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He was hurt.

He knew checking the several different social media accounts was a bad idea.

But he did it anyways.

On every single one was pictures of her and some guy sharing a drink. His DMs were flooded with ‘are u ok’s and words of encouragement to move on. But it wasn’t that easy. He’d gotten attached to this girl, and she ended things so abruptly. They’d only been together about 3 months, but he’d gotten so smitten so quickly. They seemed to be inseparable, but that was only through the pap cameras. When they got home, she’d always pick a fight about the same thing: privacy. He knew his fans were kind of persistent when he or anyone else from 1D got a girlfriend. Her Instagram and twitter were flooded with questions, insults, and provocative statements. She put her social media on private, but that didn’t stop the tweets. She was fed up one night and walked out, never to be seen from or heard from again. Her last words to Harry that night were ‘I love you, but I can’t do this anymore’. That sentence had been running through Harrys mind for the last week.

It was a good thing he’d stocked his house with alcohol, because he sure as shit didn’t want his fans seeing him depressed and drunk every night out at bars or clubs. He knew they worried about him sometimes.

Harry wasn’t one to leave drunk voicemails, but tonight was different. He’d seen that picture of her and that guy not 12 hours earlier, and was completely shitfaced now, laying on his couch staring at the picture.

He didn’t remember much of last night, but he did know he drank enough to give him a massive hangover this morning. Not even ibuprofen and coffee could cure it this time. When he checked his phone, he saw the last app open was the phone app. Oh jeez. He’d called her 12 times. God only knows what he said to her in his voicemails that he inevitably left her. He remembered in one he left saying something about “What does that guy have to offer you that I don’t? Does he treat you half as good as I did?” He didn’t want to know the answers, nor did he want to remember anything else he’d said in those voicemails.

He didn’t talk to anyone that day. He was too embarrassed about the voicemails that he just stayed cooped up in his house all day. Drinking and stalking her Instagram. She’d really had him whipped. He finally decided to try and get his mind off it with TV, but it didn’t do much. Every little scene reminded him of her somehow. He was plastered, again, and leaving voicemails, again. This time, the voicemails were more poetic, but also had a mix of jealousy and depression about the breakup 8 days prior. “How could you move on so quickly, hm? I’m sitting here in this fucking house, by myself. Laying on YOUR side of the bed. You’re probably out with HIM living it up, not even giving a damn.” Once he hung up the phone, he threw it at the wall just under the framed picture he had taken of her on the beach. He saw the picture and just sobbed. He must’ve been sitting there for 2 hours just crying about that magical 3 months with her. He remembered the day she walked out, he’d never cried like that before.

When he finally managed to calm himself down, he sent one final voicemail. “I don’t want your body, that’s not what I miss. I hate to think about you with somebody else.” Short and sweet. With puffy eyes and tears all over his sweater, he went to bed.

The next morning, his eyes looked bloodshot. He could remember the night before a little better than that other night, so knew that he’d cried for a while. He went to the bathroom but didn’t check his phone this time. In a petty attempt to spare himself the shit he’d find on her twitter and Instagram. When he finally did pick up his phone, he had a few texts. Some from his mom and his sister asking if he was okay, and 2 from her.

Harry, you’ve got to stop calling me. We didn’t even date for very long.

Please. I’m trying to move on. You should to.

He didn’t respond to her, but he knew she’d notice he read them. He had his read receipts on, because when they dated, she turned them on, he just didn’t have the heart to turn them off again.

He was hungover, again. He drew a hot bath to try and help ease his tension in his muscles. He knew breakups made him tense and stressed. But this time it was like it was amplified. He’d been in previous relationships, but those breakups were nothing compared to this. He just wished it would all go away. He liked to see the positive things in life and not focus on the negative. But something about losing her brought out this sad, depressed side of him. He’d been wearing the same sweater since she left. It was covered in tears and small splashes of alcohol.

When he got out of the bath, he was a little less tense, but still had a headache like nothing else. He never liked to get shitfaced like that, but it was different when you were grieving. He didn’t give a fuck, frankly. And drinking seemed to distract his sober self from the pain. He looked at her texts again after putting on a clean t shirt. There was no time for buttons when you were this sad and, apparently, clumsy with your alcohol. He soon remembered that she had given him this shirt, which led to his first drink of the day.

All the sudden, he got a call. He would’ve rejected the call and sat around to mope, but it was Niall. A few days ago, he would’ve ignored the call or picked up to give some excuse as to why he couldn’t come over. But for some reason he picked up.


“Hey, Harry, how’s it been going?”

“Fine, I guess” he knew it was a lie, but was curious to see if Niall would see through it.

“I’m coming over, that didn’t sound fine. I know you’ve been depressed about her, I want to get you out of this slump, lad.” Before Harry could say no, Niall had hung up. He and Niall had stayed pretty close since the hiatus, so it was normal for every couple of days they would get together and hang out. Harry just hoped he’d be able to keep himself together for Niall’s sake. He didn’t want to unload his shit all over Niall. But when Niall finally arrived, Harry opened the door and burst into tears.

With no words, Niall came in, and gave him a big hug. He closed the door behind him with his foot so he could comfort Harry.

“I know you miss her, lad.” Harry didn’t say anything for a while, just cried.

When he finally stopped, he apologized, “I’m sorry, Niall, I didn’t mean to unload all over you, I just couldn’t hold it back” Harry sniffled, grabbing tissues from the table by the door and blowing his nose.

“That’s okay, you’ve got to let it out” They walked over to sit on the couch. Niall noticed Harry’s home was a mess. There were empty bottles scattered across the living room and clutter all over the coffee table and bookshelf.

“Harry how long did it take you to drink all this?”

“Dunno, those are from the last couple days, I just couldn’t be bothered to clean them up.” Niall sighed and started tidying up. He’d never seen Harry in such a broken state.

Once the mess of bottles and miscellaneous clutter had been picked up, Niall had an idea. “I think we should clean up anything she left behind, to help you get over this. Just seeing her stuff all the time can’t be good for your mental health, lad.” Harry just sat on the couch staring at his hands.

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Harry sighed, staring at the room for a minute before getting up. While he was doing that, Niall had grabbed a box to put it all in. Harry started going around looking for things that were hers or gifts from her. There were mostly pictures of her that he’d taken. Small piles of polaroids all over the bookshelf. He grabbed them and looked through them. Almost immediately regretting it because after the first couple he felt the urge to cry again. They were pictures he’d taken of her on the beach. He wiped away the couple of rogue tears and put the pictures in the box. Niall didn’t say anything because he didn’t know what to say.

“It occurs to me that she gave me this shirt.” Harry took off the shirt and put it in the box. He walked into the bathroom to check for anything of hers. She’d left a toothbrush and a small lotion sitting on the sink that he hadn’t noticed before. He picked up the toothbrush and threw it in the garbage. He didn’t think shed want it back. He put the lotion in the box out on the coffee table and migrated to his bedroom. Most of her stuff was still here, since it had only been about 9 days since she left.

He decided to start with the closet. He opened it and saw the few shirts shed put in there for when she was over. Harry pulled them out of the closet and carefully folded them, putting them in the box. Next was the scarf hanging from the headboard. He picked it up and put it right next to the shirts. Last but not least, that picture. He thought it was the most beautiful picture he’d ever taken. He almost didn’t want to get rid of it. But he knew he had to for his mental health. He pulled it off the wall and set it on the bed. When he finally saw the empty space it left on the wall, he started crying again. He couldn’t help but feel sad seeing the last and final piece of her memory had been removed. All that was left was the hole that the nail left behind.

Niall heard Harry crying from the living room and rushed in to comfort him. When he sat down on the bed, he was careful not to sit on the picture. He didn’t say anything, just hugged Harry to his shoulder and let him cry.

“Let it out, buddy” Niall rubbed Harrys back while he cried. He’d never seen Harry this broken before, but he could see just how in love he was with this girl before they split. He was like a lovesick puppy. He would never shut up about how great she was and how lucky he was to have her in his life. It broke Niall’s heart to see his friend in such bad shape.

They must have sat like that for half an hour when Harry finally calmed down. Niall didn’t care in the slightest that literally all of Harry’s tears were on his shirt. “How about I stay for a couple days and help you through this, yeah?”

“Oh, Niall, I don’t want to burden you-,” Harry was cut off.

“It’s not even an issue, I just gotta run home and grab some stuff. I’ll take this box to her for you so you don’t have to.”

“Are you sure, Niall?”

“Yes. I don’t mind.” Niall grabbed the box of her stuff and headed down to his car.

Harry watched him walk to his car to make sure he got there okay. Niall was one to trip over his feet when he couldn’t see them directly.

Once Niall had gotten to his car safely, Harry grabbed his phone and a bottle and laid on the couch. He decided, against his better judgement, to check her Instagram one last time. Her most recent picture was one of her and that guy kissing on the same beach from the photo hung in the bedroom. Harry sighed and opened the bottle, not taking his eyes off the picture.

He didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the photo drinking, nor did he know how long Niall had been gone for. But Harry jumped when his door opened and Niall walked in with a small backpack. Harry saw it was Niall and looked back at his phone, taking another drink of the, now, half empty bottle. Niall peaked over Harry’s shoulder to see what he was doing. Niall saw the username and snatched the phone out of Harry’s hand.

“Hey! What do you think you’re fuckin doing, mate?” Harry was more startled than angry.

“You can’t keep staring at her photos. It’s not healthy.” Niall said, going to her profile and unfollowing her. He would’ve blocked her, but that wouldn’t stop him from looking, and at least unfollowing her made it harder for him to just get to her profile.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right” Harry said, looking down at the bottle in his hands.

Niall walked past Harry to sit on the couch. “I’ll take that,” Niall said, snatching the bottle out of his hands and putting it on the opposite side of the couch where Harry couldn’t get it. Harry didn’t even flinch. In fact, he barely seemed to give a damn. Niall couldn’t help but notice how detached Harry was.

“I think we should go out tonight. Not drinking, you’ve done plenty of that. But we should go bowling or to a movie or something.” Harry didn’t seem opposed to the idea.

“I think we should go bowling, anything to get my mind off this. I think I’m actually fresh out of tears.” Harry laughed, but it wasn’t super genuine.


It had been about a month since Niall stayed at Harry’s to cheer him up. Harry was certainly doing much better these days. He had even gone out in public and looked exceptionally happy over the last two weeks. He still felt a little sad he’d lost her, but he couldn’t help but think it was for the best. Tonight, he decided to go celebrate with his band. He didn’t know what they were celebrating, but Harry liked being with his band mates.

He’d been talking guitar stuff with Mitch when out of the corner of his eye he saw her. He hadn’t seen her in a month! He almost wanted to go up to her and say something, but even liquid courage couldn’t help him. He just sat and watched her from across the room.

He saw her looking through her phone absent mindedly. But Harry had noticed that same guy from the pictures a month ago walking over to her with two shots. He couldn’t help but feel jealous, but happy. Happy that she’d found a guy who would make her happy, but jealous it wasn’t him. He watched as they took the shots and gathered their things. He watched them leave and felt the urge to go after her. But he didn’t, he decided to let her go finally. It was like the universe was giving him the closure he needed to live his life again.

He sent her one final text. He made it poetic because that’s just who he was. That was evident by his tweets.

Our love has gone cold. I’m happy you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else. All the love. H xx

Life Swap Chapter 5

Hi guys hope everyone is doing well! I didn’t realize how much I wrote for this chapter, but I hope you all like it! Tell me what you think, I’d love to talk to you guys! Enjoy!

Chapter 5:

           I wake up to my new unfamiliar room. I don’t remember going to bed last night which is a bad sign. I remember Shawn making out with me, and from there on it’s a blur. I’m glad I didn’t forget that kiss, it was surprisingly enjoyable. I know it was just for show, so his friends would believe our relationship, but a girl can have fun once in a while.

           I snuggle up in my sheets, the bed is too comfy to move from but I know I should get going. I lean my hand over to the dresser to grab my phone. Usually Nicole leave’s a thousand messages for me to read in the morning.

I look through my social media before I get up. Usually I don’t have time during the day, it’s sort of relaxing to see what other people are doing. I exit out of my phone and throw it to the side of me. I take a deep and slowly get up from the bed. I don’t want to move but I know I’m going to have something to do today.

           I throw on some shorts, with my oversized tee-shirt and head out to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. It feels so weird to be doing this in a different place, making a new routine, with a new roommate.

           When I walk into the kitchen I see a hunched over Shawn drinking a cup of coffee himself. The TV flashes on the counter and is playing a celebrity gossip show of course.

“You look a little hungover.” I say grabbing a coffee mug from the cabinet. I pour myself a cup and then sit on top of the counter.

“Did you see the news?” Shawn said not even responding to my judgement. I look over to see pictures on the TV of us two, kissing and holding hands. There were some group pictures of us at the party with his friends, and others of Shawn just drinking. My face feels a little flushed, and I start to get embarrassed. I thought we could forget that it happened but I guess not. I take a sip of my coffee so I don’t have to make eye contact with him.

“Could this be Shawn’s new girl, sources say he may be hiding a relationship from his fans.” The reporter stated. I looked at Shawn who surprisingly didn’t seem fazed. He just kept running his hand through his hair and leaning his head on the table.

“I bet you liked it! That’s why you aren’t saying anything.” He said trying to crack a joke.

“Yeah you fucking wish. Is it that hard to believe that I’m not obsessed with you?” I admit while rolling my eyes.

“All jokes set aside. News travels fast, so you better get used to it.” He says getting up from his chair and pushing it in. He grabs his guitar case that was set beside him and throws it over his shoulder.

I can only assume he is going to the studio or something, because of course he won’t tell me that.

I continue my morning as usual, doing my morning routine and getting dressed for my second job. I texted my boss when Nicole told me to cut my hours. He didn’t care, and scheduled me for afternoon shifts one day a week. Nicole let me have this day off, so it worked out for me.

I put my work uniform on and get ready to go. I have to drive from now on because the restaurant is no longer walking distance, which makes me upset. It was a good time to clear my mind before the restaurant’s crazy rush of people.

When I arrive at work, there seems to be about ten new waiters and waitresses. Maybe that’s why my boss was so lenient on cutting my hours.

I spot Trevor when I walk in, he was taking a table’s order. I’m surprised he managed to work today because he was trashed last night. He was living for all the celebrity encounters.

I walk back to the kitchen to log in my hours. I place my name tag on my shirt, wrap the apron around my waist, and now I’m ready to get to work. I look at the chart that’s on the wall, and where my assigned area is today. There’s no one currently seated in the bar area, so I get to relax before the craziness starts.

“Hey Y/N!” Trevor says sneaking up behind me. He punches his orders into the computer and continues talking.

“Last night I met so many people it was crazy. You’ll never believe who I ran into!” He says with excitement.

“I don’t know who?” I say clueless. I don’t remember much of the night only meeting that crazy girl and kissing Shawn.

“Niall, that guy from one direction. He must be close with Shawn or something. I was chillin with him and having some beers. It was insane.” He says enthusiastically. He probably met more celebrities than I did last night. The news said there was a lot of celebrities popping in and out. I don’t remember even meeting one.

“I’m jealous, but you’ll never guess what happened last night to me!” I say changing the subject.

“You were sucking Shawn’s face last night…. Yeah I saw in real life and on the news.” He blurts out. He can tell by my expression that I was shocked he knew what I was talking about.

“That shit is everywhere!” He laughed, like he was enjoying this.

“This isn’t funny!” I say slapping his arm. He grabs it making an ‘ouch’ noise but continues laughing anyways.

“It didn’t even faze Shawn that it was all over the place. Like doesn’t he want his privacy?” I complained. Trevor looks up and me when he is finished with punching orders into the machine.

“Y/N remember he is used to that bullshit. Just remember me when you are famous!” He says walking away to his table.

I take a deep breathe, and travel over to a table that was just seated in my section.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I will be your server today. Can I start you guys off with some drinks?” I state in my peppy waitress voice. I always try to be super nice, so they give me a good tip. It’s also a big party which means a big check. It must be a family party because there’s a lot of little kids and teenagers with parents. The kids keep giving me weird looks and whispering like I have something in my hair. I get nervous so I start fixing it just to make sure.

The people start to give me their drink orders. I start off the adult side because they usually order alcoholic beverages, and then the kid’s side because they end up ordering the same things. When I get near the children the chattering stops and it gets oddly quiet.

“I’ll start off with you honey.” I say pointing to the teenage girl in front of me. She gets extremely awkward like any other teen would. The girl next to her, who seems about the same age, keeps whispering something in her ear. It sounds like “ask her, ask her”. But it’s probably something about the drink order.

“We will both have two cokes but can we ask you something.” They say in a shy tone.

“Okay two cokes. And of course, shoot.” I say in an outgoing tone.

“Are you Shawn Mendes’s girlfriend?” They say giggling.

I give them a really big smile because I really don’t know if I should confirm it. I think they can tell because they get really excited and turn around to talk to each other. They are probably one of his super fans who know a lot about him because we were only seen together last night. News does really travel fast I guess. I move on though because the girls just are giggling and staring in excitement. I get the other kids orders and leave the area as fast as I can.

“Trev! Trevor!” I say whispering but trying to get his attention. I wave my hand so he knows to come over here.

“What! What’s wrong?”  He asks concerned.

“I have officially been noticed.” I say letting out a little laugh in disbelief.

“By who?” He asks, sounding intrigued.

“The teenage girls at my table over there must be fans of Shawn. They asked if I was dating him.” I explained.

“And did you say yes?” He asks. That would have been the obvious answer to say but of course I didn’t say it. I made an awkward face, and scratched my head trying to avoid the question. He gave me a look, the kind that’s like ‘what the hell you are crazy’.

“Okay! I got nervous! I didn’t know if Shawn was going to confirm it or not.” I say trying to cover myself.

“You give me stress. We will talk about this later.” Trevor walks away laughing. I go back to the table and get everyone’s orders.

As the night went on, the crowds of people grew larger. No one else noticed me throughout the night which was good. I got some strange looks but no one said anything to me. I rather it be that way because then I won’t have to respond to any questions.

“Hey look what I found on twitter.” Trevor says running up to me. Our shifts were over so we both are going to clock out and walk back to Shannon’s apartment.

“What is all that?” I questioned. He showed me a bunch of tweets but I couldn’t see what they said. I was multitasking, while taking my apron off and clocking out.

“I typed in Shawn Mendes girlfriend on twitter and this is what came up.” He said showing me his phone. These tweets were all his fans talking about me. Some were nice and some were sad because some of them want to really date him themselves. Some were hateful but Trevor skipped over them. As he was scrolling there was a video that came across that had over 12,000 likes.

“Oh my god is that us!” I shout silently to Trevor. I look at him, and we both are shocked.

“That was us talking earlier!” He said laughing.

“What does the caption say?” I ask as we start walking toward the door. Our co-workers say their goodbyes as we pass through. We just wave because we are too distracted by the video.

“It says ‘a fan videotaping Shawn’s new mystery girl’. Some of the comments say ‘She is a waitress’, ‘She is so normal’, blah blah blah.” Trevor states while swiping through his twitter.

“I bet it was those girls who I was waitressing.” I say trying to find out who started this.

“I can’t believe I’m in the video. This is hysterical.” Of course Trevor is just excited that he is trending on something.

“Do you think I should be concerned?” I ask him in all honesty.

“Y/N, I’m way to famous now to even care.” He jokes as we link arms and head to Shannon’s apartment.

It’s so weird not walking back and forth to work from this apartment anymore. I feel like a stranger to it, even though it’s been a day.

We knock on the door because I have no need to carry around the key anymore. Maybe I should because techniquely I still have it and this can be my safe zone.

“Yay! My friends are here.” Shannon said giving us a hug. We walk into the apartment, and head straight for the kitchen where we all have a beer. No small talk we go straight to talking about last night.

“So Miss Y/N, are we going to talk about your super stardom or?” Shannon says while taking a sip of her drink.

“What’s there to talk about?” I question like there’s nothing to talk about.

“Okay I guess you don’t make out and tell?” She jokingly remarks.

“I’m not that kind of girl.” I sarcastically say. But in all honesty I’m over it. It happened once, and probably never again.

“Oh come on, was it good? You both looked like you were enjoying it.” She says.

“I mean it was really good. And he looked really good last night but like his personality still sucks. So don’t take what I’m saying in the wrong way.” I joke to Shannon. Trevor chokes on his drink when I was explaining the kiss.

“Hey I don’t blame you girl. If I wasn’t dating brad, and Shawn Mendes was pretend dating me. Oh man that boy would have to hide from me.” Shannon says confessing her love for Shawn.

“Not to start anything. But Shawn is cool. I don’t see what’s wrong!” Trevor states.

“I don’t know we just get under each other’s skin. You never had to work with the guy.” I snap a little.

“Listen, I’m going to need a little more to drink if we are going to talk about last night.” I say.

A couple shots later, Shannon, Trevor and I are dancing around her apartment. Trevor threw up and got right back to it three seconds later. Shannon is just lying on the floor gazing at the ceiling.

“Oh man I should get going.” I say stumbling to the table to get my keys.

“Not this intoxicated, you are staying here.” Trevor says fumbling to me. We both let out a laugh because we both are being silly right now.

“OH! I know! Give me your phone.” Trevor says with a sneaky glance. I didn’t realize he was looking through my contacts, that’s how drunk I am. I barely can see straight. The floor looks like it’s moving but I’m standing in one place. I see Trevor click a number and put the phone to his ear. He looks up at me and runs away to the couch where he falls. I tackle him trying to get my phone back.

“Hello? HELLO?” He shouts.

“Who are you talking to?” I say getting frustrated but letting go of his hand.

“Is this Shawn?” Trevor says laughing. My eyes grow wide as I mouth to him, ‘hang up the phone’.

“Oh cool. I’m Trevor, Y/N’s friend.” He says shortly.

“I’m good, how are you?” He says getting excited. He puts his phone over my phone’s speaker and mouth’s to me, “he is so chill.” I just roll my eyes.

“I just wanted to ask you, if you can pick Y/N up from Shannon’s apartment. We are all very drunk, and she has no way home.” He explains to him.

“Thanks dude. I’ll text you the address.” He said pressing the end button. He looks at me but doesn’t say a word.

“Soooo…” I say waiting for him to tell me something.

“Oh yeah. That was Shawn he’s coming to pick you up.” He tells me.

“Oh great. Thanks for letting me know.” I say throwing a pillow at his face. He just lets out a laugh. We look over to see why Shannon was being so quiet, turns out she was snuggling with a wine bottle.

“I’m taking a picture of this.” I say putting it on my snapchat story.

Twenty minutes pasted and it’s already two in the morning. We raided Shannon’s pantry and fridge, so I’m not sure if she is going to have anything left.

We hear the doorbell ring. I press the intercom system to see who it is.

“Who is it?” I question.

“Shawn.” He says unenthusiastically.

I let him into the building, He knocks on the apartment door, for us to let him in. Trevor answers as I gather my things.

“Hey dude, come on in.” Trevor says while doing that hand shack all guys seem to know.

“Hey how’s it going?” Shawn asks him. He is dressed in a tee-shirt and joggers. He looks super tall and cute. He looks around the room with his hands tucked into his pockets. It makes me hate him because I want to snuggle with him and I don’t want to feel that way.  His hair is all messed up but I think he just came from a different party because there was a hickey on his neck.

“Y/N, you almost ready?” Shawn questions.

“Yeah I just can’t find my phone.” I say getting dizzy and stumbling everywhere.

“Y/N, umm I have it.” Trevor says lifting it up. We both hysterically laugh. I begin walking near him but I lose my balance. Shawn ran over and held me up. He threw my arm over his shoulder, trying to help me walk.

“Here you go! I’m going to help you.” He said. I think he noticed that I’m more intoxicated then he thought, so he was genuinely trying to be nice for once.

“Nice seeing you Trevor.” Shawn said while walking us toward the door.

“Bye Trev Trev.” I say with my puppy dog talk.

“Alright let’s get you back because you are so drunk right now.” He laughs while walking me down the steps. I keep slipping because the steps just keep going and going and I don’t know when to stop.

“Why are you this drunk anyways?” He asks while holding me up, and pressing the unlock button to his jeep.

“No reason! People recognized me today though. I didn’t say anything.” I say while he helped me into his car.

He casually walked over to the other side and start the car. He looks to see if he can go before pulling out of the parallel spot he was in.

“So that’s why you are drunk. Because you are overwhelmed.” He states while resting his elbow on the arm rest. His eyes look deep into mine before he turns and looks to the road again. It’s like he noticed something in me that he didn’t before which made me snap out of my trance.

“No, my friends wanted to drink, so we did.” I say becoming defense.

“Alright that’s the last time, I’ll ever pick you up then.” He says giving it right back to me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why but I’m so mean when I’m around you. You bring out the worst in me Shawn Mendes.” I tell him in all honesty. I look at the road because I didn’t want to make that confession to his face.

“Me too. But we have to be civil. So I’ll be nice to you, if you’ll be nice to me.” He said. He stuck his pinky out.

“Pinky promise.” He joked. I went with it anyways.

“Pinky promise.” I say wrapping my pinky around his. We both smiled and continued on.

“I think we just had a moment.” I say trying to break the silence.

He looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head before turning into the parking garage.

He comes over to my side once he parked the car. He opens the door like a gentlemen which has me surprised. I say thank you and jump out. Which wasn’t the best idea cause I barely land on my feet.

“Here get on my back. I’ll give you a piggy back ride.” He said, gesturing me to jump on. When he bends over, his white shirt framed his back muscles. I jumped on scared that I was going to be too heavy but he lifted me with no problem. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started walking downward the lobby. I really felt like I was in middle school again.

As we approach the door we saw something in the bushes moving around.

“Is that someone?” I asked him. We both glance over at the bush and we her a click noise.

“It’s just paparazzi.” He said continuing with me on his back.

We walk in silently. The door man doesn’t work this early in the morning so no one was there to greet us. We take the elevator up and soon enough we are back in the apartment. All of the sudden I feel very dizzy once Shawn gently put me down.

“Y/N are you alright.” He said rubbing his thumb against my cheek. His eyes inspecting my face.

“I need the bathroom.” I say running away and sliding into the bathroom. I find the toilet, and barely making it, I start to vomit.

Footsteps sound behind me.

“You okay?” Shawn questions as my head rest on the toilet seat. He crouches down and sits by me. He tucks my hair behind my ear, and grabs toilet paper to whip my forehead rid of sweat.

I look at him still leaning my head on the toilet with my hands rested around the rim.

“Thank you.” I say shutting my eyes.

All of the sudden I feel soft lips press against my forehead. The smell of his cologne drifts near me. His big hand rests on my neck, as he finishes his quick peck on my forehead.

“If you need me, I’ll be watching TV.” He said while leaving and closing the door behind him. His eyes slowly disappeared through the crack of the door.

I take a deep breath and lay down on the cold tile floor. My eyes slowly shut, hoping to forget how embarrassing I was tonight.

phichitchulanonts  asked:

victuuri, 3!

“No what the FUCK get that THING away from me!”

This is based off of my charity stream idea that Yuri holds this. Victor and Yuuri guest star on the halloween edition to play horror games. Scarediforov is a reaction Yurio’s followers can spam when something scary is about to happen/just fuck with the streamer. 

The stream fell into a lull as Yuri set Victor and Yuuri up for their section. Victor was already pawing though the games, physical and downloaded, while Yuuri helped with the audio set up. Yuri pointed out a few things making sure they knew what to do if an error happened. “This is how you view the stream  to make sure it’s still up, this shows the audio and you know what it’ll look like if one of you are too loud, and if you need to move the camera feed-” Yuri leaned in moving the display box of the feed around. “It’s that easy.” 

I’ll be handling chat so you won’t have to worry about feeding, and if something goes south technical wise we have Otabek.” The man in question gave a thumbs up at the sound of his name. “I think that’s it. Just don’t blow out my mikes with your screaming alright?” 

“I’ve streamed before Yurio, I got it.” Yuuri leaned back, Victor’s arm going around his shoulders out of habit. “What game will we be playing first?” 

Yuri pulled up a poll from his twitter that listed a few well known horror games, and a few indie ones he had heard were good from other streamers. “It looks like…Five Nights at Freddy’s won. You’re going to love this one Victor.” 

“Wait…that isn’t the one with the robots is it?” Victor pulled up the game from the library and groaned. “Great. Yuuri you get first play.” 

“What happened to playing Rock Paper Scissors for it?” 

“That was before we had a game with my biggest fear. Have fun love.” 

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How to…
Imagine you were dating Calum since a couple of months and let’s just say your relationship was very physical. Physical meaning constant cuddles and make out sessions and let’s face it: a lot of sex. One of you always happened to be horny. Well with a boyfriend as hot as yours, who could judge you really?
So you were casually chilling on the couch with Calum watching a movie since it was raining and you couldn’t go out. It was just one of those lazy days. Cal and you had ordered Chinese and just as Elsa built her snow castle, the doorbell rang and Calum freed himself out of your legs and arms.
The knock came again.
“Alright, alright. Geez, I’m coming ok?”
Soon a familiar voice caught your attention and you sat up quickly grabbing the remote.
“Luke!” Calum let out, but the lanky boy had already let himself inside and headed straight for the living room.
“We were just watching f-”
Calum tried to explain quickly as he stumbled after Luke embarrassed.
“Football.” You finished calums sentence and his eyes went to the tv where actually there was no more disney movie but actually football on. He smirked at you, but you knew he was grateful for protecting his maleness in front of his band member. Calum was the biggest puppy whenever you were together alone, but as soon as one of his band members was around he felt like he had to prove something to them or impress them. You found it quite cute how much he cared about what his bandmates though of him, and that he pretended to be cool, but actually he was just your little dork.
You secretly winked at your dork of a boyfriend, before turning your attention to Luke.
“What do we owe this pleasure, Mr. Hemmings?”
“I … Umm…” Luke was clearly uncomfortable. He scratched the back of his neck, while looking from you to Calum and back again.
“Luke? What’s wrong?”
“I can see this I a bad time. I’ll just leave and we’ll talk later. It’s not that important anyway.”
“You went out while it was pouring and you’re soaked, I’m not convinced it’s not important.” You stated the obvious as Luke looked down at himself. You sighed and turned to Calum.
“Cal, Why don’t you just go get some dry clothes for Luke and a towel maybe?”
Calum nodded quickly and ran up the stairs.
“What happened?”
“It’s not so much what happened, more like what didn’t happen.”
Luke fell down on the couch next to you and you pulled your legs up, before turning to face Luke. You didn’t realize you were only wearing panties and calums shirt until Luke swallowed hard.
“Oh shit! Sorry, Luke.” You said quickly putting a pillow to cover your crotch.
“So last night at the party there was this girl and she wanted to … You know..”
Luke made a gesture with his hand, trailing off while looking at you expectantly.
“Take a picture with you?” You questioned.
“No she wanted me to do something.”
“Follow her on twitter? Luke why don’t you just tell me ..”
“Have sex with her” He blurted and his cheeks reddened immediately.
“Oh!” You chuckled. “Well that’s good isn’t it?”
“Yes, well no. Because we didn’t end up…”
“Having sex?” You questioned again, but this time Luke nodded.
“Why not?” You couldn’t help but ask curiously.
“Because I don’t … I haven’t… I mean I can’t…”
Luke sighed in frustration as he didn’t find the right words. He took in a deep breath before whispering.
“I don’t know how to touch a girl.”
“Come again?”
You heard perfectly well what Luke said, but you must have misheard. Luke Hemmings was shy when it came to sex?
“Please don’t make me say it again.”
You realized he was being serious.
“Oh! Um… What did you do the other times?” You asked unsure of what else to say.
“There hasn’t really been any other time.”
He admitted quietly.
“Are you a virgin?”
“No need to make it sound so pathetic.”
“No, no! Not at all, but you’ve left parties with so many girls.”
“Yeah but I only took them out for something to eat, before I brought them home.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the tall guy, with a lip piercing who was currently wetting your couch.
“You’re laughing at me.”
Luke stated hurt and embarrassed.
“No! I’m not. I’m really not I promise. I think it’s adorable, what you did. I just thought of you differently from what Cal told me.”
“Cal doesn’t know I’m still a virgin. No one knows.”
“Why did you tell me then?”
“I wanted to tell Cal and ask him for advice on how to you know…”
“Luke please just say it.”
“Make a girl orgasm.”
“Are you talking about my girlfriend about orgasms? Why was I not invited to this?”
Calum chuckled as he handed Luke the clothes and the towel, but you got an idea.
“Hey Cal?”
“What’s up baby girl?”
“Luke here just told me he is worried he won’t sexually please his future girlfriend and he came here to ask you for some advice and I just had this great idea. I hope you too are up for it.”
Luke and Calum stared at you in anticipation.
“Why don’t teach Luke a few of your tricks?” You chuckled as both boys swallowed hard, already knowing where this was heading and added cheekily: “On me.”

1D Pref; An Interviewer insults you


“So Harry! Everyone wants to know, are you single or still taken? We haven’t seen pictures of Y/N and you in ages!” The woman, name Sandra asked.

A giant grin made its way on his face, “I’m still with Y/N.” 

“Ahh..” She replied, “I was hoping you were single." 

Harry chuckled, “yeah, i get that a lot. Not to sound cocky or anything.” 

"Of course! You’re the total hottie!” She exclaimed, “How about we go grab some lunch after this?”

“Uhh, I uhh I have to get back to Y/N.” Harry replied.

“You can do so much better..” She muttered, “just saying." 

Suddenly, Harry slammed his headset down on the table, “If you’re going to be rude about my girlfriend, then consider me gone. She’s amazing, inside and out. Maybe that’s what you need to work on.” 

The lads all made sounds of ‘ooohh’ and then bursted out in laughter, following Harry.

You were watching the interview the whole time and you couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

That night, #HarrydefendsY/N was trending on twitter.


"Raise your hand if you’re single!” The interviewer exclaimed, grinning. 

Only Harry raised his hand.

“Aww Harry, you’ll find your girl soon." 

"I hope so.” He replied.

“So Niall, you’re not single?” The interviewer, Jane questioned.

“Nope, I’m happily in a wonderful relationship with Y/N Y/L/N.” He grinned.

“How long?" 

"It’s been a good couple of months.” He replied.

“As every Niall girl out there is saying, you could have chose anyone, why her? I mean.. you can do a lot better than that.” She muttered, locking eyes with the crowd.

“Excuse me?” Niall frowned, “I don’t care what anyone says, but Y/N is honestly amazing. She keeps me on my feet and always puts a smile on my face. If you really are a fan of me like you say you are, you should respect Y/N too." 

"Right.. How about we head out for some dinner after this?” She bit her lip, but didn’t look the least bit attractive.

“I’m sorry, but I have a beautiful and amazing woman waiting at home for me.” He said before getting up and walking off stage.

You were watching the interview and the whole time, the grin on your face never left. 


“Go!” You giggled, pushing him on stage.

“Fine, but we’re leaving immediately after this.” Louis mumbled, giving you a kiss before walking up the stage to be interviewed, along with the rest of his mates.

“Hello Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn!” The man greeted. 

“Hello.” They all replied, in the same tone.

“Well, let’s start off with the first question that everyone really wants to know.” He exclaimed, a bit too loudly.

“Who is single?" 

No one raised their hands.

"Oh? Harry you found someone?” He asked.

“Yeah.. so moving on-”

“Louis! You’re still with that whale?” He laughed. 

The smile on your face vanished and you looked down at yourself. Were you really that big?

“Excuse me? Is there something wrong with you?” Louis asked angrily, “you have no fucking right to call Y/N that!" 

"That was far out of line..” Harry shook his head, patting Louis’ back.

“You’re suppose to interview us with your goddamn stupid questions, not insult my girlfriend.” He said, before angrily walking off stage and into your arms. 

“I’m sorry, love. He’s stupid and you’re not a whale. You’re beautiful. My beautiful and amazing future Mr. Tomlinson." 

"I love you, Louis. Thank you for defending me." 

That day, Louis got the man fired and twitter was blasted with tweets of Louis on stage defending you.

‘you’re a lucky girl, Y/N. We approve :) Have a wonderful night, beautiful!' 


You were sitting in the crowd laughing to one of Liam’s cheesy jokes as he’s being interviewed, along with the rest of the lads.

"Alright, now moving on to the serious questions!” The woman said, “Who here is in a relationship?”

Everyone raised their hand.

“Well, looks like One Direction all has someone! Liam, you still with that amateur?”

Everyone around you stopped and kept quiet, looking at your reaction and Liam’s.

The lads all stared at her, “Excuse you, but that was quite rude.” Louis spoke.

“I was just speaking the truth.” She muttered.

“The only amateur here is you, don’t ever insult my girlfriend.” Liam replied, “I’m just speaking the truth." 

Suddenly, the crowd began to cheer. 

Liam looked at you to see if you were okay and you nodded, giving him a thumbs up to let him know you’re okay.

"I love you.” You mouthed.

“I love you too.” He replied.


“A round of applause for One Direction!” The man yelled, clapping with the crowd.

The five lads ran out and took their seats.

The typical music questions came on, and soon enough the interviewer shot them with relationship questions.

“Zayn, you still in a relationship?”

“Of course. Happily in love with Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled, the crowd in awe.

“Mate, what do you see in her?” The man questioned, “I don’t see anything.. I don’t think any of your mates would hit that.. Or anyone in fact." 

"What the hell?” Zayn frowned, “My mates wouldn’t ‘hit that’ because she’s MY girlfriend and-”

“and she’s like a little sister to us!” Niall exclaimed.

“Yeah, a lot of boys want her, but I’m lucky enough for her to choose me. She’s amazing and definitively has a heart. I love her more than anything.” He said, “Not everything is about sex, you fucking pedophile." 

The crowd and the lads went ‘oooooh’ and some of them yelling “BURNN!” 

You couldn’t help but laugh from the other side of the screen.

Grabbing your phone, you sent Zayn a text.

"Thanks for defending me, I love you. Tell him who’s boss!" 

"I love you too, love. I’ll always be here for you, now stay right where you are because I’m coming home now!”

The rest of the night, #Y/Ns#1BF was trending, all the tweets were saying how sweet Zayn was to defend you in front of millions of people.

Niall Imagine - Jealousy

Anonymous said to nialler-imagines21:can you do one where you see something about melissa or someone on twitter and you get jealous but he reassures you

(Y/N)’s POV:

Today was week 6. 6 weeks passed since I saw Niall the last time and that’s why I hate long distance relationships. Right now he and the boys were in Australia and I was here in London, studying for one of my exams. Niall always suggest to fly me in, so we could have a few days together but it’s literally impossible because of my school schedule. Most of the time he isn’t here I really feel lonely. I wish I could feel his arms wrapped around me again or his kisses on my nose I got once a while. Niall is just so lovely and nice, he always tries to help me with my school work or what so ever, so we have more time together or to cuddle. And then there are these days like today when I miss him like crazy and the problem is the timedifference, I hate it. 

I couldn’t think straight anymore, so I opened my twitter app and scrolled through it until I saw tons of update account tweeting pictures of Niall and a girl. 

‘Niall and Melissa out last night’ 

They looked so into eachother. What was Niall doing? He knows that he has a girlfriend right? And who is this girl called Melissa. Not just me was asking the question, fans were too. He isn’t cheating, he would never do something like that, would he? This Melissa girl looked really good and was totally his type of girl. In seconds I was jealous as hell, angry and dissapointed at the same time. I had no idea what I should be thinking. Niall always told me that I should and could trust him. I hope he is right.

Later that night Niall tried to call me more than once, but I always ignored it, I didn’t had the nerve to talk to him right now, I needed time to think. I went on twitter again and fans were sending me the pictures non stop and left some really cute comments, which made me smile for a moment but I couldn’t stand seeing these pictures over and over again so I tweeted: ‘Guys, don’t worry I saw the pics, pls stop sending them to me x’ 

Seconds later the tweet had thousands retweets and cute comments. Then Niall tried to call me again, so I picked up, because I wanted to know what he wants to say. As soon as I picked up I could hear Nialls voice, which I missed so much.

“Princess it isn’t what it looks like” he started

“What do you think it looks like” I answered

“You probaby think there is more but I promise we just went out as friends, I didn’t touch her or anything like that” 

“Who is she?”

“Her name is Melissa, she is just a friend from Australia, we haven’t seen eachother for ages, we just wanted to catch up, please you don’t have to be jealous or something, it’s really nothing” 

“You didn’t cheat on me?” 

“What?! No never in a millions years, I love you so much, I could never ever touch or kiss an other girl than you, because you are my world” 

“Promise?” I started to tear up.

“I promise it love” 

“Niall I miss you so much” my voice cracked.

“Oh Baby, please don’t cry. I miss you too” 

“I need to see you again and be able to hug you” 

“I know, I know, what do you think about visiting me on this weekend, I promise we will do your homework together and you will be back on sunday morning so you get enough sleep but please come here” Niall is just so cute and sweet.

“Ok” I said, starting to smile.

“YAS! Ok I have to go but I can’t wait to see you”

“Me either, I love you” 

“I love you too beautiful, don’t be jealous, I love you and just you, bye” he said and then hung up.

He Mentions You in an Interview.

I’m probably going to write a new preference (or more) again tomorrow :-)


MICHAEL- “So, let’s talk about the rumors.” The interviewer grinned at Michael’s nervous face. “Michael, I heard you have a new girlfriend, Y/N, is it?" 

"Um, no. We’re just friends.” Michael blushed and looked away from the camera.

“Just friends? That’s not what this picture says…” God, this interviewer was evil. A picture of you and Michael kissing flashed onto a screen behind the camera. 

“Okay, we are dating…” Michael was interrupted. 

“What do you like about Y/N?” The interviewer asked again.

“Um, she’s nice, and funny, and smart, and she’s so fucking amazing.” Michael sighed, dreamily. 

“Anything else?" 

"Well, um, she’s really hot, I DON’T KNOW.” Michael hid his face with his hands. 

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CALUM- “And we are here with, 5 Seconds of Summer!” The interviewer, Kevin, shouted at the camera. 5SOS clapped for themselves and laughed. “So, tell me, Calum, are you and Y/N a thing?" 

"No. we are just friends.” Calum smiled.

“Oh, well everyone ships you two.” Kevin grinned at Calum’s red face.

“Yeah, we kind of realized.” Calum laughed.

“So, is Y/N joining you on tour, again?" 

"Um, yeah. But she is actually going to be performing, as an opening act for us.” Ashton smiled.

“Woah, Calum, better get Y/N quick, Ashton seems to like her, too.” Calum blushed as Ashton laughed.

“Stop teasing me, guys!” He shouted. His face even redder.

:-) :-) :-) 

LUKE- “So, how long have you and Y/N been dating?” Chelsea, the boys interviewer, asked.

“Um, five months and six days.” Luke grinned, biting his lip ring.

“Aww, you remember the exact day.” Chelsea cooed. 

“Yeah, of course I did, she’s amazing. I see myself being with her for a very long time, I have to remember the exact day.” He smiled, a pink tinge on his cheeks.

“I’m sure fans were upset?”

“No, they were really supportive, a few were sad, but were happy once they got to know Y/N. Everyone loves her, sometimes fans ask for her autograph instead of mine.”

“Well, that is really good. I hope you guys are together for a very long time.” Chelsea wished the two the best.

“Thanks, I hope so, too.” Luke looked at the camera, knowing you were watching, “I love you Y/N!" 

:-) :-) :-) :-)

ASHTON- "How’s Y/N?” Ashton looked  up from the twitter questions they were going to read and answer in a few minutes. 

“Um, she’s good.” He replied, his face softening as he thought of you.

“Oh, so you guys are best friends, right? Have you ever had to protect her, or anything?”

“Um, yeah. Sometimes guys can be dicks, but usually, she can protect herself." 

"So, you are very fond of her?” The interviewer asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, she’s great.” Ashton replied.

“Have you asked her out?” The interviewer could tell Ashton liked you. 

“Last night. She said yes.” The grin present on Ashton’s face was big and surrounded by his dimples. 

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 

Ay. I am probably going to upload one or two more tomorrow :-) 

Daddy 5SOS: Paternal Instinct (Michael)

“Can you write one where the wives get mobbed by fans or paparazzi when they’re pregnant and the boys get really overprotective? Thanks!”

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one! I didn’t make this one explicitly in the Daddy 5SOS Universe, but you can read it either in the ‘verse or not. Totally up to you. Let me know what you think!

You loved being a part of the spot light, and you had ever since you and Michael had started dating. Now you were two years into marriage and expecting your first baby. From the very first sonogram, you and Michael had gone public, making sure that people were informed. Because you guys had learned from past experience that being open with the people meant that they left you alone, figuring you’d give them information as it became available.

For the most part, that worked. Michael would answer any questions that interviewers of fans asked – within reason, of course – and you were happy posting weekly pictures in which you did the entire “this week our baby is the size of this fruit” thing.

It was fun, you had to admit. Twitter was constantly full of congratulations and questions of people asking what sex the baby was and was there somewhere the fans could send gifts? It was like having a huge extended family all over the world. It was really, really cool.  

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5SOS Preference: You Get Twitter Hate

LUKE: You were lying in bed next to Luke, you woke up early because you couldn’t sleep but you didn’t want to wake up Luke so you grabbed you phone. You opened up twitter and looked through all your mentions. All you could see was pages and pages of people saying that you are ugly, awkward, annoying and not right for Luke. There was more horrible words said about you but you couldn’t bring yourself to read them. You had a few tears running down your face and you had not realised that Luke had woken up. He saw that you were crying and he grabbed you phone. He looked through all your twitter mentions and he also had a tear in his eye. He stood up quickly and threw your phone on the bed. He stormed out of the room and you could hear him hitting and pushing things around the house trying to let out his anger. It was the first time Luke had seen the hate you had been getting. Everyday you tried so hard to avoid him finding out because you didn’t want him to be upset. You got out of bed and walked through the house trying to find Luke. You found him sitting under a desk with his head resting on his knees, you could hear that he was crying. When you approached him he looked up at you, his face was red and puffy from crying. You sat down beside him and he started talking “Princess, how could you hide this from me for so long?”. You answered, “I’m sorry, I am used to it now… It was just easier if only one of us had to worry about it”. “y/n I am so, so sorry! You do not deserve any of this and it’s all my fault. I Love you princess and everything they are saying is not true. You are stunning, perfect and none of them can compare to you. They are all jealous and …” You leaned over and cut Luke of with a kiss. “I love you so much too, I am fine, it’s ok!”. You both cuddled for a while and Luke tweeted later “Don’t think hurting my princess won’t hurt me, cause it does! I love you Y/T/N”.

MICHAEL: “You are so disgusting! I don’t know how Michael can even look at you!” You read, you couldn’t ignore it so you replied, “aw, babe! I am sure he feels the same about you xxx”. You didn’t think much of it, you were used to it. Michael was on tour when this happened but not long after he called you. “I’m so sorry baby girl! You do not deserve any hate, but I must admit you’re handling it really well! I Love you, I’ll see you soon”. Not long after Michael tweeted “I love my baby Y/t/N. If you don’t respect her then I don’t respect you”. That night you were dancing around your house in your PJ’s because you were really bored. You went in to the kitchen to get a drink. You were standing at the sink when you felt arms around your waist. You jumped a little and turned around to see Michael staring at you with a massive smile on his face. “Michael! I thought you were on tour? I missed you”. You then jumped into his arms for a big hug. “Yeah! I am on tour, I escaped… When everyone went to bed I went straight to the airport” he replied. “I love you! The things you do for me are so sweet” you responded. “oh yeah! Pack your bags, you’re coming back on tour with me, we leave in 2 hours” You were shocked but so happy. You always wanted to go on tour with Michael. You ran into your room and Michael followed. “You are so amazing Michael!” You laughed. “Yeah I know! And there is no better way to show the world how much I love my girl!” You then remembered what happened on twitter early. He was trying to make up for the twitter hate.

CALUM: You and Calum were cuddling, and playing apps on your phone. He was playing angry birds and temple run, he then went into your twitter and you got a little scared because you didn’t want him to see the hate you were getting. He went into your mentions and read them for about 2 minutes; you had enough and didn’t want him to read them anymore so you grabbed your phone. You were lying on his chest and he was being very quiet. You heard him sniffle a little. You had never seen him cry before so you were a little shocked. “Y/N, Why haven’t you told me you were getting so much hate? I really don’t want you to go through this. I am so sorry beautiful, I love you so much!”. “I love you too Cal! I am sorry I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t want you to worry about it! I am ok, I am dating the most amazing guy in the world… they are all just jealous!” You said softly. Even though it did hurt you, you didn’t want Calum to know. “I am not the best boyfriend! I am the worst, no good boyfriend would ever let his girl go through that” He whispered then continued. “I am going to fix this! It’s never going to happen ever again!” Later that night Calum had a massive rant on twitter telling everyone how amazing you are and how much he loved you. He then deleted his twitter. He knew how to teach his fans a lesson.

ASHTON: The boys were at an interview and you were standing behind the cameras watching your amazing boyfriend answering questions. Ashton hadn’t had the best day and the interviewer was being very persistent and you could tell she was getting on his nerves. “Now I was on twitter earlier, wow Ashton! Your girlfriend Y/N seems to have a lot of enemies; do you ever feel like it’s your fault? I mean, is it really worth it?” The interviewer asked and you suddenly felt a little sick and Ashton’s face went red. “That is such a disgusting thing to say!” Michael said loudly, shaking his head. “Sorry Michael! I want an answer from her boyfriend not you”. said the interviewer. “I agree with Michael, that is one horrible thing to ask. I love my girlfriend so much and the true fans know that! Yes she gets hurt and I am forever upset and sorry that it happens. I just can’t lose her! She is the one person that makes me smile, the only person who makes me stay committed to music. She is always there for me and I am always there for her! She is my perfect girl and yes it’s worth it because we are in love! My girlfriend is here actually and I am going to see here right now. I have had enough of this interview”. Ashton got up and left the interview straight away leaving the interviewer red faced. He went straight to you and grabbed you, kissed you and tears started to fall from his eyes. “I love you so much!”.

Fantasies Come True (With Smut)

Can you do a Dan imagine where y/n is a youtuber who lives with Dan and Phil (thay are all bffs) and y/n was doing a Q&A with Dan and Phil, where one of the questions was what are her sexual fantasies, and her turn ons, and she blushes, and for the turn ons, she secretly describes Dan, and she meant to and everyone but Dan realized it, and when she was editing, she noticed how much she was blushing and how Dan bit his lip and how he looked at her, and (you dont have to write the smut, just the pre)

A/N: I decided to repost this one, now that I’m actually kinda good with smut-writing. So yeah, same fanfic as before, just with a sex scene. So, enjoy (even though I’m not a huge fan of it).

“And yeah, that’s my most embarassing moment.” You finished saying to the camera. It was pretty late in the night, but you, Dan, and Phil were all filming a Q&A for your channel, so far the questions were exactly how you expected them to be; sexual and weird.

Dan took the computer from your lap to look at questions people were sending you on twitter. He scrolled through the feed, stopping when he found a question that enticed him. “Oh god…” He laughed, putting a hand to his face.

“What?” You asked, snatching your laptop back from him. You found it a fun little game, almost, embarassing the boys. Especially Dan, he turned such a cute shade of pink when he was embarassed.

Phil looked down at the question from over you, “NO!” He exclaimed, hands flying to his mouth.

“What are your turn ons and turn offs? And what are some of your sexual fantasies?” You start to blush like mad, your cheeks turning a deep shade of red. Your entire body is warm now, and you bite your lip. "The thing about this question is that I don’t mine talking about my turn ons and turn offs,“

Phil nodded, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

"But then asking us about our sexual fantasies; Like, Jesus Fucking Christ!” Dan exclaimed, looking down at the question in disbelief. “Is nothing personal anymore?”

You laughed slightly, you had a good sexual fantasy that you’d been having a lot lately, and little known to Dan, it was about him.

“Alright! First part of the question, Phil, care to start us off?”

Phil nodded and sighed, “Okay… well… I look for a sense of humour, for sure.”

“No sense having a woman unless you can laugh with her.” You added.
“And it helps when she’s smart. I like a smart girl.”

You rolled your eyes, Phil’s answers were always so innocent.

“Dan?” You turned to him, you were interested to know his answers, you had always that one day you two could become more then just friends, and if you ever did; it could be nice to find out what he found attractive.

“Intelligence?” Dan replied, unsure how to answer. He was nervous, you could tell. He shuffled awkwardly in his seat.

You chuckled a little, his awkward personality was one of the many things you loved about him.

“What about you, Y/N?” Dan asked, genuinely interested.

You hadn’t exactly thought about your answer that much, there was really only one answer that sprung to mind, and that was Dan.

You loved everything about him, his shyness, his sarcasm, his adorable laugh, everything. He was all you after thought about nowadays. You took a deep breath and began describing your turn ons.

“It turns me on when guys are tall, sarcastic, intelligent, brown-eyed…”

You looked over at Phil, who was smiling you. He had known about your crush on Dan for a while now, it was just getting Dan to realize.

‘It’s really, really hot when they’re kinda awkward.” You gave the camera a small smile, “Shy guys are the cutest. Oh, and he needs to be just as sexual as I am!”

You sent a glance towards Dan, now thinking about the second part of the question. The thought of your fantasy made your heart pound, almost pumping out of your chest.

“He needs to like it dirty too,” You winked at the camera. “Cause I will ride him HARD.” You joked.

“Fucking hell Y/N…” Dan muttered under his breath. He shook his head at you, his lovely smile on his face. He couldn’t believe how you acted in some of your videos.

You chuckled and turned, “As for sexual fantasies… there’s been a recurring one that I’ve had where it’s almost weirdly like a porno.”

“Okay, I’m not listening to this!” Phil put his fingers in his ears. "LALALALALALA!“ He stood up and walked away, leaving only you and Dan left in the camera view.

You laughed at Phil, his innocence was adorable. You didn’t really mind though, you had always believed strongly in being open with your subscribers, I mean, half the time they just thought you were joking, when in reality you were serious.

Dan looked at you, a little shocked that you were actually admitting this stuff openly. “Are you serious?” He mouthed.

You chuckled and turned back to the camera, ignoring Dan. Maybe it would be best to get the feelings off your chest.

"So it starts off with me and my romantic interest in a classroom.”

You stared at Dan, who was shaking his head in disbelief. “In detention to be exact.” You were picturing the dream now; you sitting in your desk in a short skirt and see through tank-top, and Dan sitting in the back of the room, glancing at you every now and then with that same smirk on his face that you first fell in love with.

“And we start writing notes to each other, nothing serious at first…”

The image was clear in your mind, it starts off cute with simple notes like “You’re adorable,”

“But then things start to get a little…. different…”

Notes start changing now, Dan making ploys at how great your boobs look in your tank-top, and how he wants to just rip off your skirt and fuck you, then and there.

“And then the teacher leaves… and it’s just him and I.”

Dan walks over to you, staring at you and biting his lips. “Take off your shirt…” He says slowly, seductively, like silk against your ear.

“Make me…” You whisper back, nibbling on his ear in response. Your hands are at his waist, your fingers slowly moving downwards towards his butt.

“He crosses over to me and orders me to take off my clothes, I tell him to make me, and then things heat up.”

Dan pushes you down against one of the desks behind you, him arching over you and kissing your lips tenderly, his tongue dancing in your mouth. He retracts quickly and starts biting on your lip, and making his way down your neck, simply biting and sucking. You can hardly breathe now, but you like it regardless.

He reaches for your shirt, then, his mouth still moving along your neck and downwards towards your breasts and he pulls off your shirt in a simple, fluid motion; your hand moves from his ass to his crotch, and then… the fun begins.

Dan reached down at his belt, desperate to get the damn thing off. He undid the buckle, sliding down his pants and giving you a full view of how much he wanted you. He took off his shirt, his lips still caressing your neck with tender care.

His hands returned to your bra, cupping your breasts and squeezing them until you squealed. Your hands wandered towards your back, undoing your bra. There was nothing between you and Dan except your panties and his boxers, he hovered over you; lips kissing down your body and making his way in between your boobs.

It was strange to you, feeling Dan’s tongue over your hardened nipples, but still, you couldn’t help but moan.

Dan let out a groan of sorts when his mouth formed around your boob, clenching it with one hand and rubbing. You felt you should do something to return the favor to him, so your hands made way down his body again until they reached his penis within the underwear.

You started pumping Dan within the material, hoping to make him moan a little more. It was almost like a competition between you two, a competition to see who could make the other scream.

Dan bit his lip, trying to stop himself from moaning any louder. “That’s the way you want to play, hm?” He teased, breath tickling your skin.

He placed a hand on your chest, keeping you in place on the desk. His other hand wandered down to your panties, rubbing quickly against the material.

“Fuck! Dan!” You moaned. No matter how much you wanted to dominate him, he always made sure you were the one moaning.

“Come on baby,” He taunted, his words seducing you. “Take off your panties for me.”

You looked up at him, panting already. You nodded slightly, moving your fingers from his erection and to your underwear, which you pulled down.
Dan smiled a little from you submitting to him, he liked having control.
He rubbed the area even faster now, and you struggled to stay standing. You couldn’t breathe, and you felt yourself getting closer and closer to peaking.

“Dan? Please Dan,” You panted. “I need you. Oh my god… I need you.”

Dan’s arms folded in a pout, “What a shame… only ten minutes… you sure are horny, aren’t you?” He lowered his arms and kissed your lips again, “But, as always… I oblige.”

Dan thrust forward, colliding his dick with your pussy, his hands moved back to the area, rubbing it while he pushed himself further inside; grinding into you.

“DAN!” You squealed again, “I’m gonna-”

You felt like fire, your genitals exploding with heat as you orgasmed. Dan retracted slowly after, giving himself a satisfied smile. However, just because you were done, doesn’t mean he was.

You gripped his length with your hand immediately after he retracted. It was your turn to please him, without him getting back at you.

You lowered yourself onto the floor and in between his legs, you kissed the head of his penis, taking him inside your mouth without a second though.

You took him in deeper and deeper, licking and biting on all the skin you could; until eventually he exploded, liquid pouring all over your mouth, the hot taste burning your mouth as you swallowed.

“Y/N! SHIT!”

You chuckled a little, kissing his forehead while he sighed in relief. “I love you…”

You shake off the thoughts after you finish the story, your face is boiling hot and bright red, and Dan is staring at you, it what you believe is nothing but his awkward self not knowing where-else to look.

“Holy fuck…” Dan said, exasperated. He isn’t quite sure what else to say, how do you respond to something like that?

“I feel like that’s a good place to end it,” You responded, you were too embarrassed to continue on. Not embarrassed by the people watching, but by Dan’s expression, did you make it too obvious that it was him?

“THERE?!” Dan shouted, practically screaming at you. “You’re going to end it there!? Of all places!?”

You laughed again, “Bye guys!” You waved to the camera and pushed Dan over flirtatiously.

The next day you sat in front of your computer, editing the video. You hadn’t been able to escape the thoughts of Dan and you together, and you had started to get nervous that Dan knew, but didn’t feel the same way. He hadn’t talked to you all day; you two had hardly even exchanged glances.

You opened up a video editing program and sighed, making videos was awesome, but editing them took forever. You started to look through frames, watching the scene where Dan revealed his turn on’s. You took notice to an interesting fact, during the time he spoke, his eyes never once left you.

You shook your head. That didn’t mean anything; you should stop pretending it did. You continued on watching the clips and started noting other details, like how Dan retained a small smile the entire time you were talking about your turn on’s. He wasn’t-? He couldn’t be…?
You continued watching without stopping, until you began starting to describe your fantasy. You took note of everything Dan did in that scene… until… you stopped.

You watched the scene over and over again, just to be sure what you saw was accurate. And it was, Dan Howell actually liked the thought of having sex with you.

You watched the blush on your face when you started describing the sex, you watched Dan part his hair and stare at you, with his chocolate eyes peering into your skin as if you were the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on. When you started to go into more detail, however, you noticed a slight bulge in Dan’s pants, which he nervously tried to hide. You watched him licking his lips and biting down when you talked about your partner rubbing your vagina. It was like Dan was having a fantasy of his own, and it was obvious, if not from the look on his face then from the boner in his jeans; Dan liked the idea of having sex with you.

“DAAAAAN!” You yelled, fingers twiddling in circles. You didn’t know what you were going to say, how do you respond to the idea of one of your flatmates wanting to fuck you?

“Hm?” Dan walked into the room, staring at you with a half-smile.

“Care to explain this to me?” You said, your voice low and flirty. You liked to tease Dan for his feelings toward girls, but this was a whole new type of teasing entirely.

You played back the scene, watching as Dan’s eyes turned wide and full of horror. “I-uh-um-I…” He stuttered, trying to avoid a response.

“Yes…?” You smiled at him, hoping for an answer.

“Wh-wh-what?” Dan stuttered, blushing like mad. “I just- I just appreciate a good sexual fantasy when I hear one…”

You stood up from your chair, walking over and pecking Dan’s cheek.”Sure Dan…” You chuckled a little, the fact that he was denying the lip-biting, the boner, and the blushing was endearing to you. “Sure…” You repeated before walking out of the room, leaving him blushing and confused.

Maybe he did have feelings for you, like you had for him. And maybe… maybe one day all your wishes and fantasties would finally become reality.