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Things I’m currently in love with:

One song:
“Rockabye” by Clean Bandit

Two movies: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (of course) and… okay I’m blank. I haven’t gone to the movies in a whileee.

Three TV shows: So I pretty much only watch Teen Wolf but I started The 100 a while back which I still wanna watch. I also really wanna watch Stranger Things but I haven’t gotten round to it.

EDIT: I’ve watched Stranger Things through like 3 times and I’m not okay

Four people:
Dylan O'brien, Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller and Diego Barrueco \_(ツ)_/¯

Five foods: …See, again with the food??? I’d done this as soon as I was tagged and when I got to this I just gave up. I’m just gonna pretend I did this part and move on…

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“And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, 'Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you'.” 

 #no matter what realm/universe/dream they’re in #the gazing into each other’s eyes game is strong

“Complete fools are made leaders of kingdoms all the time, and you’re not a complete fool. And don’t worry about the boots; kings don’t need to dress themselves. That’s what advisers are for, isn’t it?”


Except when the adviser steals your clothes and refuses to give them back 20 minutes before a meeting with the Orlesian delegation who is already quite unhappy with you because of the last meeting that you mouthed off in

The adorable pic I reblogged this morning filled me with a RIGHTEOUS INSPIRATION and I have been kinda wanting to do a pic based around the Leliana + Alistair banter about lost kings and confusing boots for a while anyway so between attacks on my pending commissions I sketched this out and then started coloring it and then tadaaaah

prolly won’t tag this because the anatyomy is probably hela wonky and i am too tupsy to really make a judgment call but I’m posting anyway???? WILL NEVER BE OVER THESE TWO IDIOTS BYE

yeah I completely ripped off the end of POTC3 what of it

“Two Headlights Shine Through the Sleepless Night”

A Calum Hood one shot inspired by the lyric above from “Treacherous” by Taylor Swift

The summer night’s air was warm and wet, the humidity making your thighs stick to the leather of the passenger seat you sat in, windows open and wind wildly whipping your hair. Thumping through the stereos was a song you weren’t quite familiar with but bopped your head to the beat nonetheless, your companion’s music selection never failing to impress you. Driving at a speed you could only guess was illegal, you and Calum sped through the night like two bandits on the run; not really knowing where you’re going but believing anywhere was better than the place you’d left behind. The clock on the dash read 3:24 but time felt non-existent; like every other thing in the world was put on pause except the two of you, racing away from your problems with nothing but each other on your minds.

The beautiful landscape bathed in moonlight around you seemed to stretch on for miles, but you’d given up on looking at it in lieu of staring at the man next to you; one of his hands loosely holding the steering wheel while the other held your hand in his, resting atop of the divider between you. His eyes never failed to leave the road in front of you, but you knew his attention was still locked on you by the way his fingers drummed against the back of your hand in time to the beat of the music and squeezed your palm against his every time a particularly cheesy line was sang. 

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woman-verse: master fic list

thanks | in which two wounded bandits meet in a tavern [ffn | ao3]

woman | in which robin hood is quite the ladies’ man, and regina is quite the jealous bandit [ffn | ao3]

found | in which two bandits hold hands and sit on a log [ffn]

what’s his | in which robin wears a new shade of green [ffn]

bound | in which there’s a corset and john is one lucky, lucky man [ffn]

mine | in which the matter of sharing tents is discussed [ffn]

(pretty) woman | in which robin’s merry men find themselves properly schooled on what it is to be a woman [ffn | ao3]

hers [rated m] | in which there is a question of whose heart belongs to whom, and regina makes it clear what her thoughts are on the matter [ffn | ao3]

straight shot | in which regina mothers the merry men and robin comes home with a question [ffn | ao3]

worth it | in which robin and regina share a tent and little john discovers that certain sacrifices are well worth making, in the end [ffn | ao3]

photo credit. beautiful manip by my beautiful heart twin herardentwish. i’m so lucky to have this lady in my life. look at the glorious thing she’s made me??

Episode 51, further odd decisions all around and also much trauma. So much trauma, I’m doing another two-parter.

Yugi and Bandit Keith As Controlled By Marik are duelling and Yugi’s really worried but actually he’s doing fine. He gets worried way before he should, really.

He starts freaking out when he still has three times the Life Points that Keith does! Now, in fairness, maybe he just knows the way things are going better than I do, cause a metric shit-ton of cheating later…

Uh-oh! Now you’re allowed be worried, Yuug. Also maybe worry about your face.

Keith, in fairness to Yugi Faceblind Mutou, does look pretty different here; he looks kind of gaunt. Marik hasn’t been feeding him well, I guess. On the other hand, literally everyone else recognises him immediately, even when he looks all crazy and things are literally on fire… But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Keith takes control of the duel and not even the Pouting Dark Magician can help Yugi now!

“Fine. Put me in Defense Mode. You’re no fun. Yami always lets me charge in recklessly.”

Meanwhile, Bakura has shown up, and FREAKS OUT.

While manifesting a swimming pool behind him, he recognises someone is controlling Keith and breaks the link between Keith and Marik.

Yugi takes Keith’s apparent hesitation as an opportunity to prove that he and Yami are more alike than people give them credit for.


… But he did almost win, Yugi. And I’m not sure he wouldn’t have if Bakura hadn’t been there, so… I mean, yeah, it’s a totally hollow and invalid victory, but still!

In any case, Keith is too distracted to be picking up these truths Yugi’s laying down for him.

Marik tells him to focus because he needs to know who’s hiding in the Puzzle, which turns out to be a bad idea, because it makes Keith … blame the Puzzle?

(People should run around on the holograph area more often!)


But then!

Ryou! To the slightly-too-late rescue! But not dropping the honorific even when Tarzan swinging through a warehouse!

He knocks Keith off the side of the duel arena and helps Yugi collect the Puzzle pieces.

Oh jeez. Can you imagine if it took eight more years? And Yugi’s just finished college and gets this crazy teenager back in his head! And then Yami’s the shorter version!

I didn’t have much time to dwell on this amusing AU scenario because…

… feels. Poor Yugi! He feels so guilty that the Puzzle got broken even though it wasn’t his fault. He was very foolish to hand the Puzzle over, but, in fairness, even the most cautious person would struggle to come up with mind-control and a warehouse fire as a potential outcome!

And now, Bakura makes a move!

Oh, well. That’s nice. He can’t have planned this, though, right? Like, what were the chances that Keith would go crazy and smash the Puzzle and give him an opportunity to Horcrux himself up. Because yes…

… that is some Horcrux level shit right there! WHY can it do that? Can they all do that, or is it Ring-specific like the homing device feature? I really want more info on the Items powers!

And now, 50 episodes in, we get some plot!

“I mean literally hidden. None of that ~hidden~ as a metaphor for ~residing~. They’re really sodding hard to find. It’s a whole thing.”

… No? They didn’t? The canon is very confused. Does it mean, like, they devoted themselves? Cause, like, I have it on good authority that High Priest Seto survives…

Ryou decides to just, y’know, head on off. Without Yugi.


(I feel like this is one of the Bakuras dicking with the other one. “Yeah, you hide a piece of your soul in my friend’s jewellery? I’m going to deliberately land on our shared butt just to annoy you.”)

Yugi goes to get the chained Puzzle piece and head off, but, danger is afoot!