the twins magician

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Another au for your consideration -

There are legends, ancient legends, of seven birds who flew down from the sky one day. 

The Twins (Patrons of magicians and cooks), The Lover (Patrons of lovers and widowers), The Protector (Patron of fighters and animals), The Peacekeeper (Patron of pacifists and nature), the Lonely Journal Keeper (Patron of writers and young adults), and the Wordless One (Patron of leaders and simpletons).

The seven birds brought with them seven objects that they gifted to the people of the world. The people used these things, sometimes for great good, and sometimes for great evil. They then entered the world as normal mortals who lived and died. They were reborn every hundred centuries, into new bodies, but kept their memories. They lived through a long time, watching the world change and use their gifts. 

However, one day, a man named John gathered all seven of the objects. He trapped one of the twins and killed her. The others escaped, but only barely. They fled to the corners of the Earth, hoping to escape. John found out something terrible: he was able to use the full power of the relics if their true owner died. So he began to hunt. 

The Peacekeeper tried over and over again to talk sense into John, but John was hungry for more and not to be talked out of his plans. The others tried their best to fix their mistakes, but were unable to. For nearly one  hundred years, they tried their best. The Lover was the next, and last, to fall. 

The hundredth year struck, and they were reborn. But only the five who had been left alive. The Remaining Twin was, of course, hit the hardest, having lost his sister for good. Unable to watch her friends’ guilt and sadness, The Lonely Journal Keeper tricked her friends so that they could live happily while she fixed their mistakes. 

She took their memories. 

On the Eve of the next hundredth year, the Lonely Journal Keeper enacted a spell that would wipe the world of its memories, including her friends. She left only herself untouched. 

The spell was cast, and the four birds were crippled beyond comprehension. 

To this day, the birds wander the Earth, alone, aching, longing for what they do not know exists. Only the Lonely Journal Keeper understands, and she watches them from above, circling like a kindly vulture as she waits to remind the world. But first, she must finish a task. 

Before she can save her friends, she must bring Balance to the world. 

Episode 61, part 1: the Dark Magician twins! 

Yami vs Pandora in the duel to determine who is the true Master of Magicians and also determine who leaves this room with their legs still attached.

Yami is disgusted with how Pandora treats his cards:

“They’re inanimate objects that we use to have battles, dude, you can’t just USE THEM FOR YOUR OWN NEEDS.” 


I have to continually remind myself that the cards are more important in their universe and there is actually magic bullshit that connects a duelist to the cards in their deck and the cards have souls or some shit, but sometimes it’s hard when they say things like “You can’t just use your inanimate possessions for your own purposes without considering how they might feel about it!”

Anyway, Yami has his DM out on the field and now Arcana resurrects the DM he initially had that Yami forced him to discard to the graveyard. With, like, the Spoopy Coffin Of Alarming Necromancy or some shit.

“Now I play the Magic Card Spit Upon The Natural Order Of God’s Earth To Wrench The Dead From Hell Itself!


Red!Dark (Burgundy?) Magician seems to be very different than purple!Dark (Plum?) Magician. Is he also a reflection of Mahaad? How many Dark Magician cards are there? Are they all, like, photocopies of Mahaad? Or actually Mahaad in some way? Or is it only Yugi’s actual Dark Magician card that Mahaad is “in”? What if Yugi lost that card and got a new one? Would he still be in the old card or would he transfer to whatever card Yugi/Yami used? Is Mahaad still in that card when Yami moves on to the afterlife or is it just a normal card after that? Is Mahaad “more” in the card than Mana is in DMG cause he actually gave his human life to bond with Dark Magician whereas she just had DMG from the start and they existed separately? Why do I have a headache now? 

Since if they attack, they’ll just end up destroying each other, we go through three thrilling turns each of just laying face-down cards until they both fill all their slots.


FACE DOWN CARD #1 Pandora captures Plum Magician!


FACE DOWN CARD #2 Yami rescues Plum Magician with his Obnoxious Hats

FACE DOWN CARD #3 Pandora arms Burgundy Magician with literally one thousand knives although he can only hold like six knives at a time

And somehow SEES THROUGH the Hats?! He just KNOWS which Hat Yami hid Plum Magician under?!

Is this a thing people can do? Is it because he is also a Dark Magician user? Or is it because he’s into card tricks and shit and can see through people’s bluffs? Not explained! Yami guessed that he’d be able to because he triggers…

FACE DOWN CARD #4 Yami cancels all active magic - Hats and Knives both vanish

At this point they both go for the same (not very good) strategy, and I mean EXACTLY the same, both calling the same plays at the same time with the same gestures, it’s weird.

Sending both Dark Magicians to battle…

… then pulling…


(Yami: now with 50% more eyeball!)

So! We’re back to standoff! With four face down cards unused.

Yami is impressed that Pandora is able to match him in a Reveal-Face-Down-Card-Off and asks him if he’s so great at dueling, why’s he being such a cheaty, murdery, Malik-helpy piece of shit?

Which means it’s time for his ~tragic backstory~ of lost romance domestic violence.

He was living the dream all performers yearn for; a reliable income from practicing his craft…

… and a lover with an unpronounceable foreign name. One presumes he found Catherine not in Japan. 

But then he had a face-disfiguring accident! And tragically PUNCHED HER SO HARD SHE FLEW OUT OF SHOT.

“I was selfish and rejected her love. Also I violently attacked her, but it was definitely the selfishness that I regret.”

“AS IF BY MAGIC, once I had shown that I could be uncontrollably and dangerously violent towards her, she, like, totally bailed! It was SO WEIRD. It was just like this total change of heart for her, that happened right around the time I punched her with all my strength into a wall. Bitches be crazy.”

(Please spare me any - ANY - justification for his violent outburst. People get hurt/disfigured/hospitalised and somehow manage to restrain themselves from assault all the time!)

So then Malik finds him and makes him a deal.

“Like my momma always said, making a deal with an evil megalomaniac to murder a minor in exchange for a brainwashed girlfriend is better than learning a life lesson!”

Catherine made a good choice walking out on this asshole.

And Malik has Pandora believing that Catherine is waiting for him behind this curtain. Anyone who hadn’t had their Really Obvious Questions centre of the brain scrambled by a Millennium Item would be wondering why she’s just sitting there completely still and silent and why the curtain is there to hide her. 

Unless maybe Pandora does why because he knows the Rod’s powers and he thinks she’s been made into a totally obedient puppet and he’s totally fine with that…


Unlike me, Yami is adorably optimistic about the whole thing.

Oh sweetie! What would you know about any of that? You have no canonical experience with any kind of romantic relationship. Well, I guess you went on one date, but your buddy set it up, and the only parts of it you were actually enthusiastic about were the card-game-heavy date-light parts of it.

Also I think “I punched her really really hard and she left” might indeed be “too late”. Of course, Pandora only said aloud that he “rejected” her; presumably Yami can’t see his memories the way we can.

Yeah, Pandora, he’s just a kid. So maybe don’t FUCKING MURDER HIM.

Alternatively, why bother dueling him? He says Malik will “restore” Catherine to him if he kills Yugi Mutou. This all seems a really elaborate set-up to kill him, since all he really needed was to get him alone in the basement and just, like, stab him or something.

Whatever. If I start asking “why bother dueling at all?” I think the whole edifice of this show will fall down pretty much immediately. Moving swiftly along!

Yami insists that he knows what love is - it’s JUST LIKE DUELING. You just have to believe in the heart of the other person.

And there we have it. Loyaltyshipping is totally canon!

Rune Factory 4 AU

Tsuna is knocked off an airship and falls into a small town where a dragon lives. The dragon is Luce and she mistakes Tsuna to be the royalty sent here to help the town. Tsuna is given lots of responsibilities. 

Point #1: There are strange, powerful creatures outside the town that Tsuna has to defeat. Once defeated, they turn human. There are eight in total. 

Point #2: It turns out that these humans (the Arcobaleno) sacrificed themselves to let Luce continue living. In order to prevent them from doing so again, Luce erased their memories.

Point #3: Luce is dying. Tsuna tries to find a way to extend her life. He finds seven stones that can be used, but one of the village members, Enma, wants them instead. 

Point #4: He’s working for an evil person named Daemon because Daemon led him to believe that Luce was the one who killed his entire village (when Daemon was the one who did it). Enma eventually comes around though, because power of friendship.

Point #5: Daemon wants the stones so that he can revive and make immortal his dying/in a coma lover, Elena, so she can be supreme ruler of everything in the world. 

Point #6: He is an irritating boss fight with many different forms and Tsuna gets very frustrated. 

Point #7: Mukuro and Chrome are magician twins in the town, but you never see them in the same place, so people get suspicious. (Tsuna sees both of them, once, and they make him keep it a secret for some odd reason.)