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'Don't Be Mean' Beer: 36 N.C. Breweries Sign Up To Sell Brew Aimed At HB2
North Carolina's HB2 law has sparked an ACLU lawsuit and prompted calls for boycotts. Inside the state, beer brewers say the law doesn't represent them.

It’s a beer with a message – and its brewers say it’s a simple one. Responding to North Carolina’s HB2 law that voids cities’ anti-discrimination rules, two of the state’s brewers are creating a new beer: the Don’t Be Mean to People: A Golden Rule Saison.

Three dozen breweries have signed up to sell the beer on their draft taps; cans of it will also go to people who’ve donated to the project’s fundraising campaign, which currently stands at nearly $18,000 – far more than the original goal of $1,150.

While it may seem like a symbolic gesture, the beer also signals resistance to the controversial legislation from within North Carolina’s burgeoning beer industry, which last year accounted for $1.2 billion in economic impact, according to the Brewers Association.