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The thing that I disagree so much with people regarding Ciel twins
  • Our Ciel never be loved from his family

C’mon we have his own flashback of him having asthma and Madam Red taking care of his health while his mother and lizzy are concerned. 

There’s also a moment when his parent let him sleep together because he scared of the thunder. 

Vincent personally request to Diederich to help both twins anytime (So basically never he even forgotten about Our!Ciel safety and how he got the equal treatment, caring like he did toward Real!Ciel too). 

  • Real Ciel was quite evil toward Our!Ciel in the past 

You know when people said they hated twin cliche they thought of Real!Ciel not really care for Our!Ciel while this is so wrong I mean look they have a shared toys together to play. This image also implied that they used to play chess together. 

In the cult when both were being kidnapped, Real!Ciel assured Our!Ciel not to be scared because he’s here to protect him.

There’s also a foreshadowing where Arthur mentioned he is having little brother in the same age Our!Ciel when he got mentioned, Our!Ciel gave a sad smile because he probably also used to be cared so much by his twin brother. 

So regarding some people opinion, I may agree that the current real!ciel was no way kind like he used to be but I just hope people not disregard that Our!Ciel is no way get a bad treatment during his childhood until he is being kidnapped and prisoned in the cult. 

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About your idea about Fox!Alya and Chat Noir as "furry bros", this could make Ladybug a little... ehm... "jealous" (NOT in a romantic way!!!!). For the entire S1 there are just LB and CN, and considering the LB would going to be suspicious of Fox, this NEW friendship beetween CN and Fox will worry LB, while she will not be so unnerved by QB (see: IRONY), beacuse, as YOU say previously, the latter will argument a lot with CN for LB's attention...

“What are you two doing?”

“Its a furry thing. A bug wouldn’t understand.”

“Please don’t ever say that again.”

Anon, I totally agree lol. Ladybug has a naturally little jealous personality and I wonder how well both of them are going to share. But I love the idea of the Fox being mischievous and likes to tease Ladybug. 


*nervous smile* U-Um… This is my attempt… at trying to make a creepy comic…

PS: That is not Seven lol

(Just wanted to add– I labelled this as a spoiler because 707′s real name is mentioned here, not because this scenario happens in the game haha… this is just a fancomic ^^; People seemed to be confused so I wanted to make that clear OTL)

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omggg can you do like a sleepy and clingy ethan in a public place? maybe out on tour or something :))))

i formulated a whole idea thinking this just said “a sleepy and clingy ethan” minus the public place part so i’m sorry. if u still want that, request this again pls!!! i’m sorry i’m dumb and can’t read!!!

The shrill tone of Grayson’s alarm in the next room over was the first thing you registered. Secondly, your eyes were pried open by the harsh morning light that shone past the sheer cream curtains provided by the hotel. Finally, the full weight of Ethan’s arm as it was secured across your waist proved uncomfortable as you shifted to grab your phone and fell a bit short of the bedside table. 

None the less, you caught sight of the blurred digital pixels across the cheap alarm clock indicating 5:55 am. An involuntary groan gurgled in your throat, a sound that elicited a similar moan from Ethan. His eyes scrunched shut, gluing themselves down as he tightened his grip on you. “Five more minutes,” He mumbled, breath warm against your skin.

As if he heard his brother, Grayson’s knuckles rapped against your half closed door as his voice rasped, “E, Y/N, car leaves in less than an hour.”

“Perfect,” Ethan’s lips sponged to your collarbone as he swung a loose leg around the back of your knees, “Ten more minutes, then.”

“E,” Lightly you pushed on his shoulders, trying to wiggle away from his limp grip, “E, come on, we gotta get up.”

“We have plenty of time,” One eye opened to glare at you, the chocolate brown outlined in jagged red edges. “We can just share the shower and then-”

Your cheeks flushed as you placed a gentle finger across his lips. “No. We need to get up.”

Reluctantly, he loosened his grip on you as he rolled to his back. One arm splayed across the white sheets as the other caught in his hair. Squinting, he peered up at you, “You sure we don’t have a few more minutes?”

Giggling softly, you shook your head as you clambered away from the warmth, “No. We don’t. I get the bathroom first.”

“After you, m’lady.”

You showered quickly, a splash enough to wake you up and clean the sleep away from your skin. Your travel sweats and one of Ethan’s hoodies were pulled across your torso, your hair twisted off your neck and your teeth cleaned by the travel toothbrush you’d almost forgotten to pack. You returned to the room no more than twenty minutes after leaving Ethan alone in the bed to find he hadn’t budged. 

Ethan.” You drew out his name softly, finding that he was again snoozing. His head had lulled against the arm curved around his head, the other still cocked at an odd angle across the space where you’d previously laid. Quietly, you crept over to his side, perching yourself in a small space that his torso wasn’t curled to.

Lightly, you trailed your fingers across his forehead, gathering the stray tendrils that splayed there and sweeping them away. “Babe, you gotta get up.”

His chest drew up sharply as he sighed, his eyes again scrunching as his body shifted with a yawn. You weren’t expecting his next actions as you quietly observed him, which effectively knocked the wind from you as two arms locked around your shoulders and drew you down against his chest.

“That’s my hoodie,” He observed against your shoulder. 

“Do you want to wear it today?”

“No,” He grumbled, One arm kept it’s grip across the high rise of your waist as the other moved to trailed his fingers across your cheek. “I like you in my clothes.”

You huffed, placing your palms flat against the planes of his chest as you situated yourself to a sitting positing across his hips. He blinked sleepily up at you, a sight that would have stirred endless butterflies in your chest if you weren’t getting increasingly worried about being late. “I like you with clothes on. You gotta get up.”

“Do you like me just as much without clothes on?” Ethan’s dark eyebrows wiggled then crinkled in a husky laugh when you smacked his arm. 

Dropping onto your elbows, you came nose to nose with him, your eyelashes fluttering to his cheeks as you peered up at him. You stole a quick kiss in between the words, “Get. Up.”

Ethan’s dark eyes swept across your face, trailing from your lips to your eyes and back down. A hum sounded in the back of his throat as his voice tiredly conveyed, “You are not making me want to get out of this bed, darlin’.”

(what’s up 2017 I haven’t drawn comics in 500 years but I still can’t stop drawing the Wonder Twins r.i.p. me)

This is basically a scene from “I’m Your Savior” (with some little changes) by the brilliant @queenofthecommunistcannibals. (Wolfies go and read it, it is A.MA.ZING :D It’s also the origin story of the cyberarm.)

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral