the two soaring birds

Assist Me Part 9 (Epilogue)

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger

Word Count:2054

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Last part! Thank you for reading this series!

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Aladdin was Bucky’s favorite movie. The colors, the plot, the characters – he loved it all. And deep down, he even though wouldn’t admit it, Aladdin reminded him a lot of himself, because he too had lied to impress a girl he liked. But you loved the movie as well, and after several movie nights with you in which he insisted on seeing the movie, he could easily quote some of the scenes and sing some of the songs.

For security reasons, most of your dates with Bucky were spent in the tower, and if not, at your place. Most of your dates were movie nights, and Tony would occasionally help you two illegally watch a movie that was out in the theaters at the time. While movie nights were fun, you despised being constrained to only spending time together indoors. Your adventurous nature made you desire to go places, not solely talk and watch movies in a room.

Today though, Bucky had other plans. When you arrived at the tower, F.R.I.D.A.Y. alerted Bucky you were there. He checked himself in the mirror, sprayed himself with cologne he stole from Sam, and rushed out of his room. Tonight’s date night wasn’t going to be a movie night or game night, he had something bigger and better in mind, and he prayed it would all go well.

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A Place in My Heart

An angsty scenario for the anon! idk why but i kind of felt like i had to make it a little bit hopeful at the end

very sorry if you wanted full on angst but i’ll be doing more of those eventually (also i got a bit carried away its sort of long)


Chocolate locks bobbing up and down on a round little head. You struggle to catch up. You’re breathless, where was this little boy going? Who is he? Small fingers absently reach out behind him, searching for yours, as though they were already supposed to be there. You reach out, but you can’t reach, he’s too far ahead. He slows when he realises the absence, turning. Eyes crinkled at the corners from his eye smile and his sun-kissed skin creased at the corners of his mouth which flashed brilliant white teeth framed by full lips. His eyes sparkled with excitement and a burning passion.

Now you remembered. Jongin.

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