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Hi💗!!! Could you do the Hitachiin twins (Hikaru and Kaoru) From Ouran High School Host Club in E1 and A4?(I don't mind which one it which haha) Thanks!!! PS- You are amazing and I love you!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not even sure who is who but here you go! Thanks for the ask!

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Monica’s 25th Birthday

Lost Files Pt3: Issa Mess After the club



Just the Three of Us??

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Single Mother!Reader

Summary: Bucky, out of all the beautiful women in the world, chose you and you can’t manage to wrap your head around it. Therefore, internal and external conflicts emerge.

A/N: A bit sad…cause I was feeling a bit sad…

“Cassie! Macie! Are you ready?!” You called up the stairs. You heard the thumping of tiny feet and your 4 year old twin girls came rushing down the stairs.

“Coming mommy!” They both said in unison. They hopped down on both sides of you immediately holding your hands.

“Look at my girls! So beautiful!” Cassie wore a yellow princess poofy dress and Macie wore a black princess poofy dress, “Now we’re ready for a party!”

“Do you think Bucky’s gonna be there?” Cassie asked as you made your way outside to the car.

You chuckled, “It’s possible,” you tell her. You and Bucky had been dating for a little over six months now. It was an unexpected thing, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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“Do You Remember?” George Weasley x Reader

Pairing(s): George Weasley x Reader

Note: Well, I’m finally tackling a Harry Potter imagine. My favorite characters were always the Weasley twins so why not do George. I really hope you enjoy this little imagine guys.

Request?: No

Word Count:1418

Summary: Reader has a tiring day and so does their best friend and boyfriend George Weasley. They decide to just cuddle and talk.


I had spent today helping Molly make tonight’s dinner for Christmas and helped her clean up, along with Ginny and Hermione. I wanted nothing more than a cuddle with my best friend who so happened to be my boyfriend as well. If only I could find him.

“Hey Y/n!”

I was broken out of my thoughts as soon as I heard George call me.

“Hey George. How was your day?”

“Exhausting, yours? and can we cuddle?“

"Mine too, I’d like that.”

With that we walked upstairs to his room and just layed down and I cuddled up to him. It was quiet for a while till George broke the comfortable silence.


“Yeah George?”

“Do you remember when we first met?”

“Of course I do. It was the best day of my life.”

It was my first year at Hogwarts. My father was a muggle and my mother was a witch. She always told me that I’d go to Hogwarts when I turned 11, and it will be the best day ever.

She was not wrong, although it was the best day for a different reason. I met my best friend that day. My parents helped me pack my trunk the day before and we had a nice lovely breakfast before heading to the train station. My mom showed me how to get to the Hogwarts Express, and it was absolutely brilliant! I made my way towards the train and began looking for a seat. That was when I came across two very red-headed boys.

“Hello, would you mind if I sit with you two?”

“Not at all. I’m George and that’s my brother Fred.”

I sat down next to George and gave him my hand and then to Fred.

“I’m Y/n”

“Is this your first year too?”

“Yes it is. Maybe we’ll be in the same house.”


That day we talked so much and became such great friends. We were sorted into our rightful house and did not lose touch.

A small giggle left my lips and I decided it was my turn to ask him of his remembrance.

“Do you remember when you fell for me, quite literally?”

“Ha. Ha. I do though, I won’t ever forget that moment.”

Fred, George and I have been inseparable after we met on the train in our first year. We were all bored and decided to hang around the Quidditch pitch and just have some fun. While you were running around having fun, George just magically “tripped” on something and fell on top of me. I couldn’t help but let a giggle leave my lips.

“Awh, George. You fell for me.”


When I let those words leave my lips George quickly got up and brushed off the comment. What I didn’t know at the time was that he brushed it off cos he was falling for me. He just didn’t know I felt the exact same way.

“You sounded quite angry when I said that. I know why now, but I still think it’s funny.”

“Oh seriously? Do you remember when you fell for me?”

I blushed a little and stayed quiet for a while.

“Yeah… It was embarrassing.”

“I thought it was quite adorable. You were a blushing mess.”

I was extremely late on meeting my best friends at the Quidditch pitch, so I went running to meet the twins. I skillfully ran around everyone without tripping or falling on top of someone. With that thought I ruined it and became extremely distracted. When I got there I was thinking about how talented I was at missing everyone that I didn’t see George who was facing my direction. He had his arms open knowing exactly what was going to happen the second he turned around. By the time I realized what was going on it was too late to stop. I fell directly on top of George and he chuckled. He looked into my eyes with a stupid smirk on his lips. He decided to use my words from a year ago.

“Awh, Y/n you fell for me.”

I quickly got up from on top of him. I was madly blushing, I just lightly pushed him and said hi to Fred, who lightly chuckled at my red state.

“I was, gosh that was so embarrassing! Fred said I looked like a tomato and I really just wanted to leave after that.”

“I’m happy you didn’t. We had a lot of fun adventures.”

“We did, didn’t we? Haha, do you remember when you finally asked me out?”

“Yeah. I was surprised you said yes. I didn’t think you felt the same way.”

“What did you think the blushing was all about then?”

“Like you said, embarrassment.”

“Oh right.”

George and Fred were talking to their younger brother Ron. Fred spoke first,

“Get a move on or all the good ones will have gone.”

“Who are you going with then?” spoke Ron

After Fred crumpled a paper into a ball and tossed it to Angelina and asked her to the Yule ball. I let a small chuckle leave my lips and continued to do my work.

“Who are you going with then George?”

My interest was peaked and I waited to hear George’s answer, but nothing. I do feel a nudge and look at George, on my left.

“Hey Y/n?”

“Yeah George?”

“Would you like to be my date to the Yule Ball?”

“I’d love to.”

We just smiled at each other and went back to our work, well, I did. I heard George talk up again, but to his little brother.

“I’m going with Y/n.”

“I was ecstatic, I have been waiting for so long.”

“Really? Well, do you remember when we had our first kiss?”

“Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds… It was magical.”

We were both having a fun time at the Yule Ball. We were dancing, laughing and talking. It was a great first date. While we were dancing, our conversation began to die down. We were in a very comfortable silence when George decided to lean down. When I saw him lean down, I leaned up onto my toes and met his lips halfway. It was a nice and short kiss, but it still felt amazing and perfect. When we pulled apart George smiled and rested his head on mine. It was absolutely perfect.

“It really was, but that wasn’t the best day of my life.”

“Was it when we first said ‘I love you’?”

“Yeah. I knew that this was real.”

“I remember that day like is was just yesterday”

“We’ve been together for three years already.”

“And many more to come, right?”


George was looking for me like crazy, so I quickly walked up to him.

“Hey, I’m right here. What’s going on?”

“We’re leaving.”


“Fred and I are going to leave Hogwarts and finally open our joke shop. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad Georgie… I’m happy you two are going to do what makes you happy. I just want you to be happy cos… I love you.”

When those words left my lips he kissed me.

“I love you too. So much… I have to go, I love you. I really do.”

George left quickly, but his departure was absolutely brilliant. I was going to miss him, but at least he’s happy.

“You know… I thought you were going to leave me.”

“Now why did you think that Y/n?”

“I thought you were going to leave and have a successful life without me. I didn’t think that you would continue talking to me, but you did. You kept coming to my home and you always invited me to your home. You kept trying in our relationship and I knew that you are the love of my life.”

“You’re bloody mad if you ever thought that I’d leave you.”

I left a small chuckle leave my lips.

“Okay, okay. Can we go to bed?”

“Of course.”

I snuggled up to George and he kissed the top of my head. I always feel safe when I’m in his arms. George is my home now.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too George.”

I started to let sleep take over me and before I knew it, I was asleep.

George looked down to see that Y/n was asleep and smiled. He left a kiss on top of Y/n’s head again and let sleep take over him as well.

I need a story about Dadneto giving Lorna the talk.

Not about sex. Not about drugs and what not.

But about the dangers of bringing a Summers boy into this household.




Erik you know that’s not true and you got them from a yard sale down the street.



“My God, he vanished.”
“Vanished without a trace.”
“I detect sarcasm.”
“That was my intention.”
“He thinks we’re stupid.
“He thinks we’re assholes.”
“Let’s pull him in and slit his belly open.”

The Twins, Outlast

These guys scared the ever loving shit out of my friend. They were my favorites, though.

The Lucienne Twins

I will never forget the Lucienne twins. Even after ten years, they are still fresh in my memory. Too fresh.

It was my first year of teaching when they were in my class. My fresh college diploma was framed on my desk, and I had placed a signed picture of my favorite professor, now deceased, on the wall behind me. In cursive, it read- To Mary, my brightest, that you may teach the world.

I watched over my kindergarten class as if they were my own children. But the Lucienne twins were my favorite. There was Abigail, the blonde one with a minuscule nose, and Bridget, shorter with brunette hair.

“Miss Mary,” Abigail would start, tugging on my dress, before Bridget continued, “We were wondering-“ Abigail would take over, “if we could go to the sticker box-“ Bridget would now speak “And take a star?”

And of course there was no way I could say not to the couple. They were irresistible, from their broken sentences to the heart shaped lockets they wore that were embossed with their names. I could never imagine something happening to them. But fate follows no rules, and something did.

Word about the car crash spread around the school faster than the ambulance could reach the hospital. It had been at an intersection, where a pickup truck had slammed into the side of their compact car on their Friday morning commute. The driver had still been drunk from the night before.

The gas tank was immediately ruptured, spewing the right side of the car with fuel, and flames licked up through the backseat. Bridget was strapped into a car seat above them, and rumor was that Abigail watched her twin burn alive. When the firemen freed Abigail, she threw herself onto the still smoldering bones of Bridget, and her sister’s red hot locket branded itself into her earlobe. The body of her single mother survived, but the toll of the lost daughter sickened her souls.

Abigail returned to class two weeks later. The hair on the right side of her head was singed and steadily grew back, though the color was darker. A doctor’s inspection revealed nothing else wrong with her, except a deafness in her right ear. Hushed voices in the school hallways whispered her eardrum imploded by the sheer loudness of her sisters dying screams. But most unnerving was her sister’s name, scarred into the lobe of her deaf ear, and surrounded by the outline of a heart shaped locket.

From then on, no student would sit on the right side of Abigail, and I had to rearrange the seating charts to place her next to the wall. Abigail seemed content there, in an island of isolation. Before her sister died, they rarely conversed with the other students, and now was no different. In social time, I would hear Abigail talking to the wall in incoherent sentences.

“Abigail, honey, what’re you saying?” I asked a week after she returned.

“Oh Miss Mary!” She said, “I’m-“ Then she would pause, waiting, “and then we thought-“ Another pause, silence, “and we can, can’t we?”

“Sure you can, honey.” I replied, though the exchange made my hair stand on end. She smiled again, and cocked her right ear, the deaf one to the wall, pausing again, then speaking.

“She said yes!” Then the gibberish continued and the closing bell rang.

It wasn’t until I drove halfway home that I realized the gaps in Abigail’s conversation were where Bridget should be speaking.

Months passed, and Abigail became even more of an outcast in the class. The kindergarteners came to forget the disaster, and some students even began bullying Abigail. I revised the seating chart again, and moved her close to my desk.

“Miss Mary!” Clamored Abigail one day, pulling my dress. She stumbled, and I reached to catch her, but she fell against my professor’s portrait on the wall, shattering the protective glass. She picked up the remains, the glass biting deep into her soft palms. She didn’t notice.

“I’m sorry Miss Mary,” She said, and her voice changed tenor, “we didn’t mean to break” Again a pitch change, “your picture. “

I stopped. It was her first complete sentence since the crash.

“It’s ok.” I said, holding her. Blood from her hands dripped onto me, but it felt cold, and I rushed to bandage it.

“I’m sure you will teach the world one day, Miss Mary.” She said, her voice continuing the inflections.

My heart froze as I read the note on the portrait for the thousandth time. Abigail couldn’t read cursive.

“How did you know that?” I asked.

“Bridget told me, she talks to him now.” She said, curling her streak of darker hair around her finger.

“That’s not all she tells me. She tells me terrible things sometimes. And I can’t stop hearing her.” Then she started crying, and noticed the glass embedded deep into her hands. “She never stops,” Her voice elevated to a yell.

When I took the picture back, her sentences became broken again, and I moved her on the seating chart away from my desk.

Over time the other students realized Abigail’s reaction to old objects. They’d bring her in things that they found in the attic, artifacts their grandparents owned, and watched as she cocked her right ear and her sentences become whole or broken when she held them. It became a game to them, listening to the stories she made up. But the effect took an obvious toll on her, and she soon started wearing gloves, even in the dead heat of summer.

But one boy, larger than the others, a brute known for his bullying, liked the look on Abigail’s face as they pushed artifacts into her squirming palms. He was the quickest to see the fear that she felt when they once gave her an old bullet shell, and ran home afterwards to find an old box in his basement his parents forbade him to open. Inside was his great grandfather’s Nazi uniform, a warden at a concentration camp, and he twisted off one of the buttons.

The next day he found Abigail on the playground and pinned her against the chain link fence. He ripped the gloves off and forced the button into her hand, tightly closing her fingers about it. When she began screaming, he only laughed, and closed the fist tighter.

I reached them too late. When I pulled the boy off her, she was sobbing uncontrollably, both her hands locked into fists. She dropped the button like it was searing hot, but refused to open the other fist until the paramedics arrived and knocked her out with anesthesia. Only then could they pull her severed right ear out, torn off by her bloody fingernails, with Bridget still written on the lobe.

But most terrifying of all was when she screamed. I could hear two voices screaming.

A Kiss By Christmas - Fred Weasley

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This was requested by hpfan-lyric. This was the request:  could you do a Fred Weasley imagine (he’s my favoriteeeee) where it’s Christmas time at the burrow and Fred loves y/n and y/n loves Fred and George keeps teasing y/n and Fred because George knows both of them like eachother so he makes up a brilliant plan to get them to date haha sorry it’s long ! Thanks lovely ! <3 A/N: Thanks for the request. I love the twins, they’re my favorite. Keep requesting, were running low on them

You loved spending the Christmas holidays at the Weasleys. It was your favorite time of the year. You were treated like a part of the family, you got a Christmas sweater and everything. The best part about it is that you got to spend more time with you best friends George and Fred, who you happened to fancy.

George was intent on getting the two of you together. He was the first one who found about your crush on him. It started in your third year. Fred had spent the whole weekend with you when you had a cold. Every time he would get close your insides would squirm. The feeling stayed even after you got better. George also happened to know Fred’s crush on you. His began during their first year after you set fireworks off in the corridor in the Hogwarts express. He instantly decided that he was going to marry you. A little extreme for an 11 year old but after all these years he still stuck by it.

You had managed to rally Fred, Ron and Harry into a snowball fight. You tried to ask George, Hermione, and Ginny but they had to do something. So while the four of you pelted each other with snowballs George, Hermione and Ginny were having a meeting in Ginny’s room. While you had rallied for a snowball war George rallied for a team to get you and Fred together.

They sat gathered around in a circle going through failed ideas to get you and Fred together. “Okay, what about you or Lee ask (Y/N) on a date to make Fred jealous?” Hermione asks as Ginny looks down the parchment to see if they had already done it.

George sighed and shook his head. “No way, we both did it and that was awful. He refused to say anything to us until we took her on the date. Then afterwards it resulted in him assaulting us.”

Ginny nods and continues to look down the list. “Here’s a simple one, you ask them both to meet you somewhere, then you never show because they’re alone.”

“I never told you about that one. I did that at the Three Broomsticks, that was a bloody disaster.”

“What happened?” Hermione asked.

“Fireworks went off in his pants.” He says frankly.

Hermione and Ginny were snorting and choking on the air they were breathing on. “Not like that you gits. Actual fireworks went off in his pants pockets. They set Neville’s robes on fire.” He pauses and lays back on the floor. “This is impossible.” He whines.

“Wait! It’s Christmas! We’re forgetting the simplest thing, mistletoe!” Ginny exclaims.

“That could work.” George says, sitting up. “Tell me more.”


A few hours later you, Fred, Harry and Ron finally came shivering in. Molly whisked you all to the fire and wrapped you up in blankets while she went in search of dry clothes. Fred wrapped his arm around your shivering frame and you leaned into him. George walks in at that exact moment and see his arm around you. He pauses to look up at the heavens and mouths thank you.

“Hey mum I was thinking we could finish decorating the Christmas tree.” George says as she walks down the stairs with piles of clothes.

“That sounds like a great idea Georgie. After dinner.” She ruffles his hair as George catches Fred eye and winks. Fred’s eyes widen, not knowing what was planned.


“What are you trying to do George?” Fred hisses as they hang the ornaments on the tree.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“George please don’t mess around with this, yeah? I really like (Y/N) and I don’t want you to screw it up.” Fred pleas.

“I’m not going to screw it up, I’m making it better.” George argues.

Fred was about to say something but him mum cuts him off. “Fred go see if (Y/N) needs any help with the boxes from the attic.” Fred shoots his brother a glare before walking away.

He tries to walk out of the room but couldn’t, it was like there was invisible wall in the door frame. “What the-” he presses into it, using all his weight.

“Fred are you going to leave and help?” Molly calls from across the room.

“I’m trying mum.” He says, putting all his weight against it but still nothing happened. You were coming down the stairs and couldn’t see a thing in front of you. As you walked towards the living room where Fred was too busy trying to get through to see you. With a flick of George’s wand the invisible wall disappears and Fred falls though on top of you.

“Oh my god (Y/N) are you okay?” Fred asks, helping you up from the boxes around you.

“I’m fine Freddie.” You assure him. “Worse has happened to me during Quidditch practice.” He helps you gather to boxes but before you could both walk in George stops you.

“Don’t move, you guys need to kiss.”

Ginny face palms herself. “Excuse me?” Fred asks.

You look up and nudge Fred and he sees the mistletoe also. “It’s a rule. As long as you two aren’t blood related you need to kiss. Now give me these,” he takes the boxes, “and whenever you’re ready.” You and Fred stand there awkwardly. “You’re not coming in until you do it.”

Fred reaches across and his hand collides with another invisible wall. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“I’m not telling you anything again George.” You tell him.

“Fine, don’t tell me that you fancy Fred. I won’t tell you that Fred fancies you back. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that outloud.” He grins.

Fred sigh and runs his hand through his hair. “You fancy me?” You ask quietly.

“Yeah since like, first year.” He admits.

You stand on your toes so you were face to face and wrap your arms around his neck. Your heart was hammering against your chest. You couldn’t believe this was happening. “Do you have anything to ask me?”

“Do you want to go to Hogsmeade sometime?” He asks nervously, his cheeks growing pink. Not as much as yours though.

“I would love to.” You say before pressing your lips against his.

“Finally!” George exclaims. “After years of meddling and manipulation-”

“George can you shut up?” Fred says for a moment, pulling away.

“No need to be rude.”

Change my mind saw Book of Life and now Lego movie is no longer my favorite film this year.

Twins were fine BTW

Is Pixar still gonna make that Day of the Dead movie? No way they’ll top this.