the two most perfect things


-Don’t make things up. Im sure you didn’t memorise it.

-Because I wrote it over a hundred times. Because over a hundred times, I wanted to go to you.

“Babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.” Tom Holland Drabble Prompt

Requested by anon!

You and Tom had a nearly perfect relationship. You two agreed of most things, and if you didn’t… you weren’t afraid to be open about it. Not only that, but you two had a connection that was so special. It was pure bliss, and you two were so in love. And, you weren’t afraid to show it. Harrison, as Tom’s assistant and best friend, he was constantly around you two. And, he didn’t enjoy it (”God, can you two get a room please? I hate you both.” “You know you love us Harrison! You’re our favorite third wheel.” “’Cause you don’t have any other third wheels! I’m the only one who ever puts up with you two!”). 

One night at a party, Harrison had enough of you two. So, when a game of “Truth or Dare” arose, Harrison seized the opportunity to embarrass you both.

“Tom,” Harrison started, “Truth or dare?”


“What’s something that you don’t like about Y/N?” 

Tom only paused a second, “Oh! I know.” 

Several murmurs and laughs sprung up across the room. 

“A little fast there… Better watch yourself, Holland,” you chuckled. 

Tom turned to you and sighed: “It’s really not a big deal… But, babe, we need to talk. When you cuddle with me, your knee always squashes my junk.”

The room erupted in laughter, as your cheeks flushed. 

“Looks like the perfect couple isn’t as perfect as we thought,” Harrison teased. 

“Shut up, Osterfield,” you laughed, Tom embracing you in an apologetic hug. 

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Okay, but consider this … Kara Danvers is actually an amazing chef. She just has such a passionate love for food that you cannot convince me that she didn’t, at some point, learn to cook. Like, imagine her, when she first came to earth, in the kitchen with Eliza as she learns the best seasonings and tastes to mix to make exquisite foods. This kiddo has literally the strongest, most refined sense of smell and taste—two things perfect for honing the most delectable, intricate, and nuanced flavors in food—and you’re telling me she doesn’t put it to good use in the most fun and appetizing way possible? Nah m8. Plus Kara has a background in science and a love for art, and cooking is basically beautiful, edible chemistry. As soon as Kara had enough control over her powers, I’m telling you, she was in the kitchen, happily whipping herself up some delicious foods.

(The only reason she eats take out so often is because she is a busy woman with two jobs, and an unreal level of impatience. Like, she just gets so hungry and so excited for food that she can’t stand to wait.)

Random Journaling Prompts: Re-Uploaded

⁃ Pick any color and make an entry where you only glue/tape and write in that one color! (The entry itself doesn’t matter just make sure its all one even two colors if you want)

⁃ The perfect wedding

⁃ The most interesting thing to have ever happen to you

⁃ Three fears you want to get rid of

⁃ Memories you never want to forget

⁃ Start each line with an alphabet ex: a beetle lives in my house. But it doesn’t eat my food.
⁃ Find a receipt of your favorite purchase and write about why or how this purchase impact you

⁃ Write letters to your future children

⁃ Mistakes you’ve made and overcome

⁃ “To all the boys I’ve loved before” whether you dated them or not write letters to all the boys you’ve loved before but be careful

⁃ Decorate a page specifically for the seasons or just your favorite

⁃ List the things that are true about you and your zodiac sign as well as things that aren’t

⁃ Your favorite Halloween/Christmas movies and the memories behind them

⁃ Foods you think are disgusting but would try

⁃ A page dedicated to your Hogwarts house or your camp cabin at camp half-blood

⁃ If you were a Greek god who would you be and why

⁃ If you could go to space what would you hope to find?

⁃ Rewrite the endings of your favorite books (nothing long just what you wished had happened)

⁃ Make a page full of flowers

⁃ Something you always wanted to receive but never got

⁃ Songs that make you dance dance dance

⁃ Write about your favorite tv shows as a child


@pass-the-pencil Thanks to Mica for doing this gorgeous commission for me💖. One Direction and Pokemon are basically the two things I love most right now so this is perfect👌. And look how gorgeous that shiny Umbreon looks with his blue rings glowing 😍. If you guys want amazing commissions like this, sign up to support Mica on Patreon 😉 Thank you again love! And thank you for helping me feel confident enough to actually share a selfie online. 😘


No. 2 of Top 5 Things I Loved about the Apple Store Q&A (Dec. 11, 2014): Richard and Lee demonstrating “just what Elves and Dwarves do” in their downtime – they banter. ;-) (video)



It’s Meatoberfest in Butcher’s Block! The perfect time to celebrate the two most important things in the entire world - meat and beer. Of course, you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to those two things only when you’re helping feed and water charr soldiers, so why not take the festival home with you too? Crack open a cold one and read on for a taste of delicious, spicy meat on a stick.

-MJ & K

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Can we all just appreciate a series of unfortunate events for being the most perfect thing in the world thank you

#two out of three protagonists are female and both portrayed as intelligent, resourceful individuals
#there are a vast array of female secondary characters including villains who are also all extremely unique and have interesting defining characteristics like Fiona who is a mycologist
#like excuse me but
#daniel handler is the best male writer im sorry he is
#and he wrote a piece called the righteous anger of women
#there is such an equal divide of male and female characters and the women are no less defined unique persons than the men
#and he plays the accordion
#and I just.
#violet saves the day, even sunny saves the day and she is a baby
#there are strong female characters that anyone can relate to
#some are stubborn some are pure some are tenacious some are ambitious some are fierce and loyal and I just love it I love it all so much
#and esme is a great villain
#female villains are great too

#you guys I’m getting emotional I love these books they are my favourite

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i'm having trouble with my Japanese pronunciation and i'm having a bit of trouble with aiming my bow. how would Mr. Hanzo and Genji help me? (nsfw please,if you can,if not,sfw is fine)

The Shimada brothers are here to help you perfect the two things that they are most passionate about.

Professor Hanzo

Being the professional he is, he would make sure your bow is accurately “fit” for you. He might challenge you to see how well you can actually aim and hit the “target”. If you lose, well…he’ll correct you (you’re going to lose regardless). 

He’ll start with your form, correcting you as he circles around you…watching you as if you were prey…His larger form behind you, his breath on your ear you can feel him press up against you. (Can you feel his heartbeat or is that something else?). 

I know his presence is going to make you nervous, the way he’s constantly peppering your neck with kisses and love bites. Hands somehow worming their way into your clothes. But, whatever you do, don’t drop your bow! 

If that happens, you just might be spending the whole session on your knees, hand buried in you hair….I don’t think i’ve ever heard Professor Shimada make THOSE noises before..(Is that some sort of exercise to build endurance?). 

Your tutoring session will take place well after everyone is already gone for the day, so you won’t have to worry about being loud…That doesn’t mean you should scream, though!

Professor Genji Shimada

While Genji is more lenient when it comes to handing out grades, he’s just as dedicated to teaching you his native language as his brother. 

Pronunciation is important! He’ll usher you into his office less than five minutes after class has ended, locking the door. This may be one of the few times you’re the one seated in his desk chair and he’s kneeling between your legs. 

I hope you brought your own list of practice words, otherwise you might end up learning all sorts of highly inappropriate words…Hatsu echi wa (when was your first time?). But, every time you utter them under your breath Professor Genji seems to shudder and make the strangest noises… And the way he’s staring at your mouth, why does he keep asking you to say it again? (I can’t tell if  it’s what you’re saying, or your voice itself that’s affecting him like that?). 

But, you know what they say, “Repetition is key.” So, that means you’ll be spending even more, time with Genji than before. I hope you have some free time in your schedule, I don’t think the younger Shimada likes to be kept waiting…

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I hope I can still share my Hancock headcanon with you: Well I have a thought where the Nora found her wedding dress in pristine condition ( maybe wrapped in a casing of some sort) and tries it on. Then Hancock walks in the room and sees her in it and instantly asks her to marry him. And, of course, she says "yes." Man… could you write this?

Lace and blush, that could describe the wedding dress. In a world that’s known nothing but anguish and ugly, this is the most pristine thing. Two hundred years and it’s still in perfect condition. Nora giggled, spinning around in a circle. The ballgown skirt of her dress billows up, and she feels like a princess, like she had all those years ago. 

The dress was stored in a special container. She hoped that if she had a daughter, she might wear it one day. But those days were long past, and instead, she has the dress to herself. She managed to find mirrors that weren’t too cracked and set them up, spinning around in the mirror and giggling to herself. Despite everything the Commonwealth had thrown at her, she still felt beautiful.

The intricate lace pattern ran down her arms, a small portion of lace was cut to allow her thumbs to stick through. The lace met with the blush fabric of the dress in a nice, A-line dress and stopped at the waist where the tool of the dress took over, pillowing out. She remembered before the wedding how she stood in the church, smiling and just twirling.

Things were happier then.

And now, here she was, in her home that was falling apart, ceiling cracks allowing light to spill through and hit the dress on her. Her old life may have been over, but the dress…it was something else. Before she knew it, tears began to fall from her eyes and she wiped them away, still smiling. Suddenly, the door opened. She jumped a bit, bare feet springing and landing on the balls of her feet. “Hey N- holy shit.” He froze in the doorway, hat crooked on his head while he stood there dumbstruck. 

He’d never seen her dress like this. Yea, a few photos had survived the bombs but..seeing in person is different. He can’t hear as stammers out something, still pillowing up her dress. “Nora, will you marry me?” He suddenly interjects, heart racing faster than vertibird blades.
“I said, will you marry me?” There is a moment of silence, the faint sound of a radio playing in the background before she squeals and runs to him. “Yes, yes! Of course I’ll marry you!” He lifts her into the air, spinning her around before lowering her to the floor, pulling her in for a kiss.

They may not have a slice of life like she would’ve had before the war, but he’d be damned if someone told him this little slice wasn’t the best he’d ever had.

Morning After Pillow Talk (Michael/4)

Request: Morning after pillow talk/waking up scene with any of the boys

Hope this is okay! xx


You flutter your eyelids slightly as you feel somebody watching you as you sleep.

“I can feel you staring Michael” You whisper

“Sorry…sorry” He stutters “I just can’t get over how perfect last night was”

You blush, “Yeah, I know. It really was perfect…all thanks to you”

“No” He states “All thanks to you, babe, all thanks to you”

“I don’t know. I think we both played a good part in it. It takes two to make things that great” You smile

Last night was the most perfect night you’ve ever had. You two had a lovely meal, you watched some of your favourite films, and then you, well, you know. It was hot. Really hot. It’s not the first time between you and Michael, but it was definitely the most perfect. It was loving, intimate and passionate, if you had to describe it in three words.

He brushes your hair out of your face, “You’re so beautiful (Y/N)”

You tut, “Oh stop it, Michael.”

“Why?” He giggles “It’s the truth”

“I’m sure it’s the truth, but you don’t need to tell me every five minutes” You tell him

“No, you’re right. I don’t need to. But I sure as hell want to” He replies

“Okay that was pretty smooth, Clifford” you remark

“…as smooth as last night?” He winks

You laugh, “I suppose we should get up”

“It is half twelve, so I suppose we should better get some breakfast. Or lunch?” Michael grins

You move to get up, but you get a shooting pain in your very upper thigh, “Aah”

“What? What’s wrong?” Michael asks, concerned

“Nothing Mikey, I’m just…you know…sore. Come on, let’s just lie in bed a little longer” You tell him

He smirks, “Okay….sorry, I didn’t mean to…I just”

“Michael…” you interrupt “It doesn’t matter. The pain’s worth it, babe”

“Oh, and that reminds me of a few things…” He begins


“First of all, I think you’ve scratched my back pretty badly because fuck it hurts” He continues

You bite your lip, “Okay but I’m not even sorry about that one”

He tuts, “Second of all, you might need to do some serious make-up wizardry, because I obviously enjoyed your taste last night”

“Oh how would I ever have guessed?” You giggle

“And finally…there isn’t a finally but I just thought this would be another opportunity to tell you that I love you” He finishes

You laugh, “I love you too, Michael”


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Meh I meant have a lovely day and auto correct. Would you believe that? ///./// Anyways, have an evening almost as lovely as you are. I would say just as lovely, but most people don't usually get two perfect things at once. ;)




Thanks, Muffin Anon. That actually made me laugh!

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dude i feel you i get that way about everything at some point in time. go on a d&p marathon and you’ll get the heart flippy feeling thing again