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Two Minutes (part 1)

so there was this picture and a (kinda) prompt that came across my dash.  And it sounded like fun - which is to say that the first sentence bit me and once I’d written that, more came.  I feel like there’s more but in these few minutes between chicken chasing and leaving to pick up my dad this is what came out.  @theprojectava I don’t know if this is what you wanted but its my start at least.


He’s not Takashi.

He will never be Takashi.  Takashi, who’s the oldest by a mere two minutes and forty seconds and wears every nanosecond of that birth order in his very bones.

Not that his twin is all straight-laced propriety.  Taka can cut loose and subvert the rules with an almost serene joy.  But he knows it when he does.  Because Taka always knows the weights and balances in everything he does and he manipulates and maneuvers the scale like a pachinko grandmother who’s riding her entire month’s pension check on it.  Ryou gave up trying to match or even meet him when it comes to things like odds or strategy before they were even out of their pre-teens.  Taka can turn on a heartbeat, ride the edge of an eyelash, slip through the tightest spot and keep climbing.  Takashi, bluntly put, is the golden son of the Shirogane family.  And, sometimes, he would be lying if Ryou didn’t admit it was hard, seeing that gleam ahead of him all the time.  It would be harder if his brother was anyone other than his Takashi.  Because Taka never saw him as his shadow, never treated him like an accessory, never loved him with anything less than his whole fierce loyal heart and Ryou - well, Taka wasn’t just the Shirogane family’s golden boy.  He was Ryou’s too.  There had always been a strong, consistent comfort and reassurance in that steady gleam of gold.  Taka had always considered Ryou included in that glow.

If Takashi was the family mon in human form though, Ryou had his own place.  Because every mon needed steel to partner it.  And no one could match Ryou there.

The first time he got into trouble, really got in trouble, it was when he took apart his grandfather’s prized timepiece to see what made it chime.  He’d been six.  By the time he was seven he’d put it back together and for the first time in a century it had ticked time perfectly.  His mind didn’t make the leaps ahead that his golden twin’s did, his mind dug deep and kept digging.  Taka was naming the stars and learning his grandfather’s poetry as soon as he could talk.  Ryou had sat in their father’s study and poured over old, vanilla smelling books about biology and chemistry, learning to enjoy the way things slotted so perfectly into place when enough parts were present.  Taka mastered go and Ryou card games, preferring the patterns he could watch for and manipulate to make things fall perfectly into place.  Taka dreamed up adventures for them around the family fish pond and Ryou built small soldiers out of loose bolts and their grandmother’s fabric scraps to accompany them.  When they were old enough Taka learned to make a hovercraft dance like a petal in the wind and Ryou learned to tune it so that it whispered or purred or sang.  They weren’t complete opposites.  They were almost evenly matched in combat, training together young, with Taka having the advantage of strategy and Ryou the advantage of recognizing patterns quickly.  They both laughed easy, loved bad movies, told worse jokes - but Ryou was the one that would do something just to see what would happen while Takashi preferred figuring it out ahead of time and acting accordingly.  That - last trait meant that more than once it was Takashi that played the hero to Ryou’s messes, not always graciously, but, more often than not, wanting all the details afterward, just as knowledge hungry as his two minute younger twin. 

For twins, they didn’t often play the identical twin joke.  None of the family had ever fallen for it, their cat clever grandmother least of all, and Taka was too soft-hearted to use it on other students or their teachers.  Ryou had empathy.  His just wasn’t as sensitive as Taka’s.  Sometimes a good joke outweighed someone else’s temporary dignity.  As long as it wasn’t done maliciously, Ryou was more willing with the twin hijinks.  And, sometimes, when he was taking his brother’s actions apart in his mind, curious as always, he wondered… if his brother didn’t play twin jokes for Ryou’s own sake.  Because he knew and he knew that his brother could have envied him his golden position.  Sometimes Ryou did.  But that happened less and less the older they got and the more Ryou found his own strengths outside of his brother’s.

Because if Taka could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

Again I’m sorry I just can’t control myself.

A fancy club/event night sort of AU I guess…? Or even not really story-needed. *blush*

Dad had always taken pride of being in an excellent shape for his age. “How many fifty year olds have a six pack like this?” He would often brag, lifting his fitted tanktops and showing off his flat, chiseled stomach.

As expected, such a good looking man like him never had a hard time finding a partner for a hot, sexy time. I guess that at his age he had convinced himself that he was safe from the most natural consequence of sex: pregnancy.

He angrily admitted it to me one day. Summer was around the corner and he was looking unusually bloated. “Having trouble cutting after your winter bulk?” I teased, poking a finger into his not-so-flat-anymore middle. 

“I fucking wish!” He complained. “Guess there is no point in hiding it. I got fucked knocked up!”

“You what?” I asked, shocked. “How? When? And who…?”

“How do you think it happened, dumbass?” He almost yelled, slapping my hand away of his gut and tugging his t-shirt. “Three months ago. Some dude from Growlr did it. And the motherfucked blocked me afterwards.”

“Holy shit.” I said, having trouble believing it.

“It’s the worst thing ever.” He continued. “I’m tired AND hungry all the time. I’ve put on twelve pounds already, and that’s on top of my bulk. I’m going to end up fat as a fucking cow.”

July came around and dad kept growing every week. One morning, I dashed into his room after hearing an unusal amount of loud swearing coming out of it. “Is everything ok?”

Dad’s eyes shot daggers at me from across the room.”Nothing is fucking ok!” he yelled furiously. “It just took me ten fucking minutes to button this jeans. I have already pissed like four times since I got up two hours ago. And I had breakfast like twenty minutes ago and I’m already starving again. And I’m only six months along” He sighed, defeated. “I’m turning into a fat, useless, pregnant pig.”

Opening Night

Prompt: The first show of In The Heights was complete and being the good girlfriend that you are, you decide to be sober for the after party.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: A quick drabble to get the gears moving again. Of course I didn’t proofread. Of course I’m going to do it once I post it. I was inspired to write this because of the ITH that flooded my dash today. P.S.: DID YOU KNOW SONNY IS THE NEW USNAVI?!

Lin’s suit jacket was tossed aside hours ago, lost in one of the tables in the venue.

His tie was next, loosened enough to for him to breathe while he danced with wild abandon.

Then the top two buttons of his shirt came undone and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, the heat from the bodies that surrounded the dance floor causing the thin material to cling to his body.

It was hours after the first show of In The Heights was completed, and Lin and the cast and crew were having the time of their lives. Your boyfriend, the genius behind the musical, was living it up, soaking in the success of the show. He laughed that crazy, maniac laugh of his, and shook his hips like his life depended on it. Lin was a social butterfly, and he fluttered around all night dancing with guests and taking celebratory shots.

You knew that he had enough when he was onstage, screaming a freestyle that professed his love and thanks to the cast. When he spotted you recording him, he pointed at you and leaped from the stage to grab you by the waist. “Yo this girl you see, the apple of my eye, center of my life, is going to be my wife!”

“Please stop,” you snorted as you pushed him away.

He cackled and pressed a sloppy, wet kiss on your cheek. Flashes from cameras and hoots from the crowd followed, and he jumped back on stage, yelling at the bartender for another round of shots. He and Robin, the biggest instigator of the night, stumbled to the bar, their greedy hands reaching for the shots Lin requested.

“Lin,” you said, having lost count of how many times you’ve said his name in that tone, “easy.” You take the second glass from his hand before he had the chance to drink it, and you couldn’t help but grin when he pouted and leaned forward to reach for the drink.

“Here, take this one,” Robin chimed in, drunkenly pushing a glass into Lin’s hand.

“You. Stop.” You spun to glare at Robin, “and oh my god, Lin,” you laughed when he clinked his glass against the one in your hand before downing the shot in one go.

“God, I couldn’t ask for anything more,” Lin yelled, slamming the glass down into the counter of the bar, “I just performed on Broadway and I’m going home with the most beautiful woman in the place!”

You smiled, reached for his tie, and pulled him down for a long kiss. The tangy taste of the alcohol was exhilarating and his hands that trailed down your back left a path of heat in their wake. But when his hands roamed down to your butt, you drew back. “Lin,” you warned when you heard Robin snickering beside you.

Luckily Chris and Lac whisked him away, and you were left to stare at your silly boyfriend who continued to dance the night away. You were fine with watching him from a distance; parties were never really your thing. Besides, tonight was Lin’s night. He deserved everything and more for what he’d accomplished.

When you saw him start to undo the remaining buttons of his shirt, you rushed forward, knowing that it was time to intervene. “Lin please,” you giggled as he reached for you. He took your hand and spun you so that your back faced his front.

“My lips feel numb,” Lin whispered against your ear, arms coming down so he hugged you from behind, “and the room is spinning, but I fucking feel great.”

You peeled yourself away from his body and squealed when he dragged you back into his arms. You give Lac an exasperated look when he pressed his nose against the curve of your neck, peppering kisses against your skin. “Lin.”

“Nothing compares to how happy I feel right now, not even when I was up there playing Usnavi or when I finally figured out how to right click on my Mac – do you remember that? I want to live in this moment forever.”

“You’re a sweet talker even while your drunk, Lin,” you hummed, smiling softly at his rambling.

He sloppily spun you around to face him. “You love it. You love me.”

You wiped the sweat off his forehead and gave him a kiss, rolling your eyes when an inebriated Robin interrupted to hand Lin another drink. “We’ll see how much I love you tomorrow,” you muttered, chasing after the two when they began to start a conga line with the cast and crew, “when you can barely get up from bed because of your hangover.”

A white shirt flung past your head and you let out an incredulous laugh when you recognized that it belonged to your boyfriend.

Happy opening night, Lin.

Imagine taking a case in your home town

This post is Triggering! I am warning you all now that please don’t read if you are easily triggered. (Lots of death, suicide and just shitty mom)

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The roar of the impala under you was the only thing keeping you grounded as you rolled down the open black strip of tar with the man you loved and his younger brother. Your head leaned against the window as the millions of trees passed you by, each one bringing you closer to your own personal hell…

“Babe.” the sound of Dean’s voice echoed through the hall as Dean approached your shared room where you had currently been laying down, your eyes glued to the illuminated screen of the small internet portal you held in your hands, “Babe you gotta get dressed, and pack a bag.”

“Why?” You whined as you looked at him, fully comfortable in the memory foam that was swallowing you up. A smile etched onto his face as he looked at you with complete love in his eyes. 

“Cause we gotta case, four officers dead in a small town in Georgia, looks like a ghost. We figured we would go check it out.”

“Oh.” The realization hitting you as though it was a 18 wheeler going far too fast.

“Didn’t you say you had family in Georgia, maybe we can stop and say…”

“I think my mother is far too busy to accommodate a visit from her daughter, who has not become a lawyer like her brother or a environmentalist like her other sister.” You interrupted, knowing that your mother never was a huge fan of yours, and you doubted she would take a visit from you and the boys as a pleasant occurrence. 

“Okay, well meet me at Baby in 15,” He instructed, as you nodded in reply, before quickly turning your attention back to the article you were scanning for familiar names, the same article Dean and Sam had just gotten your next case from.

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“Well here we are.” Dean said pleasantly as he carefully pulled the impala into the parking space outside the police station, the memories flooding back to you as the purring of the engine died away. 

“So we have the fake Id…..” you failed to hear the rest of the sentence however by the slamming of your own door, your legs carrying you into the building, as Dean watched your hips sway. It took several seconds for both men to establish which fake FBI ids to use, and then they let themselves into the building. Dean’s eyes already sweeping over the layout, however they soon caught an interruption when they noticed your back. You were seated on the desk of one of the elder officers, who seemed to be smiling up at you as he chattered away. In your hand they could both see that you were holding a picture frame, as though you had previously been looking at it. 

“Hey, did [Y/N] ever tell you where exactly in Georgia she grew up?” Sam whispered as the sound of your own laughter filled the air. 

“No, but I have a feeling we just found out.” Dean replied as he started towards you, and the older gentleman, who was clearly the one in charge.

“Excuse me, we were looking for Chief Gebel?” Sam asked another officer, who looked as though he was in his mid thirties, and an ex football player. 

“Yeah, he is right over there. HEY CHIEF, Feds are here.” He snapped quickly as the attention of both you and Gebel’s was drawn towards the sound of the man.

“Thank you Eric. Tell me [Y/N] , how long ya in town for?” 

“Oh depends on how fast these two get the case closed.” You replied with a smile as you pointed toward the Winchesters.

“Well make sure ‘fore ya go ya come around again. It ain’t been the same since…”

“It was nice to see ya Ernie and I am real sorry again about Herman.” You smiled at the boys before politely hopping from the desk and escorted yourself to the front door, where you sat your ass on the park bench you and the previous chief used to eat ice cream on when you were a child.

Dean’s POV  

“Agents, it is mighty nice of you both to come down here.” Officer Gebel smiled at us both after the swing door of the office shut behind [Y/N].

“Of course sir, we are sorry to interrupt your visit, was she your daughter?” Sam asked as I looked the man up and down, she never mentioned her parents, so who knew if this old guy could be her dad, he looked like he could be dad age.

“[Y/N] isn’t my daughter, her pa used to be the old chief here, however something went terribly wrong on a case, we were working it together. He, ummmm,” Gebel’s started to tear up a bit, and after a sniffle he continued, “sorry, you see Hank used to be my best friend, the girl might as well be my own, it really hit her hard when her daddy died. Even harder when her mother acted like nothing happened. She left when she was 17, and she never looked back, not even when her sister passed away.”

“I am so sorry to hear about your loss, well if you….”

“You mind telling me how her sister died?” I asked, Sam glaring at me, as though to tell me not to prey, that if my girlfriend wanted to tell me about it she would have. 

“Well ya see, when her dad died the children took it pretty hard, each child processed it differently. For [Y/N] it was dreamin’ of leaving, for her brother Grant it was signing up for the army, and for Kathleen, well she went from a popular cheerleader to an outcast, stopped talking to her friends. The only people she really spoke to were [Y/N] and Grant. Grant was 18 when it happened, the girls were both still in high school, Grant was gone for maybe a year or so when the letter came. Mary was devastated, first her divorce was becoming public, then her husband died in the line of duty, then her son. It was shortly after the funeral for him that [y/N] left town. She left a note saying she was never coming back, said she was tired of living in a cursed family. About three months later, Mary came home to Kathleen died in the parlor. Suicide, hung herself from the ceiling fan, remember having to take the body down myself. We tried to reach out to [Y/N], tell her about the funeral, but she never responded. Her mother became cold after that, and is now the mayor of the town, best mayor we have ever had actually.”

“Oh… Well do you think…”

“Excuse me Agent Anka, but the case.” Sam snapped, stopping me from my futhur investigation into [y/n]’s past.

“Sorry Agent Stevens, So tell me…” And as I asked about the case, my mind still lingered on the lie [Y/N] was living in.

y/n’s POV

You had found yourself wandering from the bench, and standing outside the stone steps of the town hall, your eyes looking at the windows which were all open, and the curtains billowed out of the openings. You soon found yourself walking up the steps and taking a deep breath before you opened the door and was greeted by the silence of the front office.

“Welcome to the Senoia town hall, if you would like to meet with the mayor…. OH MY GOSH [Y/N]!” the tall blonde behind the front desk greeted as she looked at you, her eyes widening at the site, as you sighed.

“Oh hey Heather.” You said unexcited as she stood up and started around the desk, wrapping her arms around you as you lightly tapped her covered arm.

“How have you been bestie? I feel like it has been….”

“12 years… yeah cause it has been.”

“Well I can see you have changed, what happened to the captain of the cheer squad who used to be so cheery?” Heather pouted as you looked at her in annoyane.

“Why did I even stop here, I remember the way up.” You huffed as you started towards the stair, stopping only for a second to snap, “And she died 13 years ago.”

The doors were still the same, and felt the same as you pushed them open revealing the office of an OCD official. Every paper was neatly piled, and sorted into color piles. the cabinets all were labeled alphabetically, and the room looked as though it was fully polished and cleaned several moments earlier, and the neurotic woman who was this insanely organized was standing with her back to the door, chattering away on her phone, as she examined her perfectly manicured nails in the sunlight. The hints of grey now visible in her  hair, and her thin frame covered in a bright yellow pant suit. Her voice flowed in the air as it reached your ears, “Give me a second Sherry I think the airhead just came in with my low fat, soy, latte with two pumps of cream, and a dash of that addicting vanilla flavoring.”

When she turned you could see the fake youth in her face, her skin pulled on her face, exposing her high cheekbones, and the slight crows feet forming at her made up eyes, her lips were thin and cracking, however still were covered in a sicking shade of pink, which matched the overuse of blush on her face. At the sight of you in the door her eyes widened, and her hand went to the small bump in her suit “I have to call you back Sherry, my runaway has finally come begging for money.”

“Begging for your money is the last thing I want.” You snapped as she hung up and looked at you, her shock turning into disgust as she glared you up and down.

“Well I can think of no other reason you would be standing before me, unless to tell me you are finally dying too.”

“Now why would I ever give you the satisfaction of hearing that?” You laughed as you shut the door behind you.

“Well for your information…”

“I know you are married to Eric, the same Eric who was Grant’s best friend. Tell me how are the kids?”

“How did you…”

“Ernie told me, so did Eric, since the first thing out of his mouth was, hey look guys my stepkid is here. So that was it, Daddy died, then your children either die or leave and you decide that instead of grieving like a normal widow, or looking for your daughter, you replace us all, like we were nothing to you. You really are shallow.”

“Is that why you came, after 12 years you finally wanted to see that I made something of my life unlike you, who judging by that outfit is unemployeed and probably living under a bridge somewhere.”

You started to chuckle, “Yeah Mary, whatever helps you sleep at night. I just hope that Eric is happy with that cobwebbed thing. Wonder if he is scared seeing how the first police academy boy you slept with Andrew is dead, along with Officer Nelson, Herman, and Charlies. Tell me if Grant was still alive and knew you were cheating on Dad with all his friends who were going to be police with him you think….”


“Well at least he wasn’t a whore like you!” And with that you swung the door open again and slammed it behind you, and as you marched yourself down the stairs, you came face to face with two agents of the FBI.

“I’ll be in the car.” You growled as you stormed past.

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“So when were you planning on telling us that this is the town you grew up in?” Sam asked that night as you all sat in the motel room, Sam on the couch with his eyes glued to the screen of the laptop, Dean sat at the table looking over files of the victims. and you were laying on the bed, staring at the yellowing ceiling as you drew a short breath.

“I knew you two would find out sooner or later, specially after we went in the police station.”

“And you were planning on telling us that your mom ran the whole town, or that your dad….”

“How do you know about my father and mother?” You asked, your body going from the laying down position to sitting up and looking at Dean, whose face was reddening at the sound of the springs. 

“Well your mom and you share…”

“She has a different last name, it is Fanzine, like the deputy down at the station, you know the football looking one. So I will ask you again, how did you know my mother runs the town and my father was the old chief.”

Dean was silent for a few minutes, you could see the lie forming in his brain as he processed the words he should say, however Sam was far quicker at responding, “Dean asked Ernie about it, however Ernie was not one who needed much convincing, seeing how he wasn’t even prompted at first to tell us. After that he…”

“Yeah Ernie is like that, well what do you want to know?”

“About the case or about you?” Dean asked as you looked at him, and saw the loving, protective nature pouring from them.


“Well what do you think about the case, the only theme I can find with the victims are that they were all roughly the same age, and had the same occupation. Did you know them?”

“Andrew Livingstone, Nelson Remington, Herman Grebel, and Charlies Greenbert were best friends, their close friend group also consisted of two other boys, Eric Fanzine, and Grant [Y/L/N]. All of them wanted to join the Senoia police force and work under my dad, and Herman’s uncle. They all were just punks, played minor pranks here or there, went fishing, hunted, were just boys.” 

“Other then the friendship can you think of something else that linked them?” Sam asked as you took another deep breath.

“I am sure Ernie mentioned the failing of the marriage when he was oversharing our family history. Well the marriage was failing because of my mother, whom I am sure you met already and saw her true form.”

“Yeah, I can see why you never mentioned her before.” Dean added as you smiled slightly

“Yes well she hides a whole lot of bitch under those pantsuits. She also however hides a cougar magnet. The marriage failing was no one’s fault but my whore mother’s. She was having an affair with Andrew Livingstone. Twice a week they would hook up in this hotel, in room 55B. It had been happening for almost a year, and while my father didn’t want my mother’s name to be slandered, since she was preparing to run for mayor again, we all knew about the affair. That was the start of what lead Grant to wanting to leave, the thought of this happening scarred him and ruined the very friend group he clung to. Dad dying was the second thing, and the big push. After that the remaining members of the group join the academy and were not doing well enough to join the force here, since the standards were set so high by the previous mayor. So to join the force they each slept with the current mayor of the time, hoping she would grant them entrance. It worked and with a strong referral from my mother, they got in. It was also during this time that Grant got killed in battle and when attending the funeral of her own son she arrived on the arm of his best friend, whom she was sleeping with. However no one knew of the relations between the group and the mayor except for the two girls who were forced to listen to it, seeing how the sex occurred in the bed her and my father shared. That is the main reason I left,I was tired of it, and soon so was Kathleen. She was the only one who had my number when I left. She said Mom was marrying Eric and she couldn’t live with the thought of her and Eric marrying so soon after everything, and the date of the wedding was set for the day my father died. I told her to come meet me, and I would take her away, but my message was too late, and was replied with, “I hope you are happy shank, cause your only sister is dead. NEVER show your face here again.” 

“Woah.” Was all either of the men before you could say, the tears running down your eyes as you wiped them away.

“Yeah. My family was one shitshow.” You giggled as Dean stood up and sat next to you, taking your frame in his arms as he pulled you close.

“I see now why you lied about them, I am so sorry.”

“It is fine. But I don’t know how this link could help. I mean the only thing I could think of was a ghost….”

“Wait, why did you think Ghost, we were thinking….”

“Did you guys not feel how cold the entire building was, it felt like the whole heating system was broken, even though it said it was 75 degrees in the room. Also before I left for the town hall, I did a sweep and the EMF was going nuts around the whole perimeter, and in the doorway.”

“You my love are a saint.” Dean said, kissing your temple as you smiled, and watched Dean go back to the files at the table, where he sat for a while more before the phone went into a frenzy. 

“Agent Stevens speaking.” Sam replied as he looked at you again, as you watched in wonder as his eyes widened.

“We will get there in a second, DON’T touch anything till both I and my partner arrive.” He emphasized before he closed the phone and looked at the two of you, “Eric Fanzine is dead.”

“I wanna go see.” you replied, as both boys leapt into action, both reaching for the FBI suit jackets as you rose as well, pulling your duffle out to collect the pencil skirt and button down you always wore when playing the female FBI role. 

“No, I think…”

“Well if I go with you, then I have an alliby that the police will believe, I can just say I was with you two, helping research the case, since I am an….”

“And when they decide to look up the fact that you aren’t a Feb, and then take you in for this, since I am assuming that is what you think will happen, then we all are screwed. So please princess, stay here.” Dean whispered as he leaned over to kiss you, before leaving out the door with Sam, as you pouted slightly, and laid down on the creaky mattress.

Dean POV

When the boys returned it was early morning, and you were curled up on the bed, the sunrise rays slowly dancing on your face. I slowly walked to the side of bed she was facing and lifted my hand to brush the hair from the front of her face. She smiled slightly as she hummed in her sleep. 

“So tell me Dean, what the fuck was that back there?” Sammy snapped as he threw the jacket onto the couch before flopping down onto the other bed, and looked at me.

“Sammy I am sorry, but I couldn’t just let them talk shit about my girlfriend like that.”

“Oh thank God you two are here. I accidentally left my wife’s Tupperware here, and I was coming back to get it. That is when I walked in and I…. I don’t know what I saw.” Gebel rambled as Sam and I entered the station, which was covered in police tape and investigators. 

“Well can you try to word it as best as you can?” Sam asked as I took my time looking at the desk that Eric had been seated at earlier, which was decorated with a few photographs, one of a little girl with big blue eyes, one of him and [Y/N]’s mother, and another of a group of football players, one who looked as though he could be the male version of [y/n]. 

“Well I thought…. I saw Hank.” He shakily whispered as his face paled, my head turning towards him, “Like with his hand in his torso.”

“Well that sounds….”

“OH MY ERICBOO!” A high pitch scream came from the doorway, the source dressed in silk pajamas, and a pair of sneakers as she raced towards the body. Gebel quickly reached out and stopped her from racing into the scene as my teeth tightened. 

“My Husband!” She wailed as she crumbled in Gebel’s embrace

“I am so sorry Mary. Eric was a good kid, everyone….”

“Where is my daughter, I demand she be brought in for questioning!”

“Excuse me ma’am but why would your’s and Eric’s child be guilty, for one is not even born yet and the other is 4.”

“Not them, my other ungrateful child, who hated my husband and was jealous of my success.”

“And why would she be jealous of you. You just look like a miserable old woman who only got a young husband because you promised him mind blowing sex probably and a young looking hag.” I barked as she looked at me with reddened eyes.

“How DARE YOU! I am GRIEVING!” Mary snapped as she placed a hand upon her stomach, “Oh My darling Eric.”

“You can’t believe the [Y/N] would have done something like this. This is awful, and…”

“I want to know where she is! I want her…”

“She was with me!.” I yelled, the woman and officer glaring at me as I sighed, “I am her husband, and when I told her that I was taking a case here, she wanted to come and visit her hometown, maybe show me the sights. We were keeping it a secret from you all because she didn’t want to boast that she married an agent. At the time the murder occurred we were having sexual intercourse, we are trying for a baby. My partner can confirm this, since we were making him sit in the car at the time of the act.” 

“You and my daughter…. are married.” Mary asked, her face in shock as she looked at him blankly.

“Yes. Now Chief Gebel, if you can please escort Mrs. Fanzine home so we can work.” Sam instructed as he slowly took her out of the room and into an meeting office, as I left the station. 

“Well I suggest that you go to bed, and hope that you didn’t throw the whole case.”

“Yeah but Sammy, it makes sense doesn’t it, I mean all the victims were involved with [Y/N]’s mom, and Gebel said he saw her ex husband, who was a cop. What if…”

“Dean, we will talk about it later, right now, I just want an hour of sleep.” Sam yawned as he turned away, my feet carrying me to the empty side of the bed, where I laid next to [y/n], praying for her sake the killer wasn’t the ghost to her dead father.

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Part 2

Thank You


“Jackie, how excited I am to see that you’ve decided to add your efforts to this charity event. Your contribution may change more lives than you anticipate, and because of this, you have fallen under my good graces.”

He moved towards them in a daring dash of two steps, and a hand came up behind their neck. Fingers twining into their tresses, he grabbed hold of their hair and forced their head to arch backwards. He brought his head down, and grazed the sharp edge of his teeth along the veins of their neck, before allowing his lips to nibble along their skin with a small, listless groan. Finally, once he knew he had his fun, he departed his body from them, offering a snide smile, his hand grasping their own in a gentlemanly gesture of his departure.

“Thank you, lovely.”

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I don’t know if you’re still interested in prompts but a fic just came across my dash that had this prompt: tooth-rottingly fluffy and I immediately thought of you and Joanlock, because you’re amazing and I just love the way you just catch the tone of those two perfectly….. Cheers!

Thank you … I think … actually I specialize in cavity producing sweetness so … hear ya go!

“What do you think?” Joan held up her left hand and waved it in front of Sherlock. The diamond glittered on her ring finger.

Sherlock, his arm casually slung around her shoulders, smiled, “I think it is almost as beautiful as you, sweetheart.”

Joan smiled and ducked her head down in pleased embarrassment. She pressed in close to his chest and he placed a small kiss to the top her head before addressing the antique store owner. “What is the provenance of this ring if I may ask?”

The older man put on his bifocals smiling kindly at the couple, “Let me check our records.” He pulled out a leatherbound book and began flipping through its yellowed pages.

Marcus, who moments before had walked into the store looking for a gift for Chantal’s mother, stood dumbfounded. Obviously, they weren’t aware of his presence and he wasn’t sure he wanted them to be. They stood at the glass counter cooing at each other of all things. There was something wrong here - unless he had completely misread Joan and Sherlock’s relationship all these years … No. They were up to something. Perhaps investigating forged antiques or laundered money or …. oh, oh no, they were kissing … full on the lips… Embarrassed, Marcus didn’t know where to look.  He scanned the shelves, picking up an ancient-looking brass oil lamp and examining it way closer than he’d ever examined an ancient-looking brass oil lamp before. This wasn’t right…. This just was not right.

Sherlock spoke. “Nevermind sir. We’ve decided to take the ring no matter what its provenance. You’ll take American Express or does it need to be cash?”

Ah hah! thought Marcus, this is where they get the evidence they need to flush out whatever scheme they were trying to flush out. Marcus watched as the transaction was sealed. He stood transfixed as they turned to leave and spotted him.

Sherlock discreetly removed his hand from Joan’s shoulders. Her cheeks turned pink as she spoke. “Marcus, what are you doing here?”

“I… uhm … Chantal’s mom’s birthday …” he waved the brass lamp in front of them.

“Interesting choice.” Sherlock regained his composure. “I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with the possiblity of conjuring a djinn.” He nodded at Marcus who, still stunned at the encounter, awkwardly nodded back.

“Well,” Joan spoke up. “Nice to see you but we’re running late.” She touched Sherlock’s arm, “We need to go.”

“Right. Right. Off we go then.”

With that, they exited the store leaving a confused Marcus about to purchase a $150.00 slightly tarnished oil lamp.

My working title for the next chapter is “"Marcus and the Djinn.” (joking)

counting stars

Summary: Leo Fitz’s third date with Jemma Simmons was going remarkably well. At least it was, until he opened his mouth and a very cheesy (and very astronomically incorrect) line came tumbling out. 

Rated T. Non-SHIELD AU. 

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A/N: I had a mighty need to write pure happy, tooth rotting fluff after this week’s episode, but lacked inspiration. Then lo and behold, in the midst of all of the painful (and gorgeous!) post-4x17 gifsets, this gem of a post came across my dash and made me simultaneously smile and scream “but IMAGINE FITZSIMMONS”. And thus, this fic was born.


It may have only been their third date, but Leo Fitz found himself wondering how he ever lived in a world without Jemma Simmons in it.

They had been set up by their mutual friend, Daisy. (You’re both the two biggest dorks I know, she had said. Not to mention sweet and kind and brilliant– oh and did I mention she’s British? You guys are like, made for one another, I just know it.)

Normally resistant to set-ups, Fitz had to admit, he owed Daisy big time. Jemma was everything she had promised and more. She worked as a biochemist at Isodyne, he was an engineer at Stark Industries. They had instantly bonded over their shared love of science, but there were about a million other things about her that made him smile. Like when, on their second date, he realized they both took their tea same way and it reminded him of home. Or like, how they were both Doctor Who fans (her story about meeting David Tennant had been the perfect icebreaker on their first date). 

Everything was so easy with her– it felt like they had known each other for years. It all added up to Fitz falling hard and fast for the brilliant and gorgeous woman sitting across from him.

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Anywho its 2:25 in the morning i just came back from a concert and gave my puppy a bath and have decided to end my hiatus early :D YAY! So expect stuff today!!!

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+ for: @giirlfriendd

+ words: 2.5k

+ genre: drama, fluff

+ warnings: slight cursing?

+ summary: Hiiiii can you do a haechan/donghyuck scenario that’s really fluffy and cute where he tries to take you on a date and everything goes wrong but you both still like each other and you end up just cuddling and watching movies and napping pls I know it’s so specific I’m sorry

+ honestly?? this was super fun to write like she was really worried that she was too specific but its actually really helpful for more. i think i get more joy out of specific requests than vague ones. I kind of wish he was a bit more of his sassy self in this but they are on their first date soo…

+ request? masterlist?

A beady eyed, rat like boy sat before you, his hand clenched around his fork while his harsh tones spat out words you barely recognized. You squinted your eyes at him, trying to read his lips but as more time passed on the more you wanted to drown him out. Your own spoon flipped the soup over and over in annoyance, not wanting to eat. He finished his food off with a lick of his fingers and asked something unintelligible before taking your soup and slurping it down.

The waiter from before did not come to your table, rather a taller, younger boy who didn’t look the age of hiring staff and rather your age grinned happily down at the two of you.

“More water ma’am?” he asked sweetly, pouring the water into your glass when you nodded awkwardly.

The boy before you grunted what sounded like ‘what about me?’ and the waiter turned to him, his sweet demeanor changing tenfold before smiling a cruel smile.

“Sure thing, sir. I thought you could cool down a bit,” he stated with a smirk, the water trickling down his mop of dark hair and all over his expensive clothes.

Your blind date set up by your mother stood, slamming his hands on the table in shock, shouting words loudly as management rushed in.

“Listen, doll face. I can take you on a real date this punk could never even imagine,” the boy stated, a smirk on his face as he held out his hand. You looked at the rat drowning in the water before taking the waiter’s hand and running out of the restaurant.

Standing on a street corner, the wind picking up as the street lights warmly glowed around you. The two of you started laughing, breathing heavily as you held your knees tightly between trembling fingers.

“I hope you didn’t just ruin your job” you whispered through deep breaths.

The boy stood up straight, a large smile on his face, “I don’t work there, I just wanted to save you from that prick,” he replied, a lopsided grin on his face.

You laughed at the thought, he had gone to all of that trouble. “Well thank you…?” You rose an eyebrow in question, awaiting his name.

“Donghyuck,” he stated, bowing, a hand in front of him and one behind his back.

“I’m _____.”

“It’s a pleasure, _____. Now, why don’t I take you on the date you deserve?” Donghyuk asked, holding his hand back out to you.

“Lets,” you agreed, clapping your hands together, swinging them as the two of you merged into the crowd.

You two emerged in front of a cafe, a bit busy and hectic for your taste but exciting nonetheless. The two of you entered, the brown walls making the place feel homey as well as the fireplace creating a warmth a heater couldn’t provide.

Donghyuk pointed to a table on the upper floor, like a large catwalk around the top where the middle was cut out and room for tables and walking were allowed. You nodded, giving him your order and moving up the curving stairs to reach the top.

The table sat next to a large window, overlooking the city. You admired the sparkling lights and sea of people until Donghyuk arrived at the table. He set his drink down and went to set yours down until he tripped over his shoe lace and spilt the liquid all over your nice dress.

He stood there, shock written all over his face. The two of you sat there before you rushed down the stairs and to the bathroom.

Donghyuk felt the guilt swarm inside him, he couldn’t see your face but he knew that it was filled with tears. The woman at the cashier saw the whole thing happen and nodded at him, a silent sign saying she’d bring another up. He sighed in relief but doubted you’d want to stay there or with him for another second.

You returned to the table, a placid look on your face and he rose an eyebrow in surprise.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, unsure how to address the situation.

“Yeah, why?” you asked, patting a few spots on your dress still.

“Well, you left so quickly, I wasn’t sure…” he whispered, his cocky demeanor all but nothing now. A waiter walked up to their table, his eyes set on you, a look Donghyuck did not appreciate. He handed you the cup, making sure to brush your fingers together, smiling with all his teeth before leaving.

“Gross,” Donghyuck groaned, taking the slip of white paper from the plate and tossing it over the railing. “You won’t be needing that with me here.”

You smiled softly, touching his hand, a feeling of electricity moving between your hands. You pulled back, hissing.

“Oh, sorry!” you exclaimed, the static shocking the both of you.

“It’s fine,” he whispered, scratching the back of his neck.

The two of you talked for a few minutes, nothing potentially disastrous happening. Donghyuk happened to look down at the ground floor for a moment when the door opened, two girls entering and looking up as well. They both turned red in the face before squealing loudly at the sight of him.

“Oh my God!” one of them screamed, as the other dashed for the stairs.

“Can I get a picture with you?” the other girl asked, somehow up the stairs in milliseconds. Donghyuk looked behind him and back to her, trying to smile up at her without looking at you.

“I’m actually on a date at the moment,” he said awkwardly.

The girl didn’t move, still smiling brightly at him until her friend came to her. “Oh, please? We won’t bother you anymore. I promise,” the girl stated, a fake smile pulling at her face.

Donghyuk sighed, standing to his feet, “Alright,” he muttered. “Uh, _____? Would you mind?” he asked shyly, you nodded in understanding and took a picture of the three of them. The girls then decided they also wanted individual pictures, consuming more of their time before thanking him profusely and then finally leaving.

“Some fans don’t understand we have a life beyond them,” he sighed, turning to you with an apologetic look.

“And who is ‘we’?” you asked curiously.

“Oh, um… I’m in a new boy group under SM Entertainment. We’re called NCT, though there are subunits and I’m in the ones called NCT 127 and NCT DREAM,” he explained.

You nodded in understanding, taking a sip of your drink. A bump in the table made you pour the rest of the contents on your lap once more, one of the girls from before looking down at the two of you guys with a no so convincing apologetic look.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry. Why don’t we go on to the bathroom and get you cleaned up?” she asked, taking your wrist in her hand and dragging you off to the girls bathroom.

When the two of you entered the bathroom, the strongest scent of cleaning solution and bottled perfume hit your nose and you began to cough.

The girl dragging you in threw down your wrist in disgust, the liquid on your thighs burned severely so you moved to clean off your legs once more but was cornered by the two.

“So…” the dark haired girl who had been hiding in the bathroom asked, her eyes slowly trailing up your figure, assessing with her sharp eyes. “Your Haechan’s date?”

“No, I’m Donghyuk’s date,” you replied in annoyance, glaring at her.

She snarled in your face, “It’s Haechan, only a true fan would know that, but I guess all you’re trying to do is get in his pants because he’s famous.”

“Yeah, it’s obvious, the way you look like you’re sweet but in actuality you’re really a bitch,” the blonde stated, following her friend.

“Mmm, actually I have a little secret,” you whispered, curling your finger to bring them into you so they could hear you. “I didn’t even know he was famous until you two came screaming for him.”

The two gasped as if it was a crime to not know him, taking a step back. “Thank goodness, move out of my way. I can feel my skin blistering,” you replied, trying to shove past them only to get pushed back against the wall.

“No way, two-face, we’re not done here,” the blonde stated.

“And what are we not done with?” a strong voice asked, a short woman standing in the doorway of the bathroom, a terrifying look on her face as she stared down the two girls.

“We were just…”

“It’s not…”

“You two better get the fuck out of my cafe or swear to God your face on the corkboard won’t be the only place it is,” she growled, her eyes narrowing into slits until the girls scurried out of the bathroom with their tails between their legs.

The owner loosened up, a motherly figure overturning her as she walked over to you with a small, awkward smile. “Hey kid, I’m Mat you okay?” she asked, holding her hand out.

You took the woman’s hand that pulled her up, “Actually, could you check my thighs?” you whispered timidly.

“Sure,” she agreed, motioning for the counter to take a look. Your thighs were bright pink and small blisters were starting to pucker. She hissed at the sight, taking out a first aid kit from the bottom cabinet and cleaning the wounds.

“Your boyfriend is worried sick out there. He tried coming in here to get you but one of our staff thought he was trying to be a pervert and come in here. So, I had to come get you, lucky I did or those girls would have really gotten the ass kickin’ of their lives,” Mat said as she bandaged up your skin.

“Thank you, you’re very kind.”

She nodded, whispering under her breath, curses you didn’t understand.

“What are you saying?” you asked, making Mat look up.

“Oh, I’m from America, moved here when I wanted to find a new way in life,” she replied, a small smile on her lips. “Well, you’re all cleaned up, let’s get you onto your boyfriend,” Mat said, helping you down from the countertop.

“Could you… not say anything about the injuries. I want to try and make the rest of this date go as smoothly as possible,” you asked, a sheepish grin on your face as you hoped she’d agree.

She narrowed your eyes and you worried she was going to kick your ass too, “As long as you tell him sooner rather than when you’re in the hospital with an infection.”


You walked out of the bathroom to see Donghyuk pacing outside, his hands pushing through his hair as he perked up to see you. “You’re alright! I’m so sorry about that!” he scrambled.

“It’s alright, thank you Mat,” you dismissed, she nodded about to walk off before remembering.

“Oh! I wanted to say that the two of you have coffee, tea, whatever for life here because of what’s happened. I truly apologize on the behavior of those girls,” she bowed and left for the register before they could argue.

“Anyways,” Donghyuk muttered, “Would you like to go to the movies? It’s dark enough no one will recognize me plus it’s always a good first date area.”

“Alright,” you agreed.

Somehow, Donghyuk talked you into seeing this scary movie with him because “I’ll protect you from the monsters,” and whatever else he babbled on about in the ten minute line.

The two of you sat in the furthest row, with a popcorn bag between you and hands intertwined while the movie began to roll. The commercials were always the best part, especially if it got the idea of the scary movie coming your way out of your mind.

The scenes passed, your hand trembled and you jumped every moment something potentially harmful moved. You turned to take some of the popcorn from the middle, Donghyuk as well, waiting for you to grab your share and both from the movie when the middle aged woman beside you two screamed so shrilly that you jumped, your nose ramming into his own.

“Oh God!” he groaned, holding his nose in pain, while you as well did the same.

You removed your hands, looking at the slight redness on them. “Damn, you’re bleeding!” he exclaimed, removing his hands from his nose to check out yours.

“So are you!” you exclaimed, pointing at the blood pooling above his lips.

A few of the obnoxious kids in the theater shushed the two of you while you rushed out. In his jacket pocket he had a thing of tissues, handing a few out to you.

“How do I do this?” he asked, starting to tilt his head back.

“Go forwards, go forwards,” you exclaimed, pulling him forwards as if he were bowing while you did the same. After five minutes the two of you pulled up and just stuffed a few tissues in your nose to stop the rest of the bleeding.

Walking outside, Donghyuk grit his teeth annoyed he had made the date so insufferable from the moment he butted in.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered to her, barely able to look at her.

“It’s okay, I’ve made some silly mistakes myself tonight, don’t worry yourself. How about, we go back to my place, I’ll get some medicine and then we can curl up on the couch and watch netflix?”


“Um, yeah. I actually got blisters from the heat.”

“Fuck!” Donghyuk yelled, turning away more as he stomped his foot. “This has gone so terrible, you should go on home alone.”

“Listen, it’ll go great because I’m the one planning it. You’re just bad at planning,” you replied, lips in a thin line as you shrugged.

“Thanks,” he droned, turning back to you with a look of annoyance.

“It’s true, watch!”

Your parents were out for the weekend and had already planned that you’d bring rat-boy by the house so they weren’t worried about having one in the house.

“I’ll go get blankets,” you told him, running to your room and changing out of the fancy dress and into some shorts and a shirt while grabbing the blankets.

When you entered the living room, tossing one to him and curling up on the couch, patting the side next to you on the loveseat. Donghyuk took the seat next to you, while you flipped through the movies on Netflix.

“Anything in particular?” you asked.

“Nothing scary.”

“Right,” you agreed, flipping to a movie and curling into his side. Donghyuk sat tense, unsure of what to do as the two of you stared at the screen, blankets apart. The movie passed and it was halfway through, he had finally gained the courage to wrap his arm around you, next was a cheesy pick up line and he’d be set.


No response. He bent his neck to see your face, peaceful and asleep. He smiled lightly, pulling you closer to his side until you both fell asleep together. The date may not have been the best but this moment… it was more than he could ever ask for.

Forbidden Fruit (Jacob Frye)

Your smile brightened up the ballroom as you stepped foot through the doors. Your shimmering (E/C) eyes observed the guests as you made your way through the crowd. Your beautiful dress was turning heads; men were complimenting you on your natural beauty while the women gave small smiles and returned to their small talks, no doubt gossiping about every little thing that happens in Whitechapel. You made your way to the grand staircase and greeted your doting mother and father on the top steps.

“Oh (Y/N), you are looking marvelous this evening.” Your mother cooed, eyeing you up and down with admiration in her eyes. She turned to your father and hugged his side as his gentle smile appeared in your gaze. He walked over to you and took your gloved hand as he raised it to spin you around, taking in your appearance.

“My dear daughter, you do look lovely. You look just like your mother.” He gave you a slight hug as you looked over his shoulder to look at the crowd conversating below. Everyone was here to celebrate your twentieth birthday, but the celebration seemed more for your father’s business; his business partners were here instead of your closest friends. You went along with it though, because you were never the one for too much attention pointed in your direction.

“Oh how are you enjoying your party, (Y/N)?” Your father asked you as you stood by the railing, eyeing the cheerful crowd.

“It’s perfect, father. I see that you have invited some of your business partners as well?” You nodded your head in the direction of the little throng of men, talking lowly in the corner of the room, eyeing everyone in the room until one of their dark gazes meet your bright one.

“Oh… yes of course. Even on your special day, I still have to work, unfortunately. If you’ll excuse me for a moment.” He pecked you on your cheek and kissed your mother before descending the stairs and making his way over to his partners. You sighed as you turned your head to your mother, who had a look of concern staring at your father.

“Mother, what is it exactly that father does? I don’t think he has ever told me.” Your question brought your mother back to the moment as her wide eyes turned to you and her concerned look faded away and her faded rose lips tugged upwards to a smile.

“Oh, heavens, (Y/N) darling. Your father… his job is very strangely alluring and dangerous for the men that work with him. He is a powerful man in his own state of standing…” Her voice drifted as her eyes carefully watched your father interact with his partners, his smile was big and bright, but his body seemed stiff and tense as if something was to go terribly wrong. “Anyways, let’s not dwell on your father and his strange occupation, it is your day after all.” Her smile was genuine as she stood next to you at the railing of the stairs.

The musicians played some somber music, majorly contrasting against the loud and boisterous crowd that stood before them. The music was quite fine to you but your mother thought otherwise and asked them to change the beat of the even, so they did. The music was uplifting and everyone began to grab a dance partner and take the floor. The tables were left vacant and the dance floor was full with voluminous dresses and classy men. Your smile struggled to stay on your face as you wished to dance with someone.

Your prayers were soon answered as your eyes drifted to the ballroom doors opening and two people walking in through the door, one male, and the other female. The man looked dashing as ever, but could be easy seen as out of place with the color of his vest, a deep woods green that stood out against the black, gray or white ones. His hazel eyes were dancing around the room as a smirk took place of his lips. His eyes just had this charismatic feel to them that you seemed to be allured by them.

The woman seemed fairly uncomfortable standing there in her scarlet dress, contrasting to your (F/C) dress that was very voluminous. Her hair was beautifully done in a braided crown that wrapped around her head. Her kind smile was only a facade that you saw through, she looked as if the man had simply dragged her against her own will. Her hands were at her sides as she inspected every inch of the ballroom, her sea green eyes looking over you as you just watched the two.

“Mother, who is that posh couple at the door? Are they friends of fathers?” You asked curiously as you took slight steps to the stairs. Your mother wasn’t listening to you as she was busy chatting with other people who stood near her. You decided to investigate yourself and you found yourself halfway down the winding staircase, smiling at the kind gentleman and woman.

You approached them slowly with a sweet smile as you stared them both in the eyes. The man’s smile grew as you introduced yourself to them.

“Hello, I’m (Y/N) (L/N), welcome to my party. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid that we have never met. You two are?” You looked at the man as you saw him gently take your hand and bring it up to his lips. Your cheeks blushed a beautiful peach before you turned the other way to hide it.

“I am Jacob Frye, and this her is my dear sister, Evie Frye. Sorry for barging into your little party, but we thought it was a free gathering of some sorts. If you wish for us to leave…” His voice trailed as you shook your head in a disagreement.

“Oh, you two are fine here, I can’t possibly say no to you two dashing people. Come, get a drink with me, if you are interested.” You looked between the two and right before Evie was to respond, another man came up and took her hand, dragging her to the ballroom floor. She gave her brother a warning look as her head nodded in the direction of you. You brushed it off, thinking that she was worried about being swept away in the party.

“Well, how about you Jacob? Would you like a drink? I know I am parched.” You laughed lightly as he held out his hand for you to take.

“Lead the way, Miss (L/N).”

“Oh, please, call me (Y/N). I’m still youthful looking, am I not? Only women who have been married and widowed with children can be called ‘Miss’.”

“Alright then.” He smiled at you as you brought him to the drink table. You poured each other a drink and stood by the edge of the ballroom floor, watching everyone, including Evie dance around to the lively music.

“So, this is your party? May I ask for what?”

“My birthday. I am now twenty, but my parents still believe I am their baby girl. Isn’t it a bit touching?” You asked him curiously as you sipped your drink before taking one big swing of it before returning for more.

“So touching, indeed…” His voice seemed sarcastic as he finished his drink and returned for more. “I would not know what that feeling is like, my mother died during childbirth and my father had recently passed.”

“Sorry to hear that, let’s drink to them. They have raised such a fine gentleman.” You turned to him as you waited for him to bring his glass to yours, but he didn’t; he turned to you with a sly smirk plastered to his face.

“I rather not, but thank you for the complement. Your parents have raised such a beautiful girl.”

“Careful now with the word girl, in your eyes, I am supposed to be seen as a young beautiful woman, so says my parents.” You laugh as you finished your drink and set it down on one of the nearby tables.

“Well, would you care to dance with me, such a beautiful young woman must dance at her party.” He said to you as he held out his hand for you to take. Your smile grew brighter as you took his hand and let him lead you to the dance floor. He took hold on your waist as you placed your hands on his shoulder.

The music played and you two danced with the rhythm. Your dress swayed with every step to the side, every twirl and dip in Jacob’s arms. It felt magical as you slowly tuned out the rest of the people dancing around you, and it felt like it was just you and him in the moment. His hazel gaze never left yours as moved. A small smile was on his lips as he stared down at you with awe, but something in his eyes seemed…dark.

“You’re awfully quiet. What is on your mind?” He asked as he looked around the crowd, no doubt looking for his sister, Evie. His eyes returned to yours as you shrugged your bare shoulders.

“Nothing that is to your concern, sorry if I sound rude, I just have a lot on my mind this night.” You confessed, your eyes drifting to your father talking to some woman that you could not see.

“It is fine if you do not wish to talk. I prefer if we just stare into each other eyes… what marvelous eyes you have.” He made you blush as you looked down at his feet. “Oh love, don’t hide your blush from me, I find it quite adorable.”

“Oh… thank you. You mind if we head to the gardens? It is quite stuffy in here and I can barely hear myself think.” You chuckled nervously as you pulled him to the gardens.

You sat on the wooden bench as you watched the waterfall flow. It was silent and both of you played with your fingers. You felt His gaze burn into the side of your head, before you turned to him quickly, to catch him in the act.

“You were staring” You smiled at him as he shook his head, disagreeing with you. “I saw you, liar.”

“I am so sorry, but your eyes must have been playing tricks on you. I wasn’t doing any such thing…” he looked at you as you smirked at him, “If I was staring, it would only be because I find your beauty so alluring.” His words faded into the night as you both leaned into one another.

Your lips were grazing each other before, you sealed the deal with connecting your lips all the way. He cupped your face as you placed a hand on his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. It was sweet and tender, he was not too rough, but he wasn’t too gentle as his lips stayed on yours. He pulled you almost onto his lap, but the skirt of your dress was getting in the way.

A loud clearing of someone’s throat sounded right in front of you two and you quickly pulled apart to find Evie standing before you two, her arms folded across her chest and a look of concern and anger glistening in her eyes.

“Oh dear brother Jacob, I am ready to leave. I am not feeling so good.” Her voice was strained as she waited for Jacob to join her. He didn’t budge, so Evie started to hold her stomach as if she was going to vomit.

“Evie, you don’t look bad, but maybe it’s the makeup that makes it difficult to see.” He chuckled lightly before standing up from the bench and taking a spot near his sister’s side. He hugged her to his side as he looked at you with mirth and content. “Oh dear (Y/N), it was nice to meet you this evening, but as you can see, I must leave. I hope we can meet again, sometime soon.”

“I hope so too, Now go on and get out of here. I hope you feel better Evie.” You told her as she smiled faintly before turning around and entering the place to leave. Jacob had followed right behind her as she talked quietly to him.

You were happy with the way your evening went, but you were left a little empty after Jacob had left. You returned to the party and took your place beside your mother and father as you began to wrap up the party.


“You are a complete bloody idiot, do you know that!” Evie raised her voice as she turned to face Jacob, showing her full anger.

“What did I do to anger you, oh dear sister? Did I get mud on your evening dress? Oh, Did I rip your dress or maybe I stepped on your foot while we arrived at the party?” Jacob seemed annoyed with Evie’s sudden outburst, but he didn’t really care to actually do something about it.

“The girl, (Y/N). You know exactly what you have done. You kissed our targets daughter, you halfwit!” She raised her voice and slammed her hands down on her desk as he turned her head to look at the dumbfounded Jacob.

“She never said anything about her father being a templar or anything along those lines.” He spoke softly to himself, but Evie heard and scoffed.

“She might not even know, or she is really good at hiding it. Either way, she is off limits, you hear, once we find out what she really knows and what her motives are, she can’t be touched. Got it Jacob?” She stood before him, her arms folded as she looked down at him as he laid on his couch in the train cart. “Swear that you will not go near her until we get things sorted out.”

“I swear.”

Evie left the room on that note and Jacob let out a sigh of frustration. He could care less what Evie told him, he was a part of the mission also, so his say counted too. He couldn’t just leave you out to dry as he and Evie decided if you were a templar yourself. He was taking a liking to you, but he knew that he had fallen prey to a templar before. You were off limits to him, and he kind of liked it, though, to him, it made the whole situation feel more dangerous and fun.

Seduce me Christmas fanfic (SamxMika/Reader)

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself, not surprisingly, staring at Sam’s bare chest. His

arms wrapped around me with his chin resting on the top of my head. I sighed happily and rested my head on his chest. After a while, I turned my head to look at the clock.

12:30 December 24.

Christmas eve.

When I realized what day it was, I bolted straight up, smiling brightly. As a reaction to my sudden movement, Sam growled. He didn’t move from where he was, but he made it obvious he was annoyed.

“Sam! Get up! It’s Christmas eve!” I said, shaking him a bit. He didn’t budge.

“Come on! We have stuff to do today! James, Erik, Mathew and Damien are coming

over to help us set stuff up!”

Sam’s only response was him groaning and rolling over on his side. This was starting to annoy me.

“Sam come ON! We have stuff to do today.” I urged, while getting dressed. He lightly started snoring. I growled, but no matter how much I tried to persuade him, he wouldn’t get up. Suddenly an idea came to mind. It was a death wish, sure, but it would definitely wake him. That and I felt like teasing him.

“Sam~” I said, knocking against the bed frame. “Do you want to build a snowman?

I saw him open his eyes and glare at me.

“Mika: don’t you fucking dare.” I giggled.

Come on let’s go and-”

“I swear to god if you finish that verse.”

“That’s It! You’re dead!” He said, throwing off the blanket. As soon as he did, I ran out of the room, giggling. At least I had gotten him up. I silently prayed that Sam wouldn’t use his super speed while I threw on my boots and coat and rushed outside.

I ran behind a tree and looked around. Sam was nowhere in sight. I started getting nervous. Where was he? I looked over my shoulder to see if he was behind me. Suddenly I felt my back hit the snow below me. Shocked, I looked up to see Sam, Pinning me down with a mischievous smirk painted on his face

“Gotcha doofus.”

I was pinned against the snow covered ground, with Sam on top of me. Snow was pressed against my skin, but Sam’s warmth eliminated any cold I should be feeling.

His head went down to my throat and he started planting kissing against my neck. It wasn’t long before he started nipping at the soft skin.

“Ah-! S-Sam…”

I bit my lip, trying to contain what little control I had left. Sam let out a chuckle against my skin.

This tease.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of snow being moved, and realized one of his hands was no longer pinning my wrist down.

Before I could finish whatever I was gonna say, I felt snow being shoved into my face. I felt Sam sit up and howl in laughter.

“SAM!” I shouted, shoving him off of me. I wiped the snow off and dried my face with my scarf, glaring at him. He smirked at me, and he made it painfully obvious he was trying to hold back his laughter. I punched him in the shoulder and looked away from him

“Now we’re even.”

“Yeah whatever.”

After an amount of time I looked over to him, and I could see a twinge of of regret in his amused expression.

“Heh, sorry. You alright?” he said, apologetically. Or, as apologetically as Sam could be. I chuckled, letting my bitterness subside.

“Yeah, I’m fine. My face is a little cold though, courtesy of you.”

He chuckled again before grabbing my chin and leaning forward to kiss my nose, Causing a blush to invade my cheeks. He pulled away, smirking smugly at me.


I wanted to say yes, but my mouth wouldn’t form the words I wanted to speak, so I just nodded.

We both stayed like that for a while, Sam still holding my chin in his grasp. It wasn’t long until he brought my face closer to his, eyes half lidded, gazing into mine. Finally I pushed forward and closed the distance between us. Sam wrapped his arms around me as I moved my arms up and around his neck.

Time seemed to stop there, with me and Sam kissing, sitting in the snow.

Hell, time seemed to stop any time I was with Sam. He somehow made my heart pace quicken with everything he did. Everytime he spoke to me, every time he flashed that toothy grin of his, every time he let out that husky chuckle, every time he said he loved me, and every time he showed me just how much he did.

He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me. And I wouldn’t trade him for anything else.

“HEY! ARE WE GONNA DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS OR DO YOU WANT US TO LEAVE YOU TWO ALONE?!” I heard a familiar voice yell.  Sam and I pulled away from each other and snapped our heads to the owner of the voice.

It was Matthew who shouted at us, along with the other brothers smirking at us.Even James. They were all standing not to far away from us but Sam shouted regardless.


“Long enough to see you two making kissy faces at each other!” Shouted Matthew.

“We came over to help with the decorating, but we can come back later if you two want to be alone together~!” Shouted Erik.

Sam scowled at his brothers before getting up and charging at them, causing them to both yelp in fear and dash into the house. I walked over to James and Damien, who knew better then to tease Sam. James looked at me with a suspicious smile and an eyebrow raised.

“Care to explain, miss?”

“Not particularly. Wanna come inside? It’s cold out here.”

“You didn’t seem very cold back there.” Damien teased. I felt my cheeks warm up again.

“Or I could leave you out here both to freeze.” I said. With that, we followed Sam, Erik, and Matthew back into the house.

When we had opened the door, we saw Sam chasing his two brothers around the house. I sighed and loudly clapped my hands together, interrupting their game of cat and mouse and causing them to look at me.

“Alright everyone, let’s get organized.”

“That’s what i’m supposed to say.” complained James.

All of us had gone to the dining room, and discussed how we were gonna do this.

“Oooh! This is so exciting!” Said Matthew.

“Why are you so excited?” asked Sam

“Because this is our first Christmas! And also we get to decorate…For the first time in forever!”

“Matthew: I already had to teach Mika what happens when you sing Frozen songs around me. Do you need to be punished too?”

“Ooooooooh, so that’s what that was, huh?”
Sam blushed before looking at me, and then looking down at the floor.


“Aaaaaanyways. So, Matthew’s got the cookies, James has the tree, Damien has the stockings….Erik what are you doing again?” I asked. He put a finger to his lips and winked to no one in particular

“That’s a secret princess~”

“Riiiiiight.” I said suspiciously.

“And me and Sam are in charge of hanging the lights and stuff. Sound good?” I asked. When they all nodded, we broke off to to the job we were assigned. It didn’t take very long for Sam and I to place lights, holly, bells, ext. (Mostly thanks to his super speed) on almost every part of the mansion.

For some reason though, Sam would only let me hang stuff where I could reach. He would not let me use the ladder. Why though? It kind of irked me but at the same time, it made me happy that he cared for me.

Occasionally I would start humming Christmas carols. Tis the season after all. Sam was fine with it (as long as it wasn’t anything from Frozen) and I even heard him sing the lyrics very quietly under his breath. It made me want to giggle, because he was so cute, but I didn’t because I knew if I did he’d stop and feel embarrassed.

Eventually we reached the archway that separated the kitchen from the entrance room of the mansion. Of course, I couldn’t reach it.

“I’ve got this.” said Sam. But I put my hand on his shoulder and stopped him from climbing the ladder he had just sat down.

“No, I've got this. You’ve done most of the placing things on the high stuff and now I want to do something.” He looked at me,his expression half blank, half concerned.

“But what if-”

“Sam. I’m not gonna fall, got that? I’m not that much of a klutz.” He looked like he wanted to argue, but eventually he sighed and stepped off the ladder.

“Just be careful, alright?”

I smiled reassuringly at him before climbing the ladder. Halfway up, I felt him place his hands on my hips, as if trying to keep me steady. At the moment, I felt a feeling of annoyance and irritation for my incubus. I looked over my shoulder at him.

“Sam: I’m. Fine. It’s not my first time climbing a ladder.”

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked down at the floor.

“Right.” He pressed his back up against the wall and left me to place the string of holly and bells across the walls. Eventually he spoke up.

“So why do humans do this? You know, celebrate Christmas and stuff?” He asked

“Well, apparently it’s the day Jesus was born. And Christians felt like that day needed to be celebrated. So: Christmas.”

He nodded. It was my turn to ask a question.

“So, do you have holidays in the abyssal plains?”

He bit his lip, taking my question into consideration.

“Not really. I mean, we celebrated eachothers birthdays but not sure that really counts. Hell, If you can even call it celebrating.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well: when it was one of our birthdays: we would all sneak away and spend the day with each other. Whovever’s birthday it was’s mom would spend some time with them too. It wasn’t really a big extravaganza, especially when we had our dad to avoid. He’d always work James to the bone so we barely saw him, Erik had his mom to deal with, and me, Matthew and Damien would just kind of do our own thing so we were rarely in the same place at the same time.”

“Hmm…I see…” I tore my eyes away from my work to smile at Sam. “Well, you’re not there anymore! You’re here! That’s what’s important!”

A momentary look of surprise crossed over his face before he beamed up at me

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

I looked back at what I was supposed to be doing at something caught my eye that I didn’t notice before: a small green plant with white berries and a red ribbon tied onto it.

Mistletoe? Who had hung mistletoe? I looked down at Sam, who was standing under said mistletoe, and I felt my cheeks slightly heat up at the thoughts circling around in my head.

Somehow, while I was spacing off, I had lost my balance and started to fall backwards.



Sam had caught me, and now I was in his arms with him carrying me in his arms like a bride. How was it that we always end up in these predicaments? Though, I wasn’t complaining.

“You alright?” He asked


“Good.”He said, putting me down on my feet. He scowled before leaning his forward to nuzzle my forehead to his.

“I told you to be careful doofus.” I closed my eyes and smiled

“Right. Sorry.”

“Well, well, well. Would you look at that.” I heard a someone’s (Cough cough Erik’s) smug voice say. We glanced to see, yet again, the brothers had snuck up on us at the worst possible time.

“Ah, I knew placing mistletoe would be a good idea.” said Erik. So this was his doing. Dammit Erik.

I was blushing from ear to ear, but Sam just stared quizzically at me and his brothers.

“What’s…Mistletoe?” Oh lord how was I supposed to explain this to him?

“Um-w-well, when two people are standing under the mistletoe, they have to-um…” Luckily/not Luckily I didn’t have to explain beyond that because Damien had finished my thoughts for me.

“They have to kiss.” he said, nonchalantly.

I saw Sam’s face flush a shade of red and an surprised look cross his face before I looked down at the floor with the same amount of embarrassment.

“You’re blowing it Sam!” said Mathew, trying to be encouraging but failing miserably. Sam snapped his head back to glare daggers at his younger brother


While his head was turned, I took the chance to press a kiss against his cheek, making him freeze in surprise, and blush a deeper shade of red. He looked back at me, and I smiled.

“We may.” I said, trying to make another Frozen reference. If he was angry or annoyed at the reference, he didn’t show it as he leaned in and kissed me.

The other brothers (mostly Erik and Matthew) let out whistles or said “Yeah you do it!” but we payed no attention to them as we melted at each other’s touch.

This was one, if not my favorite, things I loved about Sam. Not just his kisses, but the how I could feel the love and passion he had for me every time his lips touched mine. It made me wonder if he could feel the love and passion I had for him every time we kissed. Although i’m pretty sure I already knew the answer to that question.

Sam loved me, and I loved him. The decorations could wait, Santa could wait, and Christmas could wait. All the mattered to me right now: was being in the arms of the man I loved as we savored the feeling of eachother’s lips, and melted in each other’s embrace.

That was all that I needed in order to have a truly merry Christmas.

Thought of leaving another NSFW cliff hanger, but I decided to just write an actual NSFW and save it for later ;)


if i’m a pagan of the good times my lovers the sunrise
             to keep the goddess on my side she demands a  s a c r i f i c e

Right This Way, Cinderella

Requested: Nope!

Pairings: Steve Rogers/ Captain America x Cinderella!Reader

Warnings: An unusally cruel step family, and a very pushy best friend

Word Count: 2,125 (WOW)

Series: Like a Fairytale, Cinderella

A/N: So this turned out really ong, but part two will be posted in the near future, and when it is up, I will link it down below. Let me know what you think of the new Fairytale mashup series!

You couldn’t say that you were unfortunate, at least with a clear conscious. Even though both of your parents had passed away at a very young age, you knew that things could have been a lot worse. The step- mother that you lived with after your father’s passing was not the nicest person that you had ever met, but she kept a shelter over your head and (at least a little) food in your belly.

Your best friend, Jacques, did not see it that way. “I don’t know why you let her treat you this way,” he said from your bed, where he was lounging, reading his favorite gossip magazine while you finished up the rest of your step family’s laundry.


“I know, I know,” he said, waving you off after interrupting. “She isn’t all that bad… things could be a lot worse… etcetera etcetera.” He quoted you in a high pitched voice after throwing his magazine down on the bed.

“I know that you don’t understand,” you said softly, taking a break from folding to look him right in the eye. “But there is nowhere else I can go.”

“Well, I know that I’m not going to get you to leave this house forever,” Jacques said as he reached under the bed, pulling out a beautifully wrapped box. “But I was hoping that I could convince you to leave for just one night?” He asked hopefully, pushing the box towards you with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“What did you do?” you asked, cautiously untying the ribbon from around the box.

“Well, Tony Stark is having a party at the Avengers Tower and anyone is invited. You just have to come in disguise,” Jacques explained as you pulled a delicate looking white mask out of all the tissue paper.

“I, I don’t know what to say,” you stuttered, admiring the delicate lace that adorned the mask.

“Say that you are going to take the night off for once in your life.”  Jaq said, hopefully. You dug further into the box, pulling out a beautifully constructed ball gown. It was blue, your favorite color, and you had not doubt that it would fit you like a glove. Jaq was a fashion design student, and he had made most of the clothes that were currently hanging in your closet.

“I guess that I could ask,” you said, dreaming of not having to clean the house just this once. You had never complained that you basically ran the household, never receiving a simple thank you. “But, I don’t know,” you sighed, placing the mask back into the box, avoiding Jacques’ eyes. “There is just a lot that needs to get done around here. The fireplace needs cleaned, I still have probably eight loads of laundry left to do, and… and,” you drifted off when you saw Jacques giving you ‘the look’ that he pulls whenever he knows that he is going to win an argument.

“I already talked to Suzie, and she and the rest of the girls are going to take care of it. Your step mother and the girls are going to be gone to the party, anyways. So as long as we are back in time, they will never even know that you have left the house!” he explained excitedly.

“Well, I guess that I could leave,” you said slowly. “But only as long as you promise that we will be back before they are. They usually don’t get home until 1, but we should be back by twelve thirty, just to play it safe.”

In the hour that Jacques spent on your hair and makeup, he insisted that he be in charge of it, he is going to school for cosmetology and fashion design you know, you couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. Your friends were taking it upon themselves to clean your house, just to give you a night off. You didn’t even realize that you were about to cry until Jacques held a tissue under your eye, scolding you for almost ruining all of his hard work.

Eventually, he was done poking and preening you, and he forced you into your dress and mask, whisking you out the door before you even had time to glance in a mirror.

“One, more thing,” he said, pulling something out of his bag. “I know that you are insisting that the converse will be hidden under the dress, that no one will see them anyway,” you rolled your eyes. It was true. You loved him, but comfort over style was one of the things that you were usually quite adamant about. “But just this once, please just ear them.”

Jaques pulled out a beautiful pair of pumps, that thankfully weren’t high enough for you to break your neck in. They were clear, but not in a platform, hooker kind of way. They almost looked like they were made out of glass.

You smiled at him, before pulling your feet out of your familiar converse and slipping on the beautiful new shoes.

The journey to the infamous tower passed without incident, and before you knew it, you were standing on the steps leading up to the intimidating building. “Maybe this was a mistake,” you said, tugging on Jaq’s hand, your eyes begging him to reconsider. “So many things could go wrong. They could recognize me, they could beat us home, they could-”

“All you worry about is your step-family. When are you going to stop letting them be in charge of every aspect of your life. They loom over you, every second of every day. If you aren’t going to stand up to them yourself, think of this as an act of silent rebellion. Now,” he said, taking your other hand in his own, “let’s go have fun.” He smiled, leading you through the front doors.

You guessed that you may have been a little late when you got there, as the party was already in full swing. Although Jaq waltzed into the throng of people as if he owned the place, you paused as your breath caught in your chest, and you took a moment to admire the general splendor of it all.

Whoever had planned this party had done an extraordinary job. The room was made up to look like a castle, with rich red tapestries hanging on the walls and grand columns that were placed around the room. You were only drawn out of your thoughts when you felt Jaq’s arm looping around your own.

“Right this way, Cinderella,” he chuckled, leading you down the grand staircase. You had never exactly liked the nickname, but you couldn’t deny that it fit. He only explained after seeing the confused look you gave him. “They are all staring at you,” he laughed, glancing around the room.

You blushed, realizing that while Jaq was known for some over the top exaggerations at times, he was not making it up. You looked up from the floor, realizing that many of the people in the large ballroom were staring at you. Jaq tightened his arm around yours when he felt you make a about to make a dash for the exit. “Not so fast, you came here for a good time and you are not leaving before you enjoy yourself. Besides, who said that was a bad thing?” he laughed.

Before you could insist that the two of you leave immediately, a feminine voice from behind you interrupted. “I am so sorry to bother you, but my friend is too shy to ask you to dance, and well, it is his special night,” a red head said with a wink before whisking you away from Jaq, guiding you over to a tall man that was standing alone near the edge of the dance floor.

You sent a look over your shoulder that you hoped screamed ‘HELP ME’, but Jaq simply shook his head at you, a mischievous smile playing at his lips, before turning to the bar and ordering himself a cocktail. “You don’t understand,” you said quickly, hoping to be let go before you met the broad shouldered stranger. “I don’t know how to dance to this kind of music.” You said, referring to the beautiful classical music that was ringing out from the live orchestra positioned on a stage at the front of the room.

“Don’t worry, its right up his alley.” The woman said with a laugh, before joining your hands with the stranger’s and giving the two of you a not so gentle nudge towards that dance floor.

It was a good thing man seemed to have fast reflexes. If not for him catching you around the waist, you surely would have fallen in front of a room full of people, practically in the middle of the dance floor, no less.

Luckily, you were spared the embarrassment of falling flat on your back, as the man wrapped one arm around your waist, and the other hand found yours. He held you there for a moment, before pulling you up and beginning to sway in time to the music.

“I’m sorry about Natasha,” the man said in a deep voice as he began to twirl you around the floor in a more complicated step. If not for his strong hand on the small of your back, you would have been completely lost.

“Oh that’s alright,” you said, trying not only to focus on the steps, but the butterflies that had somehow made their way to your stomach.

“I’m Steve, by the way,” he said, his eyes meeting yours as you briefly glanced up from your feet.

“Y/N.” you muttered.

“Well, Y/N, it might do you a bit of good to look up, instead of at the floor,” he laughed, lifting your chin up, so that your eyes met his.

You couldn’t help the blush that darkened your cheeks to a rosy pink color, but you wished that it would go away harder than you had ever wished for anything in your entire life. It was then that you realized something strange about Steve, he wasn’t wearing a mask. You could easily see his strong jawline and his kind eyes. “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” you asked, finally feeling comfortable enough to carry on a conversation.

“It is my birthday,” he chuckled. Tony insisted that the birthday boy didn’t need to wear a mask.” You were’nt sure how long the two of you danced in silence, choosing to take comfort in the sounds of the music rather than conversation when you put the pieces together.

Natasha, Tony, Steve. You were dancing with Captain America. Before you could fully process what was happening, you happened to see some familiar figures making their way out the door, your step family. “I have to go,” you announced, turning away from Steve, your eyes frantically scanning the large room for any sign of Jaq.

“What?” Steve asked, rushing to keep up with you as you frantically rushed towards the bar, hoping that Jaq hadn’t gone far. How long had the two of you been dancing. You shook your head. It didn’t matter now. All that mattered was somehow making it home before your step mother discovered that you had left the house at all. “What do you mean you have to leave?”

“I just- I just have to,” you said hurriedly, before rushing to where Jaq was standing at the bar, chatting to a mad disguised as cupid and Natasha. “Jaq,” you said, pulling on his arm. “We have to go.”

“What? Why?” he asked, but quickly nodded when he saw that you were pointing at your step family, who were making their way out the door. “Okay, alright,” he said, setting his drink down on the bar. “Time to go,” he announced as the two of you started to hurry towards the door.

“Please, wait,” Steve called after you, but you were already across the dance floor, and Steve got caught up in the dancers, allowing the two of you a chance to get away.

“Y/N, who is that?” Jaq asked as you both rushed down the stairs and towards your house. You felt your shoe slip off of your foot, but as you turned around to grab it, you saw Steve reaching the top of the stairs.

“Where are you going?” he called, hastily climbing down the stairs. After a moment of deliberation, you decided that getting home before your step mother was more important than Jaq’s newest creation. You simply yanked the other shoe off of your foot and continued to run.

“If I’m not mistaken,” you said, in between your deep breaths, “I do believe that is the birthday boy himself.”  


It has been really cold here so - I haven’t been able to get out and look for bugs much in the past 3 days or so. I looked around a bit, and came up with nothing. Even my Spiny Orb-weaver friends have split from their usual locations!!! (Sniffle… Just too cold). Temp got below freezing for several nights in a row, which is pretty rare for the part of Texas I’m in. So - here are two pics of a Giant Leopard Moth I came across about 4 or 5 years ago. Love the dashes of blue. Sorry the quality isn’t better, these were taken with an old iPhone.

Gerard Way Fluf Request - First Date part 1

*A/N CUTEEEEE, also I wrote this before the hair got dyed*

You were sat in the restaurant waiting for your date to arrive. You friends had set you up on a blind date and all you knew was that he was ‘your type’. You didn’t even know you had a type, obviously your friends knew you better than yourself.
It was 7:15 and he was meant to have turned up at 7, you understood fashionably late but you weren’t going to wait much longer. Until you saw a mass of red floppy hair in a suit walked through the door.
He saw you and walked over.
'So this is my type’ you thought to yourself and smiled.
You stood up to introduce yourself.
“Hi, I’m y/n”
“Gerard” he smiled
You went to put your hand out as he leaned into kiss you on the cheek, making an awkward half hug half crotch touch moment.
'So I’ve already made a pigs ear of it’ you thought turning red slightly (not as red as the hair).
The two of you sat down and you perused the menu in silence. A few moments later the waiter came and you both ordered, along with drink.
Gerard had water and you had wine.

You both made awkward small talk for a while until the waitress came, as she walked over she tripped and threw your wine over Gerard.
“Jeez” Gerard shot up the waitress looked like she was going to cry and kept apologising over and over again.
“Hey, don’t worry about it, can you please just get my beautiful date another one” he smiled over and you
'Beautiful, he thinks I’m beautiful’ you thought, with a smile beaming across your face. Then you remembered Gerard’s situation and dashed across with napkins and started drying his crotch. It didn’t click that you were actually doing that for a while, then you suddenly stood up.
“Oh my god, it didn’t even click that I was just causally touching your crotch, I am so sorry” you blushed.
“Haha, believe me, I didn’t mind it” he smiled and laughed making you more at ease. And god he was beautiful, he came across as having such a kind warm heart also.
The two of you were a lot less awkward from then on, you are dinner and spoke about your occupations, (he told you he was in a band and now he’s a solo artist) and interests and it turned out you had a lot in common.
He grew more confident throughout the night and started running circles around your the top of you hand as you were talking. As he did it it sent butterflies into you stomach, making you nervously giggle and smile also, it was a really nice feeling.
“Right, shall we get the cheque?” He asked politely. You nodded and searched around your bag for you card.
“No worries I’ll pay for it” he insisted,
“Thank you I’ll do it next time” you replied, feeling relieved that he offered.
“So there will be a next time?” He asked.
“Well I thought, I mean, only if you want” you got flustered as you thought it went so well but he sounded like he didn’t feel the same.
“Of course you peanut, I had an amazing time, I was just winding you up” he winked, it was one of those un-creepy winks, really attractive winks that made you want to rip his clothes off*.
“Actually I was wondering if you wanted to come back for a drink?” He finished paying and left a huge tip which made you happy.
“Yeah, I will thank you”.
The two of you left and he kept brushing his hand against yours and you walked making you tingle inside.
When you turned up at his house you were in awe, it was beautiful.
He showed you to the living room and you sat on a giant cushion filled love seat.
Gerard sat down next to you with two glasses of wine.
“I will admit I was so worried for tonight, when friends set you up you never know what you’re going to get. But I am so glad I did go, and so glad I met you” he said looking deeply into your eyes, taking one hand and making you blush. “Aw, thank you, I felt the same way to be honest and I am very happy to have met you” you squeezed his hand gently.
The two of you stayed up chatting for a lot of the night, but you must’ve fallen asleep at some point.
As you woke up the next morning on his sofa with a blanket on and breakfast on the coffee table with a note on that read:
“Good morning beautiful. You had fallen asleep during our discussion about films, don’t worry it was very late. I left you there because I didn’t want to disturb you or make you leave at stupid o'clock. I’m in the shower, will be out soon.
G x”
A smiled beamed across your face and you tucked into your food.

*side note about the wink thing, idk if anyone else gets what I mean but there is a man I know that does it to me and oh my god.

I had this show on my DVR for awhile now and I was never really sure I would ever watch it. But after getting sick last week this show became the highlight of my day while curled up on the couch with my bucket. Kill la Kill is just a ball of fun mixed in with a dash of crazy. Loved it!!! 

Wanted to destress with some character speed painting today and these two just came to mind. ;D