and the direction of the show.  But unlike the audience, they are at the mercy of Julie and her writers, unable to leave unless they ‘get homesick.’

but then again, maybe for the remaining leads - JoMo, DG, CMD, LP letting this show continue on its path towards cancellation will be the only good thing to come out of this mess, and they can all move on to projects worthy of their talent (and DG can just be glad he still has Saving Hope as his main commitment).

… while nothing will ever change in terms of the Klaroline (and Kol) fans passion, love and dedication to their characters or ship. 

anonymous asked:

i am curious. are there even professionals who knows the industry the boys are in in the antis camp that can provide quality and efficient "proofs" (for the lack of better word) or acceptable reasoning on why they don't think larry is real other than the homophobic, ignorant and very wtf-ish kinds of explanations they keep on blogging about? i mean i tried, I TRIED to see what they're coming from but?? they can't even explain it properly? or at least a good comeback, have they ever had one?

I present you with the LIVING IN DENIAL tag, but please take care of your brain cells. Please also note thatthey love to take 1 action and say we think Larry is real because of that little thing (standing next to each other etc etc) but they refuse to look at the bigger picture and see the inconsistencies.

Actually because I am a masochist I found some gems for ya :)

  • why must they make everything about larry - after 5 years of supposedly being closeted you really think he’d be tweeting about aimh - according to your theories he wouldn’t even be able to tweet about it lol
  • larries actually think the mug means they’re gonna come out. in a music video. lmao
  • The other side thinks Louis bringing B to the OTRA shows is his way of telling everyone she’s important to him. Apparently he is standing up for her through actions, not words. 
  • i hope yall realise that with this “larry night” you are actually admitting that you have to go back at least two years to have moments where louis and harry actually interacted like you are admitting that your ship has been dead for several years and that’s why you’re doing this 
  • I feel bad for you Larries:• First, you’re going to realize that Larry isn’t real and never was.• Second, you’re going to realize that the last 2 and half years of Larry don’t interacting it’s not because modest forced them, it’s because they really don’t like each other and their friendship gone. 
  • I dont think louis is sexually attracted to Harry tbh 
  • okay??????? Louis lent harry his hair tie to harry… I lent my hair tie to my friend yesterday it must obviously mean… 
  • Louis got the dagger tattoo to mock larries 
  • “louis saw that you guys wanted him to get a dagger tattoo and he though it was funny because you guys are so deluded and shit so he got it to make fun of you” (LINK)  
  • why do people equate saying their management sucks with saying larry is real like I don’t see anyone doing that besides the dark harry’s where is this coming from 
  • tbh i think there’s probably somethin weird going on with harry styles but oh my god i hate larry shippers so much 
  • I know at least 10 guys who are scared of the dark. They are straight. Harry is not gay just because of that tweet. God people are so stupid. 

  • Is it wrong to believe what you’re told? Is it wrong to be someones fan and not want to analyze what every tweet means, what every touch or smile means? Just because you believe what you’re told doesn’t mean you’d stop supporting them if you were now told they were not straight, and were together. What’s wrong with believing what Louis has told them? 

  • They were asked what traits they look for in a GIRLFRIEND he said ‘not that important’ they were specifically asked about females so ‘not that important’ does not refer to the gender he was on about, it was about the traits they look for

  • but maybe it was just a hickey between pals? link

  • Larry shippers ruin a post 101 -  also funny that Harry is indeed looking at Louis here  (link)

  • Holding up well! How are the larry tinhats holding up, what with the continued existence of Elounor, the video of Harry looking lovingly at Niall, another delay in the "the boys are 100% done with Modest and the contract is ending soon” story (originally ending in 2012, then definitely ending in December 2013, now ending in 2015!) and the continued non-existence of their ship? Keep grasping at those straws though (yeah, that’s totes Louis’ laugh). 

  • Louis could literally get a tattoo that says “I am straight.” and Larries would say it was management. 

  • You do realize that elounor is a confirmed relationship (by many MANY people) so it’s completely normal for people to think they’re together. 

  • “Larries think Hazoff isn’t real because Jeff’s got a girlfriend… Louis’ got a girlfriend for three years now, they missed that detail” 

  • I really hate this growing trend of getting Liam to read off old L*rry quotes it’s so manipulative and nasty like he’s trying to do this nice, sweet thing by interacting with as many fans as possible and trying to notice people and give them special moments and they’re literally just using him, they’re setting up traps and laughing when he walks right into them and it’s infuriating and sickening and unforgivable. 

  • I don’t think anybody would say that hearts and arrows or ropes and anchors don’t go together IN GENERAL. But one might have the opinion that these particular tattoos were not intended to be matching sets. 

  • all I’m saying is that just because they were photographed together doesn’t mean they were/are dating. there’s other ways to prove it. because if that applies to Louis and Harry, then everybody they are photographed with they must be dating right? wouldn’t that be a double standard? 

  • Harry and Louis don’t have matching tattoos. Harry and nick have matching tattoos. They both have the anchor, and the cross. You larries make everything about larry, when they don’t even talk to eachother. Guess the REAL couple?!! DING DING DING. WAKE UP! 

  • Have you ever thought that Larry could be just fan service? I mean, Larry shippers are a huge part of the fandom… 

  • Have you guys noticed that whenever Elounor are together, Louis has a cigarette but he never lights it? That’s because magazines aren’t allowed to put someone with a cigarette in their magazine. He’s protecting her from the paps and attention. (LINK because this post is hilarious)

  • To quote an update account about Harry’s I study rainbows tweet ” he was probably out and heard some one say it” 

  • The tattoos are not proof. Firstly you don’t actually know if they are matching, that’s just you guys speculating. Secondly, even if they were matching, you do realize friends get tattoos for eachother sometimes? My best friend and I have eachothers birth date tattooed on us, we aren’t dating. 

  • my friend went to the next level after I showed her all the evidence. She told me larry was DEFINITELY fan service and for PR to gain fans. I’m all about the tats. She saw they were complimentary (being aware of the difference between matching and complementary ones) and she was like they have the money to get them removed. It’s fan service. 

  • Genuine question- do you really believe that louis has faked not only being straight but being in a serious relationship for years? Like I don’t think elouner is fake, don’t see why anyone would go to that, to hide that they’re gay, as if it’s bad. 
bad boy, bad girl ( a jack gilinsky fan fiction) chapter 19 :)
chapter 19 *erica pov* I woke up to the sound of my mom’s car leaving the driveway. I turned my body, expecting to find Jack when instead I found nothing. Cold, limp, boring nothing. I groaned and pulled the covers to the top of my head, wishing I could fall asleep forever and forget everything. But I can’t. I just need to get up and do my shit. Get today over with. I sat up strait and looked around my room. I cringed, everything reminded me of him. The stuffed teddy bear he won for me at the carnival, his sweatshirt crumpled up on my desk, the flowers he picked for me at the lake, just everything. I swung my legs to the ground to find a bowl of cereal with a note on the side. ‘I saw the tissues, thought you might have had a rough night. I love you, -Mom’ it said. Tissues? I looked at my floor to find millions of mascara stained kleenexes sprawled around. I sighed, slowly every single detail from last night came to my head in a flashback. I stood up and I quickly ate the bowl of cereal and got up to get dressed. I opened my closet and of course the first thing I see is a picture of him and I at the lake. He was kissing my cheek and I was laughing my ass off. Johnson had tweeted it. I ignored it and grabbed some grey sweatpants and a white camisole. I was officially not going out today. I heard my phone ping, so I dragged my feet along my cold floor to check whatever loser was bothering me now. I had three missed calls, 15 texts and a few tweets all from Jack. He had just tweeted: @jackgilinsky: when you lose someone you can’t replace I rolled my eyes at his sappiness. Suddenly, my phone buzzed and I threw it onto the bed in surprise. I rolled my eyes at myself and reached over to pick up the phone, knowing exactly who it was.  “Erica, baby?” I heard his rough voice crack. I could already feel the tears coming.  “What?” I spat out rudely.  “Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean shit.” He said, and I could tell he was on the verge of tears.  “But you said it. Jac-” “Don’t, Erica. I love you. And I need you. Please, just say you forgive me. Just say you love me.” He whispered while cutting me off.  I felt a pang in my chest, and that’s when I realized. Jack did hate it. Just like everyone else. He meant every single word he said yesterday. And maybe it was yesterday, or maybe it would come in the future, today or tomorrow or in two years. But he will eventually crack. He won’t be able to support my long nights of crying or my endless supply of drugs. He won’t be able to look at me with pride in his eyes, only sorrow and regret. He’ll dump me and I’ll end up walking around, believing the world is a large vast of nothingness and questioning my existence. And here kicked in the complete numbness of cold and lonely in my heart and soul, as if they had been ripped out. An empty drop in my stomach and the pang of guiltiness fill my body. I don’t want to leave him. I love him and he loves me more then anything in this world. But he will grow tired. So, I sat there questioning myself once more, what are we doing here? and what should I do next?. Because there really only are two options. Stay with him…or leave him.  “Of course I still love you. You can’t just stop loving someone. But I can’t do thing anymore.” I said to him as tears flew down my cheeks.  “Don’t do this to me.” He said while slightly sobbing. “Jack, I just can’t. I’m sorry.” I said. I heard him began to say something but I quickly hung up the phone. “AHRGG” I screamed as I threw my phone across the room. I crashed into the wall behind me and fell down to the floor, sobbing for what feels like the millionth time today. I heard my phone ping once again. I somehow found the strength to crawl over to my cell. It was a text from Jack.  Gilinsky<3: 'Why did you let him fuck you up so bad, emotionally and mentally, that you’ve completely shut down anyone that tries to help you. You don’t talk about your feelings, you push kind people away and you let negative choices take over your world. You refuse to open up and let someone love you. Because that’s all I ever did, Erica. All I ever did was love you. All I ever wanted to do was love you.'  As I read, I felt a queasiness in my stomach. I wanted to throw up. I stood up and ran to my adjoining bathroom. I stared in the mirror and gasped. Because that was not me. I was not looking at the tough, bad ass, care free bitch I had grown to be over the past few years. I was staring at a weak, miserable, vulnerable, injured little bird who couldn’t even fly. My hair was a mess and I had mascara leaking down my face and over the big bags under my eyes. My eyes were glassy, my cheeks rosy. I suddenly had an idea. I reached foreword. I pulled open my mirror to find exactly what I was looking for. I pulled the bottle into my hands and grasped it as hard as I could. I popped the cap and spilled a few pills into my palm. I stared at my hand for a few minutes, considering all the possibilities. It’s not like I had never thought of this. I looked back up into the mirror ready to take one last look at myself. But once again, I saw something else. I saw the jagged scar in my lip. I saw the small scratches on my cheek and arms. My chapped lips. My slowly healing side. My scars. All that I had been through, all that I had fought through. All that effort would be put to waste.  And in one second, I realized what exactly I was doing. In horror, I hurled the pills at the mirror. I backed away, frightened at what I was just about to do. I sank down to the floor, running my hands threw my hair, gasping for air in-between my loud sobs.  *jack pov*  I slammed my fist into the wall and pulled back to find a large dent.  “Fuck.” I murmured to myself.  I looked around my room, as if searching for something. I was so angry. I could still feel the wet tears on my cheeks. I wiped them away onto the sleeves of my old sweatshirt. I turned around to find my car keys. Then I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I grabbed them and ran out the door. I jumped into my car and drove all the way to Sammy’s with my Drake music blasting at the highest level. I got to his house in a few minuted and pounded on the door. He opened the door with a smile in his face, which seemed to disappear when he saw the scowl on my face. Johnson appeared out of no where and had the same reaction.  “Dude, what’s wrong?” Asked Sammy.  I rolled my eyes at him and walked past the boys, into the house. I could practically feel the steam coming out of my ears. I took a deep breath, before I let everything out on Sammy.  “Why’d you have to fucking love her, man?” I yelled as loud as I could.  Him and Johnson exchanged confused look. “Don’t play that bullshit with me! Why did you have to find one of my only sources of happiness and ruin it, huh? Because if you hadn’t loved her, you wouldn’t have been so worried about her that night at the lake. I wouldn’t of had to tell you guys about Charlie, and Johnson wouldn’t of told her you two knew.  And you wouldn’t have fucking raped her, giving her more problems and trust issues then she already had!  SO YOU KNOW WHAT SAMMY? FUCK YOU! SHE WAS MY GIRLFRIEND! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT AWAY TO?” I screamed the last part as loud as I could then slightly shoved him. The boys just stared at me, and I could feel tears sliding down my face again. I felt my body collapse to the floor, against the stair case.  “What do you mean 'was your girlfriend’?” I heard Johnson say as he sat down in front of me.  “We broke up last night. Because she won’t trust me anymore because  I told you.” The boys just stared at me, not knowing what to say. I realized what they were thinking. This really wasn’t any of Sammy’s fault. It was mine, but I was just trying to blame it on him. Of course I would never admit that now, but it was true. I stood up and wiped my nose on my sleeve.  “I gotta go.” I murmured and ran out the door, slamming it behind me. And that’s when I realized I was just trying to avoid my issues,  I was running from my problems. - fillerrrr i know, sorry i haven’t updated it in a while. I’m entering this contest and I’m making it a fan fic with Jack & Jack & Sammy, so I’ll be posting that as well. hope you’re excited :)