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Have you heard of Ramon Rogers? He is thought to have dismembered 3 people. I believe 2 were found 3rd is speculation. I went down the rabbit hole on r/unsolvedmysteries and found u/Sandi_T mentioning her life as a "foster child" of Dorothy and Mike Rogers and that Ramon/Raymond was a fellow " foster child" and learned his methods from Mike and Dorothy who also abused u/Sandi_T along with the other "foster kids". The user did some thin air podcasts that may be worth listening to.

I’d never heard of Ramon Rogers before, but this is a very interesting case for sure. 

To summarize a little, Rogers was sentenced to death in 1997 for the murder and dismemberment of two ex girlfriends, Beatrice Toronczak and Rose Albano, whose body parts were found in plastic bags. He was also found guilty for the murder of his friend Ron Stadt, although his body has never been found.

Rogers was the foster kid of Dorothy and Michael Rogers, who were persons of interest in the disappearance of a woman called Marie Ann Watson in 1977. She was in a middle of a custody dispute with the Rogers, who were taking care of two of her children, when she vanished. Considering that Michael Rogers pled guilty to raping one of his adopted daughters, it seems likely he’d abuse the other kids too. Not sure about the killing and dismemberment though.

In the Charley Project page for Marie Ann Watson, it says that police tried to link Ramon to her disappearance once he was arrested for the other crimes, but didn’t find any evidence. He would have been 18 at the time when she went missing.

Here is the post that Anon mentioned, with links to the podcast.

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So resently ive discovered that im a Brat What I mean I've always been into it just didnt know there was a term for what i was. Always assumed i wouldnt fit in to the dd/lg life style because i liked well being a brat. Well im currently dating a new guy and hes never participated in anything close to dd/lg. I explained to him that Im a brat and a little about dd/lg and he says he is very intersted and wants to try do you have any suggestions do you think it is possible to "mold" him into a daddy

It is very possible. As long as he is well aware of what his responsibilities are as a Daddy. Littles are trained all the time. I’ve trained two.. I watched my girlfriend slip into little space for the first time today and it really made me smile. I was caught off guard by it as well but I did my best to just embrace it. Becoming a Daddy is alot like learning to driving. In this instance he will be learning to drive and lead a relationship. There are a million different scenarios you encounter each day, each different from the last. But they all have one thing in common—Just how in control of your vehicle/relationship are you? Over time he will start to notice your Little pattern and be able to compensate and coexist along side you as a Little perfectly. You’ll literally have to tell him how to act in certain situations. What to do and what nots. Be patient with him, he’ll come around. Good luck (:

welcome oasis springs newest residents! 

olivia graduated from willow creek high with big dreams of becoming an extraterrestrial explorer. she left the nest and moved to oasis springs after accepting a position as a lab technician at futuresim labs. 

aspiration: leader of the pack
traits: vegetarian, loves outdoors & ambitious

finn grimes was born and raised in oasis springs. he left his childhood home to move in with his girlfriend of two weeks. (phew, was that a disaster). after the break up finn finally got his $#!@ life together and decided what he wanted to do with his life. - finn grimes. cadet. reporting for duty, sir. 

aspiration: nerd brain
traits: childish, loves outdoors, & outgoing

how they met: after olivia’s monthly allowance from her parents ran out she had no other option than to put an ad in the paper seeking a roommate. at the time finn had just broken up with his girlfriend and found himself crashing on his best friend’s couch. liv encountered quite a few weirdos before finding finn. needless to say they both found each other in a time of need.

sidenote: these cutie patooties came from @johnnyzest. i do not have any specific story line planned out for these two, i simply want to explore more of my game with them. i will be posting gameplay caps of them alongside my petrova vampire legacy.


I’ve been meaning to say thank you so much for the nickname. Oh yeah, glad you like it. It was super easy to come up with. Father Joseph, Father Broseph, Father Bro, Father Brah. Bam! I mean attendance has shot through the roof since you did that.


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when gentle sweet girl falls in love with even sweeter shy girl 🌺❤️🌼

ok but rich said that michael was “by, like, a ton” which means michael came to see jeremy in the hospital even though he didn’t wake up until then so he probably just. sat there near him while he slept and i’m cryinG ahsjkdlsl